The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1937
Page 2
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ELYTHEV1LLE, (AflK.) WEDNESDA Y, JANUAkv ; 27, Social' Calendar t ^ ' THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Ross D, Hughes having Thursday Luncjieori club, 1 President's'Ball, city auditorium Mrs. A. B. Fairfield entertaining Mld-Week Bridge club Mrs. P, B. Joyner having Tliurs- dny Contract club. Mrs Loy Welch having Thursday Bridge club. Town and Country Bridge club meeting with Mrs. James B. Clark. Sen Born. A son was born yesterday to >fv. and >!r§. Lavvici\ce Brig, gance at the Memphis Methodist hospital. * • « Baptist Circles Mccl. Circles of the Woman's Missionary Union or the Fust Bap- list church held meetings Mondav afternoon Mrs C. W. Affllck: entei tatned circle 1 when eight attended Mis M. C. Outlaw gave the de- voticnal and conducted the business session Mis Wallci Bishop led the mission study before Mis> B P. Haidin said the tlosini pra>er. CaKe and coffee were served. Circle 2 met' \vlth Mis. Tlicodor. Logan when the nine pre-sent in eluded a new member, Mrs J, T. Jfall, and n guest, Mis. Odis Shep- heid Mrs Logan used "Prasci" for the subject of the devo- tlonal and she also presided ovci the business session Mrs Leslie Moore and Mis. Alfred Cnrr/entcr said prayers A salad Plate was served Mrs. L'oyU Sllckmpn \viis hostess to circle 3 when live littoncl- ed Mr? J W Hill \\as^ enrolled as a ne,\ member Ilie devo- ttoml \\a-i given bv Mis U W | Mullins, in \\hich Ji4i> \V M Williams offered prajci, and Mis-Cordelia Wilhite gave the Bible study Pie and coITcc were served Cuclc 4 mel at, the liome of Mrs W J Dodgers \vhen beven attended Acts 0 \\ai used for the ttaol|oml reading shell bv Hfrs Kendall Bcuv Mrs Hauv tfvilzius offered prnvcr and Mrs 1 Rodgers gave the missicn stiulv and latei presided oici the tiisi- nsss session The meeting v\iu> concluded with sentence, 'pr Mrs K D Marr used Acts 12 for the Scripture lesson in the devotional given nt the meeting of circle 5, at the church when * sK uere present She also prc stded over the business session * • • Has Bridge Club Mrs J. W. Adams Jr phijcrt cards \Mih the Young Mnlron- Briage club Tuesday afternoon when Mrs Rilev B Jones \\as hostess Mrs Llo>d blicVmon \von the prize, handkerchiefs A salad plate \\as seivcd Bndse Club Lnlcrlainctl Mrs M A Isaacs used a blue and crjslal motif to decorate hci luncheon table when she had the 1«e:day Bridge club The dining loom table had a centerpiece of a crystal and blue bo\\l filled •*ith sweet peas snapdragons and roses,--' and matching holders for tapers' Tins blended \utli the nlace' cards and the blue china used. In the bildge games which folio vcd Mis W Leon Smith and Mrs C H Babccck won Included in the two tables, of ladies VTS one guest, Mrs George K calhoun of Naslvvillc, lean, v.ho K iisltuvk her da^iiter, Mrs. Russell Phillips, and family. FLAPPER FANNY Bits of News Mostly Personal "\Vhiit woulil you <l« il .1 Itllow ;;:ivc you tlic g.Mc. 1'Vinny?" "I'd wain to sliim it in his IMC, but I'd try to close il like :i ladv London Grill a Meal by Itself The ie(! |io( gas flame Mint turns tlicin 111(0 ^ louilon Brill is \vel- bj lamb chopb «lth kulnc> and liicon, crumlilea parsnips ami tomatoes with a hint of brown sugar, Ilol\ana News Mrs. Leonard Daniels of Maxton, N. C., leU Sunday for her home after being with her mother, Mrs. Amelia Johnson, during the week and attending. the funeral services.of her grandmother, Mrs Sarah E. Stromifc, who died Tueaiiaj Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Gross of HV JtlltS. GAYNQK MADDOX MJA hcr\icc StnIT ^rlkr Grilling Is a form of dlscip'ine: !(. Is also a red hot Way to mptove a chop. For Sunday's family eel-to- •elher, try a London Grill. It 'ias nothing to do with the coro- naticn but it will crown your dinner with success, London Grill (6 persons I Six loin lamb chops. 1 inch Ihlck, shewercd around half a 'athb' kidney and bound with ^trlp of bacon skewered in plac oarbditcd parsnips, 3 firm tomatoes, cut in half. The broiler compartment nf your stove 'is pre-heated for 10 minutes by turning the heat control dial to the highest temperature, or else by turning the gas cock on full. Place the chops, with kidney and bacon, on heated broiler pan cr racj* and place 2 mchc> bclqv the red' hot' llamc.. Broil for 10 minutes, then turn and add ;hc vegetables at -this time. then broil under hot Ilame. turn ing frequently for even grilling. Mrs. George M. Powell left .yesterday for her home in Carole,- Pa after a visit with her parents, Jildgc ami Mrs. G. E. Ifeck. Miss Jamie. Nichols and -Mrs, Harry Weidman were called to ps- \atlny tecau c of the illness ol their father, who .lives at.'Kciser and, who vis doini, rebeiio work in that vicinity rhcli mother who was visiting here, H also with l)lm tyrfi. J. T Phillip!, Is 111 at tile fanjily residence .on Hearn street Mr. nnd Mrs r*rcd Rutheifori mid son,'i red have gone to Mom phis for a visit with relatives. Miss /Sola Crafton has gone U Memphis to \lsit fi lends for somi time Her mother Mrs S P Cr^f ton, ivon.t lo Little Rock for ft stay with Mr. and Mrs. Roscbe Craftoi; Tic condition of J l Alforc who is ill at the Blylhevillc liospl tal, is slightly Improved. Imrdaway ind sp: wp'iit to Memphis jestcrdiy (or visit Mrs. Ralph Nichols and daughte linve gone to Joncsboro to visit ntives [or several weeks. Mis liliim Wylie anri b^by ar leaving todaj 01 lomoiiovv fo Greenwood. Miss., 'to visit relative for several weeks. The condition of O Siionyo v\h was taken to Memphis in a Cob ambulance following a .heart atta'c Monday night, is critical today. H iins had one blood transfusion bi has only a slight chance for recov cry, Mrs.'Shonyo Informed friend here today. He is at Die Baplis hospital. Mr. nnd Mrs. Max Meyers an Mrs. Adolph Meyers are spshdiii today in Mempliis Miss Geraldlnc Hshci- and Mis Pauline Brogdon attended a danc given by. Miss Dorothy Asli in Mem phis last night JOD Saliba. son .of Dr. nnd: Mrs J. A. Saliba, vvlio ; underwent a oimation at the Memphis Baptis hospital ten dijs igo is now home ^ Miss Martha Anri'JLyneh will ar rive tomorrow from .'New Orlcan .'here she has been attending Sc phic Neu'comb college, for a brii •acatlon with her parents, Mr. an ".•Irs. 1 F5. A. Lynch, before cute: ng Washington University, S joiils, fpr'liic second semester, Misses Marilyn and Peggy Jon lave returned from Memphis where Vhey have been with 'their father, E. L. Jones, 'vvho is iuv prcyhn; following an operation. Mrs. Jerald Wopcinrd, of Stcele, has been admitted, to the Memphis Methodist hospital. Mrs. John Miirllh, of Caru- thersvllle, Is a patient at the St! Joseph's hospital, J.lcmphis. Hubert Eugene ' James, of Etcsle. has licim admitted to the Memphis Baptist hospital. Miss Mary Virginia Cromcr. o[ .1)1 l\f Roulrux>n to St Louis. 'Cii! . they are lo b? .guests of i and Mrj, no|)ii)bon parents Wlll'ain M Robinson for (he maliidcr ' of the week. Jack Chapman, of Osccola, has ceii' admitted to the St. Joseph's ospllul, Memphis. Misses' Mary Haln .and Atlycc elson were IP Memphis for the eck pud going down especially 01 tjie opeia Mrs. Tpjn W. Jackson, is ill from ~ Mis Ma>> 1) Reid and children crry, Elck aj}d' Maxihe, are ill cm mumps. Mrs.- M.. T. Moon spent Mon ay In Memphis vvilh her daugli- ter Mrs W r Coolev of Joiner ;hp Is 111 at the Methodist hos- ital. J. Cecil Lowo is recovering n illness from Jiiftiicnx.a. Mr. pent Mrs. from SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON = Economic Aspect of Drinking : ;' ^ The International Uniform Sun- together different day School Lesson for Jan. 31. leu l*ro>er Matthew 21:45-51, John 6.2G, 21, • • • By \VM. K. GILKOV, I). D. Editor of Advance that of the man who f l f " le W a lonely spree problem -from- The'writer, of Proverbs observed him- long ago thal : .bot}i tha drunkard way The lowest of all planes, and yet an important .one, from which to The .problem of intoxicating li- consider the drink problem, | s the quor, as \ve arc reminded by the economic plane. This is the par- Blblc and every other book that ticular phase that: Is stressed in the conies out of the past is a very old present lesson. [ • • ,.':. ' , one. The deepest, and most import- It is .obvious that the economic ant aspect'of:.that problem deals aspect: of drinking Is'rcly poverty; that a man who is lazy 7 and Incompetent, and of.weak and .i bad habits, will reap the result of'" liis incfllclency. The writer of Prov-./ crbs put it very pointedly, "Drowsi- , ness will clothe a man with rags."''! * * * Over against this lazy, Inefficient, jftlMndulgcnl, gluttonous, and' is the with what indulgence in alcohol economic. When a man spends his] boozing, type, of humanity ,» u lo does to human life and character, r wages on liquor, there is'ths moral lypa of the'faithful servant whos" Ihc problem, both in relation effect-upon himsslf, and the social' faithfulness docs not depend ii to drink itself and to dealing with 'ejfcct upon :the ,wjfe and the chil-j the presence or absence of his i In society is primarily a moral dren for whom' he fails to provide, and Mrs; W 1 ISarnftt one, because of the wiongfulness of' or for whom he provides .inade- rom Monday In Memphis. .J. Norrls Moon is conval- iftpi several dajs lllnet.s liiflucnza. is ill ;froin Mrs. John 1 nfluonui. Mrs E r Wralght and dingli- r gaiah left thjs piorning foi ,11 . Indefinite stay : with relatives n 61. Mrs Louis. c Qray. is ill from Mrs Wendell Phillips and clnl rci) left today for several weeks slay in Alabama: doing lhat whjeh debases charac-, tei and [essens efficient living.- , On the ijcxt plane Is the social asj>ept which 'ipirt from the mor- a,l attltud? of the individual, has to dQ v\|t|i i, ne effects of drinking. /When it comes to -> matter' .of cjuately. the: . vyi.fe; anij mother >eqd» fprdrbik, what^ought tcV be .'and- intoxKuion thtouT™ .spent.for, the home,-there iSMiot ;gence in that which robs l )m only an economic loss,, but-a'-|oss?(hi s will.mid sanity, is the man wi in; the welfare of. those ,\vh 0 :depend; smids the deeper satisfaction in t .linon nnr "fnr tnn' .coi-ui^n -'onH 1 . ilm- "«tiAw n .r,i«..•..<!_»i. i:«-_ .. . . • u Jjpr.'fqr ' d'- th'e Luxora Society — Peisonal . . tile primarj question is not' help that a 'wife arid -mother should the i!ghtfuliu"=s or vomfuhicss of | give. Every ccbhomic loss- through the individual act of drinking, but' .drink --Is to "so me degree a 'moral the possible effect of on individual's -'and a social loss as well. ' . •/ drinking upon others or upon thej 1 :'rhere has been an age-fclti de- community ui which he lives. : : : •*•-'- •--•---- "--- -• 1 or Instance the drinking man who drives art automobile ih'i who ' contc'nd that poverty causes busy city streets provides an al-l drink. BotTi .claims 'are true." ter, but who is Inherently loy'al and ' true in this performance of ))is task.".' : Also, contrasting with the ty'ps.l '.of _ man who seeks stimulation. Indul-: mi of., who more-abundant life that.Je~siis"giv«3 t There is,a way in may Tmd a which he shall••• Mr anS Mis George Crad()ock have tone to Humboldt Tenn , to stay with relatives, until the flood conditions Imporve Mrs. B. O. y/ilkins and children, B. O:, jr., and Ann Claire, left Tuesday afternoon for Joncslmrq to visit with ilr. and-Mrs..\vilkins sr. Tile Luxora -i.bate .between those-who say that a j 'drtn"«' bauscs poverty 1 , and those •« never hunger or thirst. It is along t - : J : this way-pf life that one finds 'the /,-.'. fi highest - economy, as well as tha i / •truest' spiritual satisfaction. Thn •>• .seems to be the deepest and most-" jl insistent application of this tern--" perance lesson. Declarer's Bold Play Makes Seemingly Hopeless Gdiitract m KM t MchKNN'EY ^ecrclnp American Ilrtjge League >Va|tei Malowan of New York, has |onj, lx.en a pionnnetil figure ii) tournapient bridge For the las[. yeai however he has not taken any pill In national tournament play bill he still plays Ins caidi will the skill that definitely on account oj flood pofl- 1 ulou £ nt hlm championships, He) ditions ami th ^ ~ , "'nys rriostly at the Regency Club, ;ium for a refugee-basevalid distributing point into Memphis. Eed Cross centers. Mrs. Joe Hires and daughters, Carrie Mae and Mrs. Charlie Billin slej are taking an apartment in Memphis duruig flood conditions Mrs Lela Brantley and diugh lers Rachiel and Firle hive gone to Greenwood, Miss., for an indeii- mle vi It v;ith relatives Tlie Rev ind Mrs James T Handle and son Jnnmie are now located in the homo of Mr and \J>Irs Louis gparm Miss Hutlis Bulloch icconiapnie4 Miss Eh?aletli Wallace to her home In Oakland Miss where they ivll| visit until the Luxori schools re open. Mr and Mrs Jimnuc Slack Iqft Tuesday for Mr Slicks home in Gurdon Ark Mrs. Mattle-Williams and daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Siliman, and her-two daughters, Peggy'and Dltv ;y, will be In Memphis until thp flood situation improves. • '•'. Mrs. Charlie Evaiis arid son, Carroll, are leaving for"- Ripley, Tenn., to visit v'vith her' sister. State Plants Millions Of Shelterbelt Tree LINCOLN, Neb. (UP) —largely with funds supplied by the federal government, sis trees wore planted in 'Nebraska during 1S3G far every inhabitant. Clayton \V. Watkins, forester,, estimated that 1,811. 380 trees were heeled in by the Sheltcrbell administration, Soil Conservation service, IL S. bureau of biological survey, resettlement administration, stats highway department and other agencies. The Sliclterbelt administration alone planted 3,217.630 trees on 301 farms. Sixty per cent of theni survived the most severe drouth In the state's history Memphis were the euests of the To.prepare parsnips, parboil un- letter's parents, "Mr.....and Mrs. til almost done. 'Then cut in Frank Bray this, week. I qnnrtcis in slaps Dm m mUtrd Mrs Basil Edwaids was in butter then roll lii,htl> In end Joncscoro Wpclnesday where ihe received medical attention at the hospital there. Mrs Russcl Devoic and daughter, Joe Cohoon and Miss Hazel Cohoon of Cape Girarrieau aie here home with their father Jim Cohcon whose condition is slight- CsccclaMs a patient at the Memphis Mcthodist'-hospjtnl. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse' H. Webb nnd «on, Jesse jr., moved today to their farm a mile from Earle where they are to live. They I return tomorrow for the dai but moved (heir furniture today Mrs. W. B. Sntton, vvho has beci ill several days, is slightly Im proved today. Dr. Hnul U Tipton, who ha. been ill from influenza, is no* convalescing. I Mrs. W. L. Kprner is 111 fron influenza. Mrs. j. M. Carter, of Osccsl.i is a patient at the Memphis Hap list licfuital. ' • ' . Mss. A. M. Butt went to Cap Girardcau Monday and will ac company her daughter, Mrs. Wil A FARMER BOY (~}XE ot Ihc Ixst knonii y mnliril ni-n In tho er crumbs. Season. Arrange on! grill with the halt cooked cliora Tcir.atoe.s should b: cut in half, dusted with salt and ] a little brown sug-\i small square of bacon on each.l Arrange'on'grill with'chops and parsnips. York's' .latest. and most .cx- 'luslye place pi its kind. IjiN today's hand, whicli was played 1 fit that club, the course of thp b;rJd'ng was verv unusual but t 852 « 10986 Heal Fishing Dog Found Np, Nov. ' (UP)—Ralpl) Rhodes was fishing in-Topaz lake near here. His line snagged. Rhodes tied the line;.' 1 to his?'big, black dog, Nigger, and threw a chiR into the lake. Nigged retrieved the chip, freed the line''and panic back to shore, 'dragging' the |h)e, sinkers and iiook—firmly'fas- tenqd to a large trout. » 543 4,872 4 A 2 V AK3 ;« A K j 7 A AQJ 10 Rubber—N. & S. South West Morlli 1+" '• Pass 1 * 2 A E'ass 1 A eff.T. Pass Pass, Opening lead—VQ. vul. East Pass Pass Pass 27 -fpdnvVGoniract Problem .--"North is Jjlayi'n'g .the ton- tract* ot six clubs, doubled. After winning the first tric|t, lie " loses : the .trump finesse to East's king. East returns on- other spade. To make his contract, declarer must shut out all of East's high cards. How does he 'do this? A 4 « K J 4 3 * AQ J 10854 A7632 4'652 + 32 4 A 10 9 S VAJ10 « A87 N. £ S. vul. Operier — 6 K; Solution in next issue. 27 Read Courier' News Want Ads " : OLD FASHIONED THRIFT:: STILL THE BEST WAY £ A'New Policy issued by llia r ' Rcliublc Life Insurance Co.,C ? of St. I.ouis, solves the proli- ;-,'..- lem of investing savings to : •. the best advantage. '*'''*'" This policy returns 'half the facu> value in cash at the end of 10" years, yet the full, amount of in'-'j', surance remains in force iii-' greatly reduced > annUal cost.' .<'-•• Only one policy issued to any out)' ; .Individual, ages 1 to 59. • ; -.i For further informatio mail .this.- card: clip andi'f jl The hair furnishes one of the most valuable means for classifying luiinait races MINERVA YARNS 'Aristocrat of Knitting Yarns" .. FRISK INSTRUCTIONS W EDN BSD A YS ' & FRIDAYS MRS. A. C.HALEY Pride Subdivision \ Imcc w'hulllto" S! \ wl»o \v lx)[n on a fjrti in }j n r Tierce's I ,ionic 1 rtmiption lias [nr ii«tlj- ;o vcjrs txcn Itlpin? nomra >slm hive liead.Klic ^nrt backaclic 03- fpcilled »Llh luiKlionl\ lu older women ulio cxixri- IB 11) in etc « rig llic aflptlita lo uphill! I II c body. Buy oE .New siK, ubs., <cc, liqmii 51. ly better after several vceks' lieat- Broil all these for at Kist 5 inent for heart trouble. minutes more uiidei Hie hot William McArthur visited rela- feme Remove to hot phttir tives m Poitage»illc Sunday. , chcps with butter and serve ill Mr and Mrs John Azibll and i together immediate!) daughter, Mary .Joan of Warden, I' A Russian variation of the arc with Mrs Aabils parents Mi fccmbmcs cubes of lamb and llmk and Mrs. Sam-Workman^ this weefc'P'-Ccs of tomato and mushrooms. __— ' Arrange these .ilterilalelj lor 20 Read Courier KCVTS Want Ads | i^mitc* in French dressing 1,1 un I PHONE 180 QUALITY WORE AND ©@OB> SERVICE NU-WA • You'll be proud ot jour Inuds yrjnn you use Cliambcrlain's Lo- lion A few drops «si.d regularly liclps keep them siuoolli, attractive because it satiniift.-- Never sticky, greasy or guramv, it dries quickly. At all toilet gooas counters. I or free sample, use coupon below. CEMENT Tim Kreeden Mickey Forrest wish to aniiouiH'o Uial Ihoy luivc i chasccl the LION OIL STATION TIFTII & STRKETH. where they will he glad to serve Ih'cir friends' und 'ciustomcrs with Lion Oil Products, battery service, c;u' and lubrication. IN THK FUTUUE THIS WILI, UK KNOWN AS TllK ChamBerlaitfs Miibn; SERVICE STATION king of diamonds, hoping that th rmeen would drop. When it did, hej knew he had one chance, pf niak-| ing his contract That was 1 to find. the King of clubs not moie tiian! twice guarded in the East hand. As he now had a second entry to dummy, he was able to finesse twice against the king of clubs. it illustrates very clearly the Thus he lost only one heart trick,, changed conceptions of bidding by reserving his entry for taking from a few years ago. , , an essential'. finesse. Malowan. sitting South, must have gasped when • he - saw the dummy and realized that his part-' I 1 * 1 £| ner had found two free responses on liis apparently vyorthless hand, B. L. Talman, Pres., Reliable Life Ins. .Co., 3630 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. Without obligation, on ' my part, , please send statement of bcnc-' Jfits'," at, my '.a'^ -'^l orj ; '^_\ Name ...............'.''.'........ Age nearest birthday Address years (HVj whicli contained on|y .one king and thus'ohly one apparent: entry.. Tiie'hand appeared to' be much overbid;' but, It:'still! is .the ' mark of a 1 "good player to make the' best of.even poor material. This the declarer proceeded to do.- . . • He won the opening lead of the queen of hearts with .the' ace and then laid down the ace and the ; Tipiqly use of this especially designed aid for .pose and ilppcr throat, helps prevent, many colds. . 30< orid 50t YlC'KS VATRO'NOL Agencies available to men of ex ceptional tiualiftcations. Everyllilrif For Your Entertainment and Comfort ! • - Thurs, Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur in . "The Plainsman" Wilh .lames Ellison, Charles yickford, Helen Hurgcss and Porter Hull. Dirccfeil by Cecil DcMillc TUESDAY, KKI5. 2— S! 110.00 BANK NIGHT! nighl airs. ],. II. Aulry ^ ailed for the S75.0C— Hut she » is ot itrcseril— Malting liank l)i-.- osit next ivcek .f 180.00! World's first .cars; will) dual economy of Fiam oil cleaner and automatic overdrive • Lowered : floon—chair-height seals—head roomandlegroorntospaie • WorltTssafest, strongest,.quielett aii steel bodies reinforced by sleel.« .Worid'i largest luggage capacity • -,World's easiest closing doois with exclusive pon-rallle rqtqiy door locks • Dual [ange sjeeiing gear for easy, parking • Studebaker's C. I. T, : Budget Plan offers low lime payments, BROADWAY SALES, Inc. Ill Broadwav Blytlieville, Ark. <dni.—Always 10 & 2Sc—lo Tn* Sliow Every Nijhl •latinccs Friday, Saturday, Sanday riilay & Sunday niatinccs—i 13 iafurilay llalinco — . Continuous: •Showing — i:oo Tin n : oo 1'. M Ailulls Admitted for. Trice ot !• All Children—lOc Joan Marshy Ray Walker, Inez Courtney 'and John 'M«U']o\vo. . . An Ursula 1'arrotfs slory

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