The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 1, 1948 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1948
Page 7
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THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, JANUARY 1, 1948 PAGE NINE EAST LIBERTY * Mr. and Mrs. .Tim Watson and Wayne wore Christ mas <lay i;uesfs ot her In-other. Allen Inmnn. rind family iit Oakland. Mr. nnd Mrs. Kfiuietli Henderson, iiarbara. ]Ii<-li:ird. Marilyn nnd Karen spent flu istmns in Malvern at the lioiii" (if his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Hr.|i<lri son. Mr. and Mrs. Muster 1,ardent. Stanley. .linnnie nnd Marjorie had pro-Christmas dinner and i-x- t'haiiKe of cit'ts T)i •<•. L'1 at the liomp of Mr. and Mrs. .lack Lar- Kenf in Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sell had with them on Christmas day their daughter Carol Jean and their son Max. The evening before Mr. and Mrs. Vern Mickelson. Thernn and Mary Louis and Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Sell were present. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Howard of Wesley Chapel were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Haines. son LaVern and W. O. Howard. Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Henderson were guests of (heir son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Alexander, in Wesley Chapel neighborhood. Walter Hilton and son Paul went to Malvern where they joined other relatives at the Ray Hilton home in their annual Christmas gathering. Mrs. l.aurn, Kerney hap been eonfinpd to her home for over two weeks with an attack of shini:!-'?. Mr. and Mrs. Ar.-h Clay. Kiln.i and Velma. Mr. and Mis K:',"\ Clay and Linda. Mr ;>:•.<! V;-> K!- niei Kii'si linan. I>ui:;'ir. V.•.-•'•:•.,• and linniiie spent ihe i!.iv at t;-.- Casil Cl,-:y h"ii:r .MS: i-f V.t'-. .•• All . and Mr-:. \v !; i. j.,,;.• .,..,{ ;.-., lyn of Malvern. Mr a:-. 1 . Vv-: K. 'in-' h 1'rni ror. Hilly. i.-.-Kc--y .'iltd .Tiinniie \vcre Bursts for *h-' day of Mr. an! Mrs. Key Pro. tor and Kd'.vard. Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Cildert. Miss Dorothy Gilbert. ('. M. Lonc- inaker. Miss Alice Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. George Gilbert and family. Dr. and Mrs. John Kline. Joan and Diane and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson enjoyed the day with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A pan nnd family at their home near Glenwood. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddocks, Edna and Wayne were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Shierrneier in Glenwood Sunday. David Kidwell of Red Oak has spent his holiday vacation at the bo-no of his sister, Mrs. Muster;e:\t. and family. (If.'i'.ue W. l!o\ver of Glenwood v.!-: a :;uest at the Mrs. Laura K- :•!:• v home. "r an 1 Mrs. Howard Mickol- " .i-.-i Kdwin of near Villisca '• l • "" :.;it'.-;-'' at the home of his 1 ' •"'•• ' . Vein Mil kelson. and '. t ;•••'> Mr ar.d Mrs Jay Darnold, F'.'Vii ar,<l Francis drove to Well::-... u .-.irly last week and visited over Christinas at the home o( her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Voder. Mr. and Mrs. Hev Gray and Walter of Omaha were Christmas night guests at the home of her brother. Wayne Hilton, and fam- ilv. •.• _ • N0W TfUCKS FREEZIN' REASON Among the 248 basic gross vehicle weight chassis models just announced in the new Dodge "Job-Rated" truck line is this B-l-H tractor of 128-inch wheelbase, 15,500 pounds gross vehicle weight (li/S-ton nominal rating) and 28,000 pounds gross train weight. The trucks have manv new features. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Benedict and Phyllis Ann drove to the Fred Abel home near Mnrne where they wore joined by Mr. and Mrs. John Dartholomew, Roger nnd Billy of Tabor and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sharer. Dorothy and Frances of near Henderson. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddocks, Edna and Wayne joined a group of relatives at the Charlie Wilhelm home near Hastings for their annual dinner. Mr. nnd Mrs. Kenneth Scott and Roger were dinner guests near Hastings at the home of his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Scott, and were supper guests in Malvern at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Judnh, Jimmie and June spent Chrlstmns any at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. EH j 1H lah. near Hastings. The Sunday school program Riven at the church Tuesday evening of last week was very well attended and enjoyed by each one. The tree was beautifully decorated, there was a treat for everyone and exchange of gifts for those interested. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Scott and three children were guests Dec. 21 at the home of her brother, Carl Mintle, and family near Glenwood. COMPLETE Ryes Examined, Glnaees Fitted Glasses Made and Repaired In our own Shop Ult. L. B. PKTKRSEN Optometrist Red Oak, low* BucccstKxr to Clyde D. Curtlx, O.D. First Door North of Faancea Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Henderson. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Henderson and Janet, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Terry and Bobby and several relatives from other places were callers at the Harry Adams home in Silver City Sunday afternoon in honor of Harry's mother, Mrs. Jennie Adams, of lied Oak for her Slst birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Scott and three children spent Christmas day iit the homo of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Scott, near Malvern. Mr. and Mrs. II. K. Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. James Henderson and Jnnet drove to Council Hluffs Sunday evcnlns to visit Ray Wiles who is a patient in Mercy hospital following an appendectomy n few days ago. The East Liberty W. S. C. S. expects to lunch the Norton sale which is to be held Monday, Jan. 5. Donations of pies and milk will be needed. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Stribbling nnd Sharon of Shenandoah, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Fickel, Richard, Hose Marie and Ronald of Malvern were guests on Christmas day of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hilton, Kathleen and Gene. Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Henderson entertained at a pre-Christmas supper Dec. 22. having 21 in the group. The guests included Mr. und Mrs. Charles Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Clark and family, Mr. and Mrs. Male Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Lester HendersoJ and Hobby, Mr. and MTH. Donald Hurgoln and son, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Terry and Hobby, Mr. and Mrs. James A. Henderson and Janet. Fill Those Empty Sockets! Dim, poorly distributed light is an engraVcd invitation to eyestrain, while the corre« amount of glareless light will protect your eyes . . . add warmth and beauty to your home. Above all, remember to use light bulbs of recommended wattage for each seeing job. IOWA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY ELLCl'KlUTl t$ CHtAf Mr. and -Mrs. R. K. Henderson visited his sister, Mrs. Rosa Adams, at the M. H. Latchaw home last Tuesday and found her improved from a recent illness and able to be up part of the time. Paul Pontow and sister Marie were supper guests at the Buster Largent home Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Maddocks >f Omaha and Mrs. Kate Maddocks of Silver City spent Christmas eve at the W. H. Maddocks home. Harold Scott and son John and Mr. and Mrs. Van Cook of Hastings were callers at the B. J. I-ookabill home Christmas day. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Laughlin and Judy Kay. Mr. and Mrs. Omar Cozad and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Laughlin jr. and family of Strahan, Miss Helen Laughlin of Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Laughlin and Dallas of near Hastings, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Seipold, Shirley and Sharon were Christmas day guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Laughlin and Mary Lou. That date was also the 55th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. (5. K. Laughlin and they were presented with a nice reading lamp. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jackson and Mrs. Hazel Rosenthal and Ernest Gene of Meade, Neb., were callers at the Kenneth Scott home Friday. Mrs. Frank Will called by long distance from New York City on Dec. 21 extending Christmas greetings to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddocka, and other members of the family. Mr. and Mrs, Harold Terry and Bobby drove to Jonesport, Mo., Tuesday for .an over Christmas visit at the Home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Terry. Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Lookablll and daughter Ruth and Dick Smith were Christmas eve guests in Malvern at the Lee Thompson home. Mr. and Mrs. Arch Clay, Edna ami Velma joined other members of the Alexander family at the George Rew home In Silver City Dec. 21. Mr. and Mrs. George Jahnke, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Jahnke and Ronnie of Lewis spent Dec. 23 with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Watson and Wayne in a pre-Chrlstmas dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sell, Max and Carol Jean, Ed Sell, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Mickelson. Theron and Mary Louise enjoyed a pre- Christmas turkey dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Davis at Glvnwood. Miss Alice Gilbert of Huron, S. I)., has spent her holiday vacation at the home of her brother and sister-in-law, .Mr and Mrs E. L. Gilbert. News of 4-H CLUBS cember 24th. There was a small gift exchange. Lunch was served by Mrs. Dean McClain and hostess Evelyn. Ivena Clark, Reorter. ON MY BRAKES> ANDNOTHIN' I/ HAPPENEP.' Hastings Junior Feeders Met Dec. 20 The Hastings Junior Feeders 4-H Club met at the home of Danny Phelps, Dec. 20th. At this meeting we held our Christmas Party. After spending the evening playing various types of games we held our "White elephant" gift exchange. Mrs. Phelps then served lunch consisting of, hot chocolate marshmallow float, cake, dessert, three or four varieties of homemade candy and a large apple. No regular business was discussed. Jack Bowen, Reporter. Loyal Lassies Party The Loyal Lassies 4-H club held their 4-H meeting and Christmas party Tuesday evening, Dec. 23 at the home of Bonnie Kruse. There were seven members, the leader, and a visitor present. The business meeting consisted of discussion of the years program, and planning for the next meeting, which is to be at the home of Betty Boyer Jan. 10. Following the business meeting, bunco was played and Christmas gifts were exchanged. Lunch was served by the hostess and her mother. Bonnie Kruse, Reporter. The latt ditch method of stopping on Ice Ii lo jam on the brakei — became ll'i usu> ally the last ditch you will ever skid Into. In the first place, stay out of situations which may require a quick stop. When you do use the brake, apply It lightly and Intermittently. You will stop quicker, and you will maintain better steering tontrot while doing It. Washington Was Defeated George Washington's request to congress for the founding of agricultural colleges was not passed. (State Railway mileage Texas leads the nation in railway mileage with 15,850 miles. Illinois Is second with 11,758 miles and Pennsylvania, third with 10,029 miles. Iowa has 315 public libraries. You wouldn't be thinking of painting the town red, now, would you? Anyway, there's reason aplenty for feeling happy and carefree and confident as the New Year of 1948 approaches. May this New Year bring happiness to you and yours. G. B. WILCOX Building Contractor MALVERN Lively Oaks Heard Talk The Lively Oaks 4-H Club held their meeting at the home of John Pitzer, Dec. 10th, with seven members present. Billy Bichel gave a talk on Pig Diseases. A delicious lunch was served by Mrs. Pitzer after the meeting. The next meeting will be at tha home of Charles Bichel Jan. 14th. Roger Miller, Reporter. Straight Shooters Study Beef Animals Raw Burgoin, leader of the Straight Shooters waa host to the club Monday evening, Dec. 22nd. During the business meeting Harold Skerritt and Robert Kruse led a discussion on "Beef Animals". Robert Kruse and Marvin Atteberry had charge of the entertainment which was enjoyed by all. After lunch a gift exchange waa held and the leader presented each member with a rope halter. The next meeting will t-e January 12th at Lor an Boyer's. Randall Moore, Reporter. Center Feeders Met The meeting of the Center Feeders 4-H Club was held at the home of Judson McManigal. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Roger Jones. The discussion topic for the meeting was "How to start a calf on feed". The roll call was "The Best Present you ever Had". We handed out our record sheets for the following year. The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be held at the home of Roger Jones. Refreshments were served after the meeting. Bill Jackson, Reporter. Indian DeereU Met Dec. 20 The Indian Deereta met Dec. 20th, at the home of Evelyn Mc- Claln. Each girl present answered roll call by telling where she would spend Christmas Day. Joan Scott gave a talk on fire prevention. Deloria Adkins waa chosen to give a talk at the next meeting on personality. The club decided to have a candy sale De- Family Living Series of Lessons Studied The second lesson of the Family Living series was given for Indian Creek township ladles at the home of Mrs. Ivan Durblri, Friday, December 12th. At noon a potluck luncheon was served and at 1 p. m. Miss Lucille Stubbs began the leason on Furniture Arrangement, and touched on color harmony in planning a room. She presented some valuable information on points, to keep in mind when purchasing such household items, as rugs, window blinds, curtains, bedding and towels. The afternoon closed with some actual experience in the lesson when two teams took turns In arranging the furniture in Mrs. Durbins' living room. Mrs. Mark Bowen, Reporter. Iowa has 43 daily newspapers and 439 weekly publications. . Iowa has the largest legitimate f: theater in the world. I NOTICE TO BIDDERS 1. Healed bids will be received by the Auditor of Mills County at his offlre in Oli-nwood. Iowa until 10.00 o'clock, A. M. on January 11!. 194s for the it.-ins of work li.-tcd btlo-.v. -'. A certified check, diawn upon a t-olvent Iowa Lank, in an amount a.- M-t forth in the proposal form, made payable to the County Auditor, shall be filed with each bid. Thid check may he cashed and the proceeds retained by the eoun- ty as liquidated damages, if the bidder fails to execute a contract and file an approved bond for the faithful performance thereof, within ten days after the acceptance of his bid. 3. Plans, specifications and proposal forrru for the work may be M'tn at the office of the County Auditor. 4. All proposals must be filed on the forms furnished by the County, sealed and plainly marked proposals containing any reservations not provided for in the forms furnished may be rejected, and the County Board reserves the right to waive technicalities and to reject any or all bids. 5. Paint the interior of the Mills County Court House. Certified Check --$100.00. December 26, 1&47. MIIJ-S COUNTY BOAKU OK SUPERVISORS By: DONALD K. STRAND. 27-1 Milla County Auditor. 1947 with its joys and sorrows will soon be part of the past, and 1948 will soon be here! We join in the celebration to ring out the old year and ring in the iiew, and now voice the hope that 1948 will be crowded with many golden hours for you. THE MALVERN LEADER OUR, 6E$T WIJHEJ; TO Y< • It may b« a good thing, as MOM mabft>' tain, to stop and take stock at th« «nd of the year, to review, to analyze, and to resolve areater accomplishment* in the New Year. • With 1948 Immediately ahead of us, let us remember only the best, forget the worst and look confidently ahead. May this year hold ior you more KW«fo^ than any that has gone beiore. T. L. SALYERS MALVERN We stand at the end of one year and are about to enter upon a new. We are not sorry to bid farewell to 1947 and we greet 1948 with that traditional hope and faith that well eternally in the breast of human-kind. May tha New Yiar b« a brighttr and happUr one for all I OTTO HALL & SON MALVERN

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