Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 17, 1964 · Page 8
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 8

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1964
Page 8
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8 WED., JUNE 17, 1964, lekc Charles JWricon /N N.O. TODAY You Can Count on Us... Quality Costs No More at Sears Inquiry in Bus Disaster Slated NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The Coast Guard launches a formal inquiry today into the cause of Tuesday's tragedy on 24-mile long Lake Pontclmrtrain Causeway. A Continental Traihvays bus plunged into the lake before dawn when two heavy barges ripped a 224-foot gap in the causeway, longest overwater bridge in the world. Six passengers drowned, A courageous teen-ager, who arrived at the scene by chance just moments after the crash, rescued the bus driver and an Army sergeant, The long barges, loaded with gravel and a dragline, and pushed by a tug, crashed into the bridge pilings as the bus was passing overhead. Visibility was excellent. The lake was calm, A Coast Guard spokesman said the purpose of the hearing "is to establish what happened and the probable cause, not to fix civil liability." The Coast Guard said it had subpoenaed the tugboat captain, Ned Palmer, -50. of Gretna, La., and a deckhand, Harold Robin, 5-}. Coast Guard Lt. Harold Denmark said it was not known if Clifford Milley, 30, the first mate who was at the wheel when the crash occurred, would be able to attend. State Police Capt. Vincent Ebeier said Milley would be booked with negligent homicide when he is released from Touro Infirmary. Ebeier quoted Milley as saying he passed out sometime before the accident. Eheier said he decided Milley would be booked after obtaining a statement from Palmer that he heard the first mate yelling f<v him immediately after the impact. "We didn't sec the bus gi> into the water, but we heard hollering and screaming," recalled Jackie Church. 19, of Mandeville, the youth who pulled bus driver Ernest N. Vaughn, 38, of Jackson, Miss., and Sgt. William Cockerham of Fi. Denning, Ga., from the water. One of the six victims, a Negro woman, remained unidentified. The others were Charlea Perrone, 54, of Chicago; William Ellis Wilson, 20, of Prentiss, Miss.; Michael Clayton Schullz, 22, of Manchester, N.H.; George W. Broa, 54, of Lakewood, Ohio; and Willie C. Matthews Jr., Negro, 20, of Bogalusa, La. Broa had been released from jail at Baton Rouge, only a few hours before the accident. A court official worked overtime Monday night so Broa could be freed to catch a bus to Ohio. "He was anxious to get home to his wife and daughter," said Donovan W. (Mickey) Parker, Baton Rouge attorney who had served as Broa's defense counsel. "I guess it was just a quirk of fate. It really shakes you up." Broa had been cleared last May of two theft charges but had been kept in jail as a material witness to a slaying which occurred in jail. He testified in the murder trial Monday afternoon and a clerk worked overtime to type the manuscript of his testimony. Broa signed it, then packed his belongings and was taken to the bus station by deputies. MOMEY on Sears Revolving Charge Account Father Likes their Slim Qood Looks,**(Mam Loves their Wash 'n Wear Performance) FOR FATHER Remember \) a d June 21st 's $5.98 Slacks Congo's Future Is Looking Grim By ROBIN MANNOCK LEOPOLDV1LLE, the Congo (AP)—Ughts burn late at U.N. headquarters in Leopoldville. Senior officers of the world organization's Congo army wear harasafcd and even guilty looks. The Congo apparently is heading (or dark and violent days, but they are getting out. By •June 30, the Congo's fourth independence day, the last of 3,405 I' X. soldiers iu>m 12 nations will hav-c gune home, their job finished. In Kivu, on the Congo's eastern border, Communist-backed pygmy-like Bafulero warriors routed five companies of Congolese soldiers and threak-tK-d Bu- kavu, the provincial capital. At Albenvilie, capital of North Katanga, a short-lived revolt against Provincial President Ja>un Sendwe took more than 100 livti Wives of two U..Y civil- lap.s \vtre rap?d. Farther v-c-it, young warriors invaded the South" Kasai town of Mv.ene-Ditu and murdered five citizens by forcing them to swallow jiili-pili, a tiny, fiendishly hot red pepper used to season To the north, Stanleyville, once the late Premier Patrice Lumumba's area and still a hotbed of extremism, seethes with discontent. The central government has named a resident min- r-ter to supervise Provincial President Paul Isamhuma, deposed by his provincial assem- tjy but reinstated by Leopold- In the center, Peking-trained ex-Education Minister Pierre .Mulele ieadi a rebellion In Kwi- 3u. His warriors also burn and kul in neighboring provinces. In LeopoidvUie, nightfall turns more than 1 2 million people in to prisoners inside their homes. A dusk-to-da'An curft.v i.-: the go-.crnme.-M'j, answer to plastic Dorr.o attacks a^air^f churthe-. electric power in-'talla!:.-.:::, and the capital's raiiroa 'i >.-j \r\t ted Saboteurs made an unsuccessful bid to blow down the wf-.ll of Makala prison in broad daylight. Acroi'; the river in Bfftzza- rille, capita! of the Congo's gis- ur republic exiied eitremists j.-iot Prer::;er Cyrille Adeula 1 violent o'/erthrov,, bribing sol- c :{-r- u> 'ad as )ared «u««i6iins. •Th-^e c!c ;•:,- d-- ; :--' dav,- ••!!if.-e I'M," (icc'-sres one high : ^'.\. officer, rvca!hr-g the Congolese btmy «;uti/jj' only seven cays after independence which sent the country into an orgy of killing, looting, raping, destruction and &fccfcs*ion. That h/owgbi the Uaiteg Nations her*. Its rank and file soldiers do not try to conceal their Impatience to be fc'one. Departure ds!,e.s are rin^.d with rtd wt •AC!! calendar. 1 Jt can be ar;;ut.-d that putting djv.n the rtU-!,'.-ont iii Kivu and J.,',.lj ^ f.-i l : ..- i.'-.-- of iiit Ln.s "We have to leave one day— we can't stay here forever." To a large extent, the Congo's present woes are unfinished business. Four years of crisis-ridden independence have been too short to solve deep-rooted tribal, political and economic questions. Add to this the bewilderment of the ordinary Congolese trying desperately to belong to the 20th century. All the wisdom of his tribal forebears means nothing when he confronts the complexities of modern society. Add to this a leadership crisis that was inevitable the day this vast, rich nation was handed by its Belgian cojonial rulers to 14 million people of whom less than a score had university degrees and even fewer any real experience of accepting responsibility. Almost ali observers are agreed that Adoula and some of his close collaborators have grown in political stature in battling for survival. But their measures to keep the country afloat have been misunderstood by the bulk of Congolese. The leaders are unpopular. : Piling on the agony is the inefficiency of corruption, laziness and tribal favoritism displayed by the administration Adoula commands. He rarely knows whether his subordinates will obey him. .Ministers fight viciously among themselves. Next comes racism. Most Congolese know that their country cannot survive without help from white technicians. But they resent it. On the other side of the racial coin, many whites stili lump all Congolese into the "macacq fl (monkey) category. Top this off with 3 lavish dash of cold war—Peking style, kjast experts en communism here aje convinced the Chinese are ftej- t'lg their muscles jn Africa, probing for weaknesses. The sum oj all these (actors equals indifference by a lot of Congolese toward their country's ultimate fate. Percapa the greatest tragedy is that the Congo, thank* to energetic government measures ar.d foreign aid, was on the brink til eeon'JinJc recovery when assailed by the Commu- mst-supported revolt! in Kwilu and Kivu. lig'ht-as-a-feather single-pleat or plain- front slacks feature rugged comfort and lazy care . . . Dacron* polyester and rayon casuals are shrinkage controlled. In several colors in most waist sizes. *DuPont Hop. T M. Father Likes Plaid Light y n Bright for '64... Regular $24,95 Sportswear Takes a Giant Step Forward V£ Father Likes Sportshirt Comfort Featuring His Exact Neck Size! Short Sleeve Dress Shirts Giit Priced Look alive . . . with pattern! Quality 3' button coats fight wrinkling. Regulars, shorts, longs. Sears Low Price 3-way convertible snap dual wear, convertible collar that can be worn as a regular colar, snap-tab or open collar. 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Top, rear handles. 1599 15.99 15.9-9 15.99 Rubber Plant Lists Payro Employes at The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company's huge synthetic rubber plant here earned nearly $4.5 million last year, R. W. Rice, plant manager, revealed tooay. Rice said employes received $4,470,572 last year compared with $4.3 million fn 1962. "We are extremely optimistic about our operations here," Rice said. "The synthetic share of rubber consumption is increasing continually, which indicates a bright, busy future for us." Rice said synthetic rubber now accounts for about 75 per cent of the new rubber consumption in the United States. He added that although new synthetic rubbers are being developed, lha general purpose type produced In the local plant is used in far greater quantities than all other types combined. "The Rubber Manufacturers domestic production of 148,234 long tons of synthetic rubber in Mnrch and noar-rccord production of 146.213 long tons in April, the latest months for which figures are available," Rice revealed. He said synthetic rubber production totaled 576,230 long tons during the first four months of this year, nearly 30,00 long Ions more than during the same period in the record year of 1083, YOUR HEALTH t* Use of synthetic rubber In this country Increased more than five per cent in the first four months of this year, compared with the same period in 1963, according to Rice. Tho Lake Charles facility, one of the largest synthetic rubber plants in the world with an annual capacity of 210,000 long tons, has produced more than two million long tons of synthetic rubber since it went into operation in 1942. Rice sold Firestone spent nearly $17.5 million for raw materials, other supplies and services in Lake Charles and other areas in LoHsiana during the last fiscal year. He said 188 suppliers shared in these expenditures. The local plant, one of 82 firestone manufacturing facilities in 23 countries, was built by the federal government as part of a $700-mil!lon conslruction program designed ID make the United States independent, of foreign sources of rubber in wartime. Firestone operated the plant for the government until 1955, and then acquired it when all such facilities were sold to private industry. Firestone has since more than doubled the production capacity of .the plant. Oi/t Priced 499 B'cize fmishetj metal stand, brass (inched handle. 6 in. glass Iroy. :} inches high. Electric Ice Cream. Freezers Ree. 2J.88 Sears Price Unbreokobla fiber ploss tub, tin plote<j 4-qf, con, dasher. Heavy duty motor. Recipes. Dunlap 6-pc, Open. End Wrench Sets 2,99 Drop-forged. Chrome plated 15' ongle. S/14-7/8-ln. openings. 3-7/8 to 8-1/2 Inchej long. 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Men's blacfc vinyl Keystone bag; women's red aijd white vinyl b a S- Both have attached storm hood, umbrella holder, towel holder. Eaph, get pon.talns I and 3 woods; 3, 5, 7, 3 and putting Irons, By Dr. Theodore II. Van Dellen (Copyright 1964: By The Chicago Tribune) THE TRICHINOSIS PROBLEM Approximately once a year I write on trichinosis. The meat industry gets upset because they are interested in promoting pork and ara doing everything possible to eradicate the disease. When my last article came out in April, 1062, we received the usual criticism labeled, "Medical Writer Scares Public with Trichinosis Story." About the same time, the United States public health service reported an epidemic of trichinosis in southeastern Wisconsin. In 20 family units, 75 persons were examined and 50 had a positive skin test, All but three with symptoms had eaten summer sausage made in a local market. Some of the pork used in the sausage was from a nearby farm. In another part of Wisconsin, two students purchased two thick pork chops and cooked them slightly. The boys sampled the meat before refrigerating H, The next day one student ate his chop. He developed trichinosis three weeks later. It began with loss of appetite and nausea, followed by severe headache and aching muscles, especially in the chest and back. He had chills and fever (103 degrees P.), Trichl' nosis was suspected when his eyelids became swollen (puffiness of hands, temples, and nose may occur), Another epidemic of 45 definite and 15 possible cases occurred in Massillon and Columbus, 0. It was traced to ham salad -. an unlikely cause. Two outbreaks (24 cases) were reported among Eskimos in western Alaska who had eaten infected bear meal. Trichinosis still occurs, but the meat industry cannot be blamed. It is up to the consumer at this point. Never eat undercooked, or raw pork or pork products. Trichinae are killed at 134 de- ooFALSE TEETH Rock. Slide or Slip? i yASTEETH, an Improved powder to be sprinkled ou upper or lower platea. holds taUa icetlj mote tumly In place. Do not slide, blip or rock. No gununy, nooey, pusty Wild or feelliig.FASTEKTB is alkalis* (ucmr acid). Dew* nut sour. Checks 'Plata ode* breath". Get FASTBBTIJ %i drug counters 16-inch Brief Bags 6-pc. Bar-B-Q Accessories Sets Sears 16-bicb 949" beart 788 24-in. No-Tip Roar Logs ?«d WUUMM 7HHP Motors grecs F. but establishments operated under federal meat inspection regulations require A cooking temperature of 137 degrees. On the other hand, the consumer should roast the meat at 325 degrees F. for 40 to 50 minutes per pound. This allows the internal temperature of the meat to reach 185 degrees F. and converts the color from pink to a creamiah-gray. Dr. Van Dellen will answer questions on medical topics if stamped, self-addressed envelope accompanies request. Tomorrow: Flammable Clothing. BUILDING BLOCKS E, A. writes: Why Is protein so necessary Jn the diet? Reply Proteins frequently are called tha building stones of the body. They are indispensable constit- uenls of the living cells and they participate in all vital processes. They are needed for growth, mental and muscular function, Immunity, and bodily processes involving enzymes and glands. KNEE BURSITIS Mrs. W. writes: What is (lie usual treatment of Baker's cyst? Reply This cyst, located behind the xnee, contains fluid. Surgical removal is the best remedy, although cysts of this type respond occasionally to injections or a corticosteroid. OCCUPATIONAL ITCH T, 0. writes: I am, 18 years old and after school I work in a smalj mirror shop. Every time I silver glass I get itchy all over. What causes this 1 Reply Contact dermatitis is the most Jikejy cause. You ought to get ! another job. j SHAVING NICK J. H. writes: Jf a man nicked i his Adam's apple while shaving, would he be likely to bleed to death? Reply No, because bleeding in this area is not likely to, ba severe. It can be stopped easily by ; exerting pressure or using a i styptic pencil. ; Today's Health llunt- Neafness in the home helps prevent accidents. i Address inquiries lo: ; Dr- Theodore R. Van Dellen, I Tribune Syndicate, Tribune Tower, Chicago, 111. 1499 ., C nn \iu,l iov.t-ic'1 tw ihl^r. ddp pan. :i pi nuil und kpl) baiKrl I ,-vn Icri in lion. Swing out UL t >»ied inoicir. Utility their. Pcf, fgtf putt oMrshllt lower ijnjt. Au._.. boat dry, Llghtwel< 3'-5 gal, na» tank. $199 rop only 40 Ibs Fit Shirt Pocket Scan frlcn J^QoS « )«)n»l*lois Wi(l» rqnqo ton* Irom J 4 inch sneaker, Plasiic case in popular coiotj. SUverione Radios Sc*rs Wtk* J^4j.8b n »pcat>i"r d. Fully <-n. ..).--a unlennu Shop Thursdays 9 Days 9 'til 5:30 . 'til 9 Other Week FREE PARKING on Us - . . Quulity N ( o More NOW 36 MONTHS TO REPAY Just tell us how much money you need for 9 newer car, home improvements, to pay old bills, for all your seasonal needs! Phone now for prompt swvicel Spec/a/ plan~2nd mortgaga Rsal LOANS UP TO $2500 FAMILY INANCi CORPORATION ef lake Charles/ Inc. 333 Pujo Street • Ground Floor HE 6-944$' Serving ih» psapis a» Loui&l*B4 (or ov" 99 >'*«'>.

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