The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1932
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT POTKEDED Dan Thomas,Advises Pvo- ducers to Use More Wo. men in Pictures. ' BY DAN THOMAS 'NBA Smlc« .Writer : HOUA'WOOn.—There inay be some .trouble ahead for 'the motion picture Industry If our .studio ef.cs don't do something pretty soon to- increase the feminine Interest in their films. Naturally, there linve been some films In which the feminine side has been tlie strongest. But they are fur In (tie minority. During the last six motiihs or so a I treat majority of pictures have' been m°n's films—with a predorn-1 1 •-..-•• Inance of men In Die casts and' * 1 *'" A 'f SA V YOl!? Above, Clauil- \vllti ah'appeal directed largely to- *" c ('olfjerl cazes Into llu> mirror ward men. 'lYiic. there have teen women in the casts but they obviously were there simply because our movie makers think no picture is complete without al least one till in it. In looking over the pictures now Mai^'Appeal in Movies Overdoiie BlYTHEVaLg.__(ARia COURIER NEWS SAYS <'»n; a fare ;ts pretty us ln-r rlirlil, fair l.orena Ijiysrh, iioiiywncHl's ntwrst "Clmlm-lla 8irl" who was slinrd lu r a ><MK- tcrm contract afttr twi» ymr* »l trying |» fei on; drwfup, Hetty „ „ ,..„„..., ..„., , dilute display* her In production niirt Ihosc irtilcli' ~ have been mnde hi recant months. I story. "Devil and the Deep" nl- It acunlly Is startling the way though it co-siarml Tallnln "'""•"' " I* "iro<m (o ,tho men. Dnnkhcad anO Oar Conpor ftlmc in ll-}ll/*l* .|.r\,.tn.. ... :. ' . "t"- 1 . Even films In which women have been starred have leaned heavily toward the masculine nti- Ble. , "Hell- Divers" wns almost wholly n story of two men, Wallace Decry and Clark Gab!e, even though ttare were women In the cast. "Blessed Event" Is another In the tame category. Although there arc feminine names In the cast, the story Is about. L« Tracy, a ne»'spa[>cr columnist. "Strange Interlude" leans far more toward "Brown of Culver" hasn't a girl ln~H anywhere. "Airmail" Is an almost wholly masculine film. "Tlie Champ" with Wnlly liecry OF TJIJ.S IS XKKW:i>, DAN THOMAS-— AM) und primarily a mans story, "is My Fuce Red" is In Die snrnc cl.iv, with "Dtessed Event." "Radio Patrol" (Icali largely with two cops although a girl illd enter Into It. "Scarfnce" was a- man's picture II tvcr there was one. ", the Ajw Mnn" was comprised largely of imlnmls and Johnny Wclssmul- ler. "Tlie Last Mile" had practit-nlly ix> feminine Interest. • • * "Six Hours to Mvo." featuring Warner Baxter and John Holes Is jirimnrlly n man's nim. So is "Knckety Rax" with Victor Mc- La^lrn In the leading role. "Tinfoil' has Tnllulnh Hnnklicud In Die cast but otherwise it l s « m-iie story. "The nig Uroadciist." "The I . , , • J -«^.j ..n.jj, i,i v , U [. LJIUIHICLISL. aixl Jackie Cooiier wns u man's phnnlom President." "Sport "Secrets of the French Polire" and "All-Amerlcn" conic imdpr nils heiidlng. So do -The New Yorlwr," "I'm n Furtive," "The Malch 7fli>L>" mid "ao.Oflfl Yonrs In sing Sing." Thin llil could he stretched out. liKlennitcly. nut enough films liuvc been nicnllonoil to show the trtn:l of tliinns—and also lo prove t! there miisl he u chanpe. One of Ihp frealesl attractions of motiim pictures iihi-ays hnr, been the tpiiu- tlful femininity in theiii. Men !:;:<• "Mahe it Four, Father!" to ,ne If you once have a taste of tlie New NuGiape, you ack for more. It's just thai sort of a flavoi—a mysterious some, thing, born of plump Concord grajms and sunshine. There is nolh- ing anywhere near like it, with its houquel of dew-ripened grapes and It9 sparkling, dancing life—as of champagne. Next to impossible ,„ k«*p the New NnGra,^ on ice al hon.e-.lio f am . ily sneaks m for "j,, s t auo.her bottle," even wh en a case i 9 purclm^ nt « time But 8u.ce Nature and Science brew,^ it and brought it .„ ils do- Ugnlfu! 8l a.e of appetiring pcrfectioa—you c m ,!rink as m,,ch >ls yotl please as often aa you ploue. J There it no »ub»titute for the /Ve» iVuGrape. Accept none, for it ,ro«M only mean disap. pointme*t, Tfc« ^ermine is told everywhere JOT 5f, x - NuGrape Bottling Co. Main & 1,ako Sts. lllytheville. Ark. MAD€ WITH WCLCH'S GRAPC JUIC€ Rancher Breaks Leg Riding Ranch Cow PORTEnVILLE, Cal. (UP)-Oer- 1'la.s Oook, 22, randier, often had seen .cowboys ride strees at. rodeos That, he opined, was the life- nothing to do but ride a few horses anil strees. So l:e decider! to practice on one of the ranch cows. He mounted. Tne cow .ran wildly. riiMjc:! against a water trough a-one cook's leg, siopjKd suddenly, anil catapulted him into a dccn reicrvolr nearby. He decided to stick to ranching. Claims Tree Trunks Shrin kand Expand NEW HAVKiv Conn. (UP) — 'trunks of growing trees shrink riming the daytime and expand at nJKht (hiring clear weather ' Dr Hnyjiiond K Icy hoi/., ctologtst al llir> Connecticut Agricultural ax- .H'l-iriieiu Station" has determined A dendrograph, an instnuncnt lecurdnig i he contraction and ex- l«'"sl«n <if a tree triink. s l,oiv-J Hie dlaincttr to diinfnlsh when ll'.c Mm withurew moisture from the tree and to increase when Uiu store WHS n-plonislicil at niBht , threw the line in [he water. jder'-flhd I pulled n ]ar3e , vhito "Well sir," he ssld. -It Just wasn't I perch from il:e water." Arkansan Finds Fish Like Gum for Bait PINE BLUFF /,rx. «U[')-"wlicre Cere's a w ||, lller( ,. s a Vi ., y „ Fa this ag. old saying j, C Alen. Jr.. attributes his success in " sl 'i"K al Atkins Lake near i, er c When Alien arrived at the Into He found he Had no bait. So he It. And what is more important so Uu women. Conseraientiy, with flic feminine angle ctisapncarinir Ijouble is brewing. And i? can be Moiiiwd only by getting more women on the screen. Highest Cash Prices Paid For OLD GOLD SILVER and BROKEN and DISCARDED JEWELRY llc.rc 3 Day's Only THURS. - FRI. - SAT. Sept. 15-18-17 lirhif/ in your old jewelry and other f/old and silver fin- an estimulc Representatives Located at KIR6Y BROS. DRUG GO. l>h()ne 2:! Cnrnt-r Main * »n»:ulw:iy , Ark KROGER AND . PIGGLYWIGGLY STORES-.- : Bargains for Friday, Saturday and Monday CABBAGE Fresh6rM " 25 " e ptd. Mc Pound 2c Bushel 89c La, ORANGES 2 Doz. GRAPES '-fi-1,1). Itasket LETTUCE POTATOES BANANAS COCO-ANUTS n CARROTS Prt-sh 71C Ihmch i 2 APPLES Delicious Bushel 95c 15 Ib. Peck 25c Quality 4 Pounds 19c PRUNES tvaponited rC Lh. 3 KIDNEY Jo;m .Arc rc Can it SOAP Camay Ki\T 5 C _____ PORK & BEANS C:im £f5 (: LARD^ CORN stardardQualit ^°- 2 ^ nLimil Each 5c Ivory " TC i\U>d.'Si/e Har 3 GELflT|NE Country PEANUT'BUTTER 10 Sack Snc GRAPE NUT " AKK % kg .l(r VINEGAR c. nMJ u T 25 c FLOUR SUGAR Paper Bags 10 UAUC Heil s Prmcella, Center Slices jL RHrnO Pound 2 s c . Half or Whole IP" PIG FEET "^,. : ., h 5! : BEEF LIVER Ib l5 u VEAL ROAST Thick 'I;, 1 ;. I2i u NECK BONES _ PORlKOAST ^ M ifii BACON In Piece SPARE RIBS Plenty of Heat PoUfld 626 SPRING LAMB Hindquiirler, LI). Forcquartcr, I.h. S'/,c Slew Pound 6c SALT MEAT, Plates, Pound 5c i COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN R1TZ THEATER ; Last Tiinu Today — "Devil find Ullr !)(•:•])" with Tillllilaii t Kiinkliciiil unil GMIT COOJK.T. Saturday Only Adtn. — Ahilineu and Niiflil — 10 iind 2~ic Sou Tom Mix 'Riders of Death Valley' SlJI-illl—"Ai|- l|;,i| J]y slt ,,. v -' with Lucille Hrowii. Cai (oou—"l-'arnicrc-tte" Sunday and Mondav j S Ailii).—Matinee rind 10 and ;j5c DAVI MONTGOMERY Will) Tliis Groat Cast— HIM,IK DOVK, JIM.MIK DliKAiN'TK, JAMES (JI,KASON and ZAZU PITTS /, Viui'll enjoy every minute of hij picture—A Thvillinjf pago n the Life Slorv of a chorus ill .. •••• , Latest Panimounl News Jomcily—"The Chimp" with Ji-el and Hardv. HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Aelm.—Jtatinoe and Nijdit 10 and 2uc Sec , Tim McCoy in 'Daring Danger "Hero of the Flames* Comedy. Sunday and Monday i.—.U-ilince -and Ni 10 and 25c DOOMED TO DIE f THE PLAY THAT ROCKED IHE.NATJOHJ with 1'RKSTON KOSTKli. HOWARD t'HJU.fl's and GKOHCE STO.NK "The Last Mito" is a picture you i-itn'l all'nnl t n nl is.s ft is more (h..,,, ;l ston . O f in-son niui of t l u . coiuleninod. I 0 MIC l( is ., S(0| . V of tho , e •n wiihiii liarud c ' e || Si fmi h_ «1_ l))i.v-.ii-a]]y. mentaih- and spintually hciwcon uni-clcnt- i"K nnvus of man-made laws ?mi nian-iixed dcalh. And ! l ! s| • " r unjustly found guil- '•}• Aru they .not the victims in man's impeiTeel con- V , C " t ."", ) ' s "I' 01 . 1 «'l«'cli he has W'dvd n social structure oi noiihiini security? % Lewis R. LawB.'. ".•mien of Sine Sing Prison, C '

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