The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on January 24, 1924 · Page 7
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 7

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1924
Page 7
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THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 24/1924 THE OGDEN STANDARD-EXAMINER Wildcats Leave For Three-Game Hoop Series . ·· ' ·" i . · ... . ·' . *. Since the close of the baseball season Eddie Collins, famous second sacker of the. Chicago White Sox. has been the central figure in many a baseball rumor. So far jione of -the gossip has -come true. A year ago at this time Collins figured, that he would Tje with the Yankees during' the 1923 cam- Urn. Throughout the winter the deal between the Yankees and tha Sox hung fire, but finally was passed up 1 by both clubs.' It -has always been a cherished i ambition of Collins to play with ! Xew York. Failure to be traded to the Yankees last year was n .distinct disappointment. 0::0 0::0 0::0 0::O O::0 0::0 0::0 0::0 0::0 '0::0 0::0 0::0 Q::0 0::0 0::0 0::0 0::0 0::0 GHJCAGO WEBER CAGERS CONFIDENT OF WONDER ATM MR. TILDEN, MOVIE ACTOR! Will the National Tennis .Champion, Soon to Invade the Films, Go In for Humor, Tragedy or High-Powered Romance? After World's Honors o-o o--o o--o o--o o-o Face B. Y. C. Hoopsters At Logan Tonight; Play Ricks Friday. I 1I/EBER college basketeers left -- -- j W today for a three-day frame In the spring- of last year while l ser { es \ n northern Utah and south- 1' umpiring for the Chicago club I " · noted the excellent physical con- dltion of Collins. His speed on . the bases stood out most. T com- j n i n e players were includejj in the mented on this feature, and with | party. The Wildcats will face^the a smile he replied: "Never was in better shape in my life. Thought . I was going to bo with New York and wanted to go big. so I really started to condition myself at .the close of last season. Hunting. ; light exercise and care as to my 'diet has put me in as good shapej'witn Idaho Tech. ^ "with Brigham Young college,. Ricks Normal and Idaho Tech.' Coach Elvin Wilkenspn and fast' Brigham, Young College -.five at Logan in their first game this evening. Friday niprlu the Furpl« meets the strong Ricks Normal five of Rexburg and closes the 'trip with a gain* at Pocatello Saturday night ·"'' as I ever was." The great work of Collins · last Tear is proof of the belief he had in his own condition. He hnfl one of the best years of his orllllnntv career. ; Rumor has linked the name of :· - '..Collins as Washington's new man- jkger. The fact that Owner Griff- LJjij£»»i!S«S'UCh. a f i n e P la y er as Harris atsecond is one of the things that casts a bit of doubt on such a report. Harris, much younger than Colina. is ono of the game's greatest second Backer. Ic Collins was ! a star outfielder instead of a sec- iond baseman it would make the , report that Collins was to manage 'the club sound much more logical (The Washington club needs out- Illelil strength far more than the Vadditlon of an infield star. Wjiat about the chancee of Ed- Jdie Collins to succeed as a bij league manager? Hero is what Kid Gleason had to say on that subject one day last summer when Tasked .'him: "Eddie Collins is the most ralu- ' able ball player I have ever come 'in contact with. A wonder me- · chanically. he has even a keener ' brain. Collins rarely makes a mis- ·take. His brain seems to be work- Ing a couple of plays ahead all jthe time. He has the ideal tem- iperament for a ball playar, conscl- 'ontious almost to a fault, yet able ' ' t o accept the bitter and the sweet .-with a smile. He seldom worries. [Collins is my ideal of a ball play- r. Unless I am greatly mistaken ^«.e will be equally successful If he Desires to take up the manageri- ·'al end of the game." OLYMPIC ICE STARS^ -Skating Pond Is Lake, ' Ski Jumping Course Is Muddy. .. CHAMONIX. France, Jan.- 24 -OP)--The drawings took place Wednesday evening for the 500 and 5000 meter skating races of the Olympic .games scheduled for Saturday 3 , in* the hope that cold weather will set in and the games Ca ?n" rt 5 e o d 5-meter event Joe Moore; New York, will meet Er c TAKE EVERY GAME. On paper the B . - Y . C. five at Logan appears to have the best chances. They have won practically every game played this season and 'o'om as real contenders for the Utah-Idaho stato junior college chamipionship. From, the Improvement shown by the Weberltes, they are expected 10 battle their rivals to the f i n a l whistle in the remaining games of the season. One of the big handicaps to the "Weber team is the loss of Bruno. star forward, who has been ruied ineligible. Bruno was found ineligible under the two-week registration rule and will be allowed to compete only in non-league -contests. Coach WJlkenson announced this morning that the following men would make the jaunt: Couch, Bruno, L. "WHkenson, Barker, Bramwoll, Parker, Woods, Hales and Blackburn. NEW CAPTAIN". A new captain to replace Bruno will be elected on the trip. "Although we face a hard three- game series, we are confident that we will be able to defeat our rivals," said Coach "WJlkenson today. "The game with the B. T. C. five this evening should be the most hotly contested game of the trip. The Loganites have a strong aggregation and are well fortified with reserves. "The game with Ricks Normal should also be a corker. Although the strength of the Idaho Tech team is unknown, the Pocatello outfit always comes through with a scrappy five,"' ' ·· · - v'-' The Weberltes -will return to. Osden Sunday. IDAHO GIRL DRIVER SAFE Sets New Track Marks Clyde the Q-reat Raced Out of His. Class, · Rival Protests. . CLEVELAND, Jan. 24.--Owners* of. Clyde the Graat, .2:04 Vi. w h i c h ! ranked third -among the Grand ! Circuit trotters last year,, although apparently innocent, are faced with] t h e probability of having- to r e f u n d ' Holds Many World's Records and National Cham- ·pibnships In Competition; Throws. Discus, 'Hurdles, Sprints and Broad Jumps. MK. BILL CHAPLUST By JOE ·WHiUAMS. Mr. "William Tilden II is heaped for the movies. Whether the recent edict barring tennis players from writing pieces for the daily journals had anything- to 'do with his decision. is unknown. ' . All we know is that Bill, beg pardon, "William Tilden. II, is de- ;termlned t'o star In the films. . The 'tennis champion IB not -without experience or skiH as an entertainer. Only recently he played with the famous Providence players in Booth Tarkmgton's "Clarence," portraying the name. role. MR. BILL HA-MLET Will ho go in for 'humor of the light, delicate, exquisite type as practiced, say, by Mr. Charles Chaplin, of the junior-size mustache and the loose, free-hanging j pantaloons? . ' | MR, BILL VALEXTINO "To be or 'not to be; that is the · question; Whether it is nobler in the mind 1 to suffer The slings and arrows of an outraged fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them? · To die-- x To die? Well, we don't wish to V By GEORGE BJUTT. C HICAGO, Jan. 24.--'.'The champion all-round girl athlete ol thousands... of dollars won by the the world," declares Tom Eck, fa- colt, it was revealed here. i mous track coach of the University £UCH · COMPLICATED. \ of Chicago. And he is talking Because Clyde the Orea-t is a l - ' a b o u t a. l i t t l e , smiling, black-eyed leged to have been raced out of high school girl who is not yet 16 his class, his winnings--he topped years old. · · i the Summary in one $ 1 0 . 0 0 0 stake | She is rf'elen Filkey/ d a u g h t e r o f - j ar.d in two S E . O O O events--must be a-Chicago b u i l d i n g contractor. F o u r ' t u r n e d ' back and re-distributed world's records and three Aroe:-- amonsr'.somi- 20 or 30 horses which lean records make up her .impns- finished b e h i n d him In oach heat of ing a c h i e v e m e n t to date. She was t h e s e ' a n d other events in 'which born March 18, .1908. he will be disqualified. He raced ; "She is the on'ly -person, ffiri _or in his class in only two events, It b o y , ' w h o ever made a w o r l d ' s reels-claimed. : 0 r d or won a.n athletic chanrpion- Thn muddle', said to bf one of s h i p at her age," says Eck, who Ja · t h e most complicated in t h s his- her t r a i n e r . tory of the Grand Circuit, resulted . "This coming' season. outdoor from an Investigation by Fred and indoor, o u g h t to bring some Krlman._.Meniphis horseman and grea.t performances f r o m her. She owner o'f T'avonian, which i n v a r i - expects to break every record she. | ably finished second to Clyde the now holds and to add a few more I Great'. .Several thousand dollars t o ' h e r list." ! will be paid to 53dman if Clyde t h e | RROKK TWO RECORDS | Great's winning* are r e f u n d e d . ,« Helen's greatest single d a y " was · I..I.,(.AI.TJ MAKK : on Labor day last, fall at the A. A. 1 he records show th;,t Clyde thf- l? . n a t l o n a l outdoor meet in Chi- Groat raced at Indianapolis Sept. caffo w h e n she bro i,. e t w o records. 1, 1922. and in winning the sec- Sh ° e m a d e 16 feet 6 % inches in t h e hroad j u m p , a world's record HELEN FILKEY -jt 1 Or wil'l he lay siege to the ro- ] appear, hard .or unsympathetic., but mantic standing of Valentino, t h e j i f Mr. _Tilden were to die'- or do mud-massage beauty? Or will the loftier and more A cloak of · mystery has, been magnificent forms of tragedy prove thrown about Tllden's screen f u - l t o be the champion's forte? A ture. jgreat Hamlet.he would make-- ' h a v e a chance. something, it would at least-, break the monopoly which now'exists in tennis, arid t h p n maybe Bill Johnston or one i-- tue' other boys might ing: one! heat, stepped 2 : 0 7 flat. , , , · - ' , _ - - - - - - - l l l ^ l ' l LJClAl J U I L 1 L J , O- * V W i J V * ^ » j ^ i j i ^ i w * daily prrss a n d the t u r f -journals v , or g .; r ; s , a n d made t h c 100-yard - · - ir. is said, carried in the tiroe of (hat mile as 2 : 0 7 V i . which would by Lammlein. -00- Willie Hoppe Retains Billiard Title In Match With Schaefer Poor Form Is Shown In - Final Set of Title Match. Lyd Hutchinson Beaches Rouses Point En Route to Montreal. ROUSE'S POINT. -N. T:. Jan. 24. -- "Whistling IHutchinson, , ~ B l o m b W . Sweden: Harry -Kaskey. ^Chicago, will meet Marcel Jxoons, - , _ ijrrrji William Steinmetz, Chi- Taro .-will have Oscar Olsen. Norway. 'as his opponent, while Charles Jewtraw. Lake Placid, was drawn against Charles Gorman. Canada. MIXIATOKJE LAKE. Heavy ' rains and a conintued thaw converted the Olympic skat- inp rink into a miniature lake. melted the snow in several turns in the bob-sleigh chute and caused mud to crop up at spota m the s*» American hockey -players Save only had or,e practice session The skaters are much further advanced in their conditioning tnar. tha hockey players. .Ths latter are unused to such a large sized ice surface and the absence of board sides is proving troublesome, tho ·wing Iplsyer constantly passing out of bounds. Instead of playing, tne puck against the boards to elude iheir adversaries, which is a feature of American and Canadian hockey, the 'boys have had to alter their game, paesinp exclusively to the center of the ice. The Amer. lean hockey stars, however, find Xeola.ce in the fact that the Canad- Nns. who are regarded as . their Triost dangerous opponents, are experiencing similar trouble. - oo - '· -BRITISH GOLFERS AGAIN VICTORIOUS OAKLAND. Cal., Jan. .24.-Arthur C. Havers, British opoa golf champion, and James Ockan- den. French champion, Wedneday defeated W. J. Fries. Claremont Country club professional, and Johnny McHugh, California, ama.- teur golf criainpion, 7 and 6, in a 3G-hole exhibition -match on the Claremont links here. · UTAH AGGHES-WIN PAST HOOP GAME woman dog team driver of Ashton, Idaho, reached this city Wednesday 'rom Kllenberg Centdr ;and left with a team of seven huskies bound 'or Xapierville, province of Que- ec. on her way to Montreal:, MUss Hutchinson, who left Port Henry Tuesday, planning "to stpp at Plattburg, l-ost her way in- the mountains and finally made Ei- Icnburg, some 25 nilles west of Plattfburg and near thp Canadian border Wednesday morning. After a short rest there, she came to this city to meet customs officials. To add to her. experiences ofi.the bitter cold night in the mountains alone with her dog team, Miss Hutchinson said, a farmer's dog picked a quarrel, with members o* her team on the way to this city and promptly was killed by the huskies. She planned to go from this city to Lacolls, province of Quebec, and from there to JCapierville, where ·*he will rest before going on to 'the winter sports carnival at Montreal. 00- FAWCETT CONTINUES , T O LEAD SHOOTERS CHICAGO, Jan. _ 24.--'Willie Hoppe of New York, veteran champion at IS.2 balk line billiards, ·tookj the last, block of a poorly played-1,500-polnt challenge match from young Jake Schaefer here Wednesday .night, 500 to" 417, and thereby retained his crown. Young Jake, son of ..the "Wizard" of other days^ ivas threatening on th;~. first night when he got 500 to Hoppe's 369, but curled up Tuesday night, when Hoppe Drought the score, to 1,000 to 739 by not playing quite so poorly as did the challenger. Wednesday night's block was a repetition of the poor balkline play of the previous night, it taking the champion 22 innings,to get the necessary 600 points, an avnrage of 22 6-22, while in one inning fewer. Schaefer . was .counting 417' points 'was 2 7 4 2 - 5 4 , and that of. Schaefer 22 8-5'4. H o p p e - · ' h a d 'a high run o f ' 1 8 2 and young Jake 170. , Edouard Horemans has chal- GIBBONS ANXIOUS TO MEET TUNNEY ST. PAUL, Minn., . Jan. 24.-Tommy Gibbons of'St.'Paul,'who is; Standis'h Jr.. of Detroit, has been to meet Jack Dempsey; world's; elected a vice president .of the .9 seconds, n. new Amer- make Clyde the Great a 2 : 0 8 trot- j^"Thea^wUh^nfy^'^-miriule rest . \ , , I between events, she entered the (.in t n e assumption that he was ~ r ,, nT . r i v-io- V m r ^ i p d a n r i finished a 2 : 0 8 trotter. Tommy Murphy, ' ' ^ n n d in li 3 5 secondsi In the p r o m i n e n t . Syracuse -arlver p u r ; r u n n l n s n i s h ' j u m p ' s h e ' finished f ? » n n n n 5olt for. a reported sum f o u r t h 6 ?oin ^ 4 feet 8 inches, of 5 2 0 , 0 0 0 from C. C, Laummleln .. To sn * ow ^ he was a Detter h u r d - oc Louisville, Ky Murphy it i s ' l e r t h a n t h e girl w h o defeated claimed, raced the horse through h e r / . s EcK .. Hc]en ran a ma i ^^OO-O^^K. . that ha!j been mruJe gainst Jtlme at a n o t h e r meet last' ' · · fall. .She went 75 yards over sb: · hurdles in 10.6 seconds, breaking( t h e record by one second. 1 WAS DELICATE CHILD. f "In an exhibition at Washington Park here ; she threw a -two-pound I rllscus 76 feet 3 ' i n c h e s and threw the girl's .javelin 87 feet 9 inches, ; the latter being the best Amer] lean, throw., although it does not ' s t a n d . a s - a record. 'She also made. 8 feet · 1 \k inches in the standing! broad- - j u m p , w i t h o u t dumbbells. "At an earlier meet her». staged by the-.Illinois Athletic 1 rlub, she won'-the. 50-yard dash, and in w i n n i n g the 60-yard h u r d l e ra.ce set a pacf of -S 4-5 seconds, ' e q u a l i n g the I world's record. The same day »he _ , . broke the world's GO-yard low h u r - dle record in 8 2-5 seconds." Two basketball games of the Og- Helen.Filkey was a delicate child den division' will be played in t h i s ' u n t i l she-was. about 11 years old. city Friday night. ^ i Her mother t o o k - her to Califor- The Deaf .School hoopsters will nia f o r . a . y e a r then, and she he- meet the North Davis five on" the -gan .her remarkab-'e physical de- Central Junior high s c h o o l - f l o o r at velopment by playing on the beach , 7:30 o'clock and the Ogden Tigers) 3.nd taking athletic training. At IS CH-ICAG-O, Jan. 24.---James D.j-will meet the stron? Davis ag-gre-: she l o o m s ' u p as the worla s great- , j:_^_ T_ * * Tr-,-A ..i i v*.~« -sration on t h e Os-rtrn iilirVt r i n n r ^cr sthloi-A lenged . ; Hoppe and 'that contest probably will be played .within ' 60 days at New York, after- Hoppe and Schaefer return from a tour which now Is being arranged. STANDISH CHOSEN ' GOLF VICE PREXY TWO GAMES IN HOOP LEAGUE School Worth Davisites; Ogden to Meet Davis. heavyweight champion' · boxer, In New York next June, will be mitted to meet any opponent up to SO days prior to the title match, according to word he'received from Eddie Kane, his manager.-' . " ·' , Gibbons said he would like to meet Georges Carpenti'er, Gene Tunney, . Jack E'enau'lt-.. and Mike M-cTlgue before taking '' 'on the champion, . ·,. :.. WHAT ABOUT DYKES'.' Western Golf association by the directors, and Albert R. Gates of I Chica-go has been' formally made general counsel of the association, .it was announced by Secretary Joseph W. Busch. · .. I n e selections.were made to .fill .offices created at the annual meet-- 4ng in December. . - . · The offices were added because of the rapid growth of the assocla- j tion, which now comprises'450 ac| tiv'e- members ,· -throughout. thi? I United States, except . New .England, and . i n Canada.- Mexico .an'd for an average of 21 16-21. Hoppe timore probably means the pass- won because it appeared that he i ing of Jimmy Dykes uni.ess the was better able -to overcome dif- tall leader of the Athletics intends The securing of Second 'Baseman ! Pacific island, possessions. It has Bishop by Connie Mack from Bal- more active members than any ^ J - - - . , - . . . . other golf association- in. the ficulties encountered. . to try him at third in case Hale Some sections of t!jo Sahara des- gation on the high .. This game begins at 7 o'clock in order - t h a t the girls' annual Icap year 1 ' pa.rty may open a,t " 5:30 o'clock. '. . Box Elder .and Bear River meet in the. third game on the Brigh"am City floor. ..! est athlete. HAWAII AFTER PROVIDENCE, -R. I., Jan. 24.-- IJack Renault, 'Canadian heavy- GRID CONTESTS'weight,'knocked out Tom Roper of ______ I Roanoke. Vn.., in tho second round I of a 12-round bout at Harrisvillu Next Tuesday tho Kapplemen HONOLULU; Jan. '24.--W 3 )---The . Wednesday. u r n e y to Brigham to meet the irniversity .of Hawaii--has written . · - ... -journey Bees in . t h e first league/game of an inv.itat.ion _ to -the'University of j ELDORADO, Ark., Jan. 24.- the season. x . - - ~ Ogden. and Box Elder are tied for first honors.' . , ., . . (Southern California to send its Lyncji. the bantamweig-ht ··· charn- football, team here for two games p jon, knocked out Parky Owens oC ' BEVTLKV IN GOOD SHAPE. , next December. The .University of Hawaii has received a .letter from- the University Boston In the second r o u n d of srhi'-dulfta" 10-round .no-deciiion bout here Wednesday night. . Ow- Too much weight kept of Arizona offering 1 to send its ! ens landed hard to the "champion's Beritley from doing good work with .team .to Honolulu but a reply is |. stomach in the first round. the Giants · last spring-. H e - re- being, held in abeyance until" the I retaliating in the second with ported weighing well. over. 200 and.University of · Southern California | rights; putting him down for got a late start. He has profited Responds. thereoy as he now weighs only 188. ' One . m i n t turned out 30,000,000 One .gold-plated coach, built for count -of nine and a.?ain for the final count.- a kinig.of France, was said to have.' Saturn."* spring ana a u t u m cost more t h a n - -$200,000. ISO months apart,. EOZEMAX. Mont.,-Jan; -24.--In the fastest exhibition of basketball seen here this seaspiv. the. Utafc Aggies Wednesday night nosed out the Bobcats of Montana State Col- 24 to 21, in the last -minute f play. The lead |in the scoring alternated between the teams five tim«, - , . HOUSTON, Texas, Jan. 24.--W. H. Fawcett of Roblnadale, Minn- continued to lead in the Sunny South Shoot being conducted at the traps of the Houston-Gun club, the captain of the American, trap team having a score of 4SS out- of BOO. Phil Miller of Dallas has broken one target less than Fawcett. HITCH ARISES. XEW YORK. Jan. 2-1.--A hitch has developed in the deal by which the New York Yankees recently announced purchase of Pitcher Nick Cullop""for $10.000 from the Omaha olub of the Western league Wednesday. The Yankees did not disclose details but it was reported the Omaha club now objected to the deal. It was understood the case had been placed in the .hands of Commissioner'Landis for decision. MAT MEN" MATCHED. SPOKANE, Wash... Jan,,* 24.-Wrestlers of the Spokane Amateur Athletic club, will oppose the- Uni-: verslty.'of Idaho team in a tournament here February 2. oo WORLD SERIES EMBIjEMS. The'New York Americans are to I j receive handsome watches as an appropriate souvenir from. Judge Landis for winning the world series. Owner Jake Ruppert says he will-supply "the chains. TOO MUCH SPEED. Babe Ruth continues to be arrested for speeding. It happened twice in' one week 'b'etween Boa- ton and Sudbury, Mass.. where his farm is located, proving t« Babe hasn't.entirely reformed, J .,, - nickels last yea'r. Hoppe's ^average for the 1,500 BY WELLINGTON There's A Reason. PA'S SON-EN-LAW HERfc'S VER. DINNER f¥ DOOK.WI=P. STfoYE-fcOoM IS NA1UED UP» I'M SOW T'. TWPK30MNOWON «K*D.I MK?HT r UEA HAVE SETPv'eD'THtS T=OOD-_N THINNER CHINA'YOU, I -DETEST EATlNiSf OFF THI.5 HORi U'H- AT THAT I POST KNOW RUT VWHAT rr'p BE BE5T Y; OK THINNER'-PISHES FROM NOW ON, WOE-SIN!. !rou- SHbui-t) 'Kck! Pi-ATE- V ADAM AND EVA Sirloin for the Vegetarian. BY CAP HIGGINS OH,ADAM, WE HAVEN'T TO A RESTAURANT TOGCTMER. SINC6. YOf BECAME. A i WELL, I DON 1 ' VVANT THAT IT'S ESPeOALLV GOOD · FORGOTTEJN WQJ-, I DON' THiNtc i CARE . roe. SOUP. HOWS 'THE-' · CAN BR'NG US A' SIRLOH ' FOR, nriwo AND' SOM6- TROTFLEO

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