The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 15, 1948 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1948
Page 4
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f AGE FOUR THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, JANUARY IB, 1948 Local News ©**© P/?0/2e 555/ Mrs. Wm. D. Moyer and children left Saturday by train to join Mr. Moyer at Hasan, Nob. Their poods left the same ' "i" T 8 : ""' >f _Mr. in Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mrs. Darrell Achen- Shook and ^^^^^MMMIS^&JKSJK^E^S^ Mr - and OAKS NEWS * ba ™ gh ' . » VSJ*nLv>__r*EiWO Mr. and Mrs. Guy Osborn and Darlene were Sunday dinner guests in the Burt Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hvdr Mr , » . >« r, , came home Friday night. On Sun- Mr and Mrs Too HAthawav Mrs. Helen Knight was return- day sho left for Lincoln where and children attended a clrd «»• <"'« »»•• !«•«"„»„ « 0 wen o er home \\ednesday after she visited until today with Mr. party Saturday evening at the Ed attended a farewell party at the and treatment in the and Mrs. Glen Moomaw. Tonight Hathaway home in Hastings chas - Kaney home t™ ™- °"^ tfluns. she leaves for California where Mr. and M™ Flnvrf^, nn Mrs. Skidmore who for Mr ' and Mrs - Thurmaa Bowen home for Mr. and leave soon N. p. Wight returned to his hter's Tuesday from the Oak hospital and is conval- ver Uve Mrs. ton Swain. """ '"' "' "" " ere ' I."'i f 1 r . nia ' '." .T isitin * this Wt " ek «"<> her sister, Mrs. Roy Parker! whor i, nmo <?„ H r • "' - ' ""'" «"« "'"in- ^Ada^and Tnfe Harms came and Mr ' and Mrs ' John Ba >' es - Twelve members attended. Circle last week. Eleven member* entered the "veteran", ^^ " h. F ed a S,r^r "h^ o!v" d^T'^ -T^ 1 ' fr ° m " ° vor fr ° m ""«"" ^'"^ and D ° nal<1 Loske ' ~ ho is attend - and^chiTdV^H "i?"' /^ a " d tW ° ViSit ° rS W6re P«»«t He expects to undergo a "or o». The men drove to K,n«^ ntv £r n ,7 ,'" Indianola w|th visi <^ over Sunday in the C. C. iiR business college in Omaha, ?"? p Ch " d .™ nd ^ ™ A ™ TB ' The evening was s P ent »" sewing operation on his 1e/ ns SOC0 °" saturdav to s4 ,hHr f,,hrrMr,* K W If „ „, ^'^ ° nd Th ° ? E ' Sal >'"s s P e »t »^ week end with his par- ^ p ^r^ B fb«'-a quilt blocks after which a delic his condition gets better. Ralph Harshbarcer who i Joe chSni,^ !-V ° 'V v ' " hlimps - e " fSl Mr and Mrs ' Flo - vd Gor - ^ ere Slln<ia > s "PP er suerta of ions lunch was served. Mrs. Prank Juol.o came Satur- >"<"'-« "^ ' ' ' " ^^h.";" N-^".^.:'^^ t S^n^e XndT'L « "T , ^^H % '?H«-/: n ^ 0 ^?rc;n; :: T™^3CH /" T -'--'•^'^^;?£^ s£lr £L?i£iIE of narinda''arrivPd and T h ", y''wore'T," on^r™?" n-^Mr r '"' : " ! Fri>la - v '""rninp'^for'Tuo- '"january Clearance Sale of ^ Mr - and M ™-''«««« Woodflll • P-nd two weeks here while .i: ; ,i Mrs Ralph Maddofk* who """• An7 ' wh ° ro thei >' I 1 '™ to Winter _'• :arlan on business. .;•.jn»->d them nt Omaha Empress Theatre Phone 5521 Malvem THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY Jan. 15, 16 17 A TECHNICOLOR Picture — ' FUN AND FANCY FREE • and COMEDY Matinee Saturday at 2:30 SUNDAY, MONDAY Jan 18> 19 • ROMANCE OF ROSY RIDGE • with VAN JOHNSON and JANET LEIGH NEWS — CARTOON - Matinee Sunday 2:30 UESDAY, WEDNESDAY Jan . 20j 21 • LOST HONEYMOON • with FRANCHOT TONE, FRANCES RAFFERTY * JESSE JAMES RIDES AGAIN • COMING - THURS., FRI., SAT. _ Jan. 22, 23, 24 with IDA LUPINO and DANE CLARK .-* DE E P VALLEY • remain for several week's! "visiV- Hats'." HoheT'Sweat'/rTand Inec' Sta -7 d ov ^ r for a few ^aj's visit. •np in ,he homo of their son Joe ial croups o acce" orJe, Saving v % ^ "^ W " R ' C ° SteII ° and peeinc places of interest neir of l/^ n , -, o , ba ,\ ings visited their son Ralph and fain- Mr, and Mrs. Thos. E. sTl- a n d Women Ladies V Tl "* '" Randol P h and their son while th"v r . PSidr '" " ieir h ° me Sh ° Pl Shenan doah.' ' adv. Sunday a " d fa " lily '" Mr Tnri Mr i -U- i nnd ^' rs - Jpsse Harbold daiuliter j-»'ne of n m ,V aWS nnd am ' Frederick moved last week Mrs. Melvin Irvin and baby ene«" "nnd" f , f *"* "' the K ' H ' Chantry farm east daughter visited Mrs. Frank ie MrJ > °,T r'° ° rmer ' 8 ° f town from near G'enwood. Crouse Thursday afternoon istei. Mrs. E. H. Coons. and Mrs Harbold is a sister of Mrs Blacksmith WORK lien Martin. STRAHAN W. S. C. S. Hold Jnniiftry s r I) Club rotta* at tho Church of Mrs. Hermit Hlllyer The Strahan W. S. C. S. met Mrs. Hermit Hillyer was hos- at the church with Mrs. Harold tess to the S. C. D. Club Thurs- Marshall Stockton visited his mother in the Edmundson hospital Sunday. She had another stroke Tuesday night and is not getting along well. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Peterson visited Altha Church Sunday afternoon. Mrs. John Silvey visited Mrs. Church Saturday morning. NECRO Steals Hog Profits! .•.„.„ i..ic7. i Alii uiu --•-.•" »vj. M»V- »j. \^. l/, \_,m U 1 nUFS- P'HoI VntrvU* \- som and Mrs. John Bayes serv- day afternoon which was held at the semefter^worl »t COB1 P leted ng as hostesses. Mrs. Isom pre- the home of Mrs. Everett Gipe 8emester 8 ™* »t ided. Mrs. Lloyd Angus led duo to bad roads. Nine members mans to wnrir at »t, ^ i,. he devotionals. Two guests. Mrs. wre present. The regular bus- stnrA fnrTV . ^° IIins Dru S V E. Waterworth and Mrs. Cliff iness meeting was held. Miss year remainder of the tille. joined the Society. The fol- Ruth Fullenwider joined the club -^ owing officers took over starting The remainder of the afternoon with this meeting: president, w as Fpont visiting. The hostess Irs. Harold Isom; rice president, served refreshments of fruit sal- Irs. David Angus; secretary, -id and coffee. Mrs. Frank Grouse, taking tlie • . place of Mrs. Earl Conrad who Sfralinn .Methodist Church resltrncd: treasurer. Mrs. How- \obcl I!. Itlnrkmnn, Pastor ard Kayton; secretary of Spirit- -Ml'-n Norton, Snpt. «al life, Mrs. Lloyd Angus; sec- Morning worship at $:45. Re- retary of Lit. and rubllcations, P°rts from the Cleveland confer- Mr.c. Everett flipe; secretary of encn. children's work, Mrs. Ellis (Irin- Sunday school at 10:45 with die; secretary of Missionary Ed- flasses for all ages. ucation, Mrs. Allen Norton; fee- Wednesday at 7:30 p m to rotary of Supply Work, Mrs. Wednesday at 2 p. m. the reg- John Uayes; secretary of Youth, "lar meeting of the W. S C S Mrs Emmett Gipe; secretary of 9 P- m.. the Junior YoiithWilow- I.ocal Church Activities, Mrs. -"hip will meet in the church Charles Kayton . The W. S. C H — theme this year, "That Thy Way The Senior Youth Group met may be Known." Mrs. John at the church Wednesday evening Haves' division is in charge dur- for tlu'ir regular business nnd ing the first three months. Tho s ° r 'ial meeting. Miss lone Rolten latlies sponsored tho Malvern Ic <l the worship. Donald Gipe Rotary club banquet at the Stra- Kave a talk on his Cleveland trio ban Church Tuesday evening, Max Irvin nnd Fred Brown ser and will eerve lunch at the Ed VC <1 refreshments I'ollitt sale, Jan. 20th. The host- Mrs. Leo Smith and son Roy esses served refreshments of w ere Sunday dinner guests of Mr sandwiches, cookies and coffee. an d Mrs. Dale Nims and baby. Many persons of our commun- wan^nd^hilH^n ^^ N ° rth " ity shared in the clean-up of our Mr anY M £ Spencer - and church Friday and Monday. an d fam lv o T hTommy Smlth ' nl / a family of Tabor were Sunday • HARD SURFACING • ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE.WELDING We've got the equipment and the experience to handle all types of blacksmith work whenever you need it. THE WINTER WON'T LAST LONG. BETTER~ ESZftffssssi^'™ Crum & Djureen Phone 3521 Malvern When You Purchase a PHILCO "•-••*», ent. Plans for craft work were made. The group enjoyed playing games and singing. Mrs Isom served refreshments of fruit sal- iid and cookies. SUPER SUDS 1P &OXYDOL iSf pk* UUV RIVAL m DOG FOOD 2VC CUBE STARCH ?0f 3 Pltgn. . . . M / V 1IILI/S HMOS. ()r TONK UIWH. COFFEE pound Sic HEINZ TOMATO SOUP 2 '•»• MOTHERS BEST FLOUR 10 Ib. Mirk "i QUAKER OATS ••>' Hi. pK;r. HERSHEY COCOA 92c l'<H\l)i:UKI> or S( LAR p'JlK.ll APRICOTS N'>. 10 <ii/i " I3c MARSHMALLOWSJQ^ parkagc- ===== RAISINS ii ib. WIENERS pound EMPEROR GRAPES PORK CHOPS §HO^^c "i, 4jc IBACON SQUARES r j pound, . . . .1 11 GRAPEFRUIT it JUICE H l« oz. «-an . 1 ; LETTUCE '. < ainaj SOAP JUr Phone 461. 1 FRIDAY and SATURDAY Malvern in Council Rluffs, an operation seems to be getting along Mr. Kayton is staying In Council Uluffs to be near her. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kayton and Charles Jr., visited Mrs Howard Kayton at the Council liluffs hospital Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Gipe and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. Mrs. Millard Gee and sons. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Grindle went to Pacific Junction Wednesday evening to visit Mrs Mary Roberts, who has a broken hip Mra. Roberts is at the home of her eon, Earl Clapper. Mr. and Mra. John Uayes, Mr and Mrs. Opal Bayes and Darrell attended the Ice Cyclea in Omaha Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Clitea and Junior were in Red Oak Saturday. The Victor Norton family were supper guests in the Roy Bayes home in Malvern Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Clark and family were Sunday visitors in the Jesse Smith home near Thurman. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Telschow of Red Oak were Friday and Saturday guests of her mother, Mrs Jessie Bruce. Mr. and Mrs. Max Shook and an of Council Bluffs were guests in tho J. w. Fullenwider home Sunday. Charles Gipe made a business trip to Omaha Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Scherer and Bobby, Gordon and Steven of Tabor; Mrs. Walter Roberts of Troy; Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Cod- dmgton and children were Sunday dinner -uesta of Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Bass. Around L'O friends and relatives gatln.-n.-r at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Coddiugton Sunday evening in honor of Mr. Coddington's birthday. The evening was spent enjoying motion pictures. Mrs. Walter Roberts of Troy who haa been in the Shenandoah hospital for ih,, past two weeks came Thursday to the parental Zeno Bass home to upend a few days befor,, returning home. i*r and Mra Marv-iu Briley and daughter went to Tabor er UD w y £° T" Mr ' BriK ' y ' a fath - quiicTin Th, ri w' y ;, who has be< -' D «uii.e in. me Briley a took their daughter to R^j Oak Thursday for treauneot for broacbitia. FOR THE PRICE OF THE FREEZER ALONE Oily PHILCO hm» mtt • 5 Ciblc !••* capacity • Hold* 200 *.. frVx*. SOLD ON DEALERS EASY TERMS Tip Ud C*>tr«l IP ^ The great new PHILCO Freezer brings exclusive features for food l£ e r&^U rt °f ge ^ **%. ^ Ome at 10 to 20 degrees below zero. \SS^I "T£? efflC l enCy ' c ? nvcnien « »»d food protection . . . utmost dependability and sensational VALUE. WHAT A CRAND ASSORTMENT! 1 pkg. Swaason Chick.n Ala King 1 pkg. Swanson Cut-up Fryer 1 pkg. Swansea Cut-up Fowl 1 pkg. Swanson Cut-up Turkey 3 pkgs. Birdscy* Applesauce 3 pkgs. Birdseye Apricots 3 pkgs. Birdseye Blueberries 3 pkgs. Birdseye Grapefruit 3 pkgs. Birdseye Mixed Fruit 3 pkgs. Birdseye Peaches 3 pkgs. Birdseye Strawberries 3 pkgs. Birdseye „.. 3 pkgs. Birdseye AE. ,r. Spears 3 pkgs. Birdseye Green Beans 3 pkgs. Birdseye Cut Corn 3 pkgs. Birdseye Mixed Vegetables 3 pkgs. Birdseye Peas 3 pkgs. Bjrdseye Peas. Carrots 3 pkgs. Birdseye Spinach 3 pkgs. Birdseye Squash 3 pkgs. Birdseye French Fried Potatoes 55 pkgs. Total Value $25.00 BIRDSEYE SEE YOUR PHILCO DEALER TODAY BLOEDEL HA! Phone 3«11 Malvern

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