The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 18, 1943
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUM10 1—NO. 235. AUKANSAS, TUKSDAY, MAY 18, 11M3 SUBSCRIPTION RATKS ON REQUKST TUB HLYTIIEVIU.E AliMV A1H COlil'S NKW8 Published dully except Sundays In Ihc Interest of tho personnel ot the Army A!r forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School ol Blyllievlllc, by the Blytlicvllle Courier News, it contains Ihe news of the Air Base. : i. i j Girl Soldiers Better Qualified For Many Army Jobs Than Men Btytheville Overwhelms Maiden 9 Lcat'hvillc and Pa \vlu-c 11 Women Soldiers IWaac Teletypes for Victory Serve I'ie ami whipped crciiin were served liy mcmlmrs ot (lift I tame ni'iiionsl ration ;;|ni, s O f l-riiclwillc inul I'iiwJieru sit I hi! Siincliiy iiflcr- noon hospitality hour ;il the USO Center. The women Ijroimht the cream as well as ciulit pies, eiglit cukes, and (loutilunits. ™ " No hiUs, no runs, no errors. The niylhcville Army Air Meld baseball Iciini defeated ttic Maiden Army Air Field UI-G ill a spectacular yamc Sunday nt Maiden Field. left handed pitchers hold the opposition to a string ol zeros.: j\| r ,. ];,„ |. lcev ,' Only onco .lid the Maiden players . ,„,;.- CMM ^ - ' ,j , „ ' """ Ule lmlflckl ' Mrs. Ijla C'r.mrn Mrs Tom Hcnlcv and then Ihe runner mis thrown Mrs v ,,. | ( "',:. .: vi. !|, out at first. The southpaw pitch- kennel l',' Mrs lioJ''rindue™ Mrs crs, oblli of Ihc 703rd Htiuartron,' j,,,]., Kwlliart M - "• ' are Pfc. Bill ' Yauiick. who .slmek am [ M ',. s out 10. and Pfc Melvin I'arnell, who fanned eight bailers. Yurnicli was officially credited with the win. Siuiiniary: Blythcvillc All II It Travis, ss Vickci's, 3b Ferrario. cf McWhorlcr, 1st Owens,' If Crane. 2b Gullcdec, rf Davis, c PnrncH, p Yarwcick. p Pairel. if 1'ytel c Rodyers. M. J. Thorp Huby Tininnand. From I'aulic-en wore Mrs. W. J. Field, chairman; M rN . Claude Aber- iiiithcy, Mrs. Hobei I Childrcss, Mrs. Jcssu Liinytey, Mrs. EUiol May, Mrs. novothy Montgomery. Mrs. I). P. Hccves and Mrs. K. S, liobins. Among (tic musts were Mrs. T. K. Thomas, president of the Ar- niorcl Home Demonstration Club, and Miss Com Culeiiinn, Home Demonstration jiijeiil. I Ditvc Sprier of I'nseo, Wash., who is here visilmj; his son, Sergt. Herman R spcior, pianist and trinniicr player of the Ijand, was present with the sergeant and his wife. The Waacs ure .coinliU!-- A unit They will occupy barracks now boot Ihc Women's Army Auxiliary | Ins construelcd un Ihe field, mid 'Corps will arrive about Ihe end of I will have their separate mess hull, June to be' assigned 16'duties al |ndmlnlslratloii building, ."niul rcc- Ihe m.vthcvlllc Army Air Field, imitlontil fuclltlles In n scparnle • ; • • ,; I'lrsl Arlic'lc ot a Scries The Women's Army.. Auxiliary Corps luis a tnllltiiry mission! it is composed of women, serving wllh the Army, to lill uon-combal jobs, and thus release, thousands of soldiers for active duty against tlic enemy. Our Army has thousands of Im- portanl administrative and specialized jobs that musl be filled by persons in uniform and under discipline. Cn Nov. 20, 1342, President Roosevelt millinrtzcd the Women's Mrs. l Army Auxiliary Corps to recruit to the slrcnsth of 150.000 — six times Its originally- intended slue The ratu ol WAAC enlistments must be increased in order to fulfill the purpose of the organization, which is; "A corps,of women in military uniform and under military dscplnc, organised for niiii- " y Wnan iircu, . 'Hits series of nvtleles IK for Ihe purpose of Informing tho present IH'i'soimc 1 roiicrming Uie Waae.s who sow will be 11 fixture at Iho I'ost. » * * Soflbiill Team Iliis Wins, No Losses; Stone Pitched All Games Totals Malderi Chaplinsk, 3b . Les, If Lloyd, .ss Friddy, 2b Brem, 1st Gearf, -cf Tychson, 1st I. Filler, -"a '-'.'V:'. : Lesky ,rf Franchcschi, p Bpbclika, |i .. Totals .(.. .33 (J 13 Aim n, combat service with the Army," '1'llC (ilHLl The WAAG ' wants its full .strength of ISti.llOO membcre enrolled by July 1, 1943. Tills simply ncaus: WAAC enrollment, must nore Ihan double tlic present weekly rate and be' coiilhuic'd until we reach the goal of 1511,000 which will relieve that many soldiers fur iictlvc military'service. . Uocs the Army need 'Wanes Ycsi Women have proved beyond any doubt that they can ]>crform many duties as efficiently as men. In eerlain types of work they arc even belter qualified than men. In all tlic Armies of the United Nations, women arc rendering, war service to speed the day of victory. As General-George 3. Marshall, Chief of Staff, has staled: "There are Innumerable duties now being performed l>y soldiers that actually can be done-bctler by women." Overseas, Too For these reasons, the Army gladly accepted the formation of the ....'21 0 0 Pni|iose 5-l)ay Hunt 'SILVERTON, Ore. '(UP.)—Silverton's Izaak Walton league chaplcr has recommended a five-day pheasant hunt- for nc.xt autumn, propos- 'ng lliat liie five days 1)2 divided li'etween two week-end's and a Wed- icsday. -,-,•.,"...,' Kxper 1. /'tt.s/ry Man h Hack On The Job Sergeant Borowskl Ls back. Tlilj is important news lo the men who chra nt Consolidated Mess No. 1 For Eerg:nnt liorowski (Stanley J.) is a pastry took, and he can "turn mil di'Ecrls like nobody's business And where lias he been tliese Instjiy several weeks'? He lias been al the cooks and bakers school at Maxwell j, )1O ven themselves, the.-Army has 1'ield. So Ihe men of bis mess hallli-efi are anxious (o discover what lie has learned, as shown by the delicacies he turns out. If he was good before, lie ought to be better than good now. Sergeant. Borowski was graduated from th; school with one of the highest rulings in the class. !M.7. The Y01M Squadron leads Iho Softball League with eight, wins and no loves, dm Athletic Department being a close second nud (ho Medics holding ihlrd place. Wives Of Noncoms To Meet Wednesday Wives of Ihc noncommissioned officers ot the Illyllievll\c Army Air Field will have an organization meeting Wednesday aUcr'uoon ,. . at :i o'clock at the Nuncommbslon- :MKiH «l Officers Club, locnted on Iho Ri'ouud floor of the Cllcncoe Ho^ lei. , First HerBl. Paul Ii. Vast, president of tlic Noncommissioned Officers Club, In nuiklug the an- noiincRmciit of Iho meeting, stated Hint all wives of non-coms, wheth- Ihirhy Ktonc pitched all er they arc members of the NOO club or not, nrc cordially Invllcil to alUtml. Officers of Iho now or tianli'.allous be elected ami eight winning gnmes for the VQlsl, | plnns will be made for fuluro and uls" is annum Ihe nine highest In b.illlni; nvcrugc. Team sliimllnu.s. ure us follows: W II •I I) U r> Ale and Quail ............ 'i Fit. Admin ............... V Medles ,t QM ........... I Or. I .................... I MM. & Ord .............. 0 7CHM Athletic Department Medics TOtlh YOOIli IIWIMll 2filh B Tliis mcmtcr of tlic Womcn'i 1 Army Auxiliary Corpi 11 K Wrtlcr opc;-.itor, who docs her work as ikillfully a» any man. -Through her nimble Tinners may go the meiiagci, ordcri, command*, tind newri of America'* armies in the field. OpcrMinB « teletypewriter i» hel) way of releasing another soldier to fight for victory. 9:cm\il t.lciH. QuenUn O.' ol tlic iMhlcllc ncpariincnl, !lii> hlglu'st Imltlni; average In llu Hoflinll League. In ^:i limes at ha tie hail M lilts, giving him n balllKi uverniic of .UO!). Three other memljers of the Alh- letle Depni'lincnl ure next, hi bat ling honors, lliillinti iiverane.s fo Ihe League lire as follow: OIK. All Ath. D. >a Alh. !). i!0 Alh. 1). Alh. I). Md-QM WAAC. Now that the • Wanes have iclvcs, the.-/ •etiucslcd an expansion of- Ihe M-ps lo. 150.000. - i . . Commanders • of Army |»st.s roiighout the country, have rc- WAAC" units—a lota) far cater, tliaii the,. ' nullio'rlmi Laryc,,numl)cvs ,,pfj, sliccp,,, calves and colis are killed by porcupines. When Aussie Comes Marching Home : riirillcd Australian lass breaks into parade to give'li'cr man'a Hug ind a kiss as Aussie division arrives in Melbourne from Iho Mid- FUNNY BUSINESS "My ancestors licaj) happy lribe|" Our Armies 'overseas are also rc- icstlng- units of the WArtS io be 'islgncd. lo duty.with .Iheir forces, Why an army of wpiiicii in u'ni- irm? Because,a WAAC replaces ildicr.. she tnnst be ready to .fls- nne the.soldier's 'military respon- bililics and restrictions if she L> be ol '.Iritc. .Value'lo the, Arm j id her country. Like a soldier: Tlic Waac pcr- irms many military Insks whicl equl'rc secrecy. ..For. instance 'niics arc engaged'.in coding an( ccoding secret communications essages of great lni|iortnncc. Wo- icn in uniform, imdcr proper mil- ary discipline, are ;i guarantee mlliiai-y security. Like a soldier: Wanes arc in- 'iisivcly trained in specialised dues. Therefore, (he Army can be ssurcd of their availability for "ly nl nny time, since, like the oldier, the Waac is on a 21-hour ill. Like a. soldier: The Wane in uni- orm has the advantage of the rmy standardization system in rcss, food and equipment. This ' ict facilitates rapid movement, of VAAC units.. The WAAC performs a military lission and must be identified im- icdiiUcly as serving with the United Slates Army. Similarity of illitary courtesies and customs re the fundamentals of Army cf- icicncy and discipline. Scribner and Mitcfiel Play For Noncom Dance Fifty couples dnnccd lo music of Sergl. Donald l,. Scribner at the electric organ with Corp. Jackie Milchel beating oul Ihe rhythms en the drums, Saturday night at the Noncommissioned Officers Clul: taff Sergl. Norman 'Deck entertained with an informal exhibition of oriental dancing and also performed on the drums. The Modern Ice Box COOLRRATOR For Economy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone SI I Army Has 142 Kinds Of Jobs Women Can He Trained To Do As (he Women's Army Auxiliary Corn 1 ! observes Us first iinnl- vcrsnry, with' 00,000 member:; enrolled nnd WAAC torccs on duly at 100 Army posl.s. camps nnd slrtlions in this country and in North Africa and Kntdand, tho WAAC nrea is ncarhr.; completion nt the Hlythcvillc Army Air Field, nnd. Hie WAAC personnel Is expected to uvrlve before the end ot nekt month. £" Wh'al w'oVk will "they do? *Tljclr ii.s.sifininchi:''li(>'lo"lA(tc' over noMcomljiitiMil Army julis, rclciislnj,' soldiers for combat iluly. Thc> arc doini; or tiro being trained lo ilo M2 kinds of Army Jobs. .In aiiideil in these jobs Is work as: Draftsmen Chauflcurs Fing'crprintcrs Hadio oprnitor.s Knrtio inoeluinlKi Aulomoljlle i"c molorcycle. nirchanics Cametii repiiirjiien I'holojjraplier.s " 1 'liotOKii!phIc laboi-alory technicians Telegraph and telctypcwiltcr opnators raracliulc repairmen Chemists Melcorolo^lsts Weather observers Accountants Llbriirlans Clerks, administrative and lech ideal ' • Tracers Carloyraphcrs Translalors liilerprelcrs Photo Interpreters Laboratory n.sslslants Panel operators lit. I'umer .. S«l, Owens .. It. Clnrrlsun . Sgl. Tubbs .. LI. Horlcy .. Rt. Ihiudlry Ht. McWhorl'er Al. I). fe. T. Tislier !•'. & O. vl. Stone Vtllst 'i'he Commando Is (he la whi-eni'liied landplane. In scrvlc curries jeeps, arllller,y snpplli ml troops. Hies. tic- A r m y Administration. Among Subjects Taught • .Group At Local Field ^ For nil hour H day, slx'dij^ a week, during Iheiicxt five weeks,_a group of noncoiimilsslpne'd. gf/lceji^ of Iho Hlythcvillc Army Air Field live- reluming to the classroom UL teurn more about hpw ,n\d jvjjy" 1 , Ihu Army docs n certntii number of OEIITJR M lieutenant Adams Attends Meeting Of Directors For Projjosed League llasebiill shirts tnday. A new din- loud has been Inlil out In thu nrcn nek of Ihc 1'osl Chupcl. Tho oilt- old Ls sodded uiulHlio Infield lias ceil (traded, raked and drugged. Lieut.' Hill Adums, plvi'slcnl U'wl ng dlreclor, pniuouuced the field 11 excellent slinpc mil announces lint hiisebidl will be played every ftornooii at 4 o'clock; A leaiiuc with teams rcprcsentlnii he Army Air Helds of Wulnul lldgc, Newport, Malilcn aiul llly- hevlllc may stnrf [liny »oou. l.lcu- .enuut. Adums Ls lit Wulnul lildgi .his nttcrnoon meutliin with the >hyslcal (rnlnlnit directors of tin !o»r fields for the pinixise of or Iliuil/lni; the league. Muny- of the COWM!S include things Iho men .learned during basic training, but the) will go Into ch subject more "thoroughly Ym'd become more familiar: wlUi, oro phuscs of Army life. Fifteen hours of the coniio Will t!' devoted lo Army adnilnhti.i- on, slnco nil Ihc slitdenl.i.ave cn- iged In Kiiiun forui of clcilcnl dti- Tliroc hours will be dcvoldd to .study of aulomallc pistol indllng and Iwo houis lo the ndy of military coiuksy, military ,w, physical Induing mid defense clicmlcal allitck. One hour iCU'ircB will bo delivered on 'mlll- ny sanlliillon and flist aid, )<}miry drill rcgulnlions, Intcilor ilard -duly nnd uiuipincnl, -and lollllng. "Of fIc c~ wiioTicaU'-'lliO • scveriil epurtments act as InMiiitlois 'two oprcscnltillve.'i of. each lialnhjg •wiinidron are Inkliiij llu- cotine and '""bo qualified'us Insliiictoi-i to rnln noncoms of llielr unlls. My, My !J\lc(tluiiuc .1 rains ! . .,, '\s raralroopcr \lForll] ' From aircraft mccVmnic to ixira- roo|icr is cinilo a jnmp, but SerfU. icrrnan I' 1 . Wdilngc will take Ih'J eap . after complctine lrni|itng »t he Paialroop School at Fort Ilen- ilng. Gn. Bor^ennt Wehlngc has been or- :lcrcd lo report at tlic school lo the stiff con re: "Which will NOTICK OF VIMNC; <)!•' Al'l'1,1- CATION 1'Olt I.KJUOH I'Klt- M1T. Nolicc Is hereby ulven Ibal the mi(lci:-,i[;iii:<l luis filed with the Commissioner of Ucvcnuecs of the Stale of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense, vinous or spirituous llciuor.s for bcveracc nl retail on Ihe premises described as III!) South Division St.. Blylhevlllc, Ark. Application is for permit to he issued for operation bculmiini; on Uie first day of .Inly, l!M:i and to expire on the rjotli day o[ June IS14, as prescribed by Hullelln N (I T I (! K Notice Is hereby ulvon llml th ,mdersl|!iicd will within thn Urn llxcd by Inw «i)|)ly lo Ihu Commli sloner of llcvcnues of the Slulo ( ArkniiMis for a permit lo sell bee ill icliill nl :i57 .Smith Division Si lllythevllle. : Mi.sslssliipl County, The underslunuil stales Unit lie a IdLlncn of Arkansiis, of Rood mor olmraclor, Hint he has never bc6 convicted of n felony or • oth crime Involvlnii mornl lnr]iUucl' Ihat no licence lo sell beer by the undersigned llns been revoked wllh- In five years hii.L; nnd Unit he iindei-Jiliined Ims novcr been convicted.- of violating the liiws of this stiitc, or nny other' state, relating lo the. salo'ot alcoholic llo,- 1IOI-K. "• ~ • ••• r ' , , •• ••-..). J. HAriairrr. Subscribed nnd sworn to before mo this 17'tiny of Mny, lp-»;i. (Heal) 5 ' Mildred H.'Rusk - - ' Notary Public, My commission exjilres 1-20-11)411. . . . ' . f ' " 5-1U-I3 In an aiiUimotlve jilunt piodui- I alrcnifl cannbn a mclhciil has leen Inlrotluccd which, will ; do .Uie ob wllh clijhl mialiltics InsUiul of o-t, snvf! ?2'2ti,UOO l/i 1 'machine cusl,s,' cut the cost poi Dim by I2.(i5, ami save 11 1 2 production lours per. cuiii' •• ,\ Hold NOTICK 01' PIUNG <»K AJ'I'IJ- CATION KOIt I.K)l)OK |'KK- MIT. Nollce l.-i hereby given thai the undersluiied tins flled wllh tlic Commissioner of Revenues of Ihe Stale of Arkansas for permit lo nell und dispense vinous or s|)li-|tu- ous ll(|iiors for buverajjo at retail on the iiicmlscs described us 118 W. Asb St., Hlythovlllc, Ark. Application Is for irermit to he Issued for operation iKBhiiilni; on tlic llrst day of .July 11)43 and lo e.xplrc un Ihe .loth day of .lime, 104-1. as prescribed by Bulletin (luted Jnmiary 7,'IKtH and Supplemental licgulalion No. 19 elfcclivc July 10. I0:n. Colored Liquor Shop. W. H. Young, WE FILL ALL DOCTOW,, PRESCRIPTIONS £ »Nn HAVE; YOU MONIV STEW ARIAS' Drui Main Si Lake S,t.D ,*:«.„„', Phone 2822 Carol Ann Dnrvcl, 8, gives a two-ton blockbtislcr bomb Ilia once over al OW1 exhibit Lu New York. iimkc a lough paralronper ready Ioi'"' k ' (l J.inuary 7, I!13H nnrl Ku,)ple- :lesccii(l above enemy lines and ill- mcnllli Kwnlatlon No. 10 cllcctivc from tlic rear. Jlll >' ">• IM1 Although only 19 years old, Ser-| ceant Wehlagc has already com-1 plelcd almost two years of servirc in the Army, having enlisted Ocl. 28. lilll. lie took an aircraft mechanic's course at .Sheppard Field, Tex., and Is a crew chief, in charnc of a twin-engine bomber-type plane used by cadct.s in advanced flight triiininB at the Blyllieville Army Air Field. U. S. SIMMONS. 5-I8-I3 Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Arron frem High School Spinach and meat retain more nutritive value when dehydrated than when canned, scientists rc- porl. Complete Slucli Slccl nnd Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drug- Store Main&Uke 1'hon* 2822 PRESCRIPTIONS Troslicsl Slock Ciinranlccd IJcst I'rices Kirby Drug Stores Auto Repairs Kxncrl Mechanics on All Makes and Models. Also Tpuck and Trnclo^ Repairs. Lee Motor Sales rh. 519 Earl Stone, Shop J'orcman 307 K. Slain Just 4 Miles To The ^T\l Ml* i Pmlhpsi State Line Service Station SAVE on rhllirp. Quality Gasoline &, Oil. 1'rompt, Courteous Service." Operated by Mrs. II. L- Reynolds. OPERATING HOURS For A-H-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: 9 A.M. lo J) P.M. ALL WEEK DAYS 9 A.M. to 12 Noon 1 P.M. (o 8 P.M. I-'ITTKI) ItY Doctors J. L. «nJ J. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS C. 24-HOUR SERVICE Kxpcrl Repair Work on General Motr,™ Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY «'d»»T A W»lnnt Ph. U) IN BI.YTIIEVII.I.E SINCE 1922 SMALL LOANS Oi AartUac •( TBtafc Eatt Main Loan C«. MM K. ••!• Pb«M MM Any Shoe REPfllRED If Mir upprr* arc .sill! ROO^. Hrdij; tkcin in us ror'qnallly Wiirk, . - »:,. ,..<-, n,>i i HALTERS Quality S*<e< Slltp IZI W. Muln . Ph. 17JZ I'lmvor.s l''or I'lvcry Occii- si(in . . . Kiincral ilosifehs, w«ltliii(f llowurs, cor- THE FLOWER SHOP DELIVERY ANYWHERE GI.ENCOE nOTF.I, BI.DO. ' riinnc 401 ..J»,_... BPTICDL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Docs Votir Car NEED THESE? Battery—Scat Coven Oiimicr—Radio I-OR l.islils—Lock Gas Cap A complete line of Folisha LOY EICH Cfcevr»l«t nt ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmetics, .novelties,' etc., in Blylticvllle than »> Robliuoa'a. Latest Ma»»ttn«»—Pmin- Uln servlc*-H5»ndwIchMl . ,* ' Service Men! Meet Your Friends at Robinson'*! HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations Trompl, efficient service- at rcasonafclc, cost! Garrison Caps — Accessories — Ins*fnia, SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA \'

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