The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1952
Page 7
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MAT 18, 19SS Parents Again Urged to Help Congress Clean Up Television fer WfLMAU F ,* it Mttrc i UT ..._L-_ . '' BT.YTHBVfT.I.B (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS WILLIAM F. AKBOGAST member* WASHINGTON tin - Parents throughout the nation were urged today to/help Congress clean'up programs. radio and television books, magazines and comics. Investigations by lv.'o committees Into those fields were ordered yesterday by the House in separate resolutions passed without vocal opposition. Only 31 of the 435 House were present at the A commerce subcommiiiee will 'determine the extent to which the radio and television programs currently available to the )>eoj>le of the United Stnte-s conlnin immoral or otherwise offensive milder or place improper emphasis upon crime, violence, and corruption A .special nine-mat] committee to „„b e rocKGis, and mines. Sen. Taft Believes Most GOP delegates Will Be Instructed - • ".".i iu.i tt;> |mO- licly uncommitted. This tabulation s based on concessions, pledges nsmtctions and statements by del- ates willing to express a choice Claiming about 80 more votes han the total credited lo him, Taft ..-.,.^ i , .*„„ evidently is counting: a sirahlp "is, executive director of the number of the publicly uncommt- K)si»nl\nvi*»i- _ f«T- n.-^^j.j i __..- („.] i_ - . - - ""•-•JJJJIIIIL- By JACK BEU, WASHINGTON I.«—Sen. Roller A, Taft .said today he believes fewer than 100 delegates will re main uncommitted when the Re publican National Convention meets in Chicago July 1 to choose a presidential nominee. On the other hand. Wesley Rob :rts, executive director c Eisenhower - lor - President cam paign, said he thinks there will be many more than 100 delegates who could go either way. adding, "We believe we'll get most of them.' Taft told a reporter he expects Gov. John S. Pine of Pennsylvania . and Arthur Summerfield, Michigan national committeeirjan, will have made up their minds by convention time where to throw their support Fine apparently controls most of Pennsylvania's 10 delegates and Summertield is credited with being able to influence a majority ol Michigan's 45. Ijtrgeit Bloc Held V Between them, tney have the largest bloc of uncommitted delegates and supporters of Taft and Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, top contenders for the GOP nomination, have been eyeing them longingly. Taft's estimate uf fewer than 100 uncommitted voles indicates he expects some of those now listed publicly as not favoring any candidate to make their position clear before the presidential roll calls begin. He claims nearly enough for the 604 required for a first-ballot nomination. An Associated Press tabulation which now gives Taft 349 votes and MEN WORK in BlythcvHIe Kddie Old Eddie OW Is thr: klnrt nf cltlirn whose work with lite _|R!.vllierlll* r»b?ic Llhrnry, l>ions Club and other civic groups helps make Rtythe- Tilf« * hctlor place to live—in more ways than on*. A Prudential Special Agent line* 1939, Mr. Old has a sure, professional knowledge of how you can gain' security and peace of mlnri for your- •clf »nrt your lAmily. TVili im.iH lionh holds the key to fccruhly lor jonr- srlf and sour fam- IK. l-rl Eddio Old expUin what U ran rit> for you. I.. K. 01,1) I'. «. Uox.M . T«l.: SB Blj-lhrvllle, Ark. Tudcntial Eisenhower 300, 155 as tecl ns being on his side. Taft Counts Votw He also apparently Is counting heavily on winnlnif convention con 'est-s that may deyelop over seating H-al Taft snd Elsenhower dele ft f ai , d his backers lllive cularly careful, where have WQn control -of state gations, to name „,,= rongest supporters as the thev dele- the convention credentials Ohloan's members mitte Taft said he now believes he will lave an edge among members of '"s group, made up of one dele- gale each from the states and •srritones. Slates where conlcsts may de- •eloii between rival delegations in:I»da Texas, Louisiana, Missis- Trie Cabinet Room at No 10 s££wMSH:ss5£K be named by Speaker Rayburn will do (he same with respect to "current literature." defined as books magazines, ami comic books Gafhinss Asks Action Bolh resolutions were introduced by Rep. Gainings (D-Ark), who is expected to head the special committee. ' Both groups are directed to report to ihe present session of Congress and nre empowered to recommend any legislation they deem necessary to eliminate any offensive and undesirable tnafter from the airwaves mid the bookstands The National Broadcasting company said in New York that its programs luive.always maintained the highest standards of good taste unit decency. Mutual KroadCflstinjT System said It is maintaining the rigid principles ot the voluntary code drawn up by lhe National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters. Three llccline Comment Dumont Television. American Broadcasting Company and CBS Radio declined to comment. CBS- TV cfrcinls were not 1'oachpd. tinlliings called for parental help. He told newsmen: "Congress con do much by rec- omincndiiig new Icgislatiml pointing up the need for enforcing pxisliiiK laws, but we need help from parents. Only through parental vigilance exercised in'the home can we guard our children from lhe demoralizing influences of some current radio and television programs and some of Hie trash being sold in corner stores all over the country at prices low enough for kids lo pay. No one objects to comic books to these cheap little pocket- sized books if they contain decent material." he said. "But I don't think obscenity should be peddled in the forms of comic books 01 books about some tiling else," Fortune in Cash Found Tied in Pink Bloomers Left by Dead Woman CHICAGO (JPi _ A fortune In cash and securities, all tied up In pink bloomers, stockings and a pillow case, was found yesterday in a safe deposit box owned by an 85-year-old widow who died five months ago. Officials representing varloui public agencies found currency — In »1 to $500 bills—totaling »120.112 in the bloomers and stockings. The money in the pillow case will be counted Thursday. The safe deposit box was rented to the late Mrs. Cora Drapier In 1915. Before she died last Dec. 9 she executed a will leaving virtually al! her estate, estimated at $300.000. to her attorney, Pierre J, Peloquin. PAGE SKVFW WELL-SUITED AND SUPPLIED FOR ^TRIictre „ strike. Western Union pickcls in Lo/AnaoleV left ri "7. * ecplmj coo) Ae *P>l* »>«> weeks-long Con. or strike-bound ofllces. M n.iu Ed wm'oV el °", ^M B S "" R . for their AM * Promenade i* apolis -Swedway. has nothing out a ,,„ ie tor .1 c n-fiinn wH ?*, c; ; 1Mli "<- Alley- at the In.liim- " ' 'Vote-for-lke Volume Turned Canadians Ban On to Avoid Split in Oregon By MORI!IE l.A.VDSHKRG PORTLAND. Ore. Ml— Gen Dwight D, Eisenhower's .boosters turned on the vote-for-Ike volume today in a move to head off a possible split of Oregon's 18 Republican delegates with Sen. Robert A. Taft. Tiitt declined to enter Friday's slate primary. However, (here are eight unpledged delegate - candidates OH the ballot and Eisenhower forces say they're ail for the Ohio senator. Only three actually have declared themselves for Taft, Oov. Sherman Adams of New Hampshire, Rep. Hugh Scolt IR. Penn) and Paul Hoffman, chairman ol the Citizens /or Eisenhower Committee, arrived lo give Eisenhower 1 supporters a hand. Klsenhowrr Kntrenchprl They Jormd (]) firmly entrenched Eisenhosver favorite :he presidential preference election ™,,', 2> rti!f , Cight ,," npl(;ti se-rt dele-..,™ iv^ruuir vote ma. gate-candidates, all well-known Re- siderable just the same." publicans, might draw a heavy vote. All other delegate - candidates -signed pledges, to -support lhe winner of the preferential vote. Eisenhower headquarters acknowledged the Tatt threat by deciding to concentrate on 10 of lhe 50 seekers for- delegate-al-large places. The action brought howls from sonic Eisenhower elements. Warren Gains Support Gov. Earl Warren of California gained unexpected support from the Eisenhower maneuver. Two Young Republican leaders said they would switch their effort!! from Eisenhower to Warren, Former Gov, Hnrold E. Stn.ssen of Minnesota spent t\vo days In the state recently and plnns Iwo more days of last-minute stumping. Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Sen. Wayne Morse of Oregon have disavowed their candidacies but the MacArthur vote may be cou- School Rules on Mispelt Report Cards LOS ANGELES (/P( - School Supt. Alexander J. Stoddard has decided what should be done with 500.000 report cards that came back from the printer with misspellings. He recommended to the board of education yesterday that some be used as; office duplicates in secondary schools and the rest, corrected by hand, be issued to elementary school students. When the cards came out several weeks ago the "u" Bm | << A » lu "language" were transposed and the second "S" was missing from ".semester." Seems the school system's proof ..render hadn't noticed the errors. Concluding his report to the school board, Stoddard said' "There are two words, language and semester, that we hope no one of our generation will ever mispelll again." Stoddard apparently didn't, proofread his copy. iu "mis. spell,'' not "mlspell." Pnce%e Buyers Are SwitchingTo "BT^^^. A ^•^^"^•t ^^^^ ^^^ A ^^^v-^^b. ^ k ™" 1952 PACKARD "200" 4-DOOR SEDAN delivered In Blytheyill* $ 2636* tPluj siaie and local taxes, if an); Oplinnal equipment and white sidewall tires extra Prices may vary slightly in nearby communities due to .shipping charges. PAC KARD ForBij-Car Value Al Medium-Car Cost! . BEAr.ERS lire enjoying great A business; for price-wise buyers are discovering that the new '52 Packard offers true BIG-car comfort, performance and safety *t medium-car cost aait economy! • •Com* In—inspect the smartest-looking cars in Packard's 53-year history. Exira-wide doorj make the roomy interiors easy to enter Seals are as ,,i<!e as the car i, high. The 3 (Mrt square inches of safely glass gi\e you a'clear view in all directions. , . P " tkord '* Thund.rboh [ng)n» Is the wotl,l i big/je;l-cai»f,ressia,, cigbl—icamcd •Kith Ultramatic*, the aiitoinaiic drive that excels all others in super-smoolh perform- «nce Easamatic Power Brakes* assure quicker slops will, 40% less loot pressure! • • ••for* you buy any car co!lin s S-V ° r m ° re ' 5ce and drivc ! '»cl<ard for 5Z. It costs lew 10 buy ihnn you'd think, and the record proves it costs less to own. "ISi.ili Jikc a Packard" means built lo luiil ENGINEERED con. TO OUT PER FORM - BUILT TO OUTLAST new faivmaiic Pow*r engines of »r«k«.*ghef*Mer.easierjtnps * * ._ •,. -require 10% l c » foot pr«- , r * °, lure, 29% less time to apply! ^j v cs you', THEM A III , lhe - , ' * * 'v«ry P.tV.rd <.r nnder- sn", Utr '' 1 " t « oe< ' f - 287 "patate factory ASK THR ,u.4A' WHO OWNS ONK ONLY PACKARD BRINGS YOU NEW EASAMATIC POWER BRAKES* FOR QUICKER, EASIER STOPS! MOTOR SALES COMPANY 217 West Walnuf Streef/Blytheyille, Ark. cd isn« at the time he killed Mrs Marguerite Cramer. 31 and Mis' Ann Symington, 42. In tlielr Santa Monica apartment. The jury re commended the life senlence.'inak. Ing it mandatory. _J!e also hns been found guilty o[ stabbing and shooting Paul Beck 49, at tho tun, oMh, ders. Beck recovered. There are more than M million miles of telephone wire iri the Unl" ed SiEites. Books by Stalin And Mae West OTTAWA (ffi ~ Mac West mid Joseph Stalin drew nicntiom In n . report, subniltlcri to Cnrmda'K House • of Commons today. Books by each' from import of them are barred into the country. The report, by Revenue Minister J. S. McCnnn. named 573 hooks and | HO magazines and other publications j on the banned list. Some of (hemj sound like Communist propaganda, but most, apparently deal with sex. The list included Stalin's "Questions of Leninism" and Miss west's "Diamond Lll." other authors with works on (he list included Tiffany Tha.vcr. Ersklne Caldwell, .lames T. Parrell. John O'l-Inra and Donald Henderson Clarke. Aircraft Worker Gets Life in Two Nurses' Deaths SANTA MONICA. Calif. W _ Mcrton C. MIsener. 34, was under a life sentence today for the murders ; of two nurses at a drinking party : Dec. 29. MIsener, an aircraft worker formerly of Portland. Me., was dcclnr- For that original Bourbon taste...enjoy JAMES E. PEPPER the original Kentucky Bourbon * (hn wit* tlit Republic 1780) ; Kiiticky StnijM !«nrb«« Si priif.; AIM mHikli in Bottled in Bond 1100 Proof MMSI CLEANING TIME IS KM6 KHUNC TIM FREE! FREE! J3<!.95 RCA RKCOK1) PLAYER Now . . . during Hie monlh of May «»I.T . . Adiinu Appliance in- tludc., this J.U95 RCA 45 rpm automatic rtcorrl player wllh the piir- th.s,. ,,r any Hrljldalre room alt roiittfdonrr! FRIGIDAIRE Room Air Conditioners Now at new LOW PRICES KtNTUCKY STBA14N1 • OUfllOM WrllSX VI Quickly IntfoK.d In Homa or Offic« 1Np«s Now yovcofi enjoy coal comfort dehumidified air al juil Ih. right luf. for you. Thi> big, beautiful window condition.! hai pl»ri1y of capacity for tti« dayi -or can be >.1 for .canonical duly on cooler da/!. New Itylinj by Raymond la.wy hormonii.i with any furiwh- Intji. Powtrtd by twin Meler-Miiar mech- oniim-wilh 5-Year Wo;ronly. We'll jfhf|].v survey any rooms in your home or I'fficc-foraircoiKlilimiing—KUKE! Jus! call 2071. Adams Appliance Co., Inc OAf? J^no 11 r _<•»•• * f * •I. \\. Adntns. Mgr. 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