The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1934
Page 2
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"(ARK.) COUHIER NEWS Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S cl . Will' p ni. ptrty it- 8:1B p. m. ' THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mn R F, 1'KurKlay Luncheon club navine Thursday Brldsc club meeting with Mrs; Jo?r cti»ndicT. Mr?. 'J. Erjiest" H"*«>n liuving Tfiursd»y Contract, club. American Legion uuxllliiry meeting at liomf of Mils. S. S. Stern- fairs, 7:31) o'clock. * FRIDAY'S tVKNTS pfnwfutlc Women's club iuci-1- iug Hotel Noblo, 10 H, in. tad|es Bibl$ class of First Methodist church meeting at liome of- Mfs. s. P.. Martin. 7:30 P. M, Mrs. Henry Humphrey having bridge jwrty. In vivid nv . used and l!ic sime thaden prcvull- ed In the tialm! course srcvcd. lluvc Council Meeting Mrs. I/, u Waul cnlcrlulncil members of Ihc Woman's comitll of Ilic Hwt Clirlsllan church nl her homo Monday afternoon for » Miss Margaret Gray Weds Mr. Charlej, Crowder Tile jnairiasc of Itargarat C//»y and Mr. diaries Crowder was- sotaujtzed last evening at tl}*/ home ot the Rev. Stuart H. S»imon,. p»stor of the First Presbyterian*' church. The ring service was-read at eight. o'clock. ,Thc bride wore n bla'ek wool muiujouii wm-u me mcin frock, qtafii «lUi a Uiillc bloivsc qufll. A "pot litck" lunch will lie wjji, there ^as a touch or red in served at noon, the buttons and the velvet tic Uook chib-s for a party .„ afternoon tit (lie Bim iionic. Hallowe'en decorations, fiowem In the dwntionul Mrs. M. T, Moon used the second chapter o( First Corinthian's unit prayer was elven by Mrs. V. B. Biittcrworlli, Mis, Edwin Robinson was un- pointed sponsor of the Triangle club for girls of junior ngcs with Mrs. ollie Foster ns assistant. Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe licity chairman. U wns decided lo give Thanksgiving baskets to some poor families In the city. During the mectiiiB 'ihc women on Jiticn lor the church orphanage at, St. Louis, In (ho euclul limit 1 apple pie, cheese and coffee were served. * * * Yaibro Missionary Society will Meet The Ynrbro ralstiwiiiry ioclclj follow the opening o! tlic frolic at 7:16 o'clock. ..... , „, •--•--- Various home rooms have been mitl tallies were decorated In the autumn festival niotlt mid such attractions us fortune telling, bingo games, silhouettes, n night dub, a lulling 1)0 nd, n museum olid art eallery have been arranged. To Haw Uim-lu-uii, Miss Cora Leo Cvleinun, Mil,. W, J. Driver anil Mrs. Jolin W. fiMrliig. Ion of osccola arc to lie hoslcsses to n luncheon meeting of Ihc Wll- lloin Strong chanter of Hie D. A. n. Friday at Hie club rooms ol the OsceoJii court house. In addition to Mrs. James U. Clark, who Is a member, these Biiesls have been invited from BlyHiovllte: Mines, w. T. obcrst, J. W Under, j, E. crlU ami Samuel i>\ Norrls. Members of this group are made iij) 'of women In Mississippi, Crlllorulen and St. Francis coun- lies in Arkansas, ami Memphis. To Have Carnival There will be a Hallowe'en car- JJlval ill Hie Ariiwrel scliaui Hits .evening, 7:30 o'clock. appointed pub- Bits oj Mostly Personal Mr. and Mm. II. M. Btova|| had us their guests Sunday Wilson Society — Personal lor hlejr home st Ottawa, ill' v,i day. '• Wood TuyJor, w)iq |s working with a cotton gin at, Senile, Mo was here Friday attending to basil' new and visiting friends. Bam KoJivyck left /o the latter part of the w Mrs. Bary Craln cnterlulncd as llc Wl " ll » Io '' c e aln his health cightli grade pupil* Friday nisht Joc , Iiu 'nelback will assume MI- with n Hallowe'en party. Kolwyck's duti 1 Mrs. l|, M. uwt? ciUertalucd Hat- urilay wltti a party for pupils of the Junior department o[ the Method- Ul Sunday school, ' Rev. and Mrs. H. M. Lewis iiml (lielr daughter, Annn Martin, and the Misses Jewell counts, Virginia Fei'KUi Kolwyck's duties at the Gilbert ••vocery and market. Mrs, J. w, Shradcr is visiting lier daughter and liiiaband Mr and Mrs. Harley MIJIs, of Kicli-' njond, Mo. Mr. and Mrs, Mills win be remembered as residents of this -"" some three years ago when Mills taught in tlie schools , and licmley Caugliley , ''' "," ""•" *•"•""' -jiinun/ jnro wen guoAls Mo/iday night at a <Jln- IC ,',°' OUWBC Ballotic, Mrs. Margin iicr party B lvcn l)y Mrs, J. 15. Mv- , , 1>S ' 'I'' 01 '"'- Ncthcry of MI-,,,. Hale, Mrs. L. Uowtoti, Mr. and KCD/.IC iti honor of her ntwc, Miss I' 1 ""' Tclnl - & !'<"'« vtalllne in (he Mrs. S. M. Hodges and Mrs. 0. R Fannlc Usiiliain, of Columbia, Ten- " ol " ( ' s ° r Mr - U 'W Mrs. W. T firlctoy of Osccola, Mrs. Charles nessce. Nclhery and Mr. anil Mrs. s, E L. Shout?, and duuBlilcr. of i^nin. MFC \v i.. ..nio*,, ...i... i ..— Nctherv. Brlckcy L. Shonlis ami „„_ jvillc, ley., who arc visiting Mrs, Hale, iiml Mr. and Mrs. H. G. WII- , al , lm , lui>]m m in iMcinpni.s sun- lams, of Memphis. Mrs. Hodges day, slic was accompanied by Mr. The Kcv, W. V. Wpmuck, pastor Wright of the First, Methodist eluircUi'-the Rev. IL M. Lewis, pastor ol the Kev. und Mvs. W. J. LcRoy, of Ihc Methodist church, lias gone to l-'ay- Lake street Methodist church, the Ilcv. Graver Sutherland, rratldr of terence. illnd Club Party have mi diiy meeting g Thursday at, (lie home of Mrs. Hoa Thompson when the members will • •Kf Hw Joopffl the collur. »iu4 t ff my v were 'in blwk. Ifas rfaUoivts'f u I'atly Miss itimces Hall entertained "0 . s a enerained "0 Her onlv attendant wss Miss.] guests Pi'lday evening with a Hal Lois Hooper who wore u black loivc'en party ivlien she was us crepe frock, cut in tunic effect, slslcd by Miss Irene Tinker aitd trimmed \\ifh u uhtl/* mnii-n All nr 'fim ,r,, nr ...... ____ . '. mra trimmed v,ith a while taHeta co!l»f md rhineslopo clips. Mr. fl A E»dK was best mpn. Mrs Crowd?r, wh,o is the 'daughter of Mr, and Mri. Ira dray, is a graduate of the c-ity high school, where she ^as liopular, in whol- aElio 4ctlvmc{, The bridegroom, who js Ihc eon of Mrs ' W s Crowder and the lale Mr.' Crowder, operates the Crowder lanu and Is connected the HighJill Ipiplemenl Co, • '- "*VP*HJ uiyvjc OLiirh. JvllsS . , • " Bpbblo flhodts won the prize for '"' Joc Cl ' ' l '"'i"cl>»iaii iiud Ihc cutest girl and Tommy Frazi-r mcmbt;1 '* of Ihc Young Matrons inntniiug Charlie Chan won the B|M & C cllll) ""'I two guesls, Mrs. boys' contest,. . Russell Fnrr, and Mrs. RBSKW , »fll make their j wm e at the farm war Dell t • t After an evening of games 6iinc|- wlBhw, drinks and altowe'en candles were served. t * « Lions Club Hav -. Hallowe'en Frolic. An especially attractive Hallo- '" ween dinner party wa s arranged '"' "'""'"- for the members of the , BUckers, adierilfing the ArJcan- sa> Centennial celebration In 1038, are to be sold by the Central parer.t,Teai.her .. . Thtje 6«ck,er5, to be placed on di5P(»y (11 stores and on automobiles, -will provide lund.5 for the P.-T. A treasury T» M«t at c cuf Members^of t^e Buperintehdonts and Principals group of tile Mis- bissippl Coipily EdueaUoi) assocU atlpti vlll nieet ut the Sliamieo JoJnef, 'OiUfsilas evening , . . is n sister of Mrs. Hodges. wilson and her sister Miss tliu Ulytlicvilli! circuit of Metltodisi — -..,,».. v .IMU v»vitiL v/» I'tuvHUi-uiH mib, tt. i\- munuj \vcni id oiirCVC- churches, the Rev. J. T. tlodd und ]iorl. l,a., l-'rlduy to spend a week P. &. Coolcy Inive gone to Payeltc- visiting [rlenos. ville, for the annual conference ol Mrs. Dan Newell Iws as her gusst Mctliodlst clun-chcs. They will re- this week her sister, Miss Emma turn Monday. Sam Hodges jr., of Osccola, was .,. „,.„.,,., 1JJL ,,. 1U>; lie BUI-SI «f Ills limit, Mrs. tt. M. ol Memphis, spent the week end Slovall, mill Mr. Stovnll, Monday with Mrs. Biedsoc's parents, Mr •««* v/iuu i any knum A gold motif'was used by Mrs. ["'Bin 1 -. Hunter C. Sims when the enter-1 ivlrs - R - M- Sfovuli, accompanied and Mrs. Robert Clayton. Miss Alice George, accompanied -. w . .j,,,,,, i>m;[j any cmi-i-i • •-• "" •"«"««,, <iviuii!|jiL!iiim m IN-, /\jicc ucuigc, accompiiiiiei (timed members or the Tuesday"* M >' 6 - s -'M. Hodges of Osccoln, by her cousin Miss Sclnu Saliba Bridge club. Marigolds, flanked s " cnt Monday In Memphis. of Ulythcvllie, spent Sunday with with gold tnpcrs, fanned tlic ecu- Mll "" : '"" ">«>"— m...... .„- .._ .. ... tcrplecc of Ihc luncheon (able, arranged for Die tivo course menu. A black und gold dessert was served. In the bridge (jiwirs Mrs. Floyd _.__ 1 , ... .'i^.i. t .i no, wi uij i-u\;» HIV, ajJiui/ oil ill! ay Vi HI 1 Mines. Joe -Watspn, Rives Allen, her parents, Mr. and Mrs M A George Matthews, Samuel C. Owen George, at Memphis. JUKI M. p. Partknv were in Mem- Mrs. Paul Albsrs, of n>rresl Citv phis Monday. arrived yesterday for a visit with Mrs. Clarence Wilson, who re- her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert ccnlly underwent a major opchi- Clayton. All of the guests were masked and in costume with a number of , r them Imitating movie stars Miss hlgh score prize Chrysanthemums and other autumn flowers decorated the IMii" -oin. the Hotel The -17 pres- , ent . Included (hcsc besides Half Moon Cliib Holds Community Fair, Dinner 'Ihc Half Moon Home Demwi- -, • - • -7---"*^, >~fi . uuu yua ^ration club heltl M commmiUv Fair iSnmaT^' Wr -,' nd **• Joe T Clltcke " ^nnor S " "ay i i M-iELInnali. rXTr -mrl HT^.P i t^_ cliniL-n^ r^,- n.. . * «*^>«/ • vn Vollmor, Mr. niem- ' ancl Mrs ' an.1 Mrs . Mrs ' J ' E "° Wer tor (lerson, Mr. and Mrs. W •on. Mr, ajid M Air. aiid/jyirs. J. «n n Htg- Olier,M,,,- ' ~ a Martha Wlnlmrn and 1'i riiicr V n 'riiicr EJ)8Jand, Miss Mnrguerllo Wilson vill, Russell Marr, -Miss «,,t h Mi ," the «- s with oreene, A kitchen (he •»•-"- njjjjuii/t;}, niZJ. If-. '. Hawkins; beets, Mrs. R. L, n iiw ^ :i »fi; Jeily, Mrs. D. F. day- pem- preserves, Mrs. w. R. Llglitfoof oKrii, Mrs, Helen Shiineytell; plck- ^..P™. 1 :" 05 . Mrs - 0«y: pears h, J. R. Buck; mustard n|lle public sclfoois and now ivlth tlje itale department of edu- Ldtton, ruin be the principal Russell Phiniixs Rotary c l«l,. m ide L " Cclcbralts Birilniaj Ouy Harris, Burke, son of Mr. and Mrs Guy BurXc Iiad n party Friday ftfle^oon at his hqme oil West Htarn St, in honor of ills Ksenuj birthday. The 17 pjesls «crc tcrvot Ice cream and cake at a tea table decorated in piljX and whltc wjtll lapen, On (he blrtliilay cake. , it' 1 ^ 11 ° 1wc '? n nio'if was used ""' ~" ' ' »itc|i stir- a'ld |n u won tho cor|test Briie 1355011 prj?e. Chf(sH» n Churcjt (o H»rt Actiritits WEdnCMljy Jnie Jirat | Christian cluirch has planned se\er J l cvenls In junior ages, hau ui,,- ''?. lho niitl-vvcek study service with d celcnratton of Hallowe'en a he Triangle club, foi girls ol Hallows-en par- USt nttrc sch001 *' JM em o'clock tltcic ts to b pol luck" dlnnci winch will be ••*^, ed ,,^ a rormn ll| s«U5sion of What Would Jesus Do if He tt?M C '? D '!" ll "!lte " The regular »We study MH be held at 7 octock and «l 8.15 there will IB Ittton <liu'r To Hiie Call There ( wlll be a call meeting of the American Lcgi 011 auxiliary rtursday evening. 7 30 o'clock, ut the home ot the president, Mrs.:s . . H»»e Rook « Fart) "Mrs 'A M. Butt and Mrs. M. O Informal program --. —its were t tlic. aiictioning o[ n lc d lo tlic s, a for- ' t,'"!'" "IIH.I;!, iurs, ; '"""I* 1 "- Mrs. Harry sour cucumber pickles ' ll.l, " c uartet, a tap dunce by Jean Doiir- iul. am chamblhi and Max Kl- cr. a yypsy amcc b Mj Moreno., a talk by George in who impersonated the district "o- e nor In a radio atltlrcss given Iron he , wler. broadea 5 ,l,, B ^n, am music by the Crcscciil Niuht i-lnh orehestra comprised Ihc enlert^n- A four course menu xvas served " "' c "yt "»'" where the Jl ™ o«een llieme wis emphasized |,, he tlccoralibns lllld lho favors of MM. horns and oilier noise mak- Mcmbers of ll, c committee in iargc of nrrnnscmeiits «cre: j cs Taylor, Russell ntr, p n j,,,, »«- ^x B. Reid, i-rcd 's&A »nd W. J. Wumlcrltch. * » * («uo-Tltoriir. Miss Karen Thornc. ot nivtl,,- "He. and Pete !«wo o xora Kirl Wai Shancyfc Mrs. ,1,11 M- pickles, Mrs'." ISarl "C(l okra. Mrs. R . L . lomc . gromicls-Biiai, llragolls , ,n' >y; <lfllllln s <"«l chrysaiUlic- innns. iMre. N. Jones Handwork _ sol, I'^vklim: q,,iit nallcrsons, iMrs n ,.' 8"'« lj '"» 'louse dress. Mre. ,,.-n,V-,"!!' kl " Kl0ra Lee Hiuvkim; , ns- house dress, Mrs . Ear ) w . (] ; .Culinary nrls-ljmo,, ,. akc . Slf6 . J- b. Chandler; devils food cuke Mrs. Hcrshcl Alexander; eara n i & o ;,t (janiUi- O^lober 21. MaUhew™ ' S C °"" CClC < 1 * U " «'« Co.. now vllle. i. taltone.1 « Curuthers- J'asicljn (u Tcatuic HaUoive'en Sliinl Nigh) "Mysterious Howard." 'i, and man of mystery, win lured in the Hallowe'e lion at tlic high urg 1 in tlic mutual iroi by the Junior Hieh i>n ent-Teachcr association. We Are Now Ready r BUSINESS completed-the ie.tocatiiig O f our yard. -having SUPERIOR COAL & MINING .. •and Cotton Belt- «. A _ 700 fas Club I'arly An operetta, "Sunny of Sumiy- "" will be given al the Wilson jii uiu uuy^t yii.'iirs Airy. i ( joyd ^ uijii j UIUH.IIYHIU a inajur c-pcru- Wliltc won (lie prize, a wooden "°" "^ tlle Memphis Baptist, hos- L'licesc Iray. " pllal Is ImproviiiB daily. Mr.'Wil- amu, win oc given ai, me Wilson * • ' to » rcturuttl hon;c last niglit and tcliool Friday niehl under the cli- lh " children, Ellzivbelli Ann and reclion of Miss Mary Symonds ""''"• '' '-— She M^r. anil Mrs. i<. L,. ainder and two Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cullom arc in Memphis today far the Lumber- lien's convention mid dinner dance Billy, spent, Sunday' with her. She will he there 'for another weeks. -~ , ~ „».„. i^^,^^ Dl '- f'lnley A. nobinson, who hus iraflon, of LIHIe Hock, houscgum llct; " ci'HIeally ill, Is now able to f Mr. und Mrs. Tom Martin, ll0 °" l/ - be [ Wnltor Tuesday afternoon. Lingerie- wciii-' Wa lwr Kosenthal has been. In Mrs. Dixie Crawford for (lie st - Lo "' 5 6lnco Sunday buying for ) score jirize.' 'he New York store. '"•'•'••""- -" • • Mrs. Russell Phillips is hi Memphis for u brief slay. O. c. Barnes accompanied Hie party, who .went to Fayettcvlile yesterday for the annual conference of Methodist churches hi Arkansas. They will return Monday Mrs. 0. W. Afflick and Mrs.' Max 1J. Miller spent, yesterday In Memphis. Miss Bobbie Lee King will enter the Blylhevlllc hospital tomorrow for ten.days treatment for a stiffened knee. Mrs, Frank Wilson, who lias been ill two weeks, is now receiving l-reatmcii.t at.(he BMhevlllc lios- Jilla). ' Mrs. Hutu Hoilipoter and daughter. Miss jane, and MJss Norvcllc Humphrey have returned Iroin a visit In New Orleans. 'Miss. Virginia BJaekwood, of Memphis, is a guest In the home of Miss Jane Hollipcter, Miss Virginia Blackwoo'd, of Memphis, and Mrs. G. E. Keck will attend the l»vl.y in osceola Friday afternoon liven by Mines. Snow Wilson, H, b imnii aim Charles Hose. Drs. Carl nn:[ Edna wies u-cru in Joncsboro aunday for ;, \-i s lt witii Dr. and Mrs. j. w . Werner and Mr. and Mrs. \vcrl Doiid Miss Clarice Kennedy spent, Hun- day in Jone.sboro with friends. Half-Moon Mrs. Tom Alexander ond ;. 0 u Oliver, f pc,,i last week Visl'tljig rel- "tives on Little River. Miss Thclma hcdburn is miidi niiprovcd after ail illness caused Iw mcatliing gas [ miles wllilc ,. lcn • ill a car. Mrs Joc Polk. Mr. and Mrs. wins Stafford. Mrs. Helen Slwiiry- , and Mildred Cash look dium Arthur E?.clms and lainlly have moved lo Cajm Oirardeaii. Mr. Eachu!, ib a telegrapli operator fur lie t'ri5L'o. W. C. Bcotf. and L,. I' 1 . Ciooms and sen. Hollin. have gone lo Clii- vago lo attend the Century of . • r ' - tv rs. N. Jones; baked chicken ' . . Wlal s'l i 11 ' Mis n r p 'HIS. 11. c. B and IICr5bCl J ' U ' Bllck; 5la ' v ' hlfool; '*. li. , - a " <iCV: ' KSt MIS J. R. ,J tlck .,„„ Iln\vkiiLs. • Rev. Don Holm fiimlly, of , were glIC5 t s fo , llu . ( , 1|lncl . Mrs. Jess liarne I with Mr. uml Sunday. Mr. ana Mrs. D. Howard and Ji,, Lwrrlsson visited Mrs. Howard" motlicr at Manila Sunday. worn I,, WCCk Clld ' vislll »S Oray 5 'a'nd m A 1 . 01 ""'^- "«•'tello ni-h.'kle'y fo. .... _ v , „„„_ Mrs. Alexander* daughter. Wf Produclive Tomato [he North Sinvba road Iws ait'iin- nsually producUve toumlo plant tarn limb ol the plant has from six to ten tomatoes which range m site from fi'.j. | () iov;. inclies in circiiiiifcrcncc. One branch was urought lo tlin Courier News office (oday bcaHng nine fully developed tomatoes. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE BLANK BOOKS READY FOR IMMKDIATE USE \\'<3 not only make Special Account Bcok s to bill cany u complete line of Blank Books (Send number inside book We also stock Loose Leaf Beautiful Assortmei(t 18 Engraved Chnslmas Cauls. Postpaid ^,S!; B 9l a *£ & ?«"*««, Inc, Mrs. f,'. K Wilson, who lias been II with' malaria, was Inken to the hosjittal in Memphis Sim- itlevlllc to altend the auniial con- ts. J, A. Merrill went lo Hhrcve- it Ihc Pcabody tonight. Hayti Society-Persona! Edwin Ray,, who 'was seriously, burned last week, is slowly 1m-. proving, it will be -necessary ^j " remove two joinls>of"t!ifefo'fe*:liiW »^-i» Z ^ ger or his right hand". ' ' •"-"• f-"*t>le(lr Lake Charlie Shcilon 'and family left, Saturday tor Montgomery City to ----- v — ----- .. a wiii\.i^ vn'ji \.\i -i" - uiiij t>iiv>. ni lake Mr. shellon's brother, Nat Mr. and Mrs. Wcslev 3/jelloij, home. They •" 1 " "'••'•' n-1> * c "--" j - - — - ' , . there all this week. •Mrs. Charley Jobe Is in Uhaffec Mo., visiting relatives. Mr. mid Mrs. Earl Moore of Dal- WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER -si, -193-1 Ncthery. Mrs. Wolf Kliouric mid daughters Misses Eclim and Anna Mac were In Caruthcrsville Sunday in, lernoon visiting Mrs." Wade Hani, ni. wlio is ill anil who ms i^ m to the Baptist hospital at Mem- l>IHs for medical treatnicnf and possibly an operation. Mrs. Elliel .Stevenson and grandson Billy Jean Gotclier spent the weekend al Charleston with Mrs Stevenson's sister Miss Tlichna Aaron. J. E, Meyers is quite ill ta Ills cmc. Mr. Meyers lias been in failing health for some time. Mrs. Effic Mac Utilities of Point, Pleasant, Mo., was here Friday evening visiting her aunt, Mrs Carrie Meatte, Residents and friends in Hayti •ire receiving announcements of the marriage of Miss, Molilc Mum- lord to Mr. Oscar Brodagc of at, Louis, which was solemnized at Waterloo, III., Monday, October 8 it S o'clock, The bride. is the daughter of Mrs. Bcttio Miiinford ol Uiis city and the" groom is a member of the Board of Education in St. Louis. . 3iind»y at a larnily reunion, it lli« lome ot Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lunai 'Vrd, . Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Crouch, Mr;-.Mutnlc llancocX, .Miss Helen smith, and Luke cowers were eiiesls Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmle Alford ayd family. Mrs'. M. B. Butler, of Steele, Mo., is, spcndlris a few days with" his nephew and niece, O. T. Via and Mrs. Bud Craig. Miss Ctonibell fjst and Mr. Mark Skclton were married Salnrday October -a. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Lutes SIIMI! Sunday with the Jailer's mother Mrs. j. M.- Haynes, Milford Miller "anil Sa m Baker left, Monday to undergo treatment at the Baptist hospital, Memphis. Llltle Margaret Baker spsnt (he eeX- end with Mr. and Mrs. Ar- Bakcr. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Alexander. r Lone Oak, spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mrs. Alexander's Sister, Mrs. Bud Craig. Mr. and Mrs. Arlin Baker were dinner guc,s|s of Mr. and Mrs. o . Via Sunday. L. 13. Baker is visiting his sister, 'is. D. R. camp, at clarendon, Blackwater News Mr. and Mrs. Harry Luwrcncs "lid children, Miss Lorenc Origgs Mrs. liuth Barker, «,-. and Mrs.' Henry Cunningham anil children Mr. and Mrs. Hall Cunningham ; i1l :.. ail( l " r s. Clevis csrissom and children and Mr. and Mrs c n ar . lie Grissom ,a!l of Mill Town, and Mr. Johnson, ol Btowali, wore dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and iMrs J. B. Cunningham, Rev. W . M . Porter a meeting at the Pentecostal Holiness church al Manila Tuesday night. He closed a meeting at Etowah Monday night Mr. and Mrs. William Aaron and M, ,,rf ' ?, f ""'' ^whville. spenl faiinday win, Mr . . uia JJa . 6 _ no Henderson and family. Services were held Sunday al llio home of the Rev. J. B. Cunning" Mr. and Haynes and .. »*^. ,, wirt\,j, t-ji tin iti ta e Stalling^ spent, several d'ays lo, Miss., with Ray Haynes. There .were ninety-live present ..ENDS a Cold Sooner Tex., arrived Friday uud visiting his parents, Mr. antl Mr " Mrs. II. p. Cassady and daugli - - ------ - -->.>vi<, HILU u,|%U UU iei-c visiting Mrs. CasEarty's pa . - ents, Mr. and Mis. J. I,. Davis, left _ PROVED BY 2 GENERATIONS lieve All You Hear About PEDWINS! Their all aiqund genuine value and ilyle tcaderjliip injke every rnati wanl lo tell Kh friends about PEDWINS. Dollar for dollar, they lead 0\e field • in long, comfortable, •stylisn service, ' See oiir_new season's models no« The FAMOUS JOK AIH'LEBAUM Hn T. Pa'slor Will Describe His Experiences in Austria Tile Loyally Revival at Llic f t ,^ Baptist church Is enjoying largo •rowds and eood interest, Although he motion pictures have been lost n transit, they arc expected on each (rain. The pastor is seeking 0 paint word pictures of Ihc i:v- ciila Hie motion pictures would how. Tonight he will relate hk Kx . lerience in Austria last, summer 'hcij the iwliticiil situation was In iirmol]. He will tell of the dlffl- julty of getting across border liiies from one country to another and Jbser vat ions or-the several armies u action. The major portion of (he lecture be BIVCII to "The Failure of a state Church," as compared .with 1 free church witliin a free tiliile. Special emphasis Is placed upon .lie musical program each evening, which is led by Mrs. P. L. Tlplon, •resisted by local talent und Urn :luirch choir. • M Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Join) Tuykjr. ol Reeve, sjicnt Sunday willi air. and Mrs. Dan Beard. Miss Golda Marshall and Thomas Noillicni Married ..--— Mo.—Miss Golda Maria I, daughter of Mrs. Viola Mar- --itiil and the iatc Kltcry Alarstiail became the bride O f Mr. Thomas Northern, son or M r . and Mrs W Northern, [ n a ccreiuotiy »»r- lormed Friday nlgHt bv tho Rr V " Buttenvorth. pa s t cr ol ^ e viita' °'"'? Ual1 <--lii'fcli or Blylhe- vllfc, at- his home in that city Hie bride was'given in marriage by her nioUicr. net- cousin. Mrs. Lloyd Bookci- ,,-as maid of Imnor, ami Miss Mabel ijmllli mls brldes- "0 Ml "' Norlncni NVas attenited Mrs. Northern was married in a ortss of broivn polka dot satin, irnnmcd In eggshell satin. 'Her ac- ccisorics were brown. Mrs. Northern has been employed as money order clerk in the post- omce here since her graduation from Draughan's business college Memphis, in wo. Mr. Northern wat, gradltaleil froin Holland liteii school m 1928. He wa s satuiatorian of ins .class and.a star basketball payer. He is now;employed t the lerry Service station, at tlic state line. ' Mr. and Mrs. Northern have tak- w ?-," ""I" 1 " 6 " 1 '« 'He home of W. D. McKeimlen. iead Courier Neivs Waul For REAL Protection Phone 101 1 CLARK-AVILSON AGENCY General Insurance "We Pay All. Losses With a Smile' James B. Clark - Baker Wilson ROXY Wed. and Thursday Matinee 2:30—lOc - 2i>c Whojshuibandii> h« ?.,. mat's th« Methodists Will Hear L. E, lull JWh Sunday L. !•;. 'fun, tormcr mlsslotiarv »'li llnecr to Africa, will preach u'l *|i' noming service of the First, Methodist, church Sunday" morning. Tiie pastor, tl\e Rev W v Wo nack is In Fayetteville for annual conference. CAMBRIDGE, O. lUPJ-An Irish potato grew into the shape of: a German howliiscr in Wood'Boutli's garden. ; EXTRA! EXTRA- LADIES! Kvery Jady who atluiuls (hi: sltov^ (oiiighL will he [Jt'u- sented with the latest Fashion and Recipe -Book from Hollywood. •••••• DON'T PATL-.TQ-'GKT YOUR COPY..EACrl jBOOK IS , Time Today Ma(. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 0:4!i—10-35c : JOAN liLONDELL, HI.J.GH HEBUERT und GLBNDA FERRELL in to settla in 3prlghrll«f, spUt- flt?<om«dyof the; Mason, " " IDWARD EVERETT HORTON: 6 EN E VI EVE) T O B I N With PAUL CAVANAGH. M«? Nash, KcntcG«dd,Gcofjt M«kcr>, parothy.Pcttrton. Produced by! C«ri Utwmle, Jr. Direct by K«rll Jr«vn«i. Pr.s»nted by C«H Ut FOX -NEWS COMEDY 'KANSAS CITY PRINCESS' I'aramuum News Souvcnira No. Comedy'- 1 . Thursday & Friday :- [ A cessot ' LONBADD -WKOj ROBS OH wtlh Ro^er Pry Of Walter ConnoHy ' ,. r rcct«d bv Do*id flutoi Corned}' ..Novety- Keei ; .

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