The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 11, 1948 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1948
Page 2
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TWO STRAHAN * THE MAtVitN LEADED MA1.VRRN, IOWA, MAHtM tt» Mnry ,ln Itnthrt\\rtv on tlih ItlivlMtn.v Mrs. Joe Itftthavvny \v«s pan Snturdny afternoon to a surprise birthday party In honor of her daughter Mnry Jo's llth birthday. Seven of Mnry Jo's Rchool mates were present. Pnrlor games nnd bingo wore enjoyed. Barbara Bolton received high prize and Judy Isom received the booby prize. Records of Allro In Wonderland, etr., were played. The hostess pervert refreshments of angel food birthday cake, with candles, chocolate ire cream and cocoa. Favors were balloons and Rum. Ntrnhnn MrttuxtM t hwvh Xobnl n, nimkwrvn, Allou Norton, S 1 .. Morning Worship. $: 4& n. in. Sunday School, l<>:4f> A, m. Clauses for nil ages. l>ay at the Church. Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Membership TralnlnR Class. For all who desire to come in preparation for Church Membership. Children will be Baptised and members received into the church on both Palm Sunday and Easter. i P om staved nil ni R ht Honnld Losko who attends business school In Omaha spent Wflpk end with his parents, ' •n r-rleHrn hlrih^ay j*Mtirrt«y, Shf H ihe «s«v«m) daughter of Mr and Mr« \ 1C, Summer;!, Ueot-ce Irvin tvn* a Unmlny dinner fittest of Mr. and Mrs Art Wax nnd Hit-hard' Mr. and Mrs W. U. Coslello wore Sunday dinner Rtiests of Mrs. Lawrence Talhot at Malvern. Mrs. Kmmett Olpe nnd Uonald made a business trip to Olonwood Friday. Mrs. Kmmett (!lpo and Donald and Joan Isom went to Vftlly Farm Sunday night to Rive their Ceveland report. The. youth group will meet at the home of Joan Wort man Sunday evening, March 14th. Due to bad roads the Come Join Us Class did not meet Sun- dav lv>» MiMn** where he and »lt oth^r Mill* Countv vomits folfci* will join the ynunn p^oplo from nil of town 1 * niiintleA on a three wrek's bus trip to Florida. Thin I* an nnnunl Unir which Is sponsored by the town HYP assembly nnd the Farm Bureau, Mr, and Mrs. Hob Hlunt and children moved Tuesday from Uandolph to the Kills Orlndle farm recently vacated by the Harold (Jrlndle family. Sunday dinner guests at the Bills Orindle home were Mr. nnd Mrs. Hob niunt and children and Ltbby Leu. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hathaway and son were at the Marvin Woodfill home Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hathaway Mrs. Marvin Wood- FHftrt T.SS ."i-hnlt* Hro«. Imp Co., tii-neral Fund IS.Sfl Urarharl Lumber ro , ma terlflK Water Fund .. 1.1$ Oearhnrt Lumber Co., materials. General Fund .. Ol ,T. If. Heekwlth, rompensa- tton Insurance, Water Fund 13.32 .1 H. Hoekwlth, compensation Insurance, General Fund „ 21.80 Malvern Leader, supplies. Water Fund 15.03 Malvern Leader, publications, General Fund __ 12.60 Rd Harmon appeared before the Council regarding the cleaning out of the ditch in front of Mrs. Talbot's property. Referred to Street and Alley Committee. ftnd vnt lion motion the roll follow Ins named Ci r-,1; Aye: Piper, Klo«hower, Si Pace nnd N N'ny: N« Whereupon said Ordinance Number 127 was rend the third time. Thereupon It was moved by Steele, seconded by Pace, that said Ordinance Number 127 having been rend three times, under rules properly dispensed with, that said Ordinance Number 127 be placed upon final passage. The question having been put on the motion, the roll was called and the following named Couneilmen voted: in vf) ,,,j ART FRITOHER General T. E. SHONKA, M. D. Physician nnd SurReon Older S donrs south of Empress Theater Phones: Off. 4331, Res. 4343 has been completely redo from nXnfS 1 v d < Vl m Wl M "' ?n,~ KUesf8 " of M" r ~ anTMrrMelviTir- ped onto an emery wheel. U Suiman. Mr. Sullivan was kill- vin and Garnet. They were joined Mr. and Mrs. John Saves ed 1.,-Klay by a freight engine in in the evening by George Irvin. -Sunday supper guests of Mr r'sun S' \™*r, t «™™i , t «"• T r ^ iite was substuute Mr ^- vicj Nor *°" .-num.ui it> uio sister ot at the school house Thursday in Mr. J.H. BECK WITH Insurance Phone 2111 36tf. , ; V1 " I>R Ar ;:» lc " ll '^ed here as worth was absent due to the ill- ho former M, PS Maxine Bell. n,ss of her son Hincrn Bervu-t-s wore held Tues- Mr. Dale Nims received a sev- day afternoon for Mr. Sullivan, eroly sprained ankle Wednesday Mrs. .Sarah Conrad and Clyde, when she stepped over a snow and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Conrad drift down into a rut. and son were guests at a birth- Sunday supper gueMs of Mr day dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Huster Summers and and Mrs. Karl Conrad. The din- family nnd Richard and Alva ner was in honor of Earl Con- Vanco were Mr. and Mrs Wilbur r «^ hirMiday. Yom , P ;uul ,. a t t y and M i and ri.chard \anre visited Matt Mrs. Dale Nims and Shirley Norton and children and Mr and Mrs. John Bayes ^were Sunday dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Opal Haves and T Dan-ell at Em' rrson ' Sunday afternoon. the world's doily newspaper—* THE CHRISTIAN SCIEKCE MONITOR „ yuursm ^ of ^'Wra? £,n^r%a;r<^^ «£ resh. new .viewpoints, o fuller, richer undcrsf ending of todoy" S»o\ —• , on homemoking, educa- You will find cos of vn you Jubicrlbt now (a thli iptclal "set- ( acquainted" eff*r' Ths Christian Science Publishing Society One, Norway Street. Boston 15, Mass., U S. A. PB-5 Home Street City Zone Sfote With the Snow off Everyone will want those ditches filled and terraces built. (At about the same time) WE CAN'T DO EVERYBODY'S JOB ON THE SAME DAY, But we have enough big machines that \vo can do a lot of jobs in a short time. We may be able to do your job in the brief period between thawing and spring seeding if you contact us soon.! The Contractor who does the best job for lea&t cost. Palmer Terracing Co. Phone 2791 Malvern, la. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brown and family were Saturday evening visitors at the Harold Grindle home. The S. II. C. club was postponed from last Sunday until March 14 when it will bo held in the Ed Peterson home. Mrs. Ellis Grindle and Mrs. Floyd Gorman were hostesses to 20 members of the Strahan W. S. C. S. at the church Wednesday afternoon, March 3. The meeting was opened with prayer by the president. The secretary's report of last meeting was read. Secretary of Spiritual Life, Huth Angus, presented an outline for daily prayer. Secretary of Supply Work, Letha Hayes, gave a report on The Askings. The father and be held March 6 at Malvern account of bad roads. and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Laughlin jr., small son to Malvern y morning to the doctor. Mrs. Charles Kayton • Glen Carley home at Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Kayton were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nims. This was Mrs. Kayton's first visit out since her recent illness. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Kayton went to Council Bluffs Thursday where Mrs. Kayton had a physical checkup. John Hayes and Clifford Stille a business trip to Sioux City, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hankins and children of Randolph were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Less Irvin and family. appeared before the his in him permission to leave : until such needed said Lot at which time he was to remove the building upon 30 days notice. Councilman Steele introduced an Ordinance entitled, "Ordinance Number 126. An ordinance of the Town of Malvern, to establish the grade of the alley through Block Twenty Eight (28) in the Town of Malvern, Iowa," which was read in full, both title and body, for the first time. It was moved by Steele, seconded by Slothower, that the rule of statute requiring the reading of ordinances on three separate days be dispensed with and that said ordinance Number 126 be passed to the second reading. The question having been put upon the motion, the roil was called and the following named Councilmen Number 127 duly being no further busi- !ie Council adjourned. Woodford R. Byington, Town Clerk. F. E. (MIKE) BLOOMER All Kinds of Sales nnd AUCTIONS Ph. 29P22 Glenwood Proceedings of the Town Council of i, Iowa Pace and Nel Nny: None. Whereupon said Number 126 was read the second time. U was moved by Nelson, seconded by Piper, that the rule of statute requiring the reading of Ordinances on three separate days be dispensed with and that said Ordinance Number 126 be passed to the third reading. The Heavy Duty Tractor Discs are now available in 15 ft. and 11 ft. sizes. See them on display on the lot just west of the Green Bay Lumber Co. in Malvern. B. W. THOMPSON Phone 3891 Malvern KU«. rond,,rt»r H H , lesson ass sted lv , T f ° on ^firt, aho, t Th h ° • Th ° meetlng was called to ° rder by Mayor Mansfield, and the ro " bei °S ca»ed, there were PreSC " t: Mayor Mansfield, Councllrnen Steele. Pace. Piper, Slothower and Nelson. the motion, the roll was and the following named Councilmen voted: Aye: Piper, Slothower, Steele, Pace and Nelson. Nay: None. Mrs \rt w« vi v. Frank Pro , £ M ^ Mr8 ' There P™.- no ?oh o?l aVst'rahTn Friday du^ to the hid MM Dana, PM?« ^ vlsied In he pfnv homo sunda? afternoon °n" hie Mr ClU^ , Omaha t0 iy. Mrs. Codnington was con- Mrs. Walter Hoberts and Mr. and Mrs. Jut- Hathaway and ren \vero Sund; Mr. and Mrs. Tin- Lyle Coddlngton's Joined them in the evening and brought Mrs. Roberts home. Mr. and Mrs. Max Shook of Council niiiff.H and Mr. and Mrs. Miirlin Lemonds went to C. Wi'dm-sday to ,se< ; Mrs. Shook'* and Mrs. Marlin Lem- orids 1 cousin, H. H. Metoalf, in the hospital there. Mr. and Mrs. J. w. Kullen- wider and Mr. and Mrs. Marlin l.ciaundH w<-nt funeral of H. H. MetralV.' Sunday dinm-r guests in the Claren,-,- Lemunds home were Mr .and Mr.-,. The following bills were lowed for payment: Fannie Clark, stamps, General Fund $ l Lawrence Jones, salary. Water Fund 173 Hugh Doss, Jr., salary Water Fund 98 Hay Ilateman, salary, General Fund isg Glenn Eacrett, salary, General Fund 146 William Moyer, refund of deposit, Water Fund 3 Malvern Trust & Savings Hank, on warrant, Parking Lot Fund 26, Malvern Cemetery Aos'n, taxes, Cemetery Fund 16. Lawrence Jones, washers, Water Fund 4, Iowa Power & Light Co., street lighting, General Fund 64. Iowa Power & Light Co., pumping, Water Fund 70. Wabash Railroad Co., freight, Water Fund _ 15. Hay Hateman, use of car, General Fund 10 repairs, Water Fund 21 Fairbanks, Morse. & Co., pump repairs, Water Fund __ •> al- .25 3. seconded by Pace, that said Ordinance Number 126 having been duly read three times, under rules properly dispensed with, that said Ordinance Number 126 be placed upon final passage. The question having been put on the motion, the roll was called nnd the following named Councilmen .50 .98 ' 67 .49 .50 -27 .67 .48 .00 -77 f-.iinilv wen; Sunday gne.--|.s in the •I'-.-.-=. ,1.nk in liuine at Kidney. Developing a Qenerotts Nature is a great help* to others. A generous nature is what we have. We want to help with your feeding problems. So drop in at the Swanson Mill or ask any of your farm route drivers. You will find our prices are in line on Feed, Poultry, Cream, Eggs, and Chicks. Phooe Mill 2081 C A. Swanson & Sons WORTHMORE BRAND Malvern, Iowa Phooe Plant 2211 2.94 tillate. Water Fund __ 74.14 J H. Canhveii, labor and pans. Wau-r Fund __ 72.52 Interstate Machinery & Supply d, , pump, Water Fund 287.20 Mutt i'arrott and Sons Co., supplies, Water Fund 15.88 Gainbli; Store, repairg, Water Fund .81 J- H- Bell, labor, Water Fund ,_ 500 Culligan-Zeolite Co., softeners, Water Fund -- 257.71 * S| "- •'VV'. Bell Telephone CO., bervicea, Water Fund .. 8.61 Addresbograpb, serricea Water Fund 81.52 Mills County Abstract Co.. services, General Fund 15.00 Holden Serrico Station, gasoline. General Fond J.84 Otto Hall & Son, welding, General Fund 11.75 Arnold C- Chriatenafen, eagi- ne«ring service*, Geaor&l Fund 280 00 CB&Q HR co" c]nd»n»~~~~ General Fund 140.00 Har?ey Watt*, labor, General Kund 6.38 Kobert Frailer, labor. General Fund 6.38*> Frazier, labor. Gtsnerul Fuu.j 14.00 V. E. Pace, merchandise Water Fund 2.81 F. E. Pace, merchandise General Fund 17.23 SaJyera Auto Co., truck repairs, Water Fund 78.65 Saiyera Auto Co., truck repairs, G.Mcral Fund -- 18-OJ >: Piper, Slothower. Steele. and Nelson. Nay: None. Whereupon the Mayor declared said Ordinance Number 126 duly adopted. Councilman Steele introduced an ordinance entitled, "Ordinance Number 127. An ordinance of the Town of Malvern, Iowa, relating to the compensation of the Mayor, councllmen, treasurer and clerk of said town." Which was read in full, both title and body, for the first time. It was moved by Ste«le, seconded by Nelson, that the rule of statute requiring the reading of ordinances on three separate days to be dispensed with and that said Ordinance Number 127 be passed to the second reading. The question having been put upon the motion the roll was called and the following named Councilmen voted: Aye: Piper, Slothower, Steele, Pace and Nelson. Nay: None. Whereupon said Ordinance Number 127 was read the second time. It was moved by Piper, seconded by Pace, that the rule of stat- ftte requiring the reading of ordinances on three separate days be dispensed with and that said Is He Bright About tig/it? 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