Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 18, 1964 · Page 14
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 14

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1964
Page 14
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14 THURS -' JUNE Loke Chorles Ameiiccn Press Scranton Attack MAKES Airborne III ftfW 'RQCKET FUEL' Vetoed by Barry COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) ~ i Ohio State University has been using an altitude chamber to: study reactions of physically j impaired persons to flying. The i WASHINGTON (AFi— Front-. paign against Scranton in Dal-jidea is to assist design engi- '. running Son. Barry GnlcKvater; las Tuesday—and it is much thejneers in providing safe air tra- lui.s indicated he plans no cam-, same as that he waged against ivel for all. paif!» altark on his newly tic- < New York Gov, Nelson A. Rock-' clared rival for the Republican j cfeller in their three presidcn- presidential nomination, Gov. William W. sylvania. Scranton of Perm- Wedno^y fctS vetoed a campaign offensive suggested by some of his advisers which would have labeled the Pennsylvania governor "the puppet candidate" of Rcpubli- ' cans out (o stop him. Hal primary campaigns. Goldwater answered Scranton's criticism without naming tlie Pennsylvania governor—and made a call for Republican unity the theme of his rebuttal. "Please, don't unite yourselves against anything but the opposition," he urged more than 10,000 Republicans at the Texas GOP convention. "Don't carry Dr. Frederick H. S h i 1 li to, project senior investigator, said 12 to 20 volunteers — victims of pulmonary disorders — tolerated exposure to altitude without appreciable discomfort or un| ing eight were in discomfort or had unfavorable reactions. MEMPHIS (AP) — When Mrs. Charles Jensen looked into her refrigerator and found a bottle marked RocKeT Fuel, hor investigation turned up this formula from her son Chuck, a third grader: "Stcpc 1. '•» cup of baking powder and stir a ininil. "Slcpc 2. One labalspoon of oil. it will start to ii/.c, don't panik, put piece of meatal in it. "Stepe o. One cup of vinegar and heat water and put it in. "Stepe 4. Get seme liqod soap and poar in. "Stepe 5. Store in bottle for 3 day's, and it will be redy anybody can do it." CLIP THIS COUPON Goldwater" has not ruled out; grudges into the ballot boxes."! iScranlon as a vice-presidential Out lo counter Scranlon'sji running male should he win the charge that a Goidwater ticket i | ; presidential nomination, the i would spell defeat Cor other j sources indicate. ', GOP candidates in November, i . ; the senator said he intends to ; i lead Republicans to victory 4 Hours-11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday June 20th , With 674 delegates pledged or 1 committed lo his column—1!) Bring this coupon and $1.00 plus tax lo our store and you will receive both knives, you will save §3.00. They have been advertised on TV, Radio, and newspapers Cor $2.00 each. So clip coupon now. THIS COUPON AND FLOOD DID IT — New cars lay buried in piles of debris, and parts bins leaned away from Ihe walls in the Fiskho garage at Papillion, Neb., a village at ihe southwest edge of Omaha, following a flood. The entire wall of ihe garage collapsed under ihe pressure of the surging flood waters. (AP Wirepholo). above the C55 figure he needs, ' trom th « courthouse to the for the nomination-Goldwater i u ?|V !l ' eSS ;. ... plans little in the way of active! X d°. nt belle ™ inai any one campaigning before the conven-' ? e P u ^!! can could destroy the that any one Growing Economy May Help States On March I,'). Ifin. Governor ('ktiboriK' issui'd a proclamation ordering Ihe •'baiKiilti" ;il Bara(aria. Hi- 1 Laflittc brothers, lo disperse. They ignored Ihe order. tion. Yet he makes it plain that he is out to capture as many more delegates as he can before the convention opens in San Francisco July 13. Montana will choose 14 Friday in the last of the stale conventions for GOP delegate selections. Republican party," he said. Cuban Refugees Scrap 'Castros' Miracle Edge Self Sharpening, Stainless Steel Safety-Grip Handle, Will Not Burn, Break, Crack or Chip. Make A Wonderful Gift Hos ins true Mon cord. World's Most Versatile Knife Peels, shreds, dices, trims, pares, nralcs, spreads, scales. Right or left handed. Peels up or down. Saw o nnll In two, slice a tomato, frozen foods, meat saw. Cuts right throuah the bone. They will be $4.00 after today's sole. LIMIT *3 SETS TO COUPON too MIAMI (AP) - Cuban refugees employed at a Miami tile Goldwater recognizes the dan-i plant enjoy a chuckle at the ger of slippage in his delegate | expense of Cuban Prime Minis- count, and cites it as the reason i tor Fidel Castro, for an effort to capture more j Reject tile, cracked and de- backing before the convention, fective, is thrown in a corner He set the tone for his cam- under a sign "Castros." MAIL ORDERS Add 25c Eo. Set lor Packaqinq ond Hondlinq Supply is limited. Downtown Loke Charles For A Set Of 2 Knives IDEAL FOR Fishermen Housewives Boy Seoul* Girl Scouts Butchers I'oultrymen Campers Hunters, Die. CHICAGO i AP)—State budg- <'•* are continuing to grow but this year, at least, legislators .'in 1 counting more on an expanding economy ior increased revenue than they are on tax boosts. While governors of main' states signed new tax laws this Bill Providing Transcript Of Trial Advances BATON ROUGE lAPi-Leg- islation to make it possible for criminal trial defendants to be provided with testimony trans- fripts reached the House floor Wednesday. The House Judiciary A Committee earlier approved the bill, one of a package sought by the law reform committee of the Louisiana Bar Association. The measure is the outgrowth of a I'.S. Supreme Court ruling under which Emile Weston, a convicted East Baton Rouge Negro rapist, was released frum prison last year. The court held that U'e.ston uas entitled to a transcript of the trial convicting him and imposing a mandatory death uenalty or to a new trial. Since ;. transcript was not available and the victim in the case refused to testify a second time, a new trial was impossible and Weston was released. Eberhard Deutsch. chairman i-'f the law reform committee. >aid the legislation is needed so that convicted criminals cannot continue to obtain new trials or release because no trans- • •ripts are available. Dist. Ally. Bcrtrand DeBlanc. Latayette. 1 -ountered that ranscripts ot rntire trials are not necessary and argued that only transcripts of motions for a new trial are .sufficient. Most of the opposition to the hill came from the possibility that it would work a hardship on >rnaller parishes where trans- c! ipts are not normally made ot criminal trials. Other bills in the package included ones to standardize the method of qualifying notaries public. \i'ur — '2'2 legislatures were in session --• Ihe hopes were that business activity, fuel partly by the federal tax cut. would surge upward for the fourth consecutive year. There is no telling at this time precisely what impact the tax cut will have, but a year ago the Treasury Department estimated that a $10-billion fed-; oral reduction would spur in- i vestment, consumer spending \ and employment to a point; whore state and local govern-1 ments would reap close to S3 billion extra in taxes. In 20 states, according to a study by Leon Rothenberg, research director for the Federa- i tion of Tax Administrators, in- [ come tax receipts will rise automatically as a result of the federal tax cut. In these states, individuals and corporations arc allowed deductions on their state income taxes based on their amount of federal income , taxes. Thus, lower federal taxes ; mean lower deductions and higher payments to the states. An Associated Press survey •Jiuws several states raised their income tax withholding rates to , bring them in line with this windfall. Included were Massachusetts. Oregon, Alabama and .Minnesota, according to information compiled by Commerce Clearing House, Inc.. of Chicago, a publisher of topical busi- iie>i law reports. However the added revenues arc obtained, they apparently will be spent for present improvements and administration, not fur past mistakes "Unlike some years in the past." Rothenberg said in his study, "there were few instances where taxes had to be increased because deficits had developed during the current budget period as a result of an excess ot commitments over available resources." K'iucation absorbs the largest portion of state budgets and where new taxes were imposed this year they were almost always for this purpose. However. mental health, highways and public assistance also will bene- iit from the increased revenue. Sources for new taxes vary irom personal income to sales of peanuts. WHY WE SAY SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES in craer to Hi} ic unae-ritand ojf ip>riT^ai c&r>C''icr, tr.t/ have tt-en fcufcn "For c~r .r tirjcTi^r. That tr.roujjn — n,* <:~, !.ciof't>n o'J&rOM) b/ tr.f icnpiu'tt »>« nai hme ncpt (B/jn-.on» li n Perhaps you Oon I ti'.tiic ic, or pcitiaps you ntvef save It a tnoua'i. and powibiy yo^ hov* betn tans'-' i<jj torir.o! unoefMariB \f-t S'-fiplurf. of i'&ui do not >tfv&*» wriai t^ey meo* or>o tht S»oy»c<r 0-d not cOTirnuno ,oj lo r«x) onylmr.s. 6jt He c 0 ..imtnond you lo l.cor t'.t Ch«t>.' But »•(;>'. liittn lo H't t-npnt'. icoOiitig cl icriplurei, ' ieorcli ,t au^smii 1 in tn« boo* til ir.» Lt,«i a'.d redd — it ">« totl'is snot pfepn** (inon i*:lt) icorcn It* Icrlpljrti — frit/ of roe' 1 Is tfit MJfif'3 B* ir>« Himiti*. (Jotm J 'J*) ij convinced IfiQetti toot trial temllJWlty »ith tr« rpyol food lo tr* wnt «f CnrM ttai h* did not t>tn- tan IB toi "Ignoranc* of ti.t Eo.« meonj Igrioraric* *f Cfirlit." TfitH i» #lit *• tar oyoin o'iS osom ic fieupl* KWi-rfticrt: "itcrai tf4 '' r one *os tnd V>| mo.t flit opptal not lo wltl# on crawiierit, (Is ititist kn pCrlOflt Oilfi U to i'lrltt p»(..t c Iri8v»if» Kilo Cnrtsi ; »urle». For r.o r.v i«».r,? )ne •^•j^anwj &f r-'5 own *out, con ton•-. emiousi/ oistount the con-.mand <-< ir.e propnti;. Cnnsi, ond tr.e t^oititi. wne.i Ire trutn is so '-1 nond. Tr.trHcft ^ r e iri/jft y&j JQ | n . ti^ire tr.lo tr>e teacnlng c! icfttiturti tb '. .'id cut tor youriert. Tr>i« cw, not mfron, tl co^r^t. •• -Jt tr.t Cr..,rr.n |. nit c«trtrncl/ •uijaoie I! oi/>:5 mean, tno-jgh. >•:<; C''jr<.n h nol - ond wsi r»ot ••-• .c to lo ue — int ui\t iouf'-t i • (.nriit.on ltor.nifnj or,d fctlie*. ' '.' ;i r*»tr eiUjtliiMd or. Iniall- r-c (• UtDunol Jo ifderpftt tr** TNt H&Jj' ^p nl 13 Iftt C'll/ Cwff.W- '< ono fcjlo* ptomiicd tn nsorcfi t ' trjin t r irouyn C*od \ word. or»d ii.t hoi/ Ij pfwruied 10 ttvi i,r,e wi.a jttm Hii aid. (b*» Lu«.t ii : :. Jor.n !4 J2. U 24, *ct! J3JJ. Yet otitr oil. it U <s rtrnorfcatl* 1i.,ng lo lo/ o»idt thouionds »vw «. H lion* of bdoKlcli and lo pick up or.t. "Th> Blt'ie.'* and tav tr>is U tr.c word of God. "tn« otr.tfi ort Mrf." Tho> tiQwmt i'jt.jtai<» ooo »r.* pbitctlv« —Lei wt htor I've ttificluiion ol ttit ..-i.tiit rrratltr: fear Cod. and Ktt-p r •- corriurnriOnwcitt : tar tnii It trie *r,o;e Ouli- of rr>on. b/ R CicnlSKf by nwq »( IIM leilh Nobody But Nobody Undersells Homd Furniture Co. Come in and let us prove it.' 1401 RYAN HE G-Z326 DRASTIC CLOSE OUT PRICES On Floor Samples and Ones of a Kind-Save as Never Before TONIGHT smi 9 USE YOUR CURRENT CREDIT CARD ON ALL PURCHASES FROM $10 TO $100 LAST CALL FOR FATHER'S DAY BARGAINS! Reg. 299.95—108" Long UINELLE SOFA 178 OM; ONLY! Reg. 349.95 2-Piece Traditional LIVING ROOM 198 ONK ONLY! Reg, 299.95 Contemporary LIVING ROOM 168 OM: OM.Y: Reg. 269.95 French. Provincial SOFA ONLY 198 .ILST ONE! 59.95 Recliner Chairs Reduced to 533 109,95 Reciiner Chairs Reduced to $58 119,95 Jumbo Recliners $86 149.95 Vinelle Foam Recliners $108 139.95 Danish Recliners $110 149.95 Modern Recliners _ : $118 159.95 Early American Recliners $125 Remember.,. When You Buy Berkline You Get the King of Recliners! Reg. 399.95 Early American Sleeper Sofa $299 ONI; ONLY: Reg. 299.95 2-Pc.Modern Plastic Hideaway Suite 188 ONI: ONLY; Reg. 179.95 2-Piece Modern Sofa Bed Suite *98 o\i: ONLY: Reg. 299.95 All Foam 2-Piece CONVERTABED SUITE 178 ONK ONLY! WE HONOR ALL MAJOR OIL COMPANY CREDIT CARDSII $69.95 , Vuiclle Covered RECLINER CHAIRS $33 $99.95 MAPLE BUNK BEDS CumplvU- $119.95 3 PIECE LIVING ROOM SUITES $69.95 FOAM MATTRESS (3 BOX SPRING All Vinelle Plastic 3-Pc. DEN SUITE Sufa. Ann Chair Hot-liner $89.95 BEDROOM SUITES 5119.95 SOFA BED SUITES Save On This Complete Houseful! LIVING ROOM SUITE BEDROOM SUITE DINETTE SUITE TAPPAN RANGE TAPPAN REFRIGERATOR frOK ONLY MUN'iU 149.95 8-Pioce LIVING ROOM • SOf A • 2 riJAJKS f 3 TABLES • •; LAMPS won; C SOMK * MUCK 189.95 6-Piece BEDROOM M1RKUU BOOKCASK UilJ CHEST KJ.AM MAT'l'ltESS I5OX SPUJNGS 128 l« 5AVE ON A NEW 3 ROOM GROUP! PLAN NO. 1 • ledrocm $1 DOWN — ONLY $1.76 WEEK! 1 ()"A M MATTUESS SET 1NCLL'DEIT 189.95 Modern Vinelle Covered HIDEAWAY BEDS NOBODY UudwMll* FURNITURE CO, 1461 IVAN HE M526 UKI UUIUS, U. 229.95 EARLY AMEBICAN SLEEPERS Cliolce ol 169

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