The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas on May 21, 1969 · Page 9
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The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas · Page 9

Amarillo, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1969
Page 9
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What's in a Name? Maybe a Problem- If the Moniker's Bolivar Shagnasty By BOBBIE UITZ Still Writer : What's in a name? - Almost anything -- ranging from geographical and historical 'Influences to the ·humor of a parent -- as any name reader can tell after a random study of names on birth certificate* and names in news. · More important, a child's name may affect his opinion of himself. This, in turn, may affect his happiness and his ad justment to life, according tc a study made at West Virginia; Wesleyan College. The study found that persons who dislike their first names 1 tend to dislike themselves, and children with freakish first names may be persecuted by other children. generation or two ago, a great many girls got boyish names. to Z. It this isn't enough cause for confusion, his last name Occasionally a p e r f e c t l y P^' V L r ^. e ordinary name may turn into a bad joke when coupled with a last name. A classic example is that of former Texas Gov. imes Hogg'a daughter, Ima. Geography seems to have some influence on names. In the North, names with the solidity of Plymouth Rock abound. Whereas in the South, girls are to likely to get names as sweet and sirupy as pecan pie and boys continue to be named after Confederate heroes. Here in the Southwest a This" can lead to all aorta of (Germanic in origin) contains confusion including receiving 5*5 letters. draft notices. The man uses his second and The earliest proper name to eighth first names and his -' ------- : ......·--. ».-!-- come down from antiquity may be Kn-lil-ti, a name found enscribed oa a Sumerian tablet dating from 3300 B.C. which was his parents had against an in recovered from Jamdat Nasr, 40 miles southeast of Baghdad, Iraq. Other authorities say N'Armer is the oldest name. N'Armer was the father of Menes, the first Egyptian pharoah. The longest name is that of a man in Philadelphia, who has a string of 26 first and middle names ranging literally from A signature is "Hubert Blaine Wolfe 590, Sr." Makes you wonder what kind of a grudge NOW YOU CAN fl , O CULLIGAH CONDITIONED WATER IN YOUR HOME I MONTH TKIAL PER MONTH "·» (RENTAL PURCHASE PLAN) Pick up your phone and lay . . . CULLIGAN SOFT 355-4438 3801 Wclflin Amarillo, Texas WNMTJUSMESS nocent child. The most common name in the world is Muhammid. So far no babies bom at Northwest Texas Hospital have been named Muhammad. But so far in May, four Jasons" have been born a Northwest Texas Hospital. Mrs. Boonyea Anderson, offl- ;cial recorder of birth certifi cates at the hospital said "there really is no discernible trend in boys' names; however, the name Sean seems to be increas ing in popularity." As for the distaff side, the [variety in first names is great, (but Mrs. Anderson says, "Lynn, Denis*, Renee and Ann are the most popular middle names." Such standard names as John and Mary are not currently popular. Mrs. Anderson pointed out another odd bit of name information. "A large majority of the new mothers have Ann as a middle name." Strangely, nine months often is not long enough to choose a name. Many mothers take several days after the birth to select a name. Mrs. Shirley Brock, registered nurse, supervisor in the labor and delivery rooms a t Northwest Texas Hospital, said sometimes the mothers discuss names even at this stage of events." When the name delay drags on, the hospital may offer its selection of books of name*. 'Sometimei the m o t h e r changes her mind after seeing the child, because the baby just doesn't fit the name she had in mind," said Mrs. Brock. Some people tag the child with only one name, while others insist on three or more middle names, Mrs. Anderson said The old Indian custom oi naming a child after the first thing the mother saw following the birth resulted in some mellifluous monnikers; but this, too, had its drawbacks -- if mother happened to glance out of the teepee and see a mangy buffalo or a dirty old man. The current trend seems to be name your child what you please, but if you dub him Bolivar Shagnasty, hope be comes well equipped with muscles. He'll need them. ·MMKBUM KKxewMOOse. «*TCH,CHeAP?y I T t r I t STATISTICAL... ·MulorlM MMHM Lmr Mrct, Amorifii VM Wortr riwm In we Gftl mtttrt In Ult ont DtOOIttl Itflldlng Mfmlti -'wbllc «ft«( tnrollmtnt eirth eortlflcotw (Aorll) nn cnili«riH twrio I iraHIc toallli.i Criminal ln« NumtMr In (all. Number In loll. Mwk Altai VOM* «ri I MM*** OMM "l3trt"*K t * CRASH VICTIM DIES DALLAS (AP) -- Jesse Mar inez died today of injuries suf-jeo». ered in a two-car crash during' ^J^he night. ' Poul Oulnlano ond Sarah Martinet. AAM GRADUATION SET COLLEGE STATION (UPD-- Texas AIM University spring commencement exercise* will be Saturday in G. Rollie White Coliseum with Dr. John T. Cald well, chancellor of North Caro| Una State University, the speak er. REDUCED ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY SAVE BIG ON PENNCRAFT CUSTOM PAINTS FOR INDOORS OR OUTDOORS SAVE 3.98! PENNCRAFT 8 CUSTOM 1-COAT INTERIOR LATEX REG. 5.49 ... NOW $' 2 AAU.FOR 7 Goes on easily an dtmoothly with either brush or roller. It covert in just one application and dri«s in 20 minute*. SAVE 4.96! PENNCRAFT* CUSTOM 1-COAT EXTERIOR LATEX REG. 6.98 ... NOW 2 · 9 Gives you ent-cMt covarega ovtr mmt properly prepared surfaces. Defies bliiterinc end peeling. OFFER ENDS SATURDAY! . _ _ Westlewn, tii floor addition ta residence, tt.TW. W. A. Paul Jr., Ufa Jomesen, residence with attached goroao, tmAXl. Mkior repalri ond alterations: USD. eiVOCCttMANTID Jove. Eorleno Yat. vi. William ooyal Votes jr. Dallas Glen Afford vi. Llm Altord. Carolyn Morv PruM VI. Alvh OorreH 'rulrt. MAKItlMI LICINMI Power County Svlveiler Howard OM Dorothy Mao Harris. Everett Eugene WWIf Jr. ond Sandrfl Kay Coffin. Freddie Jornw Ary ond Mrs. Nell Bennett. Edward Eugene Slawson and teverly Leulfe Young. . Michael Lee Owen* ond Deborah Ann Dean Dale Lee ond Helen Luevtl Collard P.OMOII Cewwv Jim Corbet) Bloog and Linda Kay Met. -Jif. Joseph Davis Kerbel ond Carolyn Clone at we* per L °o£"FlolcM-"i'. UH W. *m (row DODSON - AB ettlmaUd W . ir cent of ill 4epotks at the First SUto Btsik of Dodion, which went MSI receivership hid been paid HMUi to tm W. SMk from Omono, Net. Chorles "- MoHli McSoa to NW lim from L B u t mll S. Noll !. » faOMI from PutWe, Colo. , . EmtfV Allan Rtploala to KI, HM. to 1431 HAIET BTOBT HOUSTON (UPI)-Tom Tony, SI, tella a pretty hairy tale about being scalped by burglars juami over the weekend. The burglars entered a rear window of Tony's Texas Wig Co. and took the entire stock of 1,000 human hiir wigs, 1,890 wiglets, 250 falls and "" synthetic wigs valued Wedneadav. Mir SI. IM 472 Depositor* PuidatDodson Ceone W. HiB, chief claims apnt for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporition (FDIC), said today that 472 depositors had been paid a total of |I5T,9W through Monday. Hill said it was his understanding that ill depositors at the bank wen covered by the FDIC, which insures deposits up to UJ,e». "Quite a large number of people hive asked for their deposits by mail ind w« hope to have most depositors paid off by the end of this week," HtU Hid. The bank, chartered in 1910, went into receivership at S a.m. May 12. State Banking Commissioner ,^ J. M. Falkner uid loans at the gn bank totaled almost $1 million ,t with almost $380,000 in losses. J72.MO- They also took $5,000 cash. ' Cairo women are stylish ennetff \A/AVC CIDST nilAI ITV ··» ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Reduced thru Saturday Up-down-over-and-around at swingiiT prices. 36 I f I 9' 6" long heavy gauge steel gym set with 6 legs and slide Plunty of aclion -for th« littlo 'swingers'! 2 MM glidtr rider, 2 i»ingi, a 2 paiMngar lawn (wing end a groovv 6'8" !lid« ond I' platform. Bright pew colors in Thf multi-color finish. Rugged heavy gauQt steel construction. 46.99 IV HIGH RANGER STATION OF DURABLE TUBULAR STEEL, pirate, fireman, ranger . . . just climb The 5'7" ladder to another world! Sturdy »t«l platform, 2" thick I*Q5, heavy duty canvoi topping. Include* fireman's sliding pole. A root SBinifMr COOMF 40" x 12" poly ploy pod 3.88 Be suri to get one of ftnit to kttp lite kidi happy oil summer 35.99 2 Mat glider rldtr, 2 twlngi, 2 paiitnger lawn swing, ·' iturdy 1" tubing. SUNSET CENTER ONLY HIM AN0 HAMS PPM fiM IH f MOM. ftlMMS. OPM f M in t OHM* un SUMSET CENTER ONLY ivm M» turns OfW fsW "111 f MOM. ft IMNtS. efM t» -m t one* Mm

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