The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 28, 1938
Page 4
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frotffe BLYtHEVlLLtt. (ARK.)] QQUiUttR NEWS 'THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, PubllsJier Bole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas Oily, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class mater at the post ollice n't Blylhevllle Arkansas, under net of Congress, October 9, 1317. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By' carrier In Die City of Dlythevllle, 15c per week, or C5c per mouth. By mall, within n radius of 50 miles. $3.00 per year, $1,50 Jor six months, 76c for three months; by mail in postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per yenr; In zones seven and clsht ,$10.00 per year, payable In advance. Bootlegging Not- Wholly Destroyud True tMiough, tlie worst' nl bfiotlcgping, \vlipn viva I Kiing.s fonglit, it out in tlic sti'ccis of our lji(,' <'iti«-'- s , iintl bi'ilu'i'.v mut collusion woi'o tiiK'ou as a ni'iUer of course, seems lo have passed wilh repeal. Hut the bootlcKKer i.s siill vvilli us. Last year (ho enforcement (livi«i<Mi <>!' the Alcohol Tax Unit of the t!. S. Treasury Koixctl 1(>,142 stills, with a inasli capacity of 2,709,7-1!) gallons. In connection \vitli those ntid.s 12,:!C5,22'1 gallons of mash were seized and destroyed. Dm-iiu,' I!i:i7 Ihore wire also 20,<I77 ])oop]o ari'PNted for federal liquor law viola'liof], and in (i!). r > in;i,jor liquor uonspiiacy cuses invesli^alecl, 210-1 de- fciuifin'ts were conviclcd in convl. Thai indifatcs a very ctinsiiU'rabk' Jiuioinil of Ifoollpjfjfiiitr tn'ei) in the I'.ici.' of legal li(|iior, and proves all over again Ihe only lliing tlial is certain about the liquor problem: ii is never compjctely solved. In (he days back before the World War, the drys were certain Llial na- lioiial prohibilion would solve the problem once and for all. And after 10 years of that, cvcu a great many ardent di-ys were convinced (hat (he lin- nl answer had nol been found. In 103'), wets were jubilant, and gave assurance that under proper lu- gal restriction all would be well, and the problem would be settled forever. Now, already, only live years lidcr, we face a reviving prohibition '"movement on a national basis, together with a gradual legal drying up of local areas. Certainly we ought to have learned by now that no single stroke, no single law, no single plan i.s going to solve forever a human problem (hat has been with us at least since the days of Noah. Constant ami temperate application of all we can learn by experience, the broadest education of Ihe individual, gradual yet persistent efforts to temper and control Ihe worst phases of the problem as they arise—these ofl'er a better hope for the future than any dogmatic "one-shot" Koltilion offered by (he extremists of either persuasion. •I'm not a poor hiltcr, and I'm not n i-real hitter, but 1 nm n fair bitter, „,„! 1 (ell" yon tiic truth he threw balls past me l never even saw.-Gerald Walker. who Hailed .335 chains 1031, spcaMng of Bob Feller. FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, l{ Tlia tturden Of Sickness If there ever was any question (hat the health of the people i.s a matter of public concern, it has been forever .settled by Ihe National Health Survey, being completed by Wl'A workers as the most comprehensive study of its kind over made. On any average winter day, the survey showed, 0,000,000 men, women, and children arc unable to work, go to school, or go about their ordinary business, because of illness or accident. That is almost one person in 20. l.e.s.s than ii.'ilf of lliese arc suffering from chronic disease, and at least 1,50(1,0(10 of Iliem have been laid low by common inlhien/ii, grippe, cold, and tojisilitis. The Public Health .Service concludes that at least 1,200,000,000 days are lust from work in homes, factories, and schools every year of illnesses which disable for :i \veok or more. The total economic loss each year is beyond calculation. Think what it would mean if Ihe common cold could be as effectively banished as smallpox! Tot whal would we do with 1,260,000,000 work days suddenly adtled to national productionV We cannot, al this moment, buy and consume even the production which can be turned out today, even with all these losses through illness. Is it possible lhal Ihe world is «o topsy-lurvy lhal it is actually a "good" thing lhal all people should 1«; .side? War Waifs One of the most heart-rending as- pecls of the long and bloody Spanish civil war has been the fate of little children. One observer estimates that more than 900,000 have been made helpless and homeless during the lighting. The plight of all war refugees is sad enough, but what of these wail's— nearly a million of them—\vh« now are without food, homes, friends or adequate clothing? How can the Spanish nation, regardless of which side wins, ever hope to rear these children into useful, happy men and women? Compared wilh disaster such as this, even the Texas school explosion, re- stilting in more than '100 deaths, pales into relative inconsequence. Goodby, Buffalo! Another old-friend is leaving us—the bull'alo nickel. He i.s 25 years old, with his well- worn design of an Indian head on one side and a bison on Ihe'other. The law permits changing coins every 25 years, and so, just for variety or something, we will have a new kind of nickel this spring, with .IcIVcrson on one side and his old home, Jlonlicello, on the oilier. The design will be different, but the contra! problem will be the same, whether it is the bulfalo or (lie ,lef- ferson nickel—how to gel more of them. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark OUT OUli WAY OH, THIS BOAR.D? WHV THIS IS A KINPA LIFE PRESERVED — TK' ICE IS AWFUL THIM, AN' IF \T BREAKS I'LL HAVE SOMETHING TO HANG OKI TO. JIS' PLAYIM' SAFE \S ALL. WELL, THAT'S VERV SAFE. IT'LL PUT VOU DOWN BEFORE IT'S DEEP ENOUGH TO HOLD YOU UP: THb SINKER '1'.' '/ *" ' I-Z8 ^ y .?. . , - '•"ipfe -f A / **#& **• v **?.': •:.;<£ \\ .*' \ '/ ,t i- •'• '•' '..A' ' /-?/ What's that this genllcman i.s having? it ('1 look .so had.'' THIS CURIOUS WORLD Bywi " iam Ferguson COPR. 1738 BY NEA SlRVige. INC. Pie. FEATHERS PENGUINS RESEMBLE ., solves: OFTEN APPEARS TO BE SAILING 77J&OUGH THE CLOUDS/ AS A AAATTER OF FACT, IT IS ABOUT FART/-/£:/S. AWAV. THE peiiBHln is a bird of paradoxes. Us frathor.s resemble scales. I has wings, but docs not fly, using these appcndugc .slor nwimminj:. On land, it walks creel, or slides over Ihe ice on its sloivmoh. NKXT: Hoiv many different spwics cf nalivc trees h;i s Nn r !ii \mciica 1 .' Hospitals Take ExlrHonlinary C;nv lo Guard .IJabirs Against luicftioii I NO. -lliro My llli. MOKIIIS riSlllir.lN Kdilnr, .loiunal of Ilir Amrrir.m IT c U i r. a I (Usm-iatlnu, and Of Hyena, Ilir Health ^i.isa/iiir Jxlensivc publicity ':iv-n to re-i rent outbreaks of :-I",MT diarrhea; among newborn babir:, m tiie niir-1 scries of hospitals h.i:> perhap'J caused iinciiic appreh'-n mil a.; to this condition. In tivo ami orie-r.ali v<\>rs the;'<': v.cre 16 such nuibrrai-.-. in UN: nurseries Of U hospirau m New- York City. Epidemics :,w,tly Slave b:cn reported from in:.:Millions in Kansas and in Chic a • -i The con- ciision. therefore, i- '/, cxC.ior- riinar,- --b<;! it may b i;iKi:^^a! i;: Us . r evrrilv. In 11<e i;:;u:ii r.ii i ;; : , , : . : nl \e ^i- \vo babies viliiii. ;• -,. \ (jay:; utter birth wii! ::i:nri-'[;;-. <>;elr>p severe rlinrrhra -.v;>b . ;;,-.), f,y,-/> r loss of weight anei ill" i.i):er signs ol severe in'.e.-.tinal intoxication. In Ihc vn-y v.-nr.,; e.ues death ir.av he- prnnr,!' b:il ;n , v , :my j n . ft.inres Ilie rlnlci nvr,- [» ill a wrck r.i- loii'^M' ;n:f! ?n,iy. m fact, die of sonic mteiriirirn; condition such as pm-umeima. in the milci- tv cases the bibies mover within two or throe \\rrk', Two crncralioLi.'. ;1 •-,, ,[ wn: hra m hibir.y rariiciiiarU- .•;,,. -./i.r.illerl what was called clir.iu.i uitantnm siiui cholera mnii-ii.... i,.|i j t i ]T , mil years Hint I<, TC ,,( condition had Urn larjyly oui ( r., 11( . by n.-f Of rr.ue water. ::-,;,-,. m ft' :m( ) through sanitary control of nurseries. Lcnest Cfiri in the \lnorw BY ADELAIDE HUMPHRIES I^Jft, NEA Scnkt, t«. C'AS'l' OK CIIAK U;Ti:ilS /•i>.v<r.i.v< i: i uin'.Y — i.crrihiiM rlrlu^l tlrl In Hi,, world. r u I:T ii A it i) I:ST v—iicroi lirli'tst- ImlliliT. KDIINHV UllAMlON _ Connie';, JlillH'C. KATil-J Jtl,Y.\— r,mnti-'« "iluu. 1 Vi-xtpnlfij: lert't Im-Hti!! up r«n- nli-'s :imitv<T.i:iry luirl) iiinl »!,„ UMI»\V:< Ililll (hi-j- ran neviic he •jullr ||IL> Kami, ii^tilo, CltAPTKf? XX TjilUvT ;iiul Connie did not have their talk on that tomorrow, r.rct :ipolo;',iml again for Hie ;:«.-nv lie had i-rc-aled at their uu- liiveiHary parly; he said that he hud had too many whiskies and .'••(•das, but lh;:t he would not use Ihiil for ;m cxcr.iso, He .Mipposod it was iiie outburst of an ill-cumu- lation o[ Ihe past months, lie hoped Connie would foriiivc him. Connie said lliat niir would, in a polilv, consltained tone of voice: lh;il .'ilitwod -|>l,-iiiily that xhe had iic,t. Slir- mainlnincd Iliis <-onl rourt'.-:y hchvoc-n Iliciii for more than a \vceU, kcc-iiinfj Hvct at a dislanir, a,s tlioufili ho wore 1 a perfect ::traiiKor. or i! l>ad little Ijoy v.'fai liiust loarn obt-.-Vrntc. He win coinplclely miserable. ''Wc-'ir fJfcickMl If/ {-/i.-irlcr my yacht, lai:c a trip—jierhiips HIT- mucla—make up a party," Connie said, at Hit 1 cud of that week. "Do you thin!; you'd care to come along, BrctV" "If you want me," lie answered; (!i(l Iliis me.-m lliat now she had decided lo forgive and forget? "You know 1 want lo be when 1 you arc-. Who. may I asU, do yon incliuic in 'we'?" "Oil, Rodney, Veronica, a half down or so." Her reply caini 1 rare-less))'. If .v-lic t:;ttt (jliid ho v/iis lioinc, rihc (iii! nul lei him see it. "Fvi'i-yone's leaving town now that ifi spi'inr,; if will he; deadly (lull here. The ICaslc-r lilies lire ROI-ROOUS in Bermuda, whole fields of Iliem. The weather ideal, the crowd smarl and iiimising. I think you'll enjoy it, Bret." * « * ''•"IT will be nice to see Ihc first signs of'sprin.!,'," he; muttered. "Lord knows there's none in this man-made city. Kot a blade of from RIVISS. or a leaf, en- flower." His llunighl:; winced back in his own. country, Ihe dark hills Hint would In- coniiim alive with lhal tender young green hiiTO, Hie sky that v.onld Lie so hlno and unclouded, the air so crisp and fra- lirant. An ;:]n>o:;l uiibciirablc nos- Uilcia him. '.See here," he turned to her once: more, ilroppinK all restraint, his dark c;.cu \vnrm and eae;ei, "v.-iiy don't v.-c Ro back h.ome, .•ilone;—.iiisl wo two. einrliun? The hills will be bcaiilifiil nov,' -you remember last spring in the valley! We could have another honeymoon, lake our long tramps, climb our own hill, come 'alive' ugain, loo—as we'll Dover do anywhere else, among a lot of people. Wouldn't you liko thai belter, honey? Wouldn't you be willing to go back wilh me?" There was no answering warmth in liis wife's eyes. She drew herself up, threw back her head. "I'm sorry, Bret," her voice was polilc, unsulferably cool once more-, "lhal you don't like my friends. Or tlie plans we've made. C'i'o buck lo that sleepy liUlt; old town, buried in the hills. . . . Heavens! I'd be bored lo death. I'd die." Kho miglil have read his thoufihls. for a slow flush colored he;- lovely face, her eyes flashed now in anger, "f know what you're Hiinking. You might us well have 1 said it. Thai I liked that liltlc town, your bills and country, well enough last year. Rul 1 was only playing then, Bret, pretending. That was all it iinioiiiilvd to, really." She hurried on, before lie could reply; slic saw the; deep color hcginninj! lo slain his face, loo, the fire that leapt into his dark eyes. "It's you whoVe changed, Bret, not T. f am what 1 was always, before mid after that brief interlude. But you arc different. You're glum and serious, cross find moody. You won't Iry to adapt yourself lo my world." * * * |-|E did not answer riglil away. ' The deep color drained out of his face; Ihe fire left his eyes, "f believe yon arc right," ho spoke at length, slowly. "I'm not the same man. I've lost that courage —the tilings you thought made me . different—different enough lo face any,situation and conquer it. Different enough to marry (lie richest woman in the world and make that marriage ;i success, lo main- lain my own independence ;md birthright nnd self-respect. "f told you—the oilier night— before your friends—what I liiive become. A man who lives on his wife's charily. A man who fril- Icrs away his days ami nights accomplishing nothing. A man who can't look himself in the eye and hold up his head. Yes, Connie. I'm difl'crenl. I have changed. You're right about that," Thai grim line etched itself around his mouth; (here was a new look in (lie dcpllis of his dark eyes. Brcl llardesty was becoming liis ok self again, a 7n;m who knew what he thought, knew whal v/as righl —and who had Vicvcr been afraic of anything. "You're light," he said once more. "1 am the one to blame. The only one. I am the one v | las changed." "I suppose you mean," Con I said, her breath coming quiclj 'thai it is because of the moi i suppose you'd like me to.{ t to someone, throw it away I suppose you want me to prct ' lo he Katie Blyn again. Well, not do that! 1 tell you what going lo do, instead, Bret, going to divorce you." She "turned from him n pulled the cord lo summon Gil I It was time to begin to pack I she was going lo Bermuda. T to put an end to this ridicu! I scene, force Brcl, ' cnme lo his senses. meant lo go Ibis far, bul s. I she had, she would stick to I She would even go throng! | divorce, if necessary. Bret crossed the room, tin the key in the lock, so that maid could not enter, came t j to Connie. Tic caught her by shoulders, swung her nroi ' "You're not going lo do anytl of the sort," he said, "f sh allow you to divorce me, eve told yon once that Ibis man- was for keeps. 1 meant it. Hunk novv, jnst because it working out to please you you can throw it aside—and —like an old glove. You think can follow through every imp that comes into your silly, pi head. First to pretend to be s oilier girl, then to marry me, w you knew T was afraid o£ : a marriage, now to refuse to me work it out at the first s| of breaking irp. You think money, which lias always got] everything you wanted, can a divorce, make an end to ev I thing between us. But . mistaken this time. Yon wife. For better or for wdr-c sickness and in health. death do us part—remember? '•• are always going to continue b my wife—and you arc goifii'l like it." Someone had knocked onil door, twisting the handle; 'G: probably, responding to her tress' summons. The knoc| was repeated. Bret dropped his hsnds Connie's shoulders, but not lx| he had given her a hard shake to emphasize bis word! make them indelible. He lu | nov/, went to the door. "Yon may come in, Gibbs,| said. "And no mailer what Hardesly says, you will not )) her bags for Bermuda. If yoi| I shall unpack Iliem. And Ihe stuff out the window." 'The door slammed after . Connie could'hear his heavy I| steps, going 'toward' his {To Be Continued), "\ WAKNJIW OKDKK N THE CH/i-.'CERY COUIJT. , CHICKASAW13A D T fi T R 1 C T.' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR-; KANSAS. I Mrs. Eamin Hie!!, Plaintiff, ' vs. No. GSCS Adam His'). Defendant, 'file dofeiidanl ftdam Iljrjh is ivarncrt lo nuprar within thirty diiys in the court named in the.! CEiption hereof and answer the' complaint of the plauilifl, Mrs.! L'.imie Hisjli. Dated this 'M day of Jiminirv,! 1338. - [ li. 7-.1. CHAHi. Clerk By Klizabdh Blylhe. U. C.' Ed U. C«ok. Ally, for Pitt. f. K. Alexander, Ally, for Def. lEcali 28-1-11-18. WAHNINC. OKliKIl IN Tut; CHAKCK'R'V COURT. CHK'.KAvSAWRA 1) I KT H I 0 T. ivirvsirairi'i COUNT!'. AK- KANSA.S. Clrmmic Uradilor!:. I'luinlilf. v--. No. liiiin Li'-d^y Rvaddo:k. nefcndan!. The defendant Lindsey Braddock i., ivained to appear within thirty, day.-: in Ibc: court named in the caplion hereof and answer tho rnmplaint of Ihe plninlill Cicmmie Bi-iicldock. Dated tins 28th clay of January, 1338. II. M. CRAIG. Clerk By Elizabeth. Blythe. D. C. C. !•'. Cooper, Atty. for PHI. Gene E. Bradley, Ally, ad LHem. 28-1-H-I8 Flips Pair of Shears Brings Down Plane HUGHSON. Oil. (UP>—Harvey Kiu'jery believes he is he only mnn in Hie ivcrUI who every brought :m iiirp.'iinc do'.vu with a pair of shears —even if it. ivas accidental. Kinj-cry was working in .T field I at pruning, when Clarence Nelson, student pilot, came rarrina alon:- in a two-passenger plane about 59 feet olf the ground. In a spirit of fun. Khigery Ihrcw hiii pruning shear;; inlo the air. onlv to be amazed at seeing the 'I head for a landing in a pll field a half mile away. f The shears had struck Ihel spar of the plane's left, wing, aging an aileron and makii forced landing necessary. The plane was traveling speed of 100 miles an hour i Klngcry's jjnmiujj shears struil California, wilh a populatio G.OIJO.OOO. has bad only five d< from lightning in 10' years. ft is |XJs.sible for termites to i !DV; out. a billiard ball. Announcements] The Courier News has bccnJ thorizcd to make formal anr.oil ment of the following candil for public office, subject to) Democratic primary Aii^ftll For Counly TrcasiihjW n.. L. (BILLY) GAINEs'l For Sheriff and Cnllcolo HALE JACKSON County Court Clerk T. \V. TOTTER BOARDING HOUSE II has been (:u;;lomary in Ibi lui',iilal:i In (H-tcrmine ex; which hade-rial m-i:ani:au:: re: poiy ilite in each V'Utiii When conditions (i'-st develop."'), it once iva.s en. [ ,!.i;)i;iry tu lake ibe inteclnl rhildrm Mil nf II:'- nnr.'.ery and permit other:; in b- liMiii;;hf in. * « * t ?.T.";-e vcxcJit practice hiv j Mr ''ic newborn in hospiiid:; j-,i;(i ! inikin-. certain that nev. ca- , '•nil r/H develop. I T - i s ai"ti nrr--.. .-"iiv tri .^tiicly Ibe routine 1e r ..: i me in Ibe nurseries fo ira!; 1 - :•;: ' '!:-< ; inotiiei.-.. jitlrndant.:. tun. •am: Mt-.r-i- |,ei.-/>nn:'i aie no! - -. j - ni ;•;; cii b:ic;eria \%!iicii :uc eh::- ••.rro-!:- ro babic,-.. f"" lo infection fron-i fond <i, • frc.;;; rin.- nKcndant;. in llr- i!nr <••''.'. in- .soniptimrs even Iran tlji •air that it is iin-"<-s-ary lo :u'o;v ,'r.-.i-i: u;es almost liV.e that ot sir »>'•: valii:;; ronin to insure pmi"!.-- l.i c.;:<- ninrriy all "I 'he ai- tuxianti, \i-ear raps and lace m.i4;> •and ; ti-nlizefl gowns and are 11- tiuivcd lo scrub and disinfect Ibon i lianrt, before handlin?: each baby. Tlie niii-sc.i vvlio feed Ihc b.ioir are r.ol prrmitted to drew tli-ii 1 <>r '.'< ehnirce their diapt-rs, i V.ich baby is kept in a I. : T:'MI', iul::e!c and all, iiu-liuivicnls am "H'lptv.cnt art 1 boiled before i;.v ; :ii c'l-e-er to pnve-iil infer" i:a '•'•<". pu-r-aulions ore iioa' l-'fiiM wi-(l(i|K-fl in mofl "f " lp IIO.--PI !:•!: which will make the coiidi lions much safer for the fcnbic. With Major Hooj MAC? A ^v^^'S J2 MATCH \/^\ ;LIC EWEAAV !;/;S/'-\ VES, GOME / EVL:RY OF SILVER IK] THE PLACE MAS BEEM IF VOU 17IDMT HOCK IT, IHtLM LET'S SEE WHAT BT?ANP OF DETECTIVU YOU ARE —--IUME UP nHAT BIC3 SCHWOZZLE WITH TUBLIC ONE HE WOULPUT RECO6UIZE HIM/

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