The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 26, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE sn (ARK.)' COtntTER c • — — 'For'Second Time in Tluee Ycais Fair 1 vails SQX :'re- n> HAHRV GH^SOS'— Spgils tdltor, M A Service A woman leads, Ihe moncj win- Hers pf Ihe turf for (he second lime in thrco years Three of the seven owners lo piss the 5100000 marl' in J930 were vvo» men Airs' Emll Duiemark s liors* bagged 21 races n of Ihem handl caps or feilurcs, |n five weeks it Tropi-al and Hialcih Parks nicy pHced llieii pleasant young owilei seventh in the matter of tolil purs e? last year witli $103050 Haclnj no longer !s Oie sport, of Mngb Us Ihe sport of qirciis. loo 'Ihe fair one's ire doing a falrlt goo<l jol) is breeders owners ind ^trainers Several races are inn each iear In which onlj women Joekej 1 comiKtc Mrs Etliel V ^fars Mllk% Wa\ StaWe dominated the held last j n ni compiling a total of $205 450 lo lop Alfred Owjnnc Vanderbllt the 1935 leader bj $«105 The Biookmcade Stable In 1934 gnlnetl Mrs Isabel Dodge Sloine Ihe dislicnllon of being Ihe fiisl womin lo show Ihe w 15 lo the mono gellcrs Mrs Ethel D Jacobs ulfc of Jlirsch Jacobs who raddled the most winners finished fomth In the mailer of lolil inlake last seal Ira Hnnford who rede Bold Ven Hire lo vlctoij In Uic Kuituckj 13erb> is under contract to Mirj Hirscb \Vonien Slircud Bu>ers Mis PaMie whltnej 'nisi Li- dv of the Turf started the feml nine movement and figucis to be in the forefront, llils jeai* \vtth an ex- ceplionnllj fine lol of two veir- old.? Olliers more prominenl among the seveial hundred women nsso dated with Ihe thorouchbi ed In elude Mrb p A B Wldener Mrs P A Clark Mrs T W Duranl Mrs T H Sommilol f,frs Gladys Whllnej Mrs John D Herlz Mis C S Howard Etabelh Ar rten Mrs A M Creech Mrs W A Bridges, Mrs P A Bonsai Mrs Walter Jeffords Mrs K N 5-^1'*** Kl°' v * KP*ne* •«!•« '_'^ I A 1- AKT KRENZ ^ By Harry Grayson A Carrcaud and Mais' string In every complacent , lo rest on his laurel 1 ! thcie nre at least two disgruntled com balnnt.s eager ' to get even. Manj Oljmpians HIL getting ' Gllpin Mrs I Mrs J Boslej Stars of Mrs ..._ o ... elude Reaping Reward Case Ace Tlie Fighter, Talma Dee Muiph Dogawaj, Nations Taste and Sun sel Ofrl Mrs Jacobs owns t)rt eiack Action Mrs Densinarkr barn houses Corlnlo Orientalist Finance, Chosar NcctarlM,' Mba irla Uneasy-' Chief Cheiokee i'\\'a Bob Genie palaline, Mqndorf Owaller Higher Cloud All Round Prairie Dog Busie Tjurnpe!, Ra <lio Charm, and Grand Duke shr has 45 in training i Turfwomen have turned out It pe pretty slick In the sales rlnz Mrs Mars purchased leaping Reward nnd case Ace MR, Howard paid onls $500 for Coramlne which grabbed $14130 as a juvenile Gol dy F , lhe flllj which grossed $17470 ut, two cost Mrs Bridges onli $150 as a jearllng Memorj Book set Mrs "Whilnej back $3200 as p jearlinj Mrs Hertz laid out onlv $1000 for Count Arthur as a babj and llirough 1936 he had won $50 78 Mrs Sloan In one season at the Saratoga sales picked up c-ual cade for $1200 High Quesl for 43 000 ind Time Clock at a low fl» lire * » 4 Obtain rising Start A remarkable feature of Mrs Mar* record in 1936 is thai a Wt part of her earnings came llirough the elTorls of her two jear olds With rich Ihrce vear old purses available Ihej are exp^cled to give their owner in even greiler nir tills 5 ear Heaping Reward, which whipped Ihe highly totted Pompoon m the New England Futurity won $55905 Tlic son of Sickle U well liked ir the Kentucky Derby winter book Case Ace earned $31790 and cop pied the Arlington Futurity before breaking down The Fighter won the Texas Derbv and the Arllngtor Downs and Blue Bonnet Handicaps. • Mrs., Denemark. disliked and did not understand Bert Mtchell when he became her trainer two and r half years ago but was only mod Tately successful until ho looV charge She now considers him the best m America Michell condition ed Reigh Count and Anita Peabodj for John D Hertz Mrs Denemark has 30 brood mares at her breeding farm nea' Hlnsdale outside Chicago She has five promising candi .dates for' the $20.000 added Fla mlngo Stakes at Hialeah Fcb 27 Thej are All Round, Mondorf Owaller, prairie Dog and Uneas> Pour ha\e been nominated fo lhe JaO 000 Widener Trophj race fthlch ulll climax the Miami Jockey Club meeting March 6 They are chasar, Finance, Hlghsr Cloud and Two Bob Mrs D>nemark gave up show horses for the runners seven sears ago when blue ribbons^ weren i coming fast enough There is no lack of action In the most amaz- Inj winning streak in the hlstorj of modern racing ' NEW YORK — A letdown in track and field [night be ekpecl- ed following an Olvmpic ' yciii but the reverse Is Ihe case Seveial things (.onlribule lo in cieased Interest and Ihe cm rent Indoor, season '-is feeling- the effects of the stenm-np < Also rails seek icvenge Toi victor, ! content ?10n>t>'in year's. Tliev ran'l to be piesetil, I'l Toklo In hope IB40 , Thev Inland (6 gather medals ar\d imiiks white Ihe gatlieilng is good With Ihe ne\t bit, slum neurlj our jcftis awaj then, is no fiar -^ ^«— " aeije Veiwke ' finished nowhere ( n Berlin aflcr sweeping the loauls lost winter He desires lo show Ins admirers Uiat he can ake Olenn Cunninghams measure indoors Cunningham lost lo Jock Loveloik io he can get some con-elation b> breaking indoor Conrl Ncxl WqV f k MPMPKI9 rpiil) -Although \m\ O'lWn, promolw of Ihr, tennis lour of Fred Perry ami Ellsworth Viijiw inslslR that prhcs for hr Memphis MigiKioftienl ul,ihe'Au dllorliiin Wednesday night rob l be boosted to conform with rates charged In other cities the committee In ehirge of the only Mid South npjiearancr of.llioift Itais positively reM'rt fo htl-t Hie ad inKsloa feeK,.' i< y >i' > l')kes In other icnnls centers range upward' to $10 bin the^ton prl<,t for Die (\udltorjum ivlll be M?0 \vhichKnchWs r'll fcovem rnoiit ln>cs a ml Us for Lox seals wljltli v rm piatllcally r on the com is Mlluiujch rlevaUid 'to «f foid n perfect vie* of ivcrv MIDI , Ins U ad of, .oonceilliii; to the do moml lo up* Ihe coil t) )t , local committee Is hopeful of pi avail Inu qn OBrJin to make a sln- dints piice of 55 tails lo'iljoi joung^hool bpjs umh gins Btn oppoitunlly lo witch these t-rfal nel stars In atjtlon ' r ' i $ vncs Is no stranger to tills sjc tlon having appealed here once as an amateur and" twice. a-if a oDnp I,, his debut lien, the University Club E|l| e vvlnt "ovvh to defeat before the rackel wclkllirj, povvei of blond headed Sidney Woods Woods lit lum wns tumbled bj Oeoi(,e Lott Jr In the finals 1,011 will be \vllh Vines nnd pprr> when Ihcv come 'to Memphis ' Ihe program for Ihe debut 'or Pcirj 1ms been compleled bj OCrlen and will find t/>tt meet ing Buice Barnps fonilei piofes slonal teichcr nl the IJiilversitj Club here In tlie fust match nien comes Pcnj and Vines fol lowed bj tliq doubles matcli will Peuv iiiul Loll inlrlng against Barnes nnd Vines, npportunlty: lOvCrasb. both 'the jiiillvc -lAnioilcan nml indoor two- mile records. lash ho.s never won a Onvdcn race, while Seni's is ah old hand lit. -lire- boards, , But Lash in Ihe Brooklyn K, of .C. .meet demonstrated Hint he now Is ready for .1% things. He is tu{ vised lo rate oe . . his pace carcfullj, howe>ei o ca\i« Bears can iprint the last three .laps. .Only last - monlli, Swrbo beat Isollollo, Finland s Olvmpic cham- •pion nl-30to mclers.ion an Indoor track In Berlin. :: H .vva.s .believed that he had , lowered • Nurmi's record until the track uns found to be short. Szabo Isn't likely lo piove the flop that Bill Nv of Sweden hhncd out to' be three yeais. ago Ny prlmarMi wns- an 800-metei 1 man. Szabo hu.4' trained for 2000 and MOO: meters. New York, Ihe cockpit of indoor tiack. enthusiasm eitcrlj awalls Ihe Round of 'spikes [hum mint' againsl boards. A B.C. Pin Boys Have Weighty Problem »} NBA Service NEW YORK -Pin bovs at the Ameiican Bowling Congress here March n April 19 will earn then$5 a daj flie^SOO five-man teams expect ^lp compete will call foi the set ig up of sK eailoads of pins weighing 12 SCO 000 pounds Pm bojs will return to bowlers 18600000 pounds of bails during Hie tourna » making a of 30100 000 inuiuls of weight handled du ing the meet c "l Here AYC AnsWers To Questions On Bowling Bob Shawkey Gets Rich as Mine Magnati By NEA Service" tiE\y YORK.—Bob Slrawkcy. for mar pitcher and inanagci of the Bob now is <Jne of the richest bull plujers NEW Ainerican ,By NF\ Service YORK— Offlcli\h of (he ! prctlulns P r Ule _ Congress in foi the annual classic In New York March ords P r Ule Mioit in New York March Ed ODrlen of Syracuse who'. 11 Apl " 19 nre be '' et °» "»» •sUlc-i ••ot shut out In the Randalls t bl> ^ arlou ' i «nd sundrj qutslions Ishnd tnouts at 400 meleis rc « a ™ng the growing game- trjouts al 400 meleis j •\ants lo convince ^Irc customers '1 al last winters spljirge wasnl V flash 'in lhe pan. * • •' » ^ \aroff Seeks Rcxtngc George VaioII has (o lils redlt (he two besl pole vaults •>i .1930,. but: saw lhe boat -steam •Jff to Germany without him, hence . his .eagerness to- turn - tlie 'ables on Earl Meadows, the Olympic champion,, and to beat Suero Ohe. the Japanese who tied for • abroad, Indications nre that the Wana- tiakcr Mile of .the Millrose Games il .the Garden, Feb. C. .will be worthy of its.' dramatic past. Miklas Szabp, /Hungarian chain- pion and holder of Uic 2000-melei 1 record, give.s the event an international tlavorj Cliarlcy Fen-ske, \V Isconsi n's 4:11 •utter,'is. entered.':. He Is the most promising of the yqun£ American mllers nesl lo Archie San Roman! and has given tlie . spirited Shawkcv owns a half million shares In the mlpe, and thev are valued toda> at n dollar a shaie :crnpelilion on western cinders. He has lhe solid foundation of cross-country running, to build on Vcnzke, Cunningham and Sai. Romanl are expected to enler lhe Wanamaker Mile. Urns providing a live-star ' Reid second lo none! In the history - of the fnmAm event. It is regrettable that Joe Mnn- xan, the-1938 winner, has retired from racing but alreid> it ap pears Ihftl -Joe's. 4:11 time' will be beitered. InasnniQJi : us The ' Woi'ia- maker Mile alvyays raises the ciir- tcin on lhe Gardeii season it may be asking loo much of the bo>s '.o have them break Ciinnin'gliain's indoor mark of 4 084, but Ihe possibilily exists. « * • I^ish Threatens Record;: It a record is broken In the Mill rose meet it is more hkelv to be made In the two mile race where Don Lash may be extended bj Ray Sears, who Ins warding the growing „ Heic are some pf MIL moie com- npn 'ones., together'.with'the aniwers: Q—Wlml Is the bowling- ball undo off ^—Rubber and miner ullte It Is 27 inches in elrcum- (erencc and weighs 1C iwuuds Q—How ran vvohicn and men of small slaluie handle a ball of Uiiit. vvelghl for three games? A— If, a ball Is drilled to one's Individual ;• specifications. It fits as comfortably, as an old glove, and Is therefore .easy lo handle. Q—What are the pins mide of? A—Kiln diled maple Q—What wood is used in the building of allevs? A—The< first U feet are maple, and lhe> other 49 feet of pine Q—What is the most Important pirt of bowling? A—Footwork Is most • important, and lhe follow- through "is". 'Absolutely'/ necessary lo prcVcnt a b-ick up delivers Q—Who is the highest avenge bowler In the country? A—Skang Mercurio of Cleveland with nn average of 233 over-a span of 90 games, is .generally 'considered to hold this .distinction. Q—What events are staged during the America^ Bowling Congress? A—Singles, doubles and five-man team competllion In ad- ditlon^lp' these scores in ill events are *ecord*d^ lor eacl] ttmipolitor ind the t highest pin to^al In, the sum of $1500000 HUNG \KIAN ACt HNTERS WANAAIAKEKilNUOOK Bv !StA Service NEW YORK—Miklas bzabo Huugarun mile champion and holder of -the 2000-meter record now Is in New York conditioning himself for the'Wanamaker Mile of the MlUrose Indooi v track meel] TVb 6 Szabo will compile against a stai field composed of Glenn Cunningham; aene Venzke, and Archie San "Romanl. 1EGEKTIOI IN ft 1 1* H M • f\ 1 1 '\ • f • I v\ *! Lerj;islatuie Adopts' 1 ' Rule For 17 Days ,5l6dv of Bills BV K0BKKT KEI.I.Y Unllfd 1'res.s Klatf Corrfsjionilcrit Us 1 , Neb.— Tlic Nebraska one-house Icgsilature, serving as a 'nboratory In jxilitlcal Kclence for the nation, lias adopted measures which members believe will prevent passage of hastily and ill- considered legislation. Under ' mlpj perfected during Undei riilts ^qrrec.tecj during tho (list two vccks of the 1 sessioj), 17 ilrys Is Ihe minimum lime (or ronslderallon of any proposenj measure unless the rules , are -.suspended .Slrue the unleft"meral legislature, by Us very natur'e jjnplies a ftur- l|al departure from tho historic ^morte bhlar'ii'es, svslern of checks , Uic Nebraska senate-^ <vs Ih'e leglslalros chose by resolution lo call Ihe law-making body- has creeled safeguards against ' Ii'ell-meil action on bills. Cuimiiillrr Onen In Ihe first place, every bill must be sent to a standing committee. The commidec.imisl hold in open 'icarlne on the prnuosal nnrt cofi- dticl research on It, reporllng its recommendations .lo the house. Tlic committee must give, five calendar d-vvs notice of the hearing •\yiicn the'bill-ls reported ;bacic '6 the'.hoiisc. it first Is considered in the committee of (he whole— a •ne|hod of legislature procedure vhl'i'li manv advocates of the unl- "ameral sjslem, including Senator "eorge W Norris who sponsored 'he plan In Nebraska wanted abolished Three davs must elapse between he time- Ihe bill' is considered in :omniiltee of the whole and its consideration by the legislature' 'as an assemblj Rules provide for mother five dais delav betvveei Ihe llnv Ihe bill is retiorted to the commltlee oir correlation arid review and final passage , .Rules iCan Re Suspended r. -The legislature 'con suspend ''the rules by a two-third vote Th rules were; suspended on the'iflrsl lhre« bills lo reach the floor— ap propnation measures for sajarres of members and legislative es pense , Three others policies were I adopt <! in am effort to avoid mistake ' !— The legislature voted to hue at $'3 a daj two legislative colin sclois ti, ad\ise committees 'on c « nstl " Ul °™ llU "' Piling: bills ™° ™un,elors rl the present ses' ney Lincoln it also employed ai addilicnnl bi(i, drafler al 525 £ ihawkev predicts lliey will go no 2—Committee meeting:, wereset , , ' ,' lo $3 tn Ihe fnUno giving him tlrf f01 - aftcn '°0 |1 ' i a"d scheduled so ablj will effect a large 'saving to tid\ sum of S15(]00(n> " . ' lltt '' 'heie would be no 0011(110(4 lh? la\pa\ers of Nebraska insofar vvil 1 meet "- 1 in the this Mlllrofe, number lor the IBM, two seasons^ Sears has done 9 LOW In the Garden, as against Paavo Nurmi's 8582 Lash thus has Remodel K. C. A, A. Track BERKLEY, Calif—University ol Californii is completely remodeling Its track for-the N C A A meet here In Jane TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY Ctt. AtetncU, land* A Loaru M. Terry, three ' events decides tiie events winner all t" Long al Short PHILAtJELPHrA.—Connie Mack will have five candidates for short- blori when His Philadelphia Athlet fcb report ln v Me\ico Cltj for spring training Tji«y arc Lamar New sonvc. Broadiis Culler, Jack Peer Son, .Riissell; Pelers, and Oliver " Play Billiards! Modtrately Prtctd BIytheville Recreation Center 316 W. Main - Former Homo of. Bell's Pharmacy GARNER AFPLETON SIARVIN CHAPPELL BOlf 24 in. x 12 ft. $12.00 30 in. x 14 ft. 15.00 36 in. x 16 ft. 22.00 ZIP SERVICE E.C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. I'honc 100 LOST Male Black aud White Shepherd Dog, a name of "Shep". I ast seen Sahirdav morni lo morninR at 1000. AVil! appreciate an\ infornmllon leading (o return of this pet Samuel F. Morris ( Call 30fi or 25G.\V at Night Tlie imicameral legislature prob J^JESDAY, JANUARY 26, 1987 Engulfed by Ohio's Rampage ABOVE: Higher, higher, higher rises the Ohio River, a relentless tide of disaster'that engulfs everything in Us wake. The snow-covered roofs .of buildings at Cincinuali's •liug<t ni imiis°inent piik dot Ihe flood m this hmarkablj Ueii air view thai reveals ttie scope of the rh 1 er'.s record overflow. In the lower left the gaunt skeleton of the part ly inundated roller coaster stands starkly above the'..water. 1 irn Only a subtnairne could get into the hangars at Uic Cincinnati, p., airport after the waters of the floocl-svyollen Ohio Rivei' rose to tile roofs and turned Ihe field into a vast, sea fit only for landing flying boats—a dramatic example of'tlie way floods have disrupted trans- porlalion m the disislei area In Ihe background are homes from which Ihe waters rouled dwellers. lijui. uieic wuuici DC no conniccs lhe_ ta\pa\crs of Nebraska insofar Under ordinary circumsland.s' the as_lts o»vn expense Js concerned IpOlsllltllrp ' Will I 1*100)' -XllU'.'. 1 Ill Mia Tf^ill ''i*n«l -/If llla.lni-h .T-a'nllloi.'- lll.n. — of tire-last regular' Ivvo- house session vvai, $20259349 It 3—Plans were dlscassed to ereite Is, estimated the present session legislative council similar loiliat wilt, cost not more limn $160 000 (Inch e\ in Kansas to studs egblation between legislative ses- ons. Saving • Seen ii > i than I V and probablj mucli less Hut Aggregate salaries of the 43 members for the hiennuim is $75 - 00 nns ri, fbed by the const! tution. Dining the firs' Uo weeks of the present session 011)5 2b vvcie Inlroduced as compared with 1GO bills in the senile and house Mo sears Tgo The number of com mlttecs wis icduced from 3' lo 1C. : As many ns 100.'components' are blended in expensive peifumes Baptized in Bathtub DALLAS, Tex. (UP)—A 'new use lias been found for the 'bathtub iir the Dalhs Co^lj Jali Pout women, converted "at '."religious services snae (.iitering the" Jill were baptized in the. bathtub, re- ccntlj when no othei biptlsli-} s avTilable WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone' 167 APPLEBATJM BROS. COTTON CO. . Bcrtlg .BHg. Blythevllle, Atlt. They all look alike form of motion seems so smooth and delightful to the eje as the ca c and grace of tlie championship skater . , . And seems so smooth and delight ful to the palate as a championship whiskey . . , Windsor f njoj^ recognition as a champion m its class because it ' io smooth, so easy and so delightful in all\va)S. ,. tried Windsor lalelv f

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