The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 30, 1934
Page 6
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' PAGE SIX TO FOILST II fill F Return .o(J/jckc, Mercdilli and Moslcy s Quick Recovery Heartening BY J. p. FRIEND .The stock of rue Blyihevi))' Chiefens^ws took a decided jump yesterday \vhcn every member or (ha sick HfP-'dcOTled his bed nuci crutches and. reported to Coaches Carney Leslie curl Jnmes "Aco" Puelrelt tis the tribe buckled down (o hard wort: in pieporalion for •the Invasion of (heir traditional fo;s.. ihe Jor.eilioio Golden lium- tanc, Rt Haley Field, Friday jjight, Br.sil L()9t;e fn backfielcl nee, who has been 'keeping company with .1 temperature (list, prevent^ him p!:ivliif last week; Hcrshel Mosley, tilplc thv-snt. ttsir, Injured ir> tho llgp.ctt fray; John "Wimuy' Burns and Alfred "Slick" Mcn'd^i capable reserve backs, handlci,; ::•„ "••Mi Lad ankles, pronounced Cj • :.ehes okay and "rnrin 1 lo •incy eavt every indication " I thdr MUCUS that such was the case as the mentors sent tin AuiiiT croup llno'.ish tliclr pare::. lei csbci\> Has Hi; I.hie Th( forward wall, which has fi-.-rc than h?ld it.s own in Mm Mo. victories recorded' by ih» Chicks dm-liiE (he cm-mil season, v/Ji hl-cly B ct Its most sever- tesi Friday night. ^nncsboro's Hint line defei>se Is umisunllv -iJ-ae ami slionj. it fs estimated t > :i\eraee iii-ound no pounds from end to cm). ian\ rolicwers who wiinisrcd ths aiuwiicc-Kunlcinw contest report 'Dial lht> Joiner entry uns imalrte to -dent the ine, takii!" (o the nir soon niter •the game [jot under way. Coach Halzlip's charges li.-ivc not lolled up rln Impressive record tins year but appear to be iin- BLYTHBVILLB.- (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Eicphanl ? s Trunk of Tricks Stop Gridders Unnsnn! C.-op of Firs! Year Ace:; Being Developed in Conference >-!mmy it'.-. "Wide Awake.' •• 'i::irs, 6UCC£!.-.'f The Tnr Heels are no longer round. The southland may have given birth to proving with every game. Tiny 60i olf en u,e wronc fooL ky cropping „ 7-0 decision i.q Walnut Kulco. This was followed by a 51-7 flfttal at (he "hands of the potonttel slate championship con"^ "'L 3 ^' The Piwcr- — ' —" — ' "'" ' position nixin the dc'ith (iol heliiK Ming at the University.,, ms .,,.. ...' , ni,,!,. of North Carolina this autumn. I '",'," Cih ' For the first time since the hnl- \^ ccn c ,i,, c ., :yon days of 1920, the likic and' nm i bealen '.vhltc roams Dixie ilelds wlUildown-s by Pk ' iumptotishlp Wood In' its eye. |,, VB n ™ ™in,,, Cla.vscd as second-raters In the Southern and Southeastern Conference Jigsaw puzzles ever since one-touchdown defeat by zebras continued 'Hi fine Bluff to Plsy Imvcc with them the joilowina tvcelf-end, \vhmi-- 33-7 Howeve.-, in this game the iu, rri . cane held [he visitors to a 7-7 in thermal p=riad under a lerri- ii'' iiounung by cnpntle .substitutions, in n "breather" tl lcv o\- penenccd little'Umicmty in dawning Bnlrmlb, lo-o. i,,, S i v ,. cck ,„,,. lilmmed Shawnce,' 28-7, one point more than the tribe. was able to rail up. .Lai*, of..'substitutes who just a ti.ort ifi n » ha.; b^-n per- ia|ii their erealest trouble. Especially were '(bay needed in (heir with. Hot Springs and pine . Bluff On The Outside Looking Iu Uy "DUKE" = ===== .„ S]M?Ck Uoy.^ A Jonesboro Tribune /.ports columnist writes of the well'known Speck family \ n south Mlss!r,sin,ii county. • ' ' "When the Speck families in Mississippi county, especially those In the Frenchman's Bayou vicinity have a blessed event and it's a bov they give it a football instead of a ifittlor To date, wo know of at least live of tha Speck boys who are chasing^or "carrying the'elusive pigskin In thssc parts. "Friday at Joiner three of tlic'M appeared In shawnce's opening line-«p. They were: o. Speck, a tackle; J.-Speck, a center; and' p Speck, an end. j. Speck isn't much more than that. Even with (lie "J" on his name. u e weighs us Mis- county pounds—but little n him bv Marry Gravson ^ j Puiir BV Coach, IJniveiMity of Oklahoma NOIUfAN, OI:la.-Ji «oncrally takes three or lour wivks ot tool- bal season brlore the croj? of sofili- oriKire;; slaiis to sprout. Eut, once witi> :d;ove tr.? ground, the growth is rapid. The Big Six Conference has an exceptional yield of sojiliomotc stars tills season; in fact, iov:a ,'!tats Is plncing Hie htiiidiing nt its team In the care of little Tommy Keal former All-Iowa Inierseholastic (iimrier. Another Iowa soph siar is Pre<l Pool;, cud. Poole jjiit over .1 place be!! fiMinsl Luther, two points alter toiielirtown, and held Missouri ai day ii'llh Ills lirllliant putiiv Nebraska his three line prospects Horsemen faith In Ik new coach, In George I !•"• '''imV'^nr'i an< ' **'" *'"'"' •Uarclny, Jin .•agiial-callln (! cuard,!(;laiit end"' ' \I,I,1«V OOP TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, ' MAYIiR FOOZY'S I'AIN IS CONTAGIOUS! Ht "" U ' work nut on. Ir.t-tcn cl:phant of the s.vatt!.'noo. Here is (lie pachyderm, apparently j,.. y r isiln;; the rushes of seven burly Ilik-incn v.ho arc tryini; 'to r,i;:h 11 yniinc" !..'Irl very securely In "Wide /IWiiki-'s" i'l'..ij',,-,;,d nose, •Knule noclrne's Icrputton or 19M. . ,-can (! 8 wrt. tjiiavelv employs a cnmblnnUon and In the ritnnlng, passing ami of Poj) Warner's methods with his punling of Twinklelocs Hhaffci- iitul nmi special technique, and his Don Jackson. , . l iirr.iys, and the MOJ-CS so | So much faltli in fact, that nol far tills season testify mutely to lls .a few suspect that *.,^, l efficiency. nhol time nl Olmpel jjjjj Anderson practically is Mr. Notre nljjhl of Nov. 17. Dame himself, having served as line conch under Itocknc nl South Bend before succccdiii!: to the head there'll be on aanlwll woivd tcuchclowns afiainst Wyoming, nnd nearly got of Carolina Stale has' by Wake Forest, Utle HBht by !- "a»Wc<l ant: whipping Georgia and Kentucky, southeastern titans, on successive week-ends of dope spill'-is. Coac-hes so frcmicnliy are criti- ' pleasant to write - cized that ibonl Die success of one of the fraternity. Particularly wlien he doesn't, nsk three or four seasons In which to gel his "system" going. Carl O. Sjinvely, wlio played at little Lebanon Valley, College, nnd made a name -for himself In seven years of coiichhis nl ri" ills hrst j'eh'r. Hiicknell is new deal Blow (o Itocknc System 8navel >'' s starl and the different team. Meanwhile, North Carolina walloped Wake Forest, 21-0, using its only half the game. This victory In the season's rved notice un tlv Avenges Loss To Oppon- enl Earlier In Season; Smith Bcsls Lawo Floyd Gall Byrd turned the la~_ ..._ ^....^ i.j,..t..,,i., — ILL LUU hies on Cyclone Burns last nijiht giants of the .deep south know thai «nd avenged an earlier defeat here U.N.C. was nu longer to be sched- iwlion lie beat the Cyclone two out nled as a set-up. jof three falls in the feature match A 10-7 trimming by Tennessee in the first real lest of the campaign darkened the Chnjw) Illil campus' the stale let the rose-colored classes, despite the fact that the Tar Heels led (he bone-crushing Volunteers, 1-fi, nl Ihe half on a gridiron thai was » lake under n lashing ruin Hot Time at t'bplicl Hill iin lust night's wrestling curd at. the armory. Burns was wrestling Byrtl on al least even lei-ins until a short lime before the last fall when Byrd from tile whole Minnesota , ... after a. klckoff, being ., ro . tlio.noiiuml (lie finest hack o nlhs field ! by vurimis scribes. Praiifls Is n left-rooted and left- handed fullback, and it was hii vicious punching that brought the second and winning touchdown .against Iowa. McDonald, (i feet 4 inches, Is shaping Ui > ns ,j, e ,, reat _ cst pass receiver Nebraska has had In years. Kansas State has Red Elder a fast-stepping back, and Leo Ayws diminutive sophomore'tailback Coach Ad Lindsey of Kansas apparently is placing almost all his reliance this fall in letter men and squad men. Coach Prank Caricteo of Missouri has a fine punter in Joe Angelo, left ball. At Oklahoma we have five pretty Mir m:n in Mickey Harks, 200- IJOund center; Mike Montgomery and Connie Ahrens, glm rds; Bo Inyes fullback; and Ralph Hewcs, ft llback; and Ralph rsmvn, tackle «H of them Inch seasotiing. -- —, / LOOK AT ALL TKS SPOTTED CATS ALLEY OOP AND KINO GUZZLE ARE GING IN/ I STILL PONT QUITE UNDERSTAND? PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF / GOT CUE PAL (JOP5D-1VECAN7 BUST THE. WEDDING, AS 1 HAD HOPED/ IN/BUT NOW! HAT OBSTACLE (5 PLUMB ' WORKS TO OOP THEY'LL SHOOT/ © 1934 BY HEASEHVlCf.| NC T. M. REG, u.s. PAT, orr. ' \ jw ncne loo auspicious beginning or Hi;i:k Anderson a(. North Carolina Sia|. ; is another blow to (he Uock- "_ or Noire -Dame syslem. Fnnvely 11114 Anderson were iui- 0" '.."dd to the tobacco triangle i tliva Wallace Wcitlc's Duke tcanis unveil unmistakaule slens of hav- '"-'••eel the jump on their Junked the the departure of succeeded in securing a torturing i hold on one of Burns' legs which had been troubling him. - I" 'he preliminary match Hnlph Mighty few, il any, expected Slnll "i Jackson, Tcnn., professor of North Carolina to bent Geovgln.i{ jlls ' slcnl .' " " ' Certainly not by two touchdowns. ' ' ••'So it was'.'lh^l'thc stunning defeat of Ihe Bulldogs skyrocketed North Carolina stock on i'lhc Smith's grid exchange. And the " 5 successive humill»ting of Kentucky, G-0, pushed (he Tar Heels to the .head of the Southern Con- class with "Duke. Carolina anil Duke meet o Chuck Collins, who played end on "Here In Jonesboro we thought dena Rose IJowl invitation was ruined by n 0-0 n|iset by Georgia North Oarollnn Plan with linns. Bui their North Carolina has great, RETORT oFCONDITION" „,• I'arnicrs .Bank & Trust. Goinnanv 'MlPUlllw Xft^dlrrin,,! rt ... . . ' . * .' -of niylhevllle, Mississippi County, Arkansas, nl the close of business RESOURCES terback, nnd j.' w . spec^Wso^e i lineman af Arkansas Stat' IT'".-• They.Bve cousins.. Tlie tbrcc- ;^v al.Shawtiee are brothers ^n.j ai . eoustas of toe state eollees specks. All-in-all we 'specks' ihcre'll te Plenty of Specks nl Arkansas State m jears to come. They're welcome." Here's t |Sonic Hope ... .. In case y 01l go In for statistics V ' <k ,,1 7 u? nsure ° ut a wl »ntr i" ! '' -«'"h fashion here l, some dope on on Octolrer 17, Loans and Discounts ................. Loans on Heal Estate .......... "" Loans on Cotton and Other Commodities ; Ov-rdrafts, Secured anil Unsecured tf. S. Securities not pl?deed U. fi. Pco-.-riilp; plc.-t-.- < Stei; ir ^drrnl T!r^--.- T- i.V .. r ,,. Covnty -n-1 ci' : ~-.i- ••'..•-• ?'i l rnl:: r- .^r • ;•;-•'• ...... Banking Fousn .......... ' '. ' " Other Real Estate ......... '..'.'.'.'.'.'.'. ..................... • '.!•'• Duj from Approve reserve Ban: ............ C'.:'.cr Kcjoi-rccs: (In,. Dept. S32.254.00; Fed Ci-"V ns Corp. S1.111.GO: stock Union Natl. Dk., $2,057.00) 104,122.» 74,552.51: B22," 359.7: 00,-inO.' 35.022.' ToSil • -,..^ i» ovuit; iiypy opj tne probable chances of Blyltievlllo and Jonesbnro here Friday night ^Bljthcvlllo defeated shawnec. 25 ioncsfcoro Defeated shawnec, 26 Common Stock Surplus Fund, Certified Undivided Fronts, Net Savings Accounts Dividends Unpaid ('dual Deposits, including Funds $1,700.073.15 UAiilLITIES Demand Certificates of Deposit Time Certificates of Deposit Cashier's Checks !liacio Blythevlllc tried 8 forward Pai! ,e 5 against shamiee and completed 1 in, ? E , OI J, 2 yards ' one r «>'»- a>g In a loi:chdo«-n. shauiicc tried 5 and completed one. Shawnee in- M^f.vm °? C , Bl y' he vllle pass and Blythevlllc intercepted Ihree Shawnee lieaves. J^"^ trlc<! le fonv ' ard P^es neainsl Shawncc and 'completed S » , ^ yarfS ' One rtsu 'Ung Jn n touchdown. Shawnee Iricd s Rn d completed 3, one being IntcrcepteU. Los Argeles has a un.mie eating Place, built In Ihe form of n Co!- 'onlal day woman. Public t>«e to Bunks 100,960.515 25.00 1.303,182.31 5.080.73 3,214.00 200,000 0.0 •10,000.00 50,S83. 1 75 Amount of mi classes Deposits as' Abo've Shown .. 1,469,088.70 Total STATE OP ARKANSAS, COUNTY OP MISSISSIPPI, ss: J1.7C0.012.45 A. LYNCH, President, ( ^<*d and SW crn ,o w ,ore me thU 29th c!ay of October. ,034. My oommteton expire., Marc^ f^' ™^ PuUlc - ATfEST:- ' B. A. Lynch, J. L. Cherry, I Cecil Shane, ', Directors. . cuIUtie defeated Tony iwp of t Memphis, two out 'of ihire ills. > vvi. •. •-.". :'.'.. :. . .... ...:fr, ';: i^IL.' ! '••" " : ' - 1 / ;^,' 1 ' There: wsrc 3,563,101),'' persons nil the nclnvnfk'i •' (or shifck .vorkeis, list) in Soviet Russia oii Ian. 1, 1934, as ngiiihst 903,100 on .he same date of 1030 Head Courier News Want Scot it Own Team, Urges Gus Dorais. Detroit U. Tutor By NKA Service DETROIT, Oct. 30.-TivoiiM he well for football coaches, instead cf concentrating their scouting activities on various teams on their schedule, to place a couple - of scouts in the stands during practice and analyze the weaknesses iml strong points of their own teams. Such is the belief of Gns Dorais University of Detroit gridiron mentor. He believes members of the coaching staff generally are loo HOTEL NOBLE Is Now Agent For Amcriciin Airlines. Inc. Call S35 For Jufonniilion and Hescn-ationj Tuesday - Weds. Mfl(. 2::30, 10-25c • Nile <i:.]5—10-35e Y Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. Matinee 2:30—lOc - 2sc I'avmnoiiiil Screen Souvenirs No. Comcdv Whojs hujbond Ir he?...Tho»'« thai question they try' »o lettlo in th» est, splci-j est comedy of th«I ^season..' " EDWARD EVERETT 1 NORTON j GEN E VI E VEit T O B i N CAVANAGH; M,-ff t, Rtn« G«td, Gtorac Mectttr'v Dorothy PeUrJon. Produced b»I Ori L««mmlc, Jr. Dir.cttd by K<rll .Fregnd. Pr«« fn t«d by C«tl Iwmrn busy and too close to the picture to note all the good points of their material and that, due to this condition, Iliey are not always able to pick out the best men for verl- ous positions. A scout in the stands would be valuable aid In placing the strongest team on the field, he believes. Read Courier News Want ,\d». fhone 177 At NiKht-^Sunday—Anytime For Quick anfl Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. Now «.«atea at Southeast .Corner W,bmt an« Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, PrflprfMor ill »,!,« of rebuilt Typewrilers, Jddte, Machine, an,) C.fcuhlm ' "epalnng-rjrls-Rihbons I'hon; 71 I''OX NEWS CUMEDY "Next to A dvertising Matter THERE used to be a favorite phrase of advertisers. They asked to have their advertisements placed "next to reading matter" in the belief that such a position would assure more attention. But today the editor might well ask to have his news item placed "next to advertising matter," for very definitely the advertisements have a tremendous reader following/Today's advertisements win eager attention because they help people buy intelligently, quickly, without waste of time, .and get, full value for the money spent. v ii "• That is the great function of advertising—to guide you swiftly and surely to wise, economical buying. The best advertisement is always the one that gives you the facts you want—simply, honestly, without exaggeration,

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