Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 3, 1952 · Page 13
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 13

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1952
Page 13
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1952 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT VEPNON. ILLINOIS 13 The Register News Daily Magazine Page LI'L ABNER BY AL CAPP ^7 THAU'S TWO OP HIM Tf l^l* SOMETHIrTS GONE -g f DID SOMEONE SAV SOMETHING'S \\ I kktTtl f m YOU POOL// GOME WRONG 7- MOT AT ALL..?> •»'" R ™«»« HERE'S ANOTHER CME- OUST AS GOOD AS THE- FIRST i RED RYDER BY FRED HARMAN PRISCILLA'S rOP BY AL VERMEER BUGS BUNNY 1 WARNEP YOU NOT TO PARK WERE AOAIN.' THIS TIME yOU CO TO THE STATION.' OKAY, POC. PON'T BLOW A GASKET/ CAPTAIN EASY BY TURNER WELL, JAM- MR. FINALLY AGREED TO GIVE BILLY A JOB! 15 HE HERE? THE"! ( WOi W HE'& BEEN GOME ALL r\FTER- WOOW...$WD HE H&D BU5IW655 TOWN. X'M WORRIED THAT HE'S* WOT BrVCK! r—" G3 VOL) 5EE. I A5KED KM TO PICK UP A BIRTHDAV GIFT tO FOUND FOR VOL). IT ...WELL i * BIT EXPENSIVE 1 . VOU DOU'T eUPPO&B. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY MARTIN /o • 3 CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer LISTEN, VANE... I PONT CAEE WHAT HAPPENS TOME, BUT YOU MW±T LEAVE IOLA OUT Of- THIS.' BY RUSS WINTERBOTHAM vERyWELL... y PINE...NOW 36 HOUES OFF- ""^ 6ET 601 NO, AAAf%...TAKEOFF ) BOTH OF TIAAEI82Z... Mr YOJ! 600P...TUB 4TEEETSAEE PE^EEXEDl OOHTOBT MY SMART IPEA.S, THOUGH, OP TLL BLAST YOvl lllllllllll llll lttlllllllllllMllllllltUIII»llllll1llllllllll11tlM1HIIM«lllllllltlltllll1IIIH<ltllll»tirillf MHIIIHIIIIlllMllllllllt AS YOU Glances Through the Filet at The Register and The News IIIIHMIlHIIIIHIIlllltlllllllUUIIIIiniilillllllllllllllllllllllltllMlllllllllllfllfllllllllllllllltMtlMHIItllllllllHIllllllUIIHIIHf I Werner in Lyons Court. 55 YEARS AGO TODAY James McDermotl died very suddenly at his home at 611 south Union si rod about five o'clock Saturday evening. JO YEARS AGO TODAY The body of young Lester Royal who losl his life in I he west through drowning, arrived yesterday altcrnuon and funeral services were hold at I he home of his parents on Park Avenue. R. L. Lacey and Dr. Andy Hall have returned from a visit with Thompson Lacey near Woodlawn. The elder Mr. Lacey has lain unconscious for four weeks and no change in his condition is apparent. 35 YEARS AGO TODAY Henry Werner's store at Marco was robbed last night and probably two hundred and fifty dollars worth of merchandise was taken. Charles Moss of the local post olfice last night received a telegram from postal authorities instructing him to report for services to I lie government branch post office at Law) on, Okla. 30 YEARS AGO TODAY A brand new issue, at least as far as local politics is concerned, has been injected into (he county campaign by the Rev. Marion Boles who has written a letter to both candidates for county superintendent of schools, asking them how they stand on the question of teaching evolution in the public schools. The best and quickest news reports on the World Series ever received in Mt. Vernon was received by (he wireless by the Register- News this afternoon. Nehl out- pitched Bush and the Giants beat the Yankees. 25 YEAR.S AGO TODAY Construction of a large wooden building to be used as a garage and repair .shop has been started by William Gaskins on the Salem road at the city limits. Alter a big rush last weekend business in police court considerably slackened with few law violations reported and only one arrest. 20 YEARS AGO TODAY Charles B. Gilbert, aged 71 years, died at noon today at his home in Blissville township after an illness of several months. The Monday Study Club held its first meeting ol the season Monday at the home of Mrs. John 15 YEARS AGO TODAY Rev. Josiah Cook Kinison died at the family homo, 1723 Main street this morning at 8:30 o'clock. The Giants and the Yankees meet in. the first game of I he World Series tomorrow. 10'YEARS AGO TODAY Joe W. Stierwalt, well known Field township farmer and fruit grower, died at his home, six miles northeast of Dix. at 8:30 a. m. today. He was 42 years of age. Hundreds of friends and relatives said goodbye to 47 Jefferson county selectees at the C. and IS I. depot here last night as they boarded the northbound passenger train for Chicago and induction into the United Stales Army. Mt. Vernon weather during I lie unpredictable September ranged from sizzling hot to chilly overcoat climate in which the mercury dropped to 32 degrees. 5 YEARS AGO TODAY Harry "Cookie" Lavagelln of the Brooklyn Bums broke up the ball game and ruined a no-hit hurling performance for Bill Bevans of the Yankees this afternoon when he crashed a pinch double against the right field wall, with two men on base and two out, In the last of the "ninth today. The State Health Department today applied for federal funds to aid in construction of the Inst state tuberculosis sanitarium, to be located in Ml. Vernon. SIDE GLANCES BY GALBRAITH "Dad, th« way this stuff stops you, you must not havs a very hard job!" OUR BOARDING HOUSE WITH MAJOR HOOPLE EGAD, SOY'S/ JUST FINISHED A GRIM. ORDEAL WITH TWO EMBATTLED WOMSrJ POLITICAL CAPTAINS.'-— FAP/.?-"~ NOW I REALIZE HOVN THE- SPANIARDS FELT WHEN ADMIRAL DE^ey COT LOOSE/ {THERE'S NICER WAYS TO ' MAKE A LlVlMG THAN , DEBATING vJlTH WOMEN" VOTERS-— X'LLTAKE PAINTIMC3 JTONSILS , IN THE %OOJj j ^firNC: SAYS AD LAI IS A "CAPTIVE" AMD VICE VERSA IF THEY PROMISE -THE LADY, VOTER5 ANiV- THlMS THEY 'RE SOTH .CAUGHT IN A VTRAP/ (?0 OLITICAL PHILOSOPHY la*. T. MTlUa. U- 6. ' OUT OUR WAY BY WILLIAMS YOU CAU6HT TH' MISTAKE IN THIS PRAWISJ; SOAPy--YOU TAKE IT UP TO TH' DKAFTIM6 OFFICE. AMD EXPLAIN) THEIR. MISTAKE-" I'M TIEP UP HERE/ NOT OKI YOUR. LIFE.' THAT^. A BOSS'S JOB AN' I'M NO BOSS AN' GOT NO AUTHORITY TO TELL THEM STIFFS OFF IF THEY <3ET TOUGH/ 'TAINT OFTEN A <3UY TURNS DOWN A CHANCE TO SHOW THAT HE DOES KNOW A LITTLE , THAT RIGHT THERE ISTH'BI<3-\ OEST BID FOR. A h BOSS JOB YOU EVER 1 * HEARPV III, THE POLITICIAN 10-3 J .R.WiUJAM^ THE STORXi I. n D r I r Trench, tnffnffed to lie marrlnd In October, im ftpenrfJnjr. (he •nmine'r In Inillnnn vrltli her fnlher. A yntnrjc NCIIOOI teacher, Hleve Wjaonjc. Inkra lirr to a dance nnri Inter tellM l.nnrle ahe eame to Inriinnn to run nwnj. lie klaaea I^aurle. who rcluriiK the klaa. • • • VI T AURIE FRENCH stirred her coffee and didn't look at Steve. "Blame the kiss on the moon," he went on. "Besides, you looked lovely last night. But it won't happen again." Another long pause. Laurie said, "Didn't you like to k ss me?" "Good heavens, Laurie, that's a silly thing to ask. Ol course 1 did." He rose from the table abruptly and put the coffee pot back on the stove. He returned. "But you just don't go around kissing girls who are engaged to somebody else." "Oh, Steve," she vhispered. "1 liked it too." Steve gulped some coffee. After a moment he said. "Sure. You're lonesome and away from the man you love. It was really Fletcher Sturdevant you kissed last night. Not me." He rose from the table abruptly, scraping his chair back. "I'm awfully sorry, Laurie, to have to hurry off, but I promised Evelyn last night that 1' c' ve her and Johnny up *o Capitol City to the !Clinic. Johnny's undei treatment jthere, and the second Sunday in ithe month he goes into the hos- jpital. Evelyn doesn't have a car lot her own." ! "You'll be gone all day?" She I couldn't disguise her disappoint- jment. "Probably be back around sup- iper time." "Could we go for a swim then? (There'll still be a full moon." "Maybe.", "Please." He shrugged. "If you'll excuse me now, I've got to shave." He glanced at his watch, "Go ahead iMd toasta your torr^kiast" He went off Into the back wing of *he cabin and presently she heard the sound of the sho er running. Laurie got up from the table and went out, closing the screen softly behind her. Last night, he thought as she went back up the path, Steve had told her in effect that she was not sure she was in love with Fletcher, and he had kissed her. This morning he seemed to take it for granted that s. e was in love with Fletcher. And he was sorry for last night's kiss. Why? Was it because of Evelyn Crane? Her day stretched ahead somber and empty. She helped her father in his garden for a -vhile and then in the afternoon curled up in the shade to read a book Steve had lent her. The book was boring, for some reason or another and after supper she decided to return it it was as good an excuse as any to see whether or not Steve had returned fron Capitol City. He wasn't home yet, but the house was never locked and Laurie went in, because she knew he wouldn't mind her picking out another book. She browsed through the volumes on his desk, picked out a likely one and sat down on the davenport to skim through it. ' ve woulc' probably be home shortly. The book was rather interesting, so she turned on the radio and settled herself to read. • • • r PHE next thing she knew someone was shaking her awake, and she heard Steve's angry voice saying, "Laurie, what are you doing here at this time of the night?" She sat up, blinking. "Is it late? I must have dozed off." The radio was still bleating. "It's 2 o'clock in the morning." Laurie yawned. "Fine time for you to be coming home, especially when you knew we were going iwimming." She tried to collect her sleep-drenched thoughts. Steve pulled her to her feet. "What's the rush and why are you so mad about it? After all, l- didn't mean to fall asleep." "Suppose Mrs. Jenner should see me bringing you home at this' time. She knew you were coming, down here, I presume. Laurie nodded as she stood up, still yawning. "Don 't be mad afc me, Steve," she whispered. She felt all warm and sleepy and quite- reckless, and suddenly she reached; out her arms and put them around" his Heck and lifted her Tips to his* Steve tried to push her away but then all at once he pulled her against him and kissed her. She was trembling when he let her go. "Come along. I'll take you home." He was standing at the screen door, opening it. His voice was brusque and impersonal. She almost had to run to keep up with him as he strode up the path. • • • TLTK stopped and waited for her X1 to catch up. "You little nitwit," he said hoarsely, "you're • spoiled brat that's always had her own way about everything and. thinks she can have just anything she takes a fancy to. Why dont you stop fooling around here and, go back to New York and get married? At least go back to your own kind." Laurie couldn 't think of anything to say, so she followed him silently the rest of the way.'There was a light in the library still and at Steve's knock her father came out to the door. "I've got your child here, Louis. She fell asleep on my davenport and I found her., there when I got home just now." "For goodness sake, Laurie,"; her father said, "I thought you were upstairs in your own bed asleep." She went past him swiftly. "Good night, Dad." In her own room she shut the door and stood there against it. Her eyes brimmed and spilled over. The salty tears stung her cheeks and one ran down her nose. Steve's words echoed in her mind confusedly. Maybe she should go back andT marry Fletcher. She felt miser--, ably lost and confused. <Ie Be Continue*) *

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