The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1950
Page 13
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FRTTVAV. .TTTT.T r*. IflKft (ARK.V couRrcn PAGE' OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams .nwi'EEIf Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople -. ._ BEFORE ME, IN ALL THEIR GICiANTIC SPLENDOR. -me MIGHTIEST CRANES EVER. BUILT--BCOOKUYM MAW VARO P1TTSSUCSH', AUSTRALIA, EVERYWHERE—ANE? VET YOU, WHO HAP SO MUCH TO DO WITH THEIR CREATION. HAVE NEVER BEEN! OUT OF THIS COUMTV 10 SEE THEM.' CAMEL-FAC6 OF! ^3URS TIPS ME OOT OF ' . MAJOR--. ALWAYS 8€EM 1NPEPEMDEI4T ( TUMBLEWeeDf 1 -— COME OO.PRV TVVOSJS emus OPF ST \WITW THERE'S SO MUCH TElCkl STUFF ABOUMO IT MAY BS A GAG TO GIT RIP OF TH' BULL ABOUNP HERE FOR. A WHIUE--6UT HE'LU THIMVC OP THAT. TOO. GO/ THE CVMIC SCHOOL OF PM1UD6OPHY, WAS A Be AMIKJO OPTIMIST COMPARED TO ME?.-— "THOSE UNGRATEFUL BOARDERS WHOM X'vje BEFRteiODCD LIKE A TX5TIMG UMCLE, COM6PIRE TO SMEAK AWAY on A VACATION! LARK V-ltTHOOT Me THE COWARDLY Covores' _ WHO DISLIKES DIRTY TRICK'S A MAM OF "me WORLD THE m>Rt, Mr* O.r»»I ^olitical Announcement 'li« Courier News has been authored to announce the followUlR can- triiites, subject to Uie DeTnocratic rimaries, July 25 and August 8 . TOR COUNTY JUDGE Roland Green 9 STATE REI'KESENTATIVE L. H Autry Re-election Post No i John .' Cowan Kenneth S Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A. Banks post No 2 E. C. "Gene" Flccmnn (!Mr re-election Post No. «) W P. Wells For State Senator W : R Nicholson J. Lee Bearden SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR Osee .Nunnally William Berryman l5%OFf . hit On Your (joleman FLOOR FURNACE ff You Install It Before July 31st It Nowl Save money, be icly for winter before the rush. And get the famous Cole- hian that:£ive»:you Automatic Heat—Clean Heatr—Warm- Floor Heat VM A Demonstration Today Chasi. S, Lemons Furniture Here's One Way To Save Money Expert Service HflLTCRS QURUTY SHOC SHO IZ I W. M O I M ST. . IIWW kill I. Ik. _.< ••<•> ««T («| l*mr <•?• U he ••••Id IrU Kc**er. hr U •fraltf (••! ••Ittl^al II I I WENT tc my ear and drove downtown to the Stale House. thinking about that call (or me that had come to my apartment (louse that morning. It couldn't be the donor at the $4000 tor that oerson knew loo much about me to call when I wasn't at home 1 parked and went into the Annex which housed State Attorney General K.eever's offices They were deserted, tor everybody was out to lunch. 1 went to my own private cubbyhole, propped my (eel on my desk, leaned back and lighted a cigaret and tried to think out the predicament in which I round myself 1 (elt that I would do better oo an empty stomach, so I was passing up lunrh. It was taking an awful chance, carrying those bills on me. They were unmarked, but whatever bank had issued them would have their numbers If somebody wanted to frame me J400O worth, all he would have to do now would be to send in the city dicks or even have Keever nail me with his gang of investigators. I was the titular chief of those investigators, who numbered six. and who had been recruited from the tall-bush country in the pia- cation of small-town political lead_era who were satisfied with getting brothers-in-law on tteever's payroll. They spent most o! their time hunting the hats they had left in restaurants, and Keever was too shrewd to use them on anything involving the intelligence of a high-grade moron. • • • 'J'HE only person In the office who took them seriously was Dr Curtif T Durbin. • former irofessor of criminology in some midwest college.oil the main cow- >alhs. Dr Durbin's tille was State i -riminologist. and his main tune- I ion was to travel up and dowo he state lecturing to the businessmen's clubs and ladies of the auxiliaries. Dr Durbin was popu- ar with Keever's Keystone Cops, for he usually took several or all 3t them along with him to carry ' lis toothbrush. I There were plenty of capable men on the staff of lawyers hired us Keever's assistants. They numbered 35. bul (heir main iob was to difl law and prepare opinions which Keevor signed sometimes wilhotn even reading These opinions were for the guidance of district attorneys and other stale officials They were duly bound in impressive vclumes and issued at the exnrtise of (he taxpayers at the rale of three a year The ordeal ol preparing these opinions was so heavy that few lawyers stayed on the payroll after they could find a decent job in a law oHicc. There were some exceptions, key men who sought to use the position of a higher-ranking assistant as a stepping stone to the oflice of attorney generaj itself. And then there was Preston Shellon. a youngster who had entered Keever's employ after separation from the army and who had stayed on because of extra-mural assignments. These assignments were with me and al my own request, for Shelton was as good wilh a .45 as with Ihe law books, as lie had proved by blasling eight Japs in a single session. Shelton was the only man tn the cilice that I could trusL 1 made up my mind to tell him my story as soon as he came back trom lunch. This caused me the bitler reflection Uiat Shellon was probably at Ihe very moment lunching with Kay Kennedy, Keever's secretary and Ihe office queen. SheJ- Iton and I both had the same Meat auout not bul thai did not mler- lere with our (rieudsrup. • • • QUTSIDE the heav, main door tliuddra shut I e,oi uc thinking it might be Shelton. th« onlj man on the stnfl who ever showed up ahead oi time 1 opened the door and found Keever JuM outside. - I was Hist coming to see you, Ben. J noticed four car In the lot and figured you would be here." Somewhat aghast, I stepped back to permit Keever to enter To my knowledge It was the flr»t time he had ever graoed my cubbyhole with his presence The mountain tnily war come to Mahomet 1 took • hurried look tround »»w the usual disarray of magazine* and old newspapers, and wondered if Keever would comment- lie was usually eager to take some dig al me. no matter how pert?. But this time Keever seemed preoccupied. He sat down tD one ol my two gitesl chairs and stared across my cluttered desk. "Ben. I'm worried for a long time I've thought everything was going too smoothly This morning I gol a phone call that convinced me thai the road ahead will be rough." I eyed Keever. He did look worried The fine lines around his eyes were deeper than usual, and his brow was furrowed. He kept playing with his fine-line mustache It seemed to me that the distinguishing graj nair at his temples was a tittle grayer, but that was probably my imagination. "Yes, boss?" "This call was anonymous, of course, but 1 still think it mean] something The girl said—" Keever eyed me quizzically. "You know something, Ben?" He eyed me with puzzlemenL ' "No. Go on." "The girl said she had no concern in the matter whatever but she thought 1 ought to know that somebody in my office, one of my trusted men, was accepting a large bribe. 1 asked her who 11 was. and she wouldn't tell me. Why are you looking that way. Ben!" <T« Be Continued) Coal and wood-burning stoves should be set on insulated inciiil pads. 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' i PKISCMXA'S POI Never Too T,ate BY AL VERMEEB I TOOK MY COUGH MEDICINE LIKE YOU Getting the Lowdown liY MICHAKL O'MAl.l.KY and RALPH LANS WHEN MKS. KYLE'S P1ANS WENT HAYWIRE, MR. STEEL, SHE SOCTA, WEIL, BLEW HER TOP. THAI 5 kiGHT. JUST HOPE T^ COME ON.MEC, MR. FLINT HAS BETTER LUCK I WC'VC OO17OCET THAN 1 DID. SHt'S A PRETTY / DOWN THERE ' MEAN WOMAN WITH A RlfLE. NO USE HIDING, VIC FLINT. I KNOW YOU'RE HERE M THIS ROO* SOME PUCE, AND WHEN I' UNO WU.../ CAITA1N KASY "anchita Is Curious 1JY LESLIE TURNER HERE, SWING UP BEHIND \ CAPTWW ____• i STOP! ./SPEED... IT'S ME. WE'LL OVERTAKE 'EM I WWSON IS SAW IN THE PUEBLO. HE IF ThEV GET STUCK ASA1U /HttPlESSHBH .THKT9 OODi ODCOUUKT ESCRIK rr, cootowu? OLD SMLKE KASGETIHI BURS IHINNY Now He Knows TH' NCEOLC DIDN'T EVEN MOVE « E MUST BE S£TTIN WEAKi/wwac [ More Than They Expected WAS NOT CAESA25 NO.' FJATHEf? PEOOF OF YOUR COUPAGe...SUCH TOY BOWS FARE WELL ONLY IF THAT SEA SO WILLS.' TOY BOATS' 7 COME.SKEPTIC, BEHOLD CAESAR'S FLEET.' 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