The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 27, 1931
Page 2
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: : PAGE TWO vy y If. Y. P. U. Has Social ^rcoliny. Theriiitc-rmc<iiat2 U. Y. P. IJ. of the Second Baptist church had a parly bst evening fit Itic Ironic of Hiss Rcba Hollis when 25 members and friends iitlcnJH After games and contf-is Cih- crine Hcllis and Bc=6,c bi.e Ai wood, dressed in at v ut'ie < s tiuiics, served ice cream -inrl hom^ made candies. Col Ion IH Smart Both lor Sports and for Parly Woar; , l ' , \' , Ll1 ' ^ u " ' Bits of News Mostly Personal Wonder Class Entertains, ' The 50 members c! i 1 e W o id r ' . Sunday school class l u the 1 'k 8lrcct Methodist cinirui uiiCAnl i ' patty at the church hist cvenli: ' A musical program, MI,,|III"I •• i ! with games nnd contests. alfurd;d \ entertainment for several hou: and later delicious were served. . • • I Club Metis. j When Mrs. H. A. Siniili in:>i-- tallied'the Mid-Wct-k ISni^e r'.-.iu' Tliursday she also had as hei °,IU-M .; Mrs. C. R. Bahcock and Mi.'. !•:.,! : Koonlz of Springfield. Mo. Snajidragons, jonquils :\r.:: p-'v.-h blossoms formed lovely <u .-:•.-::.Sirs-' lor the luncheon tahic v.i^:: U:.two tables of playr-.s in.i y:i:-. ; luncheon served in t\vo coma.-, j In Ihe contract- bridge tisinc.-, i Mrs. Cecil Shane won the club prize and guest prize unit tu Mrs. Babcock. I 1 . E. O. Meets at Sic.:., .M.i. Members of the Icral i'. E. O.! were guests o! Mrs. J. V.'. '_>"i:',]!ns' Wednesday afternoon nt her lioin-; I in Sleelc, Mo. I For Ihe --Seal" pvo.jr.-iHI M::-;- : dames-Walker H. Baker, J. L. Do 1 .!.! H. !•'. Kirihner, 'B. A. Lynch. Xas-:\ Slcveiis nnd W. I. Ck-mcn to.jk. part. • i Tiie_13 present were F-rvcd .'- •:!,'| )lclo'.ss'~luuclicon a; 6 o'c;.i:k before the drive home. 1 I- 1 s k I I Celebrate Jlirllulavs. I Mrs. J. If. Fisher and hor :-;;r=.-. ; Mrs. S. A. Michie. «I Mkc/.!, .V'!.. | whose birthdays aic cu liie same I day, celebrated their liirtli aiuii- I vcrsary Wednesday with :L mnljr j trip to Stuttgart and M irlnmn ' v:h»rc they inspected ricu nulls and i visited relntives of Mrs. Michie. 1 • T * t j 1'rc.mlsc. Land ' Sociely Meets. j The-Woman's Missionary society : cf Promise Land me.-, with Mr-, jj Carl Matthews Monday afternoon i A pvojjrr.m was given in ::;i;n-r i demonstration work, the project of i the group for this season, with !-; Mrs. Matthews denu-nsiralhi;; iho £ making of ail Euster cake. ? . In a contest wi-'icli featured the !( social hour Mrs. (J. P. 'fucker, won \ the prize, a glicit tovvcj. • ,' the hctiDss served dnlAty rtfresh- j merits.- .- Club Entertained. I Mrs." Josiaii Ci. Fort of Cl.uks- •| vlllc, Terai., was the only yi-_-?' 3 when Mrs. R. F. Kirsmicr'ciiter- > • taiiiKl-the Tliursday Luncheon club -;l" (his week. •1 Peach blossoms and jonquil? p formed 'attractive centerpieces fur J the luncheon table. After the s:rv- ing of a delicious three course menu contract bridge was played. Mrs. p:io Kochtitzky won iiic prize, a witch ball filled with ivy, Guild .Meets. The Pilgrim Lutheran Guik 1 . ni": uith Mrs. Fred Rcichvl Thnr.=i!a\ 4 aflcrnoon lor a devotional after- neon for a devotional and business ;, meeting: '' The Rev. H. J. Klcir.diens'.. palter, gave the devolicnal and Mrs L. A. Alchison prosui-.-d hi the business session In the p.t??c:icc of Mv; /./ V &, ffV-,'1 -I -v :,• -^ -•• -\ \ -• • : -' ^f| : -&; •^'•••^^ $h .'..-,-^t. v^i, m 1 ^ Mr. asid ^:!.. H-.I n-.'-ju!d, S;:L-II! .-.-.-.'.i-i'day hc-ie a.i ll-.e y-'.' '•'.ivfl-i-ol' Mr. :ni(l Mrs. Cci-il Sham-, '^'j Mr. and Mi-,. K. J. IV.eiKo:! ha:] r.. : : ' :'.s their ;;i;;'.'.. yi'-ti'rrii-y Mr.i. Ev-.!.!f Unit Ui-F.'.fr- ai.d Mi',«s J'.iamt'.. • : '] liu:;, r and Kiolyn liivlton, cf I'jr-i/,- Jiuli;,-' f.;. I;. ]<(•;•',: ais.l his eanr; ?.--i ':.'. ,:i ;;r.,;;:vr. i:::Lrl--i l':iit!.jw. will •',••: ;,a t;i Conisiu: M-jii(i:iy uiure cir-:,i-.: • •nit Mini will h- l::.-ld. i}:-:i ' Jf.i- AnjiVU.iii::: ;.-'-. yt- '.--I'day for ,a ^i^it iii \MI.:> C;'.y, Mi--. i Ml'.s. K. M. MiCall sp-.n'. .'-. '• • lilily Jnyni'i-. -,:.i: r.: Mr. and Mis. ||Vj F. B. Joj-ii'.'r. :: iniiv-ivr! fxl-y!jti;< :-. :!cv,-i!i7 an ilii'.i:-. u! inlliunra and •";• ' >.!:-:-. J. A. L-.di u visitor I Mrs. Mat! "\|.-,:ii.-h-in jr.. i.-i ill a'. ;!iir lio'nc en Ki-.iii:c!:y AVI-. : M:--s Mar:on '!':i-..:-ii::,".-ry. loi-ine: 1 . ly liMilm- In tin' ci'.y liUh K:-:O: : :,iid KO-A a r/.i'inljtr uf th:- E?iv.r- \Mi- High sciiiii)! laiuHy of !; Wis., '.vill airiit tomorrov; ; Icr a visit with Mr. and Mrs. H. |A. Smith and Mi-.s \Vilhi- A. : Mr. ami Mrs. O. 1'. Moss'> tiirneti last ni^iu Jrorn a two days - vuit in Wnlnul Hiiliic iiiul Mam-1 nielli S;ir:ni;s. - Mrs. Ji-w liidrnoin-, Mrs. w. • N'. WilliLtms. Mrs. C. J. Little and ; Mrs. T. E. Tat-.-. '-•: Armor,-], vi: til-.' Keistr &:',:si:;] V/i-ilne^day. C::arles Cri;-:;,-! j:-., r.l'.cndec j ini.-.ii::'ss In Mi-inph: 1 ; Wednesday. , Mrs. Cary l!-.,iuli".. of St. Louis. >:a-j has ln-cii visiliiu' hi-v biiHlii': 1 . i\V. y. CrmvtK-;-, and famiiy, li-i;; rc-- tuinril licini'. Ai!-.-:i Po-.".-. v.-iuj rei-i-ntly inidi-r- wri'.l an nporalio:! lor appendicitis '•'>'• l!lc M:-!iiiiiiis Mclhcilisi h.i/.pit:il :---.;L hud :'il!i:c..s ;. J l 1 ':'.s ictiiiiU'il lioiiu-. He i- daily im- •'• I3 - vir: - : . <>' Hrcokport. 11! . V 'il- te I':--' ^i:-r>: o f his sister, Mrs. y iC - c; - "ivp:-. aii 1 f.uniiy ioni-jht. i jciiraiup !:.::iiu from vickshnrg. M •.-,-. jt;i i; j-'-'-'-iPl". Khcrs l:e has L-cc:-. inspect SATURDAY aed MOKDAY ^i^EiB^S^^a/i^eiassK^ 'i •' : '. Large Heads ^ - : •KK'>it^i;..^SEJ.*Hl:i;ii ! :i y ur \\'iiic.-,;i|) *"f] \ ,- -A tj~2*«> w ^^_._....... r ,^.^ , WiliUijiil'ij'O >ViLi'l i'viiui;! iu d^i'-il '<•'• 21-jJ). Hadv 'vJ^^f $ >1'0 : U i'Lfli'S 1 i\_:m-j &<J^ |>: H " -—•*.. — •..„ t . . 'i^r.'.-Vr:^,- 5TA8D <!lurt -1: "' j., r . ^ISc I gygn? r ;ir "-' :in!i Oin! ^-^f---^ •;^ 1 : *••> ,^ K^^^i^^s^jiiE-rsiSffS'iLvi^ Giiaranieod Fresh Ift!^ K fX3?H ^ n «-^^- rti ,-,. ...... i I ^CI|]?^iS^ ^]'^ p — '•— Ifm iii-. r-..:. i,:i i:; .iiii a black ew ;oacil Ilill'c LIT- Mr.-, ii. o. .Smiiii. who recently .['-5 umierwont an C) at Ihe )\f, Memphis Mclhc-Jis', hospital, v.i: m-idge l.-ir, Til,- i;v.:iii) 0' rr> iM:o imc i.-.:: .LVii' .•. hi ci -;-.-i -all- i-rnh- visil.r 'I iv.irsc!sy. ' :: :; -- •'•"••'• ;1 l -i' .-i.-»-ii-'l -- 1 '- =>!i'l ^r-. O. J!. Maii;.iii ll '" : ''- L:!;1 ''" : ' l! ' : ' : ' 'n,if«>-ned irom a brief visit tnt-K5—:o:i u.c- sho'.v : : , : --M i 11 .;. 1 an- in r.o v.ay forc- nr- i:.'v ,-vo dc.iih of a friend. s;u- v.ill n-.-.ii n i S ]ji-i.b.ili!e | I'fre Sunday 10 lie wi-.h lir-r in ;'.h- '• Mrs. E. M. Bvyi.ii. nnd IK Eil.'ii nryan. Mr. a lid Mrs. Karl Coil:-.- h, :.'M . : l\-u J.t:rr.-t'-.i \-\ fv - ! :-'-. .- - !c;; -- .-'-•.--.'.i.-j i.i,; r:i.y '.o imii- i-r-.-.:Lr.O(i to thoir ii-^u..- i:; M-m- ::cnr : -.i:ne ol -A-!I:L::: inr.'i-.: I.H- iHi' 1 '"^. : ' - 1 -'-' 1 'i' 1 ."'-' 1 ,'-' ' Vll i''.'-. ^- .iv i p-us alter several tiay.s -.-i^it wiE'ii iiin-.-.p i-.iul liw o'.iic: :i r.i.iji-r <r 11';'.'™'' , ; '^", L ' ;U;> ,! )Sli S! :'V-' S th-il ] Mr. -i-,d Mrs. Howard 11 PrcciDr t\™'::uii»! " Pl ' c """ : -'- i ' u |Th y^'-;.'.! pai-inn- ::> rc..poi-.d v.llh'l l;.-, : -l c. Kmart. 1 of ,\L'-V 'vc-r!. ci'v.'' 'lo 'i!!s!)ury or Onlir.Kt 2.1-1-1). Sack -5 B 3 Large 1 ^!'^ d a mm fefe-^1 L;a ii t^}. LJ.-J v >' V JJ' « (A\ A eli" S. taKge. president, Clothing, suit t-y friends in the eas: to the- nccay of linn t-lty. r.--i nssoilcd and prepared far' rhv.ri- hutinn. Deiicious refrc-flm-.enls we it Ecn'td. Has Club. Mrs. J. Neal Ge.-ell was ln-;-- t6 thc'Younj M.anv.i; Br.:!-:e i '•••.and Mesdamcs \v. C. W-.:!vi~-:-::-' ; i Ciarence VO':!T;I:T and M. c. V,';'.- rion Tliurs'hy afternoon. 'Bends v-.ent to Mrs. w. C. H:-;i ginsoiy-for Ihe lush j-circ ' pYi? amcng ihe club member-; airl \:-- Voilmer received a li.-«i!in:c-:vh:;! for guest honors. 'A dainty fruit salad an..! sandwiches was served \-i;h cafYee. .. Hospital Not"? Albert Brattoii. city. V.MS f:-i- inisscd. from U-.e Blyt'.'.vi;!- hj"- pilal today. Caliiornian V/ias .Battle With Psnlhcrs '.UP'—M::V RED" BLUFF. Cil. part cf his trou=c-:s --.:\f. f:vrr- patchcs. of s-kin. sieve Hull. Tf- liama county hu:iti-r, :^ :-:-::iit;;t! three y.ounij'pamhrts which i-.n c.i::- lurcd barr-liar.dcd in the cj. : . : - ranRe mountains. ' -•;,.Hull, with the aid of !r.-, uc.;; j •: :• treed (lie o:d m=!e and fc-nia;.- pv.--' V, After killing th: ixirf.iii. i:-found h<? was o-Jt cf sl:c:!s. Tii.- ycimg panthers took up tin- n-r.- tie, one allackiiiT ir-ull ami t-v other h;; dD^s. Atlcr a ilcrc^ ii-jlu -. Hull captured and t:cd lh; pa-.;- '.i'-". th'crs. MCE^'TINTOBEANS^M...^ : t:!l ir | "^1^ •*•:•' are cc::i^in t ; oi Mr.-. P.::-:IJ: On! ol ln-,v:i pcopb wiirj ,'i".-i"l- l t , v< funeral of S. A. i:-: : .-nc?! g PEACES \vc-:.i:-.:i::.y vrre: Mr. nnd Mr..; Dc\-.-(-y ll-viic-i ; ..r.-l childri-::. Mr! «-«ni si ....! : . :T: ,, .- s -, s .. n . 1:! ,.;,;,,(,„.. : of M :,;.-:-!. A. : e:-.-i".:r:r. T ::i! . Mi- le. Mo.. M: . \V. i,.ui-.ii.-i: m r.-.rt Ci:b-o:i. Kiiui,':-. I Leads tfclioiu SAUSAGE Connt "-- ! 1'i.rk I'onnii i 1>EEF MOAS Aids Fr«t:o Citi-v:'! n:~5NO. r.i:. , i -'.:•> 1:.UV U. ; ii!)-:;;; ;-.!, .1 ^fSiP>L^S^il^^^^^- ::; ^^BU:^fc ; ... ',..

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