The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 1, 1948 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1948
Page 5
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MGE SIX THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, JANUARY 1, 1948 f Charley Costello Says PLANS R-\IT> — XOT .MKN Farts prove Hint although men plan to ho "flnnn- dully swrrpssfiil" the odds are ajtainst them. If. is not Mir men who fail — but the "plan" they use. A successful plan must provide Mint the YOt'NG man's earnings must provide the OI*!) man's dollars. Life insurance guarantees that. TALBOTT INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 3911 Agent for Malvern BANKERS LIFE OF NEBRASKA Christmas dinner guests at the Christmas with the Ben Sheldons T. D, Phillips' included Mr. and at Percival. Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. A. P. Phillips, Miss Joan daughters remained until Sun- Phillips of Baltimore, Md., Mr. day. and Mrs. R. J. Viner of Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. James Sherrick Mr. and Mrs, A. E. Johnson and of Champaign, 111., were dinner daughter of lyitrhfield. 111., Mr. guests last Wednesday at their and Mrs. James Sherrick of grandparents', Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Champaign, 111., Dr. Thomas Vin- Phillips. Mr. Sherrick is a law or and family of Ft. Mason, San student at the University of Illi- Kranrisro. Cal. Dr. Viner flow nois. hack to Seattle early Friday. He Miss Joan Phillips of Balti- ships doctor and surgeon on the Admiral H. T. Mayo and makes regular trips between Seattle. Manila, Yokohama and Ko- Simpson college, Indianola. She rea. is a guest this week end of school Pill Phillips and family spent friends in Clarinda. more. Md., is spending the holl- days with Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Phillips. Joan is a freshman at HASTINGS Methodist Church Kev. Clare H. Boos, Minister Morning worship service, 10. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Watkins and Billy spent Christinas visiting Mr. and .Mrs. Richard John- Sunday school. 11 a. m. Come son and family. and bring someone January is a very month in Sunday school. with you. Mr. and Mrs. Parle Kelley and important children of Stanton, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Gary and two daughters HENDERSON Jan. 4 is the monthly fellow- of Red Oak and Mr. and Mrs. ship night. As part of the pro- Leonard Anderson and two sons gram for the evening we plan to of Valley, Neb., spent Sunday in *£e ^S^ 8 Proceedings of Mills County Board of Supervisors PROCEEDINGS OF THE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Office, Mills County Auditor 1 Glenwood, Iowa October 6, 1947 RESOLUTION FOR THE APPRAIS- MENT OF SCHOOL LAND Whereas, the South Half (SW) of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (SW'/i NW%), and the North Half of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (N& of the NW'4 of 8WU), and the North Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (Nft of the NWi/ 4 ), all in Section 34, Twp. 73, Range 43, in Mills County, Iowa, is School Land held by the State of Iowa, and, Whereas, the Mills County Board of Supervisors wishes to sell said land for the benefit of the Permanent School Fund. NOW, Therefore, Be It Resolved by the Mills County Board of Supervisors that pursuant to Section 4472 of Chapter 232, Code of Iowa, 1946, the County Auditor is hereby directed to notify the Trustees of the township in which said land Is located to appraise the value of said above described tract and report their appraisement to the Board of Supervisors. Supervisor John Clark introduced jp f< It. V. K. flub (.'iK'St* Of Mrs. (.erlrude Ilarovor The D. Y. K. flub met with Mrs. Gertrude Harover Dec. Ifl. The house was beautifully <leco- weeks vacation. have pictures. Rollin Bass of Em- the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray erson will be with us to show the Kelley. During the afternoon Mr. pictures. Refreshments at the and Mrs. Clifford Clay of Red- close of the evening. This is the ding, Cal., visited there, time also for the installation of Ula Hamilton invites you to hav'e", : et'urned"from their" trip" to ( ' lc offirers of the ,) V ' S ' C ' S ' for attend P ra y er meeting each Fri- lifornin the new >" ear ' AI1 officers and day and the regular service each School opened Monday after a | ieads of J h f cir( ;' es are as - ked to Su "? a >' « his home at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. Dale Norton and children n b onded by W. E. Agan. On Roll Call the vote was as follows: Clark, yes; Agan, yes; Swarts, yes. The Chairman declared the resolution duly adopted. RESOLUTION FOB THE SALE OF SCHOOL LAND Whereas, the Mills County Board of Supervisors did approve the appraisal of the (SH) of the Southwest Quarter (SW',4 and the . North Half of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (NH of the NW'4 of the 8WU), and "the North Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (N& of the SWi/4 of the NWU), all in Section 34, Twp. 73, Range 43. in Mills County, Iowa, by the Trustees of Oak Township as provided by law. Now, Therefore, be it resolved by the Mills County Board of Supervisors that the County Auditor be directed to give notice of the sale of: the South Half (Stt) of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter SWVi of the NWU), ana the North Half of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (NH of the NW<4 of the 8WU, and the North Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of the SWi^ of the NWV4), all 1)(1 '' resent for this meeting. Woman's club will rated with poinaetlias sea- .Mrs. Juanita Melendy and Voting people's meeting Thurs- day, Jan. 9, at 2 p. m. at the sonal decorations. Ten members daughters of Council Bluffs were , (lay ' p ' '"• at " le clu "' ch - church. Members please note and were present. The club voted to guests last Wednesday evening in send $2 to the Children's hospital the Dr. H. L. South home. W as home over Christmas Delbert Ord of Bertrum Minn P ' a " tO attend tlle nrst meeting " ° f the new year ' in Omaha. Mrs. Don Fink and sons have --"• Junior and CeM Clark are ,J'n ^f/ 1 ™' £ ntho " y * rlley Mrs. Pearl Harbor had charge returned to their home in Omaha spending a few days with their Donald and Mrs. Ada Rege- of some games and the gift ex- after a few days visit at the sister, Mrs Dale Alexander and nauer of Glenwood spent Christ------ • - .-•••-• • • • i)i as jay j n j ne nolne o f ^i,. an( j Mrs. Ray Kelley. Mark Bowen, Harold Scott and change. Mrs. Jessie (loss gave the Pearl Harbor home. Leora Har- jvl r . Alexander history of three hymns. Holy bor also returned to her work in Jerry Churchman Night, O Little Town of Bethle- Omaha after a visit in the home, hem and Away in a Manger. The hostess served a delicious of Council dnvs in lunch made interesting with ape- parents and returned cial table settings, using candles school work Monday, and Christmas bells. lilufl's is visiting a few Miss Oayle PhiUips has enjoyed the home of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil a Christmas vacation with her Curtis and familv to her Colter drove to Sedalia, Mo., Dec. 23. Everett went from there to Mountain View by bus and Harold Scott tool work Monday. n nd Mrs Porter Hunter and Tim- "arold heott and Mark Bow- Mrs. Mary Wilkenson enjoyed Hy and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hunter 6 " returned home the same day. Mrs. Mildred Scheffert and daughters of Avocn visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Sowers, last Wednesday and Thursday. Glen McGee who attends col- a visit last Thursday with her o f Bedford left Saturday for a daughter Oayle and husband of trip to New Mexico and other Council Bluffs. Christinas dinners were enjoy- points of interest in the south. Mr. and Mrs. Elam Ord jr. vis- ed »"* Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Hall and Danny and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hall spent Christmas day with the H. Hall family. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Shep- lege at Cedar Falls spent his Stephens and family and Mr. and Christmas vacation with his par- Mrs - Lore11 vlner nnd family of ents and will resume his studies Rc<l Oflk '" tlle Edith Viner Jan. 5. home; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth OH- last Thursday in the follow- ™ I'J''^'" Lam "ord"'^ " d ° f -M.nne.poJ... Minn., came Monday for a weeks visit with Mr - ar ' d MFB. Herbert ui . hr|s t" _, l ' '* " rt ' „ ' ' his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. °' ....... * " ----------- * " and ana spent Christmas Mark Bowen Dale Shepard. of Glenwood and other relatives and friends. Wallahan spent Dr. Johnson of Red Oak was n ™'and Mr. and Mrs. Pete Brown were Snndnv dinner Kueats of Mr' ViS " ing ln th<? home of her 8on ,n__ i_ .i.i_ _.i_._i»__ ,_ . ™, nnri fnmllv In tlio Tlovo n,,-ar, u c minuu.v umiiei KuesiS OI Ml. _., . ,.,,. ,._ , .. _ day. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Goss were caller in this vicinity last Thurs- and family In the Dave Owens , „ f ;„_.__ home; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin War- „ 8> . « orf?eI , ., Mr. and Mrs. Kred Martin and Lawrence spent Christmas day and family and Mr. and Mrs. and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Wallahan, of Omaha. Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Sell and guests last Thursday in the Darre, Achenbach and family at £" ™" r »»™' M ^ r ;™ -^ Mr. and Mr.. Clifford Ourt^n «5 Claude Ownn« hnmn in n,,,nhn the Sylvia Achenbach home: Her- ... "? i. and r rs ' Frank ^ Val - famllv wpro nhrf=, mn <, A, or and Margaret Harbor and of Omaha. and and d Claude Owens home in Omaha. the s y lvla Achenbaqh home; Her- . * ci P nwnnH Mr. and Mrs. Earl Holleau eel- man Coppock and family at the " ami \Ir« in ebrated their 23rd wedding annl- Jud Coppock home; A. H. Har- M and Mrs Cov versary Dec 23 llf>r nn(1 Mnru-nrM tTnrhnr an j ml> d " u w ' 8 ' ^°y Charles Rupe has been enjoying his Christmas vacation from college work at Maryvllle, Mo. llor '" lne 1>earl Harbor home; Herman Coppock and family, Mr nlld Mrw - Clyde Gravilt and Mr. and Mrs. Russel C'oppock and fa " lilv of llf '« r Emerson and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Penwell and and Mls l>!1 " '"'''kin* of Oakland ' the Hugh Gus- family were Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. tin. Mr. and Mrs. Dale of Silver City and Mr. and Mrs. and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lantz J ° h " R "° ts alld family and Her - and family last Thurs- ^^l' M / 8 ' ,? eorRC Clai ' k - Mr daughter of Morton Mills enjoyed an oyster supper last Wednesday at the Jud Cojipock home. Woody Brown of Carson was a business caller in town last Tuesday. Charles (ihvayna who underwent an operation at the Immanuel hospital in Omaha recently. Is recovering rapidly. Mr. and Mrs. Ira KiimmerH of Washington arrived lust we«k to visit their daughter, Mrs. Fred Roeder, and family. Joan Phillips who attends school at Iowa City has been spending lier vacation with her grandparents, Mr. iiiul Mrs. .i. I) Phillips. Herman Copmx-k has had charge of Charles (liwayna's oil truck during his .stay in tin- hospital at Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Will Fleming went to Omaha Tuesday to brini; Claude Moore from tin- St. Joseph hospital. l.t-o Hoileau and Robert Wight will return to their college duties at Ames the last of the wick sifter spending tin 1 ('hrist mas holidays with tln-ir iiau-nt.- Mr. and Mi's. 1 lai ry A I'aui un<i Mr. and Mrs Hai i > KmiMiii intended the funeral of Ma l;.,l,- liins at l,in,-iiln i i-ci'iit 1 .Mr. ;in<i Mr.--. P.nil 'l'-iiKin.-i..n and si 1 " ri-t uriii-d to t ln-ir IMIII:<' in Kai^ a- al'ier a \ i.-it A n h ,\1 rs Talkinvi-iii's iian-iu.-. Mi aiet Mrs. Ail l-'ri'ciici Mi•>. A-n. . \\',,' K,i!,:ii ,-u;..> , i ('hri^I i:iar- -lav v, il Ii !.. r cj.. i,. !,; ,.,- in the Hugh McSweeney home; C. A. Wight and family, A. G. Harbor and Leslie Houser and family at the Arch Houser home. Mrs. Horsey livers anil son visited her parents at Carson Sat- unlay. Mrs. .Mary Wilkinson visiied her brother Joe anil wife at Macedonia Sal unlay. Her brother has been ill. () ''l" Hairis and family have '"•'•u gut-Ms 01 hi-, son liwayne in (linaha I he last tVw days. Thi ir L'l'aiMhlaiii-'litci returned Imine wilh them. A pot luck lunch was enjoys,! l-'i'iday at the Methodist church Mr. a:n| Mrs f 0 ], im r« Cbri4 Mr. and and Fern V mas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Shaw last Thursday. Jim Stewart has been visiting friends in Hastings over Christinas. Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Ord and family ami Mrs. K. H. Ord left Sal unlay morning to visit Mr. and Mrs. Jiin Ord of Long View Tex. lieity Itailey is visjiiuu in the home of Mr. and Mrs. l.yle Courtier and tamily. Christmas e\e Mr. and Mrs. Clark and family. Mr. and Mrs. Leu Miller and Nellie were Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Jeffries. I Lawrence Martin of- Norfolk, i Neb., was at home for Christmas. ! Mr. and .Mrs. Donald Gamble I and Donald Jr. and Doris DeVoy ! and son David were Christmas I dinner guests of Mrs. Gamble's! mother, Mrs. Thursa Kdie, of i Malvern. tain said electric transmission line over, along and across the following described public lands, highways, streams and private ' pn lands, to-wit: (7200 volts, single phase, wye in Section 34, Twp. 73, Range 43, in Mills County, Iowa, as provided by law. The foregoing resolution was introduced by Swarts who moved its adoption. The motion was seconded by Clark. On roll call the vote was as follows: Clark, Yes; Swarts, yes; Agan, yes. The Chairman declared the resolution duly adopted, this 6th day of October, 1947. (S) JOHN R. CLARK, Chairman, Board of Supervisors. Attest: DONALD E. STRAND, Mills County Auditor. Office, Mills County Auditor Glenwood, Iowa November 6, 1947 this 6th day of November, Shoes' Glenwood Feed & Seed, Merchandise — GJenwood Lumber & Coal, LaRue Drug Store, Merch. Malvern Skelgas Service, Service E. C. Magaret, Med. Serv. N. W. Bell Tele., Service . Omaha Fruit & Groc., Groceries Safeway Store, Groceries . Phillips Petroleum, Gas _ Paul Records, Supplies -. Slix Drug Store, Supplies Western la.' Power, Service 1947, the Board o y f Supervisors it ,.-„<, .„,,.», u..,,,,^ ,,..1,0^, -j- session witn supervisors Clark, Agan connected, neutral multi-ground- | and Swarts present and acting. The ed l I m }nutes of the previous meeting, Oc- n : • o ., . to ££ r 6l were read and approved. Beginning at the Southeast The Board of Supervisors appointed corner of Section Thirty-five 2??P, a1 L ct „?:. strand - c °- Auditor as (35), Township Seventy-two (72) lumber Tl947. at thC T&X Sale De ' North, Range Forty (40) West of I The followlI lS^lajins were allowed: the 5th P. M., Mills County, Iowa; thence West on the highway on the South Thirty-five mile. Beginning line of said Section (35), one-half (%) at the Southeast corner of the Southwest Quarter (SW/i) of the Southwest Quarter (SW',4) of Section Four (4), Township Seventy - one (71), North, Range Forty (40) West of the 5th P. M., thence West on the highway on the South line of said Section Four (4), one-fourth ( Vt ) mile; and thence South on the highway on the West line of Section Nine (9), said Township and Range, three-fourths ( % ) mile; and beginning at the Southwest corner of the Northwest Quarter (NW»4) of the Northwest Quarter (NVVVi) of Section Twenty-one (21), said Township and Range; thence South on the highway on the West line of said Section Twenty-one eights (3/8) mile. The Iowa State (21), three- Commerce Commission Fixed the Twentieth (20) day of January, 1948, at ten (10) o'clock a. m.. in Its office at Des Moines, Iowa, as time and place for hearing said Petition, Docket E-S318. Any objections to the granting must be in in triplicate of such franchise writing and filed wlth this Commission at least five Ken Williams e:-ls last Thursday in the Moore home. Lucy Cecil has been ill lays but is better at Claud. M rs for sever Ihis time Mr. ami Mi >. Oscar liraden and laughter \Vra were quests las! Thursilav n, the lien home in Malvi-rn S.'Veral \oung peopl 1 li"ri va i i la.-i Ti:e.-d,iy ,-\ Ml and Mrs Harry !o.;l the ,, el: 11 had a •ijiiiK for K m m e 11 Official Notice llefort- I he IOH'U Slate Commerce Commission To THK CITIZEN'S OF Virgil Curtis and turn- MILKS COTS'TY: Notice, is hereby given that a of Red Oak. Mi. petition for a franchise to erect, use and maintain poles, wires, K\iy wires, towers, cables, conduits and other fixtures and ap- Mrs. pliancf's for the purpose of ron- dtieting electricity for lighting, Max C^iilmliy of power and heating purposes has •Mr. and Mrs. been filed by (he Iowa Power and Light Company, Des Moines S, Iowa, in the office of the Iowa State Commerce Commission; that said pt-tition asks the right to construct, operate and rnain- lard Curtis and Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Curtis were guests of Mr. and Mi ily. -Mi.- Chiibot of Red Oak, mid Mrs. (ieor^ie Hesh and diaries and Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Ke-h of Kssex were Christinas dinner ifucst.s of M,- .,„,] Ralph Ilites and family. •Mr. and Mrs. Seattle. Wash., Hale Quiiiiby of Council Bluffs., Mi. and Mrs. Dawson Hawkins and family of Lincoln. Neb., aivd •Mi. and Mis. Frit/, and lamily were Christmas dinner Iowa State Commerce Comi suggests that the objector be represented at the hearing by Komeone who has full author- IO\VA STATK COMMEKCK COMMISSION Carl \V. Keed, Chairman Ii. M. Kichardson, Commissioner David U. LOUR, Commissioner ATTEST: Cleo. L. McCaughan, .Secretary Dated at Des Moines, lowu, December 4, 1947. 27-2. COUNTY C. B. Akers, State Examiner's Fee ._ $ Bureau of Dental Hygiene Dental Cards ...... Brain's Stationery Co., Supplies .. Burroughs Adding Mach. Co., Repairs Mrs. Dahle Boyer, Brd. of Education ..» Boyer's Hardware, Supplies F. K. Chantry, Board of Education Collins Radio & Elec., Repairs Ross Daniels, Freight Dept. Int. Rev., WHT. Frank Durbln, Board of Education G. L. Flckel, Postage . Fidlar & Chambers, Sup-' piles . L. T. Genung, Def. Pris. Ira Hildrlth, Rep. on Windows Kate Howser, Brd." Welfare Soc'l la. Pupil's Reading Clrcfe", Supplies la. Old Age & Surv. Ins., Social sec. Withheld Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., Supplies Koch Bros., Supplies La Rue Drug, Supplies .. Mrs. Robt. Moore, Brd. & Lodg. PrU. Malvern Leader. Printing M. K. Moore, Treas., Bounty Pa v McManigal, Brd. Ed. Matt Parrott & Sons, Supplies :. Peoples Nat. Gas. Service . Pottawattamle Mut. Ins., Insurance Life DRS. KLINE & KLINE Oiteopathlc Physician* Office hour*: 1 to S p. m. and 7 to 9 p. m, on Saturday. Other Hour* by Appointment Office In Kunce & Nelson Building X.Ray Diagnosis Phones: Office 2331 House: Dr. D. M. Kline 3821 Dr. J. A. Kline 4861 In-. R elllU'cIl"- .'. ::.• .1 I 1 ••! ,i- ,! I , : I , CI'OV. d ailil '.'..:- :• . !,, i, !•:..;. ... i| I. . all. A He! l l;e ;-i ... . a: , i !..- , ; . . ,| viMt ed lii- l..i .-: i 1.1 v. i., . ,- :- . r .Clau.-. handed out i ., .1: - :,i.,j |-,, - eltt .-. Mr. and Mrs. i;...i^.- <;. 1 1 h. •*.,;, and close relulivi.- hau- h>-,-!i ,.,, joying- a visit with lin ir dau-' I; r.-i and husband of Te.\as Mr. and -Mrs. Karl lio.l. :,u «,-i, quests last Thursday in tin.- \ n j;il Galloway liouit: in doah. Mrs. Spriiigtr who lu~ b. eu (juite ili iu the Ked Oak ho.-i»iK:! is no w staying in the home of her toil Harry and family n L -a: town. ART FRITCHER General Auctioneering I'lioae J."i Mr Danny McKEE FUNERAL HOME Lloyd W. (Mat) MeKee CARSON, IOWA Ambulance Service HHONE 100 COTBOU .Hid Mi>. \'ii-i;i| Curli.s and Wi-re dinner, of Mr. *' i <••• J II Churchman of Iph Sunday. and Mr.,. Italph Hall and ?I"-tn Christ man ui^lU iu the Harold Milt-hell home. 1'ick \\'.-d' v^ as an over- uiKht ^utat of Jiuiuay Bowen la..-,t '!'I ill r ad ay- Mr, and Mrs. Bruce VValUium '•I iimaha M.-iled Tui.-h-iay L-XI.-n i lit; ai,d \Vt-d ue.sday with Mr. and Mrs N. W. Cuilin«s and Kern Wa)laba.ii. • Mr. and Mrs. Wldt Dalz&U aad Dii.-kitt and Mr. and Mrs. Doaald Johnson ;iid family visitbd Mrs Kthei Evi'bari Chrlbliuaa day. Dead Animals Removed PROMPT SERVICE South of Highway No. 34 Call RAMSEY'S RENDERING CO. Dial O — Ask for 9000 North of Highway No. 34 Call OAKLAND RENDERING CO. Phone 4000 We Pay Phone Charge* Paul Records, Supplies Silver City Times, Printing Sllx Rexall Drug, Supplies Gordon Stelner, Brd. Edc. Scott Foresman, Supplies State Tax Comm., Use Tax . O. W. Slayback & Co., Repairs Western Iowa Power, Serv- ire Webster Publishing Co., Supplies J. H. Welch Printing, Sup. H. W. Waahburn. Board Education West Publishing Co., Supplies Feme Widows, Expense World Book Co., Supplies E. B. Hutchison, Twp. Clk Ross Stouder, Twp. Trustee Clalr Dashner, Twp. Trustee A. B. Hubbell, Twp. Trustee i R. J. McPherron, Loc. Reg Fannie Clark, Loc. Reg. _ Cora Comer, Loc. Reg. Mark Swarts. Mil. & P.O. W. E. Agan. P. D. John R. Clark, Mil. & PD COURT EXPENSE Dept. Int. Rev., WHT. ... Esther Engle. Court Rept. la. Old Aiie St Surv. Ins., 8. 8. Withheld M. K. Moore, Treasurer, Juror's Certificates T. R. Young, Bailiff Fees H. O. Ferguson. Crt. Rep. Lola Boquette, J. P. Fees Frank Logan. Mileage Harry Russell. Serving Warrant INSTITUTION la. Soldier's Orph. Home, Care & Keep Olenwood State School, Care & Keep . Clarinrla State Hosp.. Care & Keep State Sanatorium, Care & Keen _. Eva Goy, Clerk, Clerk's Fee K. R. Cook, Attorney Fees L. T. Genung. Attorney Fees LIBRARY Brain's. Supplies la. Pup. Reading Circ.. Supplies - - Mullhew's Book Store, Supplied POOR L. S. Robinson, Supplies Ariz DruK Store, Supplies N. W. ColliUK. Groceries . Dept. Social Welf.. County Snure . Dept. Int. Rev., WHT D. W. Hurmau, Med. Serv. la. Old At?e &: Surv. Ins., S. S. Withheld James Funeral Home, Services -Mrs. Jobu Long, Care & Keep E. C. Magaret, M.D., Med. Service Mansfield's, Services N. W. Bell Telephone, Service A. R. Newton, Reel PeoBleb Nat. Gits. Service T. E. ShoBku, MD.. Med. Service . - - ... Sufeftuy (store. Groceries _ Sllx Drug Store, Supplies Mercy Hospital. Hos Care I. SteruhilJ. M D.. Meillciil Service . Marshall Stocktou, Care & Keep ......... .. Elnie Warlike, Cure & Keep Wettfru Iowa Power, Serv, Joe " 938.26 .72 3.00 4.28 .75 11.58 1.00 1.35 2.14 783.60 2.30 206.85 98.11 20.00 82.00 21.00 10.92 102.28 60.14 20.18 44.88 31.65 166.85 85.50 .40 66.00 Robert Moore, Mil. & Exp 209.63 Northwestern Bell Tele., Service Opinion - Tribune, Print- Ing 6.12 28.90 47.77 8.20 8.01 52.00 2.81 71.86 7.96 41.83 15.22 5.72 19.62 3.12 2.55 4.12 18.24 406.75 2~61.12 125.80 Bridges 15,311.05 166.14 162.00 192.00 33.80 97.92 159.98 126.11 101.85 200.63 130.20 117.07 131.47 123.55 111.65 29.83 110.87 123.72 8.91 6.31 6.52 Western Auto Store, Supplies _'_ Woodruff Shoe Rep., Repairs H. B. Wllcox, Trucking -. CONSTRUCTION Oliver Briley, Hivuling rock Coll. Int. Rev., WHT Russell Good, Hauling rock la. Old Age & Surv. Inc., 8. S. Withheld .., KorshoJ Const. Co., Raymond. Love, Hauling rock Gilbert stogdill, Hauling Rock Easter C. Tucker, R-O-W State Tax Comm., Use Tax Gerald Hindman, Labor . Roy Robinson, Labor Grant Chamberlain, Labor Romley Webb, Labor ..^. George Brower, Labor Argil Bacon, Labor '._ Cobe Klllmon, Labor ... GuyStranathan, Labor _. Price, Labor Guy £ N v? Henry Timrherma~n, "Labor Jr. Timmerman, Labor . Eddie Hammers, Labor . Ted Bacon, Labor 8. D. Mayberry, Labor Mervlo. Bolton, Labor Donald Mayberry, Labor MAINTENANCE Argil Bacon, Labor Cobe Klllmon, Labor Guy Stranathan, Labor . N. W. Price, Labor " Henry Timmerman, Labor Jr. Timmerman, Labor Eddie Hammers, Labor Ted Bacon, Labor S. D. Mayberry, Labor .. Mervln Bolton, Labor Donald Ma Louis May lyberry, berry, 'Shi Labor . _----- —„ j. Labor __ F. B. Vandershule, Labor John Shannon, Labor .. Herbert Smith, Labor Gordon Benscoter, Labor Robert Booth, Labor . Donald Bacon, Labor Ira Hays, Labor __ Lowell Wiles, Labor ...I" Ray Chapman. Labor _ . Ray Boyd, Labor Arthur Wax, Labor Ivan Shook, Labor E. M. Straight, Labor ...'. Harry Potte/, Labor Ivan Dusenserry, Labor Gerald Hindman, Labor Roy Robinson, Labor _.. Clalr Jones, Labor Grant Chamberlain, Labor M. D. Linvtlle, Labor B. A. Reynolds. Labor Strodard Adams, Repairs Anderson Equip. Co., Eqp Carl Anderson, Equip. Wilbur Benscoter, Labor Burlington Transp., Frgt. Herman Brown Co., Equip Bain Auto Supply, Equip. A. S. Bloedel Co., Equip. Coll. Int. Rev., W. H. T. C. B. & Q. R. R., Freight Cappel Mach., Equip. Ross Daniels, Freight ... Emerson Mutual Tele. Co., Service . Russell Good, Hauling ." Gerald Flckel. Postage . Fullerton Lbr. Co., Sup Fuhs Machinery & Sup., Equip. .. . Firestone Stores, Equip. I Glenwood Lbr. & Coal. Equip. Green Bay Lbr., Equip. . Gearhart Lbr. Co., Equip. Gibbs-Cook Tractor & Goy Oil Co.. Diesel "Fuel" Harris Farm Supply, Supplies Hlatt Motor Co., Repairs la. Old A«e & Surv. Ins.. S. 8. Withheld la. Power & Light Co.. Service Otto Hall & Son, Equip. Motor Vehicle Dept., Sales Tax Mo. Valley Limestone Quarry, Rock Katelman Foundry & Mfg 53.75 123.14 23.87 24.67 1.88 92.08 .26 Co.. Equip. ".,".'. ~. """ 2.60 | L. H. Katelmnn Co , Equip 31.27 Mo. Valley Machinery? • Equip. 124.31 j Raymond Love, Haullnc" i Rock __° 1.05 | Modern Service, Equip i Murphv Bros. Chev. Co" 24.66) Repairs „„„, iN - W. Bell Tele., Service 27.74 Nebr. Br. Supply &. Lbr., 1.08 i Equipment Nebr. Tract. & Equip., Equip. _'_.' Omaha Welding Co., 22.00! Equip. 9.04 j Pioneer Lbr. Co., Lumber 24.55 Standard Oil Co., Diesel Fuel 1.60 12.00 12.00 12.00 12.00 7.00 2.75 1.50 133.30 43.00 61.70 153.05 44.41 31.44 Gilbert Stogdill, Hauling" Rock . Standard Typewriter & Supp,, Supplies Standard Blue Print Co Supplies Gilbert Stogdill, Hauling Rock ... Sidles Co., Equip. Cliff Stewart, Services .1 85.56 76.36 75.04 77.46 34.85 154.49 64.15 71.19 211.17 191.11 157.72 233.93 181.77 156.57 67.57 22.14 109.39 114.92 95.36 192.64 194.22 200.05 191.36 192.64 123.95 195.41 194.22 102.51 53.86 200.47 66.53 53.38 137.22 42.43 97.90 170.60 215.65 3.42 259.36 219,48 38.44 836.05 1,223.92 2,098.60 564.25 1.94 116.02 34.88 3.32 11.58 183.92 79.17 2.14 87.12 85.17 497.75 4.49 47.39 331.68 .88 .50 38.32 2,455.47 64 .RS 45.36 504.55 59.14 74.50 121.05 20.50 1537.55 399.08 9.06 1538.09 108.50 45.50 13.21 42.21 18.20 30.63 71.25 76.58 759.96 State Tax Comm.. rise Tax Standard Explosive? Corp., Equip. ._ Wheeler Super Service, Tire Repair 6.63 Western la. Power. Service 4 96 DOMESTIC ANIMAL W. C. Keran. Damaees .. 60.00 147.20 RESOLUTION 9.48 WHEREAS. the Church of the 1797 Nazarene has delinquent taxes on S'QO Dart of Outlot 1. Sec. 14. Twp. 72. 1 50 R(r - *^ ln Olenwood Town, for the Year of 1945. j 50 ' WHEREAS, under Section 445.60 Code of 1946. the Board of Super- i visors may cancell any erroneous 390.64 tax. I THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED bv 2209.18 the Board of Supervisors of Mills County, Iowa that' this said tax be 4861.71 canrellert. | The foregoing resolution was !n- 917.51 trodiirtrl bv Win. Ai'an and seconded bv Mark Swarts. On roll rail, vote was as follows: Avt-s: Swarts Ai-hJi Clark. Nuy.s: None.' Tlv Board of Supervisors approved the Ri-| of the County Home for tin- Month of SfruU'inber,' ,}947. Til" H.-.arrl nf Supervisor^ approved the Soldier':-, Exemption Aopllcat ions of W. P. Minn iiml Dr. C. Harman. The Board of SunervUuss approved the Clerk of r>'st r |ct Court's Quarterly Report of Fees. There being no further bu.iin(-.s to come before the Board of Supervisors at tills time, they now adjuurn to meet ai/ain on the 8th day of December 1947. Approved: lal JOHN U CI.ARK Chairman. Board of Suuervlaora Attebt: DONALD E. STRAND. Mills County Auditor Office. Mills County Auditor Olenwood, Iowa November 12. 1947 November 12, 1947 The Board of Supervisors of Mills County. Iowa met with the County Board-of Education and the Mayors of Pacific Junction, Malveru, Silver 5.50 7.50 7.50 23.45 32.5G 40.Co 1.23 1.84 45.34 353.72 2760 7.50 13.04 15.00 46.50 16.00 8.00 17.28 30.00 2 14 15,00 15.30 1.63 22876 1200 45.00 10.50 1.02 S5.00 Store. City , , Gleuwood. for the purpose of appointing u County Board' of Review. J R Hull. Real Ebt.ate; f J Wallace. Lumberman; and Henr.- Washburn farmer were appointed to make up thl.s Board of Review. There being no further business to come before (lie Board of Suner- vi-<.™ at this time, they now ad- tci7 (J lnec ' ugaJn on November Approved: JOHN R. CLARK Chairman, Board of Supervisors. Attest: DONALD «• STRAND Mllla County Auditor.

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