Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 3, 1952 · Page 12
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 12

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1952
Page 12
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12 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1952 classified r\<.i; Classified ads Musf be in by 12:00 o'clock noon to Guarantee Publication the Same Day — Saturday up to 11:00 a. m. WANTED HELP WANTED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE — U<-ll.'.l>l" ,(,, , ., !, iirofiKiMe tiuMnr"> Sniff "T tnU ill parlirp tit I Tfnillnl' fn.v hm. I- lime, won 1 mi' - (- i • I'D In «l- -f-r JMlO ,irnl run.' r.-lrr Ymir 11>\ f«t 'ii' t mom-v twirl' ir- v Writ,- bo, * U • /i> It, «i 1 WANTKH A ! !•".!< in i" '•I.M Fholi 111"' ;.->>i'-.r WANTI.Ii— Nithl fill mil 'in Applv in i..i>"t. Mr Kii-li T' rnllfru mil .'*.lfi-(n }i"/l>) mi pr<K'*'it )<»'» , full nil" 1 more ,,.',iiircl i" -1 .-• rl I" ;! I'nll 11 1 11 "ii I It It »!• Ti'.'lv I u 7 lil.-f rimn IIT r-nurt III 7 f fir II.H1I.I' Fflllirr*. iimlt fit M(i"ftr.|icnrt ulfhrillt tl'-lii-lftrnl ii Writ'- "r trlrpli'iiio 'McDonald'." M Iiiai I. III. i'»3 lMMKUIAI K npi'iilnc Hon." Mnl !>'••• il»l Only relmlil'' in'npl'' ,-hiUlrr-n nr'-il ..ppl\ .1. W. FOR RENT—,1-room unfurnished tprtrt- nif-nl Modern fxcr-pi htat, nftwly ttpr_. ornlnl Ailults preferred. Casey 10-3 FOR RENT—.1-rnnm unfiirnl«hr>l duple* ii|i.nrtmenl, W'rll pari Phone 40. lO-.'l 3-HOOM mrvlern duplex npnrtrnr-nt. In r;ulre »t S31 So. IHlh. Phono 4T.4n .IX Vcrnn Hale 10 -4 FOR (I I'NT—3 room partly furnished or un f urnl.lird ap.trtfnrTif If.lH M.'iln I'li'u," Sl'l w Ml 4 POR SALE — (in'irl mittply Super I'l.oHphiil*' for whefil, on hand. Ralph llolliunrin. Kell. III. 10-8 LIVESTOCK FOR SAT.E—Kt» wettern tiridle. never been used. Also saddle horse. Ge^rfe Mare. Phone 3S21-.ll. 10-4 FOB. SALE—Reirlelfrfil Ouernsey hull rear linK. Good Individual, well marked. Geo Templeman. , I Of) KOH ItF.N'I—KurnlJiheil ?.,timn flp.irtrnrru I'nv.itfi rntrnnne and bath fJlprlrif re­ ft uiT.itiir Ho llth If FOR flENT—Unfurnllhod 4<room itpnrt. mnnt. Modern eKcent haul. Cull 1 250 evening, or inquire South Side Drug Store, 901 So, 10th St. 10 -f> WANTED- Competent "In"' w'inmii fur (iaml irntier. Phomi I Ml, 10-3 housework MAKK V-idOO DAILY, fil'XL LUMINOUS M SAME IM.ATEH WRIT.: HKBVES CO.., Mtn, Free .urnplon find "J* 51 WANTED—Mnl' 1 ! "™l r>'Kl uiirntil help IloIIinir lintel. 111. I'liont 2 j ; jj 1 . J FOR RENT—4 room furnished apartment 1'rlvnto hath Front nnd haeli entnirn-es Children allowed UtlllllM unpaid. $16 '1(1 per monfh Phono 1041 J tt FOR RENT—3-room undirnUhcd apnrt mnnt, Hloknr hnrit automfitle hot water, cameo, near high •rhool. Phono 2304-.1 10-4 JTOR RENT—3-room filrnlfthr-d nparlmr-nt Utlllllci turnlihsd. Phono 1581, /111 So Mih at. tf Efllt <>ALK CffEAP—tlnlr-BH you are rcir- iHh-ri'd liy O'-l. llth. you will he «.dlinK your void rherip on Nov 4lh Mt, V't-rnon .I'lyriM 10-4 I'OR -iAI.E—Inhn rifor" drill, alioul Hm l.ii of Red Thurri wheal; 350 halm ubf;if w I r .'i « Onf *lff] wheel wajron. Tom llioun. :'. nulen piiiilliw.'nl on Rl. I4H. 10-3 FOR SALE I 'ortntT Trlf'plionc KvclmiiKc ItnllillrtK nnd lot nt roriii-r of 2nd nnd Didcwiirf, Kulrflrld. Ittqtilrc »f IIUNinefiK Office, Kiilrflcld. KOIt SAI.K- .'1111111 Wl -3 Lad!en C'ontfl, tiir.o 12 C all 1 0-3 If OK SALE—Good recleaned Vigo wheat. V. r.'J tuiwhel. AIKO bean hay, 00c per bale l'. W Tuttle., Ina. III. 10 -U TOR SALE—'J7 ft 'frailer Coaeh, tandem wlieein, exeellent condition. 718 Main Irinrl 10-4 LA HOE and nmnl) All moilorn furnJabftd I'rlvato bntlin KrUrldalron. autornnlie j fOR URINKINO water heat. Ill N lBth 1177. 10-U or .III'.; I P. R. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES r.piinrlnnlt.v Mod- it lllhl Inflilloll, EXTELLENT llueliiew erale ea«h reuuireiu furmahed ruomiMf home for lea »n Iter- erenrci required If lulerented wi-llo Hox 7000. c /ii lUnmter Newn. 10 -U TOR SALE-—linn llr.x Cafe lliuulro at 3(ir. So. lllli .Myrtle llllehmueller. tf MAIL ORDER IIUSINl-'.HH—E«labll»lied : Eaey lllff Qui.'If Profil Home OfieraUon: No Experience Neeefuiary; ^.'lyfi: Write— Plymouth Prndnctn Co., 333 N. Mleh. Ave.., -efri<mtro-h-4)i- 104 FOB RENT OR LI5ASE—10x4(1 building. Wnrnhouiift or oilier occupancy Call Waller Uyil«. 12(10 alter (I p.m U MISCELLANEOUS EXPERIENCED Tree Topping. Expert trimming. Treen nf any type removed • afcly. I'ren e»tlniatee. Phone '.:(I87 or 34H5 .JX. '» "7 FOR YOUU TIN CAN and riilihlnh removal, also light hauling, roiiaonalilo, Phono RII17-W1 or ,'i:i7!i. Il'f WANTED — Cabinet and light earpnntnr worli y L. Hatllf/. OKI Ho. Mlh Ht. J"hone 30711-0. 1 1-1 yVANTED—,2 panHAngera to nhnre expnuneB to Lou Angele*. Calif. Leaving Tniuiilii.y. Oct. 7ttt. Referelieea excllangexl. Call S068-.IB after tt Mt p.m 10-11 WANTED—Old Agf» pooplo to room and board. Phone mail. Ill-I WANTED—Cufilotn combine coin plcltlng. JCnnnnth Ruflner. Imiolro at lltigle'H Store, mfloB touili Wayuo Clly or wrllo Route 1. 10-0 CUSTOM COMBINING AND CORN PICKING. Call lilt now to engage your hrana corn Phono 1187 W. L. U. Urnylet, Ilenion Jloaii. 10-10 UAWN MOWER grinding, repairing KEYS , made, loeUn repalrod. A. H. llodgo, Hll So. 18th Blreot 10-30 rOIl C0MHIN1N0 and corn picking. «eo l'C-lan Carr, Waltonvlllo Road Pbonp 8857-J1 10-10 iDAITERY REPAIRS—Egyptian Ilnttory can replace liroltcn POBIB, eovero. or icaaca. Dcpondablo UuttorloB—moderately priced 10-11 WANTED—Poperhanglng and corpentur repair work AINO reiuodolliig and building. Exporoncod, rulvrcucue. Phont U-IKO-W 10-11 FOR RENT—All modern (unif«!icd npart irienl with garage, furnace he.nt All utll ltle» Plild. Adulln only. Phono 077-J. '.Ml 3 Pnrlcllm 10-0 UNUSUAL apartment, good neighborhood l.'lean. 4 largo roome, unfurnlBlied Prl vale bath, Btoher heat All utllltlee fur nlBliod On bui, Btop Rent rerifiooable Call I Phono 38"JB-W1 linlloelt. loan FOR SALE—Shale, eliai or rock, ftobemon Truck acrvlco. Phono 'J '.I0O or a7f>0-J 1 0-3 COLDS? Vou Bhou/d not have them thl» wlnlci If you elarl now on your COLD SHOT TADIETS 0 weeki "UDply. 81 17 Douglan Drug Co 10-0 after o p.m Paul Neleon. 301 So. Phulio ;|II3.'|.W 22rul tf U AND 4 ROOM furnlBhed apartrnisnla. flret floor, ndlilla 1301 Main or S00 No 7th tf 3-ROOM furnlBhed aparlineni, Btrictly mod ern with garage Hoy IC. Manncn. «'^31 Broadway. Hhono 2873 W If FOR RENT—3-room unfurnlBlied apartment, newly docoralcd Modern o-xcopi heat. I'nono 2(100 tf ALL MODERN unfnrnlnhod four room of Uclency duptox. On bun line. Phono 17. tf FOR RENT—Al' modern furnished apnrl ment with garage, lurnaco heat All utll ltlci paid Adulti only Phone 077-J 2413 Parkin* tf FOR RENT—One, two and apartment*. Phono Dili threo-roorn tf HOUSES FOR RENT—,'l-nniin hotlfie. newly decorated. glnHBed In back porch. CIOIIICB .-IOHCI, water In kitchen. Wired for electric nt, gnrnge. Phono 3H5'J-,I4. 10-7 ALL MODERN 4 -rnoin duplex aparlincut, newly decorated, hardwood flonrn, aulo- uiHtle hoi walcr healer. Private bath and hliBi 'iiienl. Cluee to Lincoln School and flood SaiMJirllan MrmpltaJ. Phone film J. 111-4 FOR KENT—'.!-rooin iiiiiine, furnlBhed. LlglitB and water paid. fv| (10 weekly. 13(17 So IHlh. 10 t FOR' RENT—Six mom luum.. In Mclle Rivu (limit condition. Maud II lliiuiltnol 10 1 FOR BALE.—riand Haw taken Ofl In. blade, 14 In. throat drill prow* and motor. Call -'rr /H-J allor 5 p.m. ]0-3 FOR SALE—IlreakfaBt Bel, good condition; 1 Perfection oil etovo, built-in ovon. I'111 So. 12th. 10-3 FOR SALE—100 lb. flour bngii, 20o each or ma per dozen. Hawkins Uakery. tf VIOORO, Hone Meal and Michigan Peat 1B a grind combination for your flower bode, roses, ahruhn. lawnn See or call in at once CurllB. FlorUt. Conlralla Road. Phono I0H.-I..I. 10-4 LE9TI5R IlkcB llriuld lugtrn Olaxo plastic type linoleum coating. Non-eltld. eaally cleaned Douglae Drug. 10-4 IF VOU'IUS in a (Izzy. (uat get buey with Klna Foam rug and uphoUlery cleaner. IleiiiilBt llrod. l()-'l CUSTOM COMBINING AND CORN PICKING —Call LIB now to engage your beam and corn Phono 087-W L. D. Uroyloo, liciitun Hoar). 10-10 VANITY drcBBer. cheBt of drawor» and vanity table, all for JI8.0O; AIno clcc- III..' refrigerator $30.0(1. Phono 2247. tf FOR RENT—2-iooin eoltnge. Iillclienelle, H hall), newly dci'iiraled. On IIIIB line lOlli Warren Ave. 10-1 FOR RENT—ft-rnom limine. Modem except heal, newly aided and luaulaled. ?n. 2111 Ii Phone 355 10-4 FOR RENT—5 room limine with ultllly room. Modern except heat Cull •HtfVi'-W 10 3 WANTED—Everyone to uoo the Free Parking offered by the morchantB on tho Aco parking Lot. Jttet off tho Square on Broad »ray. tf t>EAD STOCK WANTED—rhono coll.ol ' Qarrr Smltli. Koonoa. 111. 60 Wool)lawn. Dale Etilco. Uill Ml. Vernon. tt WANTED TO BUY WANTED—flood need car. Phone 3U3S Wl. 10-7 WANTED—Fireplace wood, nny kind, any also ICBB Ilian 34 Inchee long. IMuuui 8247. KM WANTED TO 1MIY- flione SBU.'l-JU. youlh or twin bed*. 10-3 WANT TO 11UY—Ooort qtiallly 50 lb. plg». CUlford Cborry. l'houo 3283J. 10-8 FOR RENT APARTMENTS" FOR RENT——I-room niilnrnlt<hed apart, menu. Modern except heat Pnvalc bntlin and eulraneeB. Near elioe (iiclniy and gur- ment facloi-y. l'Jilfi So l.'ltli SI. Cull 4 111 I. 10-4 FOR RENT—Furnished ft apartment . Modern, oil Ileal 3 l.eilrcunih, |.|-|i ale entrance, ddfi Eiitmit I, 3 rimm mid 2-ronm fuinislic'i apartiiii-iiu Modern ex- erpt ileal. I'rivale ,-tn i,-, . |l;l',' Shawnee. Phone 41(1-1. HI 4 FOR RICN'l'—5-room IIOUBC, CIOBO In. Modem except heat. Phono !Mn2-J. tf FOR RENT—Farm llollnr. exchange for feeding catlle. Soillh of Walloiiville. Holla llelilliall. Heneer, III. 10-7 FOR HUNT—4 room hoUBC, hath. (117 So. I Will lllollll'e IIH FOR RENT 4-room modern houee, a.lultB, no potB. 10'J'J Prairie. Phono S.'lllil-M. id 3 FOR RENT—UnfunilBhed Sronrn IIIIIIBO with bath Modern except heat. 01-1 .Tone". Phono 007 or 11114. 10-4 FOR RENT—3-room cottage, full hath, hot ivalcr hullt-in cabinet* and eliik. Oaii heat, at 10'J4 Mi Welklna. Inquire at Ulngliniii Kitchen. tf ROOMS FOR SALE— Mnii'i Bull. BUO 43—38 Irotl- «eiB Gray-blue, all wool, never been worn $116 Call 118'J after B p.m. tf FEEDER CALF HALE—800 head calveB and yearllng« at auction Macon Fair firntiniU. Macon. .MJuBourl. 12:00 Noon WrdnCBday, October 8th. Calves contugned to wale by producer member* of Macon County Feeder Calf Produce™ Anaoclation and Bold In graded even running lotx. Sale sponsored by Missouri ExtenKlon Service. For information write C. H. Alipaugh, County Agent, Macon. Miimouri 10-(l FOR SALE—Registered IlerkBhlre male. 1 year old Brood now (107 So. 12th. 10-4 FOR «ALE—Fre.h cow and calf; 2 BOWB and '10 plg». Verncr Davie, mile Boulh Ilelhel School. 104 FOR SALE—Registered Hereford bull calf. 3 heifers Chae. Foster. Woodlawn. Phone 283-R, Ashley. 10.fl FOR SALE—8 Hampshire weaning pigs. 'i mile east Marlow Crossroads. George Slandei-fer. 10-3 FOR SALE—Good cow giving milk, fresh In .laniinry. 1 mile East Bluford Shops, Oscar Gentle. 10-4 FOR SALE)—3 milk cows, Guernseys. 0 miles southeast Wayne City, mile cast llagol's Store. Ruffner farm. 10-3 FOR SAL1-:—High quality Wisconsin Oucrn- sey heifer calves for high production cows. Havo you tried to buy a Guernsey springer lately equal In Quality to the calves the Egyptian Calf Club supplies at cost, for only $60.50 each? If so, you know that they the extremely high and going higher. If you are short of feed, buy five or ten of these beautiful quality animal' instead of carrying scrubs through the wintei This will bring you out with big profits on little feed. Fivo costs only ¥207.50, which Is less than tho cost of one equal cow. their winler feed will bo ICBA tlian required for one cow, and you will havo fivo quality animals ready to grow Into big profits on early spring pasture Load arrives flu Quoin Fair Grounds Friday morning October 17th He there or place your order any Prairie Farms Cream- cry Iruckei. your local Farm Kti-^nu, or mail your order to Egypllan Call Club, c/o Prairie Farms Creamery, Carbondale. 10-3 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS A NEW nionde Cable Spinet Piano. Must sell this week $650.00. Phone 1663 30o So. 4th St. 10-4 USED Instruments bought and sold Liberal trade Ins on now Instruments accessories Sacred, classical and popular music Open evenings Fenton s Muslo Service. 300 So 4th St Phono 1/}I)3 10-g PETS PUPPIES—Dachshund, Hustons. Pekingese. Scuttles. Fox Terrlem, Rat Terriers, Cockers: Also Palomino' Shetland Pony Sehnfnlo'o 712 E. Main, Marlon, III. Phone 046-W. 1(M DOGS BOAR-DED—Warm Individual pent Mae Callander Phont 000-J. tf D009 BOARDED - Groomed, ehtared and bathed Will call for and deliver Happy's Pel Shop No 20lb and Rlcbrttw road Phont *2H3 (I STOVES FIRE EXTINGUISHERS—All typos and slues of Randolph Flro Extlngulshora at HIUIOIBI Bros. Hardware. tf FOR SALIC—Filtered drinking water 1160 gallon lanlf Phont JM10-J4 Wilbur Jones. Rl 3 10-13 PURINA DOO CHOW Builds Condition- It's a flu. ii are Moal. a favorite, a real treat tor any dog Riley Produce 215 So llth If FOR SALE—Parking by tho day or week Aeo Parking Lot, off 8 B. Corner Square on Bruotlway. If •"OR BALK—Complete rtauurem fixtures Phone 406 It FOR 8ALB—Tired of Ironing with your heavy weight Iron 1 rtade II In today on a new Steam Featherweight Iron at Feath erstiin's Most all brands on display tf UPHOLSTERING and Slipcovers Alto cue torn made furniture Free ettlmates Free pick up and delivery within 70 tulle ratlins Office hours 0:00 a ill—6.00 p. tn MOD day through Friday Saturday 0:00 a >a. 12 30 p. m "Satisfaction Guaranteed" ArllsUc Upboltlerln*. 1701 So 101b. Phone 1702 U AUTOMOTIVE! FOR SALE—11)6(1 Ford 2door, overdrive mid ni'eessnries: 10-11 Chevrolet 4-dour, i-iriiu. Jl'llt Cliei I'ulel :.'-,|oor; 1030 Dodec •1 dour c. ,1 (Iiii-anc. Ilahlgi-en, III. lll-l h'llll SALE — Oakland. 101II 1 lodge 4 door. 1 (II H 10-1 FOR SALE— 6 -room size Duo Therm oil heater. Jiko now, wlfh blower and tank nti'irhmenIn 15 It. copper line and barrels, $(10.0(1. Phone 4218-M. 10-4 FOR SALIC—Warm Morning circulator, good condition. See after 6 o'clock, 4011 north Sixth street. 10-3 OIL HEATER SERVICE— Carburetors scientifically cleaned and tested Warren's Bottle Oat 1300 Waltonvllla road Phone 1844 tf MARKETS ey Aitoelatei Free* WALL STREET NEW YORK —With trading at around the lowes't levels of the past five weeks, the stock market today maintained a steady course. Prices wavered over, a range of around a point either way with the higher side of the market more populous. Volume was estimated at less than a million shares. There was mild demand for selected rails, .motors, aircrafts, building materials, and golds. Other major divisions of the market held steady or sagged languidly. Higher stocks included General Motors, Sears Rosebuck, Phelps Dodge, American Tobacco, Western Pacific Railroad, Nickel Plate, Gulf Oil and Johns-Manville. U. S. government bonds in the over the counter market held steady. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO—Butter weak; receipts 667,616; wholesale buying prices unchanged to 'A cent a pound lower; 93 score A A 73.25; 92 A 73; 90 B 69; 89 C 68.25; cars: 90 B 69.75; 89 C 69. Eggs firm; receipts 7,381; wholesale buying prices unevenly one to GVi cents a dozen higher; U. S. large 59-62; U. S. mediums 47.5; U. S. standards 45.5-48.5; current receipts 38; dirties 33; checks 32. LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. (USDA).—Hogs 7,500; bulk choice 200-230 lbs. unsorted for grade $20.25-$20.35; largely $20.25; 240260 lbs. $19.65-$20.25; heavier weights scarce; 180-190 lbs. $20.00$20.25; 150-170 lbs. mostly $18.00$19.75; few $20.00 120-140 lbs. $15.00-$17.50; sows 400 lbs. down $18.25-$18.75; few $19.00; heavier sows $16.25-$18.00; boars $12.50$15,50. Cattle 1,200, calves 900; small lots and individual head of commercial and good steers and heifers $18.50-$26.00; utility and low commercial $15.50-$18.00; cutter offerings $13.00-$15.00; utility and commercial cows $14.00-$16.00; canner and cutter cows $11.50$14.00; utility and commercial bulls $16.50-$20.00; cutter bulls $13.00-$16.00; good and choice CHICAGO POULTRY CHICAGO — (USDA) — Live poultry; steady;; receipts 1,187 coops; F. O. B. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 21.5-27; light vealers $26.00-$32,00; with individual head of prime to $34.00; utility HERBERT'S—A name It will PAY to remember' "Herbert the Jeweler." 313 South 10th Street 10-10 DR JOHN Tf WILLIAMS. Optometrnt 116 North lOtb St. Mt Vernon 111 1-10-53 NOTICE- -Complete well drlllln* and water system Installation and services Haynes A Scbell a R 1. Oeff. 01 Phone 81(15 Fairfield tf FOR BOTTLED GAS ttovt Installations, Phone 2134, « Klnman Benton Road Mt. Vernon 111 Dealer for PUR GAS. tf RADIO & RADIO SERVICE RADIO SERVICE - CALL 322 — FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY Wt repair and oorrtct any radio failure In accordance with modern engineering principles, the result It a guaranteed tatllfectory |ob Art Ftathtrttun. 1112 Broadway, Tubet ttited free of thara*. tf ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES REFRIGERATOR SERVICE on al) makes refrigerators and air ccndltloD equipment Frod Skaggt. Phont 1407 tf USED RADIO — A ftw very good console models and tablt models. Prietd for aultk tale. Fetthtrstun'a 1111 Broadway tf VACUUM CLEANERS are our only bu «1 nett New and uted Parta service, any make We rent cleaners Phone 1018. City Hall Bldt O R Buford tt FOR RENT—Modern sleeping rminio. elok- er heal, outaido entrance 701 Cuney. 1 0-3 FOR RENT— Nlct large sleeping room (meals optional I Private entrance and bath Block from Field anil Junior High School One or two ladles or oouplo Phono 1400 after 0 p.m. tf NICH desirable, large, modern sleeping rooms, double or tmrlo. Phont 4018 426 No Olh tf MISCELLANEOUS FOR RENT- M,.,1,1-n furnished 4 room aiuirliiieni. PIIWH,. l M th ;,n,| r ill rum-c Clean Plume 1 I 33 W It MOUERN—| room Newly divot il'.l ishevt. .-I.'M- in Ail'i FOR KENT--'..' t,"i —il'livatf mil in. e I'.'lh. MODERN 4 i""i jlehetl. nil sinker h.„! ill's Iiiin>li..,l Inquire '.ul' H,u FOR RENT- - P". with liji!!i. al-o i nth. TWO Hi KIM in,,,!' i • pril ,-ile lulli .i' ftS week, i'lume J. FOR RENT—.'I r. -cru i!iifiirni,.hi Private ball, -n FOR RENT il>.H •' ineiil lililinnlslied. ; l,,.,lt.,i>tuv. Ileal turn if- ["ill .1 (f ui I'll lui-li.-il apui l niriit, On bus lini'. I'JUIl So 111 3 i p.. t i ti'.-ni pin ilv i urn' .1 I ocm IU! lllMied in. i.-li itei .tlor I'll ,ir l-'i-iiMliiii Si-hiu.l .1. I'll. .1 e I .'..'ill W l[ •ii I ill 111 (. Ii I'd ii|i;irt!iieiit ,u ic. lll'inue I tUH Sn 1 tl-ll II luilii-lied iU'.irtllienl, . n'riilii-e Sti',1111 heal. .1!' I (I (I ill new Iv .lei-i.l uted, lliod- itl'.irtni' HI. iini-ili part elite.ii,,* I all -r.'lil.J 1 O-ll FOR RENT—2 large business places wtlh I riuiiii living (iiituters, newly decoralcd Suliiil'le (or 1 -i 'slaiirunl ur other business mill lilii.-ii on Sn I 111h Heiisoiiiiblo rent lit riKlil piu-t.v. Plume 107. Ul-ll CARN All AN FLOOR SERVICE — Floo. sanding i-ontaJ Sanders, linoleum, asphalt nnd rubber floor tiles Phone 4056 1812H Perkins, across from shoo factory. 10-27 FOR SALE—11160 llulck 62 series. 4 -duor Rlvei-la model, lleauliful 2-tone green. Itlliis ami looks like new. $10115. See to- ins-Ill .ifler 0 pin. ut 1108 Taylor. Phone 3tl3t! W. ,( FOR SALE—1114 1 Dodge 4-door Luxury Liner. -Ill motor Willi 11,000 mllea: radio, healer, tug lights, fluid drive, good condi- Ilon. Iiuiuiro Standard Slatlon, 24lh and Hfiiadway. 10-0 062-J. WILL SACRIFICE 11161 Hudson Sedan. very low mileage, very cloun. Phone 10-4 CLEAN USED cart Doughl and told. Trade, Terms Moore Motors, WaltonvLUt Eoad at 12th Pb 2053 -W U COAL FOR- SALE—Coal $8 60 ton by load, thrown in, $7.75 dumped.. Call 3627 10-4 WRINGER ROLLS tor any washer. Bring In old rolls for wringer Ftatherttun't Rtdlo Salet, 1112 Broadway Free pltkua and dtllvery. Phont 322. GOOD USED appliance! Refrigerator*. Oat Stovtt, Electric Stoves Kerosene Stovet. Radlot Televltlon Sttt. From J5.00 Buy on Eaty Term* Goodyear Service Store Phones 1101 or 100S tf REAL ESTATE HOUSES 2-ROOM HOUSE. 1313 north llth, bargain price. Small down payment. Small monthly puymoma, -1(176. 10-1 FOR SALE—$300 down, S-room house modern except heal, closo in 20th St Call 133U from 6 to 7 p.m. 10 -4 CHICKS TYPEWRITERS. Adding Machines. Calcu l.ilnrs Sales Servlce-Reniiils all makes and models "Wo service what wo sell." MASON Typewriter Exchange, 1110 Broad way tf FOR RENT—Office space, north side of Square Call 1)114. U 4 r. .on. ..en in,, i,|. partly flll-Mlelied. llio.lern. Plume 1135 W • HI-« FDR RENT—Em un-hcil ap.n tun m piii.ue _1721 Cherry SI. 10 j FOR- RENT—Ground flour Large 2-room ..furnished apartment privale b.ilh win, shower, garbage di-p..sul See Jiuim.,,11 R,..,i If Estate. FOR RENT — 3 ,-,>r,m iimucru furnivlied apartment. Uiintii-s paid, (all 3125. 10 -4 FOR RENT—3 room modern linfurnishcil downstairs apartiiieiii. Garage and Lave­ ment, 8 blocks from Squint. Inuuu-o m ,. stairs, 414 No. 12th. ,j FOR RENT 1206 Main, 4 room modern, Jtumishcd, first floor, , 817 S. 9th, 3 room modern. 215 S, 12th, S rooms, modern. Phone 400 or 48 JULIA, RUTHERFORD FOR RENT—Larre one room furnished apartment, Vj bath, $35 per month. See Jamison Real Estate. FLOOR SANDING, floor (Ho plastic woll lilo Free estimate Satisfaction guar anteed Phone Raymond Eduiison. 406S-.1X or Roy Hayt. 2827-J tf GROUND FLOOR office space with show window See Jamison Ileal Estale tt FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE—-Good electric refrigerator to hinhesi bidder before Saturday night 7 p 01. Phone 2247. 11) 4 PULLETS—New Hampshire.) and Whlta Rocks, $1.00 lo $1.60 each. Some ready to lay 111 ,-iliout tlii-eu weeks. Hlnrlch Hatch- eij Phono 311 l-J 10-3 WOODLAWN PENNANT CHICKS—Hatch lug Now lloropshlroe and White Rockt en.'h Tuesday "Dixie Better Feeds" and Poultry Supplies. Woodlawn Uatchery Phono 2S71 if FARM EQUIPMENT FOR SALE—One Wood* Bros. Corn Picker, A I condtlion. Harry Culll, 1% miles east of Halicrvlllo. ^ mile north. 10-3 FOR SALE— I -row Corn Picker, almost new, $760.00. Lcl.'iu Corr, Waltonville Road. 10-7 FURNITURE PEA EE Sewing machines. Without atiacli- iiienth. buttonholes, iiHiiuigr.-utis. em- Itroulei-rt sews on buttons. Free drnHiuMra- tlou. Phone 105S-JX. 11-3 FOR SALE:—Hcagle Hounds, registered. Pup and broke dogv Good breeding. George li-win. 1115 t'oiu-er 10-1 FOR SALE —Model 12 Wm.-hrslcr Pump linn. A 1 condition. $50 (Ml I'hniie 111 -4 421S-M. FOR SALE- SAW .MILL, f .150 00 K-l" FARMA1.1. TRACTOR. $250 00 WITH Pl/IWS AND ITLTIVATOHS 01, rubber S.ilui-il.'i.v ami Sunday only. .1 II. SI.o\N Bonnie. 11] \Q.~ *OK SALE—New Singer »,-wing niadnne Model 221 fealherwetghl 1'urlalili <j n g' er rehulll electric Portable $28 60 No « Evergreen Place. Phone 4068-JX 10-7 IF ITS FURNITURE you nro looking for we havo it. We can also save you money. Tr.i.lo 111 your old furniture. We deliver, give you easy terms and no carrying charge. Luwry 't Furniture, Mam St., MeXomisboro. 1» 10-tl FRUITS AND VEGETABLES APPLES FOR SALE—RiM Delicious, and oilier popular varieties. I111I1111 Hawkins, mile cam Tcxico. I mile iiorih. If FOR SALE—Wlncsiip. Ben Davis. Grimes Gulden, fancy Red and Yellow Delicious apples, also turnips, new sweet potatoes, I'lc linns- your nig and get sweet apple, elder at flllc gallon. Wilkcrsun's, 160(1 So "'lb- 10-7 1,1 'l: , o , ^. I : ZA lu "' < ' 1 " , ' p '' liW mixture. Call .1884-W3. Lcnnre. Ro.k House, ldlewood. Across from radio tower. 10-4 FOR SALE—tlx 12 wool nig, loir condition Phone 4423-J. J0 . 4 FOR SALE—One tausage mill; combination fruit and lard press; Blue enamel coal and wood range. Ed Linn. 1 nulc north on salein Road 10-tl FOR SALE—innocent varieties of apples; Also pears, sweet cider 75 cents gallon. 301) bushels or more of Jonathans, $2 up. At the Apple House, located In Old South Side Drug Store Building, 10th A Lamar. John W. Trouti and Coy A. Flota. 10-3 GOLDEsJ Delicious apples—No. 1 canning grade. $1.50 per bushel. J. D, Laccy Packing Shed, 3 inllcg north of Woodlawn. tf FOR SALE—North suburban, beautiful 6-room efficiency ranch type home. new. completely modern, gorago and breezeway attached. Would consider late model car as part payment. Inquire 1305 So. 25th SI. 10-13 FOR SALE— 6 -room house in Belle Rive Full baeeinenl. 3 lois. double garage, good lieu house: or will trade for property in Mt. Vernon. C. E. Lowry, McLeansboro III, Phono 121. 100 FOR SALE—4-room house. Oil heat, clos els, built-in bath. Modern kitchen, electric heater, wired for eloctric range, garage Priced to sell Phone S33. 10-13 FOR SALE—3 bedroom house, recently remodeled. 1 \% baths Closo to Library and High School Good Income property Small down payment, balance monthly Earl Garrison Phone: Day 3.515, Gvenlni 3540-J 10-10 NEW AND USED ALL MODERN BOUSE TRAILERS FOR SALE CENTRAL PONTIAO CO., SSI W BROADWAY. CENTRA L1A. ELL- U FARMS FOR SALE 15 ACRE farm for sale. Four room house and outbuildings 1 H miles West and VJ mile South of Harmony Store. Seo Norman Sharp, North of Leonard Wilson etore 10-4 FOR SALE— 10 acres, 4 room house, barn Well fenced, good road. 7 miles Salem Rood. Vi mile oast. Glen Kennedy. 10-0 FOR SALE— 20 acres. 6 -rom hojso, barn, chicken house. H mile yesl radio lower. Terms. Write Ernest FcchUg, Enlield, Illinois. 10-4 MISCELLANEOUS EXPERIENCED tree topping, expert trimming. Trees of any type removed safely. Free estimate. Phone 2087 or 3425-JX. 10-7 RUMMAGE SALE—American Legion Homt 818 Broadway, Sat., Oct. 4. Doors open 7 e.m. Spansortd by Amerlcen Ltgion Aux- Illtry. . 10-3 THE Bethel Neighborhood Club will hold a Bake Sale at Cook's Paint Store, Saturday, October 4 th. at 8:45 a.m. 10-3 SEWING MACHINE REPAIRS— A complete line of service Factory trained. 13 years | experience Zig-zag specialist Free eatl mates, pickup and delivery Day or night service Col) Fergle Ferguson Phone- 4058- JX or Write No 6 Evergreen Place. Mt Vernon. 10-3 ] CAR WASHING SI BO and Vacuum cleaned Ace Parking loL off S E Corner Square on Broadway if NEW HEARING Aids as low at $76.00 Batteries Williams Jewelry 110 No. I 10th. Mt Vernon 1-10-63 MARION LODGE No 13. i.O.O.F meett every Tuesday 7:30 p m.. 121 No 10th Visiting brothers welcome tf I MOVING WALTER HUGHES—Local and state-wide moving, experienced and equipped 114 No. Oth Street—Phone 2000. 10-18 BEAUTY SHOP PHONE 1414 for your permanent appoint. ments. Prices $4.60. $5.00. $0.60. $8 50 $10.00 306 So. llth. 10 -4 LOST LOST— Your right lo vole on Nov. 4th | unless you are registered by Oct. nth. Mt. Vernon Jaycces. 10-4 IN MEM0RIAM In memory of Mrs. Emma Holland, who pitSRCtl away Oct. 3. lO'-JS. DayN of SH(.i»t*s.s oft oomp o'nr us. Ti >nrB of. silgruro often flow: Love has aJwaj'js kept you near ub, Though you left BO long ngo. Novor shall yon be forgotten. Novcr from our memory facte: Lovinc hearts shall always hiiKcr. Around the Bravo whore you are laid. Hl'SUANli. CHILDREN AND QUAND- | CHILDREN. JONATHANS nil jrone. Rxid and Golden Delicious this week only. 1 mile west Wal- tonvlllo on nil weather road, S. E. Bolea. tf APPrjES FOR SALE—Red DeUciout. Grime a Golden, fe { FOR TOP SOTT nr fiii Hi.* m G o 1 d e H, and other popular * v«v RUMMAGE SALE — Mothers Exchange. Saturday. October 4. Open 7 a.m. Several hundred pieces rood clean clothet. stovet. tome furniture. Follow the crowd. Shop at Mothers Exchange, 1616 So. 10th. 10-3 FREE DIRT for the hauling. See Paul Hill. 6 milet north on Salem Road Route 37. 10-3 "BUILD YOURSELF A SECURE FUTURE" CATERPILLAR'S NEW PLANT in JOLIET, ILLINOIS (iO Miles S. W. of Chicago) Immediate Openings for Hundreds of Skilled and Unskilled Men in a New Modern Plant Offering Good Pay, a Fine Employee Benefit Program and Excellent Opportunities for Advancement. For Complete Details Contact Your Nearest State Employment Office] Or Caterpillar Tractor Co. JOLIET, ILL. Personnel Office Open Monday Thru Saturday and commercial vealers $17.00$25.00; commercial and good slaughter calves S19-00-S23.00. Sheep 800; choice and prime lambs S25.00-$26.00; mixed lots good and choice $20.00-$24.00; cull and utility lots $10.00-$14.00; cull to good ewes $4.50-$6.50. hens 18-20; roasters 28-30; fryers or broilers 31.5-33; old roosters 18-20; ducklings 32. ST. LOUIS PRODUCE ST. LOUIS — Produce and live poultry. Eggs, wholesale grades, extras 60 to 70 per cent "A" 56-58. Fowl, heavy breeds 20-20 Vi, leghorns 16Vi-17; fryers and broilers commercial crosses and whites 2931, commercial reds 28-30. Other prices unchanged. CASH GRAIN CHICAGO — Cash wheat: none. Corn. No. 4 yellow 1.71 'A ; sample 39.00; alsike 33.50-34.50; timothy 14.00-14.50;; red clover 31.50-32.50. Soybeans: none, grade 1.40-6414. Oats: none. Bulldozing, Land Clearing Read Building Gredlng winch Cats SEE ("HONI ei WRITE JOHN J OSLAOER TRANSPORl CO. Waltonvlllt ROM Mt Vernon. III. Phone *1f» Barley nominal: malting 1.3581; feed 1.28-32. Field seed per hundredweight nominal: sweet clover 9.00-10.00; redtop 38.00- Buy Now on GOODYEAR'S XMAS LAY-A-WAY PLAN BE FIRST AND SAVE Ltt's Trad J Trailer* for a Rogers Mobile Horn* Rogers have the biugest selection of New and Used Mobile Homes In thin area—let's do a littlo trading for Dipper later models with newest conveniences. Terms you'll like. Open evenings and Sunday. Stock of trailer furnishings on display. New and Used House Trailer Sales ROGERS TRAILER RANCH Rantoul, Illinois Tractor Tire TROUBLE? 1 For Sale Globe meat sllcer; National cash register; 6 foot meat case; Dayton scales. Coll 2313 Or Can Be Seen at 1228 SALEM RD. Just Received! A complete assortment of HOLLAND BULBS. Imported direct from Holland. Plant now Cor beautiful flowers next spring. Make your selection "while our ass^oT"tTrren t is complete. We have Tulips, Hyacinths, Daffodils, Narcissus, and Crocus. Your F. W. Woolworth Co. Store 007 Broadway, Mt. Vernon, 111. FLATS FIXED right on the spot. CUTS and BRUISES repaired. LIQUID FILLING drained and replaced. TUBE VALVES replaced. GOODYEAR Phone 1101-1003 mil be out, in sJiffy' SERVICE STORE G. B. (DUTCH) REED, Mgr. 328 S. 10th St. — Phone 1101 7-Day BATTERY SALE FOR CHEVROLET, PLYMOUTH FOR FORD AND MERCURY AND OTHERS (Low Type lattery) No. Plate Guar. Price No. Plate Guar. Price 410 39 10 Mo. SS.95 E«. 114 39 12 Mo. $ 7.4S Eg. 411 39 18 Mo. $7.95 " 124 45 24 Mo. i 9.9S •• 424 45 24 Mo. S9.9S " 130 51 30 Mo. J12.9S " FOR BUICK, OLDSMOBILK AND FONTIAC fin. Plate Guar. Price 171 45 18 Mo. $11.95 Eg. 171 51 30 Mo. $14.95 " 17S 51 3G Mo. $17.95 OTHER BATTERIES FOR ALL CARS—LOWEST PRICES—GUARANTEED BATTERIES INSTALLED FREE-BUDGET TERMS GENERATORS FACTORY REBUILT — LIKK NEW Clrn. 40-50 tQAC Ford 40-50 ^Jf** Plym. 40 -49 Kxehmnet STARTERS Ford 32-50 $795 E „ hnw Chev. 38-50 JQ75 BATTERY CHARGER TOSS" j 4.2 Amp. Charges Battery tn Car. Delivers 40 Ampere hours overnight. BATTERY CABLES Insure Maximum battery life and service. Replaco worn and corroded cables. At) 49c BATTERY PLIERS BATTERY CARRIER STRAP 19c KAR-START STARTER Starts cold or wet engines. Easy to connect. Provides instant spark. $47S VOLTAGE REGULATORS CHEV. 37-51 FORD 39-51 PLYM. 40-51 $379 Ford V-8 DISTRIBUTORS! Factory Rebuilt Ready to Install S 3 25 ISxohangc SAVE MONEY NOW — ON WINTER DRIVING NEEDS PORTABLE SPOTLIGHT Scaled beam bulb. Plugs into light socket or cigar lighter. t-volt Trouble LIGHT —Just plus into cigar lighter. 12 ft. cord. Rcff. •*•». 98c AUTO VISOR Fits Most Late Model Cars $5.95 $9.95 $17.95 BACK-UP LIGHTS Now you can see where you are backing. Casts broad, flat light. HEADLAMP BULBS IGNITION SEAL Ignition Spray . Starts wet motors and seals out moisture. 49c . 98c IGNITION COILS F #r Moat) Car* Up Makes starting easier—assures more engine power. SPARK PLUGS Guaranteed to give Trouble-Free Service. 29c en. in xetn Regularly Site Spark Plug OA A Wrenches . «wC| REGULAR 39c PROTECTOR Assures Split-Second Starting. Fits Any 1 Spark Pltig TRUNK OR HOOD LIGHT BasHy installed. —Lights when hood or trunk Is opened. —No moving parts. —No adjusting. —Switch does art the work. , MOTORIST SUPPLY AND HARDWARE INC. 110 N. 10th St. — Phone 1017 Mt. Vernon, III. 141 S. Locust St. — Phone 6542 Centralia, III.

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