The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 11, 1948 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, March 11, 1948
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WEEK in Mills County THE MAI • * mjp m mm • m The Iowa Employment Service has shown rare good Judgement this year in establishing its volunteer representatives at taverns and recreation parlors. Result Is that the places where casual workers ordinarily loafed during their non-working periods could find them most easily. Volunteer Farm Placement Representatives in Mills county, according to John A. Nason, the service manager at Council Bluffs include Floyd Niell's Recreation, ph. 3081, Malvern-; A. D. Fisher's Town Pump Cafe and Tavern, ph. 107, Hastings; Wayne Byers' Rec- .. 19 LEADER ^OME NENWER VOL. 7«. Entered In 'the Post Ofltlo* at Malvern, Iowa, *a class mat) matter under Act of Congress of March S, J-87J MALVERN, MILLS COUNTY, IOWA, THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 1948 NO. 37 T» J /~1 T~V • j. STUDEHT COUMIL PLM Red Cross Drive to jjy^jj^ „ Start Wednesday Crink Wins Co. Board Seat Coronation* Boxing, Bingo Games, Drawing and Dancing Highlights Mills county annual Red Cross June floods last summer the Red . even j n » o f KO od fun will be .« . ... , . it, _ «_•.«_ _A« *1 ^-*. _x _ -. J W._ _1_ ..A **A! 1 A# .M##A«t*M " " 15 BELOW ZERO PHOTO EXHIBIT TO This community was again ™t AT LIBRARY i«i, nuBLiusB; wayne oyers nee- nuns county annual tiea vjrosa june UUUUB met. suimuci m<j iv^u ^ n e y en jng o f good fun will be mis community was again «•!• «• »II»HP reation Parlor, ph. 70, Henderson drive will start with a kick-otf Cross stood back ot relief efforts provl( j ed for a u wno attend the visited by a heavy snowstorm Frl- NEXT WEEK and J. E. Fitzpatrlck's Tavern, sinner for chairmen and workers and gave active assistance to many annual student- Council oarnlval d fl y night and Saturday forenoon wfcfciv Olenwood. at the White City Inn at Olenwood in the misfortune. Friday evening, Mar. 19 Thia bringing an additional 11 inches Each place maintains a register next Wednesday evening. Town Qlenwood, Bill Stacy; Emerson, {un {eet win ^'^ at ' 7 p ' m at to the 13 tt inches which fell last where farmers may list their Jobs and township quotas will be an- The town and township chair- - h «alvern Community building week. .— **-- -.-. and workers may register. Local Photographer* invited to Send in Picture* MRS. BICNEL HEADS COUNTY TB CHAPTER School elections in Mills county — with the first voting on the" new highly responsible county board of education — excited varying reactions this year ranging from an exceptionally heavy vote In Qlenwood to a disinterest BO marked that not a single voter went to the polls in one rural district — Union in Area 4. •ont< < «ts for the county oxritod mAjor inlet*?*. One — , „. nounced at the meeting and work- men for the drive are: Temperatures too, have boen ers will be given material for or- Mrs. M. D. Lang; Hastings, Mrs. On the evening's program will O n the down grade the pasV week Everyone interested in seeing ganizlng and conducting the drive Fred Lookabill; Malvern, Mrs. J. be a variety of wholesome enter- taking a nose dive to 15 degrees the Iowa Development Cotnmls- in as efficient a manner as possi- L. Frazier; Silver City, Mrs. F. tainment for young and old alike, below zero this morning. The "Ion's state photographic exhibit n thrce-wny contest In Area 4, ble. W. Anderson; Pacific Junction, There will be a full evening of temperatures thus far this month Inn y do BO next week at tho Mai- wn , <. xcn «ionRlly close with Now County officers will present tho Mrs. Lynn Boquet. happenings with a dance to the ftr e far below that of last March. vern library where It will bo on m p. erfnfc O f Malvrrn winning Red Cross need and plan at the Townships: Anderson, Mrs. H. music of Warren Darrah to com- high low display. meeting. Speakers will Inclnde A. Paul and Mrs. D. E. McQrew; plete the evening of merriment. Thursday Wm. B. Drake, Floyd James, conn- Center, Mrs. Claude Schoenlng; Entertainment of games and Friday Officer* Announced After Meeting Here Monday Following a meeting of 194? ty cllnlrmen ; Mrs. Irene Bnrclietf, Deer Creek, Mrs. Francis Maher; concessions will start "the evening Saturday chanter offirl&lft nt the Malvprnet- cotmt y secretary; Dale L. Harper, Olenwood, Edwin Ross; Indian followed by boxing and wrestling, Sunday te rail MondflvTwSmr offers chairman of the drive. Creek, J. F. Wearin Jr.; Ingraham, Blngo wlu be p , ayod thr0 ughout Monday of the MII?JT ronntv Tnherci, Need of the Red Cro8B for funds Harold wlnlam8 : Silver Creek - the evening. Other events will Tuesday iMtaaMTClatloa were announced for lt9 world - wide humanitarian Emil Leu; Lyons, Mrs. John be t he raffle of a radio, waffle Wednesday Mm w F nfniioi nf Minpnin P r °sram has been effectively Wright; Oaks, Mrs. L. F. Kruse; iron an<1 toaster and the coro- Thursday was named president Mrs Frank sh °™ during the past year. Not Plattville M ™'„*>«>«' Smith; nation o f the king and c,ueen of Buffington. Olenwood, vice-presi- l^^^l^'jI^S S£? ^KUrS? S?'nX CarDiVa1 ' ^ '"" ~ ^ 32 29 34 33 26 18 10 7 19 22 14 11 7 -1 -15 dent; Clyde Rhoads, Olenwood, Mrs. M. G. Kinports, Donner, Malvern, seal chairman; hel P ed relleve human 8U « erln S Poore **•'• Whlte Cloud - Chas ' ty chairman; Mrs. R. W. Salyers, Malvern, rehabilitation chairman; Mrs. D. C. Deitchler, MIneola, DEATH OF GIRL program chairman and Miss Amy "**•" vr «««•• Hammers, Olenwood, educational chairman. ling of the state association. She organizational matters under the MUHSIHGER CLEARED OFFICE FILING The dance will begin at 9 p. m. Concessions will Include the fun house, games of skill, a cake walk, a telegram booth, a refreshment stand and many others. DV mnu fno DI vUKT rUn Verdict Criticizes Highway Officials For Negligence CLOSES SATURDAY GLENWOOD PAIRED The final date for <hc fllta* of ff|TH EMERSON GIRLS nomination petitions for iwinlcl- gftn pal offices of lite county is Sat- I*UK iirday, March 13. Tills date per- except Glomvood wliich operates if the TAKES MRS. A, A, BEHTOH Died at her Home Here Wednesday of a Heart Attack Death took another long-time resident of this community Wednesday when Mrs. Arvilla Benton the plnre, nosing out Clmrles Kny- Any Mills county photORraphers ton of Htrahan 210-2O3. Otlm Hydo who may have photos suitable for of Wearin district received 75. exhibit are urged to send thesn Hoth of the leading candidates to The Leader office and they will received heavy support In their be shown at the library along with home districts but the greater tho state salon. number of votes In Malvern gave Although It was earlier plan- Crink the advantage. ned to use the showing as n conn- The other contest for the county photo contest, It was not pos- ty board hml not been decided by sible to work out the details. Hut Thursday afternoon. It was bc- local photos will still be welcomed tween Hen HufflnRton of Center for the display. township and Otha D. Wearin of While most such shots should Indian Oeek for member at large. be enlarged to an 8x10 Inch size Only non-lilRh whool districts or larger, snapshots will also be voted for this member. displayed of desired. Tho vote In Area 4: There will bo no charge for the Crink Kayton Hyde . , , and a cordial invitation Malvern.... 158 cnded to oryone, and es- Strnhan.... lll^OIll* J IT 41 V; It Hi I .5. ^IITIIIC* JJ^JltH/ll . . • succumbed to a heart attack. J', 0( ''" y to r , ural Rrol " ls - to vlslt Hastln B s._._ Her son James discovered her body tho "brnry durln B the week and Emerson.— Henderson, Hastings Jr., when he returned to tho houso 8ec tho exhlblt ' Mt - Vernon. High Meet Tonight; S. direction pointed out means of improving In the auto-pedestrian accident TB educational work and stressed Friday night which killed Norma see the exhibit. Wednesday noon and death had Tho ltbrary W|U bo °' ien ttt lts Whllc cloud It to hold elections tickets have yeftrs. Malvern and Silver City junior drculat- h| S h and Henderson and Silver .«..-..-i... ^... .. ... M ' Saturday and from 2 to 5:30 p. Foxworthy.. m. and from 7 to 9:30 p. in. on Keystone , adherence to state recommended Jean Mllburn, 14, of Lake Man- cd'ln'MalTern'but "to"dat«"nono City girls found themselves out In —' ™- '^^hu^lST^ltart ** tW ** r ' C.nt.rlta._ nrirAntTAtlnnnl nrnopdnrn for awa. by a coroner's iurv at Coun- ».««« tww. n »ii«» the cold in the semi-finals of the ,, . ._ „„,„ _,._ ... '. . organizational procedure greater efficiency. for awa, by a coroner's Jury at Coun- j, ftvo been filed. BREEDING OPEHIHG cil Bluffs Tuesday. The Jury censured the highway officials for BEIHICDPOAET n6t' providing protection at the rCHUOlUnAr I * highway Intersection of 192-276, QN $Wi |A. QUINT where the accident occurred, for • New jFarm Equipment BuiI4rng Inspected by More Than 500 Here pedestrians and school children. For several years the Lake Manawa Parents association has been asking to have a traffic sig- More than 600 persons turned nal erected at the site. out to welcome the Breeding Im- Munslnger was driving west on Slump of Henderson were chosen ft Motor Co. to its new highway 276 about 11 p. m. when b ? the Ncmparlel for places on i center of first team of the All-southwest tourney at Silver City Tuesday night. In the early game of the evening Malvern fell before tho Hastings crew 23-20 after leading at the half by a threg point Henderson Get* 3, S. C. 2 on Mythical Squad for Honor Crew Jim Pendergraft and Richard mar * ln but Hastings 2-1-2 zone final moments of the game Malvern led, by a slight she was born on a farm near Maland spent nil of her life in and Fotawattanilo counties, arrangements are bo- Ing withheld awaiting tho arrival of her daughter, Mrs. K. M. Brlnkhouae ot Chapel Hill, N, C., who will arrive some time Friday. Wearifl I nil Inn Creek McUnln Forester „ Warner., ^_ Center.,.__ Union (No votes) crdw ran crew ran of GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Two Malvern students will MILLS COUNTY FARM BUREAU REACHES 1948 QUOTA OF 950 MEMBERS Victory party planned this month for Farm Bureau members 216 203 75 Tin; Mills county Form Bureau MAIA'KHX, itm VOTKH reached their 9BO membership No candidates for tho local quota for 1948 Tuesday, C. E. board made write-ins necessary Nagel, organization director ,an- here. Nonetheless nearly four nounced early this week. times as many voters went to the Last year's membership was polls, as them werj,.lajt 58 7 10 0 8 1 6 6 17 0 .0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 8) 13 34 8 51 I 1 3 2 o 0 3 I) 9 0 4 4 12 5 0 0 23 6 0 4 0 Q 1 8 a 17 2 4 1 0 1 0 coVl l e'ge "of 871 as ^pared with this year's writing In the namVi ofthe Vjff?- lo- figure ' a ,, he March comn ence nent wa In the^March commencemont ' 1>lttn8 aro now 1)l>ln K made tor |HK >««"»»>ers of the board no thnt tno '"ombers, who ft yictory pnpty )au>r thlg mon(h had announced thftt they wou , d for the* members. All inemberH not accept tho offices, changed Dr. Malcom Campbell has com- with their dues paid for tills year their rnlnds. In this Dr. T. E. pleted the eight year courso in will receive notices of this cole- Hhonka received 80 anil Hen crowd, including farmers from all ^^KT'SS^^ *f " over the county, spent a good north and Nornm Jean turned Pende rgraft got a berth for the Henderson downed Silver City share of the day inspecting tho westward. He attempted to go 8econd C0n8ecutlve year and i ed in the other Junior high game of new building. south around her and his car guar<j8 nomlnated wlth 153 tne evening, 28-12. after a 12-5 For the occasion the company struck the guard rait at the Dutch po , ntg He , 8 Jg yearg 0 , d and , B ha , f t , me , ead had assembled a representative Mill service station. , n n , s , agt year of BCnoo , Mi ,, B Hfendereon'a slump scored 15 showing of John Deere farming Gloria Bachman, of Manawa, countlana have been aware of hu and McMahan of gnver cltv naU . equipment which drew consider- companion of the girl said the outBtandlng abl i Uy an< i is regard- ed six. able study from farmers attend- Bins were crossing after being at ed as one of the f , ne8t cagerB to Emerson and Gienwood will six years with high honors aa was hration. lireedlng GG plus some r>0 each ing. The Dodge car and Dodge " aila ^ a skating rink. She stated corae from one of the Blna u er pair for the finals of Thursday by evidenced when he was selected Membership in tli« county by that voters had written In but trucks were also on display. in" stie returned north when the scnoola ot tne atate . way of w)nB over Henderson and to the position of assUtant In tho townships follows: AndoiBon 111, fnllod to mark tho "X" on thn bal- During the day a number of car Beeined closer than she had sl)ver cl(y respectively. pathology department of tho Unl- Center 103, Ih-t-r Cr(>nk 68, lot. Th.-re was ulm> a scattering movies of interest to farmers tnougnt, but Norraa turned west Slump, who polled 132 points, Emerson rounded Henderson varsity. He has accepted this po- Olenwood 99. Indian ('ruck 81. vot« for 3.1 others, Ddbert O'Deil were shown. Including some of and was struck by th« car. was second choice for the for- eaally wlth the Henderson girls sitlon and will be K lu his duties IiiKrahnm SI. Lyons 23, Ouk 9'J. newly developed farm machinery. The Jurors said the accident wards. He is a Junior In high ev i nc lng little power until the April 1 I'latvllle 42, Ituwlcs 60. Silver Breeding also served hot dogs was unavoidable under unfavor- school and has another year of thlrd period and that Bnort . llved . D r. Marvin K. IMburn, son of Creek S8. St. Murys aa, Whit., and coffee to their guests. able weather conditions and that competition ahead of him. Hia Emeraon f i nl8 hed 41-24 and led Harry IMburn of Omaha, former Cloud 72. In the evening the American Munsinger had taken every pre- average of points per game is 17. at the nalf 23 . u residents here, listed his resl- Legion sponsored a free dance caution to prevent It. Tiernev of «?t Francis The girls were a little roush denre as Malvern and will also at the building, packing a huge Elliott Thomas of Olenwood ap- whJ0 "L^^en seen In Son wlth Ambrose, Adams and Carey graduate In these exercises. He. against several Mills county clubs °* Henderson departing via fouls is a grandson of Kd IMburn of this year was the most popular for Henderson and Smith, Hevern neur here. player with 186 votes. He scored and Hluke of Emerson leaviriK the I would like to take this time 356 points in 21 games this floor - NEOPHYTES DELAY to thank each and everyone for season. Kmerson's Whisler was hifih - mel-ri| luiTIITinu cards and telephone calls receive- „ ,, , . ^ vviUl 19 and Ozia s nabbed 17. It. rltlCMfcN INIIIAIIUN Honor roll selections Included: K!ann of Henderson tossed 12. forwards, Jim Stenger'of Hender- Olenwood girls also had a one- crowd of merrymakers for the oc- peared as attorney for Munslnger. caaion. Card of MARZAHN TALKED AT ROTARY MEETING The Rev. W. W. Marzahn of ed while I was sick with pneu- Delorea Kelso. Sidney addressed the Malvern monia. Rotary club Tuesday evening, p.37-1. discussing the American way of life. Card of Thanks "We have a way of life that the entire world needs," he said, because it Is based on religious ca . r .,' , , ,. ,. principles." Our government, he wnile l was in the hospital, held, serves the people and not Mrs - H - H - Hlllyer • , '"»"'/'"• :l . ( ""'">• • M '-"»K «/ "'" < '"""""iny huihiintr. U,M|- iicsday, March 17. Other units Jil » HatlU-ld, who hud rcsiKiicd and I'osts of the County will < o- son, Cecil Travis of Thurman. Le- Hlded fray when they ousted Sil . from tin,- <le].artn>eiit when 1m <>i»-rate and usHist. Iloy Jones of Silver City and Bill ver city Homberettes 43-24 after |n °ved from thu coiiiiiiunity, was The affair will hav tho most of these, 12. Voters u!m> KIIVO Mr. Crink a strong vote for the county board. STItAHAN, 1>I VOTKS Although there was no contest for the two places on tho hoard, citizens came out In good num- hers to support Mr. Kaylon'H race Hurry Hauimnns t'nit anil l'ont f< "' the county hoard. J. W. Huth- thi! Aineriraii I.enion will he away and Kvurett <lipe. were elect- Ihe district board. AMERICAN LEGION HOSTS FOR COUNTY MEETING Bryant of Treynor; centers, Oer- a two-fold reinstated into membership itt purpose, to observe the Legion's KMKHSON, 57 Vift'KS Hubert Kvans wan named to replace Homer lilack who was not a candidate. Halph (Jood was reelected a.s was Cleorge .Stille for treas- Thanks a 17-8 half time lead. Silver City ••-•••»»»'"« •"••<• .......,,.,0.,.,, >., ,.„.,....„., , ,.,..,„ >,,„ ,. r ^,,, n n T| K, lu . rsou board intt aid Goos of Treynor; guards, Wa8 w i t hin three pointB in the the meeting of tbe Malvern fire birthday and a regularly sclied- rnn-i»j» i.iti. to everyone for the c ' ark Ne »ry of Treynor. Emil Sul- ca ,.j y j, art of th(J thlrd chapter but department Monday evening. uled county me.-ting. Winders to fill the unex-.ire,! i,.rm rs and gifts sent to me ent lc of St. Francis, Byers of Hen- Gienwood quickly doused their The firemen alw. debated wit" ' '• ' ' '•• -- unex.nre.i n rm derson, Donald Dailey of Silver 37-1 theory of government. "We have free enterprise In America," he stated because the individual has the intelligence and initiative to manage his own affairs. The Hev. Mr. Marzahn con- COUNTY SWINE MEETING BAYES BUYS HUBBELL AT COMMUNITY BLDG. EQUIPMENT WEDNESDAY niug meeting at the Methodist church later in the evening. Swine producers In the Mills Harry Bayes of the Modern to attend Cleaners bought the Hubbeil feeding Cleaners equipment Wednesday. and management of swine, con- Mr Hubbeil will close up his shop ducted by E. L. Quaife of the Ex- here thls wee ^"tension Service, Ames, Iowa on Mr - rja >' e s will move the equip- was new last spring, shop. quickly doused their ' ne tiremen also debuted with Ilum-lnn, bingo ami door prizes hopes wth a barrage which net- v| K'»" 'he matter of initialing are part of HIM evening program. ted them a 15 point lead in five K01 " e -^ neophytes, the newroai- Any veteran of cither war with minutes of play l " rs showing sufficient voting his wife or her husband, an- cor- Kirlin of Silver City and Kirch- s tre »k'th to delay the plans dially invited to attend and enjoy off took early trips from the floor. Tlle riremen als " V()t( - il l " '"''l' ""' '• v «' Jlil1 ^ whether a m E. Kruse of Silver City grabbed the American Legion sponsor a not. 19 for the Ilomberettes and Sell free danctt last Tuesday, was high for the winners with 20 BLACKSMITH ASSN. MEETS AT HALL'S of I.. H. Vardmau who bad resigned * PALMERS RETURN FROM EASTERN TRIP Wednesday, March 17th, 2:00 ment > p. m. at Malvern Community OVer to Building, according to Richard S. tioos, County Extension Director. Much interest has been shown at this time in regard to the kini The farm sale of Mervin Tur- of rations best adapted to brood TURNER SALE TO BE HELD ON FRIDAY SWANSON CLOSED EVISCERATING RUN The eviscerating line at the C. In the second round of the high school girls and junior high boy.s county tournament at Silver City, Thursday night, Malvern junior high, Hastings junior high and Gienwood girls were the victors. Hastings had the game with I'acific Junction all their way wilh little competition from the 1'. J. lads. Hastings won by Malveru's blacksmiths entertained members of tie- SoulhweM Iowa llUicksinit h and Welding association at Hall's blacksmith shop March '.i. Fifteen members I'roin four counties attended tin- Mr. and Mrs Howard rainier and 1'hillip returned last week from an extensive nip thruugh tbe east. They went by way uf St. I.oui:,. g(jing through Kentucky, 'renne.^see. \\Vsl \'irginia to U'a^h- i/igton. I) C This enabled them uncling wliirh was in charge of u.i visit many place» of historic Kd Sr|iad>- of Sidney, l.cs l)jun en interest on the way and alsu to ner, listing a**iw»j«- ••«**•*•-- - — - i_ * At*.^*t*if»^^it«*n*i(a*i»n5**»,vi»c^j. ---,,.— _-_ .. f . — one of the largest * ow fee ^ mg - Also _ Jto what "^ A. gwanaon & Sons plant in Mai- -'*-* «'<"-e and held the Junction can schedules of equipment of any sale in thla area this season, will requ.remenu pasture cut down on grain vern shul is a question for making a run some six after '"'^ ^^'- ul tlle half, weeks l j a!sc-r of Hastings looped 9 and BAit; IM VU1Q *A*^«* vu*vi t-v *»«rfu»*,.-.-, m i • • u*i**n*jfe t* t u j-t rn^i*»\, «j.x »T^t*ia ••-• ---»-_--be held Friday of this week at discussion. Questions pertaining , r than w d Jas , tbe two fHiphants each made 2. J . * r» livhnd hriicc u:\tl nlcrt Vvo on- mmi i.ik.'i. t »• ^•(^.••m and Jolin Hall. After the discussion of trade problems they enji.'.ved a sui.iai time aud refreshijifiits. the Ira Turner farm on Highway lo hybrid bogs will also be an'" .. . ,, , „ swered. Hog producers will fiud «4 nortbeos of Malvern session of considerable value Five tractors are mcludeu in the eale as well as much other and a large attendance is looked machinery. for. SAM DAVIS DIES AT GLENWOOD HOME Air Bombing Raid on Nishna Area Takes Food to Starving Pheasant Flock THlKSn.U MCJHT Malvern's junior high rounded St'rahan in tin 1 closest contested game of the evening 19-1 li. Malvern led G-l the first period bst at the Lagged u-5. Then LIQUOR SALES DOWN IN JANUARY liquor stores at (.ili-nwo Malvern boil) showid a d'.-crease in sales amounting to lieu rly Sam C. Davi« : 70, ly at his home in Gienwood Mon- they came back to booat it 15-b day. He had been in ill health the third period. since an illness last year. Starr of Malvern's club led j^ijuij f or Die mouth of January. Mr. Davis bad been in business scorers with. S followed by Beiie- Th) , two ^tores sales totaled An air raid in force brought the Nishnu Botna in Anderson in Gienwood since 1921. He t-h- did with S. Swain of Strahan led } 9i ' r ,04.1b a a compared to *ia,- relief to a flock of 250 pheasants township. tablished the Davis Market that the losers with 6. uii'02 f...r Ue.einber. Sales by in MP'" county Wednesday when Guu flub members quickly is now owned and operated by bis In tbe girl's battle Gleuwood ,,,„.,., u t . n . , ;i t -nwood, $5,41 7 TU; the Malve'rn Gun 'club arranged put up a couple ot buaheld of son Robert. nfled Strahau :j9-2i in a rough the mission after members learn- corn in light paper sacks and en- He is survived by his widow, and tumble K aHie. *M e gaged Buzz Molt to carry it over Lulu, two sons, Robert and Cecil Strahau's lack of aim on the territory in his airplane. Aa ot GU-nwood; two daughters, charity strip was tbeir undoing •overed avail- ho circled over the fiock he drop- Mrs. Ethel Eaton of Gienwood aa they fell behind after a 6 point "food tor the birds and aUo i^d tbe backs overboard for tbe and Mrs. Beryl Kier of th t th H-"e flock wad in tnai tne .is, Malveru. the fur the spend i-uiiie tune in tbe nation's capital They also spent Hume extra time in Maryland where Mr. 1'almer wa.-j employed by (he SU'S some 10 years ago. There he visit ed many ul tbe farms for which In- had pruvii!> d cuiisei programs and -JMW hfj-.v int.- \\orK IWO whi..-h In- bad done Ju \ears ago a " d had stood up during the decade. Mr. I'iiltin-r reported that they liotir,.Mj widespread commercial aud residential building io the far mule than iu this urea. H..- alsu Hutietd thai m.-w cars vi«rr>- more numerous aod hu'j at- f<-i.ted the u^t-J (.ar busint-s.-j. e.i- 1'ei.ially iu the blai k market. H\STI.N<;s, II VOTKS Virgil Curtis, who was unop- <T or poseil. was elected to the. district biianl. Hastings gave <)!ba Hyde its heaviest support for Uiu county board. HI;M>KUSO\, yt V(»TKS No contests, district or county, influenced a light vote Kaye Hut- terfield. in, and Herbert Stevens IS. were named directors; Virgil Morris. 1'j, treasurer aii.l H. W. U'ashburn '2<>, for the county board. SHAIllt (II V, H VOIKS Three candidates for two board lai am-ie^ caused only a light Vote: A. 1', Junes. Uii, and K. F. McMahan. 3y. were elected. 1.. T. (ienung liad :\<j foi- the county Appreciation The sacks prevented them from moving hungry birds freely Irom Uusir ground along as they hit tb« ground. burst Junction; sevea two Pacific brothers and H'lunera and .Mrauu ha-i 12. l.»ue to tbe weather condition lead at tho start. Strttbau trailed the remainder of tbe tournament voted fur me iu Area- 4 of tue at iolfcrmiacion 13-8. was postponed until Tuesday uud .Mills county ticbool electiou. Nut-kola ot Glt-uwood thrc-w ItiTburbday of neit wec-k. C. W. Kayton. (iLKNWOOI). li«l VOTKS Seven candidates entered the race fur three- positions on the board, bringing out au exceptiuual- !v heavy vjli. Uv OU Us. K. J. Mc- I J berron. reelecied with 428; Mrs. 1'aul Cheyuey. ele.'ted with J4>; Harry Slikkerveer, elected to fill vacancy with 515 Also running: Mrs. E. L. Hiutt. Clyde Wnile. Harvey Schoeniug. I'.Vl'IFIO Jl'MTiON, 4» \M>TBS T A u caujidatea were running t'.n the three year term uud L>. G. A ..'Hew Was elected With Z ij VOtfca dt featJUg bia olipoUetil C. K. Fisll- er by li votes. H, C. Lincoln un- oppoced was elected for the two I with to thank tbe people who year term with 4G voterf. Gladys I-'oui'.-roy « a.a elected trea.-urer for a two year term ohe Wa.:j iiiao un- oypoaed.

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