Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 9, 1952 · Page 18
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 18

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1952
Page 18
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT VERNON, ILLINOIS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1952 Radio BV C. K. BITTTKRI IF.LD (Onlral Standard Timet Politics Tonljfht Radio and TV-CRS and itumnnt 9.30 Gov. Adlai Stevenson at St. Louis. Television - CBS-TV' and Dumont 8:00 Pick the Winner, Vicp Prnsidf-nt Allvn W. Barklev. ABC-TV R -no Poltflrs on Trial. "Corruption and MrCarthyism," Richardson VV. Dilwnrth of Philadelphia Butlerfldd Prefer* TV tn Ktiiditim By Attoclnlrd ^f.n NKYV YORK.—This Is one man 's opinon, hut waiclunR (hp world serifs on television seemed as good, if not at times hotter than actually bemK there. That 's a conclusion reached hy watching one game in the "raw," so to speak, and seeing several others second hand via the electrinic device. Alter one has seen the TV performance and liej /un to rely on the information supplied hy the announcers as to halls and strikes as well as to other data, some- thinp seems missing at the game. Outside of special announcements as to plByers coming to bat the first time or brinR changed no help is available about the play except what you see with your own eyes. It would seem baseball might well copy the public address system of football, which Rives its audiences n lot ol first -hand detail about what 's Ruing on down on the field • » * TIIK VVOKLI) SKIUKS IAN, lust among thousands of others in the stands and the bleachers and often so positioned that he can 't see everything as clearly as he would like, is confronted with another obstacle. When ever something exciting happens everybody around him stands up. If he doesn't stand up. too, he might as well have stayed home. At home before his television set, hp would have been right on top of the play. As a rule the camera gives closeup views that would he obtained by the fan in no other way. Of course the dramatic thrill of being an Integral part of a World Series can he obtained only through actual attendance. Even us good a job as television does and radio, too, for that matter, it still is second-hand. • • » IJINO OKOHIIV, COMING BACK ON CHS radio tonight, takes a now day and time, 8:30 o'clock. Last year he was on Wednesday night. His guest will be Jane Wyman of (he films . . . Tn television ABC-TV at 7 starts a series of newscasts, an hour on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays and a half-hour on Thursdays. This Is the first scale nighttime TV news production and comes in the wake of the pioneering done hy the NBC-TV early morning series conducted by Dave Garrowny, 103 NKW CASUALTIES Dy Alao.l.t.d WASHINGTON. — The Defense Department, today Identified 193 battle casualties in Korea. A new list included 19 killed, 139 wounded, 27 missing and nine Injured. DAV Endorses Aid to Employing The Handicapped Gold .Stripe Chapter No. 28. Disabled American Veterans, at the regular meeting of the Chapter held Monday night, went on record as heartily commending the United States Employment Service for the efforts expended on promoting National Employ the Physically Handicapped. By "uslom, the week of October f>-1 1 Is designated as the N.KPII Week' and special observances of this occasion are being held throughout the nation. One of the speakers at the local meeting said the physically handicapped veteran does not ask for sympathy because of his service to his country In time of war hut Is merely asking that he be given opportunity to prove his ability. ''The often heard expression 'Its not what we lost, Its what we still have' is as fitting today as when the handlcappoo veteran left the hospital to return to civil life" said Chapter Commander Russell F. Kamper in discussing this week. Others pointed out Hint st;i- listics furnished by employers of these veterans prove that much Is left the veterans who lost something while serving their country and that they are able nnd willing to give the employer a fujl day's work for a day's pay. Special mention was made of the work of Jake Bacr of the local employment service to place veterans In employment and his efforts to bring attention to the need for employment of handicapped veterans. Taft Says Truman Morality Is Low By Aatoclattd Prts* CHICAGO,- Sen Robert A. Taft urging all-out support of the Republican ticket, fired fresh blasts J at President Truman Tuesday in a i busy one-day speaking tour of I Chicago's metropolitan area. I The Ohio Republican, in the last ! of seven speeches in four north- j eastern Illinois counties described President Truman as a man whose i "whole standard of morality is preltv low." Tall ended his 14-hour campaign swing in behalf of Gen. Dwight D. Elsenhower. Republican presidential nominee, and the GOP ticket with his major speech Tuesday night at '/Aon, III. He urged his listeners to regard the Republican ticket as "your mop and bottle of disinfectant in this nation-wide cleanup program." After an overnight stay in Chicago, the Ohio Senator left for Shenandoah, la., where he was to speak today a few hours after an address by President Truman at the city's annual Harvest Jubilee. Open Campaign With Real Bang By Attoelrftnd Prcu CHARLESTON, Ill.-The Charleston Community Fund drive got olf to a smashing start today. A lue truck, on a siren-wailing trip aiuiirid the city to call attention to (he drive, collided with a laundry truck. FREE PARKING At Our Store 1501 WEST BROADWAY WE WILL GLADLY CARRY YOUR ORDER TO YOUR CAR! BRACY'S yiltMllllltMltllllII1IlliltMttttMtllMttMlllllllllttltM*IMIIIIIIItlflflMIIMI1tMllllltlllltMtllMtll»ltMlttll1lltMMIIMirillllllllltM(l1ll r 'IllllllllllllllflllllllllllllllllllllllllltllllCBRIGHT: s s a ' 1 £jttfai HOUSECLEANING SNAPPY WATERLESS CLEANER The simple, easy way to remove dirt and grim* from painted surfaces. Gallon Can Cleaner The iniivir to your problem of cleaning- Venetian blinds nnd woodwork. PAINT CLEANERS Soilax V/ 2 -U>. Pkg. 25c Spic & Span, Pkg... 29c RICHT0NE CLEANER 1 M In bulk Lb. JLftC WHITE RIBBON WALLPAPER CLEANER 12-OZ. CAN 98* Lino-Flax Soap. Lb. jar... 33c Rubber Gloves quality. Pair.... 69' Crescent Window Cleaner 15' SPR.VVER8~l7e Fastime mm H Wax 59c Wax-Of f %" d 15' Wax Applicators 49c 9 DU0-DUSTIN SHEETS For furniture, woodwork and floors — Economical, clean and easy to use. 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