Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1896
Page 8
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THE GOLDEN RULE. EXTAORDINARY -:- I (' - . * , - . ; -:- MARK DOWN SALE V' '-,'••;•: ', " ,.••,'. • •' '*•' > Greatest Values of the Season We advise Early Selections. 3000 LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS! flust Be Sold We have made Three Lots out of the Stock we offer. Lot .1. Elegant made Shirt Waists in many colors and styles. Best Bargains that we ever offered, Choice only 28c; Lot 2 This lot includes many different colors including- Linen color and varied designs such as stripes, plaids, and figured, choice only 48c; Lot 3. are very fine Shirt Waists in Lawn, Dimities, Modress, Dresden Designs such as are sold for $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75. These are all new goods, but are broken lots in sizes, choice of any 98c. Sen mitt and Heinly. AT THE FRONT News From Democratic Seat of War—Contest One Sided. Be Good to Your Feet. Don'c expect then to be comfortable in uncomfortab'e shoos. BRING YOUR FEET HERE And clothe them in u, pair of our tasy-littere, tan or black. We have fixed the price so you can do tbat easily. We don't want to carry over any tans and will puih them oat at these prices. Ladies' Tan Walking Shoes 79c, OSc, $1 23 and $1.48 Gents Tan Lace Shoes $1.,4S, $1.98 and $2.48 Our line of elegant button boots can never be equaled. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. THE DEDICATION. OLD BOSSES HELPLESS i t '' ' D. D. Dykeman Downed by Cass County—Apparent Harmony In District. Big Celebration to Mark.CompIe- of State Home. •• •• Straws That Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show that lit must have blown a tremendous gate towards Fisher's, for .they liave straws of all the new shapes and sizes, straws In straw color and any other color you wish piled on their shelves and waiting to be called "the last straw" in the newest style bought at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Lo^aasport. Light Derby's, light- nobby straw hats and jaunty handsome bicycle caps are what we have a big run on now. flORRIS FISHER - TH0HATTER. WHEEL TALK. Though,lie punctured Lis tire twice, 9, II. Broadbent brought down the Aiwtralian 100 mile road record to 5:45:00, breaking the Australian record nineteen minutes. The American re- oord is 4:40:09, lield by A. B. McDon- ael, o.f Toledo. World's record Is 4:21:45 add by A. E. Walters of England. Tocket Kodaks at the Burgman <2ycle Co. No tandem runs hard with one's best ati-l on the front seat. The Flee-twing for ladies. There are more of these wheels used In this city than all other makes of wheels. Love and toll-gate keepers differ Bomewiiat. Love never asks for pay In advance. '"•<• Havo your bicycle Insured, against «ioft. Burgman Cycle Co., will do it. Carpet and serge sl-lppcrs 32c.—Ander- son (Sr Rans. 'All tan 1 shoes at great sacrilice tltls week at Anderson & Rans. B, F, Smith,..the piano tuner from IndhuuvpoJIs, is located at rtio Murdock for :i few days. AH.orders loft there will be promptly attended to. Ladies' tan sbo.2s including all the latest shades, wort!* ?4 and ?0, A, B, C and D wtditbs, reduced to .ftf.OS.—Au- dersoiii •& Rans. I can be found on and after today my new horse shoeing shop on, Third street, formerly occupietl by James I-T Canney, between Market ami Broad way.—J. M. Elliott. Get it" is g-ood advice but "Take Simmons Liver Regulator" is better l'oi votir health, and happiness. Everybody kl take a Evor remedy occasionally and especially iu the Spring to wake up the. torpid iivcr and keep up a healthy ch-cula.tion of good rich blood, free from poison and full of- nourishment for the body. "We would no keep house without it."—H. G. G. Fink, Springdale, Ta. The Board of Trustees of the Indiana Stale Soldiers' Home have so fat' com- lileted the buikUngs-of that institution that they are now ready . for 1 -formal pivsemiiaioii to.the State, • aud the Fourth of ,luly lias befru selected as rhc day most appropriali; for (lie dedicatory ceremonies. .. . . ; The Indiana Soldiers'. Home is 1 situated on ;i liigliJiind, overlooking Hie Wu-: basil- river, eomtiguuu* to the famous Tippecajioe batitle Held! The ground includes 350 acres, costing !j!15,(X)0, and was donated bj; . Tippecanoe county. Stil^-iatitial bui.'dings Lave been erected tbereou under ilu 'appropriation of if7o,-. 000 bv the Indiaiua' LJegislndire. : • The people of 1 Indiana have popular- ised this movement'by .appropriations through their County Commissioner.* I'or Ihe erection- of 'cottages at the "Home" -for the use of veterans and tlioir wives'from those-Counties.!!.''.The. amount contributed for this; purpose from each county ranges from $500 to .fo.OOO. The.names of.counties having cottages built or in course of construction are Tippecanoe. IJawrenec..Starke, Porter, Yigo,- Warren,. Newlou,;:White, Floyd and .Lu-Pot'to. Recfflitlji;:-o.tlicr cotmti-es are . reported to luivaj made similar aMiropria.tious.btit the'sites for tinel-r buHdings have not yet. been ..selected. No 'doubt all' the counties will join. in this beneficent workj. The Department'of Indiana G. A. R, domited $3.000 for live cottages. Th Department of Indiana: Woman's Relic Corps will build one cottage. Tlie Job A. Logfiu VT.'R. C, of Lafayette, th Marsh B. Taylor W."R.:C. of West Laf ayudto will each build a. cottage, severa of which ftre now coinpJoted'.-.and :il buHdings constructed by July 4th, eitb er by the trustees or counties or so defies; will be formally dedicated with appropriate services, j Gen. Benjamin Harrison; G.ovoraor Claude M-at(tliew«i, Gen! .Lew Wallace Gen. I. X Walker, Col/ R. P. DoHart, awl other'distinguished persons of Indiana, will-take pnirt in the program. In addition to tlie 1 exercises at the Home, there will be military and.civic.parades boating excursions, bicycle-tournament, •ond numerous other features'of public entertainment, toiumuatln.fr --with -a grand display of. /ireworks In the evening. • : ' • ' ONE OF: MAIS'Y. ' Idaville Observer: The huckleberry War Is now abroad In t.ho town. Elmer Elder is just 'now claiming that he liicked eighty-nine quarts of; huckleberries off'one bush one over three feet high, the Iwdy of the bush being not :|]loker than a penny lead pencil. . Special to The Journal: .ludjnuapoJIs, .June 2& ISUO.-Qui.le a number- of Democrats are on tlie ground ready for the preliminary work of the 'State 'convention which .meets tomorrow. The nd- voeales of sound money stand nrpuixl aud look on iu a helpless sort o£ way. They are as a rule the party eadeivs-. men \vlto have conic to the Ironfr by eflk-ienit, party service, and who >y years of experience are best, quali- led to take part, in the party councils. The /liver men are i,u the saddle, ng men. Inexperienced, and to a ufe extent, giving their newly discov- red powers'full sway. It, was thought last night that the outest in the Seventh district would rove a" serious one. Governor MaU- liewis, 'however, today brought such pressure upon Ohairman Holt, that the districts were called together at 3 o'clock this afteriLOu to select members of the committee on credentials. This committee met at 4 o'clock lo dispose of the Indianapolis contests. As the committee was pretty nearly solid for silver It goes without saying that the silver contestant;? were seated and that Tim Griffin and his "Push" take ch-arge; that Mayor Tagga.rf, Slate Chairman Holt. John P. Fnw.el. Willi:im E. EnglMi, W. D. Byuum, and otlii-r soutul money Democrats will not even .be .i>ennteted to participate iu the State, convention. Cass county Is tolerably well represented but tJie gold men seem to be in the majority. Dr. C. t. Thomas, Frank Kis'tler, Editor B. F. Louthalu. John_ C. Nelson, Hotns Magee and ot.lie.i-ss are talking sound money iu the hope of yi?t stemming the tide. Iu this .connection there was quite a contest between Dr. M. A. Jordan and Judge L>. D. Dykeuuiu, booh of whom wanted to go'to Chicago as delegate lo t.ho National Convention. Judge Dykoman is a pronounced free silver man, while the sound money men in nhuir efforts in behfilt! of Doctor'.Tordan give the im- [irossioii that he is with them on that proposition. George Pahiier was here from tlie Third ward 'to see that Doctor Jordw.il diiidn't pet anytihJuig. In the con- tost this evening,in the Eleventh district mooting, there w:is not much friction. Hon. Rufus Magee was made chairman, and W. B. WestJake secretary. Emmett Mulhollaud was- chosen as assistant .secretary of the convention. When nomlnationis for delegates were called for, John T. Strange of Grant county was named, Dr. flattery uom- Particular and Careful Buyers. Will Notice at once that we are determined to quit business and that we will ruthlessly slaughter he pric'es on all goods in our • Great Closing Out Sale. The following quotations tell the whole story. '0 Men's .-ill wool black cheviot sail;-, lire ?IJ kiwi now go at ?5.os HO Men's nil wool 20-onnce clay worsted suits, sack or frock, worth $H. slashed to ,«7 :H KG Men's all wool business stills, well \\-orrli .*10, now go at S3.4S liOO Men's pan Us tlmt always sold for $4 and S.". are offered iu our farewell sa.le of ' •. S2.4S 2.jO Children's suits,, double, breasted, in latest fabrics, worth .?5 lo $''>. slushed clown lo.:. ',. .' $.".4N 200 Children's suits, rcui'ers and junior*, well worth $3 and $3.50, -given away now at §1 93 Summer coats and vests for men and boys, only y ,r,q Mini's work pants that, any mere-hum will charge yon !>1 for, our price slaughtered to $ j;$ ^5 Dozen balbrkrgan undershirt.-* that ivta.il tlie world over for i>. now.? .It; 100 pairs boys' knee pants, any size, worth ix-. now go at ? .1." 100 Dozen suspenders, silk overshot, always sold at L'.'X-, go in th*is goodbye sale for 0$ 100 Dozen men's seamless lOe socks now at O-S Porcnle dress shirts 3^ Bust work shirts gg Best iinlauiHlerod shirt ;}o Hest white laundered shirt .f.cio and .7.' Hilst night shirt 5.3-; , lnd 50 Genuine 25c celluloid collars -\- t Hals, umbrellas, children's waists, overalls, neckwear, all go at s;i,me ratio. Alpaca coats, mohair coat:* and vests, linen coats and rests, at your own price. Our stay in Logausport is so limited that we are compelled to offer the Roods away below cost, to get rid of them in a hurrv. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street. out of the meeting. Cass then iinheo on lion. Joseph Gray as second alternate, and he w.is chosen. Major M. H. Ividd, o£ Wabasli, was from this district. made elector HERE THEY GO! | CHOICE OF ANY SHOE IN Sir STOKE FOR ?3.4S. OFF FOR DAYTON. wilted D. D. Dykeman, aud Judge Nelson secoiKlod the nomination of John T. Srrnngo. Dr. Hattery then withdrew Mr. Dykema,u\s name, and Mr. Strange vas chosen by acclamation. S. E. Cook of Hu'uHngtou. was also made a dele- gait e. When-alternates were called (or, Burr Sweefser of Grant county, was uoiiiln- ted, aud Dr. Hnttery again named udge....0ykernan. Frank Kisrlcr eCouded the nomination of Mr. Sweetser. Tire first ballot gave ,Dykeman tlility-niine, Sweetser eighty-eight. Cass county gave Dykeman twenty. Sweet- sea 1 seven. Cliairaia.u Magee in an- •ttouucJufi- the vote, congratulated the '^district on keeping Cass county's light St. Matthew's and St. George's Commanderies Have Special Cars. St, Matthew's Commaudory, K. of St. J., and St. George's Commaudery, K. of St. J., left yesterday afternoon for Dayton, Ohio, to attend the auonal convention of the Cat.hoHc Knights of America. The two commnndcries formed a jolly crowd and Hie.re were many admiring friends at the Panhandle station to see them off. Tliey luul TWO cars attached to train IS for their special use, aud a. long baiiuer bearing tlie name of the commandory .adorned the sides of the car to which, each' was assigned. Sr. Matthew's commnndery will enter Uie competitive drill for the chauipion- sh-Jp of the United States, aud St. George's eommandery accompanied die former to "root'.' for.their.success. The drill company Iras been putting iu the evenings and early mornings at hard drill for the last three weeks, and it is believed \\ill be able to brlngr back tlie prize, if there is no favoritism shown a-nd the award is made on the merits of the drills put up. The command is with Ca.pt. J. R. Fox, with First Lieut. J. R Kelley tijid Second-'Lieut William WhJtehoad as line officers.'.They are a line-Iooldng lot of men and if they put up as good a. drill -iu competition as they have i.u practice within the last week, they will bag the prize Capt. Charles Ruhl is iu command of St, George's coiuaudery. with Lieutenant John Huffman and"William Kulia as line officers. A number of ladies accompanied the eonnnsuideries and will have a share in the fun. NOTHING RESERVED-MEN'S AND WOMEN'S ?5, ?G & $7 FINE SHOES YOUR CHOICE FOR 53.48. THIS SALE IS STRICTLY CASH- ALL GOODS MUST BE PAID FOK BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE. I propose to close out all my spring and summer goods. It don't pay to carry goods over until nest season. I prefer new ones, consequently this big- reduction. Low shoes aud slippers nre low, awfully low in price, but quality very high. Pilling, the hustler for business. 412 Broadway, Logansport, Indiana. To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention of tie housekeeper and not a little de» pends on the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly donc-cpcurtalnispoil the effect of a well-furnished borne quicker than anything else. We hare experienced help in this class of work who do nothing else and we KQow we caa give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of laundering- shirt waists, being th« only flrm In the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We win appreciate your patronage. Men's razor 1xxMla<rk tail shoes, worth $:.! .and ?4', reduced to ?1.0S.—Anderson | & Rans. • Campbell Bros. 42pfMarket St. The of Your Life. FOR CASH ONLY We Wil ' S6U wlihout reserv e °^ entire $14,000.00 stock of shoes and slippers AT ACTUAL COST as we on the dollar «i. *„* M <aretabout *° "model pur store room and must have the space. This is no Fake Bankrupt Old Stock nor the sprine traae - ™ s is your 403 BROADWAY.

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