The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1955 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1955
Page 13
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLTTHEY1ULE (ARK.y COCTIE* HEWS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1958 A Quick Brazil Nut Bread Is Delicious By GAYN'OR MADDOX JTEA Food and Markets Editor Every year about this time a friend sends us a warm loaf of Brazil Nut Banana bread. It's great eating. Here's her recipe. Qtrick Brazil Nut Banana Bread (Yield: 1 loaf) Three-quarters cup sugar. 1 egg, % cup milk, 1 cup mashed bananas (3 to 4 fully ripe), ^ cup chopped Brazil nuts, 3 cups prepared biscuit mis. Mix together sugar, egg, milk and mashed bananas. Stir in Bra- ail nuts. Add biscuit mis; blend weH. Turn into a greased 9|i;x5 l qX- 2%-inch loaf pan. Bake in R moderate oven (350 degrees P.) 45 to 50 minutes. Cool on rack. Brazil Nat Coffee Cake (Yield: 12 servings) One and one-half cups sifted all- purpose flour, l\s teaspoons baking powder, ^ teaspoon salt, '2 cup shortening, 1 tablespoon grated orange rind, & cup sugar, I egg, Vi cup orange juice, \' A cup evaporated milk, 3 4 cup firmly packed brown sugar, l 1 ^ tablespoons flour, IVz tablespoons cinnamon, 6 tablespoons melted butter or marga- rine, 3 i cup plumped raisins, cup chopped Brazil nuLs. Sifi together flour, baking powder and salt. Cream shortening, orange rind and sugar until light and fluffy. Blend in egg. Combine orange juice and evaporated milk. Add alternately to creamed mixture with dry ingredients. Turn half the mixture into a greased 8-inch square pan. Combine remaining ingredients. Sprinkle half over top. Repeat. Bake in a moderate oven 1350 degrees F.) 50 minutes. Goats Are Goats GREENSBURG, Ky. f/P>—As the choir softly sang "Holy, Holy, Holy," at the Ebenezer Presbyterian church, two little goats tripped up the tiisle. Services were halted after some unholy snickers came from the choir, and the pastor and congregation ushered the goats out. Try a little oatmeal as thickening for soups. It adds flavor and richness. EBERDT'S GATEWAY GROCERY 2101 Rose St. Ph. 3-3161 Fresh Frozen Catfish - - ib. 39< 200 count KLEENEX Syrup KARO Plot SARDINES Gold Craft PEANUT BUTTER Large Head LETTUCE mmm Chuck, Beef box VA size Btl. Can 72 01. /or It ROAST - - ib. 39 C Pure Pork SAUSAGE 3 Lbs. Red POTATOES Evergood Sliced BACON 70 Lbs. Nabisco FIG NEWTONS Jack Sprat SHELL OUT BEANS Sophie Mae PEANUT BRITTLE SUGAR Lg. pkg. 35* £ 39< w ib. bag • Shop in Air-Conditioncd Comfort • Plenty of Free Parking Room • Lower Prices;: • Self Service GREEN OLIVE SAUCF crtolf or curry style, foes well with mtlt and vfgftafc'e dishes. Green Olive Sauces By GAYNOR. MADDOX NEA Food and Markets Editor We've been testing sauces with green olives in them. For meat and vegetable dishes they often seem the perfect answer. Green Olive Creole Sauce (Makes about 2 cups sauce) Two tablespoons butter or margarine, 2 tablespoons finely chopped onion, 14 cup finely chopped green pepper, 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour, y z teaspoon pepper, 1 No. 303 can tomatoes, drained; ] /i cup sliced mushrooms. 1 cup bouillon. 1 cup pimento-stuffed green olives. Melt butter or margarine. Add onion and green pepper and cook 5 minutes, or until lightly browned. Add flour, salt and pepper and jok until browned, stirring occasionally. Add tomatoes and mushrooms and cook 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Gradually add bouillon and olives and heat to boiling point, stirring occasionally. Serve with meats, as desired. Green Olive Curry Sauce (Makes about Z cups) Three tablespoons butter or margarine, 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour, ft teaspoon pepper, % teaspoon curry powder, l ! ,i cups milk, \ 2 pup pimento-stuffed, green olives, Melt butter or margarine. Adc flour, pepper and curry powder anc blend. Gradually add milk and cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until thickened. Add olives and con:- tinue cooking 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve with rice, as desired. Stuffed Olive Caper Sauce (Makes about I 1 ,? cups) One cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 3 tablespoons chopped capers , 2 tablespoons chopped onion, '2 cup pimento- stuffed green olives. Combine all ingredients and heat to serving temperature, stirring occasionally. Serve over broccoli, as desired. Treat Old Favorite a New Way By CECILY BROWNSTO.VE Associated Press Food Editor NEW LOOK FOR MEAT LOAF And it's achieved a simple way. sliced pend on their size. Put beef, pork, granulated rice cereal, egg, onion, salt, pepper, mustard, marjoram and tomato juice in a mixing howl; mix thoroughly With hands. Care- pimiento-stuifed olives are and arranged on the bottom of a j fully pac k meat mixture over sli- greosed loaf pan. Put them in C ed olives, taking care not to up- straight rows if you cherish a neatj set pattern and avoiding air spaces. look; or let your fancy dictate! Bake in moderate <350 degrees) the design. When the loaf comes out of the ; oven and is turned out of the pan, I the green-olive slices garnish your meat. They are pretty as can be I with t)-ieir pimiento-red centers, for the time in the oven doesn't dim their bright color one bit. We used the largest size of olives for our loaf and the big meaty slices looked and tasted elegant. This meat loaf uses packaged qiiick-cooking rice cereal as a "filler." Try the recipe if you like compact lonf that slices beautifully. We served the loaf with creamed green peas, a salad and rolls. But it is equally good with creamed potatoes and snap beans. If you Like, you can bake potatoes in their skins along with the meat loaf, then peel and dice the potatoes and join them with a cream sauce. If any of the loaf is leftover, slice it into serving-size pieces nnU arrange them on a piece of aluminum foil, then slather them lightlv with soft butter or margarine. Heat the slices under the broiler turning once, until they are thoroughly hot. We think this loaf tastes best hot—but suit yourself! The recipe for the loaf calls for dry mustard and marjoram; but chili powder and oregano mny be substituted. A half cup of medium- line grated carrots may also be added to the meal mixture. Be .sure to observe recipe directions about packing the meat.mix- ture down well in the pan in which it is baked so there will be no air holes when you slice and serve it. OLIVE MEAT LOAF Ingredients: Stuffed green olives, 1 pound chopped beef, 1:2 pound 4 servings. chopped pork, ] ; 3 cup quickcooking granulated rice cereal. 1 egg, 1|4 cup minced onion, 1 14 teaspoons salt, 14 teaspoon pepper. 12 teaspoon dry mustard, 14 teaspoon dried crushed marjoram, 12 cup tomato juice. Method: Grease bottom and sides of medium-sized loaf pan—about 8 by 4 by 3 inches. Slice olives and arrange over bottom in even rows or in any desired pattern; . , number of olives needed will de-1 - oven 1 14 hours; loaf will be browned on top. Loosen sides with knife and turn out on platter. Makes 6 servings. Creamed Celery and Oysters Ingredients: 2 cups diced celery • (14-inch pieces, 3/4 cup cup boiling; water, 1 c:m (10 ounces) frozen! condensed oyster stew, 2 table-, spoons flour, 2 tablespoons cold \va- j ter or cold celery cooking liquid, S i slices buttered crisp toast, 4 to 8 j slices bacon (crisply cooked'). : Method: Cook celery in boiling] water (do not add salt) rapidly. covered, just until tender-crisp—8 to 10 minutes. Drain, reserving liquid. Heat oyster stew over low heat until defrosted; stir often and do not boil. Lift out oysters with slotted spoon; reserve. Stir together the flour and water or celery liquid until smooth; stir into hot soup. Cook and stir constantly over moderately low heat until thickened and bubbiy. Add drained celery and reheat; stir in ..reserved oysters and 1 or 2 tablespoons more celery cooking liquid if sauce is thicker than you like. Spoon celery over 4 slices (oast on 4 individual plates; cut remaining 4 slices of toast in triangular halves and add to plates. Top creamed celery and oy.stcrs with crisp bacon. Serve at once. Makes Moke Use of Those Frash Prunes By CECILY BROWN STONE Associated Prew Food Editor HURRY AND CAPTURE some of those refreshing beauties called fresh prunes or purple plums while their short season lasts. Imprison them in a deep-dish pie. Enjoy the purple-red juice, the sweet-tart fruita nd the rich pastry topping as you spoon them over scoops of va nilla ice cream. Serve this dessert either piping hot or while It is still quite warm from the oven — never cold. No old-fashioned creation of Grandma's day had more homey flavor. DEEP-DISH FRESH PRUNE PIE Ingredients: 2!^ pounds fresh prunes, grated rind and juice of 1 lemon, 1 '^ cups sugar, 3 tablespoons flour, y & teaspon salt, 2 tablespoons butler or margarine, Cream-cheese Pastry Topping. Method: Wash prunes and dry; pit and halve; there should be about 6 cups. Arrange pitied halved prunes in baking dish — 8 by 8 by 2 inches or 10 by 6 by 2 inches or one that holds about 1^ quarts. Sprinkle prunes with lemon rind and juice. Stir sugar, flour and salt together thoroughly; sprinkle over primes. Dot with butter. Place Cream-cheese Pastry Topping loosely over prunes and sugar mixture. Fold overhang under. Press firmly into rim of dish, using upturned lines of fork. Open slits in pastry well. Bake in hot (425 degrees) oven until pastry is lightly browned — 35 to 40 minutes. Serve piping hot or still quite warm with vanilla ic?, cream. Use cereal or dessert bowls for servings because pie is juicy. Makes 8 servings. CREAM-CHEESE PASTRY TOPPING Ingredients: U cup butter or margarine, V/ 2 packages (3 ounces each) cream cheese, 3 A cup sifted flour, }' s teaspoon salt. Method: Have butter and cream cheese at room temperature; mix together thoroughly. Using a pastry fork or blender, cut the butter mixture into the flour and salt. Shape into a ball, wrap in waxed paper and chill for several hours. When ready to use, roll pastry dough about Ja-inch thicfc and about '3- inch larger than the top of the baking dish to be used for the Deep- disli Fresh Prune Pie, following its shape. Cut slits or steam vents in pastry. Fit over fruit and sugar mixture as directed. MAKE AND FREEZE You can freeze a Deep-dish Fresh Prune Pie successfully. But whether you stors the pie in the freezer baked or unbaked is a matter of choice. If freezing unbaked, do not make siiis in the crust. Here are specific directions for the freezing; and usinj. Frceiififf: If deep-dish pie is unbaked, wrap with moisture-vapor- proof film, foil or freezer paper. Seal, label, date and freeze rapidly. If baked, cool baked pie thoroughly at room temperature, then wrap. Place level Iti freezer so juice won't leak, out. Plan to use frozen pies within 4 months. To Use: If frozen unbaked, remove wrappings from frozen pie. Make slits in top crust, opening up well. Bake in. hot (425 degrees) oven 40 to 60 minutes. Lower the temperature the last 10 minutes of baking, if crust is browning too fast, to moderate (350 degrees) oven. If frozen baked, remove Wrappings from frozen pie. Heat in a moderate (375 degrees) oven 30 to 50 minutes. WHEN IS A PRUNE A PLUM All fresh prunes are plums, but all plums aren't prunes! Only those varieties of plums that can be dried without removal of the pits, and without fermenting, are called prunes. You can tell whether a plum is really a ripe fresh prune this way: it can be easily separated from its pit. A plum that' is not a fresh 1 prune clings closely to its pit. No Bear For Davys Havens for Boats PORT AUSTIN, Mich. {&) - The third of 15 small craft havens planned for Michigan's long and dangerous storeline will be constructed at Port Austin at a cost of $1,210,000. The Michigan waterways Commission says construction will start next spring at the top of the state's humb juting up between Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron. Other refuge harbors have been built at Port Sanilac on Lake Huron and on Grand Traverse Bay off Lake Michigan. Head Courier News Classified Ad" Automatic Control! Adams Appliance Co. Inc. SAVE NOW ON BRAND NEW 1956 Admiral 21 TV Relief for Heartburn ^Visiting Around Arkansas BY JOE MARSH ifOIWTT HVKTT Prosperity /rom the Swamps Agricultural Poinsctt County (8-1 % of the population is rural) bloomed after a majority of the Couniy was drained hi 1924 through building of the St. Francis Plooilwuy. Much of the County was sunken lands before that time. Now, Poinsett, which i« bi- sorioil by the Crowley Ridgo, nlmuRtfc in cotton and.rice. Meet of the industry centers around agriculture and forest products. Pninsett got it« name in 1838 from Joel KoburU I'oinsotl, then Secretary of War, who is said tti have named the poinscttl',1 and introduced it to this country. And in predominantly agricultural Poinsett County, the United States Brewers Foundation through itK self regulation program works to maintain clean, wholesome food stores, cafes and laverns for the sale of b«er M>d akt. Th« IRENTWOOD-Ebony FSniifc Matching $14.95 table i« o«r grft to you with Hut MW 'M Arfmicel TV! Complete Service Dept. For T.T. Radio & Phonograph* '•Oldest Appliance Dealer in Mississippi County" ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 206-208 W. Main Phoni 2-2071 SARASOTA. Fla. (/?>)—The Davy Crockett craze lias made ii rough on birds, the Sarasota Bird CluU stiys. Modern Daveys' not having many chances to shoot a bear, are drawing a bead on them. The bird club is trying to educate parents to supervise their youngsters' activities with BB g,uns and small rifles, and to limit the shooting to targets. Don't Forget Dog NORFOLK, Va. (If}— The fire de- pannent hu urged people to Itcep fresh water available for their dog». Every time a fire truck Is washed firemen note crowds of doss drinking from the curb. Fii'st game of organized baseball between two nine-man teams was played at Hoboken, N.J., on June 18, 1846. "TOPS-- f on T A 5 r i Work, Sleep, Play In Comfort Without Narging; Backache XBgffinB backache, headache. <»r niiucnUr aches intf pains may come on with over-exertion,emotional Upsets or day to day "tressand »i»ln. And folks who eat «nd drink unwisely •omctimu auircr mild blidder Irritation .. ,whh that restless, uncomfortable feelmr. If you arc miserable anil worn out because of these discomforts. Bonn's Pills often help by thelrpainrdtavine action, by their Booih. iiiK effect to ea» bladder irriUtion, and by tlit-irniilii diuretic action through thekidntya -lending to increase the output of the 1C miles of kidney tubes. So if naeeinff backache makee you ml dragged -out, miserable...wiihreailess. sleepless nighta...(ion't Wait...try Uonn'a Pills... H« the «ame happy relief millions have en- joyedforoverHycan.GetUoan'il'iUatodarl it takes Cream to make the finest margarine -AND ONLY CREAMO HAS IT FOODVfl w It Pays to Shop at Mays! A STORE COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED WITH PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE Ask for Coupons on CnCC Rogers Bros. Si'/ver | K L L Oil/tin SUGAR Domino or Godchaux 4 A L 1U 8 ft AAV IP* Kamily Style 20 01. VVUnlCd Creme Filled .......... PkR. IAF |*DP AftJ IVC VllCHm PET MILK ° ''°" *• a ' or ' c Mellorine — Van.. choc & Strawberry. . . !i K al. 2 c ^ 01 FO Margold ~~ '" Lb - '' a|lies 7 9K<i Betty Crocker— White, Yellow. Devils Food ...... -I Boxes PflTTPn IIVAT Amcr-I-Can Brand lU I I til mCH I Standard Brand . .. Ca VIENNA SAUSAGE V : "; v Can 100 BLEACH SueKW Ql 120 . 5 £ 590 I'intos fancy Re-cleaned DOG FOOD SHORTENINGS^ 2 Cans 3 Lh - Cln. Guaranteed to pop .. JACK MACKEREL Slandard • Pack FLOUR FREE 5 Lbs ' SllRar LUNCH LOAF Shibley's Best PI. or S. Nancy Bell 290 850 2, hs 250 2 Tall OQx cans OOp AC W29 R. *w Lbs. * 290 1 2 07,. . Can BIG COTTON PICKING MEAT SPECIALS BAC()N S,ice S& Pieces J J^ STEWING BEEF t^ 3, bs 550 PORK RIBS S MeatJ : u.350 Big, Juicy, Tender 0 $1 0 Lbs. I 00 FRANKS CDVCDC Grade "A"—1>an Ready rH I did Fat & Tender ],b. BOLOGNA GoodGade ' $10 ° Low Prices — Courteous Service Clean Meat Market FRESH PRODUCE SWEET POTATOES^; 2 Lbs 150 ONIONS No :. 1T . exas . Yellow 2 ljb ,150 Red, LEMONS Sunkist - 216 Size ^ 330 u.200 Low Prices — Courteous Service MAYS 421 S. 21 »t SUPER MARKET Ph. 3-9910

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