The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 26, 1948 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1948
Page 8
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THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, FEBRUARY 26, 1 §48 Mills County SPORTS SECTIONAL TOURNEY STARTS AT GLENWOOD The Sectional tournament for this vicinity bepan Monday evening at Glenwood high school and Showing many of the will continue through Friday ties whlch have made them the night, to determine sectional win- outstanding team of the county, ners -which will continue into the countv champs knocked Silver Btate competition. cit y 71 ' 29 in the second round of Friday night finals will pair the Tourney Wednesday night. Henderson and St. Francis of Tne thres Henderson men, Council Bluffs for class D finalist slum P. Pendergaft and Stenger and Glenwood and Iowa School were each outstanding. Slump, for tbe Deaf for class A dualifier. thcir sct -"P m a n netted his 22 Saints defeated the small Etner- dolph led at th& half tl-5. Nose- seconds 27-25 after Tabor led 7-1 son team by a 48-18 margin. cable made 10 for the winners, the first canto, Malrern led 11-10 St. Francis held the Emerson J. irvln scored 7 for Strahan. the half and Tabor led 16-13 the boys to three charity shots the Strahan girls evened the ere- third period, first period which ended ,13-3. ning with a 36-25 win in the open- St. Francis led 25-6 at halt-time. Ing game. Strahan 'girls played Adams bucketed 8 and Stogdill Tlerney led the Saints with 12 what might be classed as their and Robinson 5 for the Orioles, points followed by Kelly with 10. best game of the season. Strahan Blackburn and Morrow scored Black of Emerson threw 10. led throughout the game al- 6 for Tabor. though the scores were clowi In the curtajn raiger Ma]vern I-auBhlin and Baslee scored 15 jun}or h , h went down t Tftbor and 10 respectively for the win- 25 . 10 f * Tabof , ed 6 . fo t Re ners. Bennett made 13 for Ran- Classified Ads Pay Bedroom tor rent, prefer lady. Mrs. Blanche Wilsofo, ph. 4252, Malvern. 84-2. Henderson Trounces the Silver CHy Bombers Benedict of Malvern made 8 and Tabor's Whitehill scored 16. Hundreds of Mills Counttana read Tour Want Ad every week. RATES Per line, one Insertion tOc Each suhnequent Insertion.... 5c Minimum charge 40c An additional service charge of 26c will be made for each blind,ad which mutt be answered at The Leader office. For sale: Alfalfa ha-y in barn, Yon're wasting money on "New Mrs. Laura Kerney, ph. 3183, Look" dresses—unless you wear Malvern. 34tf. sthe right foundation. A Spencer ~~ designediespecially for you as- For salo: Brome grass seed, sures the figure beauty you've F1 s her strain. Sample Sent in for longed for. And style-plus-health test - J - »• Hurst - P h - 2192 ' Mft1 ' Spencers are moderately priced! vern - 34-4. Tel. 5741, Mrs. Myrtle Rockafellow, Malvern. 29tt. . TEAM 45-Z5 MfSCCLUHEOUS Stcnnett Grabs Two Oriole* Lead AH the Way From Hastings Crews A -.*. * 1 •"* •«.! UPHOLSTERING, and repairing. Can do your din- For sale: Baled Alfalfa Bay, second and third cuttings. Also bright and baled wheat straw. reflnlshing Gerald Leu, ph. 5215. 34tf. PUPPIES, Champion sired A. K. A c grans Jr. Ph. MACHINERY Malvern Orioles exciting games Thursday night at astonished Hastings. p.34-4. ' <op sate: 1045 Fat-mall H and • cultivator B. John Deere and cul- See either tivator. International 51 Lister. p35-2 fnr njifo. Tliroo Vinffnm 1 A In trCneral Trucking. ,j co DH.HCI iivai.ur. IIIIBI uttuuuttl o . ,.,„,,„„.. _ __ .-_ ,, „ inree oouora i4-in. rjwight or Dan Myers, ph. 5825, Robert Blunt Malvern Mills county second place win- .Points, all the second half. Pen- fans here Friday night by round- stennett bovs rounded Hastings Ma ff ey Harris trftctor P low - Four Malvern. p.35-3 ner, Malvern and consolation win- der e flft Blltwn as ft *™* *»- ing the Tabor Bluejays by a 20 49.35 i'.theHnalneriod aftfr T " J ° hn Deere harrow - Ger ' ner Hastings went down in the rollnd floor man and Bhot - with a Point margin, 45-25 in the first Hastings led all the way Has ald Leu ' P"- 52 *5. 34tf. For « nmmlTi* m,,nH MnnH.™ «i^t 2fi J^^^"^^™^^ knew team battle. tlngs , ed 23 . 22 at the ha]f ; ' i nk . o. M«r marking pen — ~° n *. d00 ' 8 . °? 1832 chevrolet - Plow, practically new. 10 ft. Inness with bad passes a rarity. He Malvern started tallying early Grouse and Hudson each loop- handy for marking with brush looped 11 for Henderson in tlle ^Mal chapter and never ed 13 for the hosts. McCunn of strokes on most surfaces, for let- in the first moot of the onen Jcrr >' Molla of tne Bombers K ave the Bluejays a chance to Stennett tossed IS/ tering, drawing or other uses. ing n ght of t o Irlional tour" P™™ 5 "«» team had some spirit even tie the Kcore throughout the ing night 01 tho scrlional tour- _ L... <va,, T,,~ „„„,.„„* «•,„., came to , nelr batt]o 46 . 31 aft tagging «,„,,„,_, „ , disc J D score was Stennett for four periods. s*pn- _ towing_)l* f Mno Repairing — For sale: Spartan barley suit- ^,±, D ', a fo.ur point deficit in the first nett led 25-14 at half-time. fVew Koiiml.. oirhT/-ioan For sale: New Rod McLean For sale: 2 new glasses for 12 ft. Disc.l4-in. 2 bottom A-O 1B32 Chevrolet. Plow, practically new. 10 ft. In- Shook, ph. 13, Emer- ternatlonal Disc. Crum & DJureen 35-2. Malvern. «4-2. •7- 17-11 half-time lead. Hastings worked xip. in the last chapter but could not pass the Emerson la<ls. With four Krom Tif-ynor I^n-ls Henderson trounced minutes to play the teams were Friday night. The winners got tied at 24-24. off to a 26-12 lead at the half. Grouse scored 11 and Hudson 9 for the losers. Black of the win- Singers, Whites, others. Motors able for seed, $2 per bu. Otha to electrify any machine, all work Mass, ph. 3322. p.35-2. guaranteed. Hascall Variety, Emerson. 33-tf For salc: E4 in - Williams, ph. 3026. 35-1. Butcher hog for sale. Ph. 3422, p 0 r sale: New 2-row heavy The Hastings girls also lost See them at The Leader office. Malvern. p.35-1. stalk cutter. J D 7-ft tandem ney Emerson defeated Histlntrq ^ no heighth throwing 16. S. Wil- fray - Tlle nearest they came to their battle 46-31 after tagging ~ 30^9 Erne?"™ led thrSout lla ™ ™** ?- eQ " aIing th ° ™™'» SC ° T * W&S St6nneU f ° r f ° Ur periods " Sten the fray with a 17-11 half-time I1( , n(|f , pw)n W||w f)np Btanza . Clark of Hastings nabbed 16 Tabor is noted as a tough team and Altesser threw 18 for the -• f For sale: 54 in. round solid to beat this year with 20 wins visitors. viovu. .™-rr Treynor anf j on ] v two | osseg un til they met Malvern. Rejrfnnors Library Club The Orioles played a near per- Well Attended Dependable Dick Slump slap- fect game while Tabor had The story, "In Johnny Crow's ble Store, Malvern. Bring your BATTERIES here Also a solid oak buffet, for charging: All 6-volt batteries Chamberlain, ph. 6572. 50c, all 2-volt batteries 25c. Gam- — For sale: 1032 Ford two door. Perfect Condition. Ph. 3571 or see oak dining table with four leaves. at Holden ' 8 Service Station. 35-2 35tf. For salc: Marlon seed oats, 95 -' per cent germination, $1.50 per ners looped 13 and Burroughs 9 pod in 21 points to head the Hen- ^ Ul . ty '." < the P as f'"e field and Garden," a favorite of children, HlTvor CHv Trnnmlo, ^erson attack. Pendergaft scored their pivot proved ineffective. was read at the Beginners Libra- P if I I ', y,, 17 Malvern's Lincoln and Zanders ry club Saturday. Attending the Wlth mud llres - $125. See at 633. Hastings. "Monday"nigh" Silver City won M ft ™ was high for Treynor cach . had scorin e SDrees whlch club meeting were Shirley Bell. Hasselquist Oil Station, phone 57-25 from Pacific Junction. with *&• Silver City had racked up 7 Treynor's seconds scored 7 points before the ball had even P°i»ts in an overtime period to traveled over the half way mark beat Henderson seconds 22-17. r t Will do general trucking. Ph. p 35-1 671< L ' Wl BU8hn eH, Hastings. _ P35-2 For sale: 10 ft. Disc In good For snle: 1032 Chevroltr coupe bushel. Clarence Nelson nhone condltlou - Leonard Malskeit, ph. .. «.. »,^._ __ . ._ . * "OOr\**1O C^*v* •«_«««. _n»« of the court. Pacific Junction put up a good fight in the second Km™*" 1 "id Cobnrg etanza but Silver City came back Split Donblehoader the second half to pull far ahead. The Emerson Girls romped to Score at tho half was 28-19 for a 50-22 triumph over Coburg at Silver City. Coburg, Friday night after lead- J. Mills bucketed 20 points and ing at the half 25-5. Whlsler got B. Jones 15 for the winners. T. 24 counters for the winners. Wilson racked up 12 for Pacific The Coburg boys won their Junction. game, 40-28 after holding only a 1 point margin at the half, 18-17. netted them 14 and 10 respect- Judy Pontow, Carolyn Swadley, ively. Houser made 8 and Bird Carolyn Dashner, Edward Seaton, 6 for the Orioles. Joyce Emerick, Ginitti Kay An- Perry was tops for Tabor with derson, Jean Mason, Sylvia Camp- 7, McGinnis drew 5 and Rhodes bell, Sherrel Mitchell, David Sei*• pold and Bill Wortman. Malvern reserves fell to Tabor Proceedings of Mills County Board of Supervisors News of 4-H CLUBS p.35.3. 35-2. For sa ' e: Coal or wood all white kitchen range, used one year. Also a Coronado ice box, 22 on 12, Emerson. p.35-1. LOST Est«"ay: Calf at my place. Own- Mrs. Joe Francis," p~hT 51 7l" MaT- er can have same b * Wentlfying vern. p 35.! and Paying for ad and feed. Ed --- F. Laughlln, Imogene. 33.3 For sale: 40 brood sows and 60 fall pigs. John Waller, phone 4273, Malvern. 35.1 liost: Billfold at 4-H tea Sun* am most an * l °«s to get back billfold and pictures that For rent-. Improved loo acre were In It. Janet Martin. 36-1. MALVERN DROPS TO I. S, D. TEAM Office, Mills County Auditor Bay Chapman Labor Glenwood, Iowa Gerald Hlndman, Labor"" January 13, 1948 Ivan Dusenberry Labor " Louis Mayberry. Labor II On this 12th day of January, 1948, Henry Tlmmerman Jr the Board of Supervisors of Mills Labor ' Glenwood Wins Two From Silver City Crews In the class A game Monday Glenwood downed two Silver night, I. S. D. came up after the City teams in two closely fought £ffi*Sd Wng iK? rmnutS"* Si half to halt Malvern 48-30. games at Silver City, Friday the previous meeting were read and N. W. Price .Labor Showing only a glimmer of their night. aP The V foilowlne claims — Eddle_ Hammers, LabfSr "I Friday night sparkle in the sec- Glenwood led all the way in COUNTY ond period, Malvern was stopped tne hoy's game but Silver City ? OT | r '?, Hardware, Merch. cold the last half by the Iowa tagged right behind throughout 'tee .™'!l.!'. A . wp ' Trus " school boys. < the frny, until the final tally, 39- Bralin~i"co"lnc"~Mercn" After an 11-9 lead for the Bob- 26 - Glenwood led 18-12 at the C °p^ TBa *^_ d _ lo _ f hop ' Be ' cats, Malvern's Bud Robinson had na 'f- D. N. Mc"6rew""Twp""Trus- a hot streak which netted tho Osterholm of the winners F1 *f? 'gi'ch'im bP« "«»n' Orioles the lead 19-16 at the half, racked up 9 and Crouch and Har- plies ..;.".". ..-.-.„ From then on the going was all old followed with 8. Ord of Sll- S? r L d m 1 ^ 1 ' -n? sta S? " for the Bobcats who camo back ver Clt y dropped 9. tee' ... C ...J. .?.'.7. r ^ B " to up tkelr score to 32-24 the Glenwood Girls also came Qle ,? w ?°? Water Dept., Can Calculate Dairying Profits Wondering whether there is I74'e2 proflt ln milking cows this year? I92i44 Here's a rule-of-thumb method hill farm near Thurman. Possession March 1. R. G. Benson, Hastings Cafe. 35-2. WIWTEl two Wanted: Married man for year w™ ««i«. T»-t.i . "T"^ round farm work. Glen Peve- * m J?*i,££*'*5£J>? t ? house, phone 4125. p.35-2. Edwln AmbfOBe, 6 m. 122.60 of figuring the profit margin in nor th of Emerson on SB. p.34-2. For Bale: Marion oat*, excel- 6861 dairying, learned by county ex- Professional roofer d id~ lent quallty> Mrs< clara Dunn, director, Dick Goos, from O f «n n^j- D — ».^ ^.,? r Phone 29, Emerson. 35-2. claims were allowed: Ted Bacon, Labor ~ Henry Tlmmerman, Labor 02.96 Donald Bacon, Labor E. P. Vandershule, Labor 12.00 John Shannon, Labor 37.00 Everett White, Labor .II. Donald Hammers, Labor 21.69 Harry Tory, Labor ... . Herb Smith, Labor 12.00 B. A. Reynolds, Labor ... Gordon Benscoter, Labor MC ST FOLKS WOULD GET ALONG fiETTLR \F frUV'D DO LESS WJRPIN' AN' MORE third period. through with a win, 32-26. Sll- Ko^Br'osI.'suppU^ Lincoln topped Malvern scorers ver cl ^ was within three points Mrs. Bobt. Moore. Brd". & •with 9 and Bud Robinson grabbed of tne winners with three minut- Ro^ 8 ' 8, Tuttle and Froehle nabbed 19 6B to K° when they let up and let Exp. and 12 respectively for the Bob- Olonwood widen the margin. Matt Parrott & Sonar¥up- cats. Glonwood led 10-7 at the half. N. w Bell"Tele" eVrvlci The inferior officiating which Kruse and Decker of Silver Opinion-Tribune. 'Print- has been much the complaint Clt y mado 10 and Nuckols of tho sm?Si ~bYfice"M a crf "c6~ throughout tho season was again victors had 19. In evidence Monday night in tho — . three opening games of the pec- ^ r "ht* | > ami Ilruulolph tional. Divide Game Wins Strahan and Randolph each when they met evening on Strahan'a Rt. FrnnclN S(Unt« I toll Kinrrsnn <^uint -IH-1H Friday In the Hocoiul round of tho sec- court tlonal tourney at (Menwood W.-d- Strahan fellows lost nesdny n. K ht t.,o .St. Francis fray 3S -ir, after a i.adHtnrt. lian- Supplies Silver Clt v & Mills County Times, Printing L. 8. Boblnson, Supplies Paul Records, Merch. Fllgmena Robinson, Extra help Remington Rand, Repairs L. W. Trlplett. Twp. Trustee ; Standard Typewriter Co., Repairs . their Western la. Power Co., Wtld e hltlt STOODITt lo yegr plow points ond tdgci ond yeu'i« nl tot a full ita- lon gf plowing. No mott unr.ectuory forging gnd ihorpening tipeniet — no mort loil lira* («t itplocing woir. p'.uwihoiti! STOODITI ketpi »hor«i out lo sii», pievenlt loit of igtlion, tcourt lo mitfoc lik* lurlactj ond makti tharti »*lf-ihotpening. Whtn 5TOODITE finally wioit owoy, »hoie» con be le-SIOODIItD two 01 lhi«t timts! 5 TIMES MORE WEAR RESISTANT — STOODITE 11 o special alloy applied by o«y- ocelylene welding ihol hoi eicepfionally high reiijtance lo earlh abrasion. STOODITED plo*- lharej o-llasl gnproledtd ihotei by fi, e limei — lloy iharp 25 lo 30 hmei longer) 20 YIARS 1 PROOF- STOODITE HOI been «»ed by successful formers in all parts of the country for more than 20 years. Bring in your plowshares and other furui implements for Mooditing. Prompt service. Free literature. BRING IN YOUR i DISC I SHARPENING WORK i NOW i i We can take care ; of this and have ! your equipment ' ready to go when you need it. GOOD STOCK OF SOFT CENTER PLOW SHARES Don't delay in get- intf all of your farm machinery in repair just as soon a.s possible. Our biK, efik'ient shop, V, <j o d equipment and skilled help j will do the job for you. Crum & Djur«en Phoae 3521 MaJvcrm POOR N. W. Colling, Groceries _ E. B. Floersch, Meet. Serv. Fisher's Market, Groceries Oearhart Lbr. Co., Coal . D. W. Harman, Med. Serv. Mrs. John Lang, Care & Keep Dr. Frederick Marsh, Med. Service A. R. Newton. Hent N. W. Bell Tele., Service . Albert Roenfeldt. Aid --Joe Sltzman, Janitor ! Marshall Stockton, Care & I ,„-„ grant Chamberlain, Labor 12.80 Harry Potter, Labor Ira Hayes, Labor 53.97 Arthur Wax, Labor 11.12 E. M. Straight, Labor . . „ .. M. D. Llnvtlle. Labor 03.45 8. D. Ma*bernr, Labor ,.„_„ Mervin Bbtton. Labor ... 160.70 Donald MayberryTLabor -„. Emll Mayberry. Labor ... 9.25 George Brower. Labor —. 7U.60 Wm. Allbec, Labor I „_„, Wilbur Benscoter, Labor 07.24 CONSTRUCTION Ray Boyd, Labor 3.72 Ray Chapman, Labor . . G<? rald Hlndman, Labor . 4J.04 Louis Mayberry, Labor 5.45 Henry Tlmmermnn. Jr.," 7,00 Laoor '... . -. „. Argil Bacon, Labor ...".'. 60.98 Cobe Killmon, Labor .. . 125.UO N. W. Price, Labor Eddie Hammers, Labor .. 7.50 Ted Bacon, Labor .. . Henry Timmerman, Sr., 2.75 Labor „_' . Donald Bacon, Labor".Ill 27.80 H. D. Mayberry, Labor Mervin Bolton. Labor ou in Donnltl Mayberry, Labor ?Qo2 C-eorge Brower, Labor ... 4,J,88 ouy Stranathan, Labor - aln Russell Good, Hauling ... 6.HO ciulr Davis, Expense . O —-» „. . „ „ Iowa Shenefleld,""Malvern. btate College. ——•————____ 1 95'ol Take the prlce Deln & received 88^94 f° r 3 V4 pounds of butterfat, says 68-06 Goos, and add to it the price of ileie* 10 ° Pounds of hay being fed. Us- 18.25 ing this total, figure It against the 29.1* C08t ot 10 ° Pounds of the grain 96i53 mixture being fed. If the com- Toa'ea blned price of tne bu "erfat and 42^8 the na X more than equals the cost of the grain, there Is profit in feeding grain 183.92 COWS. 177.62 303:54 Mm. H. Iteltchler Hostess 192*0fi "v/«K J^ftdieS 187:99 On Thursday afternoon, Feb. l«-94 llth, Miss Lucille Stubbs, county l27 - 84 exte nslon home economist, met ai'.oa with 11 ladies of Oak Township al8 - 7 * at the home of Mrs. Herby Deitch- 7.82 ler. The lesson given was "Kit- 1584 Chen plam »lng." After the meet- 108^06 ln £ coffee, sandwiches and cake were served. 10443 Reporter — Mrs. Paul Jens 94.26 ioall Jolly Junlors Make Plans 98.26 f° r 4-H I'arty p.34 9 Bargains 1» th« Want Adst 7078 A« CA Juclc p ullan. Surveying .. 46.50 Durrell Stogdill, Hauling Jack Stanley, Rock .. . ^OflO K ^ re , h , oj Constr ' Co " ,30.00 Bridge The meetln K of the Jolly Junior JI clu ^ w »s held Feb 14, at the 47.23 home of Virginia Kahl. The 34 ; 8 g roll call was answered by six 65.88 members giving, Improved Pers- 1 2520 Konal ' t y Trait. Plans wero made 13.50 for the 4-H party. 10 3ila ' Mra ' Wasserman, committee 119.60 woman talked to those who are to participate in the Mother- Western la. Power, Service POOR FARM Burdlck Grocery. Groceries Boyer's Hardware, Merch. D. G. Jamison, M>rch. ~. LaRue Drug. Meich. N. W. Bell Tele., Service . Glenwood Feed & Seed, Paul Records, Merch. Slrel'B. Clothing Taylor Impl. Co.. Merch. . bllx Rexall DruK. Supplies INSTITUTION Eva Goy, Clerk's Fee D W. Harman, Phyblclan's F(.'e K. H. Cook. Attorney's Fee L. T. Genung, Attorney's Fee COURT EXPENSE T. R. Young, Bailiff Feu Cynthia Mc-nbchel. Crt. Kept. W. P. Allbte, J. P. Ftfs _ MAINTENANCE A-\V Company Inc.. Equip. Uoyvr'o liclw.. Equip. Iialh-n::i-r Auto Service. Equipment. Bain Auto Supply. Equip. ColliiVb RaUlo 4i Eltc.. Re_ _____ Cuppcl Much. Co.. Equip. Darrell Stogdill. Hauling ' «..« b ^ 3292 15 ,, .. The Board of Supervisors approved Ua ughter tea. Insurance Policy No. OC 717. 45.00 ouette, U Juat r ic y e of eP Peace°ln Pla^tv?Ue at Rural Vouth Convention 1.36 Township and A. E. fltokea. Mayor Attending the Rural Youth As° The e £o&rd of Supervisors approved Bembl y at Ames last week were Q in the c °unty Farm Bureau Financial Dill McGrew, Emerson. County lie uf^T 0 " tr ° m Januarv l to Dec - 31 - President of Mills County Rural 3 17 Trie Board of Supervisors approved Y °ung People, Glen Jordan, Em^.BI the bonds of Donald E. Strand, erson and Bruce Jackson Bart- KflKn Count y Assessor and Clalr Davla, lpu ' a'iR County Engineer. lelt - is'oa The Boartt °* Supervisors reset the Schedule for Week of A. iS ^lary of Clalr Davis. Countv Engi- w«h 2H tn \t*rrh K 4*9 ne er at »350 per month to be In „ ^ .. •81 effect January 1, 1948. Feb. 28—Busy Bees, Alma acceptance of bids 011 painting the March 1—Hastings Jr. Feeders <.oo interior of the Court House, the with Mllford Benincosa, 8 p. m.; 7..50 ?x 0 a al n C !ne 0r t h3 e UP onl l80 b r i 8 d SSSTl? thS Silverettes, with Mary Burdic, 8 7 c n Auditor's Office by Slater and Parks, p. m.; Mills County Prize Win- i.ou Glenwood, Iowa, in the amount of ,,p rH w i.h niplr niar-vhnrn & r> ..-_ $150000. After much consideration ers ' wlt " L>lcK Blackburn, 8 p. 14.*- th)}, fjj ci was re j e (;ted. m. loea ^L^rthf ?S£S r< A.tL£: M » peh 2-Garden Club, Em- J0 ° at $1.75 per roll and, Town Assess- Press Theatre, 2 p. m.; Cock-A- 130.122 f" i' l t*iV X do P 's r r ° U aUd *' 10 CaCh IJoodle Poultrv clu b, with Ann 4.63 The Board °of*'supervlsors approved Fellows, 8 p. m. 1760 1hl "' a !'g olntmttu ° r Carol Lovelady March 3—Glenwood Jadias, ptr month_to become effective Jan- March 4—Home Furnishing, Mrs. S. C. Lincoln, Jr.. 2:30 1.50 1015.05 approved 8320 thy"ap^i"!rDieiu"'of"Violet iFerndon P- '"-I Plattvilla Trotters, Pacific U N KLE HAN K SEZ Folks, come to the MALVERN SALES PAVILLION for the best known Implements at reasonable prices. We have the new tractors with all the modern features. Let us be of genuine service to you . . . we're anxious to please. Q.F.GROFF e SONS BUSINESS PHONZ 370; WStflFNCf PHONl 24/7 . ____ D-A Lubricant Co., Equip. Fulliirlon I.ljr. Co., Lbr. -- Glvuwouil Wuttr Dept., Service .. .. ..... _ ______ Russell Good. Hauling ___ Gamble Store. Mi-rch. ___ Gu v OH Co.. Dltsil Fuel Highway Bridge Co.. Eup. Hlatt Motor Co.. Repairs L. H. Kutelinan. Equip. I. O. Lluville. Kent ...... Malvern Trauufer. Frelurht Murphy Brob. Chev. Co., ^ Dl 'i J uty"Kecbrdef. setting her sa"l- city School, 8 p. m. lirv ;i . jj68.7a per month to become ..„, . , ,. ,. - — 294.5D •j \ t ••* v •* <p 4 vu. i »j p*. i iJiwjt na i,*j L/CUUUJ.O m«— v, c T.a!r.» rt— i *. J -11 tffixu.e January 19. 1948. March 5—Indian Creek twp Tiir.c bt-liiK no further business meeting, 8 p. m. r S'5- u > cunif btfore the Board of Super,, "!' vi.sor.- ;,t this time, they now adjourn ™,'^, lo meet again sine die. W. V. Morrison, Tire Repair _.. Nebr. Br .. 10.00 63 .ae Hustlers 4-H N. W. Oil Co. Oil Ni-br. Tract, i; Equip., _ Equip. «. W. iicJ4 icie., titrvlce - PhllllpB Petr.leum, Gasoline - Paul Rtcords, Mtrch. Gilbert Stondill. Hauling - JaL-k Stanley, Rock Tuvlor Iinpl. Co.J'arts Wheeler Super Service. Repairs Western Auto Store, Merchandise __, Western Iowa Power. Service Standard OH Co.. Lubrt- c*nt* Bllx Rexall Drug. Supplies Lovell WU«i. Labor 1419 f\') 68.64 Approved: JOHN R. CLARK. Make Programs Chairman. Brd. Supervisors. The Hastings DONATD E. STRAND; , , « asuu s 8 Mills County Auditor e'rls met at the home of Mary Office, Mills County Auditor Haroff, Wednesday. Feb. 18th. Jauuar? 15 *9*a After a delicious pot luck eup- On this 15th day of January the per,' the meeting waa called to • rd of Supervisors of Mills Coun- ,.-,>,.,. Nin(4 -i-i, anKu-erp.1 roll met pursuant to tlie adjourn- oraer - " lne sins answerea rou 12. for a special call with a historical character. 88J ly mct pursuant rnt11 '- of " was the pro- n,, The purpose of thja meettnjs w&s grata committee meet and make -" -•• .juoiacr anot-ner bid on paint- out the programs. Joyce AHely „„ ,„ ... old r4Tv£ wit SS'cfe save a talk on the 4-H officers 86? rl- • J i', h .- n .5.°£. ot CuuncU- BJu«s, Iowa training school. 73'60 60235 6.82 approved Pictures in the picture study group were discussed. Al&o colors in interior decoration aud the grain of wood. We danced ths Virginia Reel —.„ at, tS»"ttoe*."tney~Bow*tdiourn f° r recreation and practiced a F°h mte<; * KEln on tbe 6Ul ^y °* song to sing at the Mother-Dau- 78 2« ' fUMV Appro?«i: JOHM B. cuiKK, B&t« Tea. •*•" rrKnirrniin. Brd Supervisor*. Dora Mae Johaaon, CJounty Auditor. Th Board ol this bid. On roll call t . „. f'>ll"Ub: Ayes: ^ 4.06 Clark Nayee: None, no the Beportw. Saturday, Feb.28 i:30 P .m. MILK COWS We will have around 15 head of extra good milk cow* this Saturday. All will be the Big type native cow*. A few of these cows are fresh now, and the remainder are heavy springers, which will-freshen soon. If you are wanting some good Shorthorn, Guernsey or Jersey Dairy Cows, be here for Saturday's Sale! STOCK AND FEEDERS We will have a limited number of steers and heifers this Saturday. They are very scarce and hard to find. We always have a few. Always some good Breeding Bulls. 1 extra good Red Polled Shorthorn Bull Calf. 1 outstanding Black Angus Bull (Pure bred but not registered.) STOCK HOGS A big demand for stock hogs of all kinds. Bring in what you have for sale. Usually a good run of Bred Gilts of all breeds. FAT HOGS We are still in the market for fat hogs, Every day! We pay the highest possible prices. Why gamble from one day to another? J u »t call us for our prices. MISCELLANEOUS We alway* have some kind of miscellaneous articles and household furniture. ' CONSIGN YOUR LIVESTOCK TO THIS SALES BARN SALE EVERY SATURDAY

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