The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 17, 1932
Page 3
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1032 SATURDAY, SKPTEMBER J31.YTHKVJI.1.K, COURIKK NK\VS Anyone Who Talks Depression or Shaves in This Nebraska PAGE THREE own Mississippi County Traveler Tells of Visit to New Mexico Village. Note: Material Hie follmiin-: artirlf na- fathered by Fend- Jer cf Manila on a rrc-ni (cn r O f tlie ««l. Hindi! in I 1 :- I-KUHUI-.- r ( llunard Univfrsily, Ciriibrid^ Miss. By O<sr%R FKVniKK Lost! Lost hi an Indian wje-bin villas in whirl! thr-r,, were only five other while wonte. Both cars of our nattv had driven inlo Is- hta. 'I'hicli is thirteen miles vest of Allmrqerque. N. M.. at one o'clock thai afternoon. We, Prank mid I. driven up one street. • The oilier five wanted to see I.IM i church and drove ahead to the I'lara. We never saw them again thai clay. It was ten o'clock us we sal in i front of ih-j silversmith's shop waiting for word. Mr. Haywocd. a! white author ivlio «-as residing In fie *'lla»e had offered to urovide ns with sleeping places. Prank was to stay with him. r svns lo slcen in tlie home of an Indian widow which was near his adote. We drove over dirt street to his house. Hnvwocd showed me to mv ro<im. rnlered and lighted my oil lamp' 1 tiadc Ihem goodnight. Alone in an Indian hoin-? in nn 'nrtian village wilh over a lOOD Indians about yon. I laughed to! l them now! The c!ub Stein Tonseth—ihi h.imltthar inoiu lly XEA Service .NORFOLK, Neb.—Whisker _.., ._ - nro here ngaiu. Three thousand i hard times, and lo r.ilsc fund's"^;': j Kangiirco courts i'.l 22. o.iicmly. Anyo::e w Uimiiund Craft—(lie curlycilr. Uie womenfolk as judges. I' Sehula—llir liam'st ninnn. days' whh two aims: To stop talk .out, ccmpclmor.!™ kelncr' ^ \ ^ ™,^ ^ <°, >^ , w -™ >»~ «» _ >»,,,_ been CX!r;i PHI: inlnulss and leavllli; UK How long will [he niustacliios! will be a whisker p.irnic a;--J ,, <-, s '™' ? , ,'es will b= awarded i:-.c most iilc -1 llval """'< -- _„..,.„ ,„. I1(; lx?ar<i raisers formed a club ceEitnl hair raisers. There have b:»n j erybcdy. invself as I undressed. How llirill-1 " " 10 " 1 ' 1 ago, and yen should see I preliminary com:st.s already, with 1 Mnny business and pmf-'^'o'wl' <)-<• lo l.-ilk about —' I used to be when I read of I — — - '- "il; wns ixiUL'd ns lo Just l-.ow wh!s- to be free to ev- j mra,- on Hie Mu'If. l>iir^si:n lulk kers should be ruki-rt. how the con- .sliuulil join. . ovt11 ' fie redskins, i cned bv unexpected visits from llv> More fallacious ideas were being j jiomaitic Comaticlie Ihe itte'i Indians -' 1 --' •- • • " l ua arc ysllowLili. A while man rim-inc an oil can nnri a loaf of iireatt. approached us. He replied very from Rochester. New York, had driven witii the mother of Many stories are toW of the origin of the Indian. These, talcs have been handed down within Hie tril-es for freiiPiatinns. Several bright lads arc selected to learn them word for word. These precocious .. ---- ^ --- - ...... • •."•>- >-nullis siiend fnrly years memor- 1 i )ar throueli man tlirousli sfrie; ordeals. They had (o determine who was a cou -l ird. They needed reliable voiilhs to tend the gouts or to till the soil on land which was twenty- five miles or men Irani the village. One ordeal was to izlnij. Oflan you may liear a story in iis literal translation. It sounds meaningless Iwcausc it is tntiicly allegorical. Oenera'ly speaking they believe that coils n»o the Indians, whites, blacks— everyone lived in a deep cave. Eaeh race had Its wnarate origin endowrd with its individual gifts. The Indians eraduallj- climbed lo 'he silrfnc-e of this earth by nine trees, tho overliving ritnnis. They nav;d throufh several stages of li«ht and of darkness before n-.ey <" r: ve:l here, rome authorities say Others dispute this evolutionary conrept. Some historians believe that Indians are of Mongolian origin, that tliev miirrnted across the Bcr- ln% strait when Alaska »'as con- jiecled to the Asiatic mainlantl, and tiiat thes' continued down the , coast into Mexico and into the back of a youth | Ixmeath his shoulder bones, and to suspend him by a rope in a larue tepoe while a festival was behiK held. 'T do not knew if the Islctas used this.) Relievers in Magic Before the advent of the Span- ; sh explorers the Indians had 'heir mvn rr-lieion. Thev .111 nrlis' who i?s:ilcd in the village, and had Ijeen there a month. He liked the Indians very much. He Invited us over to his ylace. On ihe way back to the car ho nointed to a small round adobe covered structure. H was lack of a house in which (here had been a murder committed. He told us run a wooden | it must V-,* a shrine, because there said to have Inoiifrht Ili^n there years n?o. Then' vjere wooden I spoke to him. • benches for Ihe women who en- cordmllv. He was • tor first and are .sealed. A targe space is lefl behind them where the men stand. In a bulcony in i Luxora Society—Personal (l-.e rear sit (lie choir. a ladder uu to it. and ll'.on up ;o Ihe belfry. Joe showed us two Ihe plaza. The cily us. ihe river cmi-ncl cars were passim: alone; Ihe high- Mississippi county's . in "Maiic" in ihe oltl of the •vord. They had no pods to whom t!:ey adrtresr.-!d snopliaiit prayers. Thev thought that their songs, their dances, their rituals had! Ulyltievllle Tmivsrtay. Ainciig those wl-.u allonicd the! circus In Hlylh;vllb Wed'ncE:lay share of. vvcvc Ci c tJrivcr, Paul Jackson. A. of the ' had been a light burning in it her head against stove and was fatally injured. We drove into the plnza. It is a larpe rec- inngnlar open space, with Ihe church nt one end. Ihe silver- smiih'shop nt the other, nud nnm- erous nrinbe »nch side. We stopped at the church. It was locked. We walked across .... .1 urnn-L-a, mL-ir riuiajs Iiatll. ». — '•nnsatlve effects, that is would ef- i ° eho sho|) ' The Tewn." and cn- Iccluate the desired results in and „ d ' " was not lar E c - Thcrc lvcr of their own power There were I s s cf lntlla » war ^s '"» >*• main- fcatchinas (or cochlnas) ! ec ncrsons wcre sitting on the .i,..l,,,,,„.! , w , LUUIJIllii-SI. n r~, which hns been translated as the I Dr ' Ollc lvas a wnilc m!m - }l 1 wn s a Mr. Haywood of Albjqucr- que. Murphy spoke to them and "Tri.-e Or=" or (he "Real " Tiir s » ' katcinas could te affected bv lh" rituals. They were not to be pray-' (o. The ceremonies wer- con where they oblnined tli?ir u-a- ter. An elcclrical pump had been .installed by the government. He Hollipelcr, . said Die wal. .'r was not very «ood. . and, .lhat their drinking water ! V^ csinc from another source. Prob- I *-l)Iv a fcalcina supplied il. Women • illstvicts by w. co'inty treasurer. The Blylhevlllc school district's share, tar.-'d on n school census f.MT children of .school still carried water in jnrs noon I their heads. He showed us their!', hav lofis. ll-c tops of adobes, upon j ' which i lie hay wa.s scattered nnil I'scd ns It wn_s needed. Hay for! visited in Memphis Thursday. Mrs. John SeaUm ar.d Mbs Panline Senton visited In Dlyit-.evllb Tliur.srtny afternoon. Mrs. Ell/abeth Killimnn anil Mhs Eltzabelh Spann shcpj:ej In lily- Mrs. Paster Yates visited In Hill Jili -Inlirrir—Iho f u |[ cru p. didn't l.isi long. Now any kind of a lienrd on niiy purl of the face KOrs. Tlie club hns members nil over noillHMslcrn Nebraska. Thero nre brancl:es In several towns, bill Norfolk remains lie.idrmarters. Hns this riilnel Nebinskii's barter shops'/ No, Indeed, liarbers nnd teniily parlor operators have IKCII busier limn ever trimming nnd dye!HK ll'.e new-i;i:iwii hair. Driver Casket Company New County Industry 'OSCKOl.A, Ark.—A comparatively nciv Mississippi cuimty induslry Is the Driver Cn;:kel compnny. wiicse lilaut ill Driver Is luriilne out a complete line of cnskcts rnmjliit! Irani the cheap Brntlcs up to clnU- omtc nnd expensive nicdeLs. Th! caskets are made of native cypress. The buslnes.s Is mnnased by R, D. Goodwin, formevly In u e MIW mil] mislnesi at Driver, mill tv.« experienced casket milk- ers nre employed In the plant. riioioginpns of Ihe several model. 1 : lince recently been made and a cntaloum; Is beln^ compiled. Traveling men have been on the road wilh iho line for several weeks, Mr. Goodwin snld. Man and Woman Held to---i Grand Jury for Robbery Guy Lytle nnd Jewel Noal were"" ordered hild to the fall grand Jury •• on robbery charges in ihe holdup of Frank Mcorc, by Municipal Judga C, A. Cunningham yesterday af- terncon, Unable to make bond set • al $500 they were returned lo Jail. Evidence was Introduced by •Male purporting 10 sl»w lhat Lylle and the woman, armej with black- lock and pistol, jumped in Moore's car on Wulinit street here a few nlelils ano. Moore had been forced' lo .slow down when a car In front' • blocked his machine. He wis forc:d lo <lrl\e out, on a lonely road w):-re ' l:e was relieved of about ?90 In cash,' " H Is charged. l<93ran .Moititrle, mniiagcr of 'a. " tfliirlsl camp on Highway 01, north ' ol Hlylluvitb, WHS fined five dol- Jrrs Ijy Ju.!^e Cunningham on a ctinrBJ of failure lo pay city nuto "' fee. MoultrJe M- up as his defense that lie lived al the camp" anil wns not a resident of Blyths-""" . v!)l°. r.:c court JicM thai In vl»w- I of ihe (act tiuit his honsahoW jljoncli were kept nt his l-.nusc liiro-- nn:l Ills wife alnycd in town lhat' lie was a resident of the city and '" f.ul>)ct( lo iia.vjiient of die llcemo | fee. He unjwnM to circuit court'" I Ironi (he decision. The roiinlv from the slale on a per cnpila anporlionmenl of based on , al!n!i'iciil for 23.131 children j Mt "'l > '"-< Tnursday. of school ace in the comity. \ - ~ ~ " ! Twenlv-fivp cents ner capita from j JuOgP KfiCK RcdllCCS the winter was 'stored" in bales Tn : I 11 , 1 ! ™" r ; ioi "'"-'' 1 t h «s been nl- b.invs. 0 i '"""I tn lllc county pcncral school II Read Courier i\e-»-s Want Ads. HAVEYOURCAR Washed.... Greased.... And (i Quarts regular 25c Oil put in Ywir CViinkciWc for Only •a Vollmer 4 Son, Inc. Yarbro Road Phone 712 ! r " nt! wns now seven o'clock. Our', Krr . | rav .*-, i n . inuoduc3d us." On e of the In-1 " xlct V ha , (! increaral. We con- j ' ' diaiis was hammering and chisel- ' F;t1cra ' ''eturnniE to Alhimiiorniri. ! of- dlslriln.tiiu to school district SI.94 for eaeh Bond for Richardson Appeal bond for Airon Richardson, serving time on the ccunty ix , A11 »H!»"Qi.e. child of school aw. farm for municipal court convic- We v»,, t ,,< 1 , \.'e went to Havwoods house to • .,,.„,.•„ ~..l- t.: _ .... ,, ' ' l.r •> Mexico thf ancestral tribes of the pueblo Indians trekked again to!'" 1 '- co mature from Ihe sam^ Manv pueblos werers tabiished among which -remain tho'c of Taos. Lagun, Acoma. and i Wets. The h-ieht of their civil- ' ization was readied about the year - i " !ailt vear after rear. So the Tu- ' - Mexico to Platonic co.smolo'jy. »u exchange of opinions Jn j dian believed through the cuid- i i!1 at : In(lian pueblo upon malh- 1CC-3. Live Communal Life The><> peoi)!es have always lived in cities or pueblos. Each pinblo rras nn indepcndcnl center. of ihe koseti the rituals! ematic;l1 'ozic! Haywood i^ quite | a student in this field. He was would h« successful. II is difficiilt to eslimnte the effect of Christianity upon these ncoDle. Most of them nre converts of Catholicism. Each pnrlilo has it, little church. The attend- once tendered a chair of philoso- nhv in Columbia Universitv which he refused because of (he ill health of his wif.;. He wns editor of Ihe leading Afasonic In? the rebellion of 1B80 when all Indians of S»«- Mexico organized 'o drive the Spaniards "out of Sinta Fc. Todav Isleln is about six imlc.s north by south, nnd thirty mites east by wc.'l. about a fourth of its oriEinal size. In ereat simi- Ijiriiy to Swiss toivni. the land of tlie nneblo was ovucd in common W M'.- Iribe. Onlv personal proo- crlv aim , h( , , ln|]sfs in (|lc v[[ _ lace co-.ild be held as private prou- frty. The homes belonpert to the " who built them .''The tails. ;• 'mplemenls of war. and a. llw r chattels belonged to the •h C ^ ec ' :? a covernor. the "om they consider the most I-™., lmitl appoint n conn- ogeUier i Miey arc the civil julrrs sia'o. of (his One must mrtependent lillic remember that KnV'orX^ 1 ""-™"" 1 " ?£S L jLr- wbitaw the land. Eich familv ] ns about six acres. There Is nn T,, n'an agent appointed by the It" rtwm Bureau of the Department of luletlor at Washington. He is ?n supervise bnl not lo inter/cro with ll-.em. Ten pueblo Indian ha s always been .1 pacifist. However £ u r . rmmdcd by Ihe evcrw.irrlne ApnchP and Navnho, and threat- ,„, ,. nation—dam near rvc r vthinp ev- Wher, one dies, he is buried th»t cep t birth control. Which reminds fhe hmS f £" 1 ^ • / m ° thnt "• 1iTOOri citcrt fi ' lir "'° Iho [uncial. The body is borne ; prove thnt tlie Indian populiilon Is to ti^ grave on a stretcher "Wn , not decreasing but is actually In- tlie .slioiilders of four men. After i creasin? a certain ritual, the women leave. plums, and a cup of coffee, l-'oal cc-rlainly laslerl Rood. Joe's mother had baked the bread. Each dwelling lias n small ndoVe oven in its backyard. It is hiahlv heated. TJtcn nil the fire is removed from it. The bread pans nre nut in wilh their rail less doixth. When thev ar-> removed Hie bread' is thoroughly br.ked. It Ls very last'-. Haywood will never kr:or.- liov.- I wo hmi7ry strayed waifs .cnjoved Elov -' n h thnt supper. ' Ro"n:l Lake After we bad helped him rlrni i ^'"l")! 1 " Ihe riisl;?s awav he asked us tn '-'ear Lnke find n pbce to sit down. One '"vthevillc thins I liked about him is lhat °° s »ell he never acoiogi/cd for nnv lack Osceola • ijii\ora Hosa Rhnwnco • Pecnn Point Carson N'odena Wliillon ^',•1-0,, Krlser Burrtette , , ° f -'" X " r! ' '" ' °" c r ° m r> " ob " , - Wl " rl1 1<K k " cllc11 ' chest knees in n prenatal iwsiiion. rempu.s fui>it. So it did that 11 LUC B.uuiiu i aiternoon. It was past four. We up ngnmsl hio began to worry about Ihe Ixiys in ritual is observed for four days. II is considered necessary lo guide Ihe soul back to the pine trrr so that he may descend into the fn-cat cave. The son! bcin» absent for so long might have loi-got wher.-> the pine tree ivas and ivo:ild wander for years in search of it. • • • Almost a century ago Father Laiour had struggled along the trail on mule-back from Albn- the other machine. We inonired of several Indian boys who had entered. Thev had nol seen them. We walked with Haywood and Murphy (o look at n kiva. You can onlv see it from the oulsidc. No while has ever been admitted, unless inembershio within n dan hid first been conferred nixin him. It is a large round building with ft dome-like top. Most of It is beneath the lev:! of the grnimrt. In it all their ceremonies nre held, their mystic worship, their initia- 'UET room, nnd reception room. A large number of books iv»i- ( . nn the shelves. On the wall him;; nn odd painting. Upon cio.-er examination, one could detect n re- r-miblance to a Kir] bent back ivllh hands oiitstrelchrd. It was the Huffman Mnlala Boynton Armor" 1 ] Ynrbro Bos Rider Dell Skidwav- TM-.II: o.ik Tomato "Corn Girl." Her arms are corn.' Rcrco tassel-, her le?s the roots, and' '"remised I.inil various parts of her anatomv nor- Nll " ll X'r Nine t'ay divers staRes of crowih of ; ipanghcily the corn nlant. Corn is a verv KJ;r on esrcntisl element in their life. Il i sllac| V Orove . tions Into tribol membership and Isleta ha.s (wo. Hnywcod went to his house, nf- nneique to Tslela. He saw n rjii- eblo. "gleaming whito across a low plnln of grey sand." There were also a few acncia trees. Today as I approached it appeared the Mine. If n-.i.s not (h» same, and still it wns. The Rio Ornnde continues to flow by. Tint now there [;. a finely paved hlEhway that runs by tlie town. And for years ih« whistles of the Santa l-'e locomotive hns disturbed ths silence of the miiel. community. J slopped our cnr in a sandy street. We stepped out and walked about. Tlie houses were about twelve feet tall, and constructed of adobe. Thcrc were only Indian women around. They were j courtya7ci and the"""chape)' 1 ' Here repairing their homes. Most of the it was lhat the priests had re- houses wer: white. Gypsum which E |d«| for several centuries Once abounds in terse quantities near ujthin the church we saw a beau plavs a tremendously important part In their rituals. Icachvllle I Pawhcen Tlie room was now dark. Fray- , Hnlf Rrofltl wood did r.ot want to llqht a !a:nn : Hlckman iNcniise it would attract lings. He ' Flclt smokrd his pi|u-. The only nni<" vas the lalk of hovs returninE from the hardball Held. their rituals. H !s also n club a lro!1 \™ M " 1M " "°' rt ' ° !lr col> Ratherina plac^ for social events! cri:!l!lorl ^ueerned these Indians, for the men. Women arc seldom admitted. Each clan hns nr own nrint!l<iv Blart; Wat:r IfW fa 741 1289 n-n 1050 in .w. 5037 G52 -101 204 85'I 218 210 121) 97 •lt)fi S08 In! 234 207 805 25(1 H7 S02 202 270 313 180 2.0 313.70 31.1.50 123.58 1.420.20 2.450.05 2.855.53 2.173.07 461.99 M7.55 n.r>7G.:ii OS2.0I •148.68 1,23!).S8 518.05 1.207.2(5 7B2.M slnte. ppenl bond in the sum of E2500 was excessive ,and ordered it reduced lo Ihe lower amount. : HichardEOn was convicted by Mu- I niclpal Julgc C. A. Cu:iiiinaliu:n and given the minimum fine of SMD and minimum .••enieRc? ol on; year , on a charge =f ilrairlng a deadly • we.ijxin. T.-e convicllEii was in con, neclton wilh an ullejed a!l:':npt on ; O. W. Fnnyl'.l, easl Main street merchant. Mere Economy — Power- Speed - Reliability THE NEW FORD TRUCKS Osceola Claims State's First Roosevelt Club j OSCEOLA. Ark.—Osccola boasts | the first RocEcvclt-Ganicr club to I be organbed in this part of the I 1; | T I n 1 il.JU.. i!? 7 ' 8 ^ Tl!c 01'Baiiizallc.n was iXTfcclcd here Fiiday -.lith 10 charter members. A. F. Barium was elected chairman nnd Miss Aline Word secretary. The club hns adopted for Its slogan. "Let's elect nn American president." ,-,nd iet Its membership goal nt 1,000 for south Mississippi county. A membership fee of SI nili be contributed lo llic national campaign fund. 1,021/12 404.9G 399.2S 2-ir,.25 IS-1.42 771.R!) D5S.B1 252.78 444.88 3fl.1.53 1.5M.47 4Rn.71 270.43 S74.1G 384.04 M3.32 1127.02 59S.08 359.33 their . consolidation of Manila and their , .. | iiit-ii iiiMiiirlc* now toward 'flic j nniifhrrtv school districts Into "• white man. r.nd their rdiTinn \V i ""e Is involved litigation and listened uuiil eicht-thirty. We then- for purposes of npimrliopmcnt walked over lo the only telephone i "'e allotments to the district are walked across the plaza. We had ! „,. t to enter the cathedral by (he I China ASKS American Intervention in East a contrs-sting to Adobe* which, (if,,] paintlrw, The Spaniards note was n bitter indictment of Japan's acts since last Sentem- , tor 18 when its mllitar,- camtxil-m i began at Mukden, nilmiiialiiu with _ " ' "s rjcosuition of the "so-called WASHINGTON, Sept. 17. (OTi- state of Mnnchihtiio" U« week, n to the American povcrn-; state dciwrtmcnl officials said no measures to "proper-; Immediate action wouid co i.ik->n nn ly and ?flccllvely deal" with Ja- j the appenl. Caruthersville Boy Dies CAHUTIIF;RSVn7t.E. Mo— Harold L. Wray. small son of W n and Ethel Wray. died at the family horns near this city Wednesday. Funeral services were hold Friday mnrnlng from wilh interment dence. cemetery. the resl- in Maple Golf B.ills Collided SIOUX CITY. loan, (Ul'i—Bill Fehrnck ai:d Dr. S. Ii. Rogers ale advocating s!o|i-gn fljr.s for uie Sunset Heights goll links. Tholr tails collided In mid-air recentlv. It was the second such accidc".! here this .season. MANY improvements in llic IScu Fonl Trucks and Commercial Cars set entirely new standards in Jrjiisiiorlutioii. Never before has it been possible lo buy such fine equipment al such low prices. Sonic of llic important features arc: Improved 50-horsepower 4-eyIimlcr engine, operating with full Ford fuel economy; semi-elliptic rear springs, freely shackled at each cml; stronger frame, rear axle, front radius-roils; more easily serviced coupling slmft, clutch and transmission; cooling system designed for truck service; easy steering and a new high degree of driver comfort. There arc many oilier superior features. Come in nnd learn bow year hauling can be doue fatter and more economically. PKHMANENTS S8.50 - SS.OO - S,'?.50 , HKAUTY SHOI' I'hone 02 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phrinc Sli - 810 - 777

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