The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1943
Page 6
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| r PAGE SIX BLYU'IIKVIU,fi (ARK.)' COUIUKR NEWS SATURDAY, JULY 3, 19-13 Tag Match To Feature t Four Stars ! Tomorrow is the Glorious Fourth, but the fircnoiks all won't be expended until Monday night At least, that is the concensus of wrestling fans \vlio are anticipating with considerable glee the scheduled tag'match at (he American Legion Arena In Stockj But Flying .'• Swede's Mile Record Is Beaten -, By Another Swedish Runner By United Press The shoe Is on the other foot Khellkcn and 'Joe tempt to \vagc a •gainst Roy Lawson. Tliat : looks Zabo will nt- Ino-man billy Welch and -• Buck like fireworks, because Welch and Lnwson arc solid citizens of enduring qnalilies lhal promise anything but nn easy path tot the would-be hlilzers. Not that Zabo and Kneilseu don'l carry bone-cracking explosives. They do, but they'll run Into two of the performers hi this neck of the woods when they tackle Welch and Lawson. , The tag attraction will te n two out of three fall match, 90 minute time limit. Briefer scraps will be the preliminaries between Luwson nnd Zabo and Welch mid Kneilscn open- Ing the program at 8:30 o'clock. A three-inch . hummingbird flaps its wines 200 times ft second. Schupp Didn't Last Long, But Left Record For Pitchers To Shoot At £666 Liquid for Malarial Symptom*. CHICKASAW West Main Near ZIs( S(. Sat. starts 12:«; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 0:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. for Gunder' Huge today. Inslead of breaking records himself, he's discovered that his own records can oc broken by others. night the galloping shadow from' the Ijiud of Midnight Sun ran a pretty fnlr nice In Chicago. He beat Gil Dodds over the two- mile route In nine minutes, two nnd eight-tenths seconds. The time would have been exceptionally fast for any of our American runners. In fact only two times before has tlie distance been covered in faster time in the United Stales. But for Hagg It was practically crawling. It was 15 seconds slower limn his best performance—whlcTi also happens to be the world record. On the eve of Ilngg's debut in the Midwest, one of hts most cherished world records—he holds seven of them, by tlie way—was broken. And it was broken by the man Hagif left behind—Arne Anderson. Anderson did the mile in four minutes, two nnd six-tenths seconds In Stockholm on Thursday night: ' ."l«l That "left behind" business goes oublc. Hagg showed his heels to mid-son In countless races in wcden. And he left Anderson to me to America seeking new fields elds to conquer The fastest that HUBB could lly JIAIIHV (JUAYSON NBA Sl>"tl* 1-Mltor Ferdinand Maurice Kclnipp had only two big years, but kit u fnark for pitchers lo shoot a I. Records are made lo be broken, but Ihe l/nilsvll!e Ixillnpalwo/irs owned rim average of 0.30. registered for the New York Giants of 101(1, seems dcslined lo slaiid forever. Last Time Today Double Feature "HIDDEN GOLD" with lluiKitone . CnssUly «CASE'OFTHK BLACK. , I'AUKOT" wilh • (.•William •Iiiinilljan SERIAL: "Dick Tracy vs. Crime. 1 Comedy. Sunday & Monday "BANJO ON JIY ! KNEK" with ' Barbara'Stanwyck 'k Joel McCrc Universal Mews v Coined). )\-er a mile was four minutes, four id six-tenths seconds. Anderson as along n few yards to the rear hen he did it, too. But under n few thousand miles awny nderson finally came Inlo his vn, lopping two full seconds off agg's mark Anderson's latest achievement 1: Iso Ihe fastest mile ever run any here—under any conditions. Oleni 3unnlngham formerly held lha isttnctlon, with his four minutes our mid fotir-tenlhs seconds ef irt several years ago at Darlmoul Allege. But lhal wasn't a world Helping the Polo Grounders to the pennant the following campaign, Schimp turned In another phenomenal KRA, 1.07, in account- ig for 21 victories «s against 1 dc- eals to lead the National U-ugue i winning porccnliiBC. lie wns .edited wilh one of the two vlc- orle.s (he men of John McGriiw cored against Hie While Sox In n osing World Series. Soulhpaw Sclni|i|) wns n carefree Id who never Brew up. Life to him was one jjrami sweet song. He lever felt that club rules should ie applied lo him. He was a dark- lomplexloncd chap with hiBli :hcekbone.s, grey eyes, In-own half ncllnccl to be curly and a smile hat revealed n set of fine teclli. When there was spare lime on ils hands, Schupp could be round n the music mom. Will! a packngc >f clgnrels handy, he played tin >liuio well and would pound one .'orcvcr—blue music and the jump- ng live stuff so popular today, ang a very liluli tenor, held rcyu- ,ar nudlllons for membership !r ills quartet, sextet or ocld, dc- wilding on the supply of tiilcnt. At, his best, Scliupp, who sloex feet 11 nnd weighed l(J5 pounds could pitch us uood ns anylindy. He was extremely fast, had n curve ,o malcii. UNHEATABI.B IN WlN'MNCl STKEAK When he liad control, Sdmpp, like ninny nnotlier Icfl-hamicr, was '\-cry, very , good, nnd when he lacked It ho could be horrid. One year the Giants also had n pitcher nnineil Rule Schnucrs, who frc- ciuenlly relieved Schupp, which -is rain in German. Hey wood Broun, then a baseball writer, wrote: "H never Shupps but it Shatters." Schupp had only one season of professional experience when he reported to year-old kid Sinsler Dick the Giants as n 20- in Ihe Fall of ItU'2. Klnselln tound him ccord, because It was indoors ami | wilh Uccatur of the Three-Eye, ,'herc he appeared in no fewer man 1 games, pitched £12 innings, ccause Cunningham was paced by uarUr-mllcrs. Attempts are being made lo iring Anderson to the United Stales—possibly for the Indoor eason next Winter. American funs nay gel n chance to see him run igainst Hngg, provided 'Hagg rc- nalns on this side long enough.. In view of Anderson's new record, n mecliiig between the two over the mile distance would be exceptionally interesting. It would prove whether Hagg is able lo retain his superlorily over Ills countryman, even though Anderson now nas the edge on paper. Guilder Isn't used lo being the underdog. Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. xNashvillc -15 26 .534 xLittle Rock 3G 30 .545 xBirniiugham 39 34 .534 New Orleans 37 35 .514 Chattanooga 3131 xAtlanla 33 34 Knoxville 27 38 Memphis 22 42 x—Night games. NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. Pet St. Louis 39 23 .G20 Brooklyn 42 23 .600 Pittsburgh 34 20 .540 Pittsburgh 34 20 .54C Philadelphia 31 33 .48-1 Boston 28 34 licago 27 23 cw York 24 41 .500 .493 .415 .344 Tennessee Latest To Quit Grid Sport By United 1'ress Big-time football games in the Deep South arc going lo be few and far-between tills Fall, The Southeastern Conference — so-called "cradle of bowl teams"— j has losl over half Its membership ! already. And It undoubtedly will lose one or two more schools before football weather rolls around. Tennessee is Ihe latest college in the Southeastern Circuit to drop Ihe sport. The Vols have l»cn particularly hard lilt by Selective Bcr- vico and enlistments. And Ihe transportation problem also played a part, in the decision to call quits. Previously, Vandcrbilt, Mississippi, and Mississippi state had abandoned football. . 'JVo oilier schools— Alabama and Auburn—are on the doubtful list and will probably follow the other six. Patty Berg Wins In Western Open GLEN EILYN, III.-, July 3 (UP) —'Jlie wonder girl of Hie links — Patty Berg—climaxed a brilliant comeback yesterday afternoon by winning the Women's Western O]xm Oolf Champions!!!]). Miss Berg' captured the final from Dorothy Kirby of Atlanta, one up on 30 holes. Miss Beijj trail- point she was tiircc down. Bui the red-haired Mlnne r i|>olls, Jass came back strong <m tlie Insl few greens, and nosed out her rival by the smallest of margins, CHICAGO (UP) — One of Hie most Intricate examples of mosaic glnsswork In this country is the from the eighth hole of tlie. I morning round until the 33rd hole Kentucky,, Florida, of the afternoon session. At one hmilely 1,C(/0,000 separate pieces of glass were set together In tlit^, dome, first ever built of IrldesceuTi glass. Fifty glass experts, under the direction of Louis Tiffany, took a year and a half to complete the dome. Q|IM__ Coollli«fcurnofminlnirn. BURN Sprinkle wilh Mcinana. formerly Mciican Ural Powder. Relieve hcnt rash too. Get Mcxsana. Fertile Sclmpp qiicrresl the Glnnls, or any other club, ever experienced. Following a poor start, the Giants, without employing Schupp, won 17 games In a row between May D and 29. Then they were mediocre until just before they swung into Ihelr final western trip. Then, with Schupp . . . t southpawini; like no pitcher pitched truck out 2Gf>. walked MB, won 22., | JC fore or since, they won 2G games ost 20. Manager McGraw used him ittlc In '13-14, and he had an ERA if lew llian a run per nine innings. Tlial season, '1C, wns one of the Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LKAfiUE Memphis at Chtittnnooga, poxt- loncd. . New Orleans at Knoxvlllc, postponed. Night ({atncs: Little nork at Atlanta. nirtnlnglmin at Nashville. NATIONAL LEAGUE St. Louis 5, New York 3. Chicago 1, Boston 1. Pittsburgh 2, Philadelphia 1. Cincinnati 8, rhllndelphiu 7. AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland 12, New York 0. Detroit 8. Boston 1. Washington 3, Chicago 2 (11 innings.) St. Louis 8, Philadelphia 7. in succ:ssion between Sept. 7 and 30. Strings of 11 nnd 20, a pitcher with mi ERA of O.SO, nnd yet Hie Giants finished fourth I OITONKNTS liATlKI) HOUSING .1T>1 Schupp, who previously htul won three straight, started and finished six games in the tun of 2(J—four shutouts and only three runs scorr ed. Schupp, who didn't mind the leal, completed only eight of Uie Today's Games SOUTHERN I.EAOUE Memphis nt Chattanooga. New Orleans ut Knoxville. xl.ltllc Rock at Atlanta. Birmingham nl Nashville. giuncs lie slarld that year, but wns ' had his day. credited with nine victories and chained with only three tosses. Four victories were shutouts. As many 525 batters were able to collect only 79 hits for an incredibly low .151. Schupp issued only 37 bases on balls, an average ot about one every four rounds. He struck out 30. and of 22 runs scored only 14 were earned. Schupp developed arm trouble, was swapped to the St. Louis Cardinals in July, 1010. He bagged Ifj for tlie Red Birds in '0, went to Brooklyn in June. 21. He hud a final big league whirl with the Chicago White Sox in '22. He drifted around the American Association another eight years with a brief spell in Fort Worth at the fag end. Ferdie 3chupp wasn't in the chips very long, but he certainly AH! CONDITIONED Open 7:15 Show Starts 7:45 Adm. Always lie and Z5o Last Time Today 'Sunset On the Desert 1 wilh Roy lingers & Gabby Hayes SERIAL:'"1'crils of Nyoka." CoineiJv. tav York 34 26 .557 'nshlnglou 35 30 .5?8 levelnnd 32 32 .500 Detroit 29 30 .492 loston 32 33 .49'2 t, Lonis 20 31 .483 Chicago 29 31 483 Philadelphia 30 37 .448 seas. Saturday Midnight Show Starts at II o'clock 'Wrecking Crew' with Richard Aden & Chester Morris Selected Shorts .45: .415 .369 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pel. NATIONAL'LEAGUE St. Umis at Brooklyn. Chicago at Philadelphia. Cincinnati at New York, Pittsburgh at Boston. AMERICAN I.EAOUB Iloslon at Cleveland. New York at Detroit. Philadelphia at Chicago. Washington at St. Louis. WRESTLING Ley ion Hut, Monday, July 5, 8:30 p. in. Lowest Admission ot »nj Wrestling Aft a* In Amertc*. NOTICE! CHANGE IN ADMISSION TKICE—AdnU» 30c, Ui Inc.; Reserved scats 15c; Children 15c. Beserve Seat Tickets rm Sale «t Schmuck'i Standard Oil SUUon, Comer Main and Division. -TAG MATCH- ZABC & KNEILSEN vs. WELCH & LAWSON While whales live in the Arctic YOUR POPULAR MOVIE STARS Sunday & Monday HUB. WAUIS FROO'H. •$&% |H/WOt.CONR»0 ' • SYDNEY iSctvth Pity by ^ujiur j. & F^iip G. FpMein afu 4 Koch'* from i Pity by Mu'rtjBurneUam J«MAliwt* Music by MiiSttmi On S.It In Lobby News of the Das Selected Shorts DICK FORAN and MARTHA MEARS * SONS OF THE PIONEERS * KLCN 5 p. m. Monday — Wednesday — .I : rl(1.i> rinti YOUR IIU TOIAT 2 ;JO-miit. 3-fall matches KUCK l.AWSON vs. .IQK y.AliO HOY WBI.CU v.s. STOCKY KNKII-SliN Did yon ever stop to think thai you have a lol to do with the condition in which your clothes are returned from the cleaner? You see, we are not able to BUY wire hangers from our old suppliers, and the best cleaning and pressing job can be ruined easily through improper packing of the cleaned garment. That's why we are asking YOU to cooperate. If you have idle wire hangers in youi house, bring them in and we will pay you for them. Whenever you send or bring a garment in for our careful cleaning . ' . bring a hanger, too ... to assure the return of your garment in excellent condition. Remember That It's Patriotic To Conserve Metal . .. and To Conserve Your Clothes By Dry Cleaning FOR BKTTKK LAUiNDKY DUAUC flIO FOR BBTTKK "mint •|IODUYCLBAN1N« STEAM LAUNDRY 0 '^^ """'"" '"""•^™-—,—^..^,.,.^g——*•"• BlfflllfflD! •--—-, I,,,, ; a « H is a curious fact so few Americans know the words of ;.. our.national anthem. DO YOU? To make iteasy to learn them, v/e reproduce each stanza. Clip' or, tear out these words, paste them on a card to carry about until ypu really know them. Then pass them on to others. Let's start a 'crusade, beginning this Independence Day, to have everybody know these words. July 4th is also a fine time to make a declaration of your own... to resolve to invest in MORE War Bonds and to buy them regularly. CLIP 01- TEAR OUT and . . . ^S^ Store Closed All Day Monday, July 5th MEAD'S

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