The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 17, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHBA ST ARKANSAS ^^^7^,^^ ' "*" * •*-" " " k-/' VOL. XXIX—NO. 157 ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Blytheville Dntly News. Blytheville Herald. Mississippi Valley Lender. Blythevlllc Courier'. Hl/VTHKVIM.l';. AUKANSAS. SATUUDAY, SKl'TI-'.MUKH 17 IDT- 1 HYDE AND CURTIS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Finds Walking a Wire Is Harder Tliiin Ii Looks OSCKOI.A. Ark.—It Iccfecd slm- jplc enou; ; :i v.-hui the «llletll;i bal. ! Kneed on thu l.-iah wire at the »fl til , n rt • i i-'''v!"tick-W::llacc circus In lily- IVlonev must be Kaised to; 'mm? n few <i !ljs uau and six- i:,.;,KU flrirlfv in iVWr ."': !d *''»''<' C-irlwriglu Mill . Ul.JUU to IVlCCt I ,:mi :s ,f ,|,,, v ir( . 1)ad bfm lig , n i ;:L ucrMn'i !;<• weiiriu'^ his arm i'l ;, -.1:117 Community Needs. A campaign lo rinse by public' subscription a major portion' c.f| the S5.7M which, liie Chicfcasawba ! district chapter of the Red Cress will need to lunuuon j jjj bin clothes lints ^ »""/"'"»« t * r '' re '"- 1 ™* ; ' f :""™» nftw Crowds Demand Romning of l-.nemv Cfi'ii'al in ^c- nrisal for Atrocilics, I. A PAZ. Bolivia. Sopl n (UP) ---Ati'/rv crowds iu the .sir^ets of I lie Bolivian ranilnl demanded to- riay that airplanes be sent to mnniiy. It is ;; larger sum Uian hus teen raised in any recent. ytur. Lack r;f adec.imtc funds in tlir past, however, has prevented the chapter from inct-ting iitiiny cl Ihe demands thai are properly made upon It. Itoll Call Later The campaign lo be opened Tues'<!;iy is distinct from the annual roll call or membership drive, which will be held in November as usual. The roll call is being ic-litd upon to bring SLOOO into the chapter treasury, and next week's campaign will seek monthly pledges frcm business houses ami indhiduals amounting to $*,70", which is approximately double what, has been obtained from such soi.rces in recent years. A. B. Fairfle'.d is chairman ot the finance committee, which has. enlisted the help of a large group j ta put on the campaign. "The things we must Mr. Fail-field declared In anuounc- we cannot have adequate service from cur Red Cross chapter unless we finance it adequately. There have bpen many complaints lhat •the' Red Cross has failed to'ex- tend adequate help in worthy cast's. The explanation Is that the help which the- Red Cross can exten/1 is limited by the means which the community givei it. In this campaign we are appealing lo ihc people of Blytheville and the Chickasawba district cf Mississippi county to give u.i money enough to perform the service they expect of us." Service in Kxcess of Cost That the value of service rendered by the Red" Cross "chapter is lar in excess oi the mone-' furnifhed the chapter by the community is made evident by figures 0:1 chapter activities of rh? past, year compiled by .Mrs. Hav mon Scfcrd. executive secretary. The salary of the secretary, office and traveling expenses, and Icod and medicine issued to destitute families, are paid out of chapter lunr'.s. which Jjr the past twelve months amounted to [•niy about £1.000. In addition, however, through a hospital allowance by the city of Blytlle- vKlr. through contacts with hcs- puals and institutions in other cilics. and through the co-opera- tioa of physicians and surgeons' it) Ulythcvillr and elsewhere, the chapter was able lo Rive medical at.! 1 , hospital service to residents of ihr northern district of the county to Mie value of $4,425. In addition to this S3.000 worth of Hour fuinislicd by the national Reel was distributed through iho local chapter, as werj contributions o! clothing valued at S3DO. '0 lhat will an actual operating f':ml of only about. S4.C00 the diaplor Vias ab'.e to render about S12.000 worth cl service to the l.vople of the city and county. ' rl "'s SI2.CCO total does not include various intangible services rendered by Ihc chapter, Includ- "Mt the placht; of neglected or nUindr.Red children in homes, help I 1 ' th t . adjustment of family prob- 'fins. assistance to former service men in ihp p j aci , lg Qf c Mms v^t'-"* 1 " lc C ovcirrilllcnt - anl l '"• estimations fe r agencies in ether ' . "Helving destitute persons iiaimiii ? Hlyihcvillc as their home. Inspltal s crvi( . f For M:lrJ , In the past vear handled 404 clvilia: Including thr.?,, ,„ U-1C it I «as issued, and 81 e es. and made 4$ for musfdc Eiippl!e<l (o them fcr extended" cine furnished and the remainder services. Mrs. Sarah Garner, 81, Near Death At Her Home in Texas. DETROIT. Tex.. Sept. 17. [OP) —Airs. Sanh Oarner. 81. lingered between Hie and death today whib her famous sen, John Nance Garner, sped homeward from Washington on what may be his last visit to her. The frail little woman who weighs less than 100 pounds has the chapte "*«' " o , „ cas Food wa many o mcdi 140 grave. . Mrs. Garner lost consciousness yesterday and her daughter, Mrs Maud? Blair, decided to notify her brother in the capital. A telegram was sent to him. The household was flrjt informed of the speaker's de- nartur efor Detroit today by the United Press. Mrs. Garner has lived in her present home for 42 years. Her hus- pand, John Nance Oarner sr.. built it. "II would be impossible to say how long she will survive." Dr n L. Lewis of Paris. Tex., consulting Physician, said today I^avts at Once WASHINtiTOr*. Sept. 17 (UP)- Speaker John N. Garner. Democratic nominee for vice-president forsook politics today to rush to the bedside of his aged motter gravely ill at her home near Detroit. Tex. He hurriedly packed a small bag and boarded the Memphis Soecial of the Soutlvern railroad at 3:30 a. in. today. The train is due in Memphis at 7:15 a. in. Sunday. Little Dudley Lynch of Osceola Badly Hurt OSCEOLA. Ark.—Dudley Lynch r.. 5-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Lynch, was seriously injured near his home here late "rlrlay afternoon when he jumped from the back- of a seed truck and was struck by a passing automobile. Both arms were brok;n and h? sustained face and scalp wounds. The aiitcmobile was driven by Frank Coinvay. Somerville Takes Lead for Amateur Golf Title BALTIMORE COUNTRY CLUB. Md., Sept. 17. (UP)—Ross Somcr- vlHc, former Canadian champion, was one up over Johnny Goodman or Omaha today at the end of the first 18 r.3)es of their 36-hole final match for the United States amateur golf championship. Playing on the Five Farms course .,-,,,,,,. ... c , rv . r , of the Baltimore Country club the S con mk-ion Canadian, who has four times held commission the dominion title, gained his advantage o_f one hole by sinking a pull of 35 feet on the final green. lnv «"8- 1 « ons surgeons contributed their services. "» Involved other allowance of $1,300 In addition, through Its contacts with out of town hospitals, chief i- Iv hi .\femphl5. the chapter ob tnined free hcspitallzation else cf convention as our wonncV-'i in ihc battle of Boitueron are killed by ns willi knives anil bayonets and equal falc is .shared bv stretcher Irenrers '.Hrlevini; the \vcmidcd." thn Bolivian note to the lofmiie said. Military headquarters denied a rcnort broadcast from Utimos Aires Hint the Bolivians liad raised the white flag at Fort lloqucr- on. where Bolivians and Paraguayans have engaged in desperate fighting. "If IN? \vhite flag was iai"ed it as merely for the opportunity of nrj'in^ numerous dead." mililaiv officials said. Paraguay Want*, I'cacc ASUNCION, Paraguay. Sept. 17 (UP)—The aovernmeiH instructed its representative at Wasliinglon to^ny to notify the neutrnls there that. Paraguay Is willing to cease hostilities today in the Gran Ctroco frontier dispute willi Bolivia. The attitude of Paraguay has been awaited as an important factor in halting the warfare which now appears likely. Former Highway Denarl- merti Employe aid Wife Are Questioned. LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Mr. ami Mrs. A. Conckrlght of Joiner, formerly of Pine Bluff, were qurslion- ed by the highway audit commission l-_«re yesterday. Although their testimony was not made public it is said to have been connected with affairs of the audit Investigation about which A. D. Madding, former district highway engineer 'at Pine Bluff, will e quizzed. Madding was ill yesterday and unable to appear his physician to the commission. Madding, who is recovering from a self-Inflicted wound suffered when a gun accidentally discharged, will be un- au'e to appear for several weeks the commission was informed. 11 was announced that testimony of Mr. and Mrs. Conckrlght would not be made public until after Madding testifies. Conckright was formerly a highway department mechanic iind?! Madding at Bluff. He o c sought as a witness when Maddinr first testified several months ago but was reported out of the s!al? A sub]X>ena was served on him if Mississippi county by an officer of the audit commission after a Mississippi county deputy sheriff refused to .serve it. the a'ndit commission announced. Sheriff W. W. Shaver of Mississippi county said this afternoon that he had no knowledge of refusal by any deputy to serve a subpoena for the audit commission. Hr- said hc would Investigate the matter but was positive the report from Little Rock was in error. H; d->- clared that his Osceoln office reported all Service iwncd by tho ried out. had been car- Four Roiisons for Kofioei.ion over » cases, all To, and many of them Involv ^"•em. I,, „„ .,,, ch others not n Iocal p! ,y sl where for 41 Blytheviilo and Chlck- asowba district cases, exclusive of fonner soldiers placed in veterans! hospitals. Through Its affiliation with the national Red Cross the chapter nnrt pound sacks of flour, valued at $3.000, to destitute families, a service which was of substantial value during the summer montlis when employment was unobtainable tor hundreds. Union City Mayor's Death Held Accident UNION crrYTrenn.. sept 17 (UPl-Aecc-ptln? the fatal shoot Inr of Mayor J. A. Prlclo 55 a nccldcnlal. officers dispensed'.today with holding an Inquest Into his dsath. After completing a thorough Investigation Into the death of the mayor, found dving i n hls off|co last night, pollcp. and city commissioners said they were satis- fled Prlcto had shot himself ac- cldsntally. The finding ot a bent wire and an oil can and soiled racs near his pistol convinced niitrtorilfcs the shooting vsa accidental. Driver Pledges Effort to Hive. Glenn-Sinirh Bill Made Law. STEM PIUS. Tcnn.—A continued fipht for federal relief from cp- nressive drainage taxes was determined unon at Hie sununl ueetin" of the Na'lonal DrainsEe isnociation here Friday. W. H. Dick, wlin wns re-elec.'ed to the presidency of the associn- Mon. said that drainap.; taxes arc fhrenfening (Ire confiscation of the homes of 5.000,000 Americans, largely in the Mississippi vallw. Rep. W. J. Driver of Osccola oledged continued effort for a:lor>- liou of the Glenn-Smith bill, for ted.eral assistance in the refinancing of drainage district Ir.drW- thus making possible reduction In drainage taxes. He dc- >tared that the federal government aad come to the ^ojciic of banks, railroads and insurance companies, and that similar help for tax- bnrdcncd fanners was In order. R. E. tee Wilson of Wilson. Ark. and Etnil Schrain of Hillview. II!.. were cycled vice : prcsldonts of the association, and Jullen N. Frirmt of Cape Oirardeau was named EEC- retory-treasurer. Clifton H. Scott of T.lttle Hock and W. R. Satler- field of i\frniphis w^re among :hose named to the executive committee. Mr. Satterfleld was named vice-prcsictont for Arkansas, and Mr. Friant for Missouri. The meeting was attended by large number of drainage district commissioners and projxrty owners. Among those from Miss- Isslonl county. Ackansas. and from FOuthenst Missouri were: W. B. Erwln. \V. D. Lasswcll. Judcc C, H. Roharh. W. F. Hlldehrcind. and Judze N. J. \Vagster. Kcnnett, Mn.; S. P. Reynolds. Cnnitbersvillc. .^^o. C. M. Buck and n. P. Kirshuer, Blythcville. ILijIEE Disirict 17 Rcenforcement Work Must Be Completed Within 90 Days." 13:ds on the war ricp-irimcnt's S100.000 program for repairing and strengthening Drainage District 1T.1 Bis Laltc-Llttlc lilver tevee system will be accepted at the. army cn- ghuers corps oflke at West Memphis up to 2 p.m. Thursday, September. 19. J. W. Meyer, onslntoj tor the district, has been advised, IJ:ds \UI! be received on s^v^n items, five calling for the moving of no.OOO cnb.'c yards of enrth ench and cmbrnclng t'r.e main levee construction Job on the east slie of Big Lake, one involving 9.4GO cubic yards on ihc Missouri state line, and one involving 7,500 cubic yards en Little River near Etowali. The war department will require tlmt all work be r-omu]et?rl within 00 calendar days after award of contracts, which will probably be nboui ten days after bids are opened. NO TIB PEIIflLII Package Stock Sale Concern Charges Violation of Trust Law. Committee Will Plan Osceola Red Cross Drive OSCEOLA. Ark.—The CKrcola Civic club at its meeting Thursday n.inird Dr. C. M. Harwell. L. K. Uarv.-arg and R. A. Cai-lsvrizht committee lo arrange for hnld- in; the approaching lied Cross Roll Call. The matter was brought to the club's attention hi a short talk by C. L. Mcore jr. Hev. C. K. Welch spoke briefly, announcing the Baptist revival] meeting In progress this week, and t Mark Short, evangelistic singer rf mns:™! director for Ihe revival, rendered a musical selccc- tlon. NEW YORK. Sept. 17. (UP) — The -Veiv Yori: stock o.vrhnnge. its n tncii 11 !!. Kichard \Vhilncy. and •10 mcmb'.Ts of its uovrrnhr: body, wen ii:-!d" (icfendanls in a $',!!.- KD.COti <i"iir.':e suil filed in f(xi- cral f';::t icdny by Pirnle, Sim- Comprvny. Inc.. slock Judge llai'risoii Announces Extension [or Benefit of Taxpayers. Extension to November 1 of the time In which Mississippi county properly owners can pay real cs- talc taxes, due last spring, without penally, was announced today by County Judge Znl n. Harrlsor. Judge Harrison's announcement points out lhat the extension does not apply to puisonsl property ta>.rs, to which penalties 'will l« added after October 1, according to an announcement by Sheriff W. W. Shaver. Jud^c Harrispn's announcement follows: "On account of the extremely Ion- price received for the. crops last fall II was • Impossible for a gresl many of the people of the county to pay their. taxes at the regular lax paying time, and for this reason 1 have made an order permitting the people to pay their taxes at any time prlcr to the first day of November without [.'.lying t!ie i>cnalty. "It is :u'cossary, however, thai they pay he-fore (he first day of November, as Ihe penally, cost anrl interest v.ill be added on ami afler 'November I. 1032. This Is necessary In order that we may know UK financial rjndllion of (he count* when Ihe quorum court meets on November M. This mnsl not be confused irilli personal properly taxes. 1 am informed by the sheriff's office; thai the penalty will iMlach lo personal properly Inxei on October 1." Jan. .Inly Oct. Doc. Southern Selling Puts Cotton $1.50 a Bale Down -NEW YORK. «p!. n. I OP) — Cotton prices broke mora ihin 51.50 a bale lottoy en a wave of sn'.iihern wiling which touched off numerous stop loss orders placed by trad- ers_protectlng their paper profit. . Closing prices were 32 10 35 points lower, around their Imrat levels of the session and onlv 150 points above the lo-,v levels toi:chorl earlier in the year. Speculative demand on the setback U.TS negligible and 1113*1 of the support came from the s:orts. Large sellers found it dlfflruU lo dispose of targe blocks without materially aflecling the market. ons aa-:l brokers. T,-.- brokerage company cJmrg- : cd thai the exchange has set up r. "boycott and blacklist 1 - ngtiiutt' Us taisiitcis and asks S3.CCO.CCO at-1 tual chm.iBe. S-1.009.COO punitive damage, and under Ihe Sherman onll-tr:5l law and the Claytiu art. which tho suit seeks to In- ^ke. a total d.ima.-c of throe times those fijures. or $21.000,000. t'iinie. Simons and Company erteln.ilrd thr "p.ickncc salt. 1 " or stocks by which for a set price a buyer coaid obtain one share each j Jan. ., hi a niimtcr of diversified corpora- I Xfar. lions, all neatly engraved and do- May livercd to him in a black nnd silver i>orifo!!o. New T'or/c Cotton NKW YOHK. Scp;. 11. (UP) - Cottcn closed easy. Open Uiyh lav Close 707 712 728 7)1 BBS 702 73(3 OS1 707 581 60S TO 718 MS C80 684 C95 70(5 718 CCS CBO Spots closed nt C80. off 25, quiet. N<w Orleans Cntton NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 17. (UP) —Cotton closed easy. Open High Lo-,v Close 707 711 {81 681 118 On JiT.e 22. ID32. Ihe slock ox- change's governing board passed a r.«olution which prohibited Its members from doing business with any company dealing in package lots that dltl not conform stock exchange regulations, with Osrcofa Light Plant Statement Shows Profit ORCEOLA, Ark.—The city council has authorized the publication monthly of statement of the business of the Municipal Light and Pov.-er plant for the preceding month. The AtiRiist renort has not yet i been compiled, but Ihc July rc-i norl sho\ra a net. profit of $1,791.53 fr-r the month and lists the item of S07.S9 for fice service rendered (he city. July Oct. Dec. 740 G!>2 703 725 734 745 C94 700 C94 702 720 CG2 074 694 702 720f 662f 674 Spois closed .it 061, off 37. steady. Stock Price* A, T. nnd T 108 5-8 Aanconda Copper 11 1-2 Auburn — Caterpillar Tractor 9 1-4 Chrysler 16 1-8 Cities Service 4 1-4 Ccca Cola 97 Continental Baking — General Electric 1C 7-8 Ger.eral Motors 15 5-8 MliMlewest Utilities 1-2 MomgomeJV Ward .... 107-8 Ne»- York Central 24 3-4 Packard 33-4 Rfldlo a 1-8 Simmons Beds 81-4 Standard of N. J 31 1-8 Texas Co 13 7.3 U. S. Steel ; (il 38 7-8 West Awaits Roosevelt Speech on Silver Issue SALT LAKE CITY. Sept. 17 lUl't-.CIuveviiur Itnosevelt entered Utah today to expound his vli'Ms on Ihe silver o.ih>sl!on, mir of paiainount imiHirlimce to this Mule 111 pHitlcular anil lo the fur IUM In (jwicnil. liuiwult, Deinocnilii: presidential noininei:. at'claimeil by 10.00(1 imlsy [liirtlsiiis jilnmuil lo remain hen- until Slinclny. Ho will ili-llvrr tlic furimtl malnr address uf IKs '(ruii:;-ci>nlhirniul . tour at Ihir Mormon liil-.iruiu-le tonight. Uliih, \vhote [foliomk life Is j i'ly Ixuind up wllh llu- price tsf silver, wa.s anxious to hc;ir what UT- '(overnor hiul to S'.iy on liv subject. TOPEKf! SPEECH FIRE OF RcDiiWican Farm Relief Record Defended by Aclminislraliou Men. Word Fi-oin H'm Needed to Cheer Rcoublicaiis After Maine Defeat. WASHINGTON. Sept. 17. (01M — I'Kiiibllivin nnrlv m.ina«eis arc tmnint! loiiKln? i-ves tn'vird Ichbo wl'cre Seunlor William E. Ilorah i- blilini! his llmo. Ills endorscinenl o( Prsslrliu' Hoover would do nnre than uiiy- thlng else than party nmns^or*; CT- i>iK«esl to rally Rcpubhcin m^r-ii" from the dojeclton of Up Mnln™ election. An eflort to smok? him out. an iwnrs to linve l>ccii started. Aft°r p contcrcnec nt th? While House oon nttir Hnf.ltiiBS, fcmibllcan. Dsla- \varo, said Senator Rorah's dccla'-a- tlou against the soldier bonus following action of Ihe American Ir- alon this week had definitely put htm on tht n irmbllcnn slu^. "He Is In at the bick.."door." si|H Senator Hastings, "but''th»t's bet ter thtui not at.»ll." "v^•••„.»-" Senator n'orali. a.iked '• by' th'- United Press to comment mi Hastings' statement, made light of trr announcement,. "I knew Senator Hastings hhd many accomplishments, but I didn't know he wns a humorist." Horah (clcgrnphed. LeUer Written bv Mrs. DnBois Before Her Murder Brought to Light. PLYMOUTH, Mass. S;pl. 17 (UP) —Mrs. Edith DulWls heard ani nr>Mlblv watched ):cr husbnnd dig tlu sub-cellar grave, in which her own body was found a few hour- nflor' hc solved ti [\\ : c-m:k itiys- lery by killing himself, a letter rc- voalpcl lodny. Not innny days before the 40- year-old wife of Charles nuBDl? mysteriously vanished from t^eir Qrtat Htrrinj Pond summer bim- gitou 1 she wrote to n friend, a Mrs Gillot of llrvtUngs-orj-lhe-Huc'son. Tile gist of her letter, as quoted by Assistant District Attorney John Sullivan. \vns: "Charley has not been himself for at least six montlis. He has acted like a crazy man on acrmmt of that woman. He would go cown in- io the cellar nnd dig nnrl then COHI: Up and not sny a word. He has been working down In the cellar nil 3f ttic time." The husband she acquired ns result of a FYench matrimonial magazine add was digging the grave Into which the assist.inl district attorney wns satisfied IIP- olacej tlu body of his wife, killed that hc might remarry. The body of :Urs. DuDois. missing since August 10, was discovered In the underground concrete vnnH lat-,> yesterday, shortly after the suicide Of her husband, who had'b?:n arrested for her murder and later released because authorities not find her body. could Huey Willing to Have Election Investigated NEW ORLEANS. Supl. J7. (UP) —U. S. Senator Huey lany sal: to,1sy he would gladlv join Senator Edit-In Broussard. defeated for rc- nomlnallon in last Tuu'day's Democratic primary election. In t^e lat- tcr's request for a senatorial investigation of the vote. The Klngfbh declared that Broussard was trying to add Illegality to his claims In spile cf th« fact CHICAGO. Sept. 17. (Ol')-Sar- ra.stlc criticism was turned by S:c- reliiiy of Agriculture Arthur.-Hyde today upon Governor Roasevclt's faun plun which Hyde termed 'spoofing the form vote." Hyde spoke Iwfore th2 Hamilton chiu of Chicago, a Republican or- Knnhntion, giving the Mrsl admln- LsUatlon unnlysls of the, faun pro- Hram the Democratic pre-sidentlal nominee offered In his Topi-kn. Kur.- s, speech. Roosevelt, said Hyde, is "farm- ini! the farmer, playing politics with the distress and disconteiv which iiiilmpplly nil the countryside of America. He Ls doing some political sky-writing,." Hyde was bitterly critical of Rcos- evclt's "promise to suppail wit!: certain limitations a program ivhlch will give certain farmers a tariff bcii^ni, over world prices which Is equivalent, to the benefit. s |ven 05 the-1111-111 to industrial products.• He Is pledged by Ihe Democratic platform to strike down the protective tariff and substitute a'compe- titive nrlrr for revenue. His prom- kc to agriculture, therefore, Is that lie will take tr.c larifT protection away from Industry and tlicn m.ite agrluultLre equal with industry." f.'urlis in TenniiylvanK FXKiLKSVlLLB, Pa., Sept. 17. 'Ul')—Vice-President Curtis In his 1«t, eastern speech of Hie cam- Piign today acclaimed Presldenl Hoover's leadsrshlp as turning tia business tjds and defended the Rc- publlcah farm relief, record against the attack.,pf;.Govjtttfr .Jic^iyeit Tariff cfiunlily of a»r'lculturc with Industry os urjted by the Democratic presidential nominee in his Topeka, Kara., speech, has tsen approached under Republican sponsorship, Curtis snld; He contraatd the duties on agricultural products under the Underwoort-Elrnmons tnr- |lt act of the Wilson administration and the Fordncy-McCumber mid Smoot-IIdwlcy tarifTs of (lie past twelve year? of Republican Penn State Republicans Want Prohibition Repeal ALLENTOWN. fa. Sept. n (UP) —The Republican slate commitl-2 at its meeting here today cndors- cu the rtcpubllcan national plat- ronn but at the same tim c adopted a resolution culling for immediate repeal of the IGth amendment and modification of the Vol- stcnd act. Robert Carl Alderson of CaruthersviHe Dies CARUTHErtSVILLE. Mo —Robert Carl Anderson died at his. horn,, near here Thursday mornliig of Tuberculosis, from which' .he had suffered several years. Mr. Anderson w<ts 35 years old. Ho was employed by (he Woods. Brothers Construction company until a fc>v weeks prior to his <i?nth. Mr. Anderson is survived by his wife. Mrs. GlRdys AUlcrson, and by Iil 3 father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. John Alderson. Funeral services were held Friday afternoon from the residence, conducted by Rev. D. K. Foster, pastor of the First Baptist church, with Interment In Maple cemetery. Set November 6 for New German Election BERLIN. Sept. 17 (UP)-The government decided today to hold the new Reichstag e'ectlon November G, subject to approval of President Paul von Hindenburg. The president Is expected to approve the date. < The sliort-llved RelchsWg recently was dissolved by Chancellor Fran?, von Papen on aulhorlty ot the president dnrfng a tumultuous session In which It attempted lo pass a vote of mis-confidence In the cabinet's one year economic recovery plan. WEATHER ARKANSAS-Falr tonight ail'J partly cloudy Sunday. According lo tno official weather observer, Charles Phillips Jr_ the maximum temperature here yf.stcr- tfav was 85 degress and the minimum 51 degrees, clear; Today a year "lie is the worst beaten man, ago the maximum lomiMralure v.-as that has ever been known In at 93 degrees and the minimum 74 de- Louisiana political tace." I grees, cloudy.

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