The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1937
Page 3
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Y, JANUARY 27, BT/YTHEVILLE, (ARK.)". COURIER NEWS porneless Are Being Tor- warded to Memphis as Rapidly as Possible 'A, Jan. 27—Refugees pnlimied to pour into O.sccola (<jay and as rapidly as possible re- •er officials provided them will fcod, dry clothing nml Kent, them m\ bijscs, trucks nt!<l cars to tlic XimiwaiJun camp at the lair- ouwls In Memphis. This is being lorte upon orders from Die nation- It Red Craw and l!:<: war department. nlglit there were approxl i.oop persons receiving lem- orary cnre here. The guvernmen Joat Sequoia brought In 150 pjr ws with all household goods' from fc!ahd 34, opposite Butler and No elia, yesterday, and groups of fron to 40 came in durlmr tlie da B'.om Tomato. Island 25 opposlt porl. nnd other sections alon; ie river. Pour field kitchens were in oner •Lion today under tlie siipen-lsio If W. W. Prewltt. They are local Id al tlie Community house, EfU Iitllding. tiie I,ec Williams stor luildlng and the Progressive chi •ooni. These kilchetis were bein •periled .by -Osceola women, A lien of. Ihe service, rendered 1) Jiese, kitchens may bs gained froi Iguves compiled nl the Progressiv lltib kitchen where 1,100 persor ere served breakfast and 529 wo I?rved. supper Monday. Lack of space hampered relief ol Icials in handling the stricken fnm lies. Men and boys were quartere li one building and women an •mall children in another yestei lay. Later these had to be re-as •;mbled. Only a comparatively fe If these could be accommodated o lots in spite of the fact that Slier •r Hale Jackson succeeded in get •ing 400 cots from Memphis yes |:rday through his brother Sa lackson, city commissioner thct I Six additional nurses arrivi Irani Little Rock yesterday and lupply of smallpox and diplhheria •erum reached here by plane yes- ?rday afternoon. The ship did not md but circled over town and •.Topped the package in the base- la!) park. 1 The Swift Undertaking company'? Irhbulance today was euioute to ••temphis with two men from Dou- I-le Bridges, one seriously ill with lixeumonla and the other'suffering Ljtii a broken leg. Their names re not learned here, everal patients/seriously ill. I.'ere removed to Memphis hospitals l-esterda'y and today. Mrs. j. Lan IVilliams. who has tee'rt. conffneti lo her bed sufrsrln« Wojiij anerji'ia Ind heart cohip|itatioWs slh:e ; Au- lust, was lakcri'to'the 1 Bapilst irps- liital in a Swift ambulance. While 1'frs. Williams' condition is not critical-this precautionary step was laken due .to high water threats. I Arthur Brown, landowner from Ihe Little River territory, was also liken to Memphis yesterday after- loon with pneumonia. New MadridTlooclway Levee Is Blasted ••-——..-. -•-- ••• 1 ; PAGE - THREE ;-v : '';':;*': Long Thin Levcc 'Wall.ProtecisCairoj?Kil vVith a roar, rising flood waters of the Mississippi'rushed through th is sap in the levee, above New Mndrid, r Mo., after It was dynamited by army engineers to relieve pressure at Cairo.- Houses, barns and live stock, deliberately .sacrificed lo saw. Cairo's 12,000 people." were BWo.Jt before the tumbling water near Bird's Point, shown in this air view. More than 130,000 acres constituting the "spillway" were <]<itckly flooded. A strut of the plane from Which the picture was made-appears at the right. As Farmers Evacuated New Madrid Flood way The . Pennsylvania railroad has lie fastest scheduled run of any liilrqad. in tlie United States be- Ive.en Camden and Atlantic City, I. J..The 59-mile journey-Is eom- lleled in 45 minutes. I f^UMOHS from Washington pie- 1," did a new slamp, or set ol I lamps, covering the trans-Pacific I lights. Some sources hint that ihf 25-cent rate will be re- tred. Others mention stamps ol I -arying values covering the tripi 13 Hawaii, Guam, Manila, and I -hina. Rumors also cover possibility ot I arly connections with China. An- I ouncemcnt of this opening night lay corne loo late to be included I \ this column nnd still give col- lictors time t 0 send their covers I i China for Ihe return Irip. Local lostmaslers, however, get such lews in their postal bulletins'di- l:cl from Washington. Collectors I iou!d see them for earliest in- I irmation about such covers. * A *' ' i Liberia has issued a new series ' bi-colored < triangles in six ilues. The Hrst five picture rds and animals of Liberia. The I x-cent stamp bears a portrait of I resident Edwin J. Barclay » « * King Christian X of Uenmark !.xt June will celebrate his 25th miversary on the throne, and a 1 t of six stamps will be issued I r the event. i * * * i Peru has just issued s colorful I ries of 10 postage and 13 air*-! 1 ail stamps, illustrating Important aces, industries,- events, snd' iders of that country. ! ' * * i Similar issues are expected! i r u y from N'^agua- There.i be 12 values of ordinary posl- - OT ? semi-postal, and nine alt- ins. ' I . IM7. NBA Service, IITO.) Start loneliness and despair against .pitiless elements is etched deeply into this picture of a New Madrid,-Mo.,, farmer as he (led before a man-made flood north of New Madrid. His movable possessions arc In the wagon. His wife ahcT children lead in the .family auto. The dog brings up a forlorn rear guard. Heads-lowered against an icy wind, this tiny herd of cattle led the trek out of Ihe floodway area north of New Madrid. Mo., when army engineers blasted fuse plug levees to save/Cairo. Tlie water rushed over 130,000 acres and drove 3,500 families from home-sites which will be only 'desolation when they return. Woman Begs for 25 Years to Save $490 OMAHA (UP) — For 25 years, Mrs. Lydia Mclntyre was a familiar figure on Omaha streets where she begged nickels and dimes. People came to think that she was destitute, but when she dted she was buried with her own money. She was found to have a 5-S90 bank deposit, insurance policies for about" the same amount and a houseful of things, including a 575 fur coat. Mrs. Mclntyre was a plain, drab figure dressed in a thin brown coat and carrying a shopping bag. Pedestrians were started when she sidled up and fairly whispered: "Could you give me a nickel or a dime for a cup of coffee." A lodger at her home said Mrs. Mclntyre made more money than any other Omaha panhandler. Her appearance of worn respectability was her chief asset. Perhaps Mrs. Mclntyre would have had more money, but she liked to go on parties and she always insisted on paying her share. Before going out she would dig into an old trunk in her room and bring out a handful of small coins, mostly nickels nnd dimes. • Aesop created the idea for the emblem on.the American dime. The moral of many of his slories w "In union there is strength." The bakers of New York City were the first employes to go oh strike 1 in America. Tlie strike occurred In 1741. In those early days, strikers were treated as conspirators, but convictions 'seldom were obtained.. '..-'•• "BERXAT" KMTTINJG YARNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS Now spring and summer yarns Latest Styles Classes, Friday, 2:30 P. M. MRS. LESLIE HOOPER 1109 Chickasawba Phone 792 Escape from thetortorei ol Pilei. G«t quick relief with private formula of world's oldest rectal clinic, with 59 years' record of successfully treating more than 47,000 men. and women. Ask for Thornton 4 Minor Pile Ointment to relieve bleeding, swelling Piles. Sold on Moniy- Back guarantee 6E utisfaction by Klrby Drug Co. Main Cut Rate ' Hi-Way Cut Rate . WE HAVE SECURED THE SERVICES OF AN EXPERIENCED RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee to repali your radio to first class condition. A Complete Une of Tubes and Parts - - Besl Prices Hubbard Tire & Bat. Co. Phone 476 . BOAT FOR SALE Immediate Delivery Or Built To Order BARKSDALE MFG. CO. 200 N. 2nd. Phone 19 lie thin II IK- of levee ori-'uiiirii liuni; the hop:« o,' Calm, 111., lo Iw .j-iivcd from dire clhasler h slut ply own In Ihls .nil- view, taken as Hie Ohio's mail 'v.Uus liipiwl llic very top of lin> Ol)-foot wall, The Ml;; shown njoiis Ihe levcc stund higher than the rnoi-tops nf the l.iilidlims ulona"Mic Mrcrl. Women id children weiv cviicunted. men rnimlnnd lo sireniillu'ii the Icvpc mi pi-eraur<> of Ihe river wilier boiled vip tliroiiijh holes In Ihe imvomi'iils. utul (issurcs anil trucks l:c-pt appearing hi the levre itself. Heiress Will Marry Broker hi the Wind-sm; station here nil- .v.vnlriij imeile.s r , from traveU-vs. lie r.stiit)ale:i he hmi iniswtrid mor*3 Ihun tj.UCO.OCa qiiraltons In{- llsh ;inil Mviu:h diiriii::'Dili rartrr. Alberta Legislature Will Convene Feb. 25 EDMONTON, Altn. (UP)—Tlie Alliriti\ Social Credit government has .sumimmed the provincial lei:- ...uluie to meet on. Feb. L'5. I 11 Is expected tjnii Iho loiiB- 1 nwnlted. legislation tn' eslabltsti a ScBliil Credit Suite in • the pro- fin a i will be pix'.wtUi!'.! during;-Die ' ' " ' •'•'•• It's, FahJily.'Aifair When Son Bacomes Barrister .ALBANY, N. Y. iUP>—The family yiilhered when Ficdciiclc; U. liryiint upplled for admlttanc^ lo pnictlco beloro Fcdcial Couit: His . pi'lllloii • was piescntcd by Mrs. Florence Hoycc Hrynnt, hK molher, tin nttnincy. And IliWas fiivoii'.'jly rccelycd by tl;i> ybimB atlorney's fulher. Fedeinl Judge Frederick II., who piTsldes In Mils district. The only true ibis wading bhd found in consideia'Jle numbers In Monti America Is Ihe while-fared Rlossy ibis^ Ileiress to one ol tho country's great, oil .fortunes, Sara Jaqq Phillips, above, will become' tho bride ot Frank M. Begrish, New York broker, on , Feb. 19. Twenty-two years ago, when she was born, her father, Franlc Phillips, was an Iowa barber. Touay he ia head of tho enormously wealthy Phillips Petro, leum Company. - Millions have found In Calolabs n most valuable nkl-'lit the treatment ; of colds. They lake''ones or two tab- j lels Ihe first night antl repeat the third or fourth night-If needed. : How do : Calolalii> help'-Nature tlirow oft-a cold? a?irsl,.Calotiib:! r aro one of'.lhe most' thorough aud r dc- pcndnblo of all Intestinal cllmlnanls, llius cleansing tho Intestinal tract of Uio perm-laden mucua'.nnd twines. nformation Man Quits After 23 years on Job MONTREAL (DC) — Canada's 'champion question answerer" Is ctiring-. He is Pcler Lavoie, who for 23 years has sloo;l behind n counter Nature a Cold Secotic 1 , Oalolabs are diuretic to tlio Kidneys, •promoting the uliminatloi. of cold poisons from the blood. Thus Calolabs serve the double purpose of ft. purgative 6r,;i diuretic, both ot which are needed in tho treatment p£, colds. ' Cnlotabs arti rjullo economical; only twenty-live cents for the family packago, ten cents for (Jic trial package, (Adv.) . I'Vom my house, linn Chicknsavyba -Avc., new navy* hlne Ci-uvcnoite Spoil liain CoaL and black yarn lint Will spay lihoral RHWARF) for inrnnnalioii in rclnni. . • .:..-. Airs. Samin;l. P. Norris Call SOli or 2fi(i-W it( Night jff^ai^^ TRY THIS FLICK TO THE GEAR YOU WANT (Same familiar gear positions) '>*Q* i LIFT A TOE . rr^fiJ? AND GEARS SHIFT ( r°ou con forget Ihc clulch ptdat) Hudson and Tcrraplane dealers every- to pnll a gear Icvcr or toncn n clntcn where invite you to try llio magically ncilal . . . jet nothing new lo learn, easy rieiu way to drive with Hudson's There's i car ready lor you. Come new Selective Automatic Shift No need in today . . , uo obligation. BROADWAY SALES, Ine. 111 Broadway Blylheville, Ark.

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