The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 29, 1948 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
Page 3
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THE MALVEIIH LEADfift, MALVtRN,IOWA.JANUARY 29> 194* PAGE THREE nr~rn«->M^^tflT^h?i*M-»tf*4*^ HILLSDALE ' the at a ier month, payable Hillsdale church. Rev. Ray My- / eta pastor. Sunday School 10:15 nome a. m. Preaching 11:15. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Bloomer attended the pie social at the Christian church in Glenwood auctioned off the pies. Omaha visitors Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Gaylord the District meeting at Red Oak Mr. and Mrs. Dean McLain eons shower Satxirday tn Emer- February 12. and family visited Sunday «Uh son honoring Mrs. George Bass. salary "of $200. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sawyers Mrs. McLaln's parents, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. L-. C. Bullington from the Poor from near Emerson were callers Mrs. A. E. Davis near Coburg. and family were Sunday dinner Re n R 4oivcif by" ««» Board of Thursday in the Sawyers-Culver The women's study group class guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Bui- supervisors that the" County Auditor will meet at the church Thursday llngton and family In Red Oak. be. and Is hereby authorized to issue The Hillsdale choir met Tuesday afternoon. All ladies of the C. W. Bishop was honored at a ^[^0^6 foVlowfngnamedVir" evening with Mr. and Mrs. Forrest church are Invited. surprise party last Tuesday as a post . s: Freight, express, postage, gas. Bloomer in the Ernest White home . Mr. and Mrs. Dean McLain group of relatives came to its- water, light*, telephone. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Ray were in Omaha last Thursday. mind him of his birthday. *» m Eichelberger, jr.. Bill Jackson, Mrs. Glenn Kellenbarger and Miss Grace Kellenbarger Mr. Bloomer Miriam and Roger geegeri MrS- Mrs . H arold Cooper and Mrs. F. tended a Try-HI-Y banquet Lucile Jones and Elenor, Mr. and M. Parker attended a miscellan- Emerson Sunday. Mrs. Wayne Hilton and 110 Denomination 120 Denomination $5 Denomination $1 Denomination (Silver) Half Dollars Quarters Dimes Nickels Cash Items Cash In Vault Checks Total Cosh .-$ Total Checks Cash Items Total - » 6,725.75 r ... The Board of Supervisors approved School the County Budgets of the Depjvrt- er Hilton. Practice was on Easter thevening were visitors in the Chet Hansel we , ner sandwicheSi tato cnl * home at Randolph Sunday and coffee wefe sery £ d Mr. and Mrs. Maurice King and Mf ftnd Mrg ErnMt ^^ en _ family from Bartlett and Mr. and joyed an ter 8U , n the Mrs. Alfred Johnson and family Forrest Bloomer home Friday . were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. Mr and Mrg Legg p ip p itti Mar . B OARD OF SUPERVISORS and Mrs. Glen Johnson. ilyn Margaret and ch ar i e s were Proceedings of Mills County Board of Supervisors PROCEEDINOS OF THE COUNTY Mr. and Mrs. Arno Asmussen ^ f M d M PP visited Mrs. Clyde Shook, jr. in GeQ ufflngton Thursday. The Office, Mills County Auditor 1948, __ _ _ January 2, 1948 the Mercy hospital in Council supp °,: was " to celebrate" Margaret's .£*,£&*& f*& ' Bluffs Saturday. birthday. Counfy Iowa nfe? pursuant to the Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Jens and son Mr and Mrg Forregt Bloomer adjournment of December 31, 1947. Owen were visitors in the home of drove down to shenandoah Satu r- S^^&SSSS "SwSto «d 7 AgSi Mr. and Mrs. Vern Sell and Mrs. day evenlng an( j visited with Mr present and acting. John R. Clark ty, Ruth Sell Sunday afternoon. and Mrs Bin L y i ea . ™« »h»nt. or Mrs. Mabel Bradley visited last Mr. and Mrs, Paul Taclcett and week in the home of her daughter Mr and Mrs Roy Eichelberger and"" Mark"'Swarts was chosen as Mr. and»Mrs. Glen enjoyed a chili supper and Mrs. Orval Grudle Mr. and Mrs. .Herman Folkerts Mr and Mrs Forrest Bloomer and Anna were visitors Sunday af- were visitors Monday evening ternoon in the home of Mr. and the Ed j eng home. year of 1948. Mrs. Marion Wiles. Mrg . Len Sell and • daughters TTOTOPA J l ^ O J J H?' I1 . ON Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bryant, Larry Doro thy and Betty entertained - f WHEREAS, chapter and Mary Ann were visitors Sun- a post-nuptial shower Saturday day in the home of her parents ternoon complimenting Mrs. C Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hillyer near f ord g e j]_ j^rs. Sell received many Imogene. lovely gifts. Delicious refreshments Treasurer Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Cowardln were served by the hostesses at "'"""" and son Jack and Mrs. Lydia the close of a pleasant afternoon. Cowardin were supper guests Fri- ."„_,,«.... . ««* • day in the home of Mr. and Mrs. CHAMPION HILL Vern Sell and mother Mrs. Ruth Silver City State Bank, Silver City, Iowa Emerson State Bank, Emerson, Iowa - - 100,000 First state Bank, savings B~ank, The above resolution was Introduced by Agan and seconded by Swart.s. at- cm roll call the vote was as follows: in Agan yea: Swarts, yes. RESOLUTION = WHEREAS, all payments of principal and Interest due on School . _ Fund Mortgages are received at the inent of Social Welfare. Mills County Auditor's Office. There being no further business to NOW, Therefore Be It Resolved by ~ ' tht Board of Supervisors of Mills County, Iowa, thnt Donald E. Strand Auditor, be and he Is hereby authorized and empowered to release said school fund mortgages of record when they have been paid In full. The foregoing resolution was introduced by Agan, and seconded by lows: Swarts, yes; Agan, yes. 40,000 im The Board ° { ~ 150.00 come before the Board of Superrta- ISfO.OO ors at this time, they now adjourn 95.00 to meet again on the 12th day of Bn Approved: >sl JOHN B. CLARK. .60 Chairman. Board of Supervisors. 1.75 Attest: DONALD E. STRAND. 3 90 Milts County Auditor. 75 __—, 3.00 1,204.50 6,086.30 1,634.95 5.087.80 3.00 F. E. (MIKE) BLOOMER All Kinds of Sale* nml AUCTIONS Ph. 2QF22 Olemwood ' 100000 follows: Deputy Treasurer, Feme n'i~"Vt "tii#fhM Tpwilved bv 'the Widows, $168.76 per mo; Deputy Board of lupe^L^^Mllls^Coun! Treasurer.^Agncs j^ch^^.75 f\9 nf nia rvmntv Tnwn. Ait nil rienoslt Pftn, J 160.00 per mo.; Dcpxtty Audi* proceed- Statf 4?^'\?FreSe m »n' A^ditor^Relha^kls'er^'^S.T^^r at no time t e\ mo the state, county or other funds In his Deputy hands of the public revenue, in an ""'•-•" the amount at no time to exceed $2,000.- ._ $168.75 per Expense Fund: KatMeon Fund; banks and Jocated as follows. ed with Mr. W. J. FiUpatrick in dTnner gu In the Dale the Edmundson hospital Tuesday dga / elley ^ Mark and Ann afternoon. They report Mr. Fftz- WUey were both ill so the family Glenwood State Bank. Patrick is improving. couldn't come with Mr. Wiley. record, approve by the County -*. . Auditor, County th^Dtetrtet Oowt <>' r ».^-...,. -^; Bcmrd ,,,, supervisor*Approved 'or other" othw funds In his hands of «ho the Budget Estimates of the Coxinty public revenue. In an amount no Recorder, Auditor ana Cleric 01 uis- t^s^wsspS^ •s-TgH 6 iHHTeS n^i l/ke^if ofssa « S?2? y i±Tthat thKuntfTtoa? Bolrf of S^ervlso?s of Mllls B Coun- actions for 1947 of the Supt. of SSTVSSa C h o^tV he iMaTf e |- $^0^ X^S £g.K *^\™« of Superiors approved g&FB 1 Sf^oSSS SWffi S^luSeSl T^ %^?&3&%*«cS£ $ &****** **"* OXCCCd HlG RTIlOUnt Specified) tlQllClS Ol 1*1 G 13UO11C re Vl uuc !.-.!» • • - •** _!_„«._ « A A^«] «•« ^niin^na nmniint &t no tim(* to PXCGPQ 5o,tK/*'- — at „ », afternoon in the Albert Asmussen Ited Sunday evening George Hascall Jr. family near is very E-nersop. - o OF hnmtt Xsdaie community Mrs . C . W. Bishop much pleased that the Mills coun- Mr and ty outstanding Home Maker for Mr & ' nd 48 has been chosen from our midst. Ru g ae u and we know we will be well re- Frlday w i t h Dr. and -Mrs. Q. S. presented by Mrs. Ruth Sell at Rost and ram n y at Lake City. C. W. LEMENT COMPAN IM On the foregoing resolution the the Application for Retail ClRarnttc members of the Board of Supcrvts- Permit of Rans Wheeler and Clar- Board of supervisors, in con- Auditor. the needy, hereby The Board of Supervisors approved ° OF SCHULTZ BROS, slderatlon of rnedtr or. office at the of HEARING-AID USERS! OUPGESS QATTERILS ,,.'. fit all Instruments. Easy to buy from our" Super guests In the home Saturday were A. H. Hatfleld and family of near BLOEDEL HARDWARE »Ul»ern «»onc SOU . in pursuance of the a™™!^"peSSSTt? «^T "» Statutes of the State of Iowa, or- members of the Board of Social Wcl- Auditor's Office the name fare for the year of 1948: Kate Recorder's Offlco --- 'nnna TM Houser. Silver City; Fern Wallahan, Superintendent's Office — BKU3. IM- Republican. Hastings; 8. M. Crlswell Sheriff's Office PLEMENT COMPANY. Said cor- Republican. Olenwood. Iowa. Clerk's Office: »iun/ «» .•»». ..i.- «„ >,.TTO (tn nrinclnat The Board of Supervisors appoint- Check - -• Red Oak M E Berrlm«.r. and P° ratlon to have , ll ? Principal & j 8upcrln f endent cash ... r H *«* Mnriin nuhnn and P lace of buBiness In the Town of of tne county Farm for the year Treasurer's family and Marlin Bishop ana MalTernr MUl8 County , Iowa. The 1948. and appointed B. T. Caley as farm machinery, farm None None None None 1.50 31.55 INSURE YOUR CROPS FOR 1948 IN YOUR OWN COMPANY Mills County Farm Bureau Members Have An Opportunity To Insure Their 1048 Crops Against DAMAGE BY HAIL In The Iowa Mutual Hail Insurance Co. A Legal Reserve Mutual A Percentage Plan Will Be Available. Participating - Non-Assessable For Complete Details Call at the Mills County Farm Bureau Office. or Write or Call Your Nearest Agent. General Agent Address Phone C. E. Nagel Malvern 2311 Special Agents Address Phone FORREST E. BLOOMER, Glcnwood, 29F22 RICHARD O. ALLELY, Hastings, 558 SAM McKEE. JR. Emerson 12 on 1 DUANE SELL RALPH LISTON Glenwood Mineola 696 Glenwood 10F21 (BillS^ Cooper's alster. 8on IMMEDIATE INSTALLATION IN MALVERN of RUSCO THI WORLD'S FIRST PATENTED AU MfTAL COMBINATION SCREEN AND STORM SASH SAVES UP TO ONE THIRD IN FUEL BILLS RUSCO Combination windows give you a screen, a storm sash and weather stripping in a single permanent unit. You shift from screen to storm sash in 30 seconds from inside your borne! Here Is lifetime service in year-round, rainproof, draft- free ventilation. RUSCO wind- dows fit any home — new or old. Ask for a free estimate. There Is no obligation. No down payment-Three years to pay For Full Information, Mail Coupon_J°£^y__ i" ~Gentlemen: I would like more information on your RUSCO I WINDOWS f lease Send Me Vour Folder Illustrating Ruscos. Have Representative Call On Me at date time I am Enclosing Window Sizes. Please Send Free Estimate. D D D NAME I j TOWN equipment, parts, repairs and accessories thereof, and any and all other merchandise as may be determined by the corporation, and to carry on any trade or business incidental thereto or connected therewith, and to own and operate a service establishment, to make repairs and service machinery and equipment; to apply for, purchase, or otherwise acquire, hold, own, uae, operate, sell, assign, or grant or conduct licenses, franchises and rights; to take, acquire, purchase, hold, own, rent, lease, sell, exchange, mortgage, improve and develop, and otherwise deal in and dispose of any and all property, real and personal of every description, incidental to or capable of being used In connection with the a- foresald business, or any of them; and the transaction of any and all other business which may be necessary or incidental or proper to the exercise of any and all of the aforesaid purposes of this corporation, and, to conduct the aforesaid business or any portion thereof tn any state of the United States, in addition to the State of Iowa. The capital stock of the corporation shall be Thirty Thousand Dollars (130,000.00), of the par value of One Hundred Dollars (J100.00) each, and shall b« fully paid when Issued, and non- assessable. This corporation shall commence its corporate existence on the issuance of the certificate of the corporation, and to continue for twenty (20) years thereafter.' Tne business and affairs shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of not less than two (2) members nor more than five (5) members, these to be elected at the annual meeting of tne stockholders, which shall be held on the third Friday of January of each year. The officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors. The ^corporators named below shall be the directors and the officers are as follows: John J. Schuitz of Council I Bluffs, Iowa, ehall be President, and Robert D. Scnultz. of Council Bluffs, Iowa, shall be Secretary and Treasurer. Toe private property of the stockholders of the corporation shall be at all times exempt from corporate debts. The Articles may be amended at annual meeting or special meeting called for that purpose. The corporation ST-iXS! - t may k® ^solved by a two-thirds ___ ~H."J^"1I_ -T J vole at au > annual meeting Unions Block Labor Peace—Refuse Wage Boost Already Accepted by IB Other Railroad Unions! MICKLIN SERVICE IS COMPLETE Whatever your remodeling problem way be, Mick- Hit Home Improvement Co. can solve it. Call us for: • WEATHKR STRIPPING • HOOFING • SIDING • INSULATTIOV • PORCH ENCLOSURES FREE estlmatas on Any improvement plan* you have! I MAIL TO the or corpora- MiCKLIN HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. 1702 Cuming St Ona«a* 2, «*br. special meeting of Uon. John J. Schuitz. Robert D. SchulU. Incorporators. KIM BALL, PETERSON, SMITH ft PETERSON, Attorney B. 29-4. Tba Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen and the Switchmen's Union of North America, representing 125,000 railroad employes, have refused to accept tha offer of the Railroads of a wage increase of 15M cents an hour. Thu ia the same increase awarded 1,000,000 non-operating employes by an arbitration board in September, 1947. Tbia ia the same increase accepted by 175,000 conductors, trainmen and switchmen by agreement on November 14,1947. Agreements have been made with 1,175,000 employes, represented by nineteen unions. But these three unions, representing only 125,000 men, are trying to get more. They are demanding also many new working rules not embraced in the settlement with the conductors and trainmen. Incidentally, the Switchmen's Union of North America represents only about 1% 01 all railroad switchmen, the other 93% being reprftsented by the Brotherhood of Railrrmrt Trainmen and covered by th« settlement with that union. Strike Threat Tha leaders of these three unions spread a strike ballot while negotiations were still in progress. This is not a secret vote but u fa»lrori by uoioO ItJUdcTS ELUd VOtfcS UTO signed by tho employes ia tha presence •f union representatives. When direct negotiations failed, tha leaders of these three unions refused to join the railroads in asking the National Mediation Board to attempt to settle tha dispute, but the Board took jurisdiction at the request of the carriers and has btc-a earnestly attempting since Novexnber24, 1947, to bring about a settlement. Ina Board on January 15, 1948, announced its inability to reach a mediation aettie- xaent. The leaders of tha unions rejected the request of tha Mediation Board to arbitrate. The railroftrtu accepted. What Now? The Unions having refused to arbitrate, tha Railway Labor Act provides for tha appointment of a fact-finding board by the President. Tha railroads feel it is due shippers, passengers, employes, stockholders, ana (he general public to know that throughout these negotiations and in mediation, they have not only exerted every effort to reach a fair and reasonable settlement, but they have also met every requirement of tha Railway Labor Act rtap*cting the negotiation, mediation, and arbitration of labor disputes. It seems unUmtkable that these three ani*ns, representing less than 10 per cent of raiiioad employes, and those among the highest paid, can successfully maintain the threat of a paralyzing strike against the interest of toe entire country—snd against 90 per cent of their fellow employes. The threat of • strike cannot justify (ranting more farorable conditions to 125,000 em- ployes than hate already been put in effect for 1.175,000, nor will it alter the opposition of the railroads to unwarranted wage l«creases or to change* ia working rules which are not justified. A glance at the box shows what employes represented by the Engineers and Firemen mike. They are among the highest paid ia the ranks of labor iu the United States, if no< the highest. Hera is a comparison of average annual earning* of fcuglnocr* ami firemen for 1939 (prewar) and 1947. Aluo ghowa is what 1347 earciafi would have been if tha 15H CenU per hour increase, offered by the railroads and rejected by the union leaden, had bc-eu iu effect throughout the eatint year 1947. Compare these wages with what you make! IIa trariu !M) ttutti 118 inrtu tuul Uulip haul Uioltti ENGINEERS Road Freight $3.966 $6,126 (Local and Way) Road Passenger 3,632 6.399 Uo»d FnigU (TUrougb). 3,147 Vt>«4 Yard 2,749 4,061 HREMEN Road Freight 2.733 4.683 (Local and Wayj Rood Pasbenger 2,732 4.544 Road Freight CTtrougbJ. 2,0o3 3,460 Yard 1,362 3.136 Uiiufl tilt li'/i ClAU |V litf ititl $6,757 6.025 5,169 4,539 5,268 6.16S 3,i>91 3.K3 Full year wagea computed from Interstate Commerce Cunimiasion Suite meat M 1947 estimated on basis c'f actual figurted for iirai eight inunlhd. 19$ WEST AUAM3 STREET • CUIC4OO 3, ILLINOIS W« are publishing this and other advertisements to ttlk with you tfc fiat baad aLout matters wkich *r* important to everybody^

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