The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 30, 1934
Page 7
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TUESDAY,-OCTOBER 30, 1B34 BLYTHEVELLB. (AM.)' QOUMpt N1W1 PAGE SEVEN Why Buy Coal From Ui? CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Pally rato j*r line'for conwcu. live Insertions; i 1 ''"' (Five average word* to a Jlne> One time:per line'..., : ...'.,;. lOo Two times per line per toy .. OBo Three times per line'per day .. 0*o Six times per line per"day .. 06o Month r«t* per. line .,.,,....<-«Oo Minimum charge Mo r • Ads ordered for three or , eix 'lines and stopped before expiration will be charged (or Uia number of times the ad appeared and adjustment ot DUI oisae. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city rflust'be accompanied by cash. .Roto may be easily computed from above table. No responsIWllcy will be taken for more than one Incorrect in- 'sertlon of any classified a<j. Advertising ordered for irregular lasertioia laie the ; pne time rate. Business Directory FARMERS! Have your TAX FRKE COTTON inade iiitx)'excellent mallresses. SPECIAL PRICES Factory FRIRIDAJRK SERVICK Factory Trilucd Mechanics . Bay BTrr-Pliorl*— fiitbl 383 • 07 M*u» St. E. B. GEE SALES CO: J, W. Jenkins & Son 116 8. Railroad Chitwood & Weidman ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues SPECIAL PRICES Between P.:O. & Crevrolet Dldg. Phone 266 __Coa) & \Vdod Hardin-Barron Coal Co. Yards nt, Stwiibw;; 0|u , i ! - Phcm;;U6 HIGH GRADE KENTUCKY COM,, nil *\xs; ALABiUfA RED ASI! & QUICK FIRE ALABAMA. WOOD, KINDLING, CORN, HAY 'If you arc down in Hie mouth, think of Jontih; lie conic out nli'fglit," 1930'.FORD '-I-DOOR : SEDAN S 1933 : r6RD DE LUXK COlJrE 5 1933. CHEVK DIET : M'A'S-T. E R PERMANENT6 Nonu Better . - Special Prices Barrett's Beauty Shop 606 N 5th ' - - Telephone 560 PLYWVTM COACH- . '.' 5295 1533 FORI) ,Tf "OR . . . .-../.' 5U5 '. TftTJOKs"; ard TRAILERS KINGH'AJt TBAttEKi'-tfrfs' LIke'Ntw ..... '..'.V.. ; ...'.'. -$25 1930 G. i>j. C. TFlUtK. :'t»r'(c Body ......... ............ : J169 1S29 CHEVROLET TRUCK "!.;' $ i)S 133S CI1EVKOI/ET T R U C K. D. W. C. C ...... ....... 5315 133B I'OBI) C. C. 1'. I'. TRUCK ...... . ..... ..... ?1U5 1 WE PAY GASH FOR ; GOOD USEU CAUS PHILLIES' USED Ctrncr Walnut & Ibf Streets' ;',' Phone 813 OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL ,- 9 P. i>r. Real Estate FOR SALE Two' small all purpose FARMS, clear of debt—to ' trade for city residences. Give and. expect bur- liains. J. L. Mt'KAMEY, 1MBODEN Ark. FOR SALE .2 splendid HOMES. Can move in the day you sign Uic contract. 102 K. Kentucky. Corner First Beautiful home with liaixhvood floers. 3 bedrooms. Shady Lot. Price reduced from ?3,500 lo 52,500. 5H50 Cash - 5^2,50 Munluly i!10 Mteourl, Corner Franklin. room stucco wilh :t bedrooms. ?2<W Casfi - 516 Monthly places. Let us show you Thomas Land Co. Sole Agents. SEE ME iOR BARGAINS in the following leal estate offerings: Small acreage tracts practically in Blythevilie, but outside city limits; , .-,.-. \ VI acres :ana' near nard road 'southwest Boynton; 20 acres land, all improved. near concrete highway, mile ol Manila. E. M. Terry Farms ior Sale! Terms Reasonable H«, B. THOMPSON, CaruUiersvlUe, Ko. ooob LAND AT LOW PRICES 400 acres all in wood, liolweci levee • and - river, taxes almost nothing, can sell for cash, or part cash'and terms for balance, price Ironi $l£00.lo $15.00 per acre/will sell SO acres^or more to otic, party, v/ood and timber on ; Iand enough to pay for it placed on market. Land lies betwecj) l/cvcu & To(n^to. Ark. ..'-., W. M,.Bur)|s /\ " . .Phone 243 "or, 313 ^ Grand '-Leader Building CjrqiCB 01!AUK I'ARflH' ON GOOD TERMB. J.' C. CHAPIN, MANILA, AtiK.' 'A» Stolen SI OLEN.froiii'iiiy. residence ENO- LIHH . .HbTrKil BlJU) DOG, 3 5'cais old, icmalc, lo)ig .hair, wlille - name : "Vic 1 '. Liberal RB\VAflD for AUTO GLASS AttK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE .« BEST COAL FOR MONEY . . "Acme Alabama" , ''kack Royal Kentucky" N. W- Trantham Coal Co. PHONE 861 My Coal I: BUck but 1 (real you wbjte. Fill up uow. JOHN BUCHANAN - M1O.VE 107 We will ijivo u cash discount of 25 cents for cncn of ypui- Jlret vwo tons of COAL inn-chased from us If you \vl|l ten H, s tho reason you it from ibis linn. —Some Itcasoiii wiiy You Should '1'rndc Will) Us-years in business. 3-l'rdiii|)t scri'icc. 2-QunWy of coal htimUed. -l-Courtcous trcaunenl, 5—Yon eot all you pay for. "QUALITY GKQUP" | s Distributed by GAY & BILLINGS 76 Filling Stations Southern Service Station Stcele, Mo. G6 Products UAbuUNE TAX 1'AID 24 Hour Service Cobb Undertaking Co., foe SERVICE '&. QUA AMBULANCE Rune 26 FOR BEAUTIFUL 'FLOORS RENT OURIFLOpR.'SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. BUYING IN 1 CAR LOAD LOTS MAKES CHEAPER PRICES FOR THE 'CUSTOMERS. I F. LIVINGSTON SEEDS, FEEDS, GROCERIES WHOLESALE &. RETAIL TRUCK BEDS" PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OF ALL KINDS BUILT TO ORDER Salesman: with: cor.,: Biles,. experience, desirable. $100'weekly! 117-S. Broadway—P. O. Box W Personality Essential BARKSDALE_& PAGE 200 N. S«ohd ' MODERNIZE YOUR .COUNTRY HOME WITH A DE^qNO'WA- TER SYSTEM. *40 UP. HUBBARt) HDW. CO. -• SAW FILING of all kinds With automatic filing nmcliino BARKSDALE & PAGE 200. N. Second BE ECONOMICAL BUY IT RIGHT A COMPLETE LINE OP FANCY k STAPLE: GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES, PRO-! DUDE, rXODR, MEAL, ETC., AT THE Ste Us About Your Coal Blythevilie Gin Co. "Radiant; Alabama" ."Premium'' Kentucky" = CALL Parks Bros. Goal Co. fHOH'a 977 FOR "Hi-Lo-Alabama" "B'hicK Koyal Kentucky" A CLEAN COAL - LOW PSIDEU Shoe Repairing May We Wy« 1'our Sli«.s? SEE OUR SAMPLES E. E. Ratcliff AcroM from Huuoarct Hdw. Co. Try our 3000 mile SOLES—proof of the 'pudding is the eating. When you get n food thing rememocr where you got, II. PROGKEdSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 Soulh 2nd St. Restaurants Automotive J, Befi Clime Battery Service «ni|iid all makes. W« O«neratori Al Tom W. J»ck»a'» KUllon ASH * Stt'ONO Phono | _ KMWtncc tTl-Vf. Best Oyster. * Kivcr Cat fiit Chlrkcn Dinners Every Day O'Brien 105 8. Second All kinds ixiliit mui ijody done, Olwaiwsl prlcec. JOHN HEAHN UarnslL Auo Sivlcs Co. work i in POTTERY. a}OS. Division, ' ' iw MniHiig w ucrcs. . M. o. cuiigtimn, wiiiijtc fnrm "' ..... ......... ' ' on pint"i,ako roiid. • 15n 6-burm'r. Wf*Hn(i!»«fiC KLECTR10 l\ ANOB, ; flood •6oi)(||lliwi; J inoil- ,1111 lilKO TRIOYOLB, rjJONK'0<5. : • • ajc 'kit Position Wauled Will (111 BTBHOaRAPUIO "\vork~iH ' Uciisonnblo lilies', Cnll HaU-Grown Masjoijoii Rqined World S«yies „ bomo 25,000 ago K|WU«| the recent World tiio nsuot T$rs at. Cotton I Saleshlen Wanted SI^ON APARTMENT. , Fnrilljsllcd or unfurnished. Phono 7G-1. aocktf W. J. KNOX Havlne made all kinds of shoes for ABNORMAL feet., can repair chocs lo correct ABNORMAL feet. Room & Board > WANTED: Roomers and bonrders. Ml Lake. I AM PAYING BEST PRICES TOR PLOW UP OPTIONS J. \L. HASSON Grand Leader Bldf.-riiono -I29 For Rent 3 room FUKWBHEU APARTMENT, miviiijc. 1315 W. Main, Cull 335-W. . . • 27o kl FURNISHED APARTMENT. -108 \V.; Kciiliicky. Phone B83. 27c kt TWO nicely -rUR^lSKED BED• ROOMS, modoralcly priced. Mrs B. A. Plshcr, 101 E. Davis. 24-pk.-29 NICE Bedroonu,' Elcain Oenllenien HOOTS AND'HEU BUDDIES A owe heated Garage K WE SELL CHEAPER OUR STOCK IS COMPLETE MECHANICS' SVFfUKR REl'LAOEMENT PARTS, TIHE8, TUBES & ACCESSORira Free Service Hubbarcj Hardware Co. AutomoUvo Depl. j-hnno 47^ or 702. N T11K MatUICT COURT Of WARNING ORI)l!lt :N TUB CJIANC15RY COUUT, C1IIQKASAWUA D 1ST R1 OT, MlSStSSirt 1 ! COUNTY, ARKANSAS. BOSS Thornton, Plninuir, No. SliO'l Vti. I'lora Thornton, Ucfondnnl. Lost LOST Fill-view (jlosscs willi ivlillu (joid Inline. Hewird. Miirunrct Mcore, I'lioire lit. 2lip Ri Loslr-Eycalnsscs, name In lic- 'rard. J. Nick Thomas. 20-ck-ai Help Wanted WANTED: combination cook mid niirso, colored. New siimtl lioiiso and sniiill family. Mrs. Samuel F Noirls, Courier News. Cull between 8 and 10 a.' in. For Sale FOR 8AM3—Rough'luiiibl'r. Chl'Uli Hlythcvlllc Canning Co. Me kti TRACTOR OWNi'.KS! Tractor FUEL, for sule' nt plnnl or delivered. NO TAX. BAIINSDALL OIL CO. Dell Road - - Phono -109 G. M. Wilson, Agent. 'f tlf'CantlnalK for (4 University of M|chlg«n inuwum nllachcs. wiiiic die groat contest, of tiic isitball dtomoiHl V.HS on w. H. IHiqttnor, piejmrntoi of vsrlcr- uriito iialcntoloey, and dls asslsl- niu, Jolm Wilson, im^ to come out awl <!lfi up llic rcmnlns.qf, [lie nins- todoh rtlscovuicd and i(il)o)lcd by n ' [-, CWA worker. Tlioy hase rccovcrpd Uic major portion of the skull as' Tliii dcIcndniU., Thornton, - wuviiccl lo iintii'iu- wlUiln Iliirly days In the comt named In the, enptte) hcra'.t and answer thi comiiMlin of ll'.c Dliilnllft, floss Tlionnon, -, of Oclote'-, 1031. It. L. C1A1NKK, Clerk, lly Hliloit Siirluln, D. C. C. M. Duck, Attorney. M-30-C-I3 well as four ribs mid four vcrle- urnc. ft W fls cstlmn(cd us 35,000 I 075,000 yours-old. . More limn n thousand (also tiro ilnvinr, cio founded |ii'New YQI|C, city annuiilly, nccoidlnJC'lo a. rc- :cnl icporl. fiom the flic cowinlB- .Irncv, liaj- M»y AIU Cancer FigHt M1LWOUKEE (UP) -Infra ray tiotojjrnplis, nlrciuty iiscd to a nood advantage \n 6ti)dying and correcting wirlcosc vein conditions soon will be n big factor In niding'the treatment of cancer; Leo Musso- 1'iisl, nit anil pliotogrnptilc dlrcclor Ot Mnvqlitllo University, believes. Mas3i>|)iiit, un authority o|i (hci infra rny also callcrt'^ljlnck' llBlil," 1 suys llm|. tlivouijh tliu use of the Invisible rny. It. Is possible to view the blood vessels under the skin. Tlio epidermis is ns:traiis[mrent as cclloplianc lo the ray, lie snld. 3*11 oaay s Almanac; I October 5QBi Unibai States tar *r L > B5T Gertrude Awiertw i, American autiior, born. of Ah>er Civil war by RITE PRICE GROCERY In Old P. O. Bids. BlytlievjUc Phone 234 — We 'Deliver COLD WEATHER COMING! BEST PRICES ON STOVES, PIPES, TAPERS AND TEE /OINTS, DAMPERS, SCUTTLES. iHOVELS, E"JfC. OBERSf STORE CO. COPPER WEATHER STRIP Saves'fuerut'Email cost Arkmo Lumber Co. ELECTRIC WASHING SIACHINE "Simmons poUy-rrim" Makes Work fun. EASY-TERMS. OIL STOVES, WOOD STOVES, COAL STOVES SPECIAL PRICES SEE OUR NEW LINE PAUL^BYRUM Opposite Old PostofHce ' Wanted , ME AT OWE 0'CX.OCU. , STEPOW IT, SPORT. THE CONQRESSm^ SMITH S«ILS IM THREE- HOURS. - '... STAXjC^BJ^ueWAVSy ', CLOfHES, CoMQRKSMflN SMITH. NO OTHER SHIP'<MIJ <; cnn S> THEV ' RE SPEED BOAT A^P 6Q R^CIJQ AFTER THE UNER (?HARTEFJINQA PLRNE ALESMA1N SAM ' MAYUB HK HAS A PULI/, TOO! TocnrH,Huri? OJELL, WHV S i OUESS THW'S"^ «t,-,t»'Ai l( )J'f/ T.Y^NkEP? Yrt /-ft'HnT I fSETTER NEVER GOT WJV BENEFIT FROM K DOf ft BROK& BUT ( WEEP AW REQU(.AP. f DRAWING TH' DENTIST'S ' " <t JIHKS AND JAI5S! A WHITE ! HOUSE "jfEEPER In niot(icrleis home. P. O. Box 655 ' ' WANTED—BWs for 4-Inch or 6 c}i wql(.- uboul BUO left. CHAPMAN : & UEWEY •LUMBER CO. Marked 'rrcc, Arjc. : " ' ' ' .•'" lOo klo Feeds, Seeds "ALWAYS ' AHEAD" PEED return 'or Information leading lo BEST PEED^CHEAtF'^^f-ii.s return. Hairy Hamby, 1221 W. Ash. B EST ^ED-CHEAPEST PRICES FRECKLES AJSJD HiS FRIENDS f THEfJG GOGS THE GUY WHO GVERV- ONS PITIED -IHEiR FAITH OM.TD 11 c'S -fH£ ' GUV TltS V/HOLg SCHOOL F|eDRBp'bN,-R> COMS ,</ "THROUGH •WIS : VEAR...AUD j\i '^f]( _£^ ^: .v:^? W-' 1 ^ •'%^'^^ '' ; m l $&F3 ( ,ANP,iSA,TMERgiS -1H5 : ( GUT roO CPONTEO OhJ 'X OTA''» ^^^ , A western bjipkficlU 'ace, puljeiJ ItjS "famous feat'' againsi, Minngiota.' /-' • ' Jlie Gophers v:v«:»rlinlt(cd!y stronger than the \Tild«tf;:^n trjffftrEt nsrfpr] fffii- nqsota • regislercil a ' toiitlnlowii mid tlie .extra |wiji|. '- ; •; •: .-.-..• ;•'.' . Then coiimwiitCTl a Novtliwubteni ili'ivi 1 , w)K)l was (ii)j)lfy liaUctl !>n : 't)|B 'Wryaril niarkci-. . MhnipsoUi tooV tip tire olTeiisive and worked uj( id tiic foiir-yaixl Ijnq, On four Wrlown, McLVcury hit l!ia NVrtli- w«slem line so liavd tli^i)}!! ilroii^d uut of |iis..liaiKJ5 aml.rollejl-.pvcr (lie waite. I'pln'icr scoo|xxl \ip llic ball four y:gxb,b«- mi Ins own stta! Sncl never sli)))|w! until lie lad crossed the Copters', 'flic game ended 7-V, ' ': ' '

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