The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 19, 1948 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, FEBRUARY 19, 1948 HASTINGS Mills Co. Teachers Gnests of lette Grouse Donald Hockabout, carry out the purposes above set fort* fixing a different number. All of W. Green; B. J. Lookabill; C. K. Fremont Connty Council Beverly Granteer, Retha Plumb, »"? ^° , ! ^ gson and r obJScVln any sald directors must be stockhold- Stewart. Monday, Feb. 9, the teachers of Gary Watts, and John Hossla. mannc/ connected with or necessary, ers in the corporation and are Mills County dinner . , , . were guests to a The fourth grade is beginning '-Mental, convenient^ £•««)•£ elected by the stockholders to TT _ fl , Un > o This is our 4th Sunday M.ssion- S0 n, games were played. At the *« C f S V f th f GVening h ° mem ° de w« r m.fc« H strawberry ice cream and cookies as we can make it. to use - book. '- text y This week is a \ as it is the end of Mo., spoke on weeks. This address was (1) year are «•• D the fol- an inspiratlon to al , who had the Grft<lps fl , 7 „,„ 8 ThP m . m *.rM n „!„. «ni « i Were fT^, Twe * ty - four ^^ privilege of hearing him. During ' This week we had a valentine The membership class will meet present at this meeting. the d)nner the guesstg wefe enter . party We hftd aQ cxchange of an<Tp™es of this corporatlori. rs^'s—^ £^-^rL=: i^M?*:^ =r™;5™ = ^ s -~-- da !,- v )1U f Feb ' i 1 ;*" 6 " 16 too™?™* to see the chapel of the church We are on our twenty-fourth $ ft? > 0a ° r0 The Young Peoples meeting on In charge of the lesson and Rev. and were honored „ a wlt)Mm week , n spelling. stock ah?" Wednesday night at 7:45 p. m. Boos led In the devoHonals Re- on th , b „ Da h ^ Us par value elther in c«h or prop- 1948 , and all subsequent an- The place will be announced Sun- freahments were served at the * Washington and Lincoln a boy ?Km StaSPtaue $%.oofcb( tin stock at nual meetings of the stock- rinse of the meeting with Ascha t , fnTW , ., ' .>--., » .— «,.._. TI.* I Four of the Hastings students Plans are being made to raise L °okabill, Madge Marsh, and the money needed for the Pension Maude Young on the committee, fund nnp &°ine shall be construed as purposes, „„__ _* »}._ corporation are to be P res i den t- »• one powers and objects of the corpora- * c f rs °j I .P ? j * jT t ,.„ Vice-PreSident: six tlon, but no recitation, expression or elected by tne Doara or directors _-. 4o -.,. wariarix Momoii- °I for a term of one (1) year and Secretary: Frederic Newell, b ! are a president, vice president, Treasurer: Harry Evans. i^ft.^^L^L^nt^pnrnnrnt^i Sir" secretary and treasurer. The of- The private property of the o™ „ rv««.ora nn npnr ^^ ^ secretary-treasurer may be stockholders of the corporation held by the satire person. is exempt from the debts of the corporation, corporation shall be" iido.6oo.oo divid.- The first regular annual meet- rj ate< j this 15 day of Novem- ing of the stockholders of this .„ 10 <7 or tne par value or *iuu eacn. XNO . . . ber, 1947. stock shall be issued until paid for at corporation for the year o r Mills County farm Supply ' Company. the time of commencing business. The holders of this corporation, Attest: By B. F. Buffington President. before Lincoln's picture and _ ieiuaiI1111B ^.u,™™ ^.^ c — „ . . .. ... . silhouette of Lincoln. shall be Issued from time to time are to be held annually at In arithmpHp tho eirth in Viav and . sha " be sold ln 8uch ,_ am ° unts Malvern, Iowa, during the month in arithmetic the Sixth is hav- and ?t 9 u Ch times and to such persons , ... ' . °. . .. » ,, , , virs i<xi Hathawnv lwa<» hr><?- * «"• «* "•= iiooi..i 5 o oiuu cl iio -« ~- ........o,..^ v,. c o.^v.. ,„ ,,0.,- and at sucn times ana to sucn persons t c««»«~v- ,.«„., „„» !«„„ *«,„„ on . of the church on Sunday '" s - CM "-"""way lw <*a noh entering the pre ii m inary speech ing percentage, the seventh, in- as the Board of Directors may de- of September, upon not less than 32 4. Feb. 29. We need to take care of [*™ to ! he !J T * ," Garden Club contcst in Re(1 Qak Tuesday were terest and the eighth, cubic mea- lermlne - v ten (10) days' notice in writing this matter, and the pastor is 1, xf'.,. e ^' ^ , , ,., Susan Lambert, who won first in surements. The corporate existance of said mailed to each stockholder hav- asking . v.,t each one will be The North Grove school, held the humorous division . Dora Mae For geography the sixth is |^SJl onofshs ^it~l5™S C hta h cMtin! lng VOtlng P rlvlle e es - at 8uch ready with their gift for this llelr ^'entile party Friday af- j ohn son, second In the dramatics; having possession of the British cate, which was on'is January 1948, time and place as the board of rA,,« at fh = f *.,,,„ wo „„„., ,„ ternoon. valentines were ex- Loi . raine Hockahout> second , n Empire, the seventh is studying ™ent S v ft lL™ nt f?o U m la^da^'ulilesl dlrectors sha11 fix and determine. Frederic Newell, Secretary. tHEARING-AID USERS! 'dUrtGESS BATTEmtS,,."- changed and refreshments of cup- oratorica , and Mary ' Harof£ Be ~ t he "United States, and the eighth n^chVter"'is'^tended oTuniess'Tt Annual meetings may be held at cakes ami cocoa were served. —., .„ ,_ 4 1 , _,,__ jg j, avjng tr , e continent of North '? soo " er dissolved by a two-thirds a subsequent date, upon resoluJng: e at any S annuaf S meetfng o" special tlon of the Board of Directors, and cause at that timo. We need to raise $130.00 ond in interpretive reading. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ord and u]a n am j Uon invites everyone Contestants were present from America. visitors to atten( i (he prayer meetings at Ued Oa k, Coburg, Stanton and ^ his home every Friday evening Hastings. High School ' and the regula'r services each There have been several absent Sunday evening at 7:30. Mrs - H. A. Dunbar and the the last week due to sickness. Many Hastings people attended Blackman family were Omaha There are four girls entering In the Wendell Ord home. provided by law. GLASSES COMPLETE Eyes BwuniaeA, Platen Glarae« Made and Repaired !• our own Shop DB. I* B. PBTKRSEff OptomotHst Red Oak, Iowa otieceMOff to Clyde B. Curtis, O.D. Pint Door North of Fannces VI notice in writing to each stockholder having voting privileges. The business of the corporation and Until the first annual meeting Boartl ^mPectora 1 of the stockholders in 1948, the the Hastings— Emerson game at callers Monday. declamatory this year. They are to be elected by the stockholders and following persons shall constitute Emerson Friday night. Mr - and Mrs. Ike Gustin and Mary Haroff— interpretive read- 0 ? not C °mor°e 8 \1ian "s°x 'mlmbtr's l who the directors of the corporation: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Edie Mr - and Mrs. Clifford Gustin ing, Lorraine Hockabout — ora shall hold their respective offices for B. F. Buffington; Myron C. and Sharon and Mr. and Mrs. W. w ere Red Oak callers Saturday, torical, Dora Mae Johnson— dra- ^or^are^uV^cted"^" Vilified" Jones : Harry Evans; Frederic S. Edie were dinner guests in the Mr • and Mrs. Jerry Mason matlc, and Susan Lambert — hum- vn ' Newell; Marlon W. Wilson; Ben Wendell Ord home Monday. have moved to Omaha. erous. hoTd'ers^haif bThe'id* on' t'he* s^ond Jack(J on; S. S. McKee; Raymond Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Shepard of Mrs - Raymond Laughlin fell These girls will go to Red Oak Tuesday of January In each year at Yatee- Merrill Warren- J A Olenwood were Monday evening a "d broke both bones in her Tuesday to compete in the district «£ KS^u^^ai^^iSirS; Burgoin; John J. Wright; Herb- callers in the Ralph Hall home. ankle. co " t ® 8t<1 . stockholders shall elect a Board of ert Waasermann; Wayne Lin- fit all instruments. \ «P tasy to buy from our" ' »sh stock I BLOEDEL HARDWARE Phone 3011 Mftlvefn . 1 . Mr. and Mrs Lowell Mooney Mr. and Mrs Fritz Lasrou and The , boys' game with Emerson aJd fnl r er? coin; R eue l T. Harmanj Richard and family and Mr. and Mrs. Mer- family and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Friday evening was very excit- ed for the election of dlrectore.^Fol- F. E. (MIKE) BLOOMER All Kinds of Sales and AUCTIONS Ph. 29F22 Olenwood DANCE IT HASTINGS COMMUNITY BUILDING Thursday, Feb. 26 vin Turner and family were din- Q"lmby spent Sunday in the Dale ing with Hastings defeating only ner guests in the Oscar Leu home Qu'mby home in Council Bluffs, by two points. The girls played shajfelret™ p"resideS™a Sunday. They celebrated the The Rov Blackman family vis- a very good game but were un- jit" 1 -,; 111 " 1 fa Secretary and Treasurer, birthday of Caroline and Gary ite d in the H. A. Dunbar home fortunate enough to lose. . held brthesa^party^nd^thTArice- Mooney. Sunday. — . President and Secretary may be the Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bailey Lyle Courtier and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martin were Red Oak callers Monday. MUSIC BY KM A ENTERTAINERS ADM.75C STARTS 9 P. M. and Mr. Lyle Courtier and children went to Hamberg Monday to see Mrs. Bailey's father who is in the hospital there. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Salsbury and Dale Schram of CHAMPION HILL A very interesting service was Red""oak held at the church Friday eve- in the ning. Dr. Suckau president of the Grace Bible Institute in Oma- vlsited Sunday evening Clifford Gustin home. . Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Johnson, ha ' was the s P eaker - A male Shirley and Alice were visitors q " ar l et from the sch ° o1 furnlsh M ed the music. Dr. Suckau, the ' quartet, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Wiley and Mrs. same person. The Board shall also elect such other officers an It shall deem necessary and proper for the transaction of the business of the Corporation. VIII The names and addresses of the In- conwrators are: Elmer A. Boss, 1201 6th Street, Red Oak, Iowa. Xellie M. Bass, 1201 «th Street, Red Oak, Iowa. Rollin O. Baas, Emerson, Iowa. Clyda C. Bass, Emerson, Iowa. Max O. Naylor, Pocahontas, Iowa. Edith L. Naylor. 1201 6th Street, Red Oak, Iowa. IX The following persons shall act as AUCTION SALES I am still in the ring and I solicit your farm sales this season and believe I can satisfy you in making the sale. W. H. CRAMER, Auctioneer Emerson, Iowa 24-tf. President, Elmer A. Baas, Oak, Iowa. Vlce-Prealdent, Rollin O. Bass, Emerson, Iowa. Secretary, Rollin O. Bana, Emerson, Iowa. Treasurer, Max O. Naylor, Pocahontas, Iowa. X At all meetings of the stockholders RUPTURED? i your rupcure la .nrg. ;r this /car than last, '.hen you nv ,t be wear th« wroiif, Kind d M* u a 3. Perhr. pa one wit'- -.'• nob that ths ' - cnl-.rge. IB soft ami fits over the rupture like the palm of your hand, thereby the rnusclea a chance to conic to normal. It has no lic't: tr Ftriv." to hln- de; ,: ..... ., rupture bee ";: IT- '.:.:• Ji.-Iblr- Tr" tit fa mn»- i-OHlit. TIU'S .!,-. i aft-- >• r^ TV E, uisiir.I, Foe- Trprextntatlve REXALL STORE in the home of Mr. and Louis Watkins and Billy ,. . , „ „ . „ afternon. " family, all of Omaha, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Curtis and Mrs> Joe AIlen and famliy were Christy Lou were Sunday evening ^ uppe l, B " ests Frfda y evening of visitors in the Virgil Curtis horn.. M ™' F " £• Kockersperger. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Sell and iss Mary Arneel of Hender- Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gustin and ^ on 8pent Fridav nj ght and Satur- family were Sunday dinner guests da *' wlth Mn and Mrs - Dean Mc ' in the Ike Gustin home. , Lain and famllv Mrs. Donald Gamble and Don- Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Scott of „„„ „ BI1UUBU lo one T0lt) Ior .^ aw, jr., spent the week end in Red Oak were supper guests Sat- share of stock owned by him, and Malvern visiting Mrs. Thursa urday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Uo^ 0*1-°'by h wrl« e en* 8 proa[y hlm Specui ^die. Dale Shelley and family. meetings of stockholders may be held Mr. and Mrs. George Resh and Several from here attended the the° r prMident e o?°tn1 coSoTaltoS' 2t Charles visited In the Roy Craw- revival services In Shenandoah any time upon five dare notice In ford home Sunday. Sunday evenftg. stockholder"** 1 shown* £ d ° rt * > -°* • Mh Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Boos were Rev. Albert Whlley, a mission- tions books.**s'uctTnotfc Sunday guests at the home of ary from Africa, gave a very in- natur n e d of"thS d bus?newMti Rev. and Mrs. C. H. Boos of Em- terestlng talk on his work In Afrl- ed at such special raeeUi erson - ca at the church, Sunday morn- x , Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kindig ing. AII prlvftte property owned by ^ and Duane and Mr. and Mrs. Rich- Mr. and Mrs. Byron Shook '"corporators and stockholder* shall ard Rihner visited in the U. J. moved Monday from the Dale ^ration 1 " fr0m "" d * btJ1 ° f th * °° r * Irvin home in Macedonia, Sun- Shelley farm to the Klngsports _.''... XII dav - apartment In Emerson. Mr. and Lawrence Martin and Miss Don- Mrs. Ray Baucom and baby mov- na Carlson of Norfolk, Neb., visit- ed to the Shelley farm. Mr. and ed in the Fred Martin home over Mrs. Orval Stockstill moved to the Gibson farm and Mr. 'and Mrs. Joe Morse moved to the Clarence White house west of Hawthorne. These articles may be amended by two-thirds vote at any rerular or meeting called for that pur- the week end. SCHOOL NEWS <;ra<l*-H ;j, 4, 5 ri j..,_ i r,, , . p,f; «'°° hmerson. ^\e are very sorry to loose him from our school. Last Friday our room enjoyed a valentine party. Our room wan at Emerson, Iowa, tht* 6th day of February, A. D., 1941. Elmer A. Baas, President Rollin O. Baas, Secretary. U-4 Notice of Incorporation of the Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Griffin at- Mills County Farm Supply Oo. tended liie annual meeting of the Producers Livestock Company Notice Is hereby given of the in Omaha, Saturday. Incorporation of the Mills County Charlene Bullington visit- Fann Su PP lv Company, with Its ed from Friday night until Sun- P rlncl P al P laca ol business at atory pieces. , Th r A Those having A in snelline 1-iRt ^ ^ week were ^ Aaron "rouse Loitse T! * ^ Hegear Keith AxteT Jaun ta ^ HeuBon', Arnold CoSli.r M.iS fn"'" m Crawford, Suzanne Hudson, Jan- to the day mprninfc' wjth h?r grandmoth- M ft l v ern, Mills County, Iowa. »••*««. «» The general nature of eald cor- , v. . , . poration's business la to purehaa*. U met Ia8t manufacture, compound, procew. £l ™™' *"*"> 8eU and d «^lbute to and Biah ° P was .for its stockholders fertiliser. ""' be Mr and ire Falser, Alice Johnson, Rosalie and familv vsUed av »?, P .r Sawyers Kuthanne Sawvera Pn family visited Sunday after- j - .uuthanne Sawjers, Co- noon wlth ABOur trouble of any kind develops with the magneto on your McCormick-Deering tractor, please talk it over with us. It can nearly always be fixed and adjusted for less money than you would pay for a new one . . . even a cheap "will-fit" variety. And you'll find it pays to have all 1H parts in your tractor. McCORMICK-DEERING MACHINES PARTS AND SERVICE Good Equipment still makes a good Farmer better. We've been able to get in some things that you need. Look over our list and tell us what you want for immediate delivery. B238 CULTIVATORS Little Giant Lirne Spreaders Pride of the Farm Hog Waterers Monogram Air Circulating Oil Heaters New equipment is arriving almost daily. See us for what you need. Schultz Bios. Imp. Co. hnno SI 91 ^B . _ . Phone 5121 Malvern chinery, farm supplies or any pro- Cooper duct or by-product which may b« processed or manu- ., . .—.. u .*~. agricultural pro- McQueen and family in Grlswold. ducts and generally to act aa a There is to be a pot luck sup- marketing and purchaalng agent. per at the church Friday eve- and to nave 8ucn powe rB aa are ning honoring Mr. and Mrs. Leon generally necessary and Incident- Lewis and family who are moving a , to tne exercise of and the pur- to a farm Bouth of Red Oak. p08efl of 8uch corporation. fc. i,. \\iley, Mr. and Mrs. The authorized capital Is $10,Leon Lewis and family were Sun- QOO.OO divided into 8,625 shares day dinner guests of Florence of whlch amount 2,000 shares. and \\ilma Cooper in Emerson. par va i ue twenty-five cenU per Mrs. L. c. Bullington and Em- 8harei amounting to »500.00, U ma LOU, Mrs. Dale Shelley, Mrs. Common Stock, and 750 shares Harold Cooper. Karen and Mar- of par value of fl . 00 per share, shall Mrs. Glenn Kellenbarger, amounting to $750.00, is Class B Mrs. Otho_ Lewis, Mary Jane and Preferred Stock, and 875 shares, a- 4% cumulative Class A Preferred "<--»«•'>• afirrnoon at the home of Stock . The shares of Block of the Mrs. H. F. Hullington in Red Oak. respective classes in this eorpo- Mrs Dale Shelley and family ration 8haU be j 88u6d and trang . also .Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Shelley of fer able only to such persons, Emerson were Sunday dinner flrm8| partnerships or corpora- guests of Mrs. Bertha Kellenbar- llona as the By-Laws shall autho- ger m Ktnergon. rize> and no transfer, except u _~ authorized by the By-Lawa, shall be of any validity or cognizable by the corporation until duly en- j N-otk-,-. i a hereby given to all con- tered on tbe books of the COrpora- i ^''^'i , tlon - No 8tock 8na11 be i»»ned ua- ! or! tu-r, by ^socralf n ttemS~v r £ )r t- 0t : !es » » nd untl1 tb « corporation UU I t-'i-ih.r inly a body corporate purnu- received the full par value thera- | ar.t to Chapter 491 of the Code of o f «.«*«»• i lovvu. 1D4C. ajid act* -and lawn am- i i-nJatory Uiuruto. Wfat Hwt These In Common? Thtrv't just on« Importonf common denominator. With tach of these familiar items sound performance means safety. The safety tread of the automobile tire ... the railroad signal light, or the pasteurized milk, all afford some measure of protection. With the new Automatic Electric Comforter, your tofety is Important tool Specially-developed wires in the comforter were flexed 668,000 times before breaking. That's 33 times the minimum safety require* ment established by Underwriters' Laboratories. Four protective thermostats maintain the lleeping temperature you select. So, when using • new Automatic Electric Comforter, you ignore weather changes, sleep snugly, soundly and <ofe/y with complete relaxationl IOWA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY UtftrMty I, -•*• .Sharon attended a .miscellaneous par valueflO.80 per share, shower honoring Mrs. Cecil Bull- mounting to *8,750.00 is iiu-ton, a i,.M.-ent bride, last Wed- cumulative CMaaa A Pr*f«i Notice of Incorporation ar.d The corporate period of this curpurutiun commenced on the 14 day of November, 1947, and is to continue for a period of twenty years from said date unless sooner dissolved Ln accordance with the law. Tbe business and affairs of the corporation are to be managed by a board of not leas thao five(5) nor more than twenty (20) di~ •eveuten (17) until chanced resolution adopted at as aa- ,t sj-e"fncidentai "iLnd"Vi»cSie*nr"to OB&i meeting of the stockholder* i Tlio liiLiiiB ot tbla corporation '"•,• Kajm Incorporated. Th c principal place of business of V''.'| cnrp, jr ,,UoM shall bt: Ernuraon, Mills County. State of Iowa. Ill I lit- obj.. ( !H and iJUrpoaed for which HI.- i:urjjfrj.!i,jji la formod ara as fol- Th... ami fa.raiing o( the buying and selling majiner lirniUng any of the ob^-cu Dead Animals Removed PROMPT SERVICE 1 Sooth »f Highway No. 34 Call •RAMSEY^S RENDERING CO. O — Ask for 9000 North of Highway No. 34 Call OAKLAND RENDERING CO. Phone 4000 We Pay Phone Ciuur««*

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