The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1932
Page 7
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i IDAY,.SfcPTEMBEU 16, 1032 BLTTI!EV1M,B, (AUK.) COUHIKll NEWS CLASSIFIED APS r»p writt • word tor M inwrtioc tad MM etot • »»rt (or Mufe lutiiHMi tMtrt»» No «fr»>*iii«i] (•**• t«t M» n*n iQc. Oimijt th«'T<ird| 1*4 •<wl tbe c**. FOB SALE TRueks FOR SALE 1930 FORD'TRUCK. Hi Ton, D»al Wkctb; Closed Cab, License. Runs Good. A Bar tain IKS FORD PICK-UP. Clostd Cab, Steel Body, License. Good Tires. (gl/IC Runs Fine V-l W IKO CHEVROLET TRUCK <\ Clrscd Cab, Body, A-l Tires, In First Class Condition I'SED CARTER TRAILER 2!: Ton, RxB 1!. D. Tiro, Llceew, 1« {(. Body with Hifcboards. Ideal far hanl- big Set*, Cottoa, H»jr, Lumber. Etc. A Real Bar(ain. Only- See Th«« Tracks and Our Late Model I'Md Cars At Oace. Terms To Suit PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized iKw^^H Dealers FOR' SALE—Household furniture, t-'all" tnw. l)p-kl.1 1'OR .SALE—15 milcli cows ana heifers.,Stanton A. Pepper, Hutf- ttaii/'Alk. ' 13P-K20 §145 USED TRUCK For Sale Cheap- Dual wheel, 1930 model. Jlmmie Robert's Oarage, Osceola, Ark. 15I?-Klb FOR SAbE-SAVE on Goodyeai Tires and Tubes, auto accessa- ries, new and rebuilt batteries, M}- 01!, lie quart. Wolf Arian. Phone 176. 16ck-Oct. lu r »'OK FOR .RENT— Furnished apartment. Ids' West Kentucky. Phone 683 ' ' FQR' SALE: Used Dur'ant coupe. cheap, will trade for hogs, cow, cotton. E. E. Deen, Route l, Box 112.' Up-kl7 WANTED WANTED TO BUY—A good pint mule. Must bo cheap. J. a. Richardson. Route 3, Box B5. 16p-k20 WANTED-Junk of all kinds, hides iron, copper, grass, aluminum anc lead. Wolf Arlan. Phone 176. 16ck-Oct. Il LOST AND SOUND LOST:—yellow Persian kitten, hal; grown, reward ior return to Mrs Otto Kochtitzky, 1111 West Ash. FOR RENT — Unfurnished apartment, Ingram Apartments. Inquire Parkhurst Co. 13C-K19 PERSONALS CUSTOM HATCHING — Beginning Sept. 12th. Baby Chicks, Oct 3rd. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythevllle. RESTAURANTS. Visit Ge3. Wright's Wall Streei Lunch, located in Greyhound Bus Station. 8-15 ck 10-15 COMMISSllKvfcK'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that Ihc undersigned' commissioner, ir. compliance with tlie terms of a decree rendered by the Chanccrj Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas. 0:1 the 20th day of September. 1031. "wherein Bennlng- ton .County Savings Bant, a corporation, w as Plaintiff,- No. 4487, anrt Addie M. Mason, el al., were Defendants. Ull , ,.,,„ a[ blic al]c . lion to the highest and best bidder, on a crcmt . ot - thrce monthSi ot thc Cour( hours p th . c , tv by ot Septe HKKK TODAY STA.V CAM.. » iicci C f r <wt- tit Utt-r<K», C*»i A*fKK IJKI.O U >!• u«r».|. Ike HIT. Hlptf. U Iht «C1|« •>«• ol l«•* null*. ' u»io ol <v** lUvrrv CIHP. He •*««•€•. 1H1« *>t kuvlmf mtm «*•! tffco IT7 <• rfcrcfc up •• klM. Ball uri kc 1> K"UK • • »' (• 'makt * rliftk klm- «rl(. u<l< m«il> ikat kc mill prrMMMlty »ev thai Ball data »ol. 5I..4I.! btfore Ike ••» knlla- lr>is Hl«» (all »r» kMaaitca lUr u *trl !«!• a car. lit* talchea 4ke inr nad .ov<-. DON A 1IKI.O, A>- yrr'x daugbtfr. \Vkca ke tcoraa wh-< Hhc !• k* allpa awar atur <rl : ktr kc U STANLEY B1.MK, 111 MI. K* WINTi:il9, )• love with U«aa r acrrva 1u K*1 Acvrr Del. kick •« kla wlH (rip 1o Tkroe KUtn 1C ake v.111 aiarrgr MM. Hk« clvn ktai »gal» «a- couraKcmvnt. NOW 00 Cl\ WITH THE BTOHY UHAi'TliU III T"\ONA appliea Hie brakes and pulled her" trim roadster to a Unit at tlio curb before a spacious apartment IIOUEO. Without tlio early hour a thougbt slid Bent a raucous Wast of the born echoing through the maples that shaded the. lower floors. She hail only to signal onto. A liguro staggering uuder a loail of khaki nnd leather appeared from Ihe main entrance, and moved down the walk. The p'.le ot equipment reached the curb. There It erupted and Dudley Winters rose from its midst. He removed a soft foil hat and bowed. "At your service, latly." "What on earth have you there?" Dona gasped as she pointed a gloved finger toward (he nsaorlmcnt scattered around Dudley. "A sleeping bag, tu'o guns, three fish rods, a camp outfit, livo water bags, a collanslhlo cnnce anil several lesser Hems." Dudley surveyed the outfit proudly. "You can't lake any of that juuk." Dona was positive. "But my friend Herman at the outfitters recommended this as the xufninnim of equipment. "Herman mads you pay well lor routing him out of bed last night. All you need Is tho outing clothes you're wearing mid a suit uase \sith the fol ; OPEN AT NIGHT PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. PhoM 8U-777 ,WERT HE JIAKES ,TM SfcE OfJicc Over 'Joe 'Isaac's Store' -t; See Us First "HoulJy, ibangus. Want lo milcJ and Ills »alerji blue cjcs i ilch ar.d comt In?" Scth Doby PAGE Ubit HUAKUIWC tiOUSli VAS-AND We I-IAD of purp!o sago showed among thcjout nt the iiewcnmers. Dona bunch grass and far to tho west a sighed peacefully nml leaned back blue range ot mountains marked the I apiinst tiio" cushions. t you need at Three Rivera. Nov. 1 iius- i tic that stuff back aud pack a few clothes." Dona was more Hum "o liltlo vexed now that she was over bcine amused. Dudley sensed his mistake and gathered up his ncvr possessions. He stowed thc stuff away and came hack on the run. Leaping over the floor of the roadster, he slid into place beside Dona. .The car shot away from the curb and sped down the avenue. Dudley leaned hack lo drink In the fresh I for what outfit. She kuew tint I all the cow ranches had their men iin the high', country where their white faces were grazing in the forest reserve. Several outfits ran cattle near tho tlmt>er grnnt load?" Dudley pulled himself up stiffly and surveyed the scene. "And is this a hotel or a barn? The signs say It's a hostelry hut my nose says it's a barn." His tfHti v ,-as broad. "This is Seth Dohj 's [dace ami we'll camp hero tonight." i)ona .., u ,, ,.„,„„ „„,.. ll ,.,, bul . „„„„ Three Rivers. There was the Bar D I pressed the horn and began dusting and the Blind Uiver Outfit. Dudley Ihcrself off. broke Into her reverie by. demand-1 A caiint man of great height aping that they stop al a lunch room |peared in tho doorway nml clumped for coffee and rolls. jdown tbo worn steps un badly run-. Noon found them speeding into a OV(;r rilling boots. His gray hair asc ana took It lo niiothcv room. Dona wviit to her room at UILCO. ho was somi splashing In a wash- an of «''-ul water nml pK'iiarln^ to III) Im i u fresh dress, (mlsldo hu do- r sho could hour Dudley cmnnd::),: a laili. "Ain't no Bcrli nnlinal In this olel," Sdh Dnby's voice bnomed. Where you headed tor. slrniiiicr? 'hero ain't no Inltu out In thli ry cout n-)-." "I'm ii-.iilliiK a man named Aspcr )elo. H:n hu been (lirmigli hero cci-ntl};" Dudley asked. "Ohl Swvdo llclo? Sure. Stayed ICTO a ample of nights nj;o. Hay, ioy, 1'v • known Swede Delo for SO •oars. Him and mo hud tlio d;is- unbbcst liKht two humans cvor liud, r.:l me down fur the count, oo." Sail Doby laiiuhcd loudly. ... j |-)OXA fciKMv Doby ,||il not rceos- ul?.' her IIH iho- freckled with il , ]>li',!:ill hralil who used to -Ido wn'i old Swedo Dub. K;istern ilulshin.; school had erased Iho narks of the rani;o loo thoroughly. As she stepped to iho door Dohy hud ht< back toward her and ho was iil-s.nbcd In lulling Dudley ibcut Sivodo Delu. '•Don't yon make no mistake about lliat [nan. Delo! Ilo was the maddest I've evtr si-en I,In:, 'l.uwcd as how lio had Iweu nllllir In olllco ii'.ull how.lpyxcd cow frauds U they could como In nnd suit In Ills face. 1 llsnro IIP sure alms tu Imi; himself a meddler, or 1 don'i li'icw Kwetla Delo." Dohy slrokcii hir. beard. "Is hu that had?" Dudley asked BCrtoU!-.!}. "Swulo llclo mado his slake by (i^htiir; rii3llur*, lumberjacks aud log jai.ili.i. lie's :i hi-lllon whon he gels hU ire up nud ho Hire had It lip whin lie went ihruUKh IILTP. had a time Ketllni; him to bod down ovornirlit ivltli UK." Dana ttciuicd forward and spoke bmlliti^-ly. "Run rtloliK und v.-ush up. l)u:l. while I talk In Jlr. Duliy." Kelli Doby looked sharply nt tlio g\rl, (lien scratched his sliajsey head: "You know mo nud I should know you. but I don't." "1'i'n ' l)on:i Dob. I'lsull LJ." Dope's whliu teeth flioiic. "Wi'H. dagnnli It! Knrr- ynu ;frc-l" h.iliy held nut a liimlly hand. "Is l):id really on ono ol his Doby slinok his head. "Me sure and I hplieve the old fool l.i uet- Hue. a ivhurkiir kick out at It I ri°i] tc- knock some sense into lih lead, Warned him plenty." "Von think he. might li: in dan- ;er?" Dona could not conceal liar fear. "He's in fur a loush time. 1'know [lie man hr aims to £ot." I (* W.^ it, •BESTOWED OM US ~\V\iS SUMMtiaA- ^-MV PAU6HTET2 I\OI2TENSE PRESENTED AT COUT3T To •i, TH6IR MAJESTIE-S <SEOR6£ AND .V QUEEN MA1?Y-<- cx-v-fV^ s~^ YAS/ I TANCY It PROUD/ ' f '\ PITY i WASN'T its LONDON [ LAST SEJ>SON-r-f.eouLi> j A.WrVt^t)e.D A rV\OH6 I (ViEETlNO FOR WITH TrtlTa MAJESTIES AFTER I THE: -ROUTINE PREStNTATlON/ > I'M AN OLD TRJEND OF THE* ( "RoVAL FAMILV/~.HAWj WHEN V, I TrilNk: OF DAVY A-3 A morning air. "Boy. it's great to he ! luncn out and zipping along! Never knesv foothills tillage where, they had The stop was only a halt stood up In an unruly whirl anil his heard waa Ions mid unkempt [hour and then they ivero off asaiu.'. lv 'th suspicious streaks ot blown in the mornings were so br.icing," he i Du dley had rolled down his sleeves ]'*• IIe Korc a blous; of denim and shouted. juut not before his arms hail burned ifadr-d overalls. "You haven't se?u Ihe sun cornel 10 a llc 'y rcl1 - "c was still in a! "Ho»'dy. alranscrs. \Vant lo up for a good many summer?," Dona shouted back. grinned and sank deep ' Into thc soft cushions. Ha was excited and ling to ailuiit jt. Dona gavo her attention to the. road. She was an excellent driver though her slender shoulders seemed almost frail behind the big wheel. Her thoughts were not with Dudley. Sho was wondering if Stanley Black would call while she was away. Try as she would she could not put hia eut ef Ler mind entirely. The sun came up tml the roads !hitch and como in?" lie smileil spirited mood whistling snatches j of new songs into the teeth of Hit:'™' " !s T '' at cry blue i-ycs twinkled. brisk wiud. " " *""" "' '' By four o'clock they ivere deep into the broken country. Tho hills looked dry anil hot but the valleys wero green with irrigated ranches. Dona knew the road and did not have, to ask .it any ot the cross- i roads tor informatio dust had darkened tboir clothes and '. smudged their warm faces. began to twist iut« *h« hills. Patches i and lean CUNDOWN found the iluslT roadster pulling up beside a spacious log hotel. At the side and back of the building high corrals ranged cayouses gaz?d sleepily aro stopping with yon to ]il§li[," Dona answered with a returning Kmilc. "Yes and catinc. loo." Dudley grinned. Pcth Doby carried their suitcases inside and deposited them In n floor room. He re-turned cnrl-corncrei "Slap your name and yc-nr wifo's in the imok while I yep for supper." "We wish two rooms," Dona hastened lo explain. Old S=th grinned. "Klght. >Vcll jest sisn up." Without further v.-i*-<-? ho recovered Dudley's suit- Thc vcllow;-" 01 "!' 1 llnnr roul:l and mol lolled to "Can't yon KO up with us?" Dona cani'H tho old man'rf arm. "You used to be able to handle Dad." Doby Bhrok bis bend. "E'd do anyihing for you hi remftnliratK-'j ot t!io days when yii-j <• ;is 1'lttlall, fbongh Iho city has shore taken the ranye scrub out of you, but iJit» nif I can't." "Why?" Dona looked the rpv'hcr in tlie c-ye evenly. "Well. 1 don'l »snro Swede Delo has lined opt jest rlyht liiis time nnd I told iflm so." Dona no(idcd and her tone was coder thonRli her -smile was wido. "But yoit will feed us wilh tlio sani-i kind of stL-ak yon n.-cd tn conk?" "Sure! Aud I'll lend a band, too. If I ran." Krth Dohy'H honest faeo Fbowcd cinharrassmont and paiiL us ho turned to the little diti- itlK room. (To 1> Continucil) jwing real estate, lo-wit: The East 1-2 of Northwest 1-4; and all that part of the southwest 1-4 lying north of Pemiscot Bayou, in Section Twentythree (23), Township Sixteen (16) North, Range Eleven (11) East. SAID sale will te had to satisfy aid decree in the sum of $12,07.66, with ten per cent interest «r annum from September 29, 931 until paid. THE purchaser at said sale will « required to execute bond wltn Approved security, to secure the .ayment ol tlie purchase money, .nd a lieu will be retained upon aid projicrly as additional secur- ly 'for the payment of .such pur- hasc money. VITNESS my hand and thc seal of said Court, on this, the 2nd day of* September, 1932. R. L. GAINES, . Commissioner in Chancery, .'rank C. Douglas, Ally, for Plaintiff.. 2-3-16 Louis Joint Stock Land Bank of St. Louis, Missouri, a corporation, Plaintiff. No. 5323 VS L M. P. Brownlce. Enie Carle Brown- Jcc, his wife, T. F. Martin. Trustee, Potts Camp State Bank, n corporation, Defendants. WARNING ORDER The non-resident defendants. Potts Camp State Hank, a ccrpo- Think Up Witticisms on Name ration of Potts Camp. Mississippi, is hereby warned to appear in IJOlSt], loano. ruPi— The n;ir:i- ir.k r of a goH mine al Atlanta las'. umter by tin 1 St. Joseph Lead ... ___ ' ccmpany h.x^ increa.seti t'r.e assv^i- INDIANAl'OI.IS. Ind. (UP) - ' °" valuation ol schools ol that dis:- Convalescing i>.iticnts at t!^ U S ' lria lrom Wl.WJ in 1931 lo mote Veterans Hospital her; d;vn'.r- lh ''" S200.(,0'J Ix 1932. T/; cnroll- tr.cir spare time to thinking up nr-.v i "' om i»"iprd from .v.-vcn to CO, witticisms on the name ol th-i'r ' according to Mr.-. Myrtle R. D.ivis. chief surgeon, Doctor Doctor. ; state _sit[>cr!mei!dcm of _ public in- Doctor Doctor prefers to S , cn Ins i S! ", mt ,. ocl;C(1 - er.rolim:,,!, name W. R. Doctor. M.D.. but ]»- ,.-,„", . ticnts find it could h? M. D. W. ; !,';;. ~V; this court within Ililrty <30) days • SECOND HAND IURNITURE ! WARNING cantR COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, J1I3SISSIP- PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Irving K. Weil, Plaintiff, No. 5313 vs. F. Simon, et 'al., Defendant. The defendants, L. M. Ross, Kan- jas City Title nud Trust Co., Oeo. M. Saliba arc warned lo appear within thirty days in the .court •n»med .in the caption he'rieof and answer the complaint of Uw jjlainllff, Irving K. Weil. ; Dated Aug. 25, 1933. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C Ivy W. Crawford, Atty. A<5 Lltem. 26-2-9-16 R. J. Dodsonl IN" THE CHANCERY COURT OF THE CHICKASAWDA DISTRICT 391-}*) R. . • ; KANSAS 9 S. L. Cantlcy, receiver of the SI li. M. D.. or nny on? of various I n ,„ niedi combinations of plays on his name. I fe ' [hc will conduct a school in addition and answer the complaint. Kerein by thc plaintiff or thc i His son. who has Inclinations in-1. .me will be taken as confessed.! *ard his lather's profi-isicm. will, c Witness my hand and seal Rs|bc« the s.imD name, hut will h? | r Clerk of the Chancery Ccurl, ot i more complicated by the addition i Mississippi County. Arkansas, on I of Jr. | .n: nig out b^'t daily and ,: company c """°-" this 3rd ti.iy of September, 1332. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. 3. B. SegrBves, Atty. for Plaintiff. 'j. B. Harrison, Atty. Ad Litcm. s o into my ancestry." ! fanner, has hren ten man al 31 r^iCK ''I'm ot per- voddinija, father of 14 children. "Every time I mo:t sorrn:ljc:iy I'm j g,,~ Doctor Docl man descent. Translaled into German, 1 think my name would be 'Ariz.' But I've novcr asked my parents. I'm the r>nly one of the B.ULPMONT, \vorlit7 tip>— k;ilplio "" 3-10-17.94 t Doctors who i> a doctor." " j During (he World War. Doct"r and go'.lalher of 100 mere. Whin r.e svrved as Kroomsinan for. the thlrty-soienih tin-.e. thc bride was a gi:l for whom he hs:i s;odd as eocl(alli:r 'll ycats hrlore. Read Courier :cews r/ani Ads Doctor won a Croi>: c'c Guerre for ; bravery in (V.e trenches. Courier News Want Ada Piy. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I BETC1W IT'S DOCfO.a. JOU5.S, CALLIUS ABOUT POODLE...6EE, L HOPE EVERYTH1M63 O.K HEU6... VES, O92.2....VJ140? YES-- JOST A MIK1UTE....1'LL CALL' HIM (FRECKLES? .' IT ISMT \NSt_L. CAW ) IS? ArJ < OLD FpiEUD ] -JOUES...AW, IS CAMT SUSSS? COGSfJT 9 :fo 1 ' %n .1... 3 tUf mXismxi.'•*>** V-- iLSQ

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