The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 25, 1947 · Page 10
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 10

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 25, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, DECEMBER 25, 1947 Mills County SPORTS MALVERN UPSET BY TRICKY T, J, FIVE The up-and-down Orioles nearly camp up but finally went down in two heated battles with Thomas Jefferson of Council .. VAUGHN HOOVER.. Dial 8451 M&lvwn Bluffs on the local floor Friday five's ability to outplay the tall of the evening. Dasher of the via- evening. In the main string game lanky T-J crew. The Malvern itors snagged 8, Rohan 7 and T. J. took a fi3-25 victory. youngsters began with a bang McCormick fi. Hofmart of the Malvern took an early load of and led 7-4 the first quarter, county seat threw ?,. 0-4 the first three minutes of They slipped behind only one . play and led 14-12 al the end of point for a half-time score of 15- fhe Week's Record the initial quarter. 14 for T-J. The T-J trainer then pulled out his third string and Compiled by the Mills County Thomas Jefferson then plunged ,.„, , ljs so( . ond , () wo) . k _ f)nishing Abstract Co., of Glenwood, from the came 35-25 for the visitors. Dec. 11 to Dec. 18: For the Orioles I'. Hixson took , . , . ,. „ Deeds and Contracts an earlv trip from he floor. J. ' ' . , , , , , ,,,.•... . . Glenn Edwin Jenks et al to Hobinson took top scoring honors ,,,„,, ~,,,-, », T » • developing a nevrr-miss system „.„„ ,, followed , I'evehouse ^' R ' i^Vi ? CDB , 1$ . 1 .^ ,^V for swishing the net. once they wj(h ,, nm , „, w , h Imd 1/1 i Int. In E Vi 25-71-40. gained possession of the ball. son , TJ ,„___. o Glenn Edwin Jenks et al to The Malvern boys, who started ' '__ J___ Carrie E. Withrow; QCD $1 L & in full steam tightened up in the (; Jimos T | l)s ^-pok ahead and the i-f-st of thr- g was on ire for the T-.I crew. fhc hn]f T _ J , p(] ,,.,_, ,, Thp At latter half and tossed the ball everywhere except into the net. wood Two of the visitors fouled out before the final whistle. Dec. 26: Cherokee at Glen- A; tlnd. 1/15 int. in E% 25-7240. Riley C. Buck & wf. to Adolph & Ida A. Schultz; WD $24,800; XW'4 of 13-73-41. Letha B. Jones to Mary Con- Upper Farm Bracket The top one-third of the nation's 5.8 million farms produce 80 per cent of the national production. The bottom third produce only 4 per cent of the total value. These figures were compiled by the department of agriculture on the basis of census data just made available. American farmers have the largest private business in the world, producing a wide variety of commodities worth 25 billion dollars annually, according to these census figures. Iowa has 4,000 churches and 2,500 ministers and priests. Classified Ads Pay Hundreds of Mills Countians read Your Want Ad every week. RATES Per line, one insertion lOc Each subsequent Insertion.... 5c Minimum charge 40c An additional service charge of 25c will be made for each blind ad which must be answered at The office. Henderson Snnes Two Kinart and Clawson of the vie- fpom Hastings Crews tors raised 11 and 10 respectively. Each of HastinRS . rrpws lost ger; WD $1.500; Lots 3 & 4, K. Bird of Malvern was tops for thejr second ,„ Henderson Blk. 24, Silver City, the Orioles with 9. D. Houser fol- at Hastings Friday evening In Della MrVey & hb. to Ella S. lowed with fi, K. Robinson 4 and the boys - game Henderson enjoy . Thompson; WD $1,250; S% D. Zanders 3. ed a R ; orjng sprpe , n wh , ch th ' S W% 16-71-41; SVi SEV 4 17- The coach of T-J started his cmlldri ' t miflSi tak)nR n S8 . 26 „. 71-41; N% NE»/ 4 20-71-41; third string against Malvern's nal (ally s , um who WM , oo N WV 4 N WU 21-71-41. second in the second string game inR them faR , and furiolls James A. Deiter et al to Carl and was surprised by the Oriole grahhcd ' 29 for Henderson and ^ritz; WD $400; Lots 6 & 7, Cronse made 8 for the hosts. Block 48. Malvern. " Hastings took over the initial >»'«•«•»«««•'""• quarter of the girls' fray but John Carson to The Public; Henderson soon blocked Hast- A(T - of Posf! - affecting Lots 389, ings' chances and nabbed a 34- 390 ' 391 & 392 ' Emerson. 17 final score. Klahn of the vis- Trustees Ingraham Twp. to Al- itors snapped 16 and n. Clark of len p - Jones; Cem. D. $20; \V% Hastings tossed 10. of ^ ot 419 in Silver City cemetery. Klcmvooil, IMattsmniilli Iown Highway Commission to Kach Cialn Victory The Public; R of W map of Hlgh- Olenwood and Plattsmouth di- wa - v No - 59 - vlded game honors when thev met r - s - Army to Ben Goldsberry; ARTISTIC . . ENGLISH TYPE RAIL Rail Fence has Chestnut Rails with Chestnut, L o • n a t *r White Ceda* Posts. FUNCTIONAL AND HURDLE FENCE IOWA HOME IMPROVEMENT CO, I'iiono '21 t Tabor, loua May we, as we say Merry Christmas for 1947, express our sincerest thanks for your tremendous turnout at our opening last Saturday. May this be your Merriest Christmas of all. BLOEDEL HARDWARE Malvern CHRJSTMA2 'JliC .j. (ji (^ ()Xf (. '10 VUL, \\ill iJii-K Yui .Mi}. 01 R f,l iKjMiR OH \01 A MERRY CHRISTMA r Palmer Terracing Co. Malvt-rn, Iowa at Olenwood Friday evening in Discharge, two boys' games. u - s - Navy to Donald Lee Proc- Glenwood took top honors with *™' dischar ^: Robert Lee Daa 25-14 victory over the lads across the rirer in the first string vid, .Suits . , „ , .,,,, _ bout. Both teams did a great deal , *f e A " S " r ? ent VS ' ™ lls Coun of fast breaking and the lads , ty> Iowa; Artlon re K ardin S worked up and down the court tenTan " *™*? ' every few seconds, nipping the J. E. Witherbee et al vs. John Halderninn; fliia.lo. J. R. Cardwell vs. Breeze R. balrfrom every possible angle toward the net, but Glenwood dropped in more than the. ,\e- Knight. $fi31.!)S; Mechan'ic'Vliens braska five. Top scorer for Glen- against Lot 2GS. Malvern |cj wood was Tanzler with .1 follow- |>r<.lmfr •d by Osterholm with 7. Edwards K'st. Harvey A. Douglas, Deed' of 1 Inttsmiuith flipped r,. ( ; PnrirP W . ' Douglas appointed l-eelniK that "turnabout is fair Ariin. play." dm 1'lattsmoiith S.M diul . I!!. 1 '.' 11 .!'', U ; in ' >|1 '."' <i ffu ' '.'I'^Mw,,,,,! I,,wa had the first municipal -"• •••" s_.S-] l in d 10 second u'am» folf i ourso in the world. * No matter what the language the spirit of Christmas is the same everywhere ... in France, in Holland, in Sweden . . . and in the good old U. S. A. As you celebrate this joyous season ia spiritual companionship -with people of good will all over the world, it is our hope that this Christmas of 1947 will be the merriest you have ever enjoyed. THE RANDOLPH ENTERPRISE 7 TIME TO HANG UP YOUR KICKING! Whether it's Santa Glaus, Kris Kringle or Father Christmas, let'us hail the patron saint of children on this day of days. Christmas is the season that, above all others, turns the thoughts of mankind back to the all- enveloping innocence of childhood—away from the pure selfishness and commercialism of the e/ery-day world towards the joys of giving and : - * ii ., •; r !,;r;r of Christmas ihat we •••••' , . • j L-ies-"incjs of this joyous 'lOascn. The Malvern Leader MISCELLANEOUS * Do you want an EIiECTRIC SEWING MACHINE? We don't have new ones yet, BUT we can make your machine into a smooth running electric PORTABLE, complete including Motor, Light, Foot Control and Luggage Type. Portable Case or your cabinet motorized complete with motor, light and foot control. Complete Sewing Machine Repair Service. RINGERS — WHITES — OTHER MAKES Bring head to Pace Service Co., Malvern, phone 4901, or to Hascall Variety, Emerson, Ph. 65. 24tf. INCOME TAX SERVICE, based on my 20 years experience. Call at rear door Mrs. Kayton home, 2nd house north of Methodist church, Malvern. Call for listing sheets and instructions now. F. J. Iwert. 24-5. Gummed tape in rolls for sale. 35c per roll, 1 in. x 500 ft. The Malvern Leaser. 31tf. Bring your BATTERIES here for charging: All 6-volt batteries 50c, all 2-volt batteries 25c. Gamble Store, Malvern. 35it. Ladles: You'll have comfort, beautiful figure lines, more energy and endurance If you hare a Spencer Support designed especially for you. Call or see Mrs. Myrtle Rockafellow, ph. 5741 or 3671. lltf. For sale: Clinton seed oats, $2.50 per bu., germination 94%, clean and extra heavy. Ph. 13F- 12 or 29F3, Buffington Bros., Glenwood. 26-2. For sale: First and second cutting Baled Alfalfa Hay. Glenn T. Wood, Emerson. p.26-2. MACHINERY For sale: 1944 Oliver tractor 70 on new 12-38 rubber, starter, lights, power takeoff and power lift. Also a 1947 Oliver cultivator, both in Al condition. Price for both $1,700. Ph. 825, Ward Hunt, Silver City. 25-2. For sale: '41 Studebaker coach, good condition. Crum & Djureen, ph. 3521, Malvern. 26-1 Sewing Machine Service, repairing all makes. Bring head to Landis Hardware. I can make your machine into a nice portable electric, complete with two-tone case, or put motor in your present machine, using same stand. M. W. Priest, repair man, in Malvern each Tuesday. 21-tf. Wanted: Piano. Do you have a small upright piano idle in your home? If so, call or write Mrs. Ed Lawshe, Shenandoah, la., ph. "G3. 25 . 2 . LIVESTOCK The University of Minnesota expects to hit an enrolllment peak of 150,000 by 19fi. r >. For sale: Black Poland China boar, pure bred, but not registered. Ph. 874, R. K. Henderson, Silver City. 24-1. For sale: Spotted Poland China boars. 1 mi. east, % ml. south of Strahan. Ph. 3834, George Fender. i 26-2. • REAL ESTATE • Koal Kstatc to Buy or Hell: We wish you all a Merry Christmas and after it is over we will be ready to talk about buying or selling your home or your farm. Andy J. lierkhimer. 2fi-l. The first American newspaper was the Boston News-Letter, established by John Campbell in April. 1704. House for rent: I have a five room house, modern except heat. Possession Jan. 1. Andy lierk- himer. 26-1. Daytime noise on the average busy American street is loud enough to impair a person's hearing by 25 to 33 per cent, according to Encyclopaedia Britnnnica. Ink • O • Miir marking pen — handy for marking with brush strokes on most surfaces, for lettering, drawing or other uses. See them at The Leader office. if SEEMS UKt FOLKS ALVvAVS IN A HURRV NOW-A-OAVS--BACK WHEN I WAS A OOV WE JES' SfARItO SOONER. Wc'rr never in too hljj a liurry to piiiisi> in the Spirit of (he NCIISOII to say, ".Merry, Merry Cbi'lstuiaH to you anil all our friends on this bright holidiiy orca- sli)ii." |( Is our liopi> that the day llnils you truly happy, joyous and for Santa's Saturday, Dec. 27 i:3o p . m. STOCK AND FEEDERS Will have 75 to 100 head of good steers this week. Will have a bunch or two of good black steers, wt. 450 to 550 Ibs., extra good calves. A bunch or two of W. F. calves of the same weight, extra good. Will have some other steers of various breeds, ranging from 600 to 750 Ibs. Always a few good breeding bulls and bull calves that will make a real herd bull. STOCK HOGS We alwavs Slave aomo f/O;>d heavy ft rder p!^, hoy,:, that are large enough to run in stock fields or run in the feed lot. Vaccinated and un-vaccinated. Always have a few good male hogs. FAT HOGS FAT HOGS BOUGHT EVERY DAY on a daily market. In other words, unless a terminal market is higher, our market is higher. Why take a chance! Call us for our prices. Prompt, efficient, courteous service. Your hogs are handled and weighed as quickly a* possible on government tested scales! That assures you the most for your hogs, RIGHT HERE AT HOME! CONSIGN YOUR LIVESTOCK TO THIS SALES BARN SALE EVERY SATURDAY

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