The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas on December 8, 1948 · Page 21
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The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas · Page 21

Amarillo, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1948
Page 21
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8. 1948 THE AMARTLLQ GLOBE. A.MARILLO. TEXAS POST CIVIL WAR TEXAS IS BASIS OF STATE FILM « 66 to 85. Hollywood's Old Timers moviei. Here are a lew Hollywood veterans, ranging C. Aubrey Smitin is dean at 85. Harry Davenport is 82; Victor Moore is 72; Charles Cobum, 71; Lionel Barrymore, 70; Ethel Barrymore and Lewis Stone are 69; lesse Lasky, 68 and Sam Goldwyn, 66. * --AASociftted Pre« Pbotos. * C. Aubrey Smith Sam Goldwyn Jesse Lasky Harry Davenport Lewis Stone Charl Dan Dailey and Betty Grable Together Again at Paramount vA At At Ji it v · _ Dan Dailey bestows his blessing on Betty Grable, his ex- wile, and Richard Arlen. her current suitor, in "When My Baby Smiles al Me," opening Friday at the Paramount Theater. FILMS IN VIENNA VIENNA (/P) -- Carol Reed, who produced the British hit film "Odd Man Out," Is now in Vienna work- Ing on another picture "The Third In response to the hearty acclaim that greeted their appearance in "Mother Wore Tights." Betty Grable and Dan Dailey are again teamed in "When My Baby Smiles At Me," Twentieth Century-Fox's newest musical hit which opens Friday at the Paramount Theater. The picture Is based on Broadway's most famous romantic drama about show business and It said to give the screen its first story of show people as they really are. A warm, heart-tugging story of the flamboyant life and love ol a stage couple when burlesque was at Its greatest, "When My Baby Smiles At Me" Is a perfect vehicle for the song-and-dance talents of Its stars. George Jessel, one of the greatest showmen of all time, produced the film which was directed by Walter --^--------__~«______ .mill wiii^ii was unec^eu ry waiter Man." The screen story was written I L a 1 B who also did " M °ther Wore by Oraharn Greene. Joseph Cotton, ffi* ^^^ £! * «-»** by Graham Greene. Joseph Cotton, the American star, plays the lead. Austrian actors will be used extensively in the film. NEW TORCH SINGER TONIGHT AT THE CLUB VICTORIA HEAR KAYE GAYLE . . . the rod-hot torch sinner, the hottest n.'il to lilt town . . . wait '£11 I! you hear her sins tlie bines. STAN GILBERT . . . master of comedy . , . Dance Every Night TO KAY CARTER AND HIS BAND FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 3-0542 or 2-0956 ^·VICTORIA I "Uptown Floor Shows!" N.E. 8th HIGHWAYS 60-66 WE'RE PROUD OF THIS EMBLEM Just think, wo are the only eating establishment in Amarillo to receive this award. It denotes fine food, pleas- Ing atmosphere and cleanliness alone with many other features. We arc proud and we know you will be proud to patronize us. Look for this tmbfem wherever you arc. It's your guide to the finest. and the finest In Amarlllo Is . . . THE FAMOUS MARINE GRILL TERRY LOMAX 1404 W. 10th (Biviris Shopping Center) For Reservation! Call 3-1105 11:00 A.M.-10:00 PJVI. "Kokomo, Indiana" for the first Grable-Dailey starrer, wrote two new sure-fire hits for their current film: "By The Way," the theme song of the film, and "What Did I Do?" a torchy ballad sung by Pajama Girl Gets Nightgown This Time Hollywood'* Pajama Girl has finally found a nightgown. June Allyson, whose film roles have had her in pajamas more often than any actress within recent memory, gets into night attire, as usual, in "The Three Musketeers." her latest. There is, however, a switch. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's Technicolor picturization of the famous Alexandre Dumas classic, now showing at the Paramount Theater, is set in early 17th century France and Enq- land. The pajama hadn't even been conceived for men. let alone adapted by the women-! than her maternity dresses. folk. It was obvious from the "* was supposed to be poor," she start, therefore, that Miss Allyson's wardrobe would not flattering. follow the usual routine. : In "Her Highness and the Bett- William Elliott In New Western Post Civil War Texas, in all its .robust, riotous and courageous tempestuonsness, lives again in Republic's "The Gallant Legion," now at the State, Theater. Packed with all thei red-blooded action and drama for which the Lone Star State is Joined, the film stars Wil- Ham Elliott. Adrian Booth, Jo| seph Schildkraut and Bruce Cabot. indJ-^oTumfaSusTurui- .H^!" T^-TVTM"* *"* M " 1y g.". admitted to the Union, a gallant Janet Martin Stars In Capitol Picture JaTlft ItYnrtln. rtnn fit fh ft«M . jlt.a * s * _ _ t _ _ -m m - y were flow- "But I knew," she laughs, "that they'd get me into some kind of night clothes." It did not come as a surprise, then, when a scene turned up in the script of the adventure story in which the actress, who portrays the beautiful young heroine, had to be! in s blanket, photographed in bed. It was in "Two Girls and a Sailor" that the petite blonde screen favorite was first seen in pajamas. This was the film which, almost overnight, skyrocketed her to fame. In It she wore special-tailored pajamas, created for her by Irene. There was nothing especially glamorous about them, however. "They were quite plain," she recalls, "to match the character I played. Gloria De Haven had the feminine, whistle-provoking pajamas in that one." In "Music for Millions," in which she portrayed a young war wife ex- boy" she had the role of a pathetic shut-In confined to her bed with a bad heart. While Hedy Lamarr wore glittering royal robes, June's wardrobe--except for two scenes--consisted of one pair of tailored flannel pajamas, bed jacket and an all-envelop- naive young bride, presented her on wave of murders and robberies "The Sailor Takes a Wife." which she was Robert Walker's forces who sought to dismember and partition it into small. Ineffective principalities. One Beau Laroux, former chief of the disbanded, infamous State Police, schemes to break up the state and create his own empire in West Texas. His on- position Is represented by the vail in ant Texas Rangers, too few in num her bridal night in a pair of her screen husband's oversized woolen pajamas. "It was getting so," says June, "that I was afraid people would think I couldn't act unless I was in pajamas." Then came along "The Three Musketeers," with its nightgown, to save the day. What kind of night attire does June Allyson wear in private life? "Why, pajamas, of course," she says. June Allyson as Constance and Gene Kelly as the dashing D'Artagnan share the starring honors in the Technicolor film. "The Three Musketeers," now at the Paramount Thea- film, ter. in her distinctive Betty Grable fashion, Betty Grable is seen as "Bonny Kane," the beautiful burlesque soubrettc, whose devotion to a lovable but undependable comic with talents far outstripping his sobriety, is the theme of the story. Jn singing, dancing and acting, Betty Is said to be at her best in this role, with her "What Did I Do?" number credited with being the most outstanding movie routine of her outstanding career. While Dan Dailey has plenty of opportunity to use his nimble feet in this film, his role of "Skid" provides a dramatic field day for the actor who won an Academy Award nomination before he soared to stardom as the screen's new dancing sensation. Grable and Dailey are supported by an outstanding cast which Includes Jack Oakie in the jaunty role of "Bozo," the burlesque comedian; June Havoc, who plays the role of Betty's chorus friend: Richard Arlen a s the wealthy rancher wno almost marries Betty after her divorce from Dan; and Jimmy Gleason, as the sympathetic stage manager. Lamar Trotti wrote the script from Elizabeth Reinhard't adaptation of a play by George Manker Walters and Arthur Hopkins. v Alex Coleman of Dozier, recently was named president of the Collingsworth County Farm Bureau for 1949. News-Globe Want Ads Get Results HEAVY EXPORTS Over 2,000,000 bicycles nnd 44000 motorcycles exported by Britain this year have earned over 3.500,000 dollars from the United States and Canada alone. TONIGHT AT THE NAT HELD OVER SHERMAN WILLIAMS AND HIS ORCHESTRA DON'T MISS THESE RECORDING ARTISTS HEAR-- SKIPPY BROOKS IONA WADE Vocalists Admission--$1.00 per person Tax Included GUESS I'M GOING TO GET PURGED (and others) ANSLEY CLEANERS 15th and Eleanor little group of men defended It against the powerful, determined her to effectually stem the crime which Beau inaugurates to achieve his goal. Aiding and abetting Beau's plot is the suave Senator Faulkner, valuable because of his influence In the State Senate. This is the situation when Gary Con-way returns home from the war to start a cattle spread with his kid brother, secretly working for Beau, is killed in a bank hold-up. Gary joins the Rangers and. comes into immediate conflict with Bsau. The two are opponents in romance, too. vieing for the affections of a beautiful reporter who covers the Rangers' activities for several papers. Although engaged to Beau, she concentrates on Gary once she discovers the undercover enterprises of her uncle, the Senator, and Beau. After a bitter and tense struggle, the Rangers finally outwit and outfight the renegades, .thus preserving unity and freedom in Texas. William Elliott plays the down to earth Conway with nice restraint and Adrian Booth does admirably as the reporter, her first role in a de luxe film. Joseph Schildkraut and Bruce Cabot personify the forces of evil as the Senator and renegade leader. Heading the large supporting cast are Jack Holt, Andy Devine, Adele Mara, James Brown and Grant Withers, all of whom handle their roles with zest, Joseph Kane was producer and director of the picture. Texas is the leading tomato- shipping state in the Union. PALO-DURO DRIVE-IN CLOSED Vm SEASON WILL REOPEN EARLY NEXT SPRING JOUBLE ill That Different Flavor . . . . . . that makes Ice Cream Better Yes, it's DOUBLE DIP ICE CREAM frozen in our own ice cream plant in your favorite flavor. TRY IT--TAKE HOME A QUART YOU'LL LIKE IT WE ALSO MAKE DELICIOUS SHERBET Polk at 14th if Dial 5732 ADULTS NIGHT GAME PARTY Each Thursday night at 8 PM. The crowds continue very large and everybody has plenty of fun and clean amusement who attends these SAME PARTIES at the SAN JACINTO YOUTH CENTER. Everybody is invited to come and have an evening of fun and the games we all like to play. EXTRA SPECIAL Each week wt havt o or mar* FREE GAMES Proceed* for benefit of SAN JACINTO YOUTH CENTER Corner 7th and Carolina EACH THURSDAY EVENING AT 8 j. M. Jinina an GALA NEW YEAR'S PARTY Make Ycur Reservations -NOW- · DINNER · DANCING · SET-UPS · FAVORS $5.00 Per Person ^Dancin- f/iahtlu Reservation* payable in advance -t IT'S THE EVENT-- Continuous music for dining and dancing from 7:30 MUSIC BY DICK MORTON and his ORCHESTRA AIR CONDITIONED Janet Martin, one of the stars of Republic's exciting drama. "King of the Gamblers," now »t the Capitol Theater, Is quite a girl. While still in her early teens she played her first leading romantic role. Now, still under 20, she is a full fledged college student as well as a Republic Pictures star. At the University of Southern California. Janet is majoring In journalism. She became interested In the subject through her contact with the studio's publicity department and, realizing: the inter-related Importance of news reporting and publicity to an actress .she decided It would be the most practical course to study. Janet has no idea of using her journalism background save as an avocation--and to help her to be a reporter's idea of a perfect actress. Smart girl! In order to manage all her activities, Janet has had to put herself on a strict schedule. She confines her dates to week ends only so that she can be in bed nightly by 9:30. While working in a picture, she has no dates at all. Then she devotes one hour following: dinner to her school work, one hour to her script and so to bed. She arises early every morning so as to get in a walk before spending another hour with her books. She always manages to get in at least an hour of tennis or badminton every day and takes a weekly singing and dancing lesson. To maintain such a strict schedule requires grit, especially In one so young, but Janet has plenty of determination and will not veer from her course. She inherits her energy and determination from her mother who was a well-known opera singer in Czarist Russia. Due to her mother, too, Janet was able lo sing in four languages by the time she was seven. Less than five years later she sang In public for the first time and put her numbers over with all the aplomb of a diva. After a series of such eon- certs. Janet was brought to Hollywood to study and gain theatrical experience In Little Theatre productions. Offers for screen role* were soon showered upon her, only to be with drawn when her reel age was made known. Eventually she won a Republic contract In spite of her age and performed so well that she was given her first leading role before she had celebrated her fifteenth birthday.' From that time on, Janet appeared in more Important role* and today Republic Is proudly making elaborate plans for her future. Janet Is a sure bet for top notch stardom. She has everything needed to build a sensational career upon--beauty, brains, acting ability, personally and a lovely singing voice. She Is a girl to" watch In the future! The first color printing on a rotary press in America was done by the Chicago Inter Ocean In 1892 I IRFDTV Wa "n * Comfortable LlUtn I I Enjoy the Following "UNDER THE TONTO RIM" With Tim Holt "THE STORK CLUB With Belts· Button. Don DeFore and Barry Fitzccrald L Y D 1 I 1% I Tne BEST Fnr The LEAST! Robert Mltchum, J.ine Grecr "OUT OF THE PAST" Also-- A Comedy Chiller "GENIUS AT WORK" And-- "Brme Bandit" THE BEST SHOWS AT THE BEST PRICES Theatre Opens 11:30 A.M. TUE. . WED. "Give My Regards To Broadway" DAN DAILY CHARLES WINNINGER CHARLES RUGGLES TODAT OPEN 11:30 A.M. 2 FEATURES Robert Mitchiim "Betrayed" George Raft Put O'Brien Janet Blulr ("Broadway" TONIGHT Open «:U MARGARET O'BRIEN BUTCH JENKINS ROBERT PRESTON GEORGE MURPHY EDWARD ARNOLD --IN-"BIG CITY" In bin hearted drama to put you in the mood for Chrlit- mas.' CARTOON ft NKW1 TONIGHT Open 6:45 CORNEL WILDE LINDA DARNELL ANNE BAXTER KIRK DOUGLAS ANN DVORAK n a. hi* production of Paul W oilman's xreat novel, "The Walls OP JERICHO 11 _ - CARTOON N E W S BREATHTAKING/ love and Adventure. L A N A I G I N f mm -mil AIM HEFI ALEXANDRE DUMAS' VHWm.\f UKK()|| I'M VIM IM\ BRM\ AIIIKM E S Q U 1 R E E I 1 R |N 10 |W GEORGE O'BRIEN « MY SON. MY SON! n

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