Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 2, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1895
Page 5
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loliday f Novelties! Neckwear! Handkerchiefs! ''-| 'VISIT OF LEGISLATORS. •Sflu f Gloves! - - Suspenders! ' Night Robes! Elegant Goods! Great Variety! DEWENTER, THE HATTER. f mA/ToOING fVWfVY. Said one of our Customers, but I want you to save my measure. When I get a GOOD TAILOR I stick to him. You Suit me to a T, E. PLURIBUS UNUM! TUCK ER& YOUNG, T«& PEftRL STRBET TrtlLORS. P. J. PITZLIN, of St. Louis, Ison-iiiilzliiKchuisesIn Physical Culture: D1YOBCE IS «RANTED. SENATORS A*D REPRESS m- T1YES ABE ENTER PAINED . AT LONH CLIFF HOSPITAL. The Me-ib-r» Of The Senate And H..HM. Comm.t.^. on BeoevoUn. ln.il.utton» Mike An In P«c »6n Of Th- I.i»innilon For Tu» lu-ai"-. And Sp«"<l » *«< ht *" ^ •««'•"»""~ Th« W.wUiiRuI-hert G..e»t« Will i eilT « F.P K.,rt «->•••« And The Home For Tne t'«rl>le MtuiUd, Till* A party of aiatlaguisbed visitors from me capital cily, made up of tbo dcsnaie and House committees oo benevolent institutions, reached tbU utty atl:.'0 p. m yedierday in 6 ep<:- clal cur .utached to the regular PHD Handle train The law mukers and , heir guests were mot at tbe station py carriages provided bv Dr. J. H Iio"er8, toe Mefltcal Superintendo-u o( "the Northern Hospital, wbo ac- .omptvniL'd ihb party fruui Indianapolis. In the party were, Senators: Ibos. Boyd ol Hamilton, ohftlrtjnaa o' tae cummiitor on benevolent iasiltutiuLis; 1C rnr.. of Vermillion; Wblte, of Sp«n- ue r; Houghtoa, of Divless; Coilett, of Ctisd. Representatives— Charles T. Remv, of Barihulumew, chalrmna of noud« committee on benevolent Institutions; rfiue, of Walls; Duncan of O.v«c; WnlouKhby, of Kuo.x; Harrison, of Eiknari; Heater, of Fountain, ana bongwell of Cuss. TUri other members of the party. were: Mrs. L. P- Ne*by, wife of Sen- torN«»wby, ard berelster, Miss Breck- mndtje, of New Castle; Mu,se* Aura A.. Boyd, daughter of tbe Nobles villeS-nator, LuluPoore, Pink Poore, Lulu Fisher and Mrs. Platter of Say m our; Mrs Cbas. Loog«ell of - To Mr-, . 1-1, 18W. A'hl»tic , o b»Pn menu ora or K. .1 ,..en «• H 1-^ ihluBPliJ!"™ 1 Cultiiie I'roi ^> » f iil<nKU.|<i-li«.iiHl tn tw urt-at «ir« Umt mil' 1 1,- o.rrt-ct y lnMructe.1 In .very n,<,v. h" u.tllj recconiM..! li m '0 .u.) ono Ues tl-.K nvuV-s B, IM, Kn.llen »n M.d thoioueliU ls business. CH*nti.OM fcott Artlinr P JAILY JOURNAL "SATURDAY MORNING. PEB 2 • tl BioomioKioo World: M«rtlnsvillo Is _ lomewbat excited over too report that io aghastly specter ID the form of a " tend less man htiB formica hubit of strolling about curtain quarters of the tier n!«hif*ill. S«» far DO mile has seen the 'ghost but numer- on claim to b»vo been frightened almost out of tho-r wit, by tbe apparatlon, whom vho credulous men claim U ndiblD? but a man with bead drawn dowa into his blgh overcoat collar. ^ < The JtiKiuru liirulM HUB tastes mediciualiy, in keeping Vjvholbor luxuries. A remedy must 'DO pleasantly acceptable in form. purely wholct,oae in composition, truly bant-tidal in effect and entirely free from every objectionable quality. If really lit he consults n physician; If constipated he USDS ihe gentle family laxative Syrup of Figs. A<;ci>d Worn for IMirAue. Purdue lljjlveri-Hy. Recording to tbe ,'offloli.l report of a commission of French editors, who made a tour of the universities iind colleges of tbe Uolted States eomo time ago, ranks third In tbe list of institutions of lt« kind In the world. Harry Frank never misrepresents and tb« people know Is. |C ft n I] fivriiando C. A'inioiiy, Tli-- H»u*i'- hoid «uu€iw A- rt The Ifonr C .littr«o. The ease of Mrs. Fernando C. Keg ley against nor hu*b»od for a divorce and nil proper relief, was begun before Judge McConnoll in the circuit court, ju-t before noon yesterday The Judge's ruling w«s made at 0 o'clock last night. Tne case attracted considerable attention. Mrs. K-giev ^represented by Qulncy A Myerb of this city and Attorney >eff of Bun ker Hill, wblie Fu.ns!or & Mahonpy weru present In the interest of the defendant, who had also filed a cross complaint for a divorce and a quiot title to the farm of 40 acres In Deer Creek township. There was a large number of witnesses present. The decision of iho judge granted a dlvo-ceto Mrs Kegley, tbe plaintiff, alimony, the household, furniture and the custody of the four children, two of whom arc girls, filtton and nloo years old, and two aro boys, twenty-six and four yeara' old No provision was made lo tbe ruling foi tbo plaintiff's attorney foes. Fernando C. Koglay was given a quiet title to the forty acre farm near Wilton, the deed made by him to Mrs Kfgley being set aside. It is BOd that he will continue at the o'.d horns, t-ni that the divorced wife and children will go to live with relatives in Oblo. The foubiea of tbe Kegley family are no* probably ended. port Mrs Edltb Boebee went to Kokcmo xfu-rnoon for »• fhnrt stay- Awarded Highest Honors—World'* Fair. DR; CREAM POHDW ..,, MOST PERFECT MADE. *&'± m nGrtpt Cream i'Tartar Powder. Frw - - . . 'M^^ ,iu> ,^ The liny ntrrfMi SomoOnf. looal authorities have been tbat a note for i860 oas been found at the Grand Trunk dupot H. Valparaiso, in which Logansport purtl. smayba Inlerastod. Tad note w,s-ivonat Logahsport by Richard R. Wells and J. W. Trout, and was made payable to Horace W. Hartwell at South Bond. Tbe oate of payment lsO.:t 1st, 1895. The note's number Is 1,060, and It bears 8 per cent, interest. Do you ask for a test.nf SOZO- DOSfT'S power, Just to talk to a lady for halt an hour; If bor breath Is sweet, If her teeth are white, If her gums are clean, If her gums aro bright, [[ her mouth is pure and her teeth are clean, She u=ea the SOZODOST, then, we ween. _____ Prof P. J. Piizlin has decided to organize a class in physical culture for ladies only. Dumb bell and Indian club exercises and calisthenics will be isugbt. and those who have tried tbe professor's method of doing away with that languid feeltnf. know that regular exercise will do -wonders for male or female, old or young. C«rd ot Th»«k«.!.' - Mr». N. Morris, matron of the Orphan*' Home deriraa to thank those •ho came to her asilsunoo In time of danger and lo»nad •».b~elploy bw«l"...to ' ' " '" •' ' - "• '*' ' " rhO:»6 W A. Dubois, door keeper of the S-nate; Herierl Flatter, of Seymour; Wm. A Ahern, of Spencer, latbero tbe State librarian; Georga I Reed general representative of tne press and suecial representative of vba ways aoO means committee of the House, and ttonert Firm, general utility man, a protege of Senator M. W. Collelt. AT TOE NORTHERN HOSPITAL. The legislators and their guests were driven to the hospital at Lone Cliff wltbou- delay, wbero they were received by Mrs. Rogtis and the pby- slulans tn attendance. A luuch was disposed of, after which Dr. Rogers and his Brst assistant conducted the memners of the committees thiout-h iDereveral wards of the hospital for an tifflilal Inspection. Cnaperoned by Mrs. Rogers, the ladled and unofficial visitors, in tbe caro i.f attendants, were taken on a lour of tbe wards occupied by women, and through some of tbe men's wards. The premises were found in admirable condition; being clean, neat and well kept. At tbe Northern hospital, evldei ess of a perfect system, ndiniin- itt-red with faithfulness and ability ibroucb capable attendants, are noted everywhere. Dinner was served in tbe adminis- tratioo building, acd tbe evening was given over to a dance for tbe entertainment of tbe paiients at tbe Institution Tbe committees and their H u*ats wore hands mely cared for hy the hospital min^gemont and the members of the parly voted unanl mouslyibatDr R"g«"S is tbe best equipped tuperlnti-rdent of such an inrtitution, in tbe State, and tbat Mrs Rocors Is a lady of rare accomplish. monts. The committees acd their gues'8 will go to Ft. Wayne this mornlrg «o visit tbe Institution for Feeble Minded Youths. GHOSTS IJi LOCKPORT. home late into the nUni recalling the days »6en' Lockp'ort was a thriving town and the Wabash and Erie canal was the main, *nery of trade through vbla section. His mind dweU upon the numerous strifes' among, the boat crews, and be recalled wilt particular distinctness a contest In which a boat captain had been murdered while tbe boat lay In tbe locks'in front of tbe Dill boure Mr Dill states ih-.t be was aroused from his reverie by tbe clock striking tbe mldnigbt hour. He extinguished ihe light and was on tbe point of going to bed when his ttuen- ilctn was attracted by a peculiar ftuod of ligbt that Illuminated tbe entire room. H« h-isiened to iho window, supposing that some of tbe neighbor ing bo^es were on firs bat bis eje> rested oo a spectacle that rlveied bun to tbe spot and caused bis hair to stand on end A complete Irani-formation seemed to bnvd been wrouunt ItfLookuort and surrounnings It wn-ftbe L >ckport of forty y*ars ago that he saw belore blrn B.i'Jdins.'c th*t hKd lung ago fallen, now tiuod out, before- him p'«in and proinincol In the briphs joliow light. 'The canal was lull of «aur and two boats were seen upproucbiug the- locks, ea^b »pu»r«?nUv f>eot oo getting throuKh first, They reacheu iho entrance about tbe sums timi-. Men were rapidly moving "P »- nd down tho banks gerticulating wildly, their aciiuns inUicallog that tbe> were about 10 eogsge in a bloody contest wblcn WHS e>o caaracterlstlc of tba early caoul d«ya. Tbe boats cum--* togo'bor, and a- tboy struck, the crew from tbe lower boat sprang on board the < ne from above and a furious fi^bt began. Slowly tbe assaulted crew was forceo back over the boat, and just as the ,= i one leaped on to tne bank, a man ran i p behind the captain of tha as saulted crew and drove an ax deep into bis braia. 'i ho capthin threw up his arms and fell headlong .imo tb- water. This apparition was mi re lhan Mr. Dill could stand. HecalKd to ibe other occupants of tbe bouse, wbo hastened 10 bU side and he led them on the outride of ti.e bouse anc starud toward tbe cacal i»here be WBS Bu-e a murder bad taken place as above described, but tbe pale glo* of the moon showed only tbo remains of tbe old canal locks, and no sign of a boat or crews were vlnlole. It is now recalled tbat just forty five years from tbe nlijat Mr. D 1 rotates bis strnnge'experience, th. captain of tbo packet • Clipper" was murdered lu a manner identical to tbatrelttted Tneciuzius of L-io* port stnte thnt tbo murdernd captaloV spirit comes back once eacb year to visit the scene of his taking off and keep all»e the memory of old caoal da>s. Oa several OCCH&IOES before accounts of supernatural visitations to tbo old town have be-, n related, but this la the fi- si lime thai the bloody drama thai cost tbe old captain bi ? life has been re-enacted. TW Mieations Are That Walker CRaucli have the kind of Rubbers and Overshoes you want Try it on. Wf\LKER & Rf\UOK 420 Broadway. Shu Is ilif Qnecn Among remedies lor ,-on plain's pt- culiar to womeu, nothing: equals Z>a- Paora. Sold by B F Keesling- and (Joulson & Co. We must close out our winter stock of gloves, cups and uioerwear a.t your owu price. Buy i.hemJ-^K-rrj Frank The Old The Cnnnl Town BeiJuiifrt By Who WB» Hur- aered T<-*rt> A to. A Dolpol correspondent of the Indianapolis Journal wrhes: Forty years ago, Lockport, in iibe northeast curner of Carrull countvt.no but a short distance from ihe Cass coumy line, was one of tbe bu-lt-ei tmding- poinis on tbe Wabasb and Erie canal. Tfie town lost Its trade, it" warehouses fell into ruin, and many ot the residences rotted a*ay. Llk.- Plttsbunr, Georgetown and a tcor€< of other places tbat line tbe banks uf.ji.bj- canal. "Lock port das h^comn U.trutn a desert, d Tillage. William Dill is one of the men who knew toekvort, in the days of its glory. Tear* i-go,he worked on the cans' aa driver, man. and later aa c«ptaln. tie it about eighty years old. and is passing the last years of Bis lif« ID the old town. hl » home beUg 'OP** 6 * "l^ 11 forty feet of the old icanal iocki.... . j • The old gentleman relate* »o tsx - iaB^to»t;ji:o^jt»ialj.' ANTIQUITY OF THE JOKE. the For Fine Printing. * * You will find the Journal Job Rooms unsurpassed. LETTER «B«DS .NVITflTlONS E^DS, PROGRAMS, EMENTS, OflRDS, ENVELOPES n SPECIALTY. You get our tic ures and we'll do the work. Do nol-fail to call on the JOURNAL for iclrSpnnj? Blndc. ^nni^ Pcrtcci Cninb- Circuses. ask jii iue un"fl"V Job Printing. * Spring Curry Comb Soft ns n Brnsn- Fit* «"ccry Curve. Ttus ' riscd bv 0 S Arm-. HUO by Oarnum ««I and Leading Horsemen of the Won*, post paid 25 ~—~ A Systematic Study to Bo M«lc of HUIEOC or Egypt" The avowed intention of M. Ollivier Beaure^-ard. the eminent Egyptologist,, to publish a fow of the rmimmiliei] jokes of that ancient Empire of the Nile has necessarily ovcnvhclmcd the great host Of modern humorists with consternation says the Philadelphia Record. Egypt has been claimed as the great mother of almost everything else, save for a baby's share which has been allotted to Babylonia; and it is to be dreadcfl that the true 'antiquity of the joke'will be revealed among- the other awful secrets of the tombs 'of the Pharaohs. Solomon's maxim that there is nothing new under the sun has long been an accepted dictum, even among the joke-makers; and no less a person- , age than ?.Jark Twain has reduced the joke gcrms-or, rather, joke elements— to seven Aryan ancestors. What these seven jokes of the Seven Foolish Men 1-iuehod at Koah uuiiiling the ark: •••When is a door not a dcorT .nncl "Where was Moses when the light wont out?" It is distressing to reah/.e these t:icts 'in'the case; but what a, harrowing situation will'onsue if M. JJi-nurcgnnl shall discover the one original, primitive, protoplasmic joke globule, the father of all these nineteenth century joke- lets! imagine the literary scientists placing this Akkadian joke under the microscope and inviting the world to gaze upon the great and ouly "Jokicnsis Eozoc-n!" The modern joker could not survive such a pitiless expose. His occupation, like Othello's, would be gone forever. STOLEN FROMJTHE VATICAN. Precious Miiilaturos l!:ive Kcpentcclly Ui'ou Stolen from t:>«- 1'np 1 * 1 I'*l nc f- Audacious and repeated thefts of precious miniatures from the -Vatican library have been detected in the fol- lowin" manner: Quite recently a person ofTered for sale to Prof. Chieriei some exquisite miniatures which he said were copies of those in certain works in the Vatican library. It happened that the professor had examined the originals in their places in the Vatican library, and was at once convinced that the originals, and not copies, were before him. Tic at once informed Mgr- Carini, the vatioan librarian, who verified the fact that many precious miniatures wore missing from ancient books and parchments. The police were comnninieuted with, and after some research two persons have been arrested who, 'if not the thieves, were vrmlovibtoi'ily in league with them. One is a pcrf-on who called himself Prof. Sardi, of Pnierno. but is identified as Giovanni Rapi.s-'i.rdi, of «i- ar.eavilla, in the province of Patemo. The other is an antiquary named Ta- vax/.. Among the stolen articles were forty- one miniatures from a parchment volume of the year 1100, entitled "I/Omelia di Frate Giacorno." Seventeen miniatures were also taken from another parchment, entitled "I Tnoafi di Petrarca." Of the former thirty-nine have been recovered. All the sales ivere made to foreigners. A beautiful portrait of Donna Laura, cut from the Petrarca. manuscript, was sold at Flor- a^ » *^l* JVi^V-^J W* of ancient days tverc it may only conjectured: but.undoubtedly, the woman's ngc, woman's tongue and tbe mother-in-law jokes were among them, and were cracked by our rude ancestors in the old care dwellings of early Keauthropic times with infinite gusto. The younjr-man-who-stays-late and the old-man'.s-boot may have been later accretions- Certainly the young housekeeper and the man-who-nevci-pays- back %viUicisms do not date much later than the days of Koah. The spring poet first appeared on the scene in tbe days of old King Sargon, who founded the royal library of Assyria and called for competitive odes. The office goat is a purely modern version. The summer p^rl and the chap- pie have a latter-day look; but their an- tetvpes caa be discovered in the pages of the Greek Theophrastus and the Roman Petronins, The Xouyeaux Richesse figure in tbat latter romau cer's character .of Trimalchio. As for the pm^t-hat Ji "From another source it is learned tbat these thefts were known at the Vatican to have been going on for some bo I time, but that silence had been kept ! from a disinclination to appeal to the " i oolice a-uthoriH£S.__ valley in western .New York, _thc wheat, growers pushed westward into Ohio Kentucky. Indiana and Illinois. The tide of settlement which later turned northward into "Wisconsin an<1 crossed the Mississippi into Iowa and Missouri gave all its energies :st first to the production of \vhoat. Still later Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas and the Dakotas were occupied by the wheat farmers, and they made their way across the plains and around by the Isthmus of Panama to the valleys of California, Oregon and Washington. But as the wheat fields advanced westward the older wheat regions constantly reduced their acreage of this grain and their farmers turned to other crops. lu later years southern Wisconsin and southern Minnesota and all Iowa, where formerly wheat was the great staple crop, have gone into dairying and stock raising with very satisfactory results iu the increase of population and wealth and in the elevation of the condition of the tillers of the soU. The same change will come about in northern Minnesota, in the two Dakotas, ic Manitoba and in the valleys of Oregon and Washington. Less .wheat will bw raised and the soil will yield a much "•reater money return per acre when more labor is applied to it and products arc more diversified. We do not mean to say that wheat growing in to be abandoned. It has not been given up_ In Ohio, or in Vfrmsylv.inia., or in Nuw' York-, but it will become only orjc farm industry among many. . After thn change has come about our vast prairie country wil! be found to be much i:?'iru prosperous under the regime of diversified agriculture than it could possibly h:ivo "become with wheat as its only m:irk<:t crop, even if the nM high prices coul.l r!;;-,iin prevail. Thi- Practica.l Dairyman tcllh us that for lice oi> cattle nothing i» more effective than keros»-nsi- emulsion and of the strength usually employed in spraying fruit tree*, and vines. It is by, dissolving one-half pound ot hard soap: in a gallon of boiling water and adding two gallons Of kerosene oil. Stir vio-i lently until a perfect emulsion is; formed. Dilute with nine to fifteen; parts of warm water and apply with; a spray pump. It will knock out all, lice on the Srst application but will, not kill the oggs. A second spraying should be given in two or three week* to kill any icore which may have; hatched out- _ . _ COMPENSATING ADVANTAGES. A» Eastern Statei to*" l>y Western Klral- ry Tbcj- Gain In Other Direction.*. Emerson's law of compensation works in every department of human life. Every evil has its compensating good, the sage of Concord maintain I'd. and for every good thin? a compensating price must be paid in labor or suffering. Jnst now. says the Northwest JIagazine, the wheat farmers of the northwest are discouraged at the long continuance of low prices for their grain, and the discouraging- outlook ahead. Yet from this period of low prices there will undoubtedly come in time much benefit to the community at large and to the farmers themselves in the diversifying' of agricultural products. Tbe whole-country west Of the Cfim-iied witli r*Er.u, Ind., Fcb 1. — James "Wilson arrested h^re, charged wi a libel against a minister. (WOriAN'S FRIEND.) is the BEST REMEDY for GIRL, WIFE,

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