The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 29, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TOE DO *; XXXIV—NO. 209. cour ' r Mlsslssh.pi TOE DOMNAHT MWBPAPEB Ot NORTHMBT ARKANBAfl AND SOUTJlEAffr Daily " MISSOURI YTlll.: \M1.LK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JANUARY -9, KK' FIRES STATE H SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO IS STRUCK Bf i[ SHELLS j Shrine Country Club j Sold To Dr. Brinkley , UTTU3 ROCK, Jan. 28 iup> -Kale of the Shrine country dub \l> miles south of Little Rook to, Lr. John H. Brjnkley of Del Hi,, ' Tex., was announced today Hr. Brlnkley. following (ho mu- chase. announced lie , v ,is movlnp the city United Slates Naval Raclioii^M',' 1 , 11111 '; 1 ;'; '"'''' for ""'''>""'>'>] M r pi- i , w , i I;' 1 "™""- Ills D(1 1 Rio hospital w an Is bliglitly Wound-1'"' '- Ios '' f| . '•>'•• urinktcy said. ES Hoosrvrli To A 0" His eel SHANGHAI. Jan. 29. lUPl—An- li-alrcraft shells struck the United Slates gunboat Luzon and a barge belonging to il during a Japanese air raid on Hankow Tlwrsday, a delayed dispatch said today. A radioman was slightly wounded, ihe dispatch said, and one Chlnfse was killed and several wounded. It »as assumed that the shells were of small caliber and were from Chinese anti-aircraft guns. The wound which the Luzon's radio ma n received was only a scratch, the dispatch said. 'Ihe ship was not damaged. Protests Face Slapping TOKYO. Jan. 29. (UP)—Joseph C. Grew. United Slates ambassador, made formal representations to the foreign oifice today over Wfdiusdiiy's incident at Nanking whin n Japanese sentry slapped Ihe fiu-e of John M. Allison of the United States embassy stall. The foreign oiVice promised a thorough investigation and a sub- Kcniieiit reply to the United States. Grew acted on Instructions from Washington. The Japanese cabinet at an extraordinary meeting today decided to arrange a conference with Imperial headquarters, the supreme war body. The cabinet discussed all phases of the China conflict and considered the question of foreign in- Mtissolini Rushes To Scene i in in, At Italian ™--- - !l "•""""• Plant Mnnilu Jurors, Divided Seven to Five In Seduction Suit, Are Discharged in (crests, including Americans various parts of China. It was ,1111 derslooi that the pos -slbillty of a declaration of-war- Agreement between the men After et.ition heard (lie evidence in J w Brill's almost three hours delih- circuit court jury that SEONI, Italy, Jan, .•>(. Three terrific explosions shattered the powder section of ,|,e munitions factory here today, taking a heavy loll of life and InJurliiE hundreds. Premier Bcnllo Mussolini arrived to take charge. Khi|; Victor to the mer rs against G. P . Scrape hh for- landlord, for alleged sed'c- of his minor daughter, was !ate Friday afternoon 1," failin - ' to arrive at a verdict. verc. I lie jurors reported themselves liopelessly deadlocked, seven for judgment for the plaintiff and r ,ve for judgment for the defendant. was understood tliul the Jurors i re so divided c,n the firs ™, j ' .. - - 1 ™ vi.iv *,(i.->i; 0111:11 the afternoon and sub-[bombs failed of any ju- 1ns t civil -against. China still exists so that| tl!clr early in sequent deliberation change the position ror. The trial closing on the a«y of the January term of civil ™ntton l> [htn b an a '''' aClCd '"° rC '" term. Britt sought damages from Scrape charging lhat mUnduc"! Scrapes part had brought' " ! 'nd humiliation upon his Eerape denied any misconduct ar.c, intimated that the , was. an outgrowth-of over Emmanuel also hurried scene from Home. Ten bodies had bi'en recovered by mid afternoon but it was estimated that when the debris had been searched thoroughly tlie death loll would rcneh between 30 and 40. It was estimated lhat 301) soldiers were slightly injured glass and (lying fragments and approximately 150 factory workers injured, of whom some may die A reliable source estimated tlie probable damage at between 35- OO&.OOO and -tO.flOOOOO lire <si' 8~42.15() and J2,108,000) making it the most costly disaster in recent Italian history. Both in casualties nnd property. The first explosion occurred hi a shed where bund and ah-nlnnr. Motorists To Draw Two Dollar Fines rir, iviiij; "llrkcl. i;i:m rlty lU'ense Than l.asl W wave.. Uuunlil leinporiiry relief lu- it:\\ ihvmmhmit ihe Missi.sslppl was i Minuted (hut 12.WU)' Whili unil parlk"i would he held i.nt |,, >i. pimveds Foundation WABIUNOTON. Jan. 29. <UP> i,, 1: ,,, m ,, A bit grayer about the temples,! Tl) his facial line, etched slightly ' duror but otherwise In robuM liniill), I'resldejil Hore.evell toiluy pir-pari-d to Join with the nnlluii his '1 lie anniversary tomorrow, but the bi-fn advani-ed 2-1 llii- UiQUMind:; ol liv to mis More Rainfall Along Qua- •cliita Would Danger Increase.' Wants Arkansas Federal Aid Without Matching Fund 1'rospecls of and tomorrow ni<ue lain lotilulit! WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 (Ul'i- lenewed fear of Hepreseiitnllvi! John I, „ --._.. , ., , VL jvtn t )[ Hoods today In central und south- were manufacture ••••"jiiiii' t'u ill 1(1 to, stored. The blast caused n greater u- one in two ucieliborlnij sheds where the same type of bombs arc made. The last explosion, the biggest of all, shocked the entire town at 8:03 a. in. em After in reaching Cjimdeti * hlfh of curly u,| s .10.7 on family. enforcement of the United States is constantly in i-elations. Unless neutrality act mind. The cabinet discussions will be resumed Monday and Tuesday. Mrs, Roosevelt Gives Movie Stars Luncheon WASHINGTON, Jan. 29 (UP)— Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt entertained at luncheon today members of (lie Hollywood movie colony who are in Washington in connec- tini with the celebration of the im-'ijdcnfs seth birthdaj'.. The guest list included Joe E Brown, Mr. und Mrs. Frederic March. Miss Eleanor Powell. Miss Janet Gaynor and Miss Louise PazcnUa. Chagrined Town Its Waterworks Stolen GROVETON, Tex. (UP)—Mayor W. L. Gibson turned the spigot. No water came. The mayor sent down to the waterworks aiid found stolen almost. othenvis disposed of tlie suit will be on the I rial docket at the June term of court. Partlow and Bradley represented Brttt awl Nell! Heed 'was attorney for Scrape. 'Faking Phil' Jailed Again ** *-"iJt^i^i_,wi>(A, Jan. —40th Arrest in 10 Years , Tlle span's" loyalist today offered to abiim; BUFFALO, N. y. (UP)—"Faking " Phil" Is behind the bars again- , this time for six months. His arrest this time—the 40th in the past decade—solved a number of mysteries. For weeks motorists who drove up to the-old postofflce building here believed themselves responsible for slight Injuries lo pedestrians in that vicinity. In each case Ihe motorist would be approached by a panhandler as that someone had (he whole works. Gilxoti conferred with several of the 1.500 residents of (he town and then set out (or Houston, Tex.. 12S miles away, to get a new water system. A Houston salesman offered a r.econd-hand pump and fixtures. "Those are mine," declared Gibson. Other missing parts were recovered from various jutif: dealers wtere they had been sold by the thieves. lie drove up to the building. As he drove away there would be a cry and the panhandler would be lying in the street. Usually the motorist ' "settled" for a dollar or so. Finally police Investigated. They caught "Faking Phil" In one of the acts and lie readily admitted his guilt. But not even police know what, the man's real name Is. On each of the 40 times he has been arrested he lias had a different name. iled that the loyalists had made public at the last mlmile their own altitude on bombing of open "- unfortified cities. This attilude s if the nationalists continue to | bomb open cities the loyalists must do likewise. Destructive tombing of loyalist cities has impelled the loyalists to announce that henceforth they must retaliate by bombing nationalist cities. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Jan. 28 (UP) Stocks declined today in dull trading rounding out a week of re- the Industrial cession in which f.-.WELt; BY d- BOB BURNS _ average was depressed nearly 10 points. A. T. A T 162 1-2 Anaconda Cop 29 1-8 Afsoc. D, G G 3-8 Beth. SSteel 53 7-8 (Boeing Air 28 3-8 Chrysler fll 7-8 Gen. Elec 39 . Gen. Mot 32 5-8 j Int. Harvest 59 1-1 | Montgomery Ward 31 1-4 IN. y. Central 153-4 Packard 4 3-4 Phillips Pet \ so 1-2 Radio fj Schenly Dist 22 .Simmons 191-2 Socony Vac 14 Texas Corp 37 3-4 6. Smelt '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 62 1-2 S. Steel 52 Chicago Wheat It looks like the days of the old • ^. fashioned slave driver are over. Tlie ! U. modern employer studies his meni and puts 'em in a department best' suited to their talents. I I had a cousin down home who l got a job in a department store ~I and it looked for a while like he 1 .,„.. „, , p ™ .."'B 1 would be a failure because lie kept ,., -j, . V „„,'"* fallin- asleep. Finally the proprietor , 4 83 M made the biggest asset In the store' out of my cousin. He put him behind the pajama counter and put a sign on him lhal said "Our pajamas are of such ' open high superior quail) 1 that even the man May 60 60 who sells 'em can't keep awftlw," lJul, 60 1-2 605-8 low 92 1-2 87 1-4 close 92 3-4 87 3- Chir.ago Corn low 59 1-2 60 close 59 1-2 60 1-4 OFFERS 10 8011 CITIES lie Otiachita rivt, wns rft ,| lng , u tnat point. It, slood at :«) feet lo- dny. At Ixick Eigh', near Cnlloti. |! 10 Ouachila had not reached Its crest standing nl 3C.5 today aflcr rising I" die past 24 hours. The was still holdini; was cx- Spanish Loyalists Seek End of Ail- Civilians BARCELONA. Jan. and litlle further clnmngc river stayed within peeled if Its banks. Thirty five families hnd abode in box cars at Cnllon. A cres! of 38 probably will l c reached there by tomorrow weather bureau official;, said. Reports from Smackover snM O Ull additional oil wells in that ills- down iCein., Ark.l .said toclnv McClellnn lie would nsk the house roads committee tc niiiend the Ciii-twrlght hill lo ex- i-mul certain states "including Arkansas" from malchhiK federal highway allolments. McClcllnn's announcement would exempt, states which In Hie past two years hud used automobile mid pur- gasoline taxes for highway poses and which hnd no such funds for mulching federal -allotments. The amendment. McClellan nairl, would direct "about a half Uo?.cn slates." • At the same lime McClellnn urged that rivers nnd harbors engl- neere review the army's 1034 .recommendations for flood control of il In new lows. • e<in:,lderiilily nornml over most of Hie hvo-llilixls of Ihe eniin- liy but United Hialiv l-'nreciiMer J. It. l.loyd predicted a new eolil wave "more seven'" I lie-in any of (he week for enilral sillies by ainidiiy. He foivetist more snow for Ihe cenlrnl plains area, cni'iil Lukes mid Mississippi valley. Knst of Ihe AllegUcnles, New York nnd Die New KiiKlmicI stale;; shivered as Ihe mercury dropped l lo near -/ero levels, lleiivy neus were ri'porled alunii tiic seaboard. Much eolclc'i- wentlier und snow was reported for Ihe territory limn Virginia to Canada, T,mi- pL'iulurrs in tlie deep soutli hovered near Ihe Iree/lnu murk. 11 K-II.S unseasonably warm, wesl of Ihe Itocklrs. Drills und heiivy In: coverlnjfs still Impeded tralilc in Mjchlgnn, Illinois nnd Wisconsin. Conditions were reported reliiriiliii;, to noi-- mal us eincvgency highway creu-.s worked double shlil.s ti> clear With Fanners At Osceola Courthouse OKCTObA, Ark.-J. n. Hollimd Hlythevllle, trallle imiiinger jor Die |.'rlwu nillriiiul, wuji (he prln- Wl sneukei- at, „ imvini,, (lf („. vslrd (iiiuiers ami cominuiilly lenders held nt (ha courl house and Oimchita river Loulsiaun. He In Arkama. 1 asked Chair- eye for an 29 (UP)— government ndon Us new campaign of bombing nationalist cities If ihe „ ,..,„ v.ini.0 n tut; nationalists reciprocate. Tlie ofler was announced officially and the Ing ol committee lo consid- man William Wliltllngton (Dem. recession of iiio". m ~i«"" X" """"-I Mlss -> of "'C "oiisc flood control c^wellfha" » °llir, «'» '° «"» .«. 'Poctal meet- i" the Smack-over vicinity since ire bjickTRters.. highest since tho lfi>1 Hood-rose over Ihe grounds. Veteran Who Waved U. S. Flag at Ypres Dead er his resolution "to determine whether modification of Ihe recommendation Is advisable In view of recent flood conditions" Mcciellan said the chief of rivers and harbors engineers had ordered the division engineer at Vieksbiirg, Miss., lo start preliminary work on Ihe review. Democrat Appointed To Fiil Out Stetwer's Term tUl'i- Cm-mini; in tho highways. An Ice Mississippi river nciir Montucllix 111., may have serious ellecl.s un the Hood wnlcrs of Ihe Hock ilv- er, which inundated llioiisands of acres In llic lowlands -— indft fioulli of I s Hock Island, 111. ntnena n f rmii-' coimmmll >' forced lo abandon Ihelr tul "' t Ilo1! - Sl Mr. Holland's (»lk was on t!n> tlmmclal reliims and posslbllltl,-;; "I liruu-lnij radishes in lh,. o.sce- <>li» territory. Much Interest wa> shown and consldonilile acrea-ie sinned fur. He staled (hat the ! would be ( ( ,rl.y-n v e ei>nh per busel boxed and delivered , , Osccoin. Another meellna; Is p|. t ,i"«l for next, Tuesday In connection ii'llh tlie fin-in organization mi-cllnit of Lilts farm bureau lo be held here ,,t (hat lime, w M liiewi-r ol Cm-dwell, Mo., extensive rmllsh ([rower of (hat section will speak Tiiewlnj-. The lolal nc'reiiRe (foul of 250 luireti win bo con- Unctctl (or nt ihl.i inecting. H. c. Hraiich has'sent invitations to farm leaders in each Illes wei homes. rrcighlcrs f'rcw Itesciic'd MtAAII. Flu., Jan. 28. (UI J > — The ere »• of the Norweglfin Irelijhlei- Kevvsoine was rt-scucil to- (Uiy from Iliii sinkinit vessel by the company steamer. United Fruit Venisiin. The VeniciM advised Tropical Itndln here she hnd taken the members of the Ncwsomc's crew aboard. Tlie frr-l|;hter was bolng iibaiidoned where she was lircak- l"i: up on the rocks oil Die Nlcri- rnuiian The Vet-ngun said Ihe rescue vessel was proceedliu; tn CrlMo- bsl, C'atinl Koi\c. The Vernt'iia's inlvi.'-e.'; did not disclose how the rescue was clfccted. The report said only) that nil crew members were taken! aboard the ship safely and that the transfer bad been made a.s the lo be present at at 2 p.m. Tuesday f»i tl'o InniiBiimtlon of the animal niniibcrslilp drive. A goat of 2ftCO mis been set for (he ehtlro county with 1000 ns the ,, m , („ the °r W M 1 ' T\, Mr - Br " nel1 ' Pfwl'l'-'il of the fcouth MlMlsslmu farm ])n- i-rnii l-'otlemlloti, has j, ls t letun,. frran „ trip (o Will Be Relieved of Duties On Monday, Announcement Stales I<ITTI,K fiOC'K, Jan. 29. (UPj— C'iov. Carl E. Ballcy'.s office today nnnuuiiced tlmt James R. niiyne, slulo hlglHvay director, would be nllevext of his duties Monday, Jan. 'i'lie tmnouiicement confirmed rumors that luive been current for tln-fi- nionlhs "that Uhyne was to l;e removed as a part of the governor's clloi-ls to reorganize nlo iidmlnLstrallon. Janies t t Dlund, the governor's seerelin-y, said Khync's successor would lie named today but he dfflljicri to make any Intimation as lo whom the appointment would be given. Hliync was named highway dl- rector by Dnlley early In January, lfK»7. He served In the same capacity during the first, year of (ho administration ,of J. M. Futtell us governor. Htiyiie'.f remoral was effected by Idler which tho governor mailed from Hot Springs, where ho has been for thu. past week rc- ittiip. from u cold and throat ailment. When reports of the director's removal llrsl were heard it, was where he was eh-cled n member of Ihe board of dirrclors Memphis branch of the of the rvdcml •soon as possible after daybreak. The record annual precipitation ncstjnl East Bengal, India, Is -129 Inches. Railroad Carries Trucks With Their Shipping Load r BOSTON (UP) — Shipping by truck now also means shipping by I rail, The New Haven railroad has Inaugurated n truck-hauling service between New York nnd Boston that will increase railroad revenue, decrease motor-freight costs and incidentally relieve highway congestion. Truck shipments will leave the original shipping points and arrive at their final destinations in regular truck trailers, as at present but the trailers will travel between cities on railroad flat cars specifically built for such use. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 29 (UP) own high low close '<"• 834 835 831 g33 a >' 841 842 839 840 848 844 858 855 864 860 incudiiig Jill. on Dec Jan 817 857 862 8B7n 846 856 864 86611 Spots closcdjstcad'y 'at B«, off 1. Vew Orleans Cotton NEW 29 (UP), "• wau. ^u ^UrJ — Colton futures closed steady with losses of one to three nolnts on ' 8 the short session loday. . open high' low close ?« 853 845 846b «3 855 852 854 0 861 810 8H was William V. Thomas of . Rochester, N. Y., who died in Hie U. S. Veterans hospital here after Alfrcd Evan Hcanies. Democrat, of . , Mcdford. today was appointed lo army, Thomas unfurled an Amor- nil the imexphed term of lean flag over a trench parapet nt Senator Frederick Htelwer Ypres on July 4, imo. The flag Is lican. who resigned. , . now in the hall of records at the enlmncc to the State Capitol at The average harp weighs H pounds. Bridge of St. Louis will dlseiKf Ihe farm loi/inli pcmtlni; Iti Coi)>;iesi, Milk Drijiki,,g Fails To Reach Ideal Moment WASHINGTON (00 -Per capita milk consumption », u,,. U( ' 1(| . ou Stales Is Im-rcaslng, but still i s below the "udeqiiiuc minimum" e.stnblli-hed by the home economics biironii of the I>,(artmeiil of A,<- rlcnlliii-e. l ' Tim bin-can of agricultural economics reported ..-._ ..vt»M i u »ytia reported that W. W. Mitchell of Litlle Jiock, fomcr nsslslant slate highway engineer nut] Inter senior engineer examiner for PWA !n Arkansas, probably would be selected for Ihe IKKL Whether Mr Mitchell still held the "Inside track" for Ihe appointment coutct nr.t. he learned this morning. Rowland Is Head Of Caruthersville Bank CARUTHERJWLLE, Mo,, Jan 29.—.JititBL- M. R, nowland Wft 3 fleeted jjresldent /jr the First stata llank ni a directors' mcctJu? hoi-e siiliplantini; Ally. R. i,. ward who tuidered his resignation because of milk consmptlon n cllc ., n , 1( , ^ cream („ terms of Its ' ns 38 - 2 eollons In l his was an increase of 3 2-1 I'u cent over 10:15. The home economics bureau rc- imrls each child ,,mh a uilnlinuin of one (piart of milk a day-or BO Billions a year ~ , UU | that ea,-li ndnlt shotiki drink one pint u dav —45 Kallons n ve.-ir. Uata untherfti from ,-l ty |, onr< , s or health indicate thai Ihe grent- <st Increase in p M capita m »k consumption occurred in North Central slates, where -1.8 per cc-it more milk nnd cream were used in 6 than in IM5. The Increase in the South Al- <awlt states was about I per cent In the South ~ Other officer/; eleelcd were: \v. H. Hinlth, vice-president; Charles' U. ROS.S, cashier; Misses Mayrno Ilcrmlon nnd lluby Kclley, ond E H. Miwgnire Jr., assistant cash- ln-s; Jue u. Henley, bookfcccuer "inilh was formerly cashier. Directors are M. R. Rowland W. E. Smith, Charles C!. Hois' Waller B. Heriinrd. s. Crews Hey-' nolds, ,;. L. VaiiAustJall, Joe Kohn. Tho bank reported a very good vein-, with earnings totaling $99- .1S9.5S, which, as in the past, were IcfL intact as part of the capital structure. Mrs, Frances K. Moore Succumbs At Age of 76 Mrs. Frances Kntherltic Moore mother of nine sons, died at 12:30 o'clock this morning at tlie home of Mr. and Mrs. Recce ,\foore, of the Number Nine com- „ . • "- - wt«|J *.*•»(( 1,1 L IIIV slates about, j Sunday aftemoom cent, in the Western states 2.0 per cent and In t]-, c Atlantic states about 2.7 per Cleveland To Have Sit-in-Car Theater Stricken with paralysis lajO Thanksgiving. Mrs. Moore had been lied fust since that time She was 76 years of age, A native of WeaWey county Temv. Mrs. Moore lived in Ritige- ly, Tcnn,, and DcQucen. Ark., before she moved to Dlythcville' In '."28. Her husband died in August. 103G, Funeral services will be held at the Baptist church of Ridgely Sunday aftenioom 1:30 o'clock " with the Rev. J. w. Carter oflicl- ating and burial will be made in Ihe cemetery there. 'Hie sons who survive Mrs. Moore are: Recce nnd L. T. Moore ot here. o. L, J. p., nnd If. p. Moor e of Ridgcly, L. S. Moore of Anso-.i, Texas, H.- L. and H. P. Moore of Tcsarkana. and J. H. Moore ot Stanford. Texas. Holt Funeral home is in charge CLEVELAND (UP)-A Hollywood „.,., ,, eccentricity will be Introduced in « f funeral arrangements suburban North Randall village when a new "drive-in 1 - theater will nnke open-air movies available lo WFATHFR this city of a million. • "l^mnEK Ramps where automobiles may park nnd motorist movie fans can motion pictures from their ' the 872 857 868 812 859 810 874 " cars will be built early in spring. An extra-large screen and projection booth also will built. The land was leased from Forest Cily Livestock and company. Arkansas—Cloudy, probably occasional rains tonight or Sunday; warmer In extreme southeast portion, colder in northwest portion a» PENSACOLA, the largest cla. v v , tonight; much colder Sunday or 00 Sunday night with cold .wave In northwest portion. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy and warmer tonight; rain tonight or tomorrow; lowest temperature lo 54; colder tomorrow much colder Sunday — -. .. , ,w« — ,«. „ ,.vo.». ,3 .--. Fla. (UP)—One of. Will, a roar that drowned out Niagara IU*lf, famed 'Honeymoon Bridge- tore tee from Us mooring.II!ilV.K« a taS 'begun "trainll-'' on t«o nations «nd collapsed into the gorge of the Niagara river, missing (he throe workmen who nn-'nt tile Pensacola Naval Air St"- Tho nnxirmim tem^ture ) e pear as tiny dots at lower n S ht. Losing a 36-hour battle with an Ico Jam 90 feet high, the historic, lio "' ns 31 officers and 102 enlisted' yesterday ' was 46 minimum 18 steel span moved downstream slowly, a Iwlsled ruin riding a modern "glacier" I," 1 '" ' jegl " lhclr n >' itlK courscs i cleat, according- to Samuel p. Nor-' '"" rr - Iris, official weather observer.

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