The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1943
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SEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT Nl-ujciii.r>fii <•.» USMJ-IIID.I r-., ... ^™ ' <^**^ • • ^.^ -— ___ . ; . . ™* DOMINANT NEWSl'APEH Of NOHTIIEAST ARKANSAS AND RnLmriTAn-,. »,uo^ VOLUME XL-NO. 5-1. Blylhcvlllo Dally News Blytlicvillo Herald Illythevllle Courier Mississippi Valley Leader i • ULYTHHVILLK, AKKANSAS, - ' : W HONKS!) AY, MAY I') I'M'j SINGLK COI'JFS PIVK CENTS /gps Retreat In A ttu Ba itle •TJL • .....3 ,^— .._.. 1 „__ _ ..... ^,., : ._ ....... i , _ • " ~- ~~ - — , — ..._..... . f wisir-cHURCu Today's War Commentary U.S. On Move Pacific Events Show Improvement By THOMAS 3. DONOHUE or (tailed I'ifsi t In the midst of I lie fui-ovc over Allied Htratoyv crailod *>y CoiiKi'CHsiuiml critics and others, il appears 'dial the United S ate r,uiotly lias bcfun the oDwisivu ii^aiiiHt .Japan. Uie drive on A tin; the Ijombardmunt of Wake Island- the occupation of various small island* in the South 1'aciliir the destruction or immobilization of KOnK „( June's f or ' ward an- bases—all point to one thins: We arc on the move in the Pacific. This represents no change In United Nations global slratcgy. If our wai- policy makers were compelled by the pressure of pubic opinion lo change their btralegic plans, fliers; Isn't much otic could say in favor of olllier Uic strategists or their plans. President nooscvelt's when asked (o conmieiit on «„.. gressional demands for a change lu strategy In which he would fight a holding war against Germany and concentrate Immediately on Japan, slimmed up the general feeling of the strategists. Me said ho Is too familiar with the figures lo comment. In other words, lie is well aware of the long-range plans on ivhlch we are fighting a war aroutttl Ihe globe and which must not W sidetracked by snap judgments or popular pressure. -.•Abraham (Lincoln once tried lo -fight a war by yielding to the voices of arm chair strategists and didn't begin to win. it until lie left the battle planning and direction to professional soldiers. •'-, ' * Our Course .Sound V >' It is easy lo say-that, we should knock out Japan now and-let the bombers pound Germany into dc-, feat. But such is Ihc-'riature of the •war In the .Pacific that even if . ..Germany should milt/tomorrow-we stlirwpuld 'have to do cxRctry.'vi-h'at big offensive against ja'paii. • -It. is recalled that President Roosevelt once said our first objective in the Pacific is to obtain bases from which to allack Japan. The process ot obtaining those basts Is on right now, Attu is two thousand miles from .Tokyo but, only about 15H miles from the Japancs nava base of Pannmislihu in (ho Kurile group. Wake. Island. is about 1900 miles from Tokyo, a distance which IITES LISIB FED Urges Members of Club To lake Advantage Of 'Open Post' June JO An invitation to "come gut and sec for yourself" what goes un at the Blytiicvillc Army Air Field was extended by Co|. Kurt M. Lniidon, the commanding officer, in a talk at the weekly meeting of tlie Lion's Club yesterday at the Hotel Noble. He remarked that tire gjylhcvlljc Field is a sample demonstration of the conditions under which tlr? sons, brothers and neighbors of his hearers were preparing for combat, arid that to see II in operation would give a good Idea of Army conditions in other training camps. . The invitation was extended for Open Post EWy, (Thursday, JURC 10. .when the gates will be open to the Rubify. witiK.wsllors.. iieriuitted.' to circulate; about the •grounds' and see thc^.trnTriliiStiiili ' ' ternoon retreat the troops. "rt is your 'Army," said Coloupl .'af- parade review of IIINI REELS Powerful Air Armadas Strike Axis Targets From North And South London. men are in it and imius irom TOKVO, a distance which probably won't lie out,'of range of some of America's newest bombers In the Soutvvcst Pacific, our slow but steady advance goes on. We are working our way up the north- cast New Guinea coast with the ultimate objective of clearing all of that Island and making il an attack bass for further advance. In the Solomons area, we have moved into the Riisscl group and far to the cast we have taken Funafuti in the Ellicc group putting us within range of Japan's Nauru base and others in the Gilbert Islands. Tiie heavy assault on Wake Island, where Japan first found out how lough nrc Ihe United Stales Marines, may be the forerunner of an eventual American attempt to re-captnrc that island. Wake is about I-2QO miles from our oulposl of Midway which, .'presumably was the base for the attacking American bombers. Our Subs Watch Japan American submarines, according to Japan's own admission, are poking the periscopes through the waters rljsht off the Japanese coast and observing movements ashore Our new plane types in the Pacific must be giving |j )c j a|)s rea | concern. Tlie Navy's brand-new vought-Sikorski Corsald higli altitude fighter Is in action there and the men who fly It say it can outfight any pursuit plane in the Pacific— Including tlie vaunted Zero. In American factories, giant new bombers so big thai 35-ton Plying Fortresses will be used as transition planes to teach student.'; how to handle them, soon will be coming on 1. These long-range monsters still are highly secret. Army officials are closely guarding Ihclr'si/c, capacity, speed and oilier [Speciflcalions. But Ihcy concede freely that they will change the complexion of air warfare considerably. Such planes in the Pacific would make up our biggest deficit—that of distance. . ' In this connection, Army otficia'j have completed successful Icsts on nig gliders with detachable light motors which have carried 15 equippsd soldiers under their own power. Officers say the big gilders may soon be used for the transport of airborne forces and supplies from base to base—ideal for the Island-hopping of the Pacific. when all the factors are considered, il will be realized that It lakes lime lo mount a big offensive In the Pacific. The pr.limtnar- ies already are under way and the tempo of the Pacific push will Increase asour big bombers nnd newest fighters flow Into that theater. Japan can be sure of one thing- she will be given no respite during the lime It takes to knock out Hitler and Mussolini. . / you arc paying the bill. There is- little I can tell you that you don't . know about your Army,"" he con- bomber tinned, "for in this country (lie public is constantly informed by newspapers and by periodicals and the radio, with a full and accurate statement of the facts in so far as military expediency and the dc- mands of national security Laiulon remarked permit. Colonel the Blylhcvillc Field is an example or the progress that has been made under the pressure of war'needs, for a complete Army training program is under way where open farmland existed less than a year ago. He pointed out thai the Field is aboul to graduate its fifth class of aviation cadets, nnd that tho training program began nine months ago, just three months after ground was broken in the construction ro- gram. Th? colonel expressed appreciation for the cordial attitude and spiril of friendliness and iiiidcr- slanriing which lias been shown by lhc people or Blylhcvllle. saying lhal Ihere has been no conflict or maladjustment between civilians and lh« large numbers of soldiers from all parts of the country who have come abruptly inio the life of Ihe community. Legion Members Praise Altitude 01' Colonel Waring When the Dud Cason Post of the American Legion met last night at the Legion Hut Dryant Stewart, post commander, appointed a committee, consisting of c. A - , .-*,., b w, w> j^ ClUlr nnlgham, E d Cook and Neill Rccd lo draw »,, a josolutlon, rcitcral- Col. the . ....... I' " • i.ouillLIUll, ICI mg failli of Ihe members hi Roanc Warlnfs attitude on war clforl. Also riming the business session it was announced thai 1000 pack° "art hccn sent to unit ni , --a.">-.», IKVU UCCM SC Blythcvillc's National Guard In the Far North. Final *rangcmenls iwc WMHB made to send representatives lo Boys State In Little Rock. Various civic clubs, Rotary, KIwants and Lions each arc sponsoring at least one hoy for this project, It was proposed and voted that the Legion will fiii, lncc several boys 'or Scout Camp this Summer. Alter the business session (he jroup was culcrlaincd by two in- l , CrCS ,", n .? Pte'ures, "Anchors A,welgh' and."RAp Bomber Squadron . Re freshmen Is were served at the conclusion of the program. Guests were MaJ. Charles E. Laylon and Dr. E. c. Budrt. Chicago Wheat open high low close July . 143-S 143-)1 142',', H2K 142',-' I Sep. . l«!S H3',J l«X 14«i 143 Jly Uiillcrt fresi Allied air fleets pounded Kuropo from norlli and south today, sofc- "ihiK up the continent for the day of invasion. A powerful armada of mlghly bombers rowed- nrcr the Channel, loaded wilh explosives to .scatter over (liners'European Morlrcss. The HAF pliines, flying high In perfect weather, swept over Northern France, escorted purl of (lie way by protecting fighter planes. Isle. Mil At llic same time, 'il was disclosed lhal Allied planes have plastered the Ilrilinn : Mediterranean island of Pantcllarla with i'UO.OOn pounds of explosives in a single raid. . It was the fifth and heaviest atlack since Ihe Allies began bdiiilj- >"B Naly groggy in preparation f(jr the long-awaited invasion. Docks and airfields were blown to hi Us in the attack. At the same lime the Yanks, •iniiinilng giant Plying Fortresses, lashed out at lhc Sicilian port of Trapani, . . At least three ships were blown up In the attacks,' Trapaul, where the dock area and rail yards were raked with fire. The Kalians 'sny 'i'l Allied planes were shol down In lhc raids on Trapaui I'antella'rla and other Italian points. Bill this Lsn'l confirmed. , i \ight Raids Made Todays big raids followed on the heels of, A. busy-night for the RAF. D|1 .!'!slu^lfii>B. range : fighter's damaged 20'•train's? > o.ri a Uioadsidn blast al Gernian cornmuhielAions in Ihe occupied countries overnight. At homo in Britain the Hoiisc of Commons has l>cen told thai Home will feel the Allied bombing raids—if 11 ,ls'.hccessary lo al- tain wai' objective's. Tlie slaierucnt was mode by air 'Captain H. It. Balfour. Another ptficial statement—issued at Allied headciilaHers In conquered North Africa' — says Axis troops .suffered a lota! of Hii-lono killed, wounded and captured in Ihe buttle for Tunisia.' figures don't include the loll taken by the British Eighth Army berorc Iho assault oh lhc Marclh Line starled March 21. Caruthersville Jaycees To Have Carnival In June CAnUTHEnSVILLE, Mo., Mny 10. — The Cai-ulhcrsville Junior Chamber or Commerce decided at Ihe regular meeting Monday night, to hold its annual Spring Carnival sometime in early June, wilh Glenn Tinsley again being named general chairman In charge. 'Hie carnival last year, under supervision of Tinsley, was one or the club's most popular projects, and following its successful presentation, several other Jaycec organiMi- llons of this vicinity staged similar events. The club voted lo invilc the Stale Junior Chamber Hoard, officers and directors, to -hold its second yearly meeting In this city. The first meeting will be al Mexico,' iUu.. the latter part ol June, and al that time Clyde Harper of the local club, and n Stale Vice President, Is to invite lhc club to Ihls city. The club also decided lo sponsor an Air Seoul fnlrol here, to replace vacancies created by steady departures of members' lo llic Armed Forces. James Culhmi was a ncw'mcin- bcr present for first lime, while three were voted Klcmbcrshln. being Russell Holmes, Vcrlan Slulibs and Bub Sprngiic. New Rises Expected On A rkansas River LITTLE HOCK,'Miiy in '-, The .second flood within two wreks may be on iUs way down lhc Arkansas Itlvor. HIVIT rises arc reported in (he Oklahoma mid M|s.snui| tributaries of (he Arkansas anil a new Hood Is i'X|iedcd at l-'inl Smith loniorrinv. The U. s. engineers say Unit. Ihc (»( Smith crest may net as high as 35 feet. They say that the new rise may be as bad II not worse than the Inundation which jusl now is moving Into Ihe lower reaches of liic river in-low cine Ulurf. Levees are in poor shiijie lo stand a new flood. i?rom Fort Kmllh lo I'lne Mluff, well over 200 miles, only (ivo levees held back Hie pounding walvrs. Now, wilh cro|is nlrendy ruhird and homes de- vaslalcd. rcfiigeeji face- u (ilsnuil pros|)ect. l:iicmy Falls Back Toward Cbicbigof Harbor; Jap Guns Captured lly Uullnl IVo'i Th« Japanese arc In rclrail' on Atlu island. A Navy comiuunlipic reveals that Americans have cul lhc Islam! In two willi a pincers move lioin Holly. Hay In UK; ninth and Massacre Hay In the soiilh, Tin.- Jups now are ralllnj; buck •ward Chlcbagof Harbor, leaving Plans Made Fotl r ,arly Opening Of Walker Pavk Pool; Green In Charge The swimming pool al Wnlkcr 1'iuk has been leased lor this season by Fred Sallhu. II was announced today by -I. Mell Brooks, secretary of the Mississippi Counly Fair Association 'which has charge ol lhc pool. ' - '; Mr. Sallba plans lo operate the pool this year wllh Arvll Price Green. nlyllmvllle High School athletic directori -serving as nuiniiEe'r. The lease agreement was signed yesterday . and calls lor the Fair Assoclallon lo receive 10 per cctli of Ihe proflU lor the season, Mri Brooks .said. Dale -of the oiKmlng 1 will bo announced llil.rwo'.k by Mr. rirp,, T1 .- -••->.i 1 : ^ •£. i , . '.•- 3;•(.' • • '•'' \- '• i '' »'' •/'• ^ - '?• r.M Jc-iiniy rind 'sliilc-'hcaftii 'authorities plan to cuo])cralc In -having the pool conform lo the sanitation requirements of the State Hoard of -Health, It was announced today by Ur. E. c. Bndd, director or Ihc County Health Unit. Dr. Budd said a slate sanitation engineer train the Health Department will he here this week and iMIl Inspect facilities at the pool ami make recommendations for its' opciatlotl fiom a sanitary standpoint. From' time lo llmo. he said, inspections «'l!| be made lo Insure a«alnst health hazards from contaminated iviilci-. TTJJKE5 INUSlflOl Soldiers From Alabama Camp To Face Charges In Theft Of Automobile f'olnselt Counly officers ycstcr- dny look over Ihe custody or two soldiers charged with grand larceny in the theft of an automobile at Lcpanto Saturday. The ac- ,.„.,, cuscd men are Pvt. okla Malloy ot Gen Mlinlla and Pvt. Manuel Feruandc of Lowell, Mass., both stationed a 3amp Sibcrl, Ala. Sheriff c. T. Sullivan and Chief nc!),',bllc'"stccl' Deputy Hal Strickland of Harris- Ftandard ol nirg came here yesterday and look ^cxaa Corp the pair back to I'oiusctl county m S sin-] where Ihcy will be held lo await a hearing. -Accompanying the officers was Finloy Smith of Marked Tree, owner of the automobile, who rccover- U> only V'.»l»ll.(;ul IlilLIHI], JU <"'iy n fjw .sntiHM.s behind, our lioops have ciiptmrd several an- ll-nlrcmfl guns and now ure usliifi them ui-alnsl Iho Japmiesc. The American column driving inland from Holt/. Hay wa.'i lhc one which took the slroiinly-dcfeniled ridge wlicro our advance had been held up. Willie this force w«s •leanini! up Uie rlilgc, Iho Navy reveals, the second American col- .111111 ciinio, up Ihe puss from Massum- Hay mill yesterday patrols from lhc two columns Joined loi-ccs. Today' Nuvy cnniimintnue nlsu 'eveals new American dive bnuib- «.•!' altacks against llic .lap seaplane biise at llckala Hay on Santa Isabel Island, The rcsulUs were not observed but. dispatches Irom lhc South Pacific say lhal similar American raids have virtiml- Jy knocked, oul tlie Jap air and supply bases In lhc New Cicornla Islands. Mumla and Kolranlmn- gara arc said lo huvc been madi! almost useless. The Japs, irylnj! lo .hull our sleady advance up the northeast coasl of Ncw.Ciulnea, iiRaln have bombed oiir airdrome nt .Wall with 3S bumh -''carvyliiK'..fighters,- but wuscd cnlv,s.llu!n,,.cliui)imc nn C (CsilaltlcJi. "Ulff'tM l,crWtif if 'I hat area, meanwhile, have boinhcd Ihc Jap .airdrome, at Gasmala on New anliiin, and Fln-schafcn llarlior and L:ie as' well us Rabaiil and other areas.' No liases For U. S., Tokyo Warns Russia NEW YOliK, May 1!) (U.P.t — Radio Tokyo warned Ihc Soviet Union today atialnsl pci-mlltlns; Ihe United Nations tous 0 Slbarlnn bases from which Japan mlghl ca.slly he Ijcmbcd. The lirilish radio heard nnd rc-brundciisl the. threat. The Iiomlon liroadcast i|iioUd Radio Tokyon as saying lhal. "If Russia ever put her Siberian bases at the disposal or the United suites the Japanese army will deal upon her the heaviest blows Russia has ever known." ill.ut th? Tokyo announcer adflcil lhal "present relations ItcU'ccn Japan and Russia arc on the basis of ncuaraiity." Defiant Tho Win- Liilidr Hoard hni ile- nmmccd John L. l.ewfs, above, N»yli>(! his dellancu Is the only Uil::,; ihr.t stands III the way <:!. • __(ienco In tho inlno dlsnulo. ', New York Stocks Amer Tobncco Aniiccnda Uopper I3clh steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Rlcctric Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Ccnlrnl North Am Aviation - standard of N f ' ' cd his machine. One lire was uiiss- Inc and anolh'cr badly damaged'. Military police napped the two men and the car al Chitwood's nlghl club on Highway 18 Saturday nighl when they and Deputy Sheriff Don Haley recognized Ihe stolen car from the license number and description which had bron broadcast to all officers In this area. SB M •i« '/-a cs .1-1 7!> :i-4 mo :i-.| :n r.-» M 7-K 41 7-8 10 I-'I 12 :i-t in ;<-« M 1-8 'Ifl 7-H 5(5 1-1 ST. LOUIS, May In lUI't-lmg receipts 11,000 head, with 10.000 , , salable. Top price 14.50; pounds H.40-K50; 140-1GI) |»im<ls; sows 13.V5-M.IO. Gallic receipts 2,700 with :!.000 head salable; calves 100. nil salable. Slaughter slcc.-.'i 1I5I)-IIMA; slaughter heifers lo.7ft-iri.2S- mixed yearling* nml liclfcrs-slorher and feeder strers 10.75-15.M1; ran- ncrs and cutters 7.50-10.75; Cows 11.00-13.00. I'cmiscol ..County' Fanners Mako Slate W'itlc A>>pcn| I'or Needed Labor CAHIJTIIKIIBVII/LK. Ma, Mny llt.--l'('ml,scol Countv riiMon r>>im- '•rii Tui'.sday bmiidi'iisl a .•itnle- wldc appeal for I.QOO colton chop, pm. following (iclloii by tlic-Kjirtn l.nhor Couunltlee lu Us ropnrl that this iimny clmppns vian-, iw.ntnt Immcillidcly to work' In Iho 1 fields. Pay will hn W,Sfl nor day'in most Inslancc.s, hut. soihc lew [armors HI a Hircrlng Bfl :(!Ciil.«' |ier liour, wlicroby workers, nnihitlous eiH)U(;li to put In Ions' hodrs can 1 'earn riior.n i per day. About 400 Iiirin IIOIIKC/,-; (iro.Vfiyiillrihlo^rnr •faniii(j. R or |>V<iliM . w|jn 'de.sirf' to' "biilciV" during the chopping season, nnd this type (it fworkcr Is, pccfiirrcd l:y lii'nst. ' fnl'Hieir, However, .several farmers will be able lo board Individual 'workers. There will lie no house rent-Tor families or groupa who butch, but small dally toarrt will he dinrisccl indlvliiuiil roomers for .lluilr menls In the. private hoinr.f.' Only clu>)i]icr.i in Mtemrl are l:chr; rcciuit(!|). and no clforl, hi j.! niadi; tn Inliig In workers from olhpi- states or vldiill.ln.1. Tho State Farm Uibiir Ooniiuitlrc Is cooperating wllh local farm labor agencies In lerirullliig the workers. ! and Iransiimiiillon from hiimes to • (lie work urea In tills county will hi; provided, according to Ihc statement l.sMicd Tuesday by the County Extension OfTlec of this county, nf which M. n, Amburgcy Is In charge. i Workers aye required to secure work releases , from their horn,., counties before proceeding to Ihls county, ,mul vlcc-vid'sn. This move Is Intruded lo prevent, "licllcr- Kkclter"? drifting O r farn workers Irom. oiiii plucc to tho olher so that the necessary farm work- may be atleniled lo In an orderly, supervised, elllcient iniinnri. In addition tn providing irans- porlallnn from home counlles In Iho arras In I'cmlscot C'onnly now cnltini; for workers, the Uxlcnslnn Office'iilsn will provide for workers from tho lime ot their arrival hero mil n Ihcy .nrc put lo work This provision Includes food, shelter, Induing and, medical aid. ![ necessary, while "they arc In process of being 'placed nn the various fauns where the "help needed" call is most urgent. The present rhoppini; wriod will last at least eight weeks. New Orleans Cotton open lilifh low close pr.rl Mch. . inso inno imii IOTO ims May . 1.175 1075 In70 1070 Id'i'i •inly . sr,2« 20:n 2o?r> 20x7 2f».7 net. . ai>o2 2010 IMS 2001 ism I'cc, . 1088 IMO ID8S 1081 in»8 Negro Trusty-Who.'Skipped Out' Sues Sheriff For ,110,000 James Buchanan, a Negro.trusty .:ho fled the citlrity jail here in February where he was held on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, has filed sull ror $10 COD damages against Shcrlll Hale Jackson, alleging thai he was held "In a condition ot peonage." Mr. Jackson wai in Memphis today and was not available for a statement/but it was learned here lhal Buchanan wns arrested Nov 17 In connection j.with an allesed slioimm atlack In which J D Reed and Marshall While, Negroes were sllghlly wounded. . The alleged altaek occurred 'between Highway Cl and SlxleeiUh street af er Buchanan had become involved In an argument with Heed they were working together at the Federal Compress. Buchanan surrendered .several hours Inlr-i- nnd told lil.s story to Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Graham Sndbury and Police Chief William licnyman. Officers al Ihat lime .said the Negro admitted thai he had Ihe argument, went home, got his gun and waited almost Iwo hours In n ditch where ho exiwctcd Reed lo pass during Ihc noon hour. Marshall wllh Heed when Buchannn allegedly fired, It was learned here today that while Ihe Negro was awaiting trbl, Ihe late Deputy Sheriff John K Relnmiller made him a trusty and allowed him lo spend nights at home with his , family. 1U> was given employment a few (lays as cook at the jail and also was given ivork al Relmnlller's Cafe for which he was paid nt tho rale of $1,50 per day, On other occasions he was given small Jobs by Mi. ({rliunll- Icr on a day lahnr basis, il was lea mod from Mrs. Rclnmillci, When Mr. Relnmiller was falal- ly stricken this SprihK county officers decided II brsl lo have Ilu- olinnan return to Jail pending his trial and II was then he fled. Buchanan's suit, filed in Federal Court at Chicago Monday, asks damages or $tO,(WO, naming Sheriff Jackson and his bonding company as defendants. The complaint charges Buchanan was utrosled "without warrant or complaint," after which he was held in Jail for n period of five weeks and then turned over to "a deputy named Rainwater" on condition that he remain wllh the deputy "for the rest of his life" without pay or compcnsallon. It also al- leges he was put to work on lhc deputy's farni. Council for Hur.hannn in a news story today was quoted as saying lhal his clicnl (led lo Chicago In February where he was arre.slod and Is held pending lhc outcome of proceedings undertaken by Arkansas authorities tor trial. Shortly before press lime loday Ihe Courier News received a lelc- gram from U, H. Hull, chief counsel for lhc Abolish Peonage committee of A.M.N, apparently concerning resiills Of an extradition hearing on ofTortS lo return lo Arkansas for trial. The message follows: "Buchanaft discharged. Graham Sudbur'y opines home empty handed. Fight agnlnst peonage goes on. criminal Investigation lo be nskcd of Department of Justice at Washington." / British Interest Not All Centered Against^Germany Il.v Unlli'il I'rrss . I'niue Miiiinlci C'huicliill iilodgcd beioic the Ameucan UiiifsrosH Imluyt (hut ||,c lintish people will \\agc wiu ,)ii|);iii H'liilc UIUIP 11 Ijicntli Jolt nl then bodies _ The primu miiilnlcr, in Ins -atoml luklicss to H joint acs- KIOM ol Odiuvress, misttcieil siiBircsllotiH Unit llio Bnlibh arc iimunrily inlcicili'd m UIQ \ m \ jj, Kiiippp \jv (lomlnic o I In; cnipm! ni'iuu", mm muilitilud aloujf tin- Lioiillei ol India. An mijmrlmil jmil ol Ihc win ugmmi .f.iimii, hu said will lie irtiiyoil hy Ui<rtu k>urj , Kxplo'dinif UK; mi-Koiu.opt.ioM thuL (lie HiiLiili luck mlci- i:.Ht, m Ihu K;n- I*,,!, Clnnchill c.lkd the loll of ihlmids lost to .Inpinui curly .sttccp And lie dp ,ti ibcd llic tall ol Slugii- jioi'u us lliu wiirat nnlitaiv dismU'i in Riilhh limtoiv Russians Welcome F.D.R.Envoy lly llnllcil I'riss Aiiicilcnn mid Itnsfiliui flans fluttered from windows and flan poles thi(ni(!hoiil Moscow today— welcoming rormw- Ambassador iinvles (ui his second nilMlon to (he Soviet capltiVI. A s|X.'d,-il Red Air Fnccc floliler plane osi-ort licoompanlnd presl- ilc-nl R(H).';(!VeH'.s |)pn>aiinl envoy to I'remliT Slulln from Kuibyshev to Moscow. llllih sovlcl nnd Aiuorlciin of- Jlclnls Including Amt'ilain AIIIIKI.I- Hivdor Slnndley were nl the airport lit (jrc-el Mr. l)nvltw. So fin- • Uierc IK no'lndlcnllon as lo .when Unvlcs 1 will deliver the messiige hut presumably 11 will be «oon. Tim imlurc of llic incvsiigo, nf. Course, has.nul ,l>Li!n icvi ilod , Action oii Dm ioiiK lltiislai) fronl sUll Is (ilnmierhii;, wllh biilh sides insisting, ),ho Mjllicr 1.^ pn-paihijj 'lor' bfit-sr<i!c 'tipcrs^diis Tlie iirni'y nowspapcr Red Siar rc|iort.s Unit Russlah troops Juivc wiped out 11 big' coiicciilinllun of Gcrmiin tanks mid iiuiks Iho newspaper didn't sjwclfy whcro thu acllon took place. Red Btiir iilso anytt (he bntlic for air supremacy Is Increasing In Intensity. The Nir/.L'i urn said to bo ru'shlui! fresh sqiiadrons at planes lo Ihe fronl. I'einiscot Let/ion Scores John L. Lewis - .... Mo., Mny in •Pcml.scol C'onnly Amrjilean l.i- glou Post No. OH, by, action ot 1U cxccullvc committee, 'roundly scored John I,. Lewis, Unllc<l Mine Workers rail-, for Ills' "unAinerl- cnn and unpatriotic conduct" in a resolution released' here Monday, with copies forwarded lo newspapers, and to National I.cgion CnininniKlcr Donne Wailiig, of Memphis, Tenn. Lewis, tlie icsolntlon chiirgc.-;. Is dbecthig and encouranlng mine ivuikers of his organ Uailon lo .sltikc. "cau.slna the deaths of our Kildln.s on the llghllnt; frnnl, and Ihe prolongation of Ihls war." The icfnlnllon cnimiiciulK Cnin- mamliT Wining for his Ijltlcr dc- iium lallon of Lewis as belt!;; "nn- patriollc and I reasonable" by his slrilrc-calllng actions. The Post Is unconditionally opposed lo strikes hi any vllal war Industry for lhc (iiiraltdn, and "miro-sr-rrally con- dciiins any leader who aids, dl- ircts and ciiconrat'es xlrlkm in liny filch industry; and that person should he charnclprixcd ns inipa- Irlollc. un-American 'and an enemy nf our Bovcrnmei)l. nnd we recommend lhal, he, or them, be dcall wllh ar;cordhi|-ly." Cnmnandcr Waring was ciicour- iiKCd (o continue his performance of pahlollc duly in condemning all itn-American (ictlvllles. "f appliiu-n, 'must br- retrieved and all of ihls wml |, 0 repi.ld -,illl nho drew Ihunucioin clatit when 1 j il«,luied ,;uvil the : etlccllvc nld of C-hlna as oni of lh(. mo.t mgtiil of out laslc," He ralleil iilU-ntlun t'j the |ir« ice In WniihlnRton of hlr, coni- inaiulcir, In India mill Ihe l-'ai- nnd nld' uith lonauc-ln- chrck They have nol traveled all 1 ilil'i t -Imply lo cotifri on Inipiav- Ihe heallh of tho mikado of Jiipiin. llonilM For Japnii 'llicn ho told the p.ukcd House cliambir Hint Ihu diuislillng Allied till HCSnilll/i IKJll- )i| |l|(,(; rcs ., .. ist Clonliiniy mid Haly will be iippllci! iiplnst Jii|nii al tho caillcsl moment. 'IIn nl«|iii mo of Chiitchlll iioyiir in Kicatei when he said lhal llm Lilies or Jupml win bo botnlred uu- III ' In aslit-, they must surely lie," Hi iilaud j, emplmsl-i on (lio Allied uii foic(.i unu sitd Ihev vastly, oiitnpiiibei lh« nli UrcnHh cf tlie combltlcif A»l? nalions C'lniiUilll Mild il h woll )<.oiili vlnj, lo uilsh On many and Italy »lr, bjil, nol to (Jio cxqlttslon nt' "" orwrnllmn aBalnSl-tlitm To iiiu iiucsllon (i.s JT how much of lhc vlitoiy mil be ac(.dmpllslicd bj nl£ bombing, OJnlrclilll dcclncd ' rticlci certainly ho liaun In llndlnj; 'out. Livestock Kitten, Vrcd Wahl Reports 1-1'cd Wahl, local dairyman and Iiirinrr who lives near lhc Armorcl Hoad east of DlyllKvlllc, today rc- porlnl Ilic presence In his nelgh- IwrlKinrl of a dog suspected of rubles. He said thn animal had lien n number of livestock In- mline four collie dogs owned by Mr. Wahl. These have been put Into conflncmenl nnd arc being observed for any Indications ot the dread disease, Mr. Wahl said. He urged lhal |>ersOiis coining in near conlacl wllh stray dogs In that neighborhood take no chances. HP further mwd thai persons owning dogs have them vaccinated nliBt rabies Immediately. New York Cotton open high low close Mch. . 1950 195V 1947 1043 19li May . 1911 1946 1930 I93D 1925 July . 13D7 2000 1994 1097 1991 Ocl. . 1916 1978 1970 1970 1010 Dec. . 19fil 1968 1958 1950 1958 iptiikliiu »f the Hood dls.islei in lhc Rulu and ! dci \allcjs or wcst- cui Ocnniinj (mised i, y ( nu HA! , on f,imda> nlghl, oiiuiililll rc- ili'fl thut unly Ifl niltlsh plimcs paitlclpalcd, of whldi eight welo H Is In Hit ah, Churchill said, Hint Die (.Hill, nation-; of Ihe Avl' have United unplug their rcwartl ••'(.ics in (his sphere, he do "Ml !•, 'sultt and Mire" And Hf Jl(t(l«l Hint rla> by it,ij, tho Nn/l V.HI ludihlrlal rcnlcis ar6 bc- Ini. nearer (o dcvasialion He iickiiovvIedBcd that Allied lenders arc agreed thai the dcfeal of Germany will 'mean Infallibly tin inln;,,f -.rapni'i: "Ami herald hat we shall make :our enemies In A.sln-and Europe coiisume"theJf MrciiRlh wllh •maximum rapidity'. Cl.iirolilll snlil: |,is coufcrcnca wllh President Itoftscvell Is almcVl at tlcvisliig nicthoiis' for applying our powerful :forces •'across' great ocean spaces.: Said he: ' "All ouriwar-plans: must therefore be Inspired. •.: .''by' the 011- pveine object of coming i, 0 grin with tho,-enemy on Ihe mosl favorable basis. . -. lhc-largest .-possible scale. . . nnrt .the soonesl jiib- ir.cnl possible." . : "IHir, Four" [May .Meet He cxpre.ssed .hope -thai-he -anti I'lcfidcnl nooseyelt soon vylir bo able to meet f.uc ,tb face' -wilh rrcmlcr Sfnlln and if possihla Ciencrallsslmt) Chiang Kal-shck 1 And he was conndeiit, Ihat the submarine menace will 'be overcome with the tremendous American shl]> production far'.surpa'sslhi' the losses of Britain and Iho United Slates, in Uie last three months he revealed, record results have hern obtained: In . sinking eiicmy Churchill said..history will proclaim (lie Nurlh African campaign as of great importance. 'And lie expressed undying gratitude to llic United Slnlcs.for taking • hundred*, of Sherman tanks from American divisions and sending (hem to the Hrllfsh In Africa after the fall of lobruk in June of 19-12—which he called n "dark and biltcr hour for me." ; Then he called Ihc roil of Axl- losses In Africa-ri50,000 men nntl, 8,000 planes In three years. Churchill warned, however, thai Ihe enemy still Is proud and |iow- erful. He said the Germans nn-' rloublcdly will try again to destroy the Russian Army—bill, he declared,-Hitler will nol succeed.,, The prime minister, in an eloquent conclusion, warned of great bloodshed for us before this war Is overt-.'We. cannot afford to relax, he Said. One fake step or discord aiiiong the Allies may give Ihc enemy his chance of prolonging the war • which he'called the' main .hope of Germany and Japan. •We must destroy this hope," ho said, "as we have destroyed so many others." ,. , ',

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