Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 31, 1976 · Page 11
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 11

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 31, 1976
Page 11
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I'VE NEVER OWNED A D06 OR A CAT, OR A HORSE, OR A HAMSTER OR ANYTHING SIR... I'M SURE NOT REAPY FOR A BOY FRIENP! fOU MEAN A 6IKL HAS TO HAVE OWED A P06, AND A CAT, ANP A HORSE ANP A HAMSTER BEFOKE SHE CAN HAVE A BOYFRIEND?.' MICKEY MOUSt- —/T THINK I'LL TOSS OUT THIS OLP SOMBRERO/ MOOSE- U IT S NOT MUCH FUN VING NEXT TO A GOLF COURSE, CHESTER / »F i PLAY THROUGH? f ON THESE HOT PAYS ~X ( I THINK THEY HIT THE &AU.S ^ V.JMTO THE POOL OH PURPOSE/ THE RYATTS- JUST WANT TO BE VOUI? PATE GETS HOME SAFELY/ PAP, WHY PO VOU ALWAY5 WAIT UP FOR /ME > BLONQIE STEVE CANYON- ...HAD TO CALL SECURITY,. HEIR5-WHO WANTED CERTIFIED COPIES OF THE DEATH CBKTtFI- CAT6/ r~- — I BEETLE BAILEY- OKAV, I'M WAKMIN& UP.,, LET'S PLAY/ ONE MOKE Major League Leaders Legals ^ WMAT HAPPENS -i WHEN IT SNOWS J ? ' X- SO YOU Ll_ HAVE THEY'LL GROW INTO BEAUTIFUL COCONUT PALM TREES THESE TROPICAL PLANTS COME Ky The Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE BATTING (225 at bats)- G.Brett, KC, .353; Bostock, Min, .350; McRae, KC, .348; Munson, NY, .331; LeFlore, Del, .327. RUNS—Rivers, NY, 67; R.White, NY, 64; Otis, KC, 64; Carew, Min, 64; North, Oak, 64. RUNS BATTED IN—Mayberry, KC, 67; Munson, NY, 64; Burroughs, Tex, 64; Chambliss, NY, 63; L.May, Bal, 62. HITS—G.Brett, KC, 141; Munson, NY, 125; LeFlore, Det, 122; Chambliss, NY, 122; Rivers, NY, 122. DOUBLES—Otis, KC, 26; Carty, Cle, 24; McRae, KC, 24; Rivers, NY, 23; D.Evans, Bsn, 22; G.Brett, KC, 22. TRIPLES—Garner, Oak, 12; G.Brett, KC, 9; Poquette, KC, 7; Bumbry, Bal, 6; LeFlore, Det, 6; Orta, Chi, 6; Bostock, Min, 6; Carew, Min, 6. HOME RUNS—Bando, Oak, 20; L.May, Bal, 19; Hendrick, Cle, 18; ReJackson, Bal, 16; Ystrzemski, Bsn, 16. STOLEN BASES-North, Oak, 52; Baylor, Oak, 41; Patek, KC, 39; Carew, Min, 37; LeFlore, Det, 36. PITCHING (8 Decisions)— Garland, Bal, 12-2, .857, 2.63 W.Campbell, Min, 11-2, .846, 3.23 Fidrych, Det, 11-3, .786, 1.80 Leonard, KC, 12-4, .750, , 3.13 Killer, Det, 10-4, .714, 2.60 E.Figueroa, NY, 14-6, .700, 2.96 Kern, Cle, 7-3, .700, 2.32 • Bird, KC, 9-4, .692, 3.36. STRIKEOUTS—Ryan, Cal, 194; Blyleven, Tex, 147; Tanana, Cal, 144; Jenkins, Bsn, 109; Hunter, NY, 108. NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING (225 at bats)- A.Oliver, Pgh, .342; Griffey, Cin, .337; Rose, Cin, .333; , McBride, StL, .332; G.Foster, Cin, .329. RUNS—Rose, Cin, 92; Griffey, Cin, 86; Morgan, Cin, 81; Schmidt, Phi, 76; Monday, Chi, 70. RUNS G.Foster, Cin, 76; Schmidt, Phi, 66. DISR&5ARO/ iL 60 AWAY / ALWAYS HAPPENS WH6N I LOSS A PATIENT.' TO HCAR THAT FROM SOMEONE WHO MEANT nnnuFSBURY HITS—Rose, Cin, 139; Montanez, All, 129; A.Oliver, Pgh, 126; Garvey, LA, 126; G.Foster, Cin, 121; Griffey, Cin, 121. DOUBLES—Rose, Cin, 25; Johnstone, Phi, 24; Zisk, Pgh, 24; Madlock, Chi, 23; Luzinski, Phi, 23. TRIPLES—D.Cash, Phi, 10; Tyson, StL, 9; D.Parker, Pgh, 8; Geronimo, Cin, 8; W.Davis, SD, 7. HOME RUNS-Kingman, NY, 32; Schmidt, Phi, 26; G.Foster, Cin, 22; W.Robin- son, Pgh, 18; Morgan, Cin, 18. STOLEN BASES—Taveras, Pgh, 35; Morgan, Cin, 34; Cedeno, Htn, 32; Brock, StL, 30; Lopes, LA, 30. PITCHING (8 Decisions)— Rhoden, LA, 9-0, 1.000, 3.10 C.Metzger, SD, 8-0, 1.000, 2.13 R.Jones, SD, 18-4, .818, 2.54 Norman, Cin, 9-2, .818, 2.38 Alcala, Cin, 9-3, .750, 4.40 Zachry, Cin, 9-3, .750, 2.83 Carlton, Phi, 11-4, .733, 3.25 Candelaria, Pgh, 10-4, .714, 3.34. STRIKEOUTS—Sea ver, NY, 156; Mssrsmith, All, 124; J.Richard, Htn, 123; P.Niekro, All, 115; Koosman, NY, 104. BATTED IN- Cin, 90; Morgan, Kingman, NY, 72; Phi, 69; Luzinski, Minor League Pairings Set Pairings are set for the annual post-season tournament for Minor Leaguers. It runs throughout next week. Minor League play is baseball for boys of ages 10 and 11. Nine teams will be in the double-elimination meet. Three games will be played nightly on the Southwest Field of Peebles Complex. The meet runs Monday through Friday, skips next Saturday, and finishes Sunday, August 8. Games for Monday and Tuesday: Monday 6 p.m. — Shawnees vs. Kiowas. 7 p.m. — Comanches vs. Alices. K p.m. — Kanzas vs. Deerfield. Tuesday n p.m. — Holcomb vs. Mohawks: this completes first-round play, with top- seeded Pawnees getting first-round bye in nine-team field. 7 p.m. — Pawnees vs. Shawnee-Kiowa winner. « p.m. — Shawnee-Kiowa loser vs. Comanche- Aztec loser: beaten team in this game becomes first club eliminated from the tourney. Zoo Tourney Near Finals THEN YOUPONTHAVE CORRDBORffflON. IFYOU IEFJ1HE BEAM! BUT I GOT HER ONtW&Z! UM..NO, I..UH.. FORGOT.. AROUND TO GO 10S10CKHOLM ONZVM. \ OH.. I'M SORRY, DOC.. \ UP i we GOT A STRIKE//, RED ALERT! SNUFFY SMITH THftR'S QUflRTER FER VOU,TATER I TOLD HIM WE'D GO HAFFEWCE IF HE WUZGOOD THflNKV, (V)IZ SMIF THflRS FIFTV CEWT FER BflBV-SETTlW WIFTflTER, AMV-JflNE Zoo Leaguers resume their post-season tournament here Monday evening. Only two (and possibly,.three) games are left to play. The tourney is tee-ball slow- pitch Softball for boys of ages 6, 7, and 8. It's double- elimination, with eight teams involved. The meet started Wednesday. Remaining tourney games on the YMCA Field: Monday — Ducks vs. Bears at 6:30 p.m. This is final elimination game. Losing team places third in the eight- team meet. At 7:30 p.m., the Lions (unbeaten in tourney play so far) face the Duck- Bear winner for the tourney crown. Should the Lions lose their 7:30 p.m. game, a rematch would be necessary. If that occurs, the title game will be played at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Sports In Brief OLYMPICS MONTREAL - Bruce Jenner of the United States won the gold medal in the decathlon with a world record 8,618 points while fellow Americans Darrell Pace and Luann Ryon captured gold medals for their perforances in archary. \ Planet Play Under Way Action in the annual postseason tourney for Planet Leaguers is under way. The six-team double- elimination meet is slow-pitch softball for boys of ages 9, 10, and 11. Neptune defeated Pluto 6-4 Friday evening, and Mercury took a forfeit decision over Earth. That completed first-round play, with Saturn and Jupiter drawing first-round byes in the six-team field. Monday's two games are semi-finals in the losers bracket. They will be at the < YMCA Field: 6:110 p.m. — Saturn vs. Mercury. 7:30 p.m. — Jupiter vs. Neptune. The tourney's first elimination games will be Tuesday evening. The meet continues .throughout next week, winding down Friday evening. Coyotes, Squirrels Nail Meet Victories Two games at Peebles Complex here Friday evening kicked off play in the annual post-season tourney for Prairie Leaguers. The six-team double- elimination meet is slow-pitch softball for girls of ages 11 and 12. No tourney games are slated this weekend. Play continues through next week and winds down Thursday evening. In Friday's tourney openers, the Squirrels defeated the Rabbits 11-5, and the Coyotes edged the Cottontails 7-6. Those games completed first-round play. Getting byes in the six-team field were the Foxes and Chipmunks. Monday's -slate of two tourney games at Peebles Complex: 8 p.m. — Squirrels vs. Foxes. 9 p.m. — Chipmunks vs. Coyotes. These are winners-bracket semi-finals. First losers-bracket elimination games in the meet will be played Tuesday evening. Finney County Expenditures month ending 06-30-76. General Kund Kinney Co. Trcas.. 33,393.86: 3M Business Products Sale. 1.199.22: Acme Sanitary Supply Comp.. 47.50; American Implement. Inc.. 4.32; Nolan Atkinson. !I2 HI: Big R. :I6.66: Richard D. Bishop. 65.6(1: Bill Bolin. Attorney. 75.00; Bricks Mcns Wear. 90.00; Cily of Garden Cily. 470.46; John W. Clcmann. 25.00; Clerk ol District Court. 549.72: Clerk of Dist. Courl (Jury). 2.025.IB; Kay Clark. 18.8B; Coast lo Coast Stores. 119.83; Consolidated Printing. 408.06; Corley and Smith. Charted. 606.75; Joe W. Coyne. 11.00; Patrick Connon. 18.20; College Readings Inc.. 13.50; Michael E. Collins. Z1.00: Grover Craig. 155.B5; Grover Craig. 997.50; Clyde Daniels. 25.00: Krank Eichorn. Ml).. 29.00; Ellioll Printers. Inc.. 21.60; Kanslcr Tires. 7.00; Kive-Points Motor Company. 113.33; Kidclily Stale Bank. 15.00; Franz Car- burelor Electric. 53.90; Garden Air Inc.. 20U.50: Garden Cily Telegram. 60.56; 'Garden City Uniform. 103.50: Garden Cily Insurance Board. 282.00; The Garden Press. 274.05; Geier's Inc.. 2.50: Gibson Products Company. 1117.10; Graves Truck Line Inc.. 111.95; Ken lleinrichs. 31.07: Hulchinson Paper Co. Inc.. 33.01; IBM. 134.40; Kansas Blue Cross-Blue Shield. 1.636.49: Kansas Supreme Courl. 11.00: John L. Kesler. S9.75; Kempcr Aulo Electric. 17.10: Kearny County Treasurer. 10.00: Kinney Glass Inc.. 34.25; KT Oil Corp.. 194.39; Uinsdon and Birney. CPA's. 3.767.24; Law Enforcement Equipment. 68.70; Ladd Service. 2.00; The Lockwood Company. Inc.. 120.11; Mcllick Printing Co.. 47.40: Louis Mendoza. 3.54; Mid- West Oil Co.. 25.07: Mid America Reporters. 253.80; Jim Mills. 50.00: Moore Business Korms Inc.. 48.43; Ray- Morgan. 31.77: Multigraphics Div.. IH.I5; Navrats of Garden City. 74.W; The Nail. Police Sherf. Inc.. 18.85: NCR Corporation, 2.632.00: Herbert Noyes. 111.(HI; J. Stephen Nyswonger. 53.50; Office Machine Service. 51.6U: Charles E. Owen. 75.00; Peoples Natural Gas. 14.46; Petes Slandard Service. 21,00: Pilney Howes. 121.00: Haycolor. Inc.. 31 38; Rupps Kina. 49.75; Sargent-Sowell Inc..4.24: Schreiber Molors Inc.. 159.08; Sherwin Williams Company. 94.84; Sirchie laboratories. 74.73: Harrison Smith. 26.35: Snyder Radio Service. K3.KI; Jerry L. Soldner. Attorney. 113.00; Soulhwesl Paper Company. 43.80; Southwestern Bell Telephone. 716.11: Southwestern Bell Telephone. 47.84; Southwestern Business Systems. 54.74: Southwestern Pesl Control. 1500; SI. Legals (Published in The Garden City Telegram. Saturday. July 31. 19761 The Board of Finney County Commissioners met July 12. 1976 with the following present: Robert Buerkle. Chairman. Larry Uoss. Member: Gregory H. Shaw. Member. Don Vsclecka, County Attorney and Carol Brown. County Clerk. The following bills were presented and warrants drawn for the same. Catherine Hospital. 16.75: Steam Way Krank Musquiz. 33.48: K. L. Thompson. :«XI.H2: Tinker Shop. 34.25; Ulysses Laundry. 162.45; U Pump II. 317.H7; Lillian C. Valenzuela CSR.. 168.75: Don Vselecka. 1.126.2(1; Duane West. Allnrney. .174.15; John P. Wheeler. 117.50: Wichita Brush Chemical. 58.38; Wiiodys Hobo Cor Wash. 8.75: Xerox Corporation. 591.11. Total General Kund. 56.386.24. Road and Bridge Kinncy Co. Treas.. 27.272.54; Alco Discount Slores. 3.OH: Anamo Company. Inc.. 18 50: George A. Austin. :tl.29; Blue C'ross-Blue Shield. 2.158.21; Broce Mfg. Co. Inc.. 29.25: Buffalo Mill Supply. 7255; liurlis Motor Co. Inc.. 246.96: Hud's Used Trucks. 2II.IK); Century Laboratories Inc.. 427.54: Circle K Auto Paris Inc.. 495.112: City of Garden City. 87 17; t'oasl to Coast Stores. 17.69; Kanslcr Tires. Inc.. 982.21; Kinney County Treasurer. 14.0(1; Koley Tractor Co.. 2.892.44: Franz Carburetor and Klcclnc. 106.01; The Garden City Coop. 2.166.77: Garden Belle Lumber Inc.. 20.48. Garden City Uniform. 10.00; Jim's Camper Sales. 2(i.95; Robert H. Jones P.K.. 830.00: Kansas Oxygen Inc.. 18.09: Kamen Supply Company Inc., 7.33; Kansas Emulsions. 'Inc., 15.024.68: Kansas Instr. and Equip.. 602.87: Kcmpcr Aulo Electric' Inc.. 181.76: Keuffel and Esser Co.. 178.411; Kerr Implement. 59.48: Machine Supply Co.. 480.85: Masonry Products. 72.44: Merrill Incorporated. 126.86: Kverell Mills. 591.HO; Navrals of Garden City. 128.24: National Chemsearch. 222.45: Panhandle Pipe and Steel. 8.43353: Peoples Natural Gas. 8.17: Dennis Peilz. H94.72: Ed Porlcr Lumber Co.. 168.81; Riverside Sand. 1.685.40: K. J. Legleiler Backhnc Service. 150.00; Schreiber Molors. 354.13; Scheuflcr Supply Company. 115.30; II. J. Small. 346.84; Snyder Radio Service. 133.38; Southwestern Bell Telephone. 162.16; Southwestern Business Systems. 489.51: Slandard Supply Inc.. 107.02; Team Electronics. 11.60; Thompson-llayward ('hem. Co.. 1.932.25; Universal Molor Oils Co.. 962.90; Victory Elect Coop Assn.. 8.52; The Western Molor Co. Inc.. 88.95; Western Uniform and Towel. i» .40: Zcrr Canvas Shop. :iH..i() Total Road and Bridge Kund. 71.599 87. Noxious Weed Finney C'o. Trcas.. 985.00. Tolal Noxious Weed Fund. 985.110 Sp. Highway Imp. Roger II. Ramsey. 3.357 50. Tnlal Sp. Highway Imp. Fund. 3.357.50. County Ilealth Finney Co. Treas.. 1.609.97: Chrislcnsen Animal Clinic. 45.0(1: Carolyn Davis UN. 63.18; Munns Medical Supply. 186.96; Navrats of Garden City Inc.. 14.33; Renick Drug No •> Inc.. 2.39; Southwestern Bell. 23.34. Total County Health Fund. 1.945.17 Federal Revenue Verna K Anderes. 500.00: Uelamaler, Freund. 2.3117.34: Dorothy L. Dechanl. 5.000.00; Revenue Sharing Advisory, 45110; Ralph M Tutlle Son. Inc.. I2.2im.tiu. Total Fed Revenue Sharing Fund. 20.052.34. Cirutit.t Coroner Payroll. 180.16. Tola! County Coroner Fund. 180.16. Social Security Slate Contribution Kd.. 11.818.86. Total Social Security Fund,. 11.818.80. Employee Retirement K.I'.E.H.S.. lo.jJ2ft.6H: K.P.E.H.S.. 10495. Total Employee Retirement Fund. 11.0311.63. F.lection Fund Garden City Telegram. 22.00; The Lockwood Company Inc.. 703.20. Tola! Election Fund. 725.20. Building Fund City of Garden City. 12537; Dave Crabb Electric. 4.357.68; Garden City Ins. Board. 117.1)0: Vern Montney. 330.00. Total Building Fund. 4.930.05. Workman* Comu. Finney County Treasurer. 18.900.1KI; Garden City Ins. Board. 91.00 Total Workman* Comp Fund.. 18.991.00. Ambulance Fund Rays Truck Imp. Inc.. 67.14; Slallsworth Elson Inc.. 249.33; SI Catherine Hospital. 3.876.00. Total Ambulance Fund. 4.192.47. Page 11 Garden City Telegram Saturday, July 31,1976 Leqals i Published in the Garden City Telegram on Saturday. July 24. July 31. • and August 7. 19761 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF FINNEY COUNTY. KANSAS ' GARDEN CITY PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION, a cor- , poralion PLAINTIFF ' VS. DONALD J. CEJDA a-k-a DON J. CEJDA. el al DEFENDANTS NOTICE OF SUIT '*. Case No. 13.335 The Stale of Kansas to Donald J. Cejda. a-k-a- Don J. Ccjda. and all other per- (. sons who are or may be concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in the District Court of Finney County. Kansas, by Garden City ;, Production Credit Association, a corporation, praying for a reviver of judgment entered on the 28th day of ?. April. 1971. in favor of Garden City , Production Credit Association, a corporation and against Donald J. Ccjda. also known as Don J. Cejda and you are hereby required to plead to said motion on or before September 3. 1976. in said I court al Garden Cily. Kansas. Should you fail therein judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said motion. Garden City Production Credit Association FLEMING. HAAG. HOPE. MILLS 8t I BOLIN 607 N. 7lh — P.O. Box 439 Garden Cily. Kansas 67846 '• Attorneys for Plaintiff (2491 i Published in the Garden Cily Telegram. Saturday. July 24. July .11 and August 7. 19761 IN THE PROBATE COURT OF FINNEY COUNTY. KANSAS In Ihe Mailer of the Eslate of ELLENE i K.MILINK DAVIS. Deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING Case No. 5501 i The Stale of Kansas to all Persons Concerned: . You arc hereby notified lhal a petition ' has been filed in said Court by Edward B. Davis, as one of the heirs-at-law of Ellene Emiline Davis, deceased, praying for determination of the descent ' of the following described real estate in Stevens County, Kansas, lo-wil: A one-half ('si undivided inleresl in and (o the Southwest (Juarler iSW-4) of Section Thirty-one (311 in Township Thirty-one (31) South, of ' Range Thirty-six (36i West of Ihe ; Sixlh Principal Meridian in Stevens County. Kansas. and all (ilhcr property, real and personal, or interests therein, owned by the said Ellene Emiline Davis al.the lime of her death; and you are hereby required In file your written defenses thereto on or before Ihe !6th day of August. 1976. at 10:00 o'clock a.m. of said day. in said Court, in Ihe city of Garden City in Finney County. Kansas, al which lime und place said cause will be heard. Should you fail (herein, judgmem and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition: EDWARD B DAVIS » Petitioner CALIIIAN.GREEN. CALIHAN & LOYD 212 West Pine Street P.O. Box 1016 Garden Cily. Kansas 07846 Attorneys for Petitioner (2471 (Published in The Garden City Telegram on Saturday July 24. July 31, and August 7. 19761 IN THE PROBATE COURT OF FINNEY COUNTY. KANSAS In the Mailer of the Estate of O. A. HUND. Deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR FINAL SETTLEMENT No. 4716 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said court by Eugene H. Hund, executor of Ihe will of O. A. Hund. deceased, praying for a final settlement of said estate, approval of his acts, proceedings and accounts as executor, allowance for his services, attorneys' fees and expenses: and also praying that Ihe courl determine Ihe heirs, devisees and legatees entitled to the estate and the proportion or part thereof to which each is entitled and distribute and assign the same to them in accordance with the will of O. A. Hund. deceased; and you are herby required to file your written defenses Ihereto on or before Ihe 16th day of August. 1976. al 10:30 A.M.. on said day in said courl. in the City of Garden Cily. at which lime and place said cause will he heard. Should you fail Iherein. judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition. Eugene R. Hund, Petitioner CORLEY & SMITH. CHARTERED 114. West Pine Garden City. Kansas 67846 Attorneys for Petitioner (2481 (Published in Ihe Garden City Telegram on the 31st day of July, the 7th day of August and the 14lh day of August. 1976) IN THE PROBATE COURT OF FINNEY COUNTY. KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of CHESTER IHV1N ULRICH, deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING No. 5370 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a Petition has been filed in this Courl by Chester William Ulrich. duly appointed, qualified and acting Administrator of Ihe Estate of Chester Irvin Ulrich. deceased, praying that his acts be approved; that his account be seltled and allowed: that the Estate be assigned to the persons entitled thereto; that fees and expenses be allowed: that the costs be determined and ordered paid; that the administration of the Estate be closed; that the Administrator be discharged and that he and Ihe surely on his bond be released from further liability. You are required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 23rd day of August, 1976. al 10:00 o'clock a.m. of said day. in said Court, in the City of Garden City, in Finney County. Kansas, al which lime and place said cause will be heard. Should you fail Iherein. judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the Petition. CHESTER WILLIAM ULRICH Administrator DAVID J. HEINEMANN Heinemann & Quint 206 W. Pine. P.O. 1346 Garden City. Kansas 67846 Attorney for Petitioner 1267) (PttUlriud in Ilia CudtD City T*l«gl«B, fctanUr.JulJ 31, rrAT« or KAMM 1977 PROPOSED BUDGET JpHrlOCk T,_^klj. H^n.), 1976) NoOo. h Lnfcr *»«• *«t « « -k*. l,tf>T»>^t' Boulrf OofflW. 1 MtM «d to tfa Ang»ll Clunt . fa tb. pup~ rf h-rtK ••>! UK 3«th W. linrllle CBNKUL FUND KknntrlTV . l. m m IUWM p^r "t 6. MklolMiwM ol tovnihip h*ll fl. PI— 0»««--,.Hnn 1 _ _ 1. ToUj EipMditur* by fenraUp bo«it) Aram; la UwnoumUrtd Tomuhip Bduin, J«u*ry I U County TrMnm'i AdjuiUd EUluM, J«uuj I U. ToUHUnipU, lodudiniJwuwyl.bkluDi 11. LM: Etpttdilum(UMfl) "«»&<• urn (Acftul) 91 12 875 1 1 1000 1 1 1513 ""•a kr n ^n 64 _Zfi_ (10. 70 UL •*• Actual ft EjUm I'll 101 1 501 13i JOW &f> 1 226 606 Ml &0f •tod) 00 nn no. (IQ nn m n"i Ti -UU. ;: i») "-TM? I'lO ' 70. nn in innn inn "«" i ' •.(.nn t« 00 nn . on. nn nn nn "n 7S XXX 7-i -0000- 14) **-.£* f xx xxxxx i:XXXXXX> «! XXX h-

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