The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 15, 1948 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, January 15, 1948
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HISTORICAL D£f»T IOWA DES MOINES 19 HIS WEEK in Mills County Rnlph Zanders found one of the government's weather instruments last Friday when he saw * red parachute in a lot on his north of Emerson. The in- 10 n f tir a n ** £ 41 , MA! VCflki • 'I*-* M.l$«Uill - rises until it bursts. l nstrument ^ then released descends, broadcasting data as it descends. MALVERN, MILLS COUNTY, Showing on Courts i rMMnimamii ii i Sif "WOOD TWP. FUST OVER TOP FOR F. B. Glenwood township Farm Bureau workers ware the first to report success in reaching their membership goals, It was indicated at the check up meetings which have been held in seven of the townships. By Monday evening, C. E. Nagel, the organization director reported that 773 members had signed for the organization, with 124 new ones. The goal is 950 The township reports- Tw f- ' Goal Anderson . , jj 2 Center . . '_ ' gg Deer Creek . . . \ 64 Indian Creek .... 73 Ingraham ..... 75 I-O'ons ... 31 Oak ....'! 104 Plattville .... 44 Rawles ..... 63 Silver Creek ...'.! 103 St. Marys . . 23 White Cloud . . ^ 74 „., On the Glenwood membership team were Wlllard Wright, captain, Chas. Haynie, H. A Gilmore. H. Test, June Wise, LeRoy Kruse. Ralph Liston, Marvin Johnson. Mem. 92 92 50 70 70 ,9 S3 36 28 80 19 57 SALVERS TO SHOW FORD TRUCK THIS WEEK New Ford trucks will be shown In Malvern this week as Salyers ftt Ut »"oH 0 ' *| isplays 80me models ~ .. a] ^ ^wCo^sSod^SWMOuined BANK DEPOSITS SHOW MILLION GAIN DURING YEAR AT DEC, 31 CALL But Drop nearly a Mil, lion Since October; Loans Up Slightly Bank deposits in Mills countv dropped off nearly n million dollars since (he Inst published statement. In October but Iho Dec 1!M7 call found the six Institutions still bulging with n million more dollars (ban were on deposit Hec. ;,']. in.«;. Statements of condition for »i»st of the banks were published Insl week. The total deposits at the tune were flO.OTfi.osr, s;{ Last October the deposit's'were an nll-tlmo high figure nnr. 31f ,o 4ai „ , ?o,ii>>>. Loans and discounts during past three months have in- WARMER AGAIN milder f f ° W While prevailed mercury . during t!-:e down to i above zorc j. »••-,. linn ii 11) |i 't was up a^in (o 30 Thursdav data: h , Rh , ow Tluiraday . r., ,., Friday .'...'.'. .-,7 ~~ Saturday .... '\-j Sunday ... 4!, Alonday . ^'. Tuesday ... 2 < Wednesday 07 FINAL RITES «7LD FOR H. SHERE TUESDAY in; 31 IS 1 1 By County Superintendent .Amy Hammers The school election which is to ' held Mar. S Is of more than or- Inforpst this year duo to tho fact that tho members O f tho county board of education will lie voted upon at that time. The present county board of education has in accordance with the recent law passed by gio . r >2mi (itMieral Assembly d it-Mod the county into 4 arens ns nearly onual as possible. Tho voters of each of tlii> four areas elect one member of tin- county board of These areas are designated below; FIRST includes the school districts of Henderson consolidated, I! ox Kid,.,-. Kxc,,i s |,, r> snvoi . t reek. Inv.rabain Center, Pralrio «'reok. Itenton. Osborno Valley Prairie Valley. Pleasant Valley' Bently D 071-1= H i „! n " i '""• lul1 lo rigiit: =^^4^^ Ml C "° n - PROGRAM FOR COUNTY New Plan Expected to UB«._ _ T* _'._ ,T«» • ^ . News of the _CountySeat The new "bonus-built" trucks me first public showing in Malvern of the now 1948 model Ford trucks will take place Friday and Saturday of this week at an open house conducted by ialyerg Auto Co. With the streamlined new tracks — the first post-war pro- MRS, CLYDE WILLS DIED IN DES MOINES Services Here Monday for Former Reaident Native of Devonshire, kns'nnd; Farmer and Carpenter -- ....'.HUM mivo in- Kinal rite-! ,.-.„- u,, ,",",",'" ••••"•->. ' leasani valley. J-roasPd slightly, ,he statements Mansf chl Punc',1H J" th ° , V" '""' Vnll "' V Vl " w """"»>- indlcate. The figure S"474im nftnrnl Homo T "«>s<tay d!lt " (1 "",1 Kairview aiu, goes above ^mnL 4 ;:'. 1 ;,,"- Sn^Th/, L* 3 ? /"V""" «. ^'^>X,> In,.,,,,,, Mt. Vernon. first time !n Innnj . V( , nrs , n O( ,' ( lnp I{ " T " <"-— • «•» ----- "h«jr the loans were $1,783,277. ^ ,- IlCB . wm , The banks still carry a heavv vern ccmcterv . cron- ! >pnifl "<nKn of government pape'r Mrs M-IV n . '"»«'">•. t)nk Hluff, Cowi-n. K, lr "i their assets. The total shown by Mrs V v *?,?, nccom ^ n ^ (> ' ( "' <"«''nvoo,l district township •-~~^= '" t!lis call was $9.157 S.-." sr_ ,L „...", Allison furnished rill<1 Clenwood Independent nff nrn _ ' ""»'o 'luesday "ateii an,I Fa rvievv Shn™°°T n h/,ov :3 ; /,rv ohn H - s,, SK "'- x " ""•'"""" M( - v -""'". the rroshvf tr ° nK of '' ( ' ily ' '''"'•"••'"t Hill. Silver o I loahytcrlnn church conducted I'lonwint (Jrove, Vogolor Sand te nri £,rj bmlal in thc Mai -! I ;; IIOWi Kvpniliain - '-'^ ^ Mrs Mn v n , l ; il'erty, <) nk ,, llirf , (!mv ,.. •»•! I Jl. 1*1 II V 1 (On f fill « ~ .. ._ _ . - ,1 IF » *!!._.. tho mu I ' • " " » "1 »l 1 M1UI tnis call was $9,ir>7,S52.S. p > lich is probably typical of the Ora banks all over the nation and in- Harold, curren't ^ ™ lipflnltol >' *» tho Charles current price structure, tho o.x- Hntfidd te.uot tho inflation. Jo ,; cnld - ••^iif^ »*""'"- 1 \" ra ? t ? on ' Sajjtew will welcome the. public to ita •nowrooms and serylce department!. "We arranged an 'open house 1 program for public announce- went of tho 1948 truck line be- oause we foel that this is the »OBt Important new truck showing in Ford history," said H. W assessing got under way In Mills county this week with County Assessor Donald E. Strand and Deputy C. R. Brewer working hard to complete problems or personnel and procedure. One assessor got under way — Fred Kruse who will 'havo Oakn, Hfcranam *»d St. Marya town* •Wjw. He .will .MM*,* ,HAa p«r roll for hia work. T. Young, 26 of Omaha" Boyd Behn^ Mond^Jan 11 ip""!* 1 ?^ 1 ° hUrch ^ nw °° d Stnto • 4.900.GG3.10 ke, 24 and Margaret Brought •>•) M « 2> at 2:3 ° P- m ' 'or Mlnool » State . . s 6G i«« 77 of Omaha. ^ ° Ught ' a J 1 ™' Iiertha L«ndls Wills whose Silver City State . . JSJ'JJ51? death occurred In Dea Moines last Henderson branch 399 Hfi 80 New cars licensed: Ford, T. E3 ^, rlday ' June »• ^er a- lingering Total .... $10 676 02«»" „. ' illness. i"iu,u£ -- -™ ^f.^~^^^ Glenwood; V. R. Johnson. Erne?-' £ udl< * Conne «- accompanied by SPECIAL HONOR *>n; M. K. Granteer, HaatUwa, ,' Zclma Futcher singing two •****&n^otm-^^Sti^ i ^^ :Ja ^^t^'-9m^A o mu I Onndson, , TIIIIJI) ""'''"I'^ IMattvlllo dls- HnroW Tnrk V "r ," allb ™«. '''I'' <"«»«»'l>. l'n,-m.' .Junction Chare.; Sho P i? "' "" n " d IUlo " PmI(>r "- Wrlphl. Kin, (irove. Haloid ""' ''^ Jnmca ,"' T °' lk< W """' t (!r " v "' l{ ™'"» j", \ n „ 0 , distrl.-t (..wnsblp, (Vnter district *»»« "r^Sbt'^ """"""" """ """""""• ' Sept. Centofllne, Harold, S«lpold. aoo .of. of Golden Hill 10 boys 4,900,55.1.10 19 and arrived in New York In ^ l<r """' O'ltor. White Cloud. 866,108.77 May of the same year. Ho came o f ° XW « rtli y. »«rrott. Spring Val- 93r,,940.2,1 the United States with n R r O ™n or \7\ WnrH(>r . Mulvrrn, Keystone. 399,14r,.80 young men brou K ht to thT. coun' , *' GljPnn strnh «n consolldat- ln the new land was ne'nr Th ° n ° W count y hoard of edu- years aa a useful citizen hern, one from oach of tho four On Dec. 20, 1883, he was united "***>' The , flfth monabor or th. .marriage to Sarah K.CU ^^-^l^'. '" *^ .. —, ._„„, lltj nag un , In marriage to Sarah Ketoy Mfti««, rm,, marrla|ca '• the Rev. — widest range of models and capacities Ford has ever produced. We expect to receive trucks during tho coming months in quantities increased suffici- to Wilson and Ralph Wilson. Caring reccnt 'y- for the floral tributes were Mrs The contc st Invite. Arvllla Benton. Mrs. A. J Berk- ° f boys nnd P irls ' hlmer, Mrs. W. A. Cnldwell and to 6 ln tt ''ontMt c Mrs, A. S. Mnrshnit "The Book I Wnni,i Twelve «hlldren were born to ^ndldatoH for members of th* Ration cnTi f* Sher ° v ,, homp - ""•• Shore coun /r boar,! of education ar. •aden 4 ' ^ bly P%rimng a 18 1( >";''mt«"l hy „ f , ot ,, lon H , Knod years ago. by 2,1 or innm fm,,tiii...i ..t. _. T*l «» * and uniform studied. set up will use two assessors who will care towns. These will be paid ir month salary. , . . . cr from grades 4 hlmer, Mrs. W. A. Caldwell and f ° 6 ln tt f>onl ^ on tho subject n n Book I Would Choose for « /"October 1889, Mr. Rhcro mov- ure Chest". More than 1 400 U ' y to W1 «"'«>«. the non only thi» coun- large. for members of th* ar» _. Mrs ' A - S. Marshall. „ ^ llllu: The posts and units of the Bertha Lee Wilson, daughter of Troasure Chest". More th Bounty American Legion will William B. and Anna Elizabeth chudron submitted entries meet Monday, Jan. 19. at s n m Wilson was born n™ .--- „ ,,«uii.. mrv _ Mjiore ended her earthly ptigrtmnge 18 «" 2fi «r more quallfV.^!'^^^;; Nomination papers from tho county , , <)f tl1 " " my bo 19. at 8 p. m. tWiIs ° n wa3 born Dec. 13, 1878 in Harold's essay was on tflf* \Vno1rt»r /~«U«^-l _ . 1LT .r-. . . »• ***4ii* V/UUUaU I Ur ft 1 i_i --••—•« nm*j v Treasure Chest". More than 1400 » U ' y to W1 «"'«>«, Neb.. , i..., rounii children submitted entries ' "' ',?. rc fle fn WWl In farming nnd fil "'"rlntendenfH offi,.,,. pa milllrn* «i» . . _ " iu*r« ..>..... i._. .,, . . . ' milling Six "These turned SILVER CITY HOST TO COUNTY under tho BOOH. community their horn<> Air. Rlicrc- confess..,! Christ M hiii Lord and Ilfdeciiii-r and choa* nwiliurn through whirl, he^couM |»'3t make tangible hia fultl, | n t b. 1M1 Ford, caught fire from the wiring system, causing a blaza and much smoke. Passing motor- uts came to her rescue with firo oxtlnguishers and the fire waa put out. Under th« old «et up the cost was only about 14,600 but the county auditor eared for some of the work now charged to th* Bessor. *u TIT . — u- JJ - IB ' H ln **i"«,u.-> eaau, „„„ un i n es« the Wesley Chapel community, in H! *PPY Golden Year," by I a ur " Mills county. Italia Wilder. .,unjLl VaS -. ° n ° of a fnm ''.v of 11 H "roU IH in th - - her fn death, one was united in r>,.,....: \\itl SERVICES FRIDAY FOR •"**•"" ' HAMMOND , Th " d " I)art " (l «•« «n un.-, MUm . nnmmVnU n« man. A ^0,1 father and n ,.|«h. „ cu in mar- '' r;uilj A Hammond, 74 a ' . and " w»r'«m«n who needed riage to H. Clyde Wills of Dea rt ' 8i<i()llt "' dlenwood for tho past ,", H i , e asl " 1 ""' 11 of his labor. Donald Glpe. Joan Isom and rf 0 '"" Jftn ' *' 1938 and llve d «« G( |,, )ear8 ' dle 'l Jan. 13. Service, '',"", ""'I" 1 ''""^ by n «trok. .. „.- . _ " om and Dea Moines for the past 12 yeara WlU bo Frlll «y at 2 p m in the. ° year- UK °' he enjoyed or until her death. Jumeu Chapel in Ol.nwood reiuonably Kood health, and for Mrs. Wills nnited with the Wos- The UeT - J- W. Walker wilt later thpy re- I "' r8 " 1UHt '"' fll.,,1 with county maklnp the Mul- ""I't'rlnlendont not earlier thaa their borne. Ja "' - :i Iu ' r later th;,ri Kel>. |? Emmet t Glpe of Brahan *«•»•• to th. Nation^ youth '•"»«• at Tho newly ,.!,.,•(..,| board '"TH Will take offj,.,, ||HI Monday In April. The law ,, r o- vid.'H extensive powerg atul many Ji'lillllonal dutieH to tll | s Ilttw board. ROTARIANS, GUESTS MEET AT STRAHAN of of TWO MALVERN HOMES CHANGE OWNERSHIP Ross Summers last we«k purchased of Wm. D. Hoyer his residence on Hpper Second Ave. The ENGLISH POSITION HERE Mald * *« «f Malve^ will have Ma.vern's board of education Srtcl. * ** "^ ^"^ " B .?!? eVen . wlth the teac h" alt- Rev. Glea La mb of MaC6donla> d fairly M t ., Mating of Church to Des — w&8 also a member of the Order of Eastern Star of Mai- contract to another The Mrs. Wills waa a good wif* and mother -- J ' - , of Glenwood; two brothers, I^eonard of Iowa City and Kufus of Minn«- upolis. Minn.; two slaters, Mrs. Kobt. Goodman, Urea, c of having water, electricity and a furnace. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Ellis and their five children have rented station near •on. bought a home OH upper Lincoln Ave. recently from Morris Goy. The house does not have all interior work completed but workmen are hoping to finish soon. The house has five rooms, completely modern and faces the east. Mr. and Mra. Breeding Linda will move into the home early next month. from Mrs. economics Is effective at the end of the present semester. A contract was offered Mrs O. P. Urauch as English instructor in the high school and this Thursday. Mrs. bachelor's degree M. A. help that can be paid to woman for it and and - luffs, two Malvern wharo ha pawed' away .Saturday at the u K e of 83 years fni I r Tr» s-intlt.... * ii., duys. He is of men of the Htrahaa dinner served by th* ' ladle* 'of thft church. In thf program fo ship. nd feow FIREMEN NAME BENTON, GOY TO MEMBERSHIP Malvern Firemen had another vigorous parliamentary session at <h ^'" '-" meeting " an eternal tribute. mount her passing are husband, H. ~ Moinea, four of Maivern, Silver City, Genevleve Veith of Oakland and Hazel Clay of Omaha, Neb., 15 grandchildren, eight step- grandchildren, three brothers. W. K. and John Wilson of Wesley — - --—••• «v»ibiB n* RURAL HOMEMAKER — .... »£, u caul* Short of Th«rraopolUi, ""' °' rural home maker in a litest sponsored by the < xten- A committee composed of Mrs will take the pi! e of Mrs Ru ?h Y^ 0 " f * commlltee to plan Salyers who has been M vin^ 1« *"*'-™e«*K refreshments. As a substitute teacher^ sincf StTnh.n , a Uew con "»'»ee will be Matheny left in November %M\** C *t™"* l ° &rrange a uioer. sotial hour for the meetjnga . The firemen also, established CARD OF We wlah to express to ap- -— Bales of Glenwood, jiars. Kathr>-n Rickabaugh of Eugene, Ore., and many other relatives and a host of friend*. She was laid to rest in the Malvern cemetery. I', l . Deitchler and Mr«. c ar | .reen sek-ted Mrs. Sell who will be iKjuorml at a banquet j u a,.,] ""k Feb ' PUBLIC SALE DATES Farmers and others planning auction sales are invited to call us as soon as their date has been set and we shall be glad to publish this in this column. — — — w «*•**• lor LUC our recent bereavement. ~" Family. make Max" B^nton" an PLEASANT VALLEY SCHOOL WINS HONOR They also voted to accept the membership aoDliea P29-1 t ion of Richard Goy. Artist Bob Templeton Makes « Sketch of Joe E. Brown During Artist Hob Teaipletou. who has ' " keeping ' • -- Malvern Sale Pavilion, Art Fritcn men, reporters, photographers Tuesday, Feb. 10; Garold Breed- lag, farm sale and household a. Cramer and Cramer, auct. school work, had a better-than- uveragf customer this week when he had an appointment to sketch Joe E. Brown when the famed actor was in Kansas City. Bob went to Brown's hotel room and found It full of radio ^ " *• * « uj a iv i U K recording for a broadcast Bob went to work and shortly produced a charcoal sketch which Brown liked BO well autographed it with -Bob: Congratulations! Your future IB rosy Joe E. Brown." Then he ordered one made for ' ' Pleasant Valley rural school taught by Virginia Chamberlain' was one of the winners iu the Fire Prevention program sponsored by the extension service state fire prevention committee and ctation WHO. The school pupils won the boa- hazards aod encouraging their elimination. •' "*wn other top ranking winners in a broadcast J M . 17. and at a banquet At tho latter the cash a will be given the winners. Moving ? If yuu'rv planning to «lurin« Ui,- uext two or three ujouths, we'll uppr».flttu> it very much if you'll 1. Notify us a w,-,-k in a il- vajice N4> that wo cuji change $™?<*!>u> V >£«~ 1 ^ COM. CLUB SEEKS CLEANER STREETS Boost Budget Needed for Com-ng Year at Meeting Mu,i roads were a major item ol eonrern for members ,,r the Malvern Commereial dub at Its revular Jauuary liifeti/iL- ) a ^t 'J'burtii'ay. I'ut the mud was that which l^y atop the town's main .street. 'Morming its plt-asaut aspect' int., what one visiting farmer described as a pig My . The elub l>i>>n}vn-ti means of clearing the i»ud from tbe paviu K " rt .cogni"- Ji'K that it was a task that would have to be done wheuevur roads in the neighboring countrvHide got muddy. The club's aoiution was to ap- a. Send us or our cuuuumui-_ Jibout jour move. M \ N V T H A .N K H THE MALVERN LEADER , j as head of a committee to a.-.s,. w bb- a ,-row o f workers .iui-lu town employes, to do the Job • Tin., return of ,. 0 i,j weath.-r the next morning pn-veiUeJ Mr .N..-l,,on a ,-rew but Street ('oanjji,- Mun,,r i;i t . u Kacrett later srr^p- t-d up the mu.J uud hauled il olf in a town tru,:k.) The club alrto gave thought tu '»•• ue,-d for uu athltti,: ru-!d l"-ard J. K. Hall, the treasurer' r.-i-.ort on receipts and expenditure in ]JH7 and Je . arafcd tlj be oudget bad U* u tovated a little for 1S48. and j. n. the Hotarlans. UBT N. 1! Ulackrnari, who U pastor of the Strahan t'hurch. introduced a in rile quartet ^llmi \ ( Clifford Stlllo and Km met t' anil u'Jmb." (; " ie ' Wh ° Sa ' 1>; IW ° ('has ('. Clark illsru.s:-,.^! th* tarv",'"^ ''" J<i liurp " b " " f llu ' "«ideal "T-"trl-l','" S!™']"'* "* "I tie em (iuiak-u!!:,.nt. ,,f et- ^{y'L^rrru., 4 ^ •"i,| M:II..,I i h;, t , his W(lh |h( , ''^ Po»e ol the club's ni.'l«hborhr J( j 'HI i t in>.'.-, ' . <iu'.--t.s of the nub at the meet^ included those participating Jo program and Zetio liass i-loyii and iiavi.i Augui cha s ' 7 ''^"^'^'''jLr* .'and Marun \Voo,lfi!|. j w Malhtt . •i>. ('c Williutns, Loon au<l •Matlin l.e::n,:ids Millard C..,. '•>•!- 0,.J,JH, K t (j;j . fllii (Jrindie' J'••''" liay,,.s. D ai , t Nlnu _ T( ' i"i.-!,-. ; and Floyd (Jorma-i K. K Chantry was a KU c,-,t of '"f group from Mulr^rn. £»*«SIDE „. HELD FOR DAVE BACON j iHf^i-iv h<rrii. (..3 fun- l ur '": £lv V' thr - KlrV J M rf!ron s ...IUL...} rur a toniuT Malvtruhin wVJuu 1 - 1 ' 1 ' 1JU ^ hj Wai ki "'.-.l iu fa la^i Vi^t.-k. ilr. Bacon was tho bon of the late Mr. and Mrs. i-rank Bucou and U Vl .-d here many y»ars w

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