Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 13, 1964 · Page 2
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 2

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1964
Page 2
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.CD T IV :• J r.: 2 SAT, JUNE 13, 1964, Ukc Chorlcs American DEATHS GORDON W.COBB (vScp Stnry Vacr Ono DERIDDER iSpl ) -f-'unrml services for Gordon Wallace Cobb, 41, of DeRiddor. will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at (he First Baptist Church here. Services will be conducted by Rev. Emery Wallace. Burial will be in the Vvondhnvn Cemetery under the direction of Ilixson Funeral Home of DeKiddcr. Mr. Cobb died nt 3:50 p.m. Friday in nn ambulance en rmilr to Memorial Hospital in L ;i k e Charles. His plane crashed at 1:20 p.m. Friday ;il Camp Kdf'o- wood near DeQuincy. He served in the Air Force for a total of six years during World \Var II and I he Korean War. He was a member ol DeKicl- der Lodge 271 F&AM, I lines Chapter No. 54 RAM, and Lewis and Frusha Council No. 32 K&FM. Mr. Cobb was employed in the fire department at Ft. Polk and was recently named fire chief of that department. The members of the fire department have been named pallbearers. He was a member of the Dc- Ridder Fire Department for 2i> years. His life interest was Hoy Scouts. He was an Eagle Scout and was a promoter of scout work and Troop 3fl of DeRiddrr Mr. Cobb is survived by his father, P. A. Cobb of DeRidder: one brother. Jack Cobb of Galena Park, Tex.; three sisters, Mrs. Gerald Garcia of San Antonio, Tex.. Mrs. William Roper-. of Miami, Fla.. and Mrs. Junior J. Coolev of DeRiddcr LOCAL WEATHER LAKE CHARLES WEATHER Temneroture Frldoy (t p.m.) 7(1 Maximum yesterday 89 Relative Humidity (j p.m.) (4 Rainfall yesterday Nont Sunset today 7;)S p.m. Sunrise tomorrow i:|l am Sea level pressure (? p.m.) ,M,?» Tides Today: High, «:M o.m., 1.1) low, Tomorrow: High, 6:56 a.m., l.o. TUCKING IT AWAY — President Johnson puts a $50,000 check in his billfold Friday and draws a hearty laucjh from West German Chancellor Lir.iwi-:; Er'nard. Erhard gave the check to Johnson at the White House. It Is a West German contribution to aid development of Peace Corps-type organizations throughout the world. (AP Wirephoto). Goldwater is Compared To Other Leaders NEW YORK (AP^ - Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ari^., has drawn some comparisons and contrasts between himself and other political personalities that party leaders are trying to Louisiana House To Get Budget Bill Next Week laaf Lodge Backer Gives Support To Scranton GETTYSBURG, Pa. (AP) The national chairman of the campaign committee of Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge threw his organization's support Friday behind the llth hour bid of Pennsylvania Gov. William W. Scranton for the Republican presidential nomination. Maxwell M. Rabb, Lodge's representative, said in a statement: "We are proud to support Scranton and we know he will be victorious in July and then again in November." Rabb made his announcement after conferring for an hour with former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He held a news conference on the lawn outside 'Eisenhower's office here. ( Rabb said he did not confer with Lodge on the endorsement but quickly added, "I'm sure he would approve." Rabb, a New Yorker, said he met with Eisenhower to advise the general of his intentions. "Gen. Eisenhower made it very clear that what he favored was a wide open convention," SHOWERS — Scattered showers and widely scattered ihundershowers are forecast today for portions of the west Gulf Coast, the Great Lakes region, the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys and the central and northern Appalachians. Warmer temperatures are slated for the lowers Lakes, Atlantic Coast states, Great Basin, Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. (AP Wirephoto Map). Gov. William Scranton Said Political Puzzle ! Rabb said. B.-\TON ROUGE iAP>—Chair-• that could bring a threat to a fayettc, had mentioned a mail R»bert Munson said Fri- school's accreditation, and, 000 budget increase for the Un- day the House Appropriations i — Possible boosts in pay for l iversity of Southwestern Louisi- Committee possibly would send the lower level state employes. : ana as another possibility. tn the House floor next week The state budget includes an- ! n e p Donald Fortier Orleans the srwi million general appro- ticipated state revenues from : sa id recently an effort would 1 {LT pranon, bih. oil bonuses was placed at $7.5 be made to'amend the general Ihe committee meets at 0' million but the income from this appropriations bill to add $2,a.m. Monday and will begin to source during the current year 277,245 for extra education R<> over the complete budget reached nearly ?30 million. Robert Mullen, na- i-ordinator of the com- to draft Lodge for the nnrn ; *.f i l • °™ on ' sad n HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP)Gov. William W. Scranton. is considered one of the best- known and least-understood politicians in Pennsylvania. Depending on the pplitlcal point of view, he is either one of the craftiest politicians spawned in this state in some time, or he was born under a lucky star. There Is some validity to both but a more accurate assessment of the lean, handsome six- footer is that he would rather be with his young family than with politicians; he is In public life only out of a sense of duty. Scranton twice was "drafted" presidential nomination to offer his party a choice between so- called moderates and conservatives. -Scranton, 46, classifies himself as a moderate, who believes strongly in financial stability, but who has a greater concern for human rights. bankrupt unemployment compensation laws. The scion of a wealthy family which gave its name to Pennsylvania's fourth biggest city, Scranton is affable and easygoing and generally is slow io be aroused. But once stirred, he is known He built up a surplus during j as a tenacious, hard - hitting his first two years as governor, while Increasing aid to schools and teacher salaries and raising welfare payments. A man of strong determination and courage, Scranton took on the old political pros and made them accept a civil service reform that cut deep into the to run for public office before patronage system. He also took his announcement Friday that i on organized labor and forced fighter with a flair for campaigning. After finally acceeding to pleas I from northeastern Pennsylvania Republicans, he agreed to run for Congress in 1960, and upsei. a Democratic incumbent by 17,000 votes in a heavily Democratic district. He was serving in Congress when Republicans calling them ' f unc i s a t the rate of $200 a child The Division of Administra- f or Orleans, Jefferson, Plaque- originally In a weekend interview with CBS-TV, as saying: difference . . . in the conservatism of Bill Scranton (governor of Pennsylvania i and my conservatism to wo TV about. "Actually, if Y-HI compare the voting records n'. a man hk" Sen. Javits i Republican. <>t New York) and myself, we're far closer together than Hubert Humphrey (Democratic senato< from Minnesota > and Harry Byrd (Democratic senator from Virginia!, even closer together than President Kennedy and President Johnson." Goldwater added, "I don't buy this idea that we have this wide breach in the party that next week. Both houses open the sixth, tion week of the 60-day 10 am. Monday. Thursday for the weekend. lion. But the legislative budget i ^'.^""'Cs'uiem'onlv 8175 Gov. John McKeithen has pro- committee - after meetings n cr enable whShe rate is iv 1fH !\'t/> I* />i t nan Prt/ii i/tA/i t M ic •' ' _ _ _' recommended m i nc aiK j Cameron. New Orleans educators have bitterly that Lodge has said he would ac;pt the nomination but would not be a candidate for it. A total of 46 first ballot delegates are lined up in his favor, according to an Associated Press survey. Thirty are in his home state of Massachusetts. FOR $33,111 reduced this posed a record stale budget of with McKeithen S'JG-4.!J million for the fiscal vear to the $7.5 millii,,,. _ ,, ,. , . . ... oponins; July l. ' The administration would have txcept lor the big money bill Administrnn™ leaders report some leeway for such items as "> P rovide for , state opera ions, the total budget and the general slightly expanded college buclg- • lhc House is almost clear of ma- apprnpmtions bill may "be ex-'els or a bit more pay for the' J or administration needs. paneled in H\o general areas- 10 underdogs. A barrage of amendments has Srmii Earlier, Sen Jesse Knowles nearly smothered the adminis- SiiL-hi mciv;i-M.»; in opera- of Lake Charles said the gov- (ration's proposed code of eth- ti<Tt fun.-!,- ) r- SM'ii,- statf col- ernor had agreed tn a $147.000 ics, still in a Senate committee. lee/'s ;inti nimer--ities. especial- budget hike for McNecse .State McKeithen's Senate leaders ly ihn-f -,u>h »v.>n ujnt budgets College. Sen C.arlan Honin, La- this week put the House-passed D , ,„ teachers pav raise into a Sen- . Port ^' Wagoner and Norma ate icebox -the Senate Finance K ean wl11 c) °? e out their three,! day appearance tonight at Harper Brothers arena at 8 p.m. The two television stars and Winners Are Announced he would seek the Republican i reform of the state's nearly I selves moderates prevailed upon "him to oppose Mayor Richard I son Dilworth and end eight 'years of Democratic control of | the governor's office. In one of the bitterest campaigns in Pennsylvania history —replete with notorious political dogfights — Scranton swamped Dilworth by 487,000 votes. Almost immediately, stale politicians clamored for him to seek the presidency. Scranton A Lake Charles couple has to pay said note," in each in- demurred. He sut about trying Investment Firm Is Hit by Suits filed two suits in 14th Judicial District Court against a local in- stance. to build a formidable record of A negotiable document in the accomplishment in his first Four Flee East Berlin In Dramatic Daylight Escape BERLIN lAP;—With a vital through the wire, inflicting deep assist i'rnm a mend in West Ber- cuts on her legs and arms. similar bill. . . ,. ... ; $11,111 action is attached to that ! years, vestment firm seeking to re-; tjtjon and , d d Scrantnn was born July 19 cover a total of $33,111 said due i!, headi of > .. Under ^ r j ters 1917, into a family where p.,1,on two negotiable instruments c; - b , e , Q Uje HHon . tics was the chief topic of eon made payable to them. erSi » at tne offjce of ' the Un . versation and where duty was Leonard S Withrow and his derwriters Investment Corp., ta " f :' lt ; Thelma ^ Sow have>ake Charles, Louisiana, upon • H» ^ ™£'** r ™^ the Underwriters Invest- ninet y (90) days P rior n °t'ce by ft cr > \Vanen Scranton, was n,i- U»e unaerwnters inves• | ckhe * party 4^^ at the • tlonal Republican vice chair ln —- of .eight per cent (8) per.manJromJMO^oJW, ^and interest pay vestment corporation, which has' McKeithen has appealed to would have to te governed by lin, iwo women ,-ind two men e> The Red border guards began picking a liberal because I don't caped from Communist East firing and West Berlin police ; ur ^.., % °,. 1 'p\ < ; think we have liberals in our Berlin on Friday in a storm of threw smoke grenades to ob- John B. Sanders the suit said. In one of the petitions the parly that fall Into the category sub-rur of liberals th^t we see in the b<;rd.-r other party " ,, fire from Red scure the field of fire The doctor couple immediate""' nv,M ora- Pro-Integration Group Moves To Mississippi ATLANTA, Ga. f.\Pi -- The ly went into hiding but the mother and her son agreed to tell , , j 4U i • i Friday night they won the teacher leaders and the legisla- hear(s of western and hillbilly! couple claims that they "are mm unul next tan mus j c jovers when they gained : holders and owners of one cer- a standing ovation from about! tain negotiable instrument dat- .. , Va 1.700 fans who witnessed the^d O c f - 10 . I 962 -" stipulating a a nigner sdiary fjfst j hc , rses)) ^ maturity dale of January 1963. schedule and pay raises for nth- hootenanny al j™"'^ ™£ on a note nf $U|1JL , l or school personnel - r ; ;i ' ::Jit '••- | p-. MIJCC thi- thejr s)u . to Th(1 As _ SfK .j ated <i'. :'rn;jii icuiine scaled oft p ... par, ,,f H-rlin a wall ^ F Rer , jn mg success of Sens. Dudley Le™ ;i -<\ v, ir , to st-,p escapes f a ^ of the ^. Blanc, Abbeville, . t,-:-, -.• v-,i!-< a».i. • Rambo. deorgetown, in getting Local Pair To Attend Saiety Meet national GOP from 1928 to 195.1 His father, the late Worthinc- ton Scranton, was not active in politics, but he felt the family- owned an obligation and a dut; to public service. "If you are given much, you owe much." Seranton frequent ly quotps his father. WASHINGTON, D.C. (Spl.i- arena on Gulf Highway, a half- In the other petition they seek mile south of the municipal air- payment of a $22,000 promissory and \V L ' In last ni « hl ' s Competition,; Both petitions ask for payment; ree ,^ rt ^ w. u. D Mathieson. Bell City ! of the notes claimed due. plus 8', , a( , * «£ % P™' re 5' st " td • Vl! - Lpah l to attend the Presidents Con' ii<><>!>. a:\ Ka-l Berlin doc:'.". ii;s '•<.•''[.)(• wife:. 3), and "M -. raj old mother and 17!'-••.M :v.r,. ilnAc up to the rii.vir-; <•'' U'llhelmsruher ii'-) TI:.-.» broad street leads i i)ic French -ector and there pro-integration Student Nonvio- are thu-c iinrru-ades of barbed lent Coordinating Com m i 11 e e wirr fSXCCi announced Friday its national headquarters will be '"<-'«'"-•''"• <™pie were strang- moved from Atlanta to Green- *™ lo lne in ; jlher and_son. They wood, Miss., during the next two had mci on.y tive minutes before, according to a carefully Filing Deadline For New Judge Set June 19 LC Woman ~<^^"<^ si p ^tTX fr ^^^ "^° raise old ace welfare payments "con d 8. Rex Beck Lake ,», 1M4 unli>_.!««. together, ,, ere Junfi 23 . 25 _ , payments—^; to *HiO monthly ^,mm.-a, was second and La-i with 10 per cent additional as This could mean trouble for : v , er « ne Pf>rrv , Alexandria, was attorney's fees, and all costs. Hall H. Russell, safety engi- both houses have a tradition of : thl , r . d - .,.„ ln the $22,000 claim the couple neer at Pittsburgh Plate Glass not overturning committee de-' iLCarl Miller, J.ocassine, won j states that it was payable to Co., of Lake Charles and Mrs. CIS! IS Top Posf of tr» to rht s rights for filing as a can- the newly-created by"fritnds ^ l h Judicial District judgeship f " in \Yfcs*"Berlin has been set for 5 p.m. June 19. ,?I , . Members of the Democratic we Tr.e car s'.ypped_at the barn- state Central Committee from the wlre ' nil l) VIM lui urn:; tuimiimcc u>- ; , ••-. \ '»';.. i ' — —,.-..^u «,.-. .,,,... MUliAl.USA (.*>n — I\H< .-.sions. It can be done, but there i J?e P° le bending contest in | them 50 days after Nov. 13,; Verna Day, R.N., Continental; Carrie L Bell of I ake Charl. '• ,s a strong advantage for a bill %•* seconds. Gary Klump, Lake! 1963. , Oil Co.. of West Lake, will take j , vas unanin ouslv reeiectedI mo-i when it reaches the floor Char les, was second and Tom-1 In their petitions the plaintiffs i part in 15 workshops and spe- JntS y hacked by committee approval. | ™V Huber, Lake Charles, was! state that "despite amicable de- cial sessions built around the Heroines . '"""d. mand the defendant has failed i theme, "Mobilizing Leadership H H II ' Sue Darby, Beaumont, Tex., - ' <•-*-...«...-,..,. . •• r na " won the girl's barrel race in 19 i r> i \ i / LBJ Wants Louis/ana Pavilion its fan the district, Calcasieu and pro j ec£ Cameron, set the deadline and in southwest Mississippi in Au- On the Western h»ic, an ac- fi"n| tees in a special rnei-i gust 1961 and now has nearly 70 complice cut the wires of the '"g "'day afternoon, workers in the state. He said first two barrua-k-s and threw Filing fees frjr liie spcciM t a m old New Orleans and the : > \FWYORKfAp) The flavor , 5 J i r * i a p^ :Kennv Fru ge, all of L nf the March Gras Sprin F eb- ; Char)eSi wcre thjrd t.a m old New Orleans and the 1 M n i~ n i_ o »< seconds. Carolyn C o m p t o n, i Beaumont, was second and Caroline Cardell, El Dorado, Ark,, was third. Carl Miller teamed with his father, Otis to win the pick-up race in 11.3 seconds. Burt and : Butch Foreman, Lacassine, were ! second and Gary Klump and i " ' ake^ Youth To Be Athletic t f r * i-» i~"ii i »» * **oi* rtnuiouuH. fit their 3HOUH. for a Safety Breakthrough." meeting here ; ecently Some 3,500 delegates will hear otl)er officers elected from President Lyndon B. Johnson Lake Charles are Rev. A. C Secretary of Labor W. Willard > Washington, grand Joshua; Eh Wirtz and other top figures in abeln Cohen, grand secretary science, labor, industry and and Gertrude Shaw, grand government. an old ru# ovt-r the third The <}•* .stumbled o-.'.-r and the group hopes to have summer workers in all 82 of the state's counties by early Julv. ,, t He said the group will keep J,"" 0 «.,..,; its Atlanta office open to t^ordi- '"''" nate projects in Georgia, Arkansas and Alabama and handle (•'•rn-mimicalions for the Mistis- s:ppi project. That (;ri>;,L-< t v,a-, formed in response to voter reg- i 1 'ration drives, h.e s;n'J "We believe the :>:iti'jn is no; sufficiently informed, nor the federal government sufficiently aroust-d, about the possibility of violent reprisal to the summer project," SNCC chairman John Lewis said. "An upsurge of whit* terrorist i propnattd activity throughout the state in Highway l.)c;,i i)-,e past few months, and the 675., acco; ••'••-', passage of i>ix new laws by the ia Hih Ju-::':.,: state legislature designed to ha't gives for concern " July 25 Democratic , . , uere set at $100 by the coin- ( " u ' jlc ar:d l!t ' !/ ' mittee. ;v t -re nearl> in CandJdalM WJ5)l/ng [(J |lk , ff| , [xj,st must file with James v,run the mother World's Fair have been sold. William WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson conferred Friday peer, Monroe, was i night with Atty. Gen. Robert F. 'the th - e only cowb °y to scor . e in the ; Kennedy and retired Gen. wild Brahman bull-riding con- • James M. Gavin to canvass pos- test. He scored 71 points. Zion Tobernacle To Hold Meeting usher board of treasurer. At the meeting the club alM' 1 made donations to a BogaJu».i hospital. They also made donations to other chanties. The Order of the Eastern Star, Esther Grand ChapHi Prince Hall Affiliation, also in-' here and elected officers. Officers elected from t Ii »• i ir in tVi-ji lilc | Jua i uiusi nit; vviin .jajiit!.! • "• "••• -•• " Oiler, CXCC- it i. ip wire nai ( . Boyfc ^ chairman fjf the u . utive vice president of the fair, ''''"'"' f " die committee l-'riday announced that Pavilion gu;irds. Land in Southeast 1C Expropriated committee The new po^i c ',so!!i;n\i by Act 3 of tin pulled her which is now in Baton Jtouge 'Jov KeiUien signed i' tion calling for Wednesday was created Properties Inc. has purchased legislature tr >e assets and assumed <2 mil- wssion in Get Non-Stop Route lion liabilities of the Louisiana John Me- Fair Corp., original operators of: B( ->N.N, Germany (APj .. . ilrodama- the pav»L. n . ew tontro1 sy^m in the West | ^ » the effort. election German capital will give Chan- The announcement said the j cellor Ludwig Erhard a clear fair will furnish the operating I nonstop route to any destlna- SL UUe ±erT^ OiJ^h wTli;Lak« Charle- area were Lyd, leiic prowess ot American, ))o|d g fe , JowsWp meeti gun _, Frank of Eunicei who wa . - ' 'day at 3 p.m., according to II.! elccled P^ess matron, ano Johnson later issued a state-, N. Simmons, president of the Hrenda Sominique of Jenninj: ment saying he had asked Gav-1 board. who was elected conducts' Mrs. Mary McGriff Bell "' Hev. N. P. Jones will give the Lake Charles, Eastern S 1 a ' sermon at the meeting in the j grand matron, addressed Un- church on Goos Boulevard. meeting. in to study the possibilities of I setting up a foundation to as- A paj-cu Lake ^'^ Charles piuptrty l ; as bttn *x- Sl fi!ed jor \ h( , posl Louisiana r.u.t lor $14,, a wit o ,. ., ion win luiiiisii liie uuciauilK nviuiuu luuiu LU <»jjy UcslUia- S.* ^. J!;| ; C °^^ '*tafl'and finish the remaining; (ton. dn getting a cai! fhnithe work. The 123,078 square feet chancellery, a duty officer pavilion is 90 per cent complete.' pushes a button and Erhard's 'limousine gets green lights all Woodruff Mexico Imports Otters for Lake There ere presently t h r e ». The new owners said they judges in the district. The iourth want "to hold to the original ob- or "D" judge will serve as a jcctives wA plans of the Louisi- Pavilion." The propeit;, riefl Lake lio ; jd, and extend- .g ifijfu 'icxiia tu Kiugham uv-ns-d by Jarnts Dr - ^ Barham, Edward Car- . 1 Kui^in. .-'; !!8,70<i "louche, both of Calcasieu Par- Minister 1$ III ihh, and L. H Henry of Camer- UJiinct Court. JUVfcnlle jud - m addillon t(J his , , ^ . regular duties. I'JVwifVU O'JU -** vi *•• • Other members of the corn- in adiUonbBoyer are Australian .-."Hare <m Parish A-'ntntwi /ru-r- vute/-s will GUADALAJARA, Mexico 'J'.'.e C'jbii Pi— Tut govtrnmiaii has ici- duxt.v-b&uU-r uttet'i \>j t-at tiae water tiUfciti.ed Mr'.trai million dollars t audidau-s lor tlse nty and par h that aur dc-irojujg lisij JJj 'o «"hl.jUi f, <*.'JiJjd »Aji!c;';(; in i •-,.'( .vhool Lo^rd-, arid a Sc'.i-nt In addition lo the judge's race, Sir Robert Menzies, 73, prune, Guerrillas Are Offered Rewards SAIGON, South Viet Nam iAP)— A government campaign to win over Communist Viet CANBERRA, Australia (AP) Cong guerrillas with offers of imiusltr of Auhiralia, hag been November 3 gtrvtial elbcUon > twrfmed to bt with what his described Friday as "a recurrence of an abdominal di.s- rewards oid'-r ' 'hand in. rewards has netted 27 defectors in the past month, U.S. military spokesmen reported Friday. The guerrillas are promised for weapons they Johnson's statement said, in part: "As a nation, we have always prided ourselves on the athletic achievements of our youth. We ' have encouraged our young peo-1 pie to become more proficient in athletic activities while obtaining an education suiting them for their role in the life of our communities. This balanced approach should not be sacrificed. "The problem is a rather complex one involving the interest of many amateur athletic bodies and many interested individuals. I have requested Gen. Gavin )o look into the problem and to study the possibilities ofi establishing a foundation to a* sisl us iii this i-iforl " COUNCILMAN ISREAL LAFLEUR Will Be On WC-TV-Channel 7 Sunday, June 14th-4:30 P.M. lu ymviH records, aud to try ami ect un oyluion from (.!)<• pro«iotc-r* o/ the fire district in Ward 3 out»lile of tbe City Lioiith uf Lake (.'bark's. How can they guarantee to control fire throughout said fire district without sufficient deep water wells and high pressure water lines? Vr». tbe Greater Lake t'Uarlcn Water Company ha» 11 deep wells, a 500.00U sMoa licuttd wuU'r t-levated stornjt awd 8.''-"' bjfdrwU Lmade the city limit*. J ucsd«y, Juue JUtb U lUe dn.v t« vote '•!>*" or "No" «u tb« vrojioncd ftro d.l*trl<!* ouUWe <•' tbc CU.v MiuJls of Luke

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