The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 15, 1948 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1948
Page 3
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THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, APRIL t8» IMS PAGE THREE STRA~HAN * W. 8. C. 8. Sprvp at Olhavn Sale Wcrtnwdny Mrs. Kermit Hlllyer and Mrs. Lloyd Angus were hostesses to the W. S, C. S. Tuesday afternoon, April 6. Mrs. John Bayes acted as president in the absence of Mrs. Harold Isom. Prayer was led by Mrs. Angus. The secretary and treasurer's report was given. Roll call was answered by each member giving their Idea of security. The ladies made plans to serve pie, coffee, candy bars and pop at the sale of A. L. Olhava on April 14. Mrs. Omar Cozad sang two solos with the banjo accompaniment. Mrs, Allen Norton had charge of the lesson "We the people of the United Nations" in which a play "The World is a Family" was given by throe women. There were 22 members present. A salad lunch was served. Charles. Gncsts we.e Donald Swain, Barbara Bolton, Larry Olpe, Judy Isom, Tony Olhava and Qlendorls Donelson. Cards were played with Barbara Bolton and Donald Swain winning high- prizes. The hostess served refreshments of ice cream, cake and pop. Mr. and Mr*. John Sllrpy Sunday dinner quests of Mr, and Mrs. Tom linslee and family. Mr. and Mrs. Shorty Degage and family visited there In the afternoon and Mr. and Mrs. Tnck Polton and family were there In the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Baueom Charles Kler Honor Guest at Birthday Party- Mrs. Ronald Kier was hostess Thursday evening to a party at her home in honor of her son Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crouae and Ed McFarland of Red Oak were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Vestal and Franklin of Grant. Miss Mary Lou Laughlin was a Sunday overnight guest of Miss Jewel Baslee. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brown vlfl- ited in the Harold Grindle tome Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Dallas CHtes and son attended a surprise dinner Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Claire Darland at Coburg In honor of Mrs. Darland's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Grindle jr. and children of Red Oak and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hodges of Malvern were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Grindle and children. Baucom. at Shenandoah. Mrs. Nadine Marlowe and son spent last week at the home °f Mr. and Mrs. Less Shook. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hathaway of Hastings and Mr. and Mrs. Jared Woodflll were Sunday afternoon visitors in the Joe Hathaway hotne Mr.' and Mrs. Jared Woodflll celebrated Mrs. Woodflll's birth- MMhorttftt Ormwh Nobr-1 W. ttliwkmiH*, Fiwtor Allen Norton, Sunt. Mornlnft worship, 9.45. Sunday school, 10:45 a. rn. Classes for all apes. The \V. S. C. S. will hold Its regular meeting In tho church Wednesday, April 21, at 2:15 The Junior M. Y. F. will meet , In the church Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Mr. and Mrs 7>no fliw nnd Mr. and Mrs. l.yl<> Ooddtngton and family attended 1hr 1'rosby- torlnti church sorvioos whoro Mr. Coddlnpton showed his moving pictures Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Farris Waterworth moved to their apartment at Harve Hall's In Hastings Mon- Mrs. R. U. Ore<»n of Shenan- %,»„„«, SO Owcsta Attend •»« *» Mrs Artflur Green nnd family visited in the Mrs, Clara Shaffer The father and son banquet was held in the school gymnas urn Friday evening with the following program: Welcome, Supt. Ben Hudtloft; Grace, Emmett Gipe; duet, Mrs. Guy Grindle and KNOW YOUR TRAFFIC LAWS The of n vehicle Involved Mrs. Ray Tomlinaon and Brma, Tomllnson and Ray of Irs. Bill Taylor and Karol of Omaha. Susie Woodflll Is visiting her Mr. and Mrs. Ray She went to her grandparents' home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Smith and daughter Clara of Tabor were Jerry Irvln; duet, Mrs. Dudley Conner and Mrs. Marvin Wood- nil; closing remarks and benedlc- tion, Emmett Gipe. The menu: fruit cocktail, roast mashed tiotatoes S n "KS. hS^ll. TuSS Jelly, pickles, golden plow salad, ^^ R 7L "weTe Injury to or death of any |>en.on or total property flam*** to an apparent extent of «to or more *»»»- »" *°™ «• reasonably r™- «»ble, report such accident to ll.e !««•«> authorities and within 48 "our., after such accMent, a written report of such accident, Charley Costello Says AIMH'T "RICH I'XCLRS" Life Insurance Is the "rich uncle" who (tomes to you whrn you reach the ape of retirement and say to you; "Take it easy. From now on — I'll pay the bills." TALBOTT INSURANCE AGENCY Phone ftOll Agent for Matvcni BANKERS LIFE OF NEBRASKA order set the 1948 fishing seasons advanced a month, opening May and has made numerous changes 15. 80 u „„,,„„ „, „ Heavy Duty Tractor Discs are now available in 15 ft. and 11 ft. sizes. See them on display on the lot just west of the Green Bay Lumber Co. in Malvern. B. W. THOMPSON Phone 3891 Malvern FARMERS: NEVER HAS POP CORN BEEN SO HIGH PRICED! MAKE MORE MONEV WITH THIS 8/G PAVING CASH CKOR WE GUARANTEE TO TAKE yOUR ENT/RE CROP AT THE WGHtST H/STORV/ NO OTHER CROP PAYS LIKE POP CORN! Never in my 34 years in the pop corn business have I seen prices on this crop so high. They may never be this high again! But we GUARANTEE in writing to take your EN- TIRt CROP at these high p r j ces _the highest in history. This is your chance to get in on one of those rare opportunities that come along once in z blue moon. But the time is short. You will have to act right away. Get full details now. Planting time is nearly here—and no other crop will pay you more money than pop corn. So send the coupon today. No obligation on your part whatsoever. GET fUll DITAIIS MOWI MO OBUGHIONI HOWARD C. SMITH, raai POP COKN COMPANY, Sioux Gty 6, Iowa Nimc. To»o. celved word Saturday that her - — - brother, Bill Davis, of Sterling, Mrs. Wilbur \oun K Hostess 111., passed away early Saturday «t Stanley Party character of the accident problem, »f the most popular panttah, In- eluding crnpplos, porch, slver and June 1 rather than June morning. The funeral services Mrs. Wilbur Young was hostess were held Monday afternoon. Mr. at a Stanley party Tuesday. Mrs. Davis had a son killed In World Dusenberry of Glenwood was war II whose body is enroute to demonstrator for the products. the States for burial. Guests were Mrs. C. B. Heaton, Mr. and Mrs. Omar Cozad and Mrs. W. L. HasselQtiist, Mrs. N. eon were Thursday dinner guests E. Summers and two daughters. to select appropriate and methods of correction, with the yellow bass, rock bass and trout. All of these of fish, regardless of size, may be l nw kept by anglers during the corn- required In B > >oaT - , , „ „ . evcrv The dally bag limit and pos- "rminlng 8C8aIon ltmlt on bullheads has son -were inursuay umuci B uco<-= EJ. ou.i..n^.=, «.,.x, ....v, ,.» ur ,..^.», ... t . nnnrntlntr nrlvllf>irr>i been removed. of Mr and Mrs R N. Thomas Mrs. Lewis Mitchell, Mrs. Fred * nether tne operating privileges of Shenandoah Atkinson, Miss Jessie Atkinson, of «ny person shall be ouapcndod. The lncreft slngly Important and Air" Omar Cozad and son were Mrs. Clinton Jackson and Mrs. M'™'**™™^ I \^ M * PoP^r channel catfish dally Ed ' e J.H.BECKWITH Insurance Phone 2111 36tf. Mr. and Mrs. family of Malvern were Sunday whipped cream and coffee, callers In the Mr. and Mrs. Don- nle Conrad home. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Teleschow of Red Oak were Saturday over- mother, Mrs. Jessie Bruce. to tin and may not bo used as evidence in any court. Card of Thanks We wish to thank tho ladies is COMMISSION CHANGES FISHING REGULATIONS dies who helped to furnish tho food and serve the father nnd T»"> State Conservative- Com- possession, son banquet and especially tho mission, has by administrative Tho crupplc sons.m has boon helped with the surv- Tho dally catch limit on walleyo and northern pike has been reduced to five, possession limit, 10. Tho daily bag on trout remains at eight with the new regulation allowing only ono day's catch In T. E. SHONKA, M. D. Physician and Surgeon Offlre n doors south of Kmpross Theater Phonos: Off. 4»31, Hes. 4343 . Bus Summers and l"f of }"* banquet. two daughters, Fred Cozad and Second Divisionj>f Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Young were ', Sunday guests of Mrs. George I Bowen of Hastings. I Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Young and -UV-Q Mr. nnd Mrs. 5!eno Pass and Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Coddlngton family went to the home of Mr. Shrine circus Thursday evening. RED 0 AK'S ONLY EXCLU SIVE GIFT SHOP ACROSS POST 0 PROM FFICE 502 COOIJUUGH ST. and Mrs. Fred Cozad in Malvern Ir. and Mrs. Dale N'ims nnd Monday"'o'v;ni*n g ^To"h;ip"ih"em Shirley wore Sunday supper celebrate the Cozad's 3Sth wed £««" * ^- and Mr* Raymond ding anniversary. f l f ven8 , and fftmil >"' l hc>n wc ™ George and Jerry Irvin were W™* in «ie evening by Donald Sunday supper guests of Freddy l '°" ie °' Stanton. Mr wn Frank Crouse and Mrs. The'EIdon Donaldson family V«"™ elites and Junior visited were Sunday evening guests of M »B Shirley Leo Mma Thursday, the Tom Brown family. ™ 8S NilnB has bccn m wlth 8trep Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Sowers throat. visited Mr. ahd Mrs. Victor Nor- George Irvln was a I-rlday eve- ton and family Thursday evening. "'"/ «•"««' «" »»« howo , <> f M , r Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kayton aild Mra - Dalp Mms nnd dBU K h - wero callers in the home of Mr. ter and Mm. Henry N'ims Saturday M™. Bono Has* and Mrs. Lyle n | I1K Coddlngton and daughter accotu- Mr. and Mrs. Earl Conrad were P«"»w> ^ r - CoddtnRton to Glen- Sunday supper guests of Mr. and «<><"> Monday morning to got hi.s Mrs. Harry Conrad and win. Ilew ^''-vrolet truck which he re- Mr, and Mrs. Lester Shook vl«- (f ' nt| y piirchaficd. ^ ited Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Honk M«- Howard J^yton Mrs. nnd son at Emerson Sunday aft- ™' n "?*™- *™- MorrlH \\ oodlill. •moon Frank Crouso, Mrs. Chas. Mr. and Mrs. lister Shook and Olpe. Mrs. SCeno Hass. MrH. Har- daughter visited Mr. and Mrs. «>d Jf 01 " , and , lrMr -?' *»^ AVt>ldu Mac Moore and family Sunday att«nd«l tho W. S. C S. group evening meeting at Furragut last w«ek. Mr. and Mrs. Frank CUeele Mrs. Arlene Roberts wont to called on friends In Tabor Sun- Omaha Thursday to vlnlt a few dov afternoon davs ' Mr " and Mrs " Lyle Coddin B- Mr and Mrs. W. R. Costello <»» attended the musical picture, were 'in Omaha Thursday and at- Sons of Norway, Monday eve- tended the Shrine circus in the ""'8 and Mrs. Roberts returned evening holne with thein ' Diana Kay Grindle spent Mon- S"Pt. ™<* Mrs. Den Hudtloff day and Friday nights with »»d two daughters went to DC-H £.,,'.,„ t»i, ir ,t Moines Saturday morning whore J3IItil I y iJlUIll.. . tholr Mrs. Leon Lemouds and daugh- tnev were " lel ny ters and Mrs. Hob Blunt and children and Diana Kay Grindle attended the theater in Malvern Friday night while the men attended the father and son banquet. Mrs. Robert Blunt and children were in Shenandoah Saturday. Nine planes containing members of the Flying club, flew to Siour City Sunday. Mr. and Mra. Kermit Hillyer were among those taking planes. Glen Baslee was home from Peru, Neb., % for the week end. Mrs. Dudley Conner of Malvern visited Mrs. Marvin Woodfin Thursday. Tht county youth choir practiced in Malveru Wednesday eve- uiiiK- They sang at the Silver City church services Sunday morning. Fiee Bridge Toll Wednesday, April 21st, and Sunday, April 25th, 1948 i All automobiles from Mills County, Iowa, will be passed free of charge on above dates, which includes all passengers. Your license plate No. 65 on the front of your car is all that will be required. Would like to have all cars in Mills County to see the wonderful new highway from Glenwood to Nebraska. Let's unite in making No. 34 the main highway thru Iowa and Nebraska. Please Drive Carefully PLATTSMOUTH BRIDGE COMPANY Moines. The week cud was spent r*i»<\flj»*'W*U Qood Buys in Late Model Location fioai town 1_,H_1. —— — -. — —— — J Mr. and Mrs. Kmmett fJipe and « Douglas aci.'ouiponied Joan Isom, lone liolton. I>onald Uipe, Jerry Oipe. Patty Kier and Joan Wortman to Silver City Sunday. They ;tre. scheduled to siiiK at Hustinus ai,d Malvern next Sunday. The group who went to Silver City also enjoyed a picnic lunch M Lake Manama Sunday. There will be u. Youth group meeting al the Emmttt (jipe home Sunday evening. Mr. and Mr.s. (luy Grindle wen.- SuuiJay ufteniouii aud evening \isit(.>rs of Mr. aud Mrs. Lee Van Or.sdel at Sidney. Donald Luake was hoiije over the week end He ia going to tjUiiUtriS school ill Omahil. Mr. and Mrs. Koy Uayes wore Sunday Jiun-.-r KUe.--t:i oi Mr. and Mrs. John Ua>e.-4. They uere join( i in the ui t'-i'iiu'-in by ."^! i • and Mrs. Oi>;-l ISay.-n uud Darr-.-U of Emer.-.oii. Waller Koberla Of Troy tpelU the week end *a the home oi Mr. Mrs. Zcno We have several exceptionally good values in late-imulel u.ed cars on h:nui i.-w and will ha\v HIOIV in the future. We think you'll find one of these to be the ear y..u need. If n..t K-i y.s know and we'll have more later on. 1946 BUICK SEDANETTE 1941 DODGE TWO DOOR SEDAN 1941 BUICK SPECIAL 1946 DODGE TON AND A HALF TRUCK See these at our new yaraife and implement building now. Breeding Implement & Motor Co. Phone 4041 Malvern

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