The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 18, 1948 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1948
Page 8
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PAdt THE MALVERN LEADER/ MALVRRN, JQWA, MARCH 1ft, SILV E R CIT Y Emaitchess HBNH ROVING REPORTER n\ ,foyrr fnmptoll Of course everyone is Urge* Voter* to Strew the Importance of Adequate Secondary Road Program Mills County farmers oncn Harold Williams, Wayne Stew- Mr. Frruler Is seriously 111 at Art nnd H. P. (5all attended tho him home. Their daughter Nnoml Hftsonic Circle nt Mnlvern Mon- who attends the Hihle Institute day night. in Omnh ais with them. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Archer Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Cllpson, , ntln "'on'thp'winners oTtiio earn!- ftre httvln * 'heir attention called of Emerson and Mr. and Mrs. Frances and John were dinner va i KlnK an<1 Q,, cen title The first to Iowa ' 8 deplorable secondary Floyd Derby of Red Oak were guests Sunday at the home of two dB * s of competition brought rond 8ystem - Spring thaws, phis dinner guests Friday at tho home Mr. Cllpson's sister, Miss Berniee nvpp ji'nn t n the student council the nrom| s e of A P rl1 showers are of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frwler. Clipson of Olenwood. 80 despite i°s many defects this ™ re than likely to forco many TMM, on ^ M ™ « Tne ra)l1 Durham family of ldpa J.... have somethine Per- farmers elther to stft y Rt nome . Uniln £2, 7« ? Tn ° f Malvern have ren ted the Howard na * ™ ex ^ year they can ^ron out ° r * et the tractor out to pul1 the Lincoln Neb. and Helen of Oma- McKern resldence . ?om« Tthe^nkVbeSJe twnfniE famlly car through the mud ' ha who spent the week end at ?? „ , , turning Count Farm Bureau Presldent their home, were also dinner Mr. and Mrs. Nickson and fam- the garage of salesmen loose. I B F Buffington of Qlenwood guests. The occasion was to cele- ily of Indiana have moved In the ™ uld liko I?/"* 8 ? 8 ',, ,\ I" this week called attention to the brate Mr. Clipson's birthday. farm home vacated by the John this the candidates be kept to the Fftrm Bureau - 8 secondary road The Silver City high school Stude family. senior «>"»?• s [ nc f il ls their la f program, and urged all eligible boys quartet sang at the Chris- Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Gait and ye " °' sch ° o1 - In many schools voters to Stres9 the importance of tian church in Glenwood Sun- Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Anderson at- s " ch th1ngs ' as cheer-leading and ftn adequate 8econdary road pro . day night. In It are John Clip- tended the hockey game in Om- King and Queen candidates can gnm , n Jowa ,, Good secondary son, Seldon Williams, Lindell aha Tuesday night. The occasion be selec ted from only the senior roadg are flg much to the lnterest Hayes and Bob Henderson. was to celebrate the birthdays of class and this gives the st "aents of the business men ag they are Mr. and Mrs. Roy Derby have Mr. Anderson and Mr. Gait both 8 ° methin & to look forward to their to farmer8> ., he sald ., The goa , returned to their home from of which are March 17. last ycar - Just one of my ideas ~ of the Iowa Farm Bureau with its Meadow, Neb., where they, spent Mrs F w Anderson silver klck u around a11 you lihe ' 126,000 members is to give every with their son. c , (y Red ' Crogg chairmnn and The seniors have obtained Mr. reasonable located farmstead an Jensen and Patty Harold winiams. Ingraham twp. Clark as their director for their all-weather outlet," he said. chairman, attended a kick-off c]!ls s play which is to be given the Mr - Buffington explained that dinner in Glenwood Wednesday las t P ar t of April, but they have witn spring rains in prospect and evening. not selected the play as yet. wlth man y "* the county's mud NOTICE returned to their Cal., after spending the past couplo of weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Pollitt. The undersigned will on March 22nd, 1948, at 10:00 O'clock A. M. at the office of Wobdford R. Byington in Malvern receive bids and offer for sale to the highest bidder the residence property now. being occupied by Mrs. A. J. Darnold and the residence property now being occupied by James A Wells. All offers and bids subject to the approval by the District Court of Mills County, Iowa. J. H. BECKWITH, REFEREE VAUGHN HOOVER Dial 3151 Malvern e The Rebekah circle March meeting has been postponed and will be the first Tuesday Place will be announced later. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Fornoff of Plattsmouth have moved into the farm home vacated by Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Messenger Orlo Harris roads likely to be imVassable'for and little son Rus sell who had er ln Ornaha( carnivel is the much of the spring, the subject f ayed wlth hls P ai% ents, Mr. and Th . annual contri- of road improvement is partlc- Mrs - w - p - Messenger, since they lnursaay - Along with the deadline for all annual contri- of road improvement is partlc- £!. butions. The seniors started out ularly timely this month. moved here from Texas a few this year to sponsor an annual to The Iowa Farm Bureau Fed- montns a S° have leased the Mrs. make money but found that if eration's {resolution recommends Dl A- Norton house and are now they wanted to put out a really a threefold development of a sec- l° cate< i there. ' and Mrs" Lawrenco'sinltii sr and " ice yenrbook they must sacrifice ondary road building program, their profit and now they find according to economical standard they might run just a bit in the specifications that are actually busine89 cal1 Wednesday and 8Qay an ° Fw «to» Customers checks at M.i4 a «, T ^ , Malfern Leader of- flce - 5-tf. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stewart and Sharon of Malvern were dinner guosts at tlie home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Mass Sun da v. rod, but the annual will be some- needed and most used. thins to remember. The covers "After each county has proved alone, a white leatherette and its eligibility by complying with j IrSf Ci CHAMPION HILL Oiant of the Birds Growing 11 feet tall, the mndagas- cnr is tho largest bird known to f i Hostess to padded, are costing 60c each as the above three-point program, Gooil Will Club compared to the 15c that was we recommend that more federal Tho Good Wil] rlnh t t ,,.. on the annual covers two and state aid be distributed, in a home of ^L Ca5rL McLfn ^^ ub8 tnntlal part, on an equaliza- Emerson , ast Thursdav . Mrs. * f ? r c ° n ^" ction ; m , ain - Evertt Sawyers was assisting hos- , rel>uildlng o£ th « M tess. The next meeting will be years ago. "Not No! Baxter — you don't drain her like you do the tractor." INEXPERIENCE IN \ FARM FINANCE IS COSTLY TOO! Proper financing frequently means the difference between a good Jiving from your farm or just enough profit to barely get along. We specialize in farm banking needs and are always glad to help you with your problems. Malvern Trust & Savings Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Subject Sidelights By Mary Ann Bingham Have you bought your votes made. if , if real progress is to be "We favor increased state and federal aid to defray road costs. held April 8 with Mrs. A. J. Griffin. Mrs. Bullington will assist. yet? This is the greeting that the , „ , ,', student body has on its lips. A hot be dPr K-.d f campaign between six swell sets '" of kids is being publicized around town. Congratulations to the lucky r ° f Evangelistic services will be . °1\1- held at the church starting March 26. Rev. George of the Grace Bible Institute will be the speaker. Will th» iprlng rath eateh yea waiting for rtpairt? present, we should be funds to be used pair and may the best couple win. t " h " c " "!""', ls «">« Pitiful and Mrs. F. G. Kochersperger was the cost of materials is cheaper, a guest in the Francis Parker M. H. S. students aren't groping However, many secondary roads home for supper Thursday, their way through the halls any are in desperate need of mainten- Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooper more. The reason why, the in- ance w ork, therefore some funds and family were supper guests stallatlon of fluorescent lights in sn ^ u 'd he expended immediate- 'Friday evening of Florence and not only the halls but also in the ly -" Wilma Cooper in Emerson, classrooms. Believe me, it really President Buffington pointed ,, . ,. „. _ „, makes a difference and the kids out that the Governor's special - Mr " and Mrs Wayne Bulling- really appreciate it. committee on roads has heard testimony from Howard Hill .. ? , rt>g 'i e i U1 ° f ,, Mr> ? nd nof Red Oak> Mr " and Mr8 ' Dale , The home ec. classes have wel- president of the Iowa Farm shelly and family were Sunday corned Miss Miller, the latest Bureau, in which Hill asked that C- Bullin Ston and family. addition to the faculty. She has the committee's report make Mrs- F ' °' K °chersperger en- certainly been a cooperative per- recommendations relative to the tertalnecl at a birthday dinner for son taking over responsibility of raising and distributing of funds her dau £hter, Mrs. Joe Allen. the home ec and Pep Clubs and for Improving Iowa's transporta- Quest8 Included the Aliens, the helping the Juniors along. Wel- tlon. Rev - E. E. Wiley and Max of Om- come to M. H. S. Miss Miller, we -• _ . aha and Mr - an <l Mrs. Stanley m^nj»«^iii^-»« P ^««,» ,_ m . , m „ „, Reed of Council Blufs. *^^^^*'*WftW«firttvm'iiffMlS Mr. and Mrs. Dean McLaln and LAST LIBERTY * farnll y took Mrs - McLaln-B sister. ™ T B Donald Maher, to the home Not if we can help itl If you haven't already checked over your equipment, NOW is the time to get it dorie. <Ar For jobs that you can do yourself, visit our — PARTS DEPARTMINT We can supply Allis-Chalmers repair parts made in the same factory and to the •ame specifications as the original. really appreciate you. This is a sort of beforehand warning but the annual Student council carnival is coming up soon, March 19, to be exact. Plans have been made for a bigger and better carnival than ever, so, everyone please attend. if For reconditioning, check-up, overhauling, adjusting, installing parts, painting and general service, phone our — SERVICI SHOP Our mechanics are factory trained. That's your guarantee of first rate service. A phone call will put your job on our schedule. Give us a ring. of the ladies parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Davis, Sunday afternoon. UitofitofhtNcrtteral Farm and Home Hour wlthlvertrtMltchill, lv*ry Saturday, NIC C fllLIS-CHflLMfRS SAlIt AND SIRVICI Mrs. Wm. Lutz was hostess to 10 East on four one-act plays which are be presented early In April. For the benefit of anyone inter- i playa are Love of Allah." "Tell Dorie Not to Cry," and "The Strange Road." These plays are being put on by the High Traveling Bill Before the war, Americans ipent T. L. Salyers ance ' G ' ady " Pet ^ led " ""' Edna Want Ads Pay! Phone 3031 Malvern best. Itar-alns In th« Want Ads! ^^~T^\\T^~l Now is the time and this is the Store to get Wallpaper You'll love the fresh new patterns we're showing this spring. Something Mutable lor every decorative need. Papers to enable vou to ,.*„,**! AUTHORIZED DEALER The Friendly Store _DELBERT O'BELL, Owner, Malvern, Iowa Proctor and Jimmie. Miss Ida Nel son, Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Mary Darnold of Malvern were also present and Mr. and Mrs. Lutz. The cooperative dinner was enjoyed by the group and during the afternoon much quilting was accomplished. It was planned 'to have the next meeting, with Mrs. Jva Ht-ndL-raon on Wednesday, April 7. THE HOME OF TOMORROW CAN BE YOURS TODAY! Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Maddocks spent from Friday evening until .Sunday afternoon with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddocks, and helped them celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary which wa_s an Friday, March 12. Their daughter Mrs. Frank Will, called from .N'ew York City on that date to extend congratulations. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stocker of Ottumwa were week end guests at the, home of her sister, Mrs. Hoy Proctor and family. Mr. and Mrs. Dale McClure have moved to the Roy Proctor tenant hoube instead of to the George Howard home as had been previously announced. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Haines and son, LaVern and W. O. Howard were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Buster Largent and family. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Judah, Jimmie and June were dinner guests iu Malvern, Sunday at the honiu of his sister, Mrs. Homer j2.Cl;:;Gri, aiiu faiuii/. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson of Omaha, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddocks and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mad- dockb were dinner guests of Mrs. Kate Maddocks ia Silver City, Sunday. In A Few Easy Ste Make Yours The H Give your home new sparkle . . . the beauty of a new roof ... the comfort of insulation ... the safety of fire-proof siding. Eaeily and quickly. Micklin can transform your home into a home of tomorrow. Write or call Micklin today ... our representative win -be happy to call on you. ps MICKLIN Can ome of Tomorrow It NEW SIDING: Beautiful designs, colors to give your home the aparkle of spring. Ask to see them all. 2, NEW ROOFING I Called by expert and insured workmen with only the finest material. 3. INSULATION J Guaranteed to pay for Itself within a few years. No muss, on bother when Micklin insulates your home. THREE YEARS TO PAY MICKLIN 1702.CUMING ST Phontfi - Jo. 65OO OMAHA, NEBR NO DOWN PAYMENT IDENTIFIED RESPONSIBILITY ^^^^ f ^ tr !! ng jy idw ^ tcrn Hame^wner* | If*™*" nvywiii ^ ,^ M|i , ^/ynig| III in

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