The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 11, 1948 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1948
Page 3
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THE MAi.VEHN EMA1TCHESS MALVtfcM, IOWA* WARCM H» 1M« M* H, S, NAVE PICTURES TAKEN FOR ANNUAL Wo rtlhrr havo n uroup of UU Subject Sidelight* Ny Mary Ann MtnRhan\ Seldom School HILLSDALE NEWS THfct* fur 0 ' ,°T '" SC ' hWl ' S haVi "K » l1f " " OW mn >' Ot «* *"<»» "0««« ' ™Y "' an of the clubs, and "*l community citlstens. with i» Distance are in It. For n tfal honest-to-poodness school r , (A ,. Pnnliri ,„ «„«, «,„,, , this rolled me, hut then "Plrlt? I'll name a Malvern couple !*' "f^nLl ,„1! I ,,« it was for tho and we al, Know thorn, Mr. and ^±1?!,^ tATL i round out Rack ajraln on the Joh nfl^r M- It for spveral weeks. I'll try to hrlnR you all the latest In M* if, g, " Quite some time apo a minor fades and approximately has caused high school. econ- irol hoys «rr< r-ndft^Kei im; vaihor thnn protwttns Uvrs hy snidonts with snow halls, tints tnnk»«n Ihfm run rMhor thnn *«'k soross ley utrrois? l f> r> h«v»vy snow Inst wrok caused several ahsenrcs In oluh a\\ her hcmic dft.v. There \vrro 1 !> member-* rttld several visitors present. After Grain Harvester's Working Today tho O in no rosulnr husiness Mrs ' Minr-ol;) prcsrntod a Nlohol mixed ijnartot from <!lon\vootl hir.h school who snnir several POURS to illustrate her talk on voice dr- annual, that explained It."" Mrs. Robert'Paul son """ «mics cour^ should be offered for MMM<M»MM4MI M i»»f. v^P"'-"' »"d tho importance of n? J_ —«,_. Vt_ »-"v««i.v*»i, >»*>%» a* A AA«tt M I *\ 4«k M t j-in Ivj^in M*^r\ • ^^^B _ ^^B — _. —1^ _ A t H U ^ H mere has been much work and The Paulsons hare been attend" " ™ the hall one morn- 111 ||| The hostess nnd hor helpers It promises to be a huge thing, and It costs all of *" 1 ^ed when their on his coat. He , Johnnie started me that it on but Fourth Grade: Many children Ins will bo with Mrs. Rolltn lUif- Besidea the printed material, there will be pictures of the "M" playing u waan>t a Tery good job Wnen ha%-o been absent on account of nnRton March 31 — ( however, I thought *l' nes9 - Measles, mumps, pneu- Hrooks as leader. a fairly good Job. He ™°nift, etc., have been reported. conditions prevented. When "" the Jackie Rice had a birthday the 17th. --•*• Tommy Fritz's mother visited with Clova Myers, Pastor Sunday school at 10:15 a. m., preaching at 11.15. A welcome HUlsdnle Hum-h all years, and have attended The seniors this year are having sarnes together except two. a job preparing the material, such Mrs - Paulson said she could as pictures and orders, during remember many times when they card now slightly resembles a last Friday. We are always glad ls e *tended to all. worn out pin cushion. In case you to have our parents come, might be interested the was Charles Nagle ilS '!$ l ^ Ife t* ii s ] person We are learning our seven's in Mr - Rnd Mra - n ° 88 Bryant Rijrht nrnr Kauris ("ily too! Surfaor soil is ,<»)iov- olod into the ooinbino for nopnratioti, tho harvest to ilato has boon 100 tons of lend. This load is in tho form of shotgun polled . . . tho scene of the operation is a practice shooting rnnpe. Aim for the top of tho market, and Ret it. from us. Bates - Collen Elevators KlevRtorn at Mftlvern, Strahan, Clark and Sidney Phones 5021 nnd 4551, Malvorn Hny Collen Rog8 nryant PU Joved an " be a big success. ball a game. to see a Even after Johnnie IF i WERE FO, „„ „«»„„„ „„,„,. „„. „,„„,, '"'"' ""*"" -""«- «j»»/JnF.JS~£ ^^.K^^^^Sl^^^^^''^^^^ 16 years old (17 in May). He is So to the Paulsons and their Eugene Leu. wonderful community- and school solid geom.. spirit- hats off! The Question Box Uy Jerry Anderson. none other thnn Eugene is taking math refresher, physics, and Am. hist. He came to M. H. S. from Golden Hill country school. When I asked him what he's been in M. H. S. he said—"A Headache!" What do you think of the new But seriously he has been tn Boys "Fluorescent Lights"? They are Glee Club and football for one installing them in every class- year - room, and it makes school life His main interests arc aviation *™*% *™ l eivo you the stu ' and mechanics (believe it or not dcnts ° P ' nion he's not the least bit interested Gemma Parent I: They are a in girls). His bobbins arc build- real aid to the students. They ing model airplanes, breaking make the classroom a lot bright- bones, (his own of course) and er. skating (roller or Ice). One thing Eugene definitely doesn't want to Betty Carlson: They are okay, be is a fanner, but he says thats * Ruess! probably what he will end up as, Kiigeno Wilhclm: They are a so he said and I quote—"If I great Improvement, especially In were a farmer, I'd sell out In a the lab. year, go to Alaska and raise Marcle Kills: They realty help Deers " unquote. a i ot . we should have had them I can just see him now, sitting up in the freezing cold Alaska, lonely and alone in his beautiful Ice igloo. Poor Eugene! I bet he wishes he had a lovely wife to keep him company (and him a •wx>man-h#ter, too!) The question of the week—Will Eugene come back to the U. S. and give up colorful Alaska or will ho marry an Eskimo and die, of loneliness? He can't speak the Eskimo language cither! Note of Appreciation The Legion Auxiliary invited the sophomores, Juniors, seniors, and teachers of Malvern High School to hear the patriotic speech by Mra. Houghton of Red Oak, Feb. 25. •Each year the Legion Auxiliary sponsors a program of this sort. This year Mra. Houghton, who is the first vice-president of the National Federation of Women's Cluljs, was the patriotic guest who gave us a touching talk. Her title was "A Date with the World." The pupils and teachers of MHS received much knowledge from Mrs. Houghton's speech. She brought out some outstanding statements which none of us realized before. We, as a whole, appreciated the fact that the Auxiliary invited us to hear Mrs. Houghton'a speech and thank them whole heartedly for their kindness toward us. long: ago. Ixnils Prazler: The fluorescent light looks good In the trophy case. Richard DJureen: They throw off a lot of light. Lynn Mason: They are all right, but If we bad a new school house they would look a lot better. Carol Johnson: You can at least see what you are doing now. Joyce Campbell: We really needed them, especially in the commercial room and lab. Charles McClure: Great improvement. At least you can see your work now. Harold Adama: They help a lot but they are so bright the teacher can see everything you do. Hetty Jo Pace: We are beginning to see the light. Charles \ogle: Quote: If they would Jack up the lights and shove in a new school building it would look a lot better. Unquote. t Council U(t|i[K'iiiuns At the rt-Kular meeting of the student council. March 1, several committee heads reported on the various functions pertaining to the coming carnival. Man-it' Ellis, chairman of the committee to send a box to a family in Europe reported their plans. It was sujw^ted that the king sen ted with a nice gift the. night and queen of the carnival be pre- of carnival. Patrol violators were to have punishments decided later in the day. Ktudeiu Council Minuu-s .formic I'iutt A regular meeting of the student council was held March 1, 194S. The president culled tht> meeting to order. Roll was taken. Minutes read aud approved. Mary Ann Biiigham reported on the committee that ordered the prizes for the carnival. Marcie Ellis reported on the coiniuitti-e. that is to send a bos to our family in Germany. Eugene Leu reported that the door priied for the carnival have been puri'tiased. A met-ting was bch«.-duli-J fur eighth period to decide uu puuirh- iiK-iu for the violators of tho safety pain.-l. The advvrtisiu;,' for the carnival is to be starts-d r-uuii the carnival. Suggested the kin.-' and ijucen be wiven a nice gift the night of Meeting adjourofid. "CAN YOU WniTE?" Writing takes much talent, especially when you're read a book and are expected to write a book review. You must uncover the main points and yet not give the plot away. How would you write a review? This is the way Roger Landis summarized his book which was assigned to him for the last six weeks. Quote — "Northwest Passage" by Kenneth Roberta is one of the longest but by far the most interesting book I have ever read. The book is divided into two parts. The first part deals with one of the most agonizing marches in history while in the second halt is the story of a search for the Northwest passage and of a man who wanted to find this passage and become fainous in the eyes of the world. It also gives the story behind this man and the path of respect he leaves .behind him in the hearts of his friends and enemies. From reading this book 1 can well understand the reason for its being chosen as one of the hundred best books in America. In bringing Robert Rogera to life from the dim pages of history, Kenneth Roberts makes you think you are marching along the side of him on his long march to aud from St. Francis. His descriptions are so real you can almost hear the deep gruff voice of Major Roger*, urging his men from the- claws of starvation. "Northwest passage is accurate bi.story, geographically told. Hero is scope aud power of writing. Here is the accuracy of a camera, the warmth and lift* of oils, the di.-tail of an etching; the story of a great man auemptin;; great d..-..-d=." 1 heartily recommend this book a.-? muff ih^u an interesting book to a;,}'"!.>-• v, ho enjoys reading. l'UijU-..t...-. How ub.jut yuu, public? Can Vuu Virile? arithmetic. In geography we are br °"Rht Mrs. H. H. Hlllyer to Mr Rnd Mf9 The home economics classes visiting Holland. We made Dutch «len w °od Friday. She had boon Mnry ' Ann and are expecting a new teacher next *"'"'''«"i= «« *>i° hnm-/i E^I- «>.•» in the Edmundson hospital for week. . . I have already met Miss Miller and I'm sure that we will all like this new faculty member, ion Ellis who is getting over the Mr. and Mrs. Uichnrd Throck- Mr. and Mrs. TM11 T.yles, Clary Six weeks tests are just past. A measles. morton and children of Council and nillle of Shennndonh were The following received 100% Bluffs were visitors Thursday In visitors In tho Forrest Bloomer in spelling: Jerry Perkins, Ron- the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney home Sunday afternoon, aid Perkins, Kay Bare. Dolores Schorer. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Bloomer Sullivan and Patricia Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Seeger attended n box social at tho Ho• of near Chappoll, Neb. came the becca lodge in Glonwood Monday Sent First Electricity ' as t °f the week to do some work evening. Mike auctioned off the In 1730 Granville Wheeler and on hls farm. boxes. Stephen Gray, Englishmen, first Mr. and Mrs. Borne moved last Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Hlllyer and sent electricity through 888 feet of week from tho Donley farm to Floyd were Sunday dinner guests wire. one southwest of Hillstlalo. In tho Rosa Bryant, homo. chen. Good luck, girls, you »eem to be improving. SAVE MONEY Convert your trondlo ROW- InfC innrlilno into an electric portable or cabinet with five year jfimrnntoc. All iimkcs repaired and ODEN SEWING MACHINE CO. ph. non Hdwr. Malvern High School Student Council Bingo Dozens o£ Valuable Prizes * 5 Fights 20 ROUNDS * Games of Skill Fun For All in the Fun House CHANCES SOLD ON Radio - Waffle Iron - Toaster DRAWING AT 9 P. M. Coronation of KING DANCE to Darrah's Orchestra DOOR PRIZE Adm: 35c 9:00 TO 12:00 £M_MU__. «MM ••• ^& ^M ^BM Friday, March 19 Malvern Community Building Come One! Come

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