Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 31, 1976 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 31, 1976
Page 4
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Public Pulse Page 4 Garden City Telegram Saturday, July 31,1976 Dog Thieves Here? Dog Theft is a high prof it business in the United States today. It has come to light that there may be dog thieves here in the Garden City area. Within the past couple of weeks there have been an unreasonable number of dogs mysteriously disappear from their owners cars, yards, kennels, and homes. Stealing dogs is a business that takes purebred pets from their owners and sells them to individuals and to research institutions. None of us would want to have pets used for' puppy mill breeding, or have them experimented upon. We of the Garden City, Kansas Kennel Club, Inc., would like to encourage all dog owners to be especially cautious and watch their pets. Community awareness is the only sure prevention for this problem. In addition, we would like the people of this area to know that the Kennel Club will again be sponsoring a tatoo clinic to be held October 16, 1976. Tatooing is a simple, painless way of permanently identifying your dog. A tatooed dog will not be accepted by a research kennel and is of no use to a dog thief. In all likelihood, a tatooed dog will be released as soon as the tatoo is discovered. There are tatoo registries that specialize in "returning tatooed dogs nationwide. We endorse it as a protective measure for your animal. Again, we ask all dog owners, whether you chose to tatoo or not, please guard your pet against possible theft. If your dog does turn up missing please contact the Animal Warden through the Police Department. — CELESTE CRANE, board member, Garden City Kansas Kennel Club, Inc. Would Help Revenues This is a special appeal to those of you who find it inconvenient to vote in primary elections. The August 3rd ballot tally will determine whether or not alcoholic beverages may be consumed (not sold) in the Exhibition Building at the fair grounds. The Exhibition Building, in order to justify its cost and to raise sufficient revenue for maintenance and operation, must be rented as frequently as possible. To accomplish this goal we must not impose too many restrictions upon the leasers of this facility. Our Finney County Commissioners are well qualified to be given a free hand to impose such restrictions as they deem prudent upon organizations that should rent the building. The commissioners were far sighted enough to justify the need for this fine building, along with its potential uses, so we as voters must support their decision to allow alcoholic beverage consumption in the building under certain conditions and controls. Should the ballot of August 3rd prohibit the consumption of alcohol in the Exhibition Building, do not be surprised if your taxes increase next year because of the limited attraction of the buildings usage. — VERN L. HOLMES, 2008 North "A". (This is the last letter pertaining to the election Tuesday that will be published. The deadline for election letters was 5 p.m. Friday. — Ed.) Garden City Telegram Published daily except Sundays and New Year's day, Memorial day, Independence day. Thanksgiving day, Labor day and Christmas. Yearly by The Telegram Publishing Company 275-7105 310 North 7th Street Garden City. Kansas 67846 Fred Brooks John Frazler Le Roy Allman 1 Editor Managing Editor Ad and Buaineia Manager TERMS OK SUBSCRIPTION By carrier a month in Garden City 82.43 plua applicable sales tai. Payable to the carrier in advance. Art Buchwald Writes: Crossword By Eugene Sheffer Bft-ausi-1 want to keep MY job. lhafs win. niiim!" ACROSS 1 French author 5 Downhearted 8 Projectile 12 Swedish liquid measures 13 Uncle, in Spain 14 English painter 15 Hawaiian goose 16 Blunder 17 Antitoxins 18 Flock of geese 20 Benefactor 22 Arabia's wealth 23 Gazelle 24 Portray 27 Savoy opera 32 He's buried on Skorpios 33 New Deal agency 34 Wilder's "— Town" 35 U.S. defense center 38 Top man (abbr.) By cl. h. THERE'LL be no sex stereotyping in the upbringing of our youngest daughter. Her older sisters will see to that. For. her birthday she got a heavy duty dump truck, a book that features a female doctor and a male nurse, and a NOW button. * * * ALL IN the family, three generations, are out at the ball complex. Helen (Mrs. Mike) Orozco and daughters, Veronica (Mrs. Lawrence "Lencho") Garcia and Diana (Mrs. Jacinto) Martinez play on the Norris Drug team. Helen's son, Danny Orozco, is the head coach of the Mohawks, boys' ball team. And one of the Mohawks is her grandson, Richard Garcia, son of Veronica. Richard's Dad is an assistant coach for the Mohawks. It's possible that this is the only three- generation combination represented in Garden City's 200-team summer ball program. Jack Anderson * * * WE READ in the Hutchinson News that "Leslie Lynn Grauberger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Grauberger, Deerfield, has accepted a job as industrial arts teacher at Seaman High School, Topeka." That sounded like news to us. There are girls enrolled in school shop courses and have been for several years, but we hadn't heard of a woman instructor. So we called. Everything about the item was OK except that "Leslie Lynn" is a son of the Deerfield Graubergers. He received a bachelor's degree in education last spring from Emporia State College and was married in Wichita this month. * * * A YOUNG mother of three tells us she has never stuck her finger with a diaper pin. She's never pinned a diaper. Just taped them. That's the way disposable diapers are fastened — in case you haven't been around the nursery for a generation or so. Migrant Aid Bungled WASHINGTON — The American taxpayers contribute generously to a variety of worthy causes. But the deprived and the depressed, the aged and the ailing, usually wind up merely with ancillary benefits. The real beneficiaries, invariably, are the bureaucrats who manage the programs. They pay themselves generous salaries, provide themselves fancy offices and surround themselves with secretaries and subordinates. The busy bureaucrats then form committees, hold meetings, conduct studies, write reports and issue statements. After all this has been paid for, only a tiny fraction of the money is left for the purpose that was intended. We have taken up the typewriter, for example, to champion the migrant farm workers who toil under miserable conditions to make America the best fed nation in history. We sent our reporter, Hal Bernton, to live and work with them. He found them living in squalor, exploited by the planters, neglected by the government, ignored by society. The bureaucrats would never let an opportunity like this go by. At the Labor Dept., bureaucrats wangled $60 million from the taxpayes this year to help the migrant laborers out of the stream and to place them in career jobs. The bureaucrats sat at their desks and, with a great shuffling of papers and clacking of typewriters, drafted programs to rescue the lowly stoop laborers. Yet Strange Bedfellows WASHINGTON-When Ronald Reagan announced that he had chosen Sen. Richard S. Schweiker of Pennsylvania as his vice presidential candidate every political pundit rushed to his typewriter. But before I wrote anything, I went to see my Guru who lives in a cave on the 13th hole of the golf course at Burning Tree Country Club. After giving him a bowl of golf balls and a silk Pucci scarf, I sat at his feet and said. "Why Schweiker?" He replied, "Why not Schweiker?" "Schweiker is a liberal. Reagan is a conservative." "And Jimmy Carter is a peanut farmer." "What does that mean, Master?" "Yu Jo once said, 'When a politician gets into bed with another politician he makes a strange bedfellow.' " k- k "Then you think Reagan and Schweiker are strange bedfellows?" "Yes, but Tuan-mu-Tz-u said, 'One does not always go to bed to sleep. Sometimes there's something in the bed that two people are seeking.' " "What is that, Master?" "Chung-sun Ho-Chi asked his students, 'Why does someone who believes something get into a political bed with somebody who believes something else?' When no one knew the answer Chung-sun Ho-Chi flunked the whole class." "What was the correct response?" I asked. "Because there are things under the bed no one in this universe could ever dream of." "Such as?" "Uncommitted delegates. When two men get into a political bed together who do not share the same thoughts, you must always look under the bed for the answer." "Do you think Reagan and Schweiker are looking under the bed right now?" "Not only under the bed but in the closets. Pu Shang said, 'Always check the closets before getting into bed with someone whom you don't know.' " "Will they find any uncommitted delegates in the closets?" "The sky only knows. A thousand years ago Chou-Gum inquired of the Master, 'What is the best way of becoming the leader of the Republican Party?' He said, 'Look in the armoire of the room.' " "Why the armoire?" "Because there are a lot of close Republicans hiding there waiting to see which way the wind is blowing." "And I guess this is par- ticularly true of Pennsylvania." "The Master did not refer to Pennsylvania. At the sartie time he did not specifically eliminate Pennsylvania from his thoughts." "Will Reagan be hurt by getting into the same bed with Schweiker?" "When two people get into the same political bed one is always hurt. But before we make up our minds which one it is, we must all sleep on it." "Jan Yng once said, 'He is adequate but simple. To rule simply while remaining personally respectful is certainly to be approved. Yet simple action accompanied by personal simplicity would be carrying simplicity too far.' " "Could you see Ford getting into bed with someone whose ideology he disagreed with?" "I could, but only after he first bumped his head against the headboard." these bureaucrats had never' even met a migrant worker. The results are now in for the first half of fiscal 1976. A staggering $30 million, of course, went for the care and comfort of the bureaucrats: Our columns about reporter Bernton's experiences among the migrant workers, meanwhile, brought down an avalanche of letters upon the Labor Dept. The mail was so heavy, secretaries had to use a form letter to respond to all the inquiries. This has produced some favorable results. Labor Secretary William J. User-y met with 'Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz to discuss what the Administration could do to help migrant workers. Our sources say Usery sincerely wants to press for collective bargaining rights for farm workers. He also met with representatives of the National Assn. of Farm- worker Organizations, a group that has been rebuffed by the Labor Dept. in the past. As a direct result of our columns, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has also agreed to inspect five time? more migrant housing next year. More comprehensive standards will also be issued. SHIPBUILDING SCANDAL: Senate investigators have uncovered evidence that the Newport News Shipbuilding Co. may have committed criminal fraud in filing an $894 million claim against the Navy. Sen. William Proxmire, D.- Wis., chairman of an economy-in-government subcommittee, is asking the Justice Dept. to investigate. The shipbuilding complex, part of the politically powerful Tenneco conglomerate, has denied the charge. The evidence was extracted from 64 huge volumes of data, which the company submitted to Proxmire's staff. The volumes are as expensive as some of the small ships that Newsport News builds. Bound in gold metallic covers with rich imitation leather 57 Hostelry 58 Soap-frame bar DOWN 1 Suspend 2 Swedish seaport 3 Crew 4 Its capital is Salem 5 Making tough 6 Melody 7 Hamlet 8 Home of the Celtics 9 Agent 10 Spanish painter Avg. solution time: 22 mln. 39 Poet's word 40 Fondness (Irish) 42 Arabian romance 45 Babe Ruth: " of Swat 1 49 Black and Yellow 50 Secure 52 Country path 53 Real 54 Recent: ' a prefix 55 Settled upon 56 Melodies Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 11 Orson — 19 Chinese weight unit 21 - Khan 24 LicK up 25 Anger 26 Monster killed by Theseus 28 Gold, in Madrid 29 Negro poet: — Hughes 30 Color 31 Bitter vetch 36 Pesters 37 Abbr. on timetable 38 — Athene 41 Chemical symbol 42 Nick Charles' dog 43 Italian saint: Philip 44 Hindu god of fire 46 Story 47 Keel-billed cuckoos 48 Snares Si Poetic word backing, the volumes cost a cool $2 million to research and publish. The cost, of course, was added to the taxpayers' bill. What the staff found between the golden covers may add up to a far greater loss to the taxpayers. In a confidential report to Proxmire, the staff declares bluntly: "The claim could be, overstated by $200 million or more. . . The evidence we have received raises a strong possibility that the elements of fraud may be present." For example, Newport News dunned the Navy for nearly $100 million to reimburse itself for the low productivity of its own shipyard workers, the memo charges. It also cites the sworn- statement of a former company official, William Cardwell, that he had used "exaggerated, unsupported or inaccurate figures." He had acted under "the direction or the knowledge" of the company,'he disclosed. Proxmire'fc investigators report the Navy is conducting no special inquiry into the possibility of fraud and that "without a mandate from the top, no one will be willing to touch the issue of fraud." Because "the Navy and the Defense Dept. appear to have no taste for this kind of firsthand investigation," the staff •recommends calling in the Justice Dept. Proxmire has now agreed to ask Atty. Gen. Edward Levi to "assign a team of investigators to go through the evidence that has been gathered." Under pressure from Proxmire, meanwhile, the Navy has also appointed a three-man board to evaluate the claims of shipbuilding companies. At a closed session of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Proxmire pushed through a bill which would require the three-man board and other Pentagon officials to report back to four different congressional committees before paying out a nickel to the shipbuilders. is IB" 24 32 3? 42. 49 5*6 25 22 19 31 13 16 44 50 28 51 20 29 45 21 23 41 14 n 38 52 55 58 34 30 41 31 48 CRYPTOQUIP ~ UWMN VG ELSUWT GLFTEET SMN DT RLEIVFITHYLF A YV DHLRAT DTALFFTH Yesterday's Cryptoquip - TWO PSYCHOPATHIC PATIENTS ARE PERSUADED THEY'RE TRUE TWINS. (© 1976 Hint Fcalurei Syndicate, Inc.) Today's Cryptoquip clue: N equals Y The Cryptoquip is a simple substitution cipher in which each letter used stands for another. If you think that X equals 0, it will equal 0 throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words, and words using an apostrophe can give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is accomplished by trial and error. Alike Merrill Vote For Michael (Mike) Merrill, Democrat For Finney Co.'Commissioner in the Aug. 3 election For Open & Responsive Government (I'd. Pol. Ad-Jim Seymour, Treasurer) SPUDNUT SHOP 1109 Kansas Plaza Will Be Closed August 2 thru August 10 For Vacation. OPEN WED., AUGUST 11 "Equal Justice means more than just protection for the criminal. Victims have rights too and if we do not protect those rights, we have no business calling ourselves a Court of Justice." VOTE MICHAEL QUINT FOR ASSOCIATE DISTRICT JUDGE Pd. Pol. Adv.-Paid For By Michael Quint Campaign Fund

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