Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 27, 1976 · Page 14
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 14

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 27, 1976
Page 14
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FEA's Gas Rationing Plan Draws Little Attention By ANN GtfERLEIN- Telegram's Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — Gas rationing was the hottest of topics in 1973. The oil embargo was in full swing. Drivers waited for hours to get what their gas station would give them. And rumors circulated about gas rationing plans — how, when and if they would work. But the Arab oil embargo has been history for three years now, and with American drivers fast approaching the ^yearly odometer rate of pre- embargo days, gas rationing seems the remotest of possibilities. Thus the Federal Energy Administration's VOTE HARRISON SMITH Associate District Judge •A"j27'/2 Years Legal Experience •^ Former County Attorney *fc Your present County, Juvenile, & Probate Judge. Pd. Pol. 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Ulysses—blk wf bulls Ulysses—blk wf bulls • Leoti—wf cows Leoti—wf cows Leoti—wf co\ts Leoti—wf cows Leoti—wf cows Leoti—wf cows Leoti—wf cows Heifers Bulls Cows Johnson, Ks—31 hd Lakin, Ks-14 Elkhart, Ks-12 Johnson, Ks—12 Tribune, Ks-29 Syracuse, Ks—8 Johnson, Ks—9 Tribune, Ks-6 Tribune, Ks- Wiley, Colo-12 Ulysses, Ks-14 Wiley, Colo-14 Hogs 1099 290 285 335 263 223 270 345 260 343 345 345 423 375 470 400 330 280 555 518 955 693 365 465 273 640 433 553 267 685 765 755 650 170 1550 298 415 315 983 968 875 905 1055 900 955 232 226 210 217 222 221 222 223 225 250 213 212 41.25 43.25 41.00 41.25 42.75 45.25 41.25 41.00 41.40 39.25 42.25 40.40 40.00 42.50 44.50 44.75 45.50 39.00 39.25 35.75 38.25 40.00 44.10 38.25 34.50 35.50 33.50 35.75 31.75 32.80 30.90 32.60 43.50 32.00 41.25 39.75 42.00 24.50 23.10 23.10 23.00 23.50 23.30 23.60 46.20 46.00 46.00 45.90 45.90 45.85 45.80 45.80 45.80 45.75 45.60 45.60 (FEA) gas rationing plan, released at the end of May, has so far attracted little notice. The draft rationing plan — which is now being reviewed in light of public testimony — will be submitted to Congress for approval near the end of August according to an FEA spokesman. Mandated by the 1975 Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA), the plan is a last-resort measure to be employed only after five contingency conservation plans prove to be inadequate in cutting consumption. Here's what you would have to do if America had another serious oil shortage and the President was forced to put this gas rationing plan into action: At a time and place designated by FEA, you would go to pick up gas ration coupons. You — and all other America citizens with valid .driver's licenses — would receive ration coupons for the first three ration periods (40 gallons worth of coupons for each four to six-week rationing period), and you would fill out an application form to be submitted to FEA for scrutiny. Before the fourth ration period, "most eligible individuals" would receive authorization cards which they could present with other personal identification at the pick-up point to receive coupons for the next period. People who qualify as eligible after the start of any period must wait until the next one. Indians must apply to the Bureau of Indian affairs. Suppose though, you needed more than 40 gallons of gas a month. You could then apply for additional ration credits, which would be provided for all. individuals or groups engaged in "priority activities for which a ration credit level has been established." Such activities include Department of Defense functions, emergency services, passenger transporrtation services, agricultural production, sanitation, energy production, telecommunications, all other government uses, and religious, charitable and educational purposes. If the FEA didn't consider your sizeable backyard garden agricultural production, or the nursery school runs you made each day for the neighborhood kids passenger transportation service, you would still have two possible roads to travel. First, you could purchase coupons from someone who had extras — advisedly a close friend, since "white market" exchange prices would be determined solely by supply and demand. If even your friends were setting too high a price, you could apply to your local rationing board for part of the State Hardship Reserves per cent of the total available supply of gas, apportioned among the states according to population and "other relevant factors". The physically handicapped, low-income, long- distance commuters, migrant .workers, and people with "other recurring or one-time hardship needs" would be eligible. If the rationing board determined that you weren't spending a large enough percentage of your income to travel to work, or if it was not impressed by your cane, and •would not believe any of your miscellaneous hardship stories, you could carry your case one step further, to the State Rationing Office, which would hear appeals of decisions made by the local rationing board. There the buck would stop. The FEA has had a gas rationing plan on its shelf since the Arab oil embargo, but, according to an FEA spokesman, it was not as well thought out of specific as this recent version. Regional hearings were held on the FEA rationing and conservation contingency plans in June, with testimony coming primarily from tourist groups and transportation concerns. Testimony from public interest groups and Most State Solons Vote Against Bill By ANN COOPER Telegram's Washington Bureau WASHINGTON - Kansas Republican House members last week voted against a bill that for the first time would extend federal-state unemployment compensation to farmworkers. Rep. Martha Keys, D- Manhattan, was the lone Kansan voting for the unemployment compensation measure, which passed, 237157. The bill, also designed to help rescue bankrupt state and federal unemployment coffers, was opposed by Reps. Keith Sebelius, R-Norton; Garner Shriver, R-Wichita; Joe Skubitz, R-Pittsburg and Larry Winn, R-Overland Park. Also covered for the first time by the bill would be state and local government em- ployes and domestic workers. Nationwide, federal-state unemployment payments have increased from $4.2 billion in 1973 to $18 billion in 1976 due to the economic recession. Good for Telegram Garden City residents may now pay for their subscription for six months or a year instead of paying your carrier each month. You may pay at The Telegram office and your carrier will receive credit. SUBSCRIBE NOW AT THESE, CITY ONLY, RATES: Six Months Yearly $15.00 $30.00 The Garden City Telegram Phone 275-7105 310 North Seventh Garden City, Kansas That's forced 21 states to borrow from the Federal Unemployment Account in order to keep making payments. But the federal fund is also bankrupt and is now borrowing from general federal tax funds. The House bill seeks to • remedy the problem by raising the amount of wages states and the ' federal government can tax to get funds for unemployment compensation. The taxable wage base would rise from its current $4,200 ceiling to $6,000, and the tax rate would temporarily rise from .5 to .7 per cent. Opponents objected to the proposed increase, arguing that it would be an added financial burden on employers at a time when they are struggling ,out of the recession; Proponents said it is necessary in order to restore fiscal solvency to the nation's unemployment programs. Farmworkers were long excluded from unemployment compensation - coverage because, according to a House Ways and Means Committee report on the bill, it wasn't considered "administratively feasible" to include them. State programs covering farmworkers proved that false, the report said. The House measure would cover all farm workers whose employers hire'four or more workers for at least 20 weeks or pay $10,000 in quarterly wages. That would cover 683,200, or 59 per cent, of the nation's farmworkers. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration. Illegal Beer Confiscated KANSAS CITY (AP) — The tires on two police paddy wagons were slashed and an officer with the vice unit was struck in the face in a brief disturbance at a drive-in theater Sunday. The incidents occurred after officers were called to the theater and arrested six persons for selling beer without a license during a Bikers Swap and Shop Show. Police confiscated 780 cans and bottles of beer. A seventh person was arrested for disorderly conduct. Brian Wolfgang, manager of the theater on east U.S. 40, said the show involved the trading, showing and selling of motorcycles and parts. LIVE EVERY NITE GRAIN BIN "NEW MORNING BAND" Minneapolis, Minn. 9:30-12:30 i individuals was minimal, and most public interest groups contacted recently in Washington were not aware of the plan. The total cost per year of the rationing program is estimated by the FEA at just under $2 billion, with additional start-up costs of $398 million for a 90-day implementation period, all of which FEA expects to recover at the pump. Two other energy emergency options would be authorized by the President before rationing would be considered, as required by EPCA. The first would be for the President to order certain oil fields to produce at more than the maximum efficient rate, or to draw upon a strategic petroleum reserve, the plans for which were sent to Congress in April by the FEA and which would contain 150 million barrels of crude oil by the end of 1978 and, ultimately, up to a billion barrels if Congress appropriates the funds. The next option would be a series of five conservation contingency plan to curtail allowable demand for energy. 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