The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 30, 1934
Page 4
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FOOT • BLYTHEVILLE COUB1EB NBW9 mi OOURIKK N«WS oo, o. a BABCOOK. H W HA3TO8 MTUttOM sf lonsl 4i V Dallies (no. 07i •mtatirw Yorlt OtUci(u x. Cilj °ubliihed Ever} 1 Altemoon GKtpt 6un<l»y. Entered as second v'vss miHtr 11 the post office nt Biythevllle, AT•> kansas, under act o] Congrwi, OC- S, 1917. : Servcti ov ins r;ntu>a v Ijy ciirnor in tne Wiy-af BJvtBcvuie, I5o p*r xei-'k, or tfl.W' pet ytai In tijTtace, * By nmil wilhia e, radius of 50 niU«, 13.00 per tv«r. H.50 ior ux moniii, 85» tot tLree mcnnbi; by niail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven sup eight, 110,00 ptf. >'eiti, ! pay»ble In advance. U. 5, Aviation Scores Tiie . air race, from to {Australia \yjus .\\oii by two Kngliali- 3iv"Scoli .liiid i'liltiok, in .an Knglish- .inade plane; but- au examination of Lom|on newspapers demonstrates thai the irftde-was iieyyrUieless n Irininpli for the American aircraft industry. For if ihc Kngiishmon won, second and ihird places were taken by Amcr- luursliips^—a.-liouglaK airliiicr piloted by a Diilc'li t'l'CM', a nil a Bouint; cruiser flown by Gol.-Kostoc Turner and Clyde i'angborn. • •' ' -: .' Ami tho point- that haa impressed comracntatbrs in London is this: Whereas ihe winning' British .ship was a sleek, siren in-lined rue ins plane, constructed for speed nnd for speed alone, the Douglas and Booing pliines wore regular transport shins, precisely liko those now in service on American t'om- mci'cinl nirlinus. .* * * The Douglas plane, as a matter of fact, carried nine persons on tho long jaunt. If it had.been .stripped down to fighting trim,' relieved of all. umiuccs- b.iry weight, and stocked with extra fuel instead of passengers, it might well have taken first place. So the race has brought little pride to the British aviation industry. The London, Evening News says of. the.Douglas plane's performance: "It gives irrefutable, tragic proof that-wo are miles behind other countries in •coYn'riwrcial : a'ii- triiiispb'ft. ! Thi race was an ordinary trip for llio Douglas, The'efficiency of American eiif/ines and aircraft is such that at no point did it have to alay long on Ihe ground. "Only one Royal Air Force lighting plane is as fast ns'-lliis 'flying train.' Comparison with our civil aircraft is too degrading." Nor is this the only testimonial to American plimcs. Dutch authorities were so pleased by the Douglas plane's pciiormiincc that they promptly ordered Ion more like il, for service on the 9,000-iniUi route from Holland lo the Dutch East Indies. All this is a,pretty dear indication that in the field of commercial aviation we have a perfect right to indulge in a gcod deal of oio-iasnioned American pride. It also suggests that one way to re- BLYriBiyiLLii. (A»JL)' CQURIBR NEWS <»bl UUK WAY gain oui- lo»t foreign tr»d« m»y b« to foilpw aviation's lead—msK? iij) so niiich IwU^i 1 \l\nr\ ul] that custotiWH can't resist It, —Bvucc C»tt<w. Hurh Own Argument President Gluiin Kraiik uf tins University of Wisconsin tolls uu inlwviuw- cr that we must throw Ihc tlivottic wide open oi| nuiss production «nd clear the \vny foi 1 a one-way trip to a richer and more Mabie America. Uis call for recognition of the fact that our current problems stem from (in economics of-, plenty nitiier tlian ol.' scarcity will strike a re.spomivt! chord ; among many American!;, to bi; suru; and if. is hunrteniiifr to observe lliat ' IIR wmits lo ,sou Hie recovery clt'ort K« forward wild all upend. ' Bui it is a little bit hard lo midur- . stftinl why—given this altiliidc—Presi- dent Kraiilt insislwl that Chairman I;loyd K. Clari'istm of the National Labor Halations Hoard give tip his gov- ' eminent post and return lo his duties lit Hie university. Mr. Garrison had .inndc.a .splendid record. President Uoiwcvell wanted •him lo.siay in W«.s|fj%'toii.' To let him ,Hlay would hare beeii;to-make.a pretty •fair contriljdtion lo!this'rc'covcr.v cf- ' ' ' jobs Must Develop Donald Hichliergjs 1 . warning .that thu government will" jiiivo isyeikl Jurgc additional sums .to" -put; inon to work if inpre employment'iii not created in private industry in simply a plain statement of ait obvious fact. We have carried tho tineinployiiient burden w> long Unit it is beginning lo be a crippling 1 load. We ean continue lo pour out.millions of dollars a week to mippoi-t'-the jobless for a few more months or a few more .seasons, but we can't continue it indefinitely, Sooner or later we must find a way of hooking these;m«ii lip'lo. jobs. If private industry recovers enough to provjilutlie jobs,'well and good. If it does not, Unclo Sam will have to , see what he^eBir^e^ , . I there is no cscajio' 'frfyi; this diietinna. In one way or aiiot|ier, the mon now out of work must' be given a chmico to become wage 'earners again. - A laivyer wliQ doesiiot.rcprfsedtl.hls client with Ihc same fidelity ns:n';rep»tiib)c,phy5iclni, cnrcs for Ills paliMil s!ioul(iI'liol;bo permitted to practice. -^George E.-'Brhnd;. pixsicleiil De- Iroil Bar Association. •' ' *'•.•• « * ' t Those who Iliink that tlic world, milt particularly the Unllcd Slnlcs; nrc finished, tire mu. In my opinion, Ihc average staiidarrt of living, even in our own country, is not' wlllUn 10 per cent of wluu If should, mid cim be. —John E. Onlvin, president.OlilO'Stctl-Foimdry Company. , ' * * '« • I do not wish to influence anyone willi my writings, if you rini'influence • yonrscU, it is enough. — Gertrude SlehiV" William! I KILLEDTM' SEAR, ICK —HE'S DEAD/ COMB ON BftCK. ., PiW HEP ME SK\N HIM—GAWCH, YOU SHORE GOT A LONC, WWSi A FEW MINUTES.' DiS IS ONLY ,,,„.., , WHAR I'D BEEKJ, •••L-. EF P|H HAtfKJ ER \ QOT NlftH FOOT CAUGHT ) IN OB STARRUR J By GeorgeGark i,/', 0h ' ' <l(>n ' 1 ' likc !t ellhci—(;»( wait till I tell vou hoy little I paid for il." THIS CURIOUS WORLD B £ Wliliam Ferguson OTHERWISE THEV COULD NOT SWALLOW THEIR PRE.V WHOLE. SEA ARE ANIMAL'S/ THEY SELOMS TO THE SPONGE. FAMILV ANO ARE RDUND IN THE GULF OF . SHEEP-CEASE TO GROW WOOL AFTER THREE OR FOUR ciiiiiiul cliew llu-ir food and must, therefore, swallow it whole. Tho Jnw bones, because of their clastic liinsc, can tc spread very [at- iipiirt, nnd can also be worked backward and forward. This motion, used lu comicclion with Ilic backward curvinu teeth, lends lo pull tlio prey dosn Ihc throat. .NE\T: Jloir llide arc most country roads? Colon "Much 'Sinned Against" Declares Dr. Morris Fisbbein JIV 1)11. MOKKIS risilisiiiff ill which it is more irrilaMc. font Mltor, .loiinuil of llir AinrrWn j passes out very rapidly, with lh itlk-al Av-oralion, ami ,,r iiy- j•\vruptoiu ol diarrhea. Such dial- irrl-i UK- Hi-illli SI in, jrheas may iirisn purely [nun cino M-l.i. llu IliJllli ]„„„_ lm! .,„. „, ,. ()m .^ , IM(I( .. IR colon includes Hit- larec in-jnlcd wllli IrMtnlloi, of the- coloi esllnc, bremnlui: will, IUc mum, \\,y Kmm ot various kinds and ' from whirl, t :oiw Ilic npuciidlx. such parasite «5 mwtar :l U*%i B ^,±; r " lri11 ' IT '•"«« »"' •"'••>" «'** i" vrtifc 1 K'cmiins COIOU.'TIHW i,; i,,™^; t^CTM™. 1 *, ;fl Inlo Ihc .ifgmokl and Hit- ret- 'T famous hur Hurt!, once saitl. "'Ihc ;ins of Ilii: roloii ure iii- disease.-., [nit I *oiiiel lines woutlcr if it Is no! more sinned • agonist Ihun fiiinin,-, for wliiil. with ulta'cks from with purgatives, attacks from bviow willi GiiciiMi, ami frontal iiiincks- by Hie f-'irgcc.[], U,s .sorrows are numerous and real." Funclions of Ilic Pfrplloii of ivulcr. ; Id's, »art formation and carrv- . J uwiiy from (lie !»c!y i.j wi^'u tnylerial from (lie diccMive Irani The Clew of the MEDIUM llEGIN HEM B TODAY ' Forgotten ., ., j.i uetltt..lur Tfcc Illuir. I, ta u ,t .trad PAN HUJUKKII, BUlill.J", ,'i,,|ilo)» S1I)\KV liHli'K, (nn'r.ui I'rFmliiulnBlit, nt solve ifcc murder Jlordcn liud IJOTI liivollititlnu I lie ii|Yalr» nt mAKK B. OA. 'I'llAV. ivnillliy mill vrouilMm, lirlllHlintS <il«- Urrc*f UC •• [UIIMB. lui clalmliiK to br tuikny und >'. Tlu- Urtr 'ollnvlDi; ItlarAeH'* dcnlh t'tillmy dlv* ur |ii>i»UBlac. i:t;n li-nru^ flial Mor4tji--bad *Isld-d die fivarttuem of AMCf! I.OI1TD.V who kn* MBorlfi ,.j |ilrlli-c Ilic dlhutiiirjirnnCL* of lice riniuimnlr. 13STJIJ^fl (jni)\V'AY, Crlir aociisf* AIli-c t»f Ijrltis In- \'olvrJ in Mui-ilpu'N tnnnlL-r I'll I iloi'H mil rnu'i.-,'e<] In lifi-nl'-FAy Uo^\u (IIT •ildry. lf«. lnMtriioc.s tlt-lfi-. Urrs lo i,linLln\v het. nc |e;ir n \ IMJI'HV 'f'.\XCIIKtt" !nni'iat"ilir'i^ 'it thr. :trr*-j(l null uor.n tv xttw tin o.v wi'i'ii TIII; JTO'KV .'chAi'TKii xxin •; f /^'Itll-'K read tlio Iclter sluwly. VJ Tlion ho sai'l, "Thal'a Cathay'* slctiatiiro nil flglit. At ally'rile"it looks like 11.". . ' ; "Cerlainly," l.^iiiclicr replied. "Tlio lelltT caiiio HirouBli Dio nail In. rcsiionso to one I sent to Mr. Calliay." • < 4 . ? "llnvc yon the cnvelor>i??"j'ann~ asked. Tlio liircnlur liaiulcd Iii in the cn- vclniie. drift regarded It thought- 1 fully. "I woinler." lie said, "if I might keep Iliis letter initl (he envclono fur it few days—just lung enough tu liavu pliotogrniitis niailo'.' I'll return liioin lo yon." I''iincbei- r s face sliowcd snriiriEo. "I'crliaus," (irift told liini, "you haven't lioard but Mr. Catu'ay died lato t'rlday uffernoou." "G'oml heavoiis!" Katiclier ; ' ei- clalinod. L OrifC noUileil. "Xow," lie wont on, "ifnultl you iiiind tullii,i;'nie ex- nctlj 1 wliat happened? You can sec tliat it's ImiiorUinl." "Why, them wan m>[hhij; liap- DMidl," Fauclicr said, "except that .Mr. Cathay tllihi't Kueii liis'tipiioiiil- niciil. I wan very much put out join it." "Did you," askcil Grin', "Iclcnuono nini about it or get In louch with liim iii uny way?" • • • "Ccrlaliily not," rauclicr remarked. "Tim aiiDoinlinent wan dclinite cnoinjii. \Vlioii Jlr. Cathay didn't keep it and didn't uialcc any effort !o commniiicald with me, 1 considered (hat I liad lieeu insulted cuougli. I rolnriieil lo my nlaco ncre in Jlillvalo ami' decided tliat Jlr. Calliay, for all ofliis money, wasn't a particularly good business man. _l Iliink ii sow! uuslucss man kccua his apiwlnttnvuts, don't you?" "Ho was registered In the uote'l," Grllf said. "Certainly lie was registered. I saw him earlier in tlic cyciihiB." r<UlVl>' Miaro'cd. 1° atftlHiun.'"bli, VJ "you did?" he asked. "Ves," r saw lifiii anil lltcro-ivas a i'ouns woman with him. They were .. . . they, were drinking." "Where did yon ECO them 1 ;" (irlrf nskwl. 1 "In Iho diuiui; room of (lie hotel." "Dill yon sneak to Jlr. Cathay?" "No." "How did you knoif wlijj' h» was?" . " • . "I taft lliat ho was rogiElcred Iii tlio hole)'lint)' 1 natccirono'of 'Iho bell uoys it ho know Mr. Catliiiy, lie eaU Ilial he had Ukcu him to Ills room and tliat bo llioiisht Mr. Calliay was In tlic dining room. Ho pointed him out to me." "Could you describe his appear oncct" . ' "llo "n'fl,^ n Wg. inp.'i,. fibotit 41, I BUOS3, and llio girl 'will, lilm"iras more tliaii 20 years younger. ; Sli» waa a bnuict." "Can you describe Calliay uny uetler than lliatV" "Why, 110. Thal'a tlio beet dc- BCrlpllon I can (jive you of him, I'd know him probably if I saw him again." "Tliat was Ihi llrsl tine you've Men him?" "Ves." "J5ut yon made no eH'ort lo speak willi hiin'i" "Certainly not. My aiipoinliuent wasn't until 10 o'clock. I didn't wis-ti to Intrude. I gathered tliat Mr. Calhay had other business." "1 see. So you continued to wait In the lobby?" "Ves. I lincl a room there at the liolcl ami f waited In the lobby. At 10 o'clock Mr. Cathay didn't appear. I called bis room. He didn't answer. I had him paged. There was no answer. I had him paged nt Intervals for more than ah bom-, until almost midnight 1 guess. Then I got disgusted." "Did you read The Blade on Tuesday movniuisV". (Iritf-aslsed. ."Yes, 1 fciid that ho bad bcbii arrested, and then I read aftc'fward'a that it wasn't so. But that wasn't n hitch-hiker, tliat Was with bhn. That waa tlio young woman wlio had dinner with him. They Hfcemcd to know each ather finite well." * *" * "'LIAVH yon," .-Hiked Griff, "liny -* A IdCii whether flio woman was registered at tho hotel or uot? Did yon nolicc whether she had street clothes that she checked at tho en- Iranco to the hotel dining room?" "t don't Ihink she, bad street '-•lollies," Ifanctjor said. "Vou mean a coat and hat—tilings 'like (hat?" "Yes." , , "Xo,.t Uon't think;she had them, f remember tliey came nut of the diniug room whilo I waa standing lit the lobby. They walked lu'ilic elevators." "They hoFh went nji?" "Uotli went up," "l)id yon scu' them come out again?" "Yea. I saw llieni so cut of the hotel aui) gel; in u idiry.iler roadster and drive ;i.way." ' : "Tlio woinmi must have had a" hat and coat when she came down to Iho lobby," Grlfl said.- . • "Ooitblless," f. Fantliurf'VuliJf JiiiliJ "1 yupiwto b!iu did. I dou-t rurncni- ucr very much about her. 1 noticed it'waa Hid minie yoiiug'womiii. and that was nil. I'm iinile certain —noiv that I Iliink, of jt—alie. liad on iv Ions Coat. I was more interested in Mr. Calhav." "Unt you still didn't priy r> thiii:; to liim?" "iVo. of course not, Ms appoint- . a In" nhcat) of tliat lima and fold'hlwr it bo'Twas."- •-••--••"•- .. ''Didn't It occiir-to you i|m( ncr naps Mr. Catliay nil^ht liavo | n . bu't his iirr'cst prevented him doing so?" • . "1 thought j-o wlicn, I read Tlic Iflsde thf next uiornlnE," l r aucucr Kiild, "but au6se?uenl!y Tl|e Blade sni'l it ps lulnUkon aod lliat Mr. Cathay "wasn't tlio ; one who was arrested at all, bbt someone *ho liaij plcl<(;d bin pocket anil vlaii 'us- fug his iiuuic." "Vou niailo no effort lo couiniuiil- caln wllli Jlr. Calliay tiftcnvardsf" "No, sir," eald Fauchcr vfllh dip- nily, "I did not. Mr. Calliay madii tlio appointment, ami he was Ihe ono to break il. I felt I hat il was ftf» lo lilin to get In touch wllli me. My_ Invention is going to make a lot of money." .. for .10 o'clock, ' iirBni: was a wialful look iii ,llie mcok brown eyes. tirllt sot to his feet anil extended uis hand. "I wanted to lalk with yoii"i lie said. "I'm not gotiij; lo'Kcop you here in tbo cold." J "Oh, it's warm in licre. The inr-' nnce is on," Kauchcr said. ', "1 wanled to ask you some ijncsf long." "What questions?" drift 'imiijlfed. "Oh, I don't know— just ijUcEiloiia about how It happened Ilint. Mr. Cathay ilicd: about what urluja you down here to see «ie. Vou know wo don't have rery Diijcli. to 6ecupy us other than the dally Von- lino of life here in Millvale." : "There isn't very muchlo iejl— yet," drift &aid. ..••'-. "Did Tho Uliide ever find the person that waa using Mr.: Catliay's uamo?" Faiicher nskcd. "No, I'm sorry lo say UIOT biiven'l. It's been railici' a dlfli- cult iiuest. We cau't , understand why anyone should 'have used lln naintv We can't understand nrliat ho expected tn profit by doing So." "I presume, oC course, 'he • Intended to cash n check later on at Iho hotel," Fancber said. .• "IJUl what I can't understand Is wb? llio liTinoster. should, hiivo chosen Iho ]lillcre5f : lwtcl wbloh was 'Ibo placo Iho real Jlr. Cathay had chosen io meet me." ..; ' ' 'V\s far m (hat's concerned," C!rjfi said, "why should Cillbay have iieslcclcd to keep ]>b ap : pdiiitiii<iut willi you'.'"' -- • • • • "I reel tliiH Air. Catbny.'proksblr djauged hla miud in regard fo;tbo desirabiliLy of the- investment' ami simply failed lo notify tto,' ; 'Kai- ( eher cald. "Oeutlomen. who -u'aVo finances usually ": l«come : eicced- ingly arrogant." •- . " • • OrlfT nodded. - . •- : ; .' • , : '; t ')>'pu have a . tclenlidac?'' Iii ,asked. "I may Want to talk' ^itu you oh long. distance." / i •".Tni sorry," ' Kiinchcr told ,ilm. '/but .tlio telcphodb .has becii .iefli. pprorily liffconaccled. iVcin't'fte culled. I'm very sorry/' -.... ) .". (To lie Coiitintic'J) I KlrrkTi- 1 tlrp»mii-» tiri« lk>I tr ''' llicy faiwol, carry iinil as a •suit. The worst cases nrc in hlcii people become 'disturbed by ic frctnumcy -of (he activity of f int>othc sijjnioid and Ihc )'cc- o nuicii wui, .sirong ciuiiarllc.s. Youthful Football Fan Is Unable to Walk WASHINGTON (til';— Jerry Colins is otic of the nation's most ard- 'iil loatball Inns, though hi: hns- ,'t v;a!5;ed Ilic distance between ;oal posts in eight years. Jerry, iioa- 13. lia.s underflone •'' merits of oper.Uioiis since his legs vcrc criiiplal in an automobile accident in Jacksonville, Fla.. eight years ayo. Non^ of the oi«rations, hoivmr. lias yivcii him biick liic of hi.s limbs. Besides bdnit ;i fuullinll i-nlliu- sinsl, Jerry takes pride • in liis ;ui- tosrnjjii' collection, whlcli Include. Hie signatures of President ftoose- vdt and eight ilcpartiucnlnl heads. II:: jduliml Knnti: Itockni:, nnd UK; two used tu correspond. lie wanUs lo te"h' psychiatrist, when lie grows ui>. Tw,enty-four Women Seeking; House Scats . ivf.i IKI™ ton, rcnoiiiiiiotci|. Mi;;. Marian darken u., N. y., cjcc-iCij to; succeed licr inisbaml, killed Ip aji niitomobilc accident,'voluntarily retired. I'lin woiiiMi incmlxjrs 're- nominatcd arc: Mr. 1 ;. Mary. T. Norton, I), N. .1.: Mrs. Virginia Jt-n- ckcs, D., mil.; Mrs. Florence Kalin. U., Cal.; Mrs. Eclitii Nbursc Roge'f.s' B.; Mass.; Mrs. Katl\i-yi, .McCtir- thy. D.. Kan.; Mrs. Isabella Circc|>- vviiy, D.. Ariz. : . : . MOSl of the 1!( oMlCT WtUIICIL CUtl- Jalcs'arc ruiniini; on Hoclalisl'br ProhiliiUoit party tickets. • cnc women ;ire .striving for election to the next-Horse ol ncprcscnli,- llves. ' ' . Six of llic seycii woinmi, who sat in Hie 13rd. CgngreJs as rcprcscn- Sfillioii;; of dollars'worth of. golii ra-C sent through the mails every day, Nliipmcnto varying from ;v single Hold ring - to collections worth thousands. . !'• ' ^ HOARDING HOUSE ^•* f' Bv Ahen; :n cii!,Cf in which (here it .„,, riu-rt uctivily and Ivrllublllty of the colon, it may Ire ilupcitti lo ncl. 'lliKf arc t-al'lcd iilonh; i:oiii>tipalimi. I'lio colon is also afi' by di:-cuwt> in qllUT purto ot the nb- (ioinci,. ,Mifh us <iiMiirbauces of Uiu (jail Madder and of the nppcu- riix. Occasionally Uw orRiuis in tt'onicii Jiaviiiij Irj (hi «Uh .child- liiilh may liccoiiK! Inllanicd und because of I lit I r cliw rclaliom-lilp U) the colon brim: :ii w uf lu thai. urEun. -iflffcr in tin- ];i i ( . al which iiialeria) JKIU,..-;. tliro.) -'u the ™lon. in .unimajs ,),, ,,,,„;,' .;,", lite ii^cil'Ilng tolon nrc ;j i.H'rvoir ii. 1 wl.lcli ' food ,, w .v I,, I,,',! "or Ions • pcrlo*' i.( liim'. In man.' however. t r MJCll J U |> E pn- nwvcd on luirly it. i-tn, i.> not «"U onci: [,,,„ I hove arc. however. ilrli Dip colon is tilt... Jlwn iioniially adn others'iirwlilch Urcat HI is IKS Irritable. In th ua . cotes'llirou J-'iiud liiddicl;- of various hiivc. nllcinpt'-il lu c-wilrol nc.tivl Ite of Ilic colon by peculiar dlcls. t'cojilc who drliliiTutcly Murvc IllCH'Sflvr!. In lii-r<ipir Illll', llvlli 1 ; l : !i'Bi'ly I'll liuil jinil mladf. fall lo provide UK,- colon ivith llio propv iiniQUiit ol bulky mulciial lu ttlinii Ui C iate Hi, activity. j As a H'Milt, it lalls, lo ail \uup- .-i.- In jcily. In oilier caeca Hie colon k iiTllablc | r?d .such materials »s bran nnd n ''•'- ' deal of roughage. These a burden on iminy colons lo JOCKEY "BOX 1 WAS /-v^ggg <^\ TEUHN YO ^^ OWNS TH" RACE HOSS / TH RODE FO, HE •%% SPEAK UP, *s/S\ -^ r- t 1 ~T~i i' ^r_ OWED rAE TEN LOOK, /S.T THE. ATBOUTVO HOSS,.^: HE WAS NQ-TJ1C.E I GIT'-TH HP • A HE.' A^~ : AN- HE'S YVUTj-4

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