The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 1, 1948 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1948
Page 4
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FACE THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, APRIL 1, IMS ( Local News s J55/ jr !»n^ Mr« \v ft Mr .<! *"»!. W I> Ill <. a:ri-,». t > KrMay rich? f"' •*•/'! thtir p-trer.' 1 :. Mr ,-«;••! !. M >•• <> ;M;-I Mr- "<V i> :-:.••.•. .1 F \v-.; = , f b.'tr ;•• - <ir >!>v. i:!i>;» -. .'4'i.: .-'.' *!i<- tx :-.')' • '.ffi'f- V.r'i: r;,,) )., H!jr;,V,f,M- v. it): hl« |,.-)r<-rit<- '•'•: f 'f,?iri'---i H.irp'r \V;.yn' i-j.i-fit }•;.-< -t'-r SD ,NV ? r . . Mr* ,t <s \vuinrd. *,<"**: T o f s i ^ * ***. Vi < * ^ ' f S i I ^ ;• (-. J V * t K ft ( ' )^ ?• j fi ^ j f^ J-J J\ ; $ I t ^" ••'•i- ."\ >:•!<•- Th-irM.iv it) til'- J'.Tll ' •-. > : " . , ; .- : * ' ;.'•-. Ki:i::!"l ^ ( Vf- O;nah;t ;-;•. i r. in,- ;i i'iuffs rail' r< Tuo«- Ornaha a-|!h Mr. t »;>;,'.';<-| ;!n<! family. Mr.= . J'.ay M,'I>-OJI fity. Hun 'lay v.i'h John-on arid CALL 5591 for Diamond DX Products 'lay- vi'lt "Ai'h h< j r ;>s: ftr.d M.". Kr»-d Hall. .-I. .e; t.-, Yankton. .-nrda;. .--;,rir.-i- Vaii'y -ho'.:. K: -I .*.;."--. Harry H .','] .Mr. ami Mr «r;'j .':;.'] of c,}' r.'lav in tV.- Mrs. H. Mr r K \V. Sa;y«Mr.- ,!. K Ki from .1 visit with T'r. r. of v.«;, - ith Mr?. Hush'p ta Biisrin 1 ?!]. re- ft'-rnof.o TO thtir :,•- K. )>,-i!e a' •.••;.'!<:>] *.r.iiivf..rc;<ry of Mr. ar. I Mrs. A :-•",;•. K u r< <3 ;i y . Ha-.-<--]r;i]jit Mr. K. of f :;<r. *.!r.-. i.'.".i;:z .-•' u n d a 'Kne in \', c -:fri- •--. N>Nr. Mr. and .M-?, <V. r. Clark and ii>ir'-n. Marjori" ar.'i C.'urti?. < r<- S^r.'iay c-j <;.=•?« of hc-r par- :tr. :-Tr. ajid Mr? ka City. Fre.1 r. '. T. Winsor F ^.J U . Ii ;-:ff = . Mor.da." t plaj <• will lx> prr- ";-'? r •''•'•'< : ii' a~. nf:'i by thf: MHS r-ibiic- ?peak- >^n<-=£ '\^r~ April ? in the '"ornsuuni- J"^ I>a-.v?r,r. bus Mint-, adv. f- r -rvi <••*-.= aEair. Mr-. F. A. \Vonrnan and Carol "< n Saturday :: .-rr.-.; • • -. :-'- r ;r. t j;,:-;er w«.<-k tr.d at the Plieridan. 111. •-':.-:-- '::- .- •=• '-• .-'uL'iay evf-niiic. ho?:;'.- of ;. f -r parents. Mr. and Mr.-, tioned and sr-<:-:.• :'-•; ->•;--: --•« M'.-. I. I. iJor.n'.-r and Mr.-. U. It. 1). M ••f'ulloueh. at Wap'-lio wi 'b bis fainiiy. ••»•>. A:-? ;:vi-- :Vv". S>.i;. <-r- drove to LK-S Moines 'h* 1 Mr?. Herman Kr. : ': ::- W'-'li.'Miav afternoon arid will J - M - ^' ( -'-'' { ' and Cliff Robbins Mrs. Zelrna Kl^tr>r i-:: ~r.- aireriri a t v. o 'lay 'onfereiH-c- of a'? r nd?-d th'- Iowa_Weed anj Pest urday night for *.V-: ? : r---.-n. where she will vi = :: her <Ja-i;h:er. Mrs. Claude Alexander a.-d family. Mrs. Eric Edlund. who has n-en in the Edmund.»on hcs?::ai in Council Bluffs, since she was injured in a car accident. Feb. -". : "-=' .-:' "..'-.r •*-_••:•< a: :':;•? Ct'Lzen day. days in tbe X. I'. Crink home, y>T - and Mrs - Fred - Vew ^ ! had departed Saturday afternoon for th '- ir famil >" a!1 home for Easter bis home at Wtath*rfieid Okla - Sunda - v - From Early came Mr. and His mother. Mrs. J'. S Crink a<- Mrs - n °- vd ^'adsley and daughter eompanied him and will T ,, lt in Jo-n-^m ^"^^r »d j 3 fhowing som , rec _ r , from her his home. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Dye re- their daueht rnons, informing them that she would leave Hawaii, April 1st for a vi^it here. Previous plans were for her arrival in June. and Dianne. from Early. Mr. injuries but must remain in cablegram Mondav from alld Mrs - Wllliam Smith aad bab ? fore she ightc-r, Mrs. W. W. Sal- and Mr - and Mrs - Frederic Newell ^ e? fr.rmint- thorr, th^t a h*. and daughters of Malvern. . ' Empress Theatre Phone 5521 Malvern THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY Apr, 1, 2, 3 MATINEE SATURDAY AT 2:30 P. M. DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM — l • RETURN OF THE LASH • —- with LASH LaRUE and AL "FUZZY" ST. JOHN • THE DEVIL ON WHEELS • — with NOREEN NASH and DARRYL HICKMAN SUNDAY and MONDAY Apr. 4 and 5 Sunday Matinee at 2:30, Continuous with — LANA TURNER, VAN HEFLIN, DONNA REED • GREEN DOLPHIN STREET • Al»o CARTOON. 1 Show only on Monday. Start 8p.m. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY WILLIAM POWELL — MYRNA LOY Apr. 6, 7 in — • SONG OF THE THIN MAN • — with KEENAN WYNN. alto SERIAL ADDED Coming THURS., FRI., SAT. Apr. 8, 9, 10 0 COMEDY CARNIVAL • hospital for several days yet be- can return to ber home. Ben Martin resigned from his Mr. and = M°nT A"'"'^' Pulliam Wor £ at ' he Salvers'Auto Co. this daughters. Pamela and Nancv ': eek Bo ^ could take up the ac- bave returned to Omaha to make tl " we™"™ of his farm north Their borne. Thev have resided >, "' . ,. for several months with M,.^- and Mrs. Fred Fierce took Pulliam's father, H. A. Walker. "»e,r B ra n <ldaii B nt«r. \ erla Ann Pleak. of Oakland ba<-k to her Mrs. C. E. Hilton who has been f-hool work at Ames. .Sunday in Lincoln this winter with her They went on to Iowa City to see sister-in-law, Mrs. Anna McDill. 'he 30 Masterpieces on display carne .Saturday for a visit •s.'ith 'he-re. These pic-ture> are valued Malvern relatives. at $1.257.000. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hall and Easter Sunday cues?? of Mr. their <-on, Rodney of Yankton. S. and - Mr *- Samuel Neil! and Becky \> , were overnight guests lues- of Harlan were Mr. and Mrs. day of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Halph YVaage and children of Albert Nelson. Nodaway, Floyd Neill and Ernes- Mrs W. G Irby and son. David nitf - °f Malvern and Wallace of .Syiac.-mca, Ala . le^t Wednes- Brabander of Le Mars. tc> return borne after a three day -Mrs. Charles J. Harper and son visit in the N. P. Crink home. Wayne went to Lincoln last Wed- I,»•'.• an Mansfield, who visited nesday to see Mr. Harper who is over Easter with Mr. arid Mrs. - util l In the Lincoln hospital. They Clayton Hertz, left Tuesday for found him much better than he his h'.udi'-s at Nebraska Universi- had been. .\y Friday, .April fl — four ono-art Mrs. Henry Linekucel of Den- I'lays by MHS public speakinK ver and Mrs. Edith Bentley of f -^Ks in the Community building. Oakland, sisters of F. W. Pierce. adv. visited Wednesday and today in -^' r ' an d Mrs. Edwin I^eu are biK home. the parents of a nine pound boy, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bower and Byron Miller, born March 26, at Mrs. Earl McCormick drove to 'he convalescent home in Glen- Tarkio. Mo , Sunday to visit Mr. wood. and Mrs. Philip Hansen. Mrs. McCorrnirk remained for a week's Elr,-trlc Welding visit. Prof. Ehh'j Thomson was grant- Brycf; Adkina from Peru Nor- cd a patent for the first electric re- rnal college and John Aciklns from f; c ';incf weld;r,g process on August Tarkio College Bpent the Ea»ter 10. Iftof; week end with their father, T. C. A'lkiriH. ftobert f'appel returned to Us college -A-ork at Lincoln. Tuesday after .-penflint' a five day Easter vii'ation v.irh hi:- pareuts, Mr and Mr.-.. J. M. f'.-<j,[i' 1. Easter .Sunday, Mr^ Mabh- Talf-o't of Omaha, an uaiit of Mi i. i.'ajipel, jollied tiieni -.-"•i '::. •.;:•? horr-.e of her srandpar- ~--~. Vr and Mrs. To a Phillips. A. H. Harbor had dental work o-.-r.e a'. Oakland. Wednesday. Marlin Mercer of Red "oak. 5p»a: the week end in the Ken- n-t!i WuIIams and Margaret liar- tor homes. Mr. acd Mrs. Dan Perkins of OaJcland. w?re guests Tuesday evening in the Earl Boileau home. Mrs. Doia Tufford of Denver. Colo., formerly Dola Harbor, sent flowers to the Christian church for Easter Sunday. Bill Clifford and familr moved recently from a trailer house to the rooms above the implement store. Gayle Phillips has returned to school work in Omaha after a weeks Easter vacation. Miss Woodland spent the week end in Logan. i h^i i i» int'itH'"* nv -erlay rvr-nlnc. Mr nttd Mr» Mnrrl* turnc'i) how n f*>w drtys neo i>:n n «hnit tri|i tti thf O*ark« "ti'i!,'<in«. Tb'v*' f'f.jiivoii a fi'if ip Tbe friends of Mr*. John Cnry e clad lo 1«>,ini that she is LM t ne aloni: nic-c>ly slnc-e bnr opcr- i<in n few dnys neo at thf. Ed- •nundson hospitnl in Cimnril The Tii'-.nih'-'i-s of the YOUIIK M'-'t!v rs Club enjoyed a social •ir:r- at tbe Mrs. Marvin Warren h>-:--.-. Friday afternoon. Mrs. S:ivin Achenbaueh bad ;'.•= her C!; r -sts for dinner Sunday r:-. r "' v o i-hiidren and their fa;n- !•• spite of the bad weather a C'-<-,,i «j;:r. crowd attended the Am•-•"i'-an Le-ion dar.ff- Friday eve- Charir-s Rupe who attends tiie I'oiles-? at Maryville. Mo. spent his Easter vacation with his par- An Easter c-eg hunt was enjoyed by the members of the mothers h-lpers club at the home of Judy Coppock. After the hunt they enjoyed eames outside. James Skidmore and family left the first of the week for Jacksonville. Fla., where they will locate. They have spent most of the winter at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Allensworth. Guests in the home of Mrs. Pearl Harbor for the week end were her daughter Leora who is employed in Omaha and her daughter Mrs. Don Fink and her husband and sons from Omaha. thr iu>rvtrp* M thf rl i will b*gin nt s tt'rWk In. Mnail nf 7:So. Mrs John Nnohln* and family o»ij.>vi»i| n visit Thurstlny f n , m brr tii'iih' i' of Mai'i<dti)i|a fttid jiivo lur n|pf< from Omnha. Tli'- Metlif<di«t pot link intiri] b»ld ;il HIP <-hiirch Thursday \\-tm \vpii att«ndpi). Mrs. John TrimM,. hail charco of the dov<itinn«. Friends here ]pfeiv.«d word of thr> death of Dr. South's mother nt Massenn. She liad boon in pnnt- lunlth for some time and suffered a sirokp whi'h caused her death Conch Terry who has hern in the hospital in Omaha suffering from some back ailment is cot- ting mu''ii better and it is thought an operation will be nn-necessarv Mr. nnd Mrs. Ward Cunningham enjoyed a visit .Sunday from thoir daughter, Eleanor and husband of Council Bluffs. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ellison are the- parents of a son born Mar. 2fi at tho Red Oak hospital. Mrs! Ellison has been staying with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arch Houser. Her husband is employed in Omaha. Miss Arneal was In charge~"of the Easter program given at the Christian church Sunday evening. The church was beautifully decorated with candles and flowers. The junior choir presented Rev. and Mrs. Lee with an Easter lily after the services. Jo Ann Stonebreaker and Donald Parker were Friday evening dinner guests of Mrs. C. H. Amick. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gipe of Strahan spent Easter Sunday with the C. H. Amick's. McKEE FUNERAL HOME Lloyd W. (Mac) McKee GARSON, IOWA Ambulance Service PHONB 109 Carson Henderson for ih<: day. Mr.- (-'lord N'.-ill spent the Ka-'< i holiday.-; vi-itinj!; Mr. and Mr. Allen N<ill in l)»-nvcr. Colo. FAIR PRICES EVERY DAY AT Phone 4611 SPECIALS FOR_FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Malvern \\T:IX irs TOMATO JUICE Kl-n/. , an SHOE STRING POTATOES 18c M:.\I*I s r.'.'LTED MILK '.Mb. j., r CATSUP I l-o/.. bottle 25c HOMINY & KRAUT O No. 'J i., < aii 25c GREEN BEANS r \D. "J rails 25c BANANAS (M)UM(I I5c TOILET TISSUE O IIKMI sliiM-t roll-, 35c I AM; & M.\I'MC SYRUP lia-<»/.. bollle 28c ii;\ \s PINK GRAPEFRUIT 49c APPLES 25c DREFT J2c IM'KAN SI'KXV «l(\\- HKUKV-AI'KK < MIX O I-H'. 29c Kuii.-i nut. Hills Kro-.. .V roller* COFFEE piinnd 51c i M»IUI>\ \.\I,K\( I \ ORANGES KaM«-r I'antata \V«-11 .\tt<-iid<-<l Sunday Th<- cantata lu-ld at thf- M«-th- odii-.' rhurrh Sunday morning M-on^orf-d by Mrs. W. I,. Ki( k"l was u<-il atti-ndf-d and tho program w«-l| n-ndt-rcd The f'liimh 'Aits beautiful with <!«•'oration.- of Kanter Lild-B and boqueiH of carnation.-). Several united with thu church and baji" i- ma.1 hervi'-eH v.-i-rc. ad- ininihteied tu several babies by the Rev. John Trimble I CANT 0EJJEVE HERE SO SOON- WHVI JUST CALLED YOU A FEW MINUTES AAO TO •YOU MY OHTKATS AU-RI<!rir. JUST GO ON BEFORE AND SAVED YOU TH TRIP WANT TO PASS THAT TRUCK TM MOT MOCH COOO AT F1WNQ MECKANkTAt THINGS, SPEEDY- VOUSC6.MY / aAff OCCUPATION IS I 9ASS MUSIC- r pwtf \HWWT THE BAM HORN (W THE LOCAL. USED CARS GET YOUR BODY AND FENDER WORK DONE NOW PICKUPS — one Ford, two Chevrolet* — '40 models and later. 1939 Ford Tudor. It's smart and thrifty to repair body dents and breaks right away. You'll find our service both satisfactory and economical. UTOI-: VEGETABLE SOUP O \u. I r.m> 25c in;. GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Hi-../. .-.,!, A lot J5c PINEAPPLE JUICE H>-o/. i an i \MI- i n;i: /i r\ MARSHMALLOWS { /C A pocial time was enjoyed at the Christian Aid Wednt-nday afternoon. I.uiii h was fiferved by Mes- (lann-H Jk -an Freeman and Sy Jirown. The. tablen were decorated in kf<-piiiK with Kaster. Tb«! c(j!niiiittei; for alumni has b<-<-n ap[K)i/ited. Mrn Mary Wilkenaon, who lias b(-i n in tlii- hospital at Iowa City, i.-i now at ib" home of her dauijh- IIT (Jay!.- in Council Uluffs. Caii'll"'ht Communion Her- vj. (.., wci" huld Wednesday «-vt- iiiiij.' at tJi>- Christian Church, ass- ir-ti.-d by the Methodist church. J.a<- Harris has returned to her home in Omaha after a week visit with her ^randparenU. Mr. and Mrs. OHo Harrisi. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Core of Omaha. wer« guests Thursday in the Harry A. Paul home. Mr. ami Mrs Hugh McSweeney vibiti-d the Dan Perkins home in Oakland Thursday. Mr. ami Mrs. Gerold Penwell and ija.ugbtur of Morton Mills were tfui'-ts Sunday eveniug ta tin.- Ju<i Cuppock homo Carolyn p helps of Red Oak (•pent th" wet-k eiid in the Orlo Harris home. Political Announcements l-'iir SI all. 1 Scuutor I'i'-a • :i nnouiiri.' that I will be -i • .UK!;.!.•!..- fi..r tbf noiniuatioii i.f :-'i:it" Si'iiiitor, eighth Senator- Mi ''I '•', .. ! .•onipM.-rd Of Mills U.11.J M..hli.'..:j." ;. . ,,ijui it.-s, subji.-ct to Hi.- -..ill nf ill,.. Kepublican voters at th.- !;• |ii;blif.ui [Jiiniary L-lci 1 - linn i..n Monday. Juut- 7. The bUp- purt of t ho elei-'turate will bt; ap- (J. N. Hultinan. — by usiny only genuine 1IIC parts and having our trained mechanics do the work on your tractors and farming equipment. Prevent costly delays by scheduling major work in advance and by keeping your orders for parts ahead of delivery needs. GOOD EQUIPMENT MAKES A GOOD FARMER BETTER HERE ARE SOME ITEMS OF GOOD EQUIPMENT YOU MAY NEED: 1807 Tractor Frew Drill with graw seed attachment, foot-board* and pre*a wheel*. Uft AH Pump* for F20 and H Tractor*. New Dempster Litters Loose Ground LUter Attachments. 6x10 Wagon Box 4 or M Manure Loaders 202 check row Com Planters 4 can Milk Cooler Pride of the Farm Hog Waterers and Feeders Sehultz Phone 5121 Malvern McCORMICK-DEERING MACHINES, PARTS AND SERVICE

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