The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 4, 1948 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1948
Page 8
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*AGE EIGHT THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, MARCH 4, IMS IMOGENE Mrs. George . Monoree at Shower Last Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. L. B. GUIs Chen- ritter. Mrs. Ed F. Langhlin and Mre. CMorge Adams were hoatess- _•* at a pink land blue shower hon- Jng Mre. George OutBchenrltter. Twenty five close friends and »»l«hbor8 were the guests. Mm. George Adams entertained the nefts with many tricks and games. The honoree receired many handsome gifts. The hostess serT- «d homemade ice cream, light *nd dark cake and coffee. New Army Bridge OTW Walnut Creek The road east of Imogene, near the Michael Delehant home, one mile south ot the county line road will be open to traffic again as soon as the grading is done. A Bailey bridge has been put In which is new to the people here, but makes a fine bridge. The old bridge over Walnut Creek was taken out by the high waters in the tpring of 1946. This closed the road since then and while it was missed by many, the Delehants and Rogers families Johri Head: 80 Ywurs oM , John Head was 80 years old, Feb. 29th. and a party celebrated the event at his home south of Imogene with 22 present. Among them were three sons and their families. A fine family dinner was prepared by Mrs. Head, and the crowd also were entertained at supper. The sons are Marlln of Essex, Frances of Imogene and John Vincent of Lincoln, Neb. One daughter, Mary Durbin of Billings, Mont, was unable to attend but sent her regrets and a nice letter. Another daughter, Barbara Tutner of Milwaukee, called and talked to the family. A beautiful birthday cake was the centerpiece. Mr. Head received many nice cards and gifts elevation 997.78 f««t at the south end and elevation 997.35 feet at the north ~-1, said elevations being related to plane of reference established In Number 48 of said town. Section 2. All ordinances or parts of ordinances pealed. C , er6W *** * re r **~ _ Seetlsn S. This ordinance shall be In foil force and effect from and after Ita passage as provided by law. , approved and adopted this of March, 194S. '- / R. W. Mansfield Mayor of the Town of Malvern, Iowa Attest: Woodford R. Bylngton Town Clerk. ORDINANCE NUMBER 187 An tlon of the' mayor, councllmen, urer and clerk of said town. HE IT ORDAINED BY THE TOWN COUNCa, OF THE TOWN OP MALVERN, IOWA, aa follows: Section 1. the salary of the mayor of These articles may to amended at any regular or special meeting of the stockholders by the vote of » majority of the outstanding stock. • IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our bands this filst day of February, 1948. E. IT. JnUrdiC J. R. Han Woodford R. Bytagte* Incorporatott. YOUR CONfiRESSMirS RECORD Tour Congressman, Ben F. Jensen, signed a petition during the past week asking tha coran»«re< department for an embargo on shipments of petroleum abroad until Feb. 28, and asking for an investigation of the fuel oil shortage. the entire matter of its affairs shall be conducted by a Board of Directors to be elected- By the stockholders and , to be composed of not lefts than three or not more than six members who shall hold.their respective offices for a period of .one year or until their successors are duly elected and qualified. VII The annual meeting of the stockholders shall, be held on the second Tuesday of January In each year at the principal office of'the Corpora^ tton and at such annual meeting' the stockholders shall elect a Board of Directors. A majority of the voting stock at said meeting shall be required for th* election of directors. Following the annual m«ting of the stockholder^ the Board of Directors shall elect a President, a Vice-Presl- dent, and a Secretary and Treasurer. Th« Secretary and Treasurer may be who came with S theh , they have land on both Bides of -~ Mr. and Mrs. Head both „,„ t Sections. sa-^ss. i vrzz £&**« 57 fn»« an aendmen 8 t aw GLASSES COMPLETE Eyes Examined, Glasses Pitted Classes Made and Repaired h» onr own Shop DR. L. B. PKTERSEff Optometrist Re* Oak, Iowa C«yd« B. Cmrtis, ©.D, First Door North of Fatutce* Imogene had a 2-Inch rain be- gining Thursday evening and It rained al. night. The creek 008 h , ene man L?n ShrTfl man, born Febr. 29. T '-' ($50 - 00) do1 ' MoWB ln Imogcnc th ' 9 Seet , on 4 K&£S r pSr ta Vrlor for further ai ^- Thl « was defeated by a vote of 67-306. House passed by voice rote «•• deficiency bill autb, and Secretary may be the same person. The Board shall also elect such other officers an It skall f~* m . T Jf c * M * l T 1. nd Proper for the transaction of the business «f the Corporation. _. VIII „!?* I*" 1 * 9 and addresses of the In- eorpcrators are: E 1 " 1 *' A. Bass. 1281 «th Street, Red Oak. Iowa. nllt «Lt B ? M ' mi 8Ul Street, ». v.v 1 Yi 6111 !- »owa. Rollln O. Bass, Emerson. Iowa, Clyda C. Bass, Jmerson, i ow a. ""' " " cahontas, Iowa. IZ01 «th Street, Tx -rfi~"~ """-"•"g persons shall act as officers of eald Corporation until the first annual meeting thereof* President, Elmer A. Bass', Red wax, iowa. Vice-president, Rollln O. Bass. Emerson, Iowa, ««». of said Corporation, each stockholder shall b« entitled to one *st« for tactt share of stock owned by him, and such rote shall be cast .by him in person or by written proxy. Special meetings of stockholders' may be held by order of the Board of Directors, «f the President of the Corporation at any time upon five days notice I* writing mailed to the Address »f «&ftfc stockholder as shown by th* Corporations books. Such notice shall state in understandable form the' general nature of the business to be transacted at such special meeting, XI AH private property owned by ih* Incorporate™ and stockholders shall be exempt from the debts of the corporation. XII These articles may b« amended by two^thlrds vote at any regular or Special meeting called for that purpose. Dated at Emerson, Iowa, this 6th day of February, A. D., 194J. Elmer A. Bass, President Rollln O. Bass, Secretary. . ____ J _ 38-4 , • ~" ~ ^rir, and washed out considerable on the ec j f r m D^cVt'ht' 0 "^ T d / lare8 W6re the Rubtn Bu r s^r n d ea p r ro"e R rtTheJe °ff^^arfe' placed there with barriers around on/1 +-,«,,, «„„ *,_,„,-_„-" I? thelr °tticl*i *•."-the washout. wise was allright, - ..>.... c>0 ^, t/ . Denied. Section 7. and thelr 8on Aloysious moved to .wn the Blllle Gilmore farm near traveling Farraers City . Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Skahill and fam »y moved to a farm near moved to the John Wulher )f agriculture. Mr. Jensen and two other Iowa Con_« „. gressmen voted against such a That all ordinances or pants of or- motion to recommit the bill to ln confllct «• her «*y "• the House appropriations committee to add 1300,000,000 (m) for b ,f»&'?." rural electrification. This of At aH meetings of the „ ViUQHN HOOVER Dial S4AI thls Man8 "f ld $37,200,000,000 (b) on the feder- of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Maher. Mrs. Dick Maher was taken to NOTICE is HEREB? R QivE?7 mtion * Mercy hospital in Council Bluffs T , h ? t _, we> the undersigned, have as- nf Qi K _.___, - , ' SOCmtPu Ourselves tOPPthfr fnr f Via ** *• **" one day last week where she is purpose of forming and becoming a Mr. treatment and later will men voted in favor of the legislation which was passed by a vote Dead Animals Removed PROMPT was also the only lowa Congressman not to vote Jn '" sa as: Sorenson .home. Mr Sorenson Notice of Incorporatian for • . who has been at- rVctora,"'fo' constni'd^The'reon' 5 or D to K***** tending welding school in Des 17 d n and contract . f °f the"««°»-«.: ? nt to Moines, has finished and return- or^huiknnffj' t°o ed to his home here. s. Herman Stepka went to Shenandoah Saturday to take over a patient in Haid hosplt$, during the absence of the patient's np1n ;e<>ne«a, it being'the nurse. v corporate piirsu- m °' • Co - d * * hJnLjyP" S f thls . «on*ratlbrt sliainf . be. Oakjjale. Farm Incorporated.,. Two Wise Ways to Conserve Fuel I Malce Sure Your Roof • If Ti 9 ht ARRO-LOCK Shingles Lock Themselves Tight! ^.Harder, if. 'blows, the. tighter " th'ey lock. See the beautiful blend*, artractlve"' colors. EXPERTS .WILL , ! . .INSTALL .•ARBO-LOCKSrlMMBDiATELY-.'- • vON.ANY'HOMEIN-- , ' South of Highway No. 34 Call •RAMSEY'S RENDERING CO. Dial O — Ask for 9000 I North of Highway 34 Call „ • ^ „ , Mr. and MM. Joe Wagner and b " rrow ™ney and e«eutS any and , t0 \L? ;•> State .- objects and purposes for which corporation IB formed, are aa fol- OAKLAND RENDERING CO. Phone 4000 We Pay Phone Charges The Cost of Living Has Gone Up More Than Two-Thirds Since 1939... The Cost of Your Electric Servica Had Gone Up Since 1939 Like Other Items in The Cost of Living Budget •Mr. and Mrs. Frank Doreey had for their Sunday guests, their " daughter. Marie Dorsey, Mrs. Dot- ? Ire<1 seys sister, Mrs. Vincent Slovik "•<«* of Mr. Shovik, Teresa Grass, sl '?h of Lincoln, Neb. The latter from Germany about one of Iowa; and without In any Coron CJU - r y-°" t t^ purposes above aet forth and o a n | na f 11ner Connected wUh or decld " {; •- «^Wd»°. Promote the Interest of aald Harry Larson returned to his be Imiued unill nai.j mr ai ^ A $2.00 electric bill $3.00 " " $3.50 " " $100 " * $4.50 " * $5.00 * * would be $3.34 " " $5.01 * " $5.85 * * tt.68 * * $7.52 * " $8.35 (TA* Ugktr to Dteembtr, 1947, tb*m im IHt— V. S. Buruu •/ L*t»r Ftael, labor and materials have increased trt- wcadoiuly U»c co»t of making tUctricitj. Vkilc it it true that your greater tue of eUc- trie service foe more aad m*re job* — pint our coiutant atttatioa to ecoaomy and e^ficieccy — iiM kelped to keep it* price dowa, every day finds it kardrr to Btaimuin prcaeat low f «r lour A PO wnt AMD U*NT COMPANY son and wife, Mr. vin Larson. Mrs. Frank Bradley who had her ankle broken in an auto accident a couple weeks ago, was released from the Hand hospital Saturday »nd went to her home Her sister. Miss Katie Connell came Thursday from Galva 111 and will care for her. Other members of the John Bradley family, their two sons, are also improving nicely. They were all hurt in the same accident while iuK from church, Feb. 15. ~«...^viCT of the cor- conducted by a to be elected by tha sevtn"77 l r"' an ? to be composed of "even (i) membera T Article 8. hol<le'r 8an8 hal! 1 Ce^held" o°n the "rhl-d Monday In January of each year At i.e 4<'\Tt , m ?H tln ? 8 dl « ct °« shall LV ., ' hold °"'ce until the an- anrt un7u "hV ieXt *"" their e . 1 f ct ]" r ! arul /••... ii*i --i **« cc &e&or8 are I' remaining authorlied capluJ «took shall be loaned from tlm " and shall be s«U1 in such a and at such times.and to such mm " the Biard of Directors may Urml»e. The corporate exlatance of Bald corporation shall commence when the Secretary of State lesuea his certificate, which waa on 13 January 1448. and shall continue for a period of twenty years from said date, unless Its charter Is extended or unless It 2. MAKE SURE YOUR STORM SASH ARE THE BEST! ' Insist on KUSCO All-Metal, Self-Storing Combination Storm and Screen Sash With 1. No draft renUlatioa 2. Permanent plastic screen 3. Tailor-made construction to your windows 3 YEARS TO PAY NO DOWN PAYMENT FOR FULL INFORMATION ON ANY MICKLIN SERVICE, WRITE TODAY TO: MICKLIN Home Improvement Company r >' to Omaha, Saturday to visit tht-ir children over Sunday Hfernard Slater, who went to Unrein. Neb., one day last week '- check up at Veterans ho.plt-5 was dismissed. Mr. and Mrs. Kobert Hilton and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Maher spent Sunday in Omaha with the ladies- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Art Leahy. Mrs J. R. Lyons. 60, who resides on the Geo. Swallow farm. died very suddenly from a heart attack at her home, Thursday evening. Funeral servicea were held Sunday afternoon at the Harding Funeral Home in. Shenandoah. m Ja " ua '-y IMS. »nd umu their euc- af7alr7<"7h "'" cted and 'iwHfied. th« rtvu ;' e(! »'? a Boa'rd 1 " of'nfrectort" con"B w* Kni^ii, *V ! K Bu , rd ,' C K J ' H ' "»"• ° 17O2.CUMING ST. pose ; J or b * unanimous conisent as provlded by law - V| The business of the corporation and -- OMAHA, NEBR. Phonei-Ja 65OO Co Bluffs - 3-3111 all of Malvern, Iowa. Article I. R,Jn (1 '"ctor» shall each year as tlon" e^ct CO r£±?l.J^'*/ '*«»'«>«!• ebBora are elected and the flrat ^nn"*! meet of Swimnlac t« Death At cerUin perlodi the ... •mail rodenu native to Norway »nd Sweden, migrate in large norde» to tfae ««a. «wimming out to certain death. ORDINANCE NUMBSH 121 An ordinance of the town of U&l- vtra, Iowa, to ceUbHah the snula ot the alley throueh Block Twenty-elrht i-H) In the town of Malvtrn, lowaT IT ORDAINED BY TUB TOWN "IL OF THK TOWN OK MAL- IOWA. as followa: Section 1. That the centorllne grade of the tillty thrown Block Twenty-eight (M) In the town of Malvern lown. be ea- •ai^llchtsrt no a. straight line between . . „ ArtlcU 10. f .aft " m ** Un f« of the «tockhold«ra "' Artlel* 11. Cie * ln th « -"' otler ° *' lhe officers Article- 1Z. P r °P««y of tha ctoek- 1 Se e*«mPt from tha corporation. Artlel* 1S. FOR SALE Residence Properties in Malvern • One now occupied by James A. Wells. • One now occupied by Mrs. A. J. Darnold. J. H. BECKWITH, REFEREE

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