The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 18, 1943
Page 6
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mad* BLYTHEVILLE COURIER' NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 18 BETTER HOMES Cornering A Clever Idea "ZTtTt JWlf &'» ', ptoduce this unusual coi- Ixick piece? ate covcioct vulh luft- sknls • in nhnl, '| " ° " ,1 mulled icd couch covcis, ind mihe lop halt ot the ' Insulation •, Insures Coolei •House--'.In- Summer. Warmth In Wintei Porestglitcd home owners (ire taking precautions now to Insure warmth and comfort for their families next winter. Qualified observers' believe: fuel -shortage.'! will be at least as serious as thsy were during the past season, : wlth very real possibilities that they may- be p even;-more .'critical. -' Fighlliig.n'i modern war takes tremendous "amounts; of. fuel. 1 War needs naturally come first.- Mnn- power problems and transportation difficulties may be expected to further : curtail • the amount, of fuel available for-home heating, : Paced with the prospect of a less- than-nornnl fuel supply, tlie home owner has two alternatives: he can tmliire the discomfort and dangers to. health of a chilly house or he can make, Improvements to Ills home and "heating equipment 'which 'will enable -.the available fuel to do more, work! • . ', Delays Are Costly Cuught off; guard, many home owners -last .winter found . themselves unable to take the necessary;-fuel conservation, steps n-ml suffered .as a consequence. Home maintenance experts warn that those who 'again wait until the last jminute may find themselves in the same- position. Moreover, working conditions in warm" wealh- er pSrnilt ? the ; necessary work to be d<jne more economically. (The best way to make fuel go farther is to "tighten" tlie home so that less heat Is wisted nils can be done through Jnsulilion tthlct lessens the escape of heat through walls and : roofs, nnd by installing storm windows and weather stilp-f ping. One of (Tie most, important steps in sioppiiig heat wasts ill a home already .built is to Insulate tlie top irei A simple method of dofng this and one which con be done by the home owner himself: Is. to line the attic mth large sh»els of Insulating board The boards arc light, easy to handle and can be nailed directly! to i he rafters. A ho mmer and'saw;are the only tools needed, if additional living space Is needed, it »lll tike only a few additional .steps to convert Uic-.ftttic Into finished rooms; Iiuuiate Ceilings A; similar result can be obtained byTesurfiujmg the top floor centum, with decorative insulating board in tile .shapes This operation permits the covering ot cracked ami broken, plaster surfaces while nt the same:.Ume cutting down heat wastage. Tlie./enUre room can be refinished in this manner if desired, and the ^heat saving will be Increased: - •, Cold basements make heating tlie ho'the more difficult. .It.Is desirable, therefore, to keep them warm. It will help to cover all basement windows;] with panels' of instituting collage-ciii-t.-iin window treatment fe'H' S &. WJf"'' i t' Scientist Sees Future Homes With Glass Walls; Plus Color Dr. Alexander. Silverman, head of tiic University of Pittsburgh chemistry department, envisioned homes of the future with sliding glass pui'- lilionB that can be made transparent or opaque at will In an address before Ills American Ceramic Society at Pittsburgh, according lo a news release tilts week b'y Science Service. "Dy sandwiching material in glass, then crossing two plates in a double wall construction, an opaque partition will result," the story said. "When one of the plates .Is slid back, the partition will become transparent, permitting light to stream in." Decorative, Too Colored plate glass walls with artistic continuous metallized cleco- radons cited by was another Dr. Silverman. possibility Electricity bonril. closing off little-used rooms will make It possible to keep the rooms which tire used at a .move comfortable temperature, A greater heat saving will be effected if (he windows ot tujse rooms lire blacked off wilh insulating board.. Kl:irk Out Windows Even whitlows of rooms which are passing through the decorallniis would heat the room. Glass floors could -be metallised like the walls, 01: glass fool-warmers designed ns hassocks could be used. If additional heat were necessary portable stoves of artistic metallized glass might hi' designed. "A room at GO degrees. Insuring warm feet and uniform radiation toward ihc body from all sides, de....... today's home at 70 degrees or higher." Cdass construction combined with healing elements can also have built-in lights, thus producing al- trnctlvc heating and ijluminajing effects. Tempered glass doors, eilhcr clear or opaque, may lead ' would be mori) comfortable clared Dr. Silverman. "thmi from one , room lo another' anil cover cabinets "mid closets ' ' Won't the home owner be nearly blinded by the fflnre from this glittering Klass interior? Dr. Silver- JiinH nnsK'ei-ed with a definite '.'no." By.the recently developed treatment of sheet glass to produce. thin etched films only about a molecule thick, almost all reflecied glare caii: be eliminated. Glass for Insulation light -•.<ii.ii i» inuuwrv yi iuuni:i vviiii;ii jut; . •., . in use can have this protection The I AIUlml S |1 8'ass plates can be used insulating board can be applied in I "°.' h ill(crlor and exterior eon- ''slrnclion, glass brick and hollow tile are likely lo also have Increased use. ' - : "The blocks will be produced in various colors." Dr. Silverman pro- two sections, one for each half of the window. If they are Inserted into double grooved strips of wood attached to (lie inside of the window frame, the, lower panel may be raised or.lowered In the same manner as the window itself. Dowel pegs inserted in the \vaod strips will hold the panels In place as desired. This treatment will cut the heat loss through windows by nbonl. 70 per cent Windows thus covered have blackout protection as a plus value. I ,j i i ' Ml ' , --------- ' --translucent, trans- Wanted to Buy CITY HOMES ; In Blytheville I have a number of clients who wish to buy homes in Blytheville and nearby—All types oi homes are wanted. The time to sell property is when there are buyers—and—I HAVE THE BUYERS, Please list for sale property wilh me. Russell A. Riales City and Farm Property Goff Holol I'hoiu's 202S-202!) SALESMEN: l.uthcr Gray, Blytheville —Roll Crcon, The durability of a roof is something you P»y lor on fsilh...based on the reputation oj ihe manufacturer for using quality materials and first class workmanship Huberoid has such a tepulalion for Ru- beroid Roots have given 25 30 and even Oi years of service. Let us show you »• bwutiful coloit. textures and •hap«8 of. th« nuay types o{ Rub«ioid Asphalt Shingles. 5«l«rt the kind YOU lilce bed »nd buy a toof that endures. Artistic design will evolve from more nltitnrian appronch now. the used In modern factory construction. iiF.i wool 'will be much more widely used for Insulation. It is constantly beliijj matte lighter nnct i.s now available in n form weighing only a tuilf-jioiiiu! per cubic foot. A four-Inch layer of glass wool has Die heat insulating value of n 14- foot concrete, wall. It is claimed. Tom A. Little Buys Hif/hfiU Building The building at 115 North Sec- ancl .street, occupied by the Hlgh- 1111 Cotton Compnhv, has been .sold ">y H. Iliahlil! lo Tom A. Little. Forest Service Issues Guicl e 1 o Help Operators Solve Problems Sinnir .sawmills can play a. vital part In incctinn wartime lumber de- mnmls. Fred3i-ick J. Sluilley, extension forester, points out. 'I here are evidences, however, (hat many small mills Instead of expanding, arc contracting production, he said. Tart of tlie illfflcuUv is caused by- a growing shortage of equipment, hs said. Another factor Is lite shift from normal local markets to ineel non-local, special Bovern- menl. demands. These demands arc enormous for lumber— which to a large. cxt?nt must come from small . mills— for army trucks, beds anil cots, boats and shiixs, war buildings and housing. To help small-mill operators stretch available labor and equip- nu-nt, for more efficient production, the Forest service of the Department of Agriculture has issu:d a aulcle to snuill sawmills in wartime. Among .numerous' .suggestions given are: ' - Save trucks and tires by pulling Ihe mill dose to the timber A thousand board feel of logs Is three tlmss as heavy to haul, and greffl'i lumber nearly twice as heavy as dry lumber. Use trucks for Hie longer hauls on i;ond roads, and for Imulitig in Ihe woods substitute wagons. Tires Wear out on rough woods roads three times as fast ns on good roads. Move full loads rather Hum under- capacity loads. Cut trees, not saplings. A crew! that can log and" mill 1,000 board] feet nn hour from 20-inch trees can produce only about 500 feet an hour from trees of e-iuch'diameter. Cut, long lug* whenevb.- possible. An estimated 10 lo 15 per cent increase, in production can be had by cutting IE-footers rather than 12- footers. Operators whose previous market outlets have been upset arc advised to establish contact with new outlets through known lumber-buying agencies or through'the Agricultural Extension Service or Ark- Ready-Pasted Wall Borders Add Freshness and Color To Rooms Clorc you i' eyes, just for a minute—Ihen look arnnml yon at the rooms you live In. How many of Ihe thiiifi.s- in your home are an expressions of you? How much of the dmirullve detail did you think Up yourself? What do you sec that isn't duplicated In the homes of your liirnds and your .neighbor? DtaconivtgiDg .thought.? yet we ill follow much the same pattern In decoration as our neighbors, pciliajis from Ihe fear of errors In Judgment, costly mistakes Hint must be lived with, willy-nilly. But what i.s it that makes the home of an original woman really distinctive 1 / Carefully executed details, unall but noteworthy,- make her home more than a colli'dlnn of belongings. These details arc the expressions of personality. Some of tlie greatest possibilities for using your Ingenuity, for playing will) your own Idens.' He in li-linr, ready-pasted wall 'borders which are being IISIM! now not only In kitchens and. bathrooms, wilh v Well wo have always associated wall borders, but in the more formal rcoras of (he house, the living room, dining room, halls, bedrooms 'Hie new trims pntterus include formal and styltel designs which Give it finished look to these robins. Rcacly-iinstcd wall borders provide a chance far inexpensive experimenting in decoration. They arc easily applied by Immersing a strip in water and smoothing it out on the wall. The adhesive -outing dries quickly. The freshness ami color brought into, your rooms :>y borders set along tlie baseboard or just below the picture moulding can also he achieved in a multitude of other ways. The only limits are in your own ingenuity and -imagination.' i Hun a border such as the graceful "Wedoewood." pattern, a soft white scroll-like design traced on chlnn .blue, around an archway or door frame 'to frame the view of an adjoining room. Let the border coordinate the schemes of both rooms by using coldrs which harmonic wilh the scene It frame. 1 ;, ns well as the room in which it is .set. Suppose you have a large living room, one end of which serves as dining room or dining alcove, as jo many modern homes arc arranged. You would like to suggest, subtly, without the use of heavy partitions or screens, that you have two separate units in tlie room. Why not run two or three widths of. a vertical border, tlie sini|il<? ;lrine "Moderne" pattern tor. in-1 >ln))ee, from floor to ceiling between the two sections of the room, setting oif your dining unit, from llie rest of the room. "Moderne" COUIP.S In blue and cream and rose and cream. i Be bold about a dormer window thill cuts up the wall space In one of your bedrooms. Turn it into nn asset by framing the alcove with the swirly "Uibbonetlc" border, in red or blue on a cream background. Frame a huge piece of wallboard, for a smoothly-linlshed bulletin board to hold treasured snapshots and notes ami programs in the bedroom O f a teen-age pii-l. iviiii tile same border you have used around her ceilin;; or baseboard. A.sure-fire hit for an uUra-fomi- nllic room is "noinnnce." H streamer of ros'C.s and morning-glories in soft rose and blue and hoiijy— perfect accompaniment for chlnly. covered furniture or draperies. KitdnvM Should B<: Kepi In A-[ (ionililion Now culture, Washington, D. c. I The publication gives information on logging, milling, special labor silvers, lay-outs for mills ami sheds, small mill reasoning ami small snw- niill accounting, including the computation of income (axes. The kitchen is going to be the most imoprtant, room in many a home for the duration. More time will-be spent figuring out rationed menus and more time mixing up the soups and puddings'that used to come in cans. That's whv Ihe Kitchen must be kept in top working condition for efficiency, comfort and cheer in the clays to come. The refrigerator, which can't lie replaced if it wears out,, should be handled with special care. It should be defrosted at least once a week and never 1 overcrowded with foods. When preparing a meal, H is also wise to take everything you're going to need out at one time to avoid frecnient opening and shutting of the refrigerator door. The stove will wear belter and use up less cooking gas if the burners are kept spotless. Pots and pans won't blacken so readily and much gas will also lie saved if the flame Is never turned up so high that it licks around the" sides of the puns. Where there's room, a desk or table for keeping wartime recipes and your ration coupon budgets is a "grand convenience in the kitchen today. Small horb.ontal panels of translucent glarw blocks can be set Into the wall above such a work table as well as in windows above other much-used work surfaces for better daylighting. w ilh complete privacy. These" blocks can be kept sanitary by wiping Hh'em wilh a damp cloth, require no curtaining or painting, and will actually improve tlie kitchen's comfort because of their Insulating qualities. A waterproof varnish applied to Ihe floor, ir it is not washable surface, will help preserve it from the inevitable spillovers of food or liquid and make it much easier to keep clean. And liquid wax applied to tlie wall surfaces that gel hard wear such as. behind the sink or behind the stove is a practical protection. Every utensil in the kitchen is precious today because of the metals it contains and , should be handled and polished"with the sami; loving care that was once . Ills plans call for a hallway running thvu the center ol (he building; for tin- enllrp length with •mltcs of olticOK. of different sizes opening oif this hall. Hlghflll continue lo time (U. S. Dcpt. Agr. \fisc. Pub. No. 609) wns prepared by G. J. Telford of (he Forest Products Laboratory nt Mtidiaon, Wis. \Vhil« (he supply^ lasts, .small-mill operators _,.,.,_. ... ^ may obtain copies from the Forest .- y ^laln_hls offlcejnjhe ^building, 'service. U. S. Department of Agr- DELTA LUMBER CO. H ° me Owned 1 - . Company Phone 497 Potatoes from Our Victory Garden .. . _ - r Unlik'c Topsy, our garden doesn't juii "gfowVil * It requires lots of cure. Vending, cultivating, a ,,'d }>r«]icr watering. V'<- examine the nofl fr^oently for, tlrn,™,, i Urn \M- ninkp. sure it g «| s rnniigh walrr so iliat inuialiirc e;m set!. <1«H« lo llie roots. Blytheville Water Co. Bernard Allen, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" I J UST °NE COAT : COVERS OLD WALLPAPER PLASTER, WALLBOARD, BRICK, ETC. • Tin's amazing new type of wall paint offers you three big savings: I. SAVE TIME. Think of it-you can now redecorate a room in 3 hours. Two hours to apply Pittsburgh Techide-and only one hour for it to dryl ». SAVE MESS. No need to scrape off. shabby old wallpaper. Tcchide give* a smooth, light-diffusing surfoc» over wallpaper, plaster, etc. 3. SMC HWEY-becau»«onecoatof Pillsburgh Tecbide is usually suffi- .cient ... and one gallon of Techid* 'is enough for die average room. On talc at We Have a Complete Line Of PITTSBURGH PAINTS An occoMonal wo thing with loop and water ruTorii a "n«w lo»fc" ?o T«criitU walk On* gallon of PJmWg Tflthid* moVn Hi gallon* pain! by adding wafir, MADE IN I COLOM A-^WHITI HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "Synthetic lumber" Now Available For Farm and Home Building •^^•^^•fnVir- '•--.! »•[.• i _._ *^ Production methods of (lie National Gypsum Company arc (iirnins out "synthetic lumber" In take (he place of "hard to gel liimlicr," irhicli lias become a serious national problem. Thousands of feet a day of lliis synthetic lumber, fashioned from typsum rock, as shown here, are routed to automatic cutting machines before being conveyed through huge drying ovens. • Tin's new building material is | bcin;r used in (tic construction fll i countless projects all over (he | country; from fin- chicken coop | on the farm (o (he vast navaS base. '• Availability of these products has saved much precious time for munition and industrial plants .in RCltiusr into production. Using- no critical nuleriats, farmers, home owners, and builders can; now construct needed structures./ lavished only on the company silverware. The kitchen is going lo less replace- get more use and ments than almost any part, of the house, so it's up to the housewife to keep it looking and functioning as well as she can with the aid of modern equipment and [ilnin old-fashioned elbow grease. For Brighter Basements ilfany basements are troubled not only with darkness but, with an infilteiaticn of insects around and through the window sash. Because both can be dangerous, (lie installation of, glass block panels in existing windows, to replace rotting 01- infested sash, is a practical solu- tion to such basement blues. Tlifst; blocks not only transmit light but literally throw it, into the interior. Just thin KEM-TONE with plain water an<} apply to surface.' KEM-TONE spreads on quickly, easily. One coat covers even wallpaper! KEM-TONE dries in one hour. Rooms may be lived in same day painted. WALL FINISH Don't redecorate a single room until you've beard all about the new Sherwin-Williams KEM-TONE. Entirely different from ordinary paints, it brings new economies and convenience to interior painting! NEWEST PASJfL COLORS America's Favorite House Paint M ORE homes arc painted with Sherwin-Williams SWP than with any pthcr brand of p.iinf Wliy? Simply because in SWP House Paint beauty, protection and economy-combine to give you the most in real, honcst- to-goodncsspmntlbr every cent you spend O.lf> pergnllon. Askuafora Op.,! free color card. witai. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CU/D H °USE +>** r PAINT Covers with Ono Coat! • Dflos in One Hour! •ll'iWcihcblet » 1 <J"I. Finishes Average Boom! Thre8-S%pGse Varnish For (1> furniture (2) woodwork ,_ (3) floors. Bcami- .J&- Tics and protects, resists chipping, scuffing. % Clear £ filoss finish' SHCnWlN-WiLLIAMS MAR-MOT Quiek-Drying Enamel , For furniture; woodwork, walls, toj-s. linamelokl ^^ covers solid witli JF Dries ' '(Tin 4 U llCUf3. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS ENAMELOID TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO. Your Complete Hardware Store 12<i W. Main. Phone 51S

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